So it is fair to begin with the story of how those who were never popular at school tend to inherit the world of which those who were not popular with the students would have been popular with the teachers who of course would never have mentioned that such persons were in the first place, thus the prognosis having no basis on reality. Like the story of people like me being scared of revolution when in actual fact revolution is a process where people who cannot do a job but continue to cling to it are removed from office and some are narcissistic enough to tell the revolutionists they will only be removed over their dead body which is exactly what happens but otherwise it is always a process of power hand over. What we have with these fools however is that it is the tyrants that are speaking and from that angle makes no sense whatsoever; these idiots cannot seem to be able to do anything without being seen getting a system of support that helps them keep their feet which is 100% based on telling everybody around them what to do and I was born and raised for this and know of course that with any position of authority comes another 6 years at most of peace and then after it all goes to hell as they become what they really are and it shows all the time, the story about where I belong and how HM took me into the Royal family so that a none royal can show them how to get around the powerful common people blah, blah, blah of which I will do their stuff again so they can better tell the difference the next time too as it were, so it does imply that their minds are not straight unless I am being told what to do and in the same vein they are in some way telling the Monarchy what to do as well, so we are aware they are tyrants and talking about revolution is not that which we expect to see from them or indeed should any normal person. They are what the Labour party is wholly comprised of and the Labour party has become too big for the rest of parliament not because there aren’t people that can control them but because the others seek their trappings of power to a state where you do not tell an idiot that a thing that has arisen on his right hand side or left hand side changing your body language so you can put your conversations and arguments straight to him while he does not have to pay you the same courtesy has nothing whatsoever to do with the order of the day because if you do, you will lose it and come common people will feel they are equals when you are actually trying to take their Royal possessions away from them, which then pushes something they all do in parliament to make the statement that sounds like you must give up all you have to get involved in politics into something of a provocation and a need for confrontation that they expect to be given a privilege of injustice from as well – so it has become bigger than them and stays that way too as it were.

The point I am making is that these people are pure evil and when it really comes down to it the only thing that is being done here between me and them is a tit for tart situation of preventing people from using government to wreck the finances of a Christian that is me so that they might be able to force me to commit sins against God for the trappings of power; they have turned it into a competition for gayness and do not like it very much when I mention slavery and slave trade along with civil rights movements and how gay they can become with that too if they wanted, so in that way they have a real problem. The last thing we hear is that the main issue black women especially have with me is that they consult their juju in the morning and before mid day they have come across an activity of mine which has created a reality which means it has no purpose and that it is the reason they attack me all the time and the need to have sex with the Christian has become a National issue; what we hear is insults from me towards women that are older than I am who if they have sex with me will definitely have had their last fucking sex in this life and the next as it were, we hear from the men that I dont like it when people boss me around as well and that it is important for people to teach fans of tyranny like me what it is all about, when everybody knows it is a matter of my leadership and the Nation being the centre piece for all that nonsense i.e. I can never be and nothing else will exist until they and not me are leaders, so maybe they will destroy enough, like we are talking about it at the moment on account they pick on me when I am not eating properly and make media statements of it and then I will step down and then they will become leaders and people will never accept them until the Nation is totally ripped apart – so until the value of every penny of tax payer funds spent to make me commit sins is recovered they will never be free of me and it is never as simple as things I get myself involved with and then complain about as much as it’s a matter of the Christian committing sins being something that government funds and international media are trying to accomplish because he has no right to exist as a decent human being when they are around on account they do the devils work for him with their own hands, leading to one more threat of revolution and then the whole process of containing them and twisting them to extricate their better half and use it to run a business will give way to the fight they seek as well. It is the way to ensure they understand I am only guessing that their newly found need to do business and industry must be the challenge at hand; for an opportunity to show the claim it is all a force for reaction and not biblical wickedness as equally as the one about how it is a matter of competition will not suffice. We do hear the story of a an inclusiveness problem with the Church and I still cannot tell why people think those stories are worth telling or listening to myself: I mean women for example have a Church activity known as retreat and it comprises of leaving everything and spending a day or two with the family at Church, some fast in the process some do not, sometimes the Church leaders impose a fast for everybody - questions are why they call it a retreat and how it shows the inclusiveness of popular culture - why popular culture people raise these issues thinking that Christianity is fundamentally intrusive as a result of its gospel and that every woman as this case may apply, who gets involved with them is in trouble in the sense that they will never be able to get involved with anything else on account it will have cost them more and more of their dignity everyday because they think they have all the aces at their disposal, of which is not actually true. As for me, they say the two questions are that of what I hope to achieve by my activities and of course why I never address the issue of how insultingly I treat others - of which the answers to the former are that I have with my Church teachings of morality alongside a strict discipline code which means I have to be an upstanding citizen, have done nothing wrong to deserve being kept out of my studies and therefore a good working job for 14 years and counting using the highest levels of public office and government funds along with National Media, so like people say I want their companies and possessions and need to have the problems alongside it as well when they are the ones stealing my market after wrecking my quality of living with their personality competition and the answer still remains the same i.e. when they now have to decide what they want to do with popular culture goons as well since the last time I checked, those were really the people who deserved to have financial problems and not me. For the latter question however, I am the one suffering insolence here because people expect me to do The Christian that is Royalty and is all over the place but I have only done The Christian that is Royalty and that is it - so the result as it stands is that no matter who I am, there will be no respect for me, and they do need to get out of my face and spend time on their own problems, even though I have to confess the reasons I do not mention that they need to is the simple fact that a process where people expect every bit of involvement with women to mean a sin against God and thereby turn out to get through the defences that God had built for your spirit to corrupt it and make you angry all the time which then becomes a National issue for their Politicians and media and for them something they can confiscate when there is a revolution, which is the same things The Labour Party and their Scottish Nationalists Counterparts do, hence an example of how Tyrants have realised that staying in power for long means being a fan of the Royal Family and winning elections at all cost, is nothing but pure evil and the convenience they seek from it when it is not their business so they can extricate decadence later will not suffice.


So it is said that I am an example of the punishment God dishes out on men for the way they have used religion to oppress women but that is actually not true; the truth is that when I was a young Christian, 17 years old maybe, I used to think I wanted to be a Christian without a wife but it was the fact I would have antagonised by parents that made me set it somewhere in my mind to get married. And to have children and to be humanly responsible; so it was first priority serving God without a wife and second having a family to please my parents. So all together I used to think it would take a very long and a very fast conversation to cover ground enough to convince me that there will be women in heaven and if there would be any only God and not I would know about it. As we can see, there isn’t a woman in the world that thinks about committing sins without making sure some of it is on behalf of a man who serves God because it will ensure that men end up in hell for the devil and you cannot really tell if it is the ones that go out to exempt themselves from criticism who seek convenience or the ones that do the devils work for him with their own hands that are most at fault and yet when they do become homosexuals it makes all the sense you needed to acquire and the goons that serve the devil have been having history with you at the end and you have been detached from God and that is the end of the story and your stories about how less powerful the devil is was utter rubbish. So to my amazement they really loved to antagonise me during my youth over the book of Timothy which did mention facts about how women should dress and that young Christian men are known to come up with ideas about the piety of women and must be suppressed; I was always amazed by it because that section of the Bible concerned them and not me since I was never likely to wear women’s cloths while some of them always want to be men and want to sew penises on and have sex change. Hence the big issue in it concerns why I like to do everything I do with women; the reality around that of which is that it is hypocritical i.e. fan of the Judiciary, Law student, believes in Justice, in a world where men think there is a place in a man’s life where there are no rules and that once you get there especially when you do with other peoples possessions in your hands, then you can start to have anything your heart desires, that the law applies only to women and children and the only point at which it does to men is when one man offends another and it ends up in a law Court?

So in terms of the issue of when all these will stop, it’s simply a question of whether or not time I have spent with the lower classes will be used against me or become something I am forced by them to give up like we see hints of all the time; I mean I may have done an odd job as a cleaner, cleaning their toilets and stuff but which part then makes the fame they will get from telling people in order to confiscate my future thing we hear; so this is something people would dare do if they have the guts and yes we see them around my books all the time when they will never buy a copy of their own anyway and nobody knows what their problems is therefore. Some do ask why it has become such a big thing of course but it really isn’t; I really dont care, the problem is that it is a behaviour that takes that need they have to build a hedge around the civil service to control the lives of young people and force them into odd jobs, so that they can get the best jobs in their class and feel famous and powerful to a whole new level – I mean I cleaned somebody’s toilet and it became an issue at the International Communities for example but they were there when I did, so what seems to be their point exactly anyway, nobody will ever know. They do say referring to people as lower classes already is derogatory but I have no idea what more they want me to do, since we all know it is good when it is good but you cannot mention it when you have to – after all there are advantages and disadvantages of getting around with all peoples but you have to chose which ones best fit you and it is the Middle classes and not the lower classes i.e. it’s all good to be aware of the operation of your faith, to be aware of wicked people Politicians spend tax payers money on to get around wrecking people’s lives, then expect people to live on Job seekers allowance and make a process where they have jobs ad careers happen anyway but at the end of the day you can have a safe place from which nobody notices you while you plan well what you need to do, however which it will go nowhere because the lower classes will do your stuff anyway, hence it never works but in terms of the Middle Classes, as it stands there is a problem concerning the protest of the Best of British being out there for the rest of the world to mess about with on account I have exposed myself and they cannot function unless I am protected from the rest of the world especially the Americans, so as it stands it feels like I have failed them already and in terms of getting involved with them however, the reality is as simple as the fact half of them really like to steal and the other half are mad about the decadence of the best and most convenient aspects of all you do belonging to them but in the end that decadence no matter how inconvenient would have also meant that you are always left to meet the challenges of your office, so with them you cannot get into trouble and there is everything to play for but with the lower classes getting into trouble is guaranteed: the part where what I have done already is my worst is utter rubbish since there is that part of the lower classes where they say you do not look for a King unless you have something to provide for it with and if I settle there and build and office, then add the part where I get around with the Middle classes as well it is not going to be pretty. Hence the simplest way is for people to just get off my book sales and stop being so silly.

Stories of my actions not being deliberate and therefore producing an outcome of questionable competence has no roots in reality either – they are deliberate actions and only not when I am stirring other peoples hysteria as well; make sense of attacking a religious person over a test of who can perform the most violence because he is on a fast and looks tired and now he must change what he is supposed to do according to his condition because he has been provoked and feels his life is threatened and so that you can start to keep it that way and especially when you are Muslim talk nonsense all over the worlds media as well about somebody who is being seen everywhere; so it can only be assumed Islam is so pure the devil does not operate in their ranks, all very well said but the results will speak for itself. I too am not saying this because I am aware twisted black idiots with a thing for defiling me spend all their time making filthy popular culture to provoke them and talk nonsense about the rise of Africa as it were. There are no protect-destroy routine around anything in this office, only a case of games that fools love to play; they think they want civil rights, they think somebody else’s possession is to be spent on it, two results are the effect if the case so occurs and one of those is that they are out and the person who got them out needs to be in so society can be the way it was when they got stuck for them to have things they didn’t, yes very well said but they need to stay off my books and finances, unfortunately they are rather persistent, so I put them back in and we have to deal with all that rubbish on media, the other are the company products that have now been given a publicity that is not its own as per something that does civil rights problems and now they have civil rights problems but cannot be seen buying a product that helps them with that which seems to be the only thing its owner does for a living and that leads right back to the previous purpose i.e. things happened to us and now we are free and the person who freed us is the one we must build a hierarchy around with us at the top and he at the bottom and so it goes on and on and on and it simply is true everybody has their own demons to contend with at the end of the day; the rest are idiots like them who are employed as military officials in small trouble making countries and we all know what kind of a reputation for British foreign policy that actually means. In the end we all see the only point at which others can be targets is a condition where you let your guard down over your faith and it is the reason the idiots need to defile people with punishment all the time and are very busy doing the best they can with the activities of Islamic extremists at present.

It is not true that I enjoy my games man ship as they do put it, it’s just a simple reality that it has gone from accusation of infidelity to sexual bullying which has now permeated the Internet and the same principle around the way people jerk the headlines specifically to affect me, that they spy on me and Jerk my web pages each time I handle them, after building up an atmosphere around me that the local communities that will help them bully me on my bed chamber has paid off – now it seems they cannot tell that it does not necessarily indicate I can be beaten up by them but having built this atmosphere up on media have something on which to attach their insolent ego; so the problem is that they have no wish to stay away from me, get off my face and concentrate on their own problems. I am a very proud British Man and it does not for one occasion bother me when people feel that my preference over the US is misinformed; they always know better but I mean as far as I am concerned, with my temper and some of the issues they complain about, it is rather my opinion they continue to raise the matter because they have not yet had enough problems especially coming from and created by me. So I can understand why I seem to stir Nationalist passions when it appears that the Union exists to serve my purpose and breaking it up will be one less thing I get to have; it does not matter in anyway - these are things I do not respond to but if I allow it to run its course because Politicians can spend tax payer funds to force me to on account they want to move into my personal life, there may be far greater consequences; what has no changed however is that they all continue to deploy my possessions to do things I do not appreciate and for now I have not yet begun to tell the women to shut the friendships down as I am not asking them a question and therefore do not need their point of view and the men do not yet hate my guts because I think their corruptions of involvement is more about something concerning their stupid personal lives they want to inform me about. It’s the simple principle that when people think they can barge into other people’s lives and live there in a condition where they feel they do not need to hold back anything, they had better been fucking tough enough and not rely on talking nonsense all over the media to get by about which there will be consequences anyway – they need to get off my face and spend time with their own stupid problems. It’s like a good old case of making enough excuses for a lifetime whenever I am bullied violently by big boy and big idiots journalists and TV scum but eventually being that it is the explanation needed for the reasons they feel as deep as their insults go that they can handle me in that way which poses the problem, especially when they get off to talk so much nonsense that they know will wind me up as well. I mean they can always rely on the fact people simply always refuse to pay attention to the fact that their civil rights nonsense is all games played by very useless people who feel like messing around with absolutely anything, the disconcertion bit being the part where you simply cannot believe family men would spend all their time even while they are working for others doing so and that it happens every single second and so that the end product of it is more concerned with a cliché that has to do with what they have seen and how they want to boast about it by creating as much problems to spend it as they possibly can in order to create a self boosting boast that can stand up in any company of persons in the world, they always say it is about the way they want to feel about their Country and we know that it’s all a matter of what you know you wish to tolerate but people go along with their wishes all the time because they believe they are all much the same, then complain about civil rights; small consolation being that their homosexuality does not apply to your mainstream lives anymore and we get to chose when and where and how to get involved with it.


The story of what Buckingham Palace should be used for and the relic that it is and precisely the fact it should be used for such a purpose is very well understood but I for my part as a result of being targeted by these goons on account they are never satisfied with roles given them by Royalty or celebrities they get involved with has come to a head; I mean when I do mention it they boast but before then they complain – I am not the one obvious who marshals my entire family against somebody I have accused of stealing my pocket money on account I have been spending so much time making his business out to be a hunch with which he gets involved with the rich and famous and important when the fact contact I had with his venture clearly stated that it was a company in the first place. So it is the same old case of waking up every day to bump into them whenever you get to work and then realising everything they say is stupid but if they think they can handle you and violently all the time as well rise to the challenge because of course it will never be clear exactly what it is that dissatisfies them about the roles that celebrities and Royalty give them and what they think is so dark and dangerous about their silliness I need to be afraid of all the time – never mind the fact they owe me and continuous provocation will result in a condition where they pay that debt and I mean the one about how the Diamond Jubilee was a mess for me because it was all about making sense of all those years of stifling my finances so that HM might chose one of them who is more worthy for a role during such a time and the ideas on what to do might be extricated from me so they can occupy positions that are important and famous and I might be forgotten because they had taken everything. I am going to make myself really clear as such that any one more occasion of damaged caused on the basis of their stupid competition around here will lead to the inevitable result of a competition on culture that they have always been known to win against the Christian as it were. We all know they speak of a culture of theirs that I mess up all the time but before then they would be boasting about how much trouble I am in and how powerful they are and how much of a nonsense my livelihood is – the American ones are really good at it when everybody knows this is not the piece of the world they were born with as it were and it would not be nice for them if I build a public life for myself on the basis of getting these kinds of issues resolved. It has always been much the same old case as we all know; you might want to tell the women you are not interested and they need to shut it down and kill it off on media and the men about the things you are aware happens in their personal lives they want to heap on you telling you all about and the boys and girls who feel like being respectful to open it up but they keep getting away with it because we are aspiring to a society of eco living and planned towns, which is why things need to change otherwise they will become a pain as well. It has always been rather as simple as the fact they have their royal things and get around with that and what I have done only concerns mine and not my academic work and the job I ought to get from it to make my money with and it is when the latter two have been completed without further damage by them that this will ever be over as it were. We do hear it being all about rights, human and civil as it were but that has always been the big question too i.e. if you are Royalty then you are not the kind of celebrity that attends red carpet events all the time and speaks of human decency with it but one that has a renaissance and people consort all the time which means it is the domain at which you do human decency all the time and this has always been the big issue, do Politicians do human rights and civil rights more than the Monarchy bearing in mind it is not a Royal but a Political office that created such individuals as Adolph Hitler of Germany? It resonates with hunting me down every day for the last 14 years to tell the public it is about wealth distribution of which nobody knows what kind of wealth is being distributed here anyway, except they have made it clear it is the left hand side and right hand side talk and that God does not exist neither does the devil and I am living in constant fear of them which in my view is one of the best indications they are geniuses. I mean people can easily take a look at me and tell me to give up my life and that would be because a more worthy fool in a political office wants to deploy it to better their career and then wonder if it does mean to me that they wish to take it over my dead body, like their trouble makers at Royal circles and celebrity lifestyle talking nonsense all the time within the same parameters. Another of my favourite of mine being the part where I ought to go out and fight racism and when I ask if they know what racists do to black people try and tell me it does not matter if they need conveniences and decadence and hence neither God nor the devil propels a process where they deploy Government office to make it happen as it were. It has always been easier for Political and not Royal offices to tell people mine is mine and the public’s is everybody else’s and they know it and that is the reason this talk of me getting into trouble with them surfaces all the time to the effect of two results – one being that of the fact when people take it into their hands they must be informed of these idiots who think they are dark and evil and have suckled the devil long enough and my business is a made up hunch for the purpose of taking their rich and famous away from them and that I will get into trouble for it and the other being what I always say i.e. leave it to the professionals, when they had failed to be satisfied with all Royalty and celebrities give them they will eventually become organised criminals and to that end must be monitored without any distractions from terrorism like they hope there will be until the day they had become a threat. As for the powers of majority thing, that keeps going around in circles all the time – they say when they believe in the majority then it will be easy for them to become the richest people in the world and we those who believe in the minority need to stay out of their turf – and we all know it will lead back to the same out come when they realise talents are rare gifts and that the rarer they are is the richer their owner will be as a result of the tendency of human beings to make choices – so it does come right back to the story of the piece of the world they were never born with i.e. it has come to that and I am too inferior to have any respect or rights and they will pay for it too, while for their politicians it is a matter of an eloquence they will never have because they did not obtain permission and books have been patented. It is always at this point that our great friends of vulnerable people play this crowd card as it were of which I have a problem with one story about vulnerable people even though I do not hold matters on the other side against them: in terms of the latter being a matter of the fact that they must have assumed that deciding what they want to do with their lives when they are 20 years of age and above will not make them vulnerable has entirely failed – never mind the part about why I find it easy to careless about what people think despite how much they intrude into my life and how much pressure they put on me of which the reason is the simple fact they are afraid of the truth and need to be somewhere else and not around the life of the Christian; afraid of the truth so that once somebody has an altercation with their next door neighbour a disgusting abuse will ensue and they will be certain that it will end up somewhere at the houses of government for them to seek trappings of power with because people are scared of the truth and cannot stay in their own stupid lives to me – the other side of the story I hold against them being of course that when they need your help the reality is that if they ask it will make them inferior so they must handle you and find ways to take; so it feeds directly into this case of a new eloquence Politicians want to have living my books as I write them and the fact their people can wreck everything about me claiming they need help of which when I write books that do help them they will be seen buying any somewhere in hell: it comes back down to the old story of how they expect me to build a church that people can get in and corrupt in order to feel good about themselves in which condition neither God or the devil exists and when I dont, it must mean I have had the benefit of hindsight and must be handled differently from all the others, setting a stage for a bubble in which there are no rules with a big mouth about which I am the one complaining today as it were and media is their salvation and those we know cannot be scared of the truth in their own stupid lives either – so whatever the answer they give to the question of whether Politicians do human rights more than the Monarchy, the reality will remain the same as ever i.e. when I am told to preach the gospel I am not told to go out and get castrated by vulnerable people and so I intend to get married and have my kids as well in this world – it is not in use unless I decide otherwise and we had reached a completely new stage of this matter at this point. I hear much of my arrogant and cocky behaviour of course but my parents are not going to tell me how to run a Royal office and neither will anybody else and I am still trying to fathom what sort of insults were supposed to have been achieved by that and who these parliamentary fucking idiots really think they are. They do say it is largely an intense desire on my part to be good but it resonates with that old case of how I do what I do because it is circumstantial when everybody knows I was supposed to take leave of the Church and get off to guide people towards economic recovery not play games of the rich with the rich etc, etc, – so that we can see there should be popular culture but because of the idea of big show, if you ask them to live up to those intrusion into your office on claims they need to deal with some enemies, then it s going to go all haywire as it were especially over such matters as democracy and communism relations; the problem is that these fools are still playing these whole game of his parents will tell him what to do with the Royal office to suit our purposes with my book sales and finances and that is what I mean when I say it is the point at which this whole thing will blow up as it were. We all know there is always popular culture and we all know there is always decadence but they need to let me do my own job of keeping people focused on their tasks as it were if they want to avoid making the enmity they seem to be doing so well at of recent and the fact they do it because they are trying to be rich and famous and important will ever increasingly become a catalyst for serious problems – I believe it’s rather clear when I say one more damage on the basis of their stupid competition will result in competition over that silly culture as well. As for the Politicians, as I have mentioned before, we are done showing what happens when I am not allowed to keep my ability to qualify for a professions and they get on my academic work and hence earnings because I have gained a control of culture – we all know they should be giving these fools what they want from their own silly political lives otherwise explain to the rest of us what it is exactly they want when they handle peoples possessions and get off in public to tell lies all the time which is why they love to get in my face endlessly instead of spend time with their stupid problems as it were too. It is said that my claims that I was to take leave of the Church to guide people to economic recovery was self appointed and illegitimate but I could have made it any clearer myself that everything done along with the incredibly destructive activities of their stupid younger women to ensure I have no point at which there is relative certainty of getting a job for they own my life and that Women cannot be allowed to keep their ventures, will eventually lead to greater and difficult outcomes, results and consequences.