With respect to the armed forces, the real issue is that it does not work as per people’s institutional racism thing. The fact is that they can get jobs if they are men that do jobs with certain spiritual powers because the jobs may involve killing people. The Armed forces do not work in that way here in the UK, so it is ill advised for them to want to get jobs there but they will never listen because when people want to affect culture in their favour what is more important is doing it over other peoples children and not their own, so they can link me with murders to allow their media goons to make connections between me and gangs all over the place then turn up to threaten me all the time about stories from racists whom they well know would like to kill me and gangs that they well know would like to do the same and the protection I must pay for or die when they know I am a Christian and we do not make use of such things. The result for the Police of course is that when they have access to Police cars bother me with their sirens, which does so much good bearing in mind racists want to join the Police force as well because of them.

With respect to the linking me with murders anyway, it is not clear why people would think I ought to be linked with the fact somebody got killed and those who were responsible ended up in Court. Except of course it is okay because a white man committed the crime, after which racism is a bad thing. From where I am of which I need so much conviction to believe it. it always goes like that and when you say nothing about it, they have won a great battle but when you say something it becomes a great battle won on the basis of who said something first and thereby creates a condition where they must be defeated in a certain way to deal with the problem and so are always looking first for a really fortunate person that is not as evil as they are which they were by their choice and the person was not by his choice to drive into a position of murdering to have revenge on society, once done then it is time to find those they must accuse of the evil things they do and then kill first before people know what is happening. Then tell me to fight racism without a job as the whites know how to be racist by supporting them and destroying things around here all the time looking for trouble.


I have made it clear they are the ones that the gangs hate because they are responsible for that condition where people join gangs to know where things are, not me. I am a Christian and when I am black people should not expect any less when they ask racists what they think about me for example, so why would anybody do it and then turn up to tell me what the racist said as well?  They want there to be a fight of course and should not be surprised that if there is one I will fight with the racists. As for the blacks, there has not been a white man in the UK from the 18 century downwards so I have no idea what culture they want to affect in their favour anyway, I mean I have always been clear they need to affect cultures on themselves and their own families and children not me, if I want a conversation about it I am likely to wind them up by telling them I want to get out of their stupid black communities and marry myself a white women so they can get all over the place.

The fact of it is that there people with violent issues in this country. It has a class system and those all have their problems. The middle class for example have theirs and it is completely different from the lower classes, so when you affect culture, you ought to realise that out of every 50 middle class homes, best case at least 5 will have crazy children and when you do such things you will drive it so mad it will hear voices telling it to kill somebody and it is not clear why that then becomes the time at which I should take the fall for something really important to happen or exist with their golliwog mouth.

Their friends will think having mentioned this, I am now available to be taken advantage of and all I have done is broken down; rubbish-like they love to fuck young love and developing careers so I can study forever without passing while they try to get their energy from the boy that is resisting them etc, I like to fuck fully developed careers to ensure those who like fools errands are attending them. it is one of the reasons they are able to see their age and money through it has no meaning here when it comes to my leadership.

I am not too troubled about it, it’s the knick knack paddy wag give a dog a bone old men and because it has nothing to do with my life but destroys things here all the time, I break up those stupid societies and go into them to find out who they are what their families are like and their wives and kids are like, this enables me to get into a place where I can tell those their stupid wives to do their own the way they do it with those stupid cunts. Then you can really make sense of their famous wickedness and how making your job everything so they can have support for seeking your death will mean they have won some great fight. What I have here is whispers and leaders that listen to them and talk of assassination, it is a serious thing.


That it's all my fault is what they always say now that racists have had years and years of my time to settle in on the things I must give up or risk being shot in the heart and they have also made sure there are things to give up in my life claiming it is the sacrifice for the things they do for society which they deserve as usual. Its all my fault when they are the ones with the gangs, the ones who think somebody looks funny when he is trying to find a job until his very existence provokes them while their wives fuck all the time with their intensely personal physical contact intensive insults and they forget how they made it the way it has become because Politicians reward them with privileges of injustice. Its all my fault when people are always half-half because they have problems which are really no body else’s business but becomes precisely that because others have devilish wickedness, Its all my fault when people are always half-half and things can be taken from their lives, its all my fault when people are always half-half and there are lies and excuses to take things from their lives all the time each time there is no more to take or the assailant is satisfied, its all my fault that when people get to that point where they feel they can bully somebody whether or not it is actually true that they can or are doing so, it goes on and on and on and on with excuses to start again every time it stops and claims of love when there is access to peoples lives that people don’t want others to have with a big mouth-the bottom line being attacking people because of their faith and then when unable to damage such people and detach them from God it is time to move into the space that they share with God and complain about how somebody changes their lives until they get hurt to show power. Why is it my fault then exactly, because I have got power as well? 

it is always when they are finished like these they want to change life and become somebody else, like the way the distant fascists started years ago, which means this is my own share of it. No body would ever be able to explain why that stupid boy who lives in an estate with his mother and his siblings and cares about them so much that he gets off dotting involvement with me on every single gang in the vicinity on public media and gets off to spin it with his media friends while getting rich and famous, every single day, when done he wants to be somebody else to change his life to another life and it goes on like that endlessly until knife goes into heart at some point where it becomes real, while until then he assumes because he comes round to my place to do that his thing all the time I am going to get killed.


Like the older ones get on media and throw insults at me which suggests they want to hear me say those things that make them feel good so I might ask them what they will do if I don’t? the point of course being that there are always two kinds of racists; the one that wants all I have and the one that will kill me because I am black. There are three kinds of black people as well the one that is always more beautiful than I am bearing in mind it is never enough and he shares with racists as well to feel good and the one that is ugly hence because of the way I share my beauty becomes confident in himself. Then there are the others that just die so that there might be a need for me to get killed as well. What I am saying is that the fact they serve the devil does not mean I want to take any rubbish from them or that if I tolerate it I want to all the time. I was not brought up in a way by which I can measure out games of death on others so I always wait for them to bring it up so we can find out who will die first-it does not apply that because Politicians give them privileges of injustice and spend tax payers money on them for it they have been able to oppress me. I am at this point trying to prepare for my degree exams which are coming up later in the month 1/1/2012, these things are really distracting as it were. Of course they always say this where my weaknesses are and I agree but what about them? I like to fuck fully developed career as well and with those their plans to get rich we seem to have been made for each other. Bearing in mind my absolute favourites the celebrities and astrologer told me this and told me that and your earnings are in trouble because I am determined to ensure you don’t spoil it for me or told me this and told me that and your earnings are in trouble because I am trying to survive which makes much news for media who fight me for politicians as well.

When I say Politicians will do nothing useful with their lives when I am around they claim what I say is misunderstood. I could never get my head round what they misunderstand anyway. The job was to ensure those who want to go on fools errands always do. The fact was that men always get away with it while women and young people always get punished when they do those things. So if Politicians wanted people to know these men serve them there is no reason they would not have mentioned it so we all know somebody is responsible with the crisis going on. I mean how do I tell these idiots that go out to find me and bully me for the purpose of having a good feeling that their sense of right and wrong ought to be adjusted to the matter of the things people do for a living? How long do I have to tell them that I don’t want to keep being their boy from whom they get a good feeling out of life and will never get employment because they don’t currently feel as though they are getting that feeling? What do they mean they don’t understand what I mean now?

As for the process by which somebody gets assassinated; I am not getting assassinated by any idiot. With respect to it, for years now I have been completely relocated from my own life and Christianity and then indoctrinated and groomed in things that people who get assassinated must know and say and now it is being finished off with cash flow crisis to keep me available to those who can assassinate me. it is the reasons I have taken the steps that I have because if I leave their communities to them then that have a realistic chance of happening but if I don’t then they have no means of running a Political system and as it stands I am not currently assassinating people, I am rather being threatened with such things. It will become clearer when I begin to earn from selling my books or my academic work and when that begins to happen I will forget all about their existence-however I am taking the damages I have done to them with me, they will never get it back.

So as if stands, first it was the communities I got rid of next it will be the political system and the economy - we are not disccussing dealing with the rich business goons obviously at this particular juncture. I mean it is unfathomable how human beings could simply have an ambition to be rich; I mean I may have ambitions for many things bearing in mind they come with riches and power but how do you just have an inane ambition to be rich. Is this their own lives? Okay if they have made their choices, kill whom then exactly. I am not too worried about it as such these are spiritually very evil, evil, evil men and they are famous for it as well-with their secrete societies and everything, however I am in the position to assassinate people here not them and these things only bring up ideas about what I should have done.


The idea these things are surprising is utter nonsense too. What I mentioned is the facts around these so called assassination thing, the real issue under it is these famously wicked people; if you beat them back and defend yourself properly, you will always see that it was all about earning a living and living a happy life but if you don’t after all those years of grooming done thing about it or prepared yourself or even had back up plans when peace or democracy or freedom fails being really foolish, then they will kill you and can never stop talking rubbish after that. It is a city for goodness sake by the way you read books about evil, evil, evil, evil, evil women and then when you meet them in reality, nothing in this world can ever prepare you for how evil they really are. So for now they like to tell me they own the city and I should be scared and as before they ought to say that to me, again if they want.

I mean what exactly possesses people to link me with every single blood shed that happens anywhere, bearing in mind they are the black people or white people with black ancestry who are used by the white man to determine how close I get to the white man to be his friend and thereby share in his wealth of Gods etc, which Politicians use to determine how long I spend with their white Monarchy etc looking for trouble. If taken into account that it leads to lots and lots of media riches, then what exactly is racism?