The most important talk we hear these days concerns one about how I never solve my problems if I blame others for it instead and it always comes from very stupid black Man that have proven they are not actually stupid although people think they are by showing up with success of insults on my public image to make a market place pyramid scam sales system profitable, which always causes them to attack my Book sales so as to control my life and make it profitable and it makes me so angry I usually feel as though something must be done physically to change that deal whereby it is okay for their fingers in that stupid mind of theirs to continue existing just millimetres away from my anus when it can be made to exist much further away, solving fucking problems. The Politicians do love to blab that they are a function of Political authority in the Country but I have no idea which part of that was a mystery anyway, the reasons they complain about me every time is simply that there is no reason for their militia to want to get involved with me all the time, everyday and all day long that I know of and they have not supplied one themselves either, so it does seem they don’t know me as well as they actually should as well. I am not required to answer to the Politicians and can understand the story of a low achiever like me running matters of government talk but all I have done to them so far is designed to resolve other issues around my person and property so nobody screws around with my academics the next time I attend a higher institution again – they believe they are very clever with success of insolence and that is all very well when it denies I have a Literary Empire, which it says can only exist if recognised by them and becomes cracked up out of my league later on as well – that stupid society and cultural absurdity along with its greed that wants to touch me and handle my possessions and talk to me every day with a big mouth. It is never the idea I am concerned about them that holds sway in this matter – the reality is that if I did put my head down and spent my time making sure that the insolent low lives at the market place that are stupid black Men from shit holes in African with crap you can never get your head around blowing off their big mouth at me with a finger next to my anus are made to behave, there will be such a crisis that I will end up at odds with the Monarchy that will start to feel it cannot control my behaviour, so when any scum who wants to turn a skin colour I share with him into this sort of crap and the answer to all his problems is showing up to play out some game of who can beat up the other, they had better remembered it too so I don’t find a way around a person problem and bleed that their stupidity out of them as well – these are the reasons I talk, my talk does not indicate I am talking to them either. It’s an example of how these fools interfere with very important matters at the Office, whereby I meet people on social media and the see the Royal insignia and they see a profile described as one belonging to an Arch Prince but everybody assumes they get involved because they are expecting to get involved with a writer and there is no way that people around the world are being influenced and helped and affected by the actions of a government operative unless they have a serious issue to deal with as well, resulting from their insolence and abuses and by far my personal favourite of their stupid insults being that foolish threats too. In the end they say people wish to know I am on the side of the Politicians while things are happening of a serious nature around the world and the UK is in a Trade deal talk with the Americans as well; but then again it’s been an old story when black idiots want to play my father figure wanting to get hurt all day long and setting about rounding me up like sheep no matter how many times that will lose them vast amounts of insulting money at the global markets – the real economy is the road that runs through the plantation fields in South America and the Men and Women slugging away at sewing machines in India not the insanity of Politicians who think their Industry friends being faced with the regret of what they should have done to run the sources of money that makes them such manly men they have respect for absolutely nothing in their whole lives should become government problem, when they were warned about seeking to recover from recession by sacrificing my business empire, warned about the fact they did not possess the means or capacity to make it work and they preferred issuing talk of stupid variables such as how going back to the drawing board is not done these days anymore and preferred to stir up criminals like the black scum playing my father figure roles and telling me what to do as insolently as possible at the moment, in peoples families and neighbourhoods; I don’t care if they hit rock bottom each time they go into the Office and the regret of not running a business when they should have for other 8 years takes over so intensely they are unable to concentrate, they need to get a pill, see a psychologist or something or they can try ripping up my Royal Estate again and make it worse in order to close down the business and retire all together; this is supposed to encourage them to do things the right way not get rewarded by Politicians who think they are working for the Public to supply jobs, so I might have to deal with insulting sales idiots that look clever and wear suits these days telling me about fixing my problems if they share a sucking skin colour with me as such; their case by the way of which is not hurting badly enough yet as well since last they showed up here to suck up to the rich because the only way to make money was to do so and sell things to those who can buy a lot of it and buy expensively, destroyed everything here and then remembered wealth inequality was happening after – hence I have become accustomed to making them work for the sake of work and when saturated make them work for their Media and politics masters, it is a disposition from which they can flush people’s lives down the toilet whenever others have money and media with that big mouth too as it were.

They do speak of how I enjoy undercutting the Americans which is utter nonsense just like I have had to mention these things because they said I appear not to be on the side of the Politicians; the American problem is way beyond just a case of me having enough authority to decide how much of the Country peoples have access to, so I can report to the Monarchy later, its beyond the Africa issue where people need to organise some global apology for slavery and slave trade where white Man bought slaves from another white man that lived in Africa because they are covering up something big and perverted that we see play out over that stupid freedom of theirs that makes those who know stuff to work for work that does not pay or make sense over years while they elect Political persons that will help them claim the acumen at a date they see fit, majority of such victims being Women while the male Population are convinced when we blame the females instead things tend to improve and they will be insane enough to secure global apology for slavery and slave trade on my behalf as well if they wanted; in the end of which dealing with the Africa issue is always a matter of the respect people have for the Canadians here in British Government and Europe, just like handling matters in the East is a product of respect we have for the Australians who at this very moment have the fastest growing developed economy in the world i.e. the American problem is one where America was like Canada for instance but it’s a Canada that has been split into two parts, one occupied by very twisted and evil predatory criminals, while the other by normal people who are always victims, so One does not see it fit to tell them what their problem looks like all the time, so people don’t stick their necks out on such a regular basis all together, resolve what I can and put it out there instead. hence I am on the side of the Politicians and do not undercut the Americans, the problem is that nobody knows what they are up to these days anymore when the mind sickness of idiots who created the economic crisis and have no wish to change and start working in ways that will bring about recovery and avoid a repetition of such a problem is more important than the real economy which actually takes place in very cultural environments; I mean the way I handle black Women who are the group of goons that are always picking off my bits on grounds I am too stupid to be involved with high places of government while they are deserving, is the best solution for preventing them showing up here to squander everything and when I say I want nothing to do with them, people will change that for me if they want to be the ones doing it instead – the way I handle the whites is the best solution too and people might want to respect that.

Now they say I am stuck and getting bullied by media, which is utter rubbish; I am not stuck anywhere and Media bullying is something I have actually done nothing about in its 15 year reign of terror, hence it is always going to assume all sorts of nonsense for its purposes as well. The reality of what they are actually complaining about is that they enjoy trapping people a nasty in order to call on the gangs and racists and criminals and they don’t like it when they come across somebody that gets to trap them as well i.e. I am a person and my whole life is not stuck in my Books and my Websites. The reality about their bullying is clear for all to see i.e. getting a job hurts, writing my Books hurts, buying my Books hurts and they are very well aware if I start to pay attention to it, this story will change in a short period of time too. We all know their methods can be as complicated as when I broker equity with a firm and it gives them advertisement contract and that is then made on my Public image instead which I likely think is not an issue since it involves the firm but then they claim it belongs to them derivatives and all which creates an unprecedented level of carnage around here and ensures I cannot breathe which then facilitates the violent aspects of their insulting disobedience that they now want to translate into successes of insolence and Political power, the other less serious ones are the trapping people a nasty type and they really love those claims I have something in common with terrorists when it turns out I want to control their lives and jobs as a result of those threats they issue at me and they can go when I want not when freedom of press matters – I have nothing in common with terrorists in actual fact, who are a bunch of people that have not had their parents put the foot down on them seriously enough, not withstanding which they read too many espionage Books and take the action they come across way too seriously for instance, they are not some Arch Prince running around the Middle East making lots of trouble and coming up with new ways of blowing up the rest of the world, they are that guy that will walk up to somebody and shoot the person, then run into a car and drive away and what his exact character is then becomes obvious a look on his face when he realises there is a drone with a bomb on it chasing him too. The media however are the bunch of goons who are only just learning that threats of violence are one of the few kinds of extreme and insultingly abusive distraction which is difficult to tolerate or ignore while studying or performing tasks relating to government business.

The case of US losing influence in the world is not really one that is based on fact; if we look around and consider a neighbourhood cross section for instance, we will see that in a world of pack mentality dumb students that do well in school and have some money to throw around, the US absolutely dominates the world and also provides leadership too; this then prevents one neighbourhood turning on another and such things growing into global chaos, so they actually have not lost any influence whatsoever. My case is simply that the idea economic recovery will come on the wind is just a delusion as the real economy exists in a very cultured environment, far from all that nonsense we have to deal with and its profitable disobedience at Industry and financial systems. So there is that question of the rise of China for instance which is utter nonsense – China is a traders bloc and all they do is pick up some goods and services and pile them high and sell them in what happens to be areas of US influence, cheaply to those who cannot afford more expensive ones, the reason they have started to expand military and exert influence in Asia is due to the way the Obama Administration has handled it all together –the reality is that the two big economies that do not have a defined position the world are Japan and Germany and they are always at each other’s throats in terms of competition while being so similar all together anyway, and the nature of their societies and economies are such that their inability to handle the problem of industrial organised crime and counterfeiting/black markets is legendary, so this is where China stepped in and has been doing very well since. Speaking of which the UK one is still the same i.e. keeping the Terrorists on the left under control and the criminals on the right as well and shutting down Communist access to Western Economic Interests where and when seen fit as per the best time to serve ourselves and the world as a whole; what we have done for the 21st century is raise standards in the process i.e. human rights, decency etc, which is the changes people see we have made to the world. The story about being hated by black Men is a familiar one but it’s still the old game of the kid that is not really a child at all and the bills they are not paying in return for their stupid pleasures – so perhaps we do not yet live in a society that classifies people as stupid and that is why it is possible to get pulled out of University and jobs when they are organised into communities on grounds they want to work the profitability of violence. My academic work and my Books is what takes up all my time and their current complains about the few times I have turned it on them is not hurting badly enough yet so far in my view. These idiots and their male media fools can never tell us what brings it on and the purpose of their involvement anyway, we all know they claim something about insults and abuses that have gained reaction from me as insults that need to be avenged whereas everybody else knows the real issue is money and sales and when their stupid businesses are not making profit I get threatened – so there is that confidence at all times that something is stopping me from beating them up for my part as well all together because of the times people mention I overreach myself on the matter and how it starts to prick their ego as well; the basics are still looking good anyway i.e. they always say if you touch the culture you will die but soon after they are chief evil and wife is second evil because if wife is chief evil they will not have the sex they want, to show up here to abuse me claiming I steal a woman’s place in the world so as to avoid being available to be taken advantage of and made to do something with nothing so they can elect political leaders in due time that will help them claim the results for themselves, hence if I see the stupid culture, so will it be the last time that they see it too. The other side of the story is the one about the economy where I feel as though if allowed to have one part of economy unto themselves money will depart this business and the Country as a whole, so the preferable choice has always been that when men want money, they don’t bully me if they can get jobs that pay it instead and I am particularly pleased with the idea of making them pay taxes – so they are left with turning the whole process into some form of disadvantage for me, which is all good provided it’s not the one that stirs the blasphemy where there is sin and wickedness which I do nothing about even though somebody else is the one whose choices practices it, this is not their lives, not where they fucking live.


So they say all I say and do is all talk and nothing more but I am aware it would not have been if I said it on media concerning which I don’t plan to say anything on media anyway; hence always accused my activities border on cruelty on one hand while on the other UI am always insulted and abused because I have no respect for those who fight my battles. It’s like when I hear that whiff that they have been developing security industry to help them get rid of the Monarchy and it really makes sense to work them until saturated, and then work them for their political master after. They do say the Men want to teach me a lesson and I don’t care either; it can only go from a process of indulging them by getting out of bed to say something unusual that was not said on media which they can steal and get up there to hope and hope and hope all the time bearing mind gangs are such bad things such as when you beat them up the result could be that they show up on the roads and force a young woman walking by to join up therefore you have to be a responsible person and not do it; eventually it can lead to an outcome where I may want a better deal than the one we have now, which will ensure those their fingers are kept much father off my Bum. I like to say bread and eggs for dinner and last five pounds spent on fuelling the car so as to ensure they can get to work is the lifestyle that suits them and it is really difficult for me to achieve it being more so I am always being punished by them for getting involved with Women beyond my league with a big mouth.

So there is that talk that I keep playing around with peoples Women and that it is the reason I am unable to have a career and I agree but it has to be seen also that there is a vast amount of controversy surrounding the matter. For instance I wouldn’t mind people not having a spouse if they had become members of my Court but I have to look after an Arch Prince’s reputation and keep the option open for people to get married even if they would have. So if it is not the husbands frowning on it for instance; where it becomes a matter of Men being irresponsible, sort of preferring all the problems that come with the number of times and days and years Women do something with nothing awaiting the day idiots will elect a Tyrant into Office who will give them the proceeds having had it build up over decades, instead of Journalists in a live Journal they share with me, looking into such matters on a day to day basis – then it has to be that the either the Men of society are making decisions for me on the basis of getting me to build a court of people who care about my career and well being enough to read my Books and buy them or its the Women at the Monarchy making the same decisions: I did think about replacing them but it would have been a very illiberal decision being that they were here in the first place on account I was implored to liberalise a Royal Office and granted them such a wish and hence wouldn’t bode well for my credibility, besides which they are not keeping Bed Chamber at Monarchy anyway, they are keeping Bed Chamber at the Company where I run the Royal Estate and all the property in it, so I have to make them take charge of it and draw up a plan to work it so as to allow me financial success and business success and Media success, just the way the ladies have suggested, while letting the Court that will emerge from those who will buy the Books do the same in their own right too – I need a live Journal to keep chart of all I do and my public image around the world and I need the experienced as well, so the two will have to be United and the ladies back stage of Media and the Monarchy can then handle both in the same way; anything else just makes me want to take a break, makes me suddenly feel very tired and with respect to the Men waiting for me to get married so they can play with my wife as well, it is tough having sex with the married ones when the single ones come with no problems attached obviously; I need to know the ladies control the bed chamber but I agree with the Monarchy that I need a clear set out career. Caught, apparently up to me to decide how I want to handle it all, get in touch with media bosses and make a career and finances operate properly.

There is this talk from the Democratic Party in the US endlessly that not only am I responsible for the President they have ended up with but that I am also meant to act on and do something about it – I wouldn’t know anyway why they cannot ask questions of Mr Trump if it is about him, instead of asking me; all I know is that the Democratic Party must be made to learn and understand in no uncertain terms that every 18 year old and upwards needs to be able to earn at least £20,000 PA as a basic right, which is why I cannot understand why their very nature is an enmity with Civil independence especially with respect to younger adults. I mean Obama’s election campaign spurned all these other perverted ways in which people think elections should be handled in the US; it was incredibly dirty during the first Term and you might have imagined he will clear up some matters and make the second better but the second was worse. They do so I have to mention, that they have questions for me too i.e. why I have done the things I have done – which is not a complicated one, the fact that I have done it because it is insanity for people to get involved with Royalty and cause damage because of their social status, then get on media and build up his public image with intent to ensure it belongs to somebody else – not entirely surprising about democratic party of the US but we have to put in context the fact that they really enjoy getting on public places to make accusations and tell lies and put the feet up somewhere expecting somebody to do something that will make them comfortable, it is almost like a nature to seek such things and I am at a loss as to what they would image that the fundamental and political definition of such behaviour was. This is why I do it; I need to see less of them getting involved with my concerns and or showing up around my Book sales – technically they are stuck at this point as well, unable to play up the terrorism card that criminals on the right take from them and do better so they can blame the person in authority for hitting them and becoming a tyrant thereof and I am waiting for the part where the perverted fools will continue to flirt with torture on my well being and end up with manic depression which causes them to kill themselves. The other aspect of why I do it being that it is what my Work role at the Monarchy really looks like i.e. they are ever so fond of playing up Terrorism ideas that criminals absorb, while it makes them financially comfortable the Nation is laden with people suffering injustice they did not instigate and they have a fundamental problem with my work because it is helpful to such people but will not keep off my Book sales, to make it controversial enough to become an issue of Government Office power and this is where they are apparently not as good as I am at perverting idiots until they show up on public places to complain about their stupidities too all together. They ought to ask questions of Mr Trump when it is about him and not me - certainly not thrown up in the air and used to put impressions on me like that all the time.

An example is a process where I broker equities with a Company and when it pays them to make advertisement they make it on my property and public image and have a party with it, when I decide it’s still safe being it is attached to the Company anyway, I find out they think it actually belongs to them and so in that way the financial concerns of an entire business empire ends up somewhere else and leave me wondering who the fuck they are. Another example is travelling around the world, China, Japan, Germany, showing up at Business and Industry Communities to pass around insults concerning how nobody knows who the hell I am, facilitating this process where nothing I do is not followed up with stupid comments about what have been lost or communications which cannot exist without the suggestion of property changing hands from owner to somebody else being set out endlessly, so that if they are stopped, this destruction of my property they suggest becomes self fulfilling prophesy as though I am not human and have no feelings. Then there is another about my Books being lifted and plagiarised, these paragraphs then put out on media and spread around to create an atmosphere they can insert themselves into and end up providing leadership that will make them feel like real Men and make them proud of themselves. Another is the old case of me being dominated spiritually first before I am allowed to be academically or financially successful – usually has to do with a need they have to be able to sit down somewhere and get off to the stock market to make a thousand or two when they run out of pocket money and involves ripping up people’s property and public image, spreading them around to create such acumen – it is something republicans take up and do better so they can complain on a regular basis; my question of what they were waiting for when others were ripping up the same stock market and global financial systems, only to tackle me when I started acting on job losses that it was causing but then again when it comes to questions about me I am certain they can understand my answers clearly – when it comes to questions about Mr trump what they ought to do is ask him.

So when finished like so we hear them speak of a problem between myself and male journalists which seems to exist eternally; reality of course being that the blacks are really good at stealing over peoples work, achieving everything by civil rights and politics and above all bullying those they steal from especially through a vast amount of disrespect that obscures what peoples work and trade is, right up to the stage where they are having to face cash flow problems – the whites don’t do that extremely, they do it with the sense they own the Country but above all are  always beyond the league of those they handle and consider themselves to be more successful in absolutely every aspect of what is not actually their concern. The fun bit was when I fought hard to ensure my career and public image and property does not end up in this situation where they deploy it and tell me the salary levels are worth any risks that I a lower person as compared will have no problems dealing with and never ever stop no matter what my financial situation becomes as well; now what is happening is that I am broke first of all and then also that it’s all getting much more serious gradually; I say gradually because either way you want to consider it, losing jobs are not nice experiences but they wouldn’t know considering that their parents wouldn’t allow it happen and this is where the blacks continue with more vicious insults about some magical power I possess when the only perverted thing here is their disobedience. I mean somebody who is male, you want nothing to do with, is a better human being than you are, gets involved with you without asking of your interests and attacks you each time he is uncomfortable, his parents decisions are more important than yours, ending up in your court is stress and distress at an unprecedented rate but we all know they enjoy it more than anything else and have always enjoyed their corruptions of involvement when they are not being made to complain about it. Their excuse is usually a matter of what I am doing with Women; whereas all Women who end up in my Court by legitimate means have their parents consent to be in it, especially the Fathers. So I said it was gradually getting serious, I never suggested it cannot get serious in an instant.


They always mention something about the abuses my people levy on them naturally but that is when you have not see black idiots who want to get rich on your public image splitting up your temperaments and taking a piece with them in separate directions, which indicates the way they handle the strength of Women they want to sexually assault and so on; I personally do not think that my people do anything to anybody myself, I think that those who are harmed by them in anyway entirely deserve it – since nobody really can tell me what their stupid pop stars and film celebrities are doing with my public image anyway to begin with, I mean they are expecting me to draft another group of pop and film stars to get rid of those, so this nonsense can go round in circles because of money and sales. It’s an old story whereby I look after celebrities at Court – maybe something to do with starting a family, perhaps they don’t know how to do that in a public way and need my assistance, maybe something to do with those who steal peoples public lives like so etc but in the end the outcome is usually that when I am good at handling the matters on the left and the right hand side for them, the only thing these foolish Men will want to do with time is show up on public places to claim I work for the Men and so it does damage enough to result in outcomes where these Women are backing me by doing other things to make their lives very difficult and uncomfortable too. Now they say I talk like the racists do which I agree I do a lot when provoked and in the same way they show up on my concerns to talk in ways that invite and encourage the racists to get involved on National Media all Day long -  hence when they do not think they want to stop it any time soon and it has gone on for years, I tend to establish a website for it and ensure there are daily updates put up to show where we are even and where more work is due. I mean it’s not necessarily the end of the world most of the time, when people are just starting out and feel they are in a position to chase things that go round in circles, it might not be the ideal solution but when you really need to get down to some proper business it is one of the best out there. They always make out it is amusing but it is never amusing to me, as it is largely a matter of feeling as though they are in a place where the greater power is situated – hence I tend to become less and less tolerant of the stupid needs of their manly men characters and become obsessed with the idea of investigating what they do with their time when they are not spending it being completely useless people. So they do say things do not really need to be so complicated but they apparently do since if I told them I am on my knees begging them to stop all those abuses that means what my talents and my work and my Books are is all mired in obscurity, it will automatically become the only source of fun they wish to have since Mainstream Media anchor salary was worth absolutely any sacrifice especially when others have to make them; it’s what they take advantage of here i.e. giving away info about my work which actually does save lives the way I assume it might plus breaking up empire to broker equities and buy time for firms so people can keep their jobs – so when all is well and secure save the sacrifices a journalist needs because the sort of salary he will get it worth anything and they say it does not have to be so complicated, I say it does; I mean they say it does not have to be so complicated alright but it is still a matter of what they think they can and or are able to do because they are on the side of a greater power; so for the blacks its some witchdoctor stuff that lets them seek their exist from the stupid ways they have lived their foolish lives right up to the day they met you, using your public image, while the whites are doing their own on the basis of an association that exists between them and the blacks; I did promise in any case that I intend to handle it to a stage where I can manage it easily the way I manage the society one and that is what I am going to do i.e. for instance having mentioned these facts, their privileged media position has given them another means to secure conveniences from my work without paying for my Books and then call me names as well on and on and on and on. As for the taking them on issue – it’s those cases where the real economy is in the roads that run across the plantation fields of the world for instance, while for them it is the question of whether or not they are on the side of the greater power which decides which one is a given for them and I will not be gratified like that – they are still blabbing, blowing off that big mouth. They say now that I thought I could control the Media but cannot – an old story of course since all can see I have allowed some matters get out of hand to send a message i.e. Tony Blair builds a spin doctor government and when told about its evils goes overseas to bring in idiots from Countries where Leaders get punished and fools do what they like hence when you support Women that support you over family matters and raising Children issues, you get attacked by money freaks who want to make sales and get rich and it does not actually have a reason save the need to carve some money out of something unusual which gets attention and is prevented from being itself as normal – so I had to ensure that each time I wish to pay attention to something important people were busy playing up the game of being where the power is as it were; we can see that the effect it has on my Royal CV at Parliament is phenomenal and given half the chance I would have ended up with a Court of Politicians and there would have been sex involved too.

My own concerns however are one about how the Popularity of the Heir to the British Throne is being built on my Public image which I must now give up and it is utter nonsense – never has it before been unusual that the Heir to the Throne has his popularity built up around another person but the issue has always been the case of those who have their own enterprise, concerning which I do not have a reputation that has allowed peoples stupid ambitions do whatever it likes at my expense and they know it but are targeting me because they are being ageist. Playing silly games with me and then testing it out at the Monarchy where it thus works and allows them to get jobs at Buckingham Palace is not prove the Monarchy and its affairs is being controlled by society fools – if they do have a job to do, they need to get on with it and stop bothering me. It’s always been the case that if they cannot build their wealth to dizzying heights at a cost to the Queen they will locate some victim of their stupid accusation and lasciviousness instead and it will be one of those ones where the white girls will go first and after blacks will follow and after Asians and after any other ethnic group there is etc but I cannot see that it has an opportunity to be successful here either. Its nota difficult issue; writing Books hurts nobody and getting a job does not either – but we can all see the hurt and pain that follows doing any of these things unnecessarily; there is no power in their possession that can afford them this sort of double jeopardy at other peoples expense, in their possession and they are well advised to mind their own business.

Hence we hear of a storm brewing in my world, of which there is none I am aware is brewing all together anyway; first will be one about Royal Women and the things I say in Public, which is when they are seen getting around my filial sensibilities and anything suggesting I would make a good father, hence gets to a stage where they need to get a Boyfriend and thereof show me where I stand or tell me what they want; hence that illusion that when Members of the Royal Family have lovers it annoys me etc which has no basis on reality but we all know every fool that gets involved with them wants to bring a family here that will do nothing else with its time save chasing my private parts and making excuses for doing so. The rest are stupid society Men and their Media fools doing what they do best, which largely involves flushing people’s lives down the Toilet and is not in any way a problem for me as such since it’s a matter of getting out of a half priest office to chase other vital matters and end up supporting Journalists and celebrities along with Industry brokers, so as to sell my Books, only for them to get out of their stupid Lower classes and find ways of getting involved with me abusively – hence of all the stupid things Men invent to impute into other people’s concerns, this process of making sure they round up my products and finances and stop my Book sales when I stop what they want, beats the score that even the chasing peoples private parts bit produces and is not one that I have any wish to tolerate in anyway whatsoever and if I see that stupid society, each time I do will be the last time that they see it too.

It’s like the other stuff about how easy I think it would be whereas there are so many exists after I had hurt them seriously for my part as it were; I mean the main thing as it stands right from the time of Blair to Obama, has been one complain after another, one case after another about that stupid Women that chases kids who don’t have money and particularly hates the moral ones into crime in order to make public statements about social unfairness that has to do with her stupidities and how she got harmed by bad people, of which the American ones do nothing with their time these days save telling racists whom are the best people to harm and so on – after 14 years of complain, they have gotten some kind of resolution on the matter and the outcome has turned to a perversion yet again and so they are chasing me around again over a hatred for moral young people who then blame others that want to see god supply them from heaven to protect them from prostitution and homosexuality for their financial problems and it still goes without saying every time I see that stupid culture will be the last time that they see it as well. They are back in it again, chasing me around, while their idiots talk nonsense on Media of how their existence is indicative of fucking freedom and nobody’s freedom actually looks anything like that in my view. We are not talking about the stupid children just walking down the streets sucking up to people who have money, so idiots can stop my book sales and creep, creep on me things I am to be excluded from on grounds of stopping them from getting what they want which is never really clearly defined all together – pretending I am something a prepubescent scumbag wants to stick a knife into with that big mouth, looking out for opportunities to get famous every single second; this I just hate very intensely because of its capacity for destruction where there is nothing left to destroy all together as it were and if these scum do not keep off my Books and stay outside of my Public life pretty soon I am going to make a big decision on this matter all together and it will not be the one where goons invite them into the monarchy to test out the insults they channel towards me at members of the Royal Family and then get on Media to cling to my Public image and finances after that talking nonsense about my responsibilities when they are the ones with stupid sons that need this kinds of protection in the first place, therefore my responsibility. The Politicians are just the ones who express the minds of them social idiots with a need to communicate to me they are not kids who commit crimes that get them into trouble with the law because they know what they are doing and need to keep it firmly shut, chasing me around again when the Books do not do them any favours in the first place.

As for the story of co-operation with the Royal Family not being defined however, that is an old story where if I am in love with a Member of the Royal Family they can then stop me and if they are not going to love Members of the Royal Family so I can know where I stand, can keep showing up on that stupid Media to pass around insults looking for a lot of trouble and some cheap victory alongside. They never listen like the case with Russia where Polonium ended up on the streets of the UK as a weapon and they got after the Russian secret service, only to find out the Americans would dither and every process of asking for my help comes with a chunk of my well being taken away and it’s the sort of insults we all get used to but a process where they stop my Books and finances or place themselves where they can when I am not giving them what they want is the one I cannot stand and will continue to earn them the worst forms of punishment from me too. The part where I am no Royalty is very well understood but let us find out if it is just more than the profitability of their insolence and then we will find out exactly who is saying it as well – it’s like my so called under performance where my Books are none of their business and my work is none of their business and the Royal estate as well, just as well as my studies is none of their business. I do not think these matters are the end of the world, I ensure my information ends up at the hands of Culture and Society idiots because it ensures Politicians can win elections easily when my Books end up at the highest level of government so the sales might be stifled in order for it to become somebody else’s election career talisman and it ranks among the second most annoying nonsense that Men invent and impute in my concerns, has been going on for the last seven years with no sign of abating. In the end it does seem that these Culture and Society idiots wanted a piece of the Royal Household and that is what they have gotten – so this is what is going on i.e. however on earth they will then get out of it and find their way back into Politics is beyond me.

So they say I think that the Trump Presidency will be a rosy affair for people like me, which is utter rubbish; it’s an old story about the fact everybody else wants to talk about pillaging American Economic interests first before thinking about their National security issues, while the Americans want to think about their National security issues first before thinking about pillaging other peoples economies after – so you always tend to find yourself getting on to the American band wagon. However Obama is the one President that need to show the World that he smiles at the British when the world looks and hits them when the World does not as there is no way a Black person can love a Country that enslaved Black people but we all know the Romans enslaved the British and Black people as well and so did the French at some point, the Spanish did not get their pick as such but they are really good at Pillaging the economic stuff until they were stopped and their Armada destroyed – it has not made them the most successful Countries in Europe all together anyway – in the end the point people don’t understand about me mostly is that I am perfectly certain that the notion popular culture people should be successful and or financially well off is actually an evil thing and those who disagree can meet me for a conversation about it, otherwise those who are expected to come up with the goods so everybody can feel comfortable are not their fucking mates. I mean an example is China for example; every time I broker equities with a Company that trades there, the only form of talk people make in my direction is that property and assets have changed hands from owners to somebody else – so that even though I may stop them blabbing at me like that and getting publicly optimistic about it, the result is still a self fulfilling prophesy at the Markets; so those who think that my notion that popular culture idiots being successful and financially well off need to meet me for a conversation or take it as it is, Mr Obama however and the likes of people like that can do whatever they like and continue living that really messy and abusive existence based on lies and accusations and conspiracy every single moment; one must never think that they have a right to be successful people because they do not and it is an evil thing to allow such thoughts grow – this is who I really am, very tired about seeing them around or near my Books and would like them to respect my freedoms too. As I said, it’s about power; that Community croon has some witchcraft that the local boys worship and uses it to attack those who have things others don’t and so do the male ones and so on and even though it is a clear set out job concerning which they simply have to follow a guided activity to perform a task and earn money, it has to be done to preserve this witchcraft system that select victims for violence and abuse and death to an end that makes money for them; so fight, fight, fight is what their journalists blab at me all the time but it’s easy to see that when I set eyes on that stupid culture it will be the last time they see it too for my part and then that will be the start of it; otherwise Mr Obama can keep giving them lease to pass abusive insults at me and know where my private parts are, alongside that stupid greed that wants to talk to me every day.

There is a lifestyle that suits them and it’s the one where He has lost Family and Wife and is now having Bread and Eggs for dinner considering he cannot cook, while his last five pounds has been spent putting fuel into the car for the daily run the day coming and it tends to happen often; otherwise the general idea is that they are always putting together stupid witchcraft ingredients with which to get rich and then needing peoples body fluids which facilitates all those insults that gets on media to mock you for the life blood that drains out of you because of their disobedience of which the one that really takes the biscuit is the one where they stop my Books when I stop them because they think they are on the side of the greater power. Then I will get told looking into the matter will make me vulnerable to the abuses and insults of the fashion and lifestyle idiots but like the popular culture ones being financially well off today as something that was supervised and secured by me on account the Politicians spend my time ripping up my finances to let them round up my Business empire and fuck around with me when they want, hence we are even – the fashion and lifestyle ones always kill themselves when you start to round them up like sheep as well. So there is talk of the NHS as well which is pretty much the same issue i.e. the NHS has to secure supplies for Doctors and Nurses to work with and the Blair Government was the beginning of all its problems having been it got its worst possible Global PR at that point and so they do tell me the Blair Government got things right, which I did when it comes to goons handling peoples livelihood to ask a higher power not to stop them because they are rising and so on, same old tale about the sensation that they have a right to be successful being and evil thing i.e. the only thing the Blair government really achieved was the sense that uttering anything about morals or religion meant there was a power hanging over you. I don’t think the matter is an issue, just the way they select scapegoats whenever the result of their activities come forth, the scapegoats they have insultingly consulted each other in that stupid culture and society to select and therefore turn up here all the time after they have conspired among themselves with incredible insults for – it’s the same as Obama and his abusive Community croons, telling racists whom to kill and having a problem with the British. Even now the Media will feel comfortable with a style of Conservatism that involves asking the Prime Minister questions around claims I have taken the Public perspective and disposition of New Zealand. The reality of which has to do with the reasons I support the Americans being that we all work hard to create a safe and workable world for everybody and the Principle ally and bigger ally always tends to need our help and it sometimes does appear a problem that will never go away while the idiots responsible have their fun. So it’s a Constitutional Monarchy and I am an Arch Prince fulfilling his Office not grabbing the disposition of whole Countries, which case is incredibly stupid beyond imagination all together and I don’t mind the insults and Media fools telling me what to do either, when it does get on my nerves they will have something new and big to complain about too.

There is now great talk about the prospects of either myself or any who associates themselves with me having to deal with accusations of being an evil thing in person and then prevented from making any progress with their existence and I don’t mind anyway, this is usually when the process of spending all their time on building up all sorts of rubbish on Public Media which allows them to decide with their fellow stupid friends when people are rude on account of the stupidities they discuss with themselves in their cliques about what they like and what they don’t and are always showing up in public places to live up to it at another person’s expense while working hard to protect those that are human beings who are actually evil things in their own right all together, to allow them talk nonsense about demagogues of power. I personally wish to know why I have not gotten a bloody nose from them and their stupid cliques in 15 years so far all together anyway and why I am still seeing them around my Books and Public image talking nonsense that does not help my already construed notion that allowing popularity idiots to be successful or famous is an evil thing, following from their Mothers telling them they were supposed to have been celebrities before they then decided to do society a favour by attending school. So I still am unable to understand a lack of respect for what people do to earn a living leading to outcomes of such frequent insults that such individuals reach a point where they have to deal with a cash flow crisis – we all see what their stupidities do with the success that the victims have allowed them, so it’s a no brainer. So same I am almost unreal but we all know that he will rip up peoples livelihoods on mass and when done will explain it is because somebody had to pay for the fact he got into a fight with some guy on the right hand side and got beaten up – then it will progress to more destruction which plays out at a National scale eventually and all he will do with it when we start to wonder where we are and where we have been as a country or community is show up in a bar or club with a microphone in his hand pointing fingers towards the right hand side and then you want to know what it is all about and then it comes clean that it is all about power; so everybody has seen what they do with the financial well being I don’t cut to pieces and I think it is simple enough when I say I do not wish to tolerate any more of their involvement with or any process whereby they are found around my concerns, Books or Public image – it cannot be that difficult, they have got their own lives. For instance nobody knows if I have actually supported Mr Trumps Presidency to a point of pushing around an opponent to make him successful for example, nobody has seen me offer a Political support either but we see everything they say about it having to do with me and then we find ourselves uncovering one cover up after another and another and another and it’s an abject lack of respect for other peoples time endlessly – I don’t wish to tolerate any more of their madness being seen around my concerns and especially my Books and Public image – it’s not unreal. The warning here is very clear; all that fame and fortune popular culture money they have made which I have not cut down, amounting to a problem that does not go away is currently being reviewed in this Office and I am waiting for their Politicians to blow off a big mouth scapegoat insults at me for their problems associated with it and then I will have it fixed for the insults as it were. They say I was supposed to have sorted it out and so any insult they deal with at Parliament from these goons will lead to a process where they make me suffer as well and this is what I mean waiting for that big mouth again one more time and then I will fix it for them i.e. nobody knows why they wreck my finances to let these goons show up around my concerns to build up that stupid confidence if I were supposed to sort it out. There are the Industry ones as well and they are the ones that make you express the fact that Popular culture success is an evil thing all the time since we all know and see that they have no talents whatsoever to begin with and then of course those goons who support them blabbing at me about how I play around with peoples high flying jobs as well, whereas what has been happening is a lots of complaining about the fact they are supposed to be successful to a point and then pay the price for what they do to others at a stage as well but because they have access to my work, have access to something that keeps giving, thereby preventing that –I mean these goons have gone into the high end Industries now and made the money as such but it still does not require a change of behaviour from them as well all together and this is an example of the barriers that show up around my Public image and Book sales every day, it does mainly because it cannot actually explain itself and has a bully’s trophy insults to show every time. in the end they say that in a democratic environment being this is one of their favourite involvement insults, I would lose everything by working the way I do, which is never an issue; what we have here is not a case of disagreement with what I do, it’s a case of a lack of respect for it but a lack of respect that sees them show up to cut down everything associated with where the Books might be relevant to human beings on Media, to blab about inequality issues and other nonsense that helps them stir up crowds – and it seems that it is going to have to be stopped physically too, resolving their stupid job description and etc especially the Journalists; I mean they complain of respect when it’s really a matter of the fact I want nothing to do with them all together – same case where I have lost 14 years of my time just so they can show up and have fun finding out if issues that cause poverty and homelessness and the cycle of it can hit me and bounce off all day long – it is an awesome amount of respect as it were. they love that tale about my Books ending up in people’s heads all the time of course; what really happens is that they interfere to a point where they mess with when I am doing the numbers of the 1000 interested parties and 500 that will walk away and 200 that will defer their payment and 100 that will get it free and 200 that will pay immediately and then they start to play up power and leverage on each with incredible profitable disobedience and violence with that stupid media and so it becomes a question i.e. done it again alright but have you got your copy of Books? And if not they will feel me again. Its apparently a very disobedient way of seeking secretes to selling things which allows them develop arguments to help stop my business if I stop them and does nothing to dissuade that popular culture success is an evil thing. So in the end, it seems that the matter has become too big for me, which it has not in any way whatsoever: what happens is that when I do popular culture evils decadent fashion scum rip up everything and vice versa, so it seems when you round up the fashion ones they become mentally ill and kill themselves but whilst you are not, they rip up your finances and abusively claim you are a filthy culture goon with magic powers and interfere with your livelihood backed by stupid Men along those lines too – it began from the days when they were escorts you see and during that time they were socialists and I was in trouble because I was some item they needed and it has not stopped getting worse with every passing day since i.e. if the Politicians wind me up about it after ripping my finances to let them show up here and build that stupid confidence I will fix it for them. They always say my Books are rubbish and I can understand too but they are not rubbish when people settle in environments I have built for them so they can listen to what I have to say and read it from thereof – these fools do not settle on anything and I do not wish to tolerate any traces of them showing up in the environment much further than I already have.

The ordinary ones are all about how I am at school and then thinking about being as successful as the really successful people around and how they have created an environment right here, where they will be getting that kind of respect from me as well backed up by Politicians, whose own involves seeing me attend church and rounding me up to get the kind of worship I give to God who really does not exist but it’s the business ones and the Medium size Daytime television advertisement ones that are the worst; you see an advert run really fast, sell, sell, sell and it’s not that when your Books are all over it they have trouble affording a copy, it’s just that your Books are all over it because they want to destroy the Books and its likely to continue until I act so as to ensure it is clear that the Books belong to somebody as well. They always blab about interference in their thought processes but everybody knows they specialise only in stealing peoples big break because it is what they live for i.e. the bits about the people who need your products, the people you don’t want to associate with and therefore criticise and of course the people you belong with as a Community – they are very good as sapping every morsel of the one that comes together to ensure you sit in an Office and work on a business like a legitimate job you created for yourself and it’s the Americans that blow off that big mouth about violence when done the most; where it gets shown that popular culture success is an evil thing being where that stupid homosexuality starts to come to the surface all together as well. I don’t mind the story where this is what was expected of me all along either – it’s an old tale where the outcome will be hurting bottoms again and we all know I do not intend to drop out of University on their account a second time all together as well; The Queen knows all about it and they do blab about how people need to know more about the world and understand the news between but before then it’s not just a case of showing up to help me and make fame and riches, it’s also returning to tell me what to do as well – it’s like that story of whether I need a big break myself which I don’t in actual fact, I have created packaged equity Book and when it’s all over somebody’s daytime television advertisement, selling things really quick it is because they want to destroy it and not because they cannot afford a copy; usually medium size trouble makers who do stupid things.

So they say my activities cause fall out between successful people and their parents, which tends to make everybody as sad as I am but I really don’t care if a bunch of idiots fall out with their parents for my part, I simply don’t want to see them around my concerns and my Books and Public image anymore and that is not what is being discussed here either. I mean it’s the perverted stupidities performed by somebody that will likely be appointed to stand on a pulpit and host and award show, such as stifling my Book sales while giving it Publicity and being seen making statements and checking villain beauties on my public image in a bid to improve himself everyday – so if I did do the same to him, how on earth would he expect to laugh at the effect of churning my tummy all the time, host an award show? I mean the bad smell does create outcomes where those that can beat me up never stop lapping it and those that cannot can never stop hurting themselves, I am just being helpful on the matter as a whole. The disrespect is what causes obscurity of what I am saying around here – where in their case I cannot take them on and yet we know that apart from Mummy told me I was meant to be a celebrity before I did society a favour by attending school or I drive around and insolent saloon car and expect special respect from everybody while others from the upper class have to clean it up and have no limits whatsoever, there is the part about abusing Women being something they do because if told to fix the problems they think they can fix all of it with that big mouth that pretends I am not listening for instance and yaps off some taking them on story all the time. It has always been simple that disrespecting Women is disrespecting Women and no middle ground is wanted but they have always done it as a sign of their privileges and then when some female rapist sympathiser shows up on my concerns and I mention wishing she got fucked as well, it becomes one of those nonsense they run away with on Media whereby their homosexual and freedom idiots can show up here to find out if I am liberal enough to earn a living or more so making myself a work in progress looking for their own trouble too – whereas everybody knows when somebody is sexually assaulted you can never fix them and that this whole idea of novelty about it does not exist since it is a matter of punishment i.e. somebody thinks beating up another person’s Vagina will solve a problem and what if it got much worse and we imagine he didn’t know what he was doing and beat up the Womb as well and the person can never have children after, why would anything sympathise with his position as well? I mean I have rather loved putting it up here so people can have their debates. It’s pretty much the same with this story of me making out I am Royalty until I became one etc; whereas my academic work and business with the Royals and my Books really have nothing to do with them, nobody says they cannot run away with ideas they invent about it either, but those insults and threats do have to get to a point where they think there are people they wish to handle or touch etc with a big mouth.


So there is that talk of how my problems cannot be resolved, while the Politicians speak of solving a problem that is me. In terms of the former, it actually can i.e. I have written my Books and have many offers in waiting by people who are impressed with what I do all over the world but first I have to sell the Books and make myself mobile but that becomes impossible because others prefer to stand on my public image to measure their villainous beauties and chose self improvements all day long, then yap off at me as well as per how I think I can take them on when I cannot and it was the same story about the Court which was Female only except if I asked their wives I would find out they always get what they want. When it comes to the problem of me being solved by Politicians however; I have no idea how they intend to but it’s been a simple case of the fact they avoid the part of their jobs which have to do with structures that allow people to be successful like a disease first of all and then it progresses to the part where they will not let those who can provide it for themselves do so but when those who do not have much time to waste provide it for themselves anyway, the Politicians will rip it up – it’s not clear as such how they intend to prevent me from doing what I am doing by some spin doctor or even Militia setup to do it etc. It feed into that tale that I think I am at affinity with republicans when I am not – same old case of people damaging my Books and not buying them while closeness to government Office will help them get rich – what a Man must do to prevent his Royal Office Books from becoming peoples talisman for wealth and success; they have not stopped this particular form of abuse in 13 years either and I do not think I will be fatigued about dealing the consequences too.

So they speak of this whole case of a lack of respect for other peoples civil rights icons being invented by me, which is utter nonsense, it’s about sales and money and greed and getting rich – so people should be made to understand I have already had a bad history with them and do not wish to tolerate any more of their involvement with my concerns; the one where each time somebody wants to build themselves an architect’s Career, the answer to his problem is to grab my Royal Estate assets and public image and get off somewhere to acquire big contracts designing buildings for multinational organisations and it is not that they are unable to buy themselves a £21 Book when they do either, it’s just that they do it this way because they are damaging the Book all together. All I can say is that if they put it before me, I will rip it up in a short period of time and then they will have to deal with the racists as well after I am done.

The Politicians always say I never take the problem seriously while they are the ones that should be sorting it out i.e. I had it sorted out before my 17th birthday, it was during the year I celebrated it and in the February of that year, the second week, while I celebrated by Birthday in October. So the Politicians are happy with ripping my finances and holding it down for them to show up here and provoke me until I react to provide them with a history they can start again with and when I chose to give them a benefit of doubt on account they claim they are unable to tell the difference, it seems that they then take it up and make out the problem requires my attention and is supposed to be my concern all together when it really isn’t. It’s the same old story about how much work people have to perform in a useless way of life, so as to come up with a black person that is also a friend of racists and a threat to black civil rights movements etc, when done of which they realise they are supposed to pay their way in the world after as it were – yet the slightest bit of respect will cut down this whole tale of my work and person and Royal property being a talisman that others need to have and keep away from the rest of the world in order to be successful and rich, that allows their stupidities to show up on Media and government Office to make use of my Books while stifling the sales of it all together – the slightest bit of respect would allow clarity around the fact I am a writer and my Books concern intellectual property administration and hence make it clear what interests me and why people must bear in mind that interest whenever they get involved with me; thus the idea I want to talk to them on a daily basis is much the same as opening up that private room at the Book shop where I take my sister or work on any project in mind to revellers who have to walk past all the goods in the shop in order to get to it and I do not wish to tolerate seeing them around my Books or Public image any longer; it is not mystery the only success the know involves pushing people out of their studies in order to create persons that are chasing the aesthetics and sensations of careers which others actually have a qualification or are more qualified for and this is what their Politicians find the most amusing when they peddle some insults about mocking those who have to do it by power etc. I have always been clear that they should respect my wishes when I don’t want it done, so that no idiot has to expect me to respond well to a condition where that big guy that does not spend his energy wisely sits around clubs and bars seeking respect from me for his stupid civil rights movements, where we find that each time they are done with class A drugs, they get involved with me and make out it is their human right as well – when I don’t want it done, people shouldn’t do it, considering especially know they have started complaining about a lack of respect for their civil rights icons as well.

They always say people like me smile outwardly and hide horrible secretes in such ways but it’s always been the same story about getting high or getting drunk and washing it off other people’s children who need to attend school and get somewhere important because the reasons their lives are about attending school and getting somewhere important while other people’s lives are not, is because there is an unfair society going on; now we know they have needed International Media establishments and they have needed the global film Industry and they have needed entire Parliaments and they have needed global markets but are still winning around here as it were; later they will say I have the ability to burn whole cities and then pick up my career and move on after that but when I don’t want it done it becomes their main preoccupation instead, to make me extricate the respect for my Office and Career and person in other ways apart from that which is the natural way – which is the point they usually think their size counts as the ultimate advantage and the Politicians excuse the destruction of people’s property as something done to ensure people get to show respect for power; it’s never been a problem for me but I have to mention it’s an example of the occasions where it is said I figure it all out and then rage and rage until I mess it up etc whereas they are complaining about increasing disrespect for their civil rights demigods which I invented and I did invent it alright, so they might understand exactly why they shouldn’t do it when I don’t want it done. Then the point where they would likely claim all I have said paints me as victim when I am not whereas the reality is the same all round and I have only mentioned it above Architecture Industry above, it’s the same with Media and with Banks and with Auto Corporations and the American ones are usually the most insulting of the lot teaching lessons when they only have to buy a Book they have been lifting to get 8 figure salaries – except that does not happen because although they want money where they didn’t work for it etc, they have their own ideas about civility all together and then this tale will end with their community croons telling me it’s all my fault for messing with rebels which is fine if they have changed their ways and decided to deploy their own lives to get things done for a change but I image it isn’t because they are still being seen around my Books and Public image as we speak. The reality is that I don’t have to work for a living while they do and so the story that it’s all my fault for getting involved with Commoners will never suffice; they are the ones that show up here all the time and create this sense people have, that my Books were written to make sense as something people buy and read in order to reward me for fighting on their behalf, the reality of which is something around the opposite of that i.e. a Book written from a half priest Office; what really brings on the problems being that they will show up and get involved with the challenges that somebody that does not have to work for a living faces and when they are done, they find out they cannot control what their Tummy does and then they get on Media to attack me with that unless they ensure I cannot control what mine does too, then when they feel better, start the entire process all over again.

As this point, before they decided I invent and set off a lack of respect for their civil rights demigods, the main issue here was a lack of respect from them and their celebrities to a point where I am sick to my stomach for every single involvement that I do not want, while they cling to my empire and tell me to step away from it as my involvement tends to make them sick too with that big mouth. So those stupid celebrities are still there and I am starting to talk about the reasons it happens again i.e. you suddenly find yourself clashing with the Men everyday between 5 and 15 years and at the end find out they have found a way to invent and take part in a war over you and your special property and gifts etc – at the Moment there is no such war but there is lots of Women getting into trouble and what the Men who get them out deserve etc and its all the things they do to preserve their stupidities especially when it comes to the bad treatment of Women meaning bad treatment and no middle ground etc and I do not wish to tolerate any more of their stupid celebrities showing up around my concerns, especially the American ones – it has no reached a point where it cannot be denied that the biggest problem and more so all along, was the lack of respect from them. An example of why respect for their civil rights demigods is so important obviously is that there is nothing I can do whenever they want to create a spoof of my company with a social Media platform for instance or handle my work and public image and have already built a livelihood with it but we all know it is an insult and abuse that goes beyond what they think is their so called connections linked to the way they live out that incredibly stupid and decadent existence and starts to get involved with the reasons they hate my guts, being that even when somebody had deployed my life and public image to become famous I will go and recover it anyway – so it’s a case of finding ways of opening that mouth and getting a hand in to take it out whenever they have taken it in etc, which then feeds their imagination and lets them come up with those insults that have to do with factorising people by their anus and penis and private parts etc but it’s always been as simple as the fact their celebrities have to respect for me and I am done tolerating their presence and concerns showing up all over mine as well – makes me sick to the stomach and cracks me up all the time, especially a problem since I have Celebrities at Court in my own right as well. It’s one of those sensations where if somebody married David Bowie their feelings mattered and if they shared a Court with an Arch Prince it didn’t because people can make their insulting excuses and get involved and so I have made my decision about it too. It does love to laugh about the effects of its behaviour which makes people mad enough to be distracted from important things, especially academics, so it will never be a difficult decision to make as a whole. They do love that provocative story too much, where they live a messed up existence and clean up on me when I am made to feel flustered and it turns out I have answers to inequality but will never share it unless I am rounded up and either way it turns out that was what I am doing all along and they were there to handle it and let the world in and its nothing unusual for me either, just the old story where they are also getting to find out regularly that everybody has a hurting bottom on account they have been getting on Media as well as standing at their front door to give signals to community croons and its always been a story of those Community croons wielding some form of witchcraft that gives them an advantage out there in the big wide world and the fact will always be as well that each time I set eyes on that stupid culture will amount to the last time they see it as well; as for showing up around my Books to play up those stupidities however, they are only just starting to find out that refusing to speak of their parents setting them up so that Industry idiots can use them to make money they have not worked for and bargain for incomes on the basis of market worth and not what a jet-setters life really looks like, which creates a lot of wage inequality between CEOs and workers, if they can cling to my Book sales and want the difference made up with my income instead, they need to start finding out I have not been putting up with it because I have no idea what to do about it as well. Its like the Brexit story where they say I know nothing about Brexit and d like to blag about it endlessly, which is utter rubbish - its impossible to ascribe any credibility to such a statement when made by a Journalist at a Law student - I know more about Brexit than their stupidities do: its clearly not the one where Prime Minister is supposed to make arrangements with Industry people and tell them his Office is just as important as their high flying jobs but decides to shake hands with them and talk up the Country being grabbed by the horns and dragged into financial success by those who salesmen know what they are doing and hence to his utter amazement, he brought up the referendum and somebody else took it from him and won it - it gets serious all the time when they pretend I do not know what I am doing whereas I am one of the few people who endure the most amount of complains regarding the difficulties Industry people face with these their goons and top of the list is the one where people are unable to control a CEO that they used to control in the past because of the Politicians and so you find that somebody will never speak with a Company about what his expenses are and what he deserves to be paid, he will assess his pay according to how much money the company makes and plays a salesman's game, this he then goes off to work for by making sure people end up with money at hand that they will be prepared to part with for a product when the right things are said to them and determines he is worth 20 million pounds while another person is worth just 6 pounds an Hour in the same Establishment and so the bigger problem becomes that of Media fools that cannot mind their business showing up here to blab at me, which then leads to outcomes in which those processes where they work with Politicians to ensure young people do a lot of things for nothing in order to protect this system pays off at my expense and bottoms out my finances all the time - the young people as I said, we find have increasingly become more concerned with earning my money instead of working for their own and will not discuss the part their parents play in this matter and how it affects them, if they can round me up like sheep on media everyday to make accusations and insults and some form of violence with a big mouth profitable instead; this is supposed to have been one of the best indications they need stop showing up at diplomacy precincts of this Office and realise as the case may apply here, that they know nothing whatsoever about Brexit.