The story of me the coward who needs to sit back and watch my daddies that will not settle for a black leader that goes along with a world arrangement that was created by the white man is something I indeed find very provocative since I have not got a clue who asked them and it is only an opportunity to exasperate me very deeply indeed as usual. I mean I have warned before I am not people’s personal diaries and it is something their Politicians have to take note of but they have continued to do the otherwise to provoke me so. It does not mean that I cannot carry my own weight either – as it stands the condition is that we see the worst of them on the outside all the time and they still manage to make others give them job and money by it then go home to be nice to their families, so it is something I do something about when I have trouble putting up with them; I no sooner want to deploy their families to get my job done about which they always want to shut that down and grab fame and fortune on the left which is where they want a piece of me all together anyway. The talk about violence all the time is rife of course like they know so much about it as it were, we know about their bad history already so they have already experienced some violence in which they lost hence they know a lot about it. I don’t think it is a major issue I am only a perfect example of how some Politicians can ensure stupid people are helped to other people’s concerns for long enough to ensure they have become as stupid as the stupid people; hence they damage the finances to make that possible and it is therefore actually the aspect of their vandalism that must be tolerated as a matter of their civil rights. So perhaps it is what Black Presidents are elected to do at the White House in the us but is it actually true that when you have a job you do it with your own ideas?

I don’t think it is a major issue just money given to stupid people so they might think their stupidities and the effects it has on others if it is made to involve itself in their affairs determines what they become which is what their Politicians give them all the time but the money they give to them from the treasury however is in itself designed to ensure that they cannot be ignored and ignored they will never be as well, and as it stands of which at least one of them will provoke me intensely every hour and for each of those I will rip out the heart of that labour party as well every blessed day for it, which is where we are at present. They say they have accomplished a process of shaking up things of course but this is the only thing they have actually shaken up.

 The way things work is that these guys do not know where they stand in society and that point is actually very simple for others to describe as well i.e. you have a talent and you may decide not to explore it if you can shut down and get a qualification for a normal job, you have no talent and you decide to work and get a qualification and settle on a normal job, then again you have talents and decide to work to develop it and to qualify and settle on a normal job which means you have to work and achieve both of them – however to be financially successful you have to work twice as hard on each of the two to reach a point where you actually realise what you must do. They exist in a condition where they don’t even work for a qualification if they can get on a Political pedestal and have conversations that annoy others in order to extract their ideas and get their lives fixed which creates time by which they can assimilate information from academia and pass exams into jobs; so if the Country where to be classified at its best from 1 to 100, they are not aware that they would not fall within the 98th stage and because of this their anger and envy and ego works together seamlessly all of the time but in order to ensure it makes sense they have slashed and burned the best for years and years and years on a daily basis that they believe they have reached a point where they count and hence have become convinced everybody they have slashed and burned or even attempted to will sit back and watch them without taking necessary action and that is why I need to slash and burn that stupid party of theirs as well. The state of affairs on that presently is that they are now surviving on the need to turn out in parliament to have conversations with other parties but that does not make them behave better towards me either and things will only get worse. Some do want to know the full details behind taking peoples family happiness to do my job with but it is as simple as making sure I handle it because they have had a go at me for enough times with no intentions of listening to me and what I have to say about it whatsoever – in fact what I say about it is supposed to be countered with an argument that ensures people do not see why they should stop because everybody can have the same kind of fun as well if they wanted. So the part about how I damage their culture comes into play all the time; which is largely a matter of some idiots who want the society in UK that is made up of white people who basically think racism is a taboo that is mentioned by a child that wants to end up without a job and in prison, to turn itself around to serve them all the time and that is why they provoke me all the time by selling me instead of selling themselves which is never clear why anybody would look for so much trouble by doing that and that is why we are here in the first place; they claim they are doing my stuff for me and they don’t know how much they will hurt me before I realise I need to be scared of them – I think they do it because they want to show they are a bigger population of black people in the Country than I am and they came into the shores of the UK before me and they were here before me and there are some things they can do because they have the cultural power like spend my earnings and vandalise my business to get rich and famous every day claiming I spent on myself without permission reserves they kept for themselves in their culture; so I don’t think it is a major crisis, I simply think my message that it continues because the idea that the answer to the problem of racism is if black people are served is rife and I will make sure that no longer happens and that people are not doing it anymore and of course if I see that stupid culture I will rip it up for them as well so it had better spent time with those who like it and those it is nice to. It is important as such they live in their own lives because of course the part where I don’t recognise their society and their culture and people would move into my left or right hand side which I always try to tolerate if they have got the guts, over those their stupid social and cultural deviance that means it is never enough as well, can only develop down the path where I become intolerant as well and it is obvious it does not apply the Christian wants to walk around the high streets and see pornographic shops without going in there to tell people to shut it down because he is a Christian among many other things they do which makes them even more stupid and can be transferred to others who have not given them consent to have it done so they can talk nonsense all over the place on media. To make effective this message therefore I have made that stupid culture famous and now have a hold on it and the outcome as expected is an issue with men for whom women can never do anything right and you know when you handle their case it will always end with a process where everything those women did was beautiful and right and always was in the first place and will work along the lines of the fact they had their silly lives figured out before they met you; it is the sense that you get you see when they approach you with those insults that they have abused such a long line of people that makes you want to become the point at which they stop and start rolling back right back to the very beginning.  They have shake up nothing, it’s just a need apparently to see what will happen when Christians start to express the fact they are not necessarily obliged to tolerate everything about them that is sinful and evil, and otherwise they can look for trouble all the time at will if they wanted.

They say I am something of a pages out of a history book but precisely so since I am first of my blood line and hence the point is still the same, people don’t sell me; I mean you sell yourself to sell a good or service, you sell yourself to get a job, what possesses you to see others and why would you be so provocative? I will determine what sells here and it is important they understood that too. Nobody here is playing with them and especially certainly not with the Politicians; they would rather become interested in whether or not I am doing what the people want or going against the will of the people because in terms of society and culture I make those two famous and get a hold on it so people can understand they should not live in my life so they are not open to the risk I might want them to do something and then they might have to tell me they never will which will definitely end in a condition where they decide what happens after that and how it ends. In terms of people selling me of which I am not their personal dairy, I am not sorry for them and their bad history and I always want the good sides they keep for their families to do my job with since I get the wrong end of the fact that it is worst of them that we see on the outside all the time but they still manage to grab jobs from us and make money which then shows it is not a bad thing: the result has become that I have created a series of systems which ensure if they had a personal diary today it would never help because I need to look after my future by making sure they are not performing well academically and hence I don’t have to see their stupid faces as a result. In terms of Politics of which some parties hold me down financially and give money to idiots to get around with and wreck all I own in order to ensure I am as stupid as the stupid people I am seen with at all times over a period of the last 12 years on a daily consistent basis – with the result that it is impossible to avoid a condition where at least one of them provokes me every hour of the day which means I batter their stupid party to create the same damage it does to my person and my work and now I am thinking about the finances as well and the same goes for all the others. I owe them nothing and they speak of what the people want when we all know the idiots express what they want by showing people they are idiots and that it is what they want. I don’t care what the people want, I care what the law says is their right and if it is not their right they cannot have it and that is an end to it. As I hinted before a lot of people pay little attention to the fact they carry out these activities because they claim the way I react is funny and feeds their needs; so I don’t see the above three consequences as overbearing at all. It leads right down to the part where I claim to be royalty and there is a lot of trouble out there because I am not in actual fact; whereas I don’t wake up in the Morning thinking I am Royalty, all I know is that I am served by Her Majesty the Queen who expects me to come through for her on matters I am expected to as well and I feel privileged for that – hence have some issues when I think I am not serving well enough – it weighs heavily indeed: maybe that is because of the downside of losing relevance and getting sucked into the cultural violence that surrounds my side of the Royal village but if that were the case as it stands already I have a certain kind of sex I get which is tailored to take care of that anyway so it is not so bad, maybe it is a problem about simply being there for the sake of it but it is never really so bad to be there for the sake of it since you can find a relevance for yourself if you are interested, hence I am privileged for what I have got and I have this statue in my face all the time of Queen Victoria’s statue very strict and stern about failing to deliver, accusing me of doing what people had claimed I had done wrong because of media and Politics which is why fools from those two groups getting involved with my business drives me insane. Some do ask what I mean by a certain sex I get which is tailored to my needs of cultural violence at my corner of the village of course it is the same old case of how I want their own and if at all I did want it I have wanted it as they are giving even as they are giving it at present as it were. The cultural violence thing is largely a matter of circular society which of course is big on men who have women to protect; imagine what it feels like to try and do something with that in a condition where black people must be served because of racism? I don’t regret anything I have done either and it is important they leave me alone and try not to live in my life as it were. However I have continued to make it obvious if I want to have a look at half naked women and ragged tagged children, I have enough here in Europe to look at and use them to determine what is wrong with the economy as a whole all together. It is the same problem with the Americans as well, they never listen to anything I say but at the same time do some of the things that they do in public all the time after the eventualities that should have been prevented have been allowed to happen. So that it is impossible to see that you really needed to have travelled far and pushed it deep to reach a point where you fire off drone bombs which kill a few terrorists and a few circular society people alongside them – question being why the terrorists did not kill them if they are involved with the terrorists and why they did not kill the terrorists as well for them but we would rather hear other things about a little thing that sets off people with very reactionary views of a nature of extreme violence. It is very simple an issue as it were; it is either we chose them or we have to chose the other side, we chose them or we chose financial crisis, bad debt, economic ruin, organised crime and the terrorism itself. It is all playing out at the moment in that each innocent people that die from drone strikes is a very happy trouble makers made – I mean I was there when they told me people like me love to pretend to be tough but get beaten up by their wives all the time, I was there when they said I promised people I know how to make them rich and after packing their bags and travelling to the UK I am going back on it, I was there when they will do business in all the rich countries of the middle east in no other by but that which shows me they have held the communities to ransom for so long they are very good at it and that because I have opened my heart to the world I now think I am a leader and probably think I lead them as well, in which condition their Muslim girls can spend my earnings and work and property on themselves and they can hit me in that way and when I complain hit me some more to make  me understand what is going on etc but the Politicians will not listen to facts about the ones that need to have the terrorists around so that people might die if they do not get what they want from the money stock in the world, they are happy for drone strikes that kill innocent people and terrorists because Muslims needs to be taught a lesson and there is a time for other religious groups as well.

Of course they do claim they do what they do because I mess with their celebrities, which is still the same problem; especially the females it is a story of how better than me a man they are doing and how they sell me when I don’t sell myself to force me to make some use of myself and it is such insults that bring about the problems as we all know they are thieves and will always come across some easy money one way or another and hence do better than those they think they want to push around; if this comes to an end they will be free of me but if not they will close the bloody sale so the customer can decide what they want and they will close it my way as well, they can be the most famous in the world therefore, I like challenges too and it is clear those who look for trouble always find it as it were. I mean even their fans are very fond of being a group of women that are terrified of the consequences of messing around with those they seem to have an obsession for screwing around with because they are certain it is about violent men and that I will be a victim to those one way or another well but never the less I cannot get my head around why I would know I have a history with violent men and playing around with the person of a certain individual will let them lose but decide to do so in order to prevent the person from feel superior to me; this is how they think more violent black idiots will be me in my stead somewhere at some corner in the world and that it means I deserve no respect and regard from where which I am not actually interested in anyway.


In terms of Scottish independence it is said the great position of the no campaigners is the fear of unknown which nobody has actually ever raised in anyway whatsoever; I mean I have trouble trading equity brokerage because people don’t want to make use of something another person should have deployed to get rich himself. So nobody wants to take advantage of Scotland by speaking of how Scottish independence needs to happen when the rest of the UK pays for it as the SNP have offered – I mean even then we all know that you cannot tell others whom you pay for all the time that they cannot pay for it by themselves if they wanted anyway, it is exploitation and that was never raised anywhere. The part about my activities being noisy is the bit where I want to trade my books from a half monastery office, I want to sell a lot to a lot of people but certainly don’t want to sign off copies as though I was a celebrity but that it seems will never happen because other people currently have jobs as journalists, they sell me instead of sell themselves to do their jobs and it is the violent incessant provocation to that effect that has led to a condition where there is now no point complaining about noisiness of my activities when their corruptions of involvement must according to them be successful in every case and at all costs, hence they want that but want me to change something they think is noisy. I don’t want them to be telling me what to do and they know what the effects are if you carry out some activities that may support Police over matters of crime that certain goons and their community croons who would be given fame and fortune on media in a jiffy may not be happy with. I just want to carry on with my own life and with my own work and yes they do say my tone is insulting as well but we live with a collection of goons where who think that giving birth to more socially deviant children and raising them in that manner is the route to social change and that is why they think I am in a position where I cannot bargain and it comes back down to the warning this is certainly not the 199Os as well on this matter anyway. typical example is when they claim I play with their women and it will cost me everything when they started off with wrecking my finances to ensure I have no money to find a date so they can get around fucking the wife I never married – hence something I never respond to because they are invincible and will provide the ideas on what I must do when I lose everything. I have no deal with media at this stage and if I did sell enough of my books to have such a deal with them it would not have been based on whether I am scared of doing anything that may affect their civil rights and cause th3e demise of the Monarchy or indeed their media simulated access to my personal life and abusive pornography they think they will get away with making all the time. I don’t believe everything I hear from the media is not the same thing as being physically provoked by them all the time which is what is actually happening and that is how I am handling it as well; there is nothing wrong with travelling around the world to make sure people know a thing that appears on International media all the time belongs to me so I can return home and sleep in peace over their money and fame madness, nor is there anything wrong with securitising market equity contracts that exist because people benefit from my work or may want to purchase a product to express exactly what quantity of trouble I find myself in when what I say makes Politicians more relevant to the population – the fact a person has a sense of liberalism does not predispose them to doing nothing about being abused by these idiots; it’s just my view and the way I look at it. I want my office back and want to be able to trade my books without their involvement and then there will be peace on the media, otherwise no point complaining and for the provocations and their barking their nonsense at me and failing to do anything about the criminal activities that gain applicable confidence to run their activities, they will get a piece of me as well. They do say I mess with their celebrities and have no respect for developing economies; of which it is never clear why anybody would be so provocative as to sell somebody else when she or she wants a job or wants to sell a thing which is the direct opposite of how you should think when you want a job or when you want to sell something i.e. sell yourself and not somebody else but they do it because they are thieves and they do it because they are women who work harder than I a man does and are even so doing better than I do financially and feel as though they are angry about my very existence with that big mouth concerning which I was there when men stole my work for them to get better than me financially with in the first place; so their celebrities and developing economies will ever be secure from me the day they sell themselves and not me as it were.


They speak of something I said when they want to speak about the National Budget and the Economy; I do believe however there is enough evidence to suggest there is no substitute for their wholesome and unfettered support for me as a person and for what I do – about which the test is always a case of success or a lack of it for them which normally indicates when it is time for them to find somewhere else to cause trouble. Of course anybody would be frustrated with the fact that they find it impossible to support a system and a products they are making use of in the most expensive and abusive way when they are not actually buying it since those who buy it would have been protected instead of attacked if they did, so this whole issue is actually self explanatory. I am fed up with the spoofs they turn up to build around my work all the time; they say it is a harmless spoof that has only the harm they deserve to do – reality says it is product settlement, reality says it is property equity destruction, reality says it is market equity vandalism: In terms of the first you need to rethink a product because the Prime Minister or a Politician has made use of it, in terms of the second consumers need the product and they as well as you know what it does for them, they are only trying to find where to fit it into their daily affairs, in terms of the last everybody knows the products and property belongs to you but everybody will be abused to a point where they think it does not so that it might belong to somebody else – all the most unimaginably expensive things then apparently and the benefit to developing economy idiots whom I am clearly not hurting badly enough yet is that they become powerful on account they have found a means to create alternative products I should have been trading when the market equity and the product equity and the product settlement had already been decided and their developing economies will develop in no other way and I think it will end as badly as it looks as well. For the men here at home in the UK the economic crisis started in 2006 and I am fed up with waiting for them to see how stupid these activities are, I am going to start putting to the test what is protected from me at the Prime Minister’s office and the office of their Politicians etc because their foolishness means they never listen to anything anybody says and this of course is not apparently the first occasion nor is this matter a new story.  They do love to list my failures of course of which there aren’t any; simply a case of idiots like these who would have loved a job I do which they appreciate to have been done by another character because my very nature annoys them – nobody knows who gave them the right to cue me; they say they do it because they have problems but all I see is what happens to people around them, first their parents and then their teachers and then everybody else because they always get what they want and to that end its hell for everybody because they are incredibly violent; they have no right to cue me, it will always end in a condition where I leave the job and the process of doing so is their loss, hence fair to understand a start off on every occasion should be done with an understanding that before me it must have been the case that you had your stupid life figured out, it is after me we will determine what happens next. I am sure they can show support for my work and books which they make use of without payment at least; not talk nonsense about things I say that I cannot back up when we all know it seems to be something of prime importance that The Queen helps them to trap me in government because that is what government should be used for on account that outside of it I and what I get up to is entirely uncontrollable.

Now on matters of National cohesion it is never really true that I do not support the point of view that Scottish Nationalists have expressed or that I would be worse off if Scotland was independent; what is true is that the Monarchy would not be worse off if Scotland was independent as such but the outlook for Scotland and the UK is not good. Where we are now is a tipping point in a society where people have continued to live in a culturally and socially and financially deviant way in which they also bring Children into the world and raise them in such ways as a means of creating social change; hence have we reached a point where there is quite a number of them and they have begun to think if they apply themselves they could topple the moral part of society and create an entirely new country which of course is something that has no means of happening in reality. It is just a phase and if Scotland became independent now because of it, then when it is finished everybody will lose as a result. It does not mean I do not understand that there are things that Westminster have done that they cannot undo and things they think they have done as a matter of change that hurt people which they cannot undo because even if they could they have run out of time and other things have happened out of their control; it is the case that this fact is true I am only being realistic about what we will become in another 50 years or so since a Country is not just for Christmas. The things Westminster and their people do which is considered a threat to me is not actually threat like they think; it’s more like when you read what the City does to gangs idiots like these breed especially from black communities where they believe the rest of the UK ought to regularly get together to serve them otherwise there will be gangs and then only less of it if they find somebody to take their problems out on – so you read the changes in the City from St Pauls if you like or you can simply start from the Gherkin and read it down to the Shard for example, so it is not that they don’t get served in this Country and don’t get served in the Cities etc but just a bad habit they have which nobody should have to pay for unless Westminster and their supporters have other ideas. Hence its simply largely a matter of how kids should be doing something violent so that their fathers might be predisposed to make money from jobs they took as long as I am old to get and got before I was born to create power with but then again some things do fall within the category of personal insults that are meant to capitalise on the fact I create the notion I am a softie that people can take advantage of at will, insults that are not a function of excuses but entirely personal and very private without reason and when you look into it the mode of operation runs along the lines of what you will not have thought is an insult because they are older than you and of course the fact they want to deplete your bank account because they have no intents to stop provoking you on account they enjoy doing it; so it is on the vandalism of my book sales about which they speak of my behaviour which runs contrary to what things must happen to sustain the idea we live in a Country which is utter nonsense of course as the reality is rather than I did not wake up on my 18 birthday to work out what I must do to pay my bills and have the financial problems I have only because I have a career that they want and have so far endured 16 years of it and then on a daily basis driving around average insolent saloon cars to ensure there is an entire atmosphere of it built up in the Country, about which they have a problem with my books that sting them all the time but they cannot be seen staying away and hence it comes down to the fact if I did lose my temper it would not have been because they have damaged anything since I have had security for that settled and figured out, nor will it have applied that they were able to cause me any harm even though they spent tax payers money that is clearly their personal property to enforce their civil rights frauds on me because they knew I was no longer a dependant etc 16 years ago when it started and they would not let me be etc, this dispositions by which to lose a temper means whatever you do will never be worth it but if I on the basis of the personal insults that do affect the finances take action by selecting a one or two or three to make an example of that would be the way to proceed. Yes they say I talk but cannot do anything of which presently I am being trapped by them in government so they can ensure my activities are not uncontrollable since that is what government should be used for – the rest are just business idiots who say such things on account they want me to come to a decision on what they must pay for the damages they have done here, after which we can watch them pretend they belong in insolent secret societies that can do and undo and should be able to apply to everybody. Apart from that with respect to the matter of ensuring the Country is a Country ; in my mind whatever people do whether bin men or indeed truck drivers or store chain owners etc, it is all a feel good venture in my view and it is something I have got the private equity to back up – the question is the friends on the left that I  have got private equity to back up which I never will because the financial crisis is the only thing their insolent older men nonsense have achieved which coupled with the politics that also achieved the biggest deficit in the developed world is quite a record – so they are indeed living in  a country as it were. I want them off my book sales and it should be noted the books harm them but they turn up there all the time to attack me and damage things which it appears is the only thing they are able to achieve.

They do say nothing I say is actually a clear point made but of course the reality is that they said they want to ensure I am respectful of people which will see that there is a sense this is a country, I have said they are after my finances because it is not enough that they have achieved the biggest deficit in the developed world while my record is that I am excited for business and I am excited for friendship and have the Private equity to back my position up to a point where I have taken steps to rebuild and sustain the friendship that went sour which created a condition where you do business and earn your money and it disappears where the bank is supposed to have been. All the answers they seek seem to have been found in a product that belongs to this Company or the Equities in action or here displayed on this website but they have no respect either for the books and the fact it is possessions that belongs to somebody and they have no respect for the person who wrote the books either – it does have a certain resonance with developing economy idiots who believe the future looks great on account of Interests you own that you will leave behind in their Country and then simply go away with a big mouth in order that your world may become smaller and their own bigger to create a condition where they feel they are in a disposition to make money. Even when you want them and their American friends about it, especially the part where the fact you are broke does not make you less a leader you are because of issues concerned with children being full individuals and women being able to move around, they will continue to impose their sense of freedom that is concerned with some fact that people follow money and what it can do for them not ideas and support and some point of view whereby your leadership isn’t recognised; result currently is that they have lost Crimea to the Russians for example and the middle east is a mess and they don’t look good internationally and again all the answers are in my books but there will be respect for it and for me if they took it all up and did it in their own name which is all a game of things that will happen in hell so we can put to the test those insults and ideas emanating from them which suggests they actually are the epitome of what being a westerner should be like and others have no right to exist. I do feel a clear in the air at this point; that black people have had enough of me which is good riddance and yes they do make their noise about how all the problems in the middle east were created with my books as combined with their insolent envy and media of course and that will change absolutely nothing as well. just like the story of how everybody wants to grab all I own and deploy it to get rich which is why they hang around me to confiscate any steps I take for themselves but I don’t know if that will ever happen since all that is happening at the moment and will continue to is a process where they are a population of people that are totally irrelevant to me – it does not mean I cannot do business with or work with them if I push their buttons right and they push mine right either, they are just completely irrelevant. So am I as a result in a great deal of trouble I cannot get myself out of due to how my actions have opened other people up to issues they were always better off doing nothing about? Of course not, the reality about those issues is that what I say changes nothing about what others want to do for my part but for everybody else it is a case of the fact these goons are people with very bad history and perpetually feel as though somebody else should be publicly punished for something so that they can get to feel as though everybody else is as bad as they are – the problem is that when they feel like that towards me with a very special kind of hatred for me and my faith and stuff and I do anything to defend myself another group that have greed and gluttony as a problem that has caught up with them will turn out the fat idiots who make claims I stole how I have defended myself from them from somebody and that person was them or their culture; so the truth can be either the latter or the former and not both. I mean a condition where the bad sex and bad taste thing that men and women have for each other becomes an issue that is applied to me violently on a daily basis is something we are discussing at present is because of the Politicians that want it discussed – the Politicians that turn self resolving issues into a hot topic for debate to provoke certain people endlessly and cleanse them of their good history and privilege and talk some demagogue associated with social and cultural deviance gaining a history that will lead them on the path towards wealth thereafter without any provocation warranting it – so I am only being helpful to ensure they have their fill of discussing it. I mean they always say it is okay if the Christian exists and walks past a gay bar or a pornography shop but that is never true – it is never ever okay for the Christian to exist let alone walk past anything even though he is walking on a street that clearly belongs to them as it were, that is the reason their community croons have made me a target for their bullying whenever they have relationships by setting out a case endlessly because of how I run my Christian activities against evil state of affairs which really winds them up too as it were, hence setting out that case where I am said to be the way I am because I have sex with other peoples wives, whereas I am as I am because I am a Christian and it will be impossible to explain that to absolutely every person I come across as well while they mock me it is what the Bible teaches which I actually do agree with but no gospel will be spread by me as they want it either since they are not the boss of me: it has become a barrier to employment you see and that is why I want to and need to create them such barriers as well; hence the importance of providing means whereby they discuss their fill of it. Consider for example page 3 in the sun news paper; she will take her clothes off and take a picture of herself which is supposed to indicate an outcome that sex sells but sex sells and sex sells the selling that has to do with me because people like me spread ideology that prevents them from selling sex and prevents sex from selling; so the general idea that can be developed from such things are that since low income people have considerable time on their hands and high income people spend long hours thus have little time to buy sex from them save the gluttons who always want grey areas where nothing is as it seems and cannot get off the back stage of my television at the media studios, then it is assumed that low income people are not having enough sex and thus need to buy some from them which is therefore the truth as we can clearly see thereof leading to an understanding that they are aware of how them low income people will want that sex as it were and that is why they normally set people they can take their problems out on out for it as well and make out it is not abuse and a process of provoking others and looking for trouble. They will say they had the sex selling thing all figured out and that the reasons they cannot get away whole with what they do with it is because of me but as we all know that leads back to the same old issue where they sell themselves and not sell me if they want to avoid trouble. I mean if you look at a woman hard enough and sit down alone to think about her you know that you will get through to her and she will know you are thinking about her – we are grown ups and we have problems and need a break to blurt out those kinds of access which is what the Politicians that must now discuss it never let people have and have taken the step to spend tax payer funds of doing so hence I don’t see what the point of their complains really is either; what they always say is that it is okay if the Christian exists, it never is, never ever is.   


I am not an enemy of anybody’s freedom. It’s an old case of if she needs a holiday in order to make herself right and not exist in a condition where if you think about her she can feel you doing so and vice versa, somebody will feel like making sure the money for that holiday does not exist and that is why they fundamentally feel like making other stupid and creating the idea they are better and have got a clue what they are doing thereof to that effect. It’s much the same here where if they know I need my Church and I need to have a roof over my head to get in and enjoy my Church whether or not I have a roof becomes their major preoccupation but it generally leads to the same old fact that the claim they make it is perfectly okay for a Christian to exist is false, they know it is not and that their activities does reach a point as well. It clear up at the part where they claim I am perpetually tired because I am being used for something else that is completely pointless all the time which is also funny but everybody knows whether that is the case or not I need to have a hold of that stupid society and culture whenever I do anything I consider important and that the part where they abuse me is just about covering their tracks since they understand that a condition where their personal diaries have no more benefits is eventually going to lead to such an ending.

Now on the matter of how my actions prevent those who have a duty to lead the Country by interfering with what people think about the UK, the conversation is one we have had before and I am really fed up it comes up at this stage, never mind their idiots who don’t want to see me doing a job I have got like I am a Christian so they can talk nonsense about being better than I am when I do a job while holding my breath and claim I need to be pushed so the end might be an ugly one and there might be stories they can tell as well. The part about messing up their culture as I had mentioned before is clearly something that happens in every country when one ethnic group thinks they have the populous upper hand over the others, so I never pay attention to it unless politicians want me to and if they actually make money by humiliating me I will alter the west for them unrecognisably. Otherwise I don’t think it is a problem and they need to stay off my book sales and stay out of that Literary Empire as it were; no point wrecking it and talking nonsense in their parliament about what the rest of the world thinks about the UK and speaking of the damaging culture bit it is not the first occasion there has been a problem with bullying me until I have personality issues in order to move into aspects of my life where they think God has blessed me either – they know how to twist people and I will bend them up the other way to make money as well which is why I have decided to build an entire career on the matter and that career it is a promise will be successful too as it were.

The reality and fact is that these idiots have no wish to stay away from my literary empire and what they are saying like their media idiots who want to claim it in bits every day until they claim all of it with a big mouth is that they want to confiscate my literary empire and have already moved to make claims of ownership and now I am interfering with government – so the next time the conversation comes up I will definitely run it through until we get to the bottom of the matter as well for my part. They do claim these are all things that happen because I expose my feelings to the media to play with but the reality is rather that of the fact that when fame and fortune idiots want to use your life for it, it is inescapable but when they do get famous they do move on and move away unless Politicians turn up to wreck your finances and sponsor them at your expense bringing it up in parliament every day, so it is a fight they want and nobody knows what they are complaining about when they get the trouble they seek so much. You can tell them you don’t like to be served a peddled faith and are not interested in their societies whereby you have your life split in the most painful way imaginable while you live on one side and they use the other for anything they like, you may also tell them the part where people turn up to know a thing or two about your faith so as to turn up and wreck your finances in order to get on media to do the popularity one that people will fall in love with is something you don’t appreciate and you may also warn them if you want that ignoring white people who talk nonsense about how one man can use the entire culture of a country without permission and needs to hand over all he owns or blacks and others talking about how they got here first and you stole an aspect of their culture to make your talents and work with etc isn’t a difficult task to accomplish nor is a process of pushing their buttons right in order to work with them and do business with them but of course if they want to play games with your finances and confiscate your literary empire they will do it one way or another with a big mouth like it is something they can enforce and then talk nonsense about how Africans should take note one of their sons has done with other peoples country which does put me completely off having conversations on the matter all together as well.

Yes I understand their idiots think it is funny and there is nothing I can do but yes we will find out when there is one more provocation about people owning literary empires which means they interfere with what the world thinks about the UK and others who are leaders cannot therefore do what they have to. We will find out how difficult it really is to keep track of the development of equity property people have acquired without buying my books from my work, public and famous, from my work public and office, from my work at the company in itself, so that I can make some declarations about property I own somewhere at the tail end of the economic cycle and withdraw to destroy or use for my purposes all of my equity property just when the economic cycle is starting again; I mean they will never learn from my examples and keep the economy away from idiots who clearly need to have somebody kick them seriously and put them in a corner with that big business mouth, they are content with talking nonsense about people interfering with what the world thinks the UK is while they cling to my finances and cannot get off my Bank balance and the issues and problems thereof extend far beyond that into other would you could you questions regarding whether or not the Royal family is their family or this is their life or they cannot exist if they are not sure they are in control of whether or not I am a Royal Prince. There is nothing funny about it and I think an expression of my feelings to that effect should have been enough especially for the American ones who must always use people when they want to pile things high and sell them cheap to get rich; I for my part think I have worked hard enough to avoid trouble knowing they will never cease to turn up in public places to put their hands up and get attention to lay claims to property that belongs to other people especially that which is market property in nature as it were but as we all know, it is the politician that open up that security with conversations about people interfering with what leadership is meant to accomplish on the International scene by owning a literary empire that should have been their own instead.

I don’t think they are a problem for me as far as it goes; I have grown up hearing my parents speak of gluttony and I hear it a bad thing a lot but it is only by meeting them that I understand why it is called a deadly sin and the best way to simplify the matter is not to mention that nothing here is given away and that it belongs to the Royal Estate whatever I do only the books are products people can buy as it were but by mentioning they need to get off my bank balance and get off my book sales to that effect. I think various parties here in the UK have an idea of what they want to do about the economy in any case and it is always worth its salt only if you can feel immediate effect and can predict the long term results regardless of how it changes along the way, unless we are talking about the labour Party that religiously believes in debt so they plan economy in the short term. I don’t put up my feelings so the media can play with it then get around blaming everybody, what happens is that there are people who will tell their families not to believe everything they hear and read on the media but once they step out of their homes only buy things that are created abusing me and my Equities and the damage is incredible to that effect while all they gain is an expression of how their double standards have played out on my bank balance and so because they clearly can buy anything at any cost and for any reason I have set out a means of making sure I always leave the media wanting more of them. The personal feeling made available to the media part is delusions just like the Politicians have found the trouble they seek so much by sponsoring them to ensure they never take their fame and move away.