Now I understand the tale of Politicians hard at support for activities geared at making sure I suffer for getting involved with peoples great and glorious lives when I am a low life that knows nothing about it and have never been there; I understand what they mean to imply that I am gullible and beatable on account that the things I say and the frequency in which I say it being matched with an insult that involves getting me to shut up has now given rise to the suggestion I have a problem with hysteria and they know where my anus and penis is but it was fun when they started – the bit where Politicians simply have to give tax payer funds to idiots that are using some juju power on me so they might become convinced that it is making them rich, giving way to their stupid children issuing threats at me and turning out to build careers and businesses on what people think about me in public and is then finished off by a need to rip up my finances to keep that going and turn up in public places to tell lies pretending that they teach at Church that been seen with them and their stupidities even so for the fleeting nature of it is a good thing and is finally concluded with the part where in order to buy a car and get the Christian to think it matters he needs to be in so much financial mess that perhaps it has meaning to him which then gives way to a public campaign developed along the lines of how it is not in their interest for me to get a job or earn a living. Naturally the issue will shift at this stage of course from a matter of me getting involved with their almighty existence when I am a meddling low life who like to pretend I know something about it but have never been there, to the case of me making a public claim that Christianity is discriminative of which the reality has always been that when Bible time is replaced with being seen with popular culture idiots for a feeling, is the assumption that popular culture feeling will give way to Bible reading as well? Regardless of which their stupid children are going to get seriously beaten up or hurt by me before they had actually stopped turning out in public to build a career and a business on what people think about me.

The other case is that of me doing my Christianity and a support for right wing activities as well which is utter nonsense; since what really happens is how they can create a condition that breeds an alternative reality which applies that to be normal you have t endure public vilification for not being bullied into accepting that a bad thing has happened and somebody has killed somebody on one hand while concluding that the way people behave to make such things happen and get as many innocent people who were not attacking the perpetrator of the crime as well into the firing line makes it okay. The US is not the only example in Norway some three years ago somebody killed over 300 people because they kept attacking and turning out at resorts to rub it in, then finishing off on media against everybody that tries to make them behave differently. It’s much the same as their feminists – the insults are the bees knees at the moment because their case is not yet on the ball for me but the warnings will never make sense either so far i.e. they already hate a religious man because he get about aiding women who steals their jobs and their usefulness in society and provides the means by which they can get off to tell Industry people who like to select the criminality in our society and give them jobs that a man is stealing their careers, in order to make themselves favourites for getting jobs; now that their insults have become the main stay of their behaviour towards me of which nobody knows what they want since they are not Christians like me and my Christianity does nothing for their popularity either we have not yet heard a story of what became of their plans for making sure the poor get poorer so their male idiots might be free to express their hatred for women in a more general way; all I can say is that they need to leave me alone as we are not mates me and them but I am not assuming it is an advice they will take either, it’s usually when the fight kicks off like it is with the Politicians at the moment that people start to tell me they wanted advice instead. Just like media back stage managers and camera men who like to boast about controlling me when I only just reckoned if I created the sense they were the ones managing my Court I could show them they are not Gods by taking their jobs away and giving it to somebody else, which is where we are at present, as nobody controls me.

I hear the question is that of what it is that brings it about all together at the origin which is an old story about the fact I am not homosexual i.e. the Politicians will be happy to rip up the finances, bus drivers do not wish to do their jobs without running along with such claims and getting violent at me with it and it always leads to money being spent on idiots that are using some juju on me especially when I am trying to study which then means I am the reason they got the money and cannot therefore deny their juju makes people rich or makes people poor and is then finished off by Popular culture idiots who want to ensure my career and public life had already been done so that my existence might be a process of trying to live out something that belongs to other and even the US president that complains about me a lot is in on it in a big way; I for my part have continued to think the financial constraints did have their own benefits as I was determined to destroy popular culture as a whole all together – so now I have to revert to more official behaviour like when a trouble maker is doing pop, in order to destroy his income I have to make rap popular at his expense and rob him of party invites and gigs until he stays out of my personal life and same for rap and same for blues and so on which is why they hate my guts so much but just like the US President the books will hurt so much but they will be seen around it to help their louts get on day time television to improve their foolishness on my public life. So I am not homosexual and that was the start of it but celebrities getting out of bed to bottom out my Book sales everyday is not a job – nobody has that kind of job and it will start with their Politicians who throw tax payer funds on homosexuality and popularity at the expense of what people think about me in public places simply because it is there.

I don’t think that this is an impossible case as such; I mean lets pick out one at a very basic level i.e. do you think that your Christian temperaments should be antagonised by being forced to look at an old woman’s anus or a media fools filth? It is half the story when they thrust it at you because they are spending your public life and then finances at a later stage of course the big problem comes concerning what becomes of it and we all know it is evil and wicked to the core; perhaps they are a tough nut for me to crack in their view because they think I cannot set out a public premise for discussing it as a function of the price they will have to pay to stop it as it were, after all they have always told me about the mothers pain that I will suffer to restore their popular culture if I destroy it but continue to pretend I am still living with them in the 80  at which point in time I was a child anyway and have therefore lived with them all my life as it were. Apparently it makes sense because the old woman wants rights, she wants your house and yet their stupidities and homosexuality is still seen around my public office, public, public life and ultimately Book sales especially the big mouth American ones. Now they say it is a matter of working for what you really want but of course Royal Office equity which is worth millions and Company Literary empire Equity which is as well will do nothing for me, only the Book sales pays me and they seem to know that better than I do as well because they cannot leave people alone if they have needs. Of course there is no truth whatsoever to those claims I attract trouble everywhere I go – half of it is true only in the sense that because Politicians have been giving money to these fools which means that their activities can never be wrong anymore, I now look as though I am ripe for hovering trouble every time I step outside of my home but it does change nothing about the fact we all live in leafy suburb for instance and these are the guys that appear their muscles are laced with stone to grab things with, a body language they have which is fundamentally based on intimidating people and the idea they always have needs and need to take things but when they are grown ups and maybe have families the story of being those that amount to nothing changes to the story of those who need rights with other people’s lives and property; so the relationship law enforcement and military people have with them is always one of playing around are we assuming somebody is not going to get hurt or killed. We hear the story is that they have a certain respect for the needs of older people of course but the idea older people can touch anybody they wish to a point of being allowed to appear on media and brag about it is what it has always been about – the sense they can touch you if they want as well is the beginning of the stage at which cups are actually full, usually triggered maybe by an ugly black witch that appears on media to do advertisement or even Popularity music talking nonsense at me about being able to do and undo with me of things she has done and will do again. Oh get me some Christian I can get in and out of bed to bully as fundamentally necessary for my well being and the Politicians will get it at the highest possible level for them because that will facilitate self improvements and it’s how they live, now they take that pragmatism and insults and need to touch to another level speaking of insults from those who do not respect them and so on and assume I do not think my life is being threatened because I am the block head that they are as such. They do say The Labour Party wants to unseat me from Royal position which I understand but before then it was a case of being tired of inventing a fight with me to mess things up around here and improve themselves with corruption and filth at the other end, hence being something they will want to end if I let them have the parting shot, creating this sense I am still playing with them even at this stage as it were. It is a rather popular story to go on and on about how tough I think I am but then again picking up from here the parting shot is mine and has always been; they are idiots and really stupid louts and can only target people so much before they get kicked as well.

They do say I have not got a fair idea of the extent of what I have done but its utter nonsense; I mean you think the behaviour of females from Countries that ally themselves with communism is abusive alright, these guys are in a different league, these fools from the Caribbean and Africa are something else. The bone of contention is of course that I have a literary empire that has to deal with its image because when it does not want popular culture idiots to cash into its public face they will help the owner by doing it to show him how not to lazy about and end up with problems if he has all these things available to him, over and over and over and over again and cannot leave people alone – so the finances in the Company is detached from it and now has to be clawed back at market while they claim victory against a  high establishment member and then there is the start of clawing it back which is the Companies that broker equities and have decided to set up their HQ in the UK over the last decade to be closer to the services in the City which is what has become their main obsession; so it is clear they want a piece of me and really don’t know how much I hate women in onesies partying, clubbing and snooping around corridors of International communities to vandalise people’s property to make western lifestyle they sell to thieving politicians and Industry goons and this is an occasion in which they will find out my Book sales as it well. I mean advice will look like telling their girls and women to refrain from addressing me and to keep their insults to themselves lest it leads to a bad end but that will be a robbing salt into injury kind of occasion, so we have been there and done that but it is not true I am unaware of the extent and effects of my activities. At the end of the day the UK is a small Country and if it were a Middle Eastern one it would be like Qatar for instance – they think they know abuses and they think they know tourism and they think they know conversations about whom you attended school with turning into a story about whether or not you are white or perhaps not and are tough enough to deal with gangs that like to chase people and they are only finding out, it’s not true I am unaware of the extent of my activities – as I said they really want to know the depth of my hatred for those 80s filth and corruptibility that turns up around here all the time to bottom out my finances and threaten me as well and whether or not I am tough enough it seems will not change that too.


They do say that I know in my heart of hearts that I am not a successful individual but everybody else knows if I am employed by a solicitor I will easily become the gate way to criminal case contracts over their lives and stupid communities; it’s a matter of getting off to set out an original provocation and then covering it up with bag logs of legislation that will ensure people are too distracted to address it because it is how you have created inequality that allows you get around grabbing peoples possessions all the time, so the big idea is first that if it is clear that it is about spending my property on themselves and squandering it my ego will win the day and they will get away with it, not that there is anything I can do anyway but otherwise it’s a matter of what I do to them as a result of my knowledge of the law such as bend their stupid lives into a very uncomfortable position and use it to run a legal career. I want to study my legal career for the sake of my Company and not for them but it can always be used for such a purpose too – so the piece of advice is that they need to get off my Books and clear my space as these are not things they do as a matter of their public lives nor is it all things they do when they are with family – it is there specifically to target and cause me harm and they want to discuss it with everybody and bring it into the forefront of government activity so I might never harm them as well and that is what we will put to the test.

They say I support white supremacists indirectly of course which is not what supremacists themselves say; the reality being that it is one thing to not agree with what people do and quite another to go about abusing and attacking them and yes they say there is the one where I am abused and attacked and do nothing which is largely the bit that idiots who want things from me that they will never ever have organised using my faith and personal life without going along with the rules thing. I hear I am lower class royalty and that is why the Labour Party likes to chase me about and I cannot make it out either for my bit; all I know is that they damage the finances and turn out in public places to play fat ugly fools who think they are bullies snooping around celebrities and making me understand I never had the support of the public for the position I have taken on crime and organised crime, when done, they turn out to get into a stupid music studio to do my public life for me because they are trying to make rich a prick they picked up on the streets and so it becomes something which when I don’t want done turns into their main preoccupation. It’s just that they will never ever see it again; I am not lower class Royalty. They do say all I do simply supports the Politicians at their madness which isn’t true – it’s just the nature of my work period and as for the Politicians there are two worlds, one where they kiss wife and kids goodbye to go to work and get around with friends as normal and the other when they feel they must get into government office to do with me as they please; hence the outcome is this process where if I wanted to set somebody out in that way in order to regularly get off government office and snoop around disobedient areas of society then blame it on him when the elements from it turn up around my Office, I would do it with somebody I can take on, not somebody from whom I will expect a privilege of injustice at a later date because there is nothing I can do about him; these Political scum do it because it is their own way of showing they are aspiring to something and they will never get it here ever. I understand the problem to be that I am not co-operating with Politicians and government which is actually not true; if I were not co-operating the fever pitch corruption levels at Politics in the UK would have washed us all over – so I cooperated right up to the part about when they don’t do civil service independence and somebody else will take it up for them as it were, right up to the bit about playing up bubbles that exist between their office and prison service to get somebody stuck and spend their personal lives to get glorious – it seems people stood up to them and that has not voted well and I am one of those but it is not the need to spend tax payer funds on themselves to extricate more respect that got me attacking them as well it is the fact I am the Christian whose anus and penis they are informed about in order to finger all the time – reason being that they regularly attend a secret society with HQ in Italy and satellites in the UK, so although they are married, their sexual preference is narcissism which they practice quickly on me because they are being persuasive but I have not given consent to have practiced on me as such; when it did kick off the first time they thought I was linked to some higher power that would take them and their insulting saloon cars down, these days they know I am not linked to any higher power but still assume they can do whatever they liked. So their industry fools have just realised I don’t have replaceable skills which can be replaced by a machine if I deny them certain respects by holding me down in unemployment until such a machine does again and again and again; apparently it costs money to have them skills and when they are hurting as well just like their Politicians they get to understand that too. I am not talking about Rural economies as such, although they have the same problem but I do not like short cuts anyway, so what I mean is that they set out six months of short-circuited economic activity on account they really cannot take me on and need that much time and support, in order to ensure that they find a machine that replaces my skills to teach me a lesson and in that time I would have been unemployed, once they think they have failed at doing so they then pay up celebrity and celebrated idiots to savage the sales of my products and get another 6 months of short-circuited economic activity to try and make it successful and it cannot go on forever, they need to get off my Book sales and clear my space. As for the Politicians if I don’t want their fools in Africa and the US and South America and the Caribbean to turn out and tell me Politics is the way things get done while spending my possessions on themselves to get rid of Royalty, they are never going to do so and that is what is happening at present; we have to put it up with it all the time and in my case it has simply become a problem because you cannot be a British government National treasure who does his academic work and finishes it and gets off to sell his Books and look after his status with his abilities if they are around – there simply has to be a matter of just when they thought the way the world works is Politics, some goon like me had to turn up and change things, so they can mess around with the perks of my job and give credence to organised crime and far right groups which freedom of association they actually prefer as there is nothing their cowardice can do about it. I mean we have seen the whole thing drive the world to the brink of world war three as it stands when their needs are so important that Western and Communist economies will be the same thing when we all know that one is managed by the government and the other is not and as ever it is possible I am bluffing when I say they will get into trouble over my Book sales and I would like it if they got off it and cleared my space. They do say they got me terrified of World War three of course and it is the kind of twisted madness they enjoy a lot with that stupid media and an access to my renaissance which they seem to want considering their foolishness and that block head that cannot take any form of knowledge or understanding in as it were – It’s never really been a huge issue; it’s just reality that Mr Putin likes to smile and make friends in public then immediately go behind and hurt people and the more you try to ensure people are able to catch up with his leadership so they don’t get hurt which means if somebody wants to walk from a fight and go home considering the kind of atmosphere he has created in the Country, they always can, so nobody knows if he hates Russians or hates the rest of the world, nobody knows which is which and he had to lose the Middle East and South America and if his black and African and Caribbean idiots cannot keep their fingers off my Bum they will be losing him as well. So celebrities getting out of bed to bottom out my Book sales and grab fans and customers off me is not a job that belongs to a human being – nobody has that kind of job and we will be hearing the squirming really soon especially for the male ones. So we all know its born out of a process where I play around with them but it does not imply that I play around with those who do this either, especially the part about taking care of me and turning up in public to echo something I said in order to grab fans which is how they bottom out the Books and tell me I pretend to be a part of places where I have never been before – it’s not open to all and I want some respect for my fan base and my Book sales or there will be trouble and I will start with their Politicians and work my way down for my part too – nobody has that kind of job.

I understand it is said my activities are distracting but we all know that the only person that is said to dedicate 98% of his time and effort at least, to other peoples crap in this country in the person of myself and it is the sort of story Politicians and media like to brew before they complain about others defending themselves as well. I do not actually give myself to it as such in any case but everybody knows I am described and hunted Nationwide on that premise; so they say I mess around with Celebrities of course whereas the reality of what they have described as messing around is a process where I do all I do about the equities and leadership and at the end of the day they try to help me see that my heightened state of mind does not progress to the day after which is something they think is their responsibility and therefore run their businesses in that way but as we can see that still is free for all while I am the one that acts in a distracting way so there must be the idea therefore that I am afraid of these guys running around at the end of the day. It was ever so simple as making available the equities and selling Books to people with a set out customer service but we all know that customer service is being grabbed by celebrities who toss some to community and society idiots so that I might never catch them not that there is anything I can do about it, bottom out my sales and get on media to smile at me and set out pictures of themselves taking care of me with social media to grab the fans and finish off by telling me it is really big and I do not see that there is any job on this planet that has this kind of description for my part either which is what we are about to figure out really soon. The colloquialism of it all is the most difficult pill to swallow i.e. their lives and access to it is shut so tight that when you see them in public it seems that they have nobody in their lives as well, no women, no wives, no children and then it seems yours is in trouble with them at all times as well – the one where they squander and share with the city and with society and with culture but people do not normally want to go into this fact when they are not in a good state of mind anyway, which is where they think they can do whatever they like and are therefore entirely wrong. The feminist ones especially like to claim I have been kicked by them and am only picking myself back up again but that is the power of disobedience for you regardless of which they kicked with government and National media and international communities and having been allowed to get ahead and get an education because it will help them considering they are bloody idiots, they have done nothing with it since and are looking to end up in a place where they will blab at a point in which it will really matter as it were. I am not in any way stuck in a relationship with them to a point where I get to enjoy the violence – it’s about chasing my aptitudes in order to make use of my personality a little bit, in order to get out of a problem really quickly now that they have the access, rather than find out why I look that way and accord me due respect; the more I hate it is the more they do it pretending there is really nothing I can do about them which is until they get on media to complain about me.


I understand they do not like what I do at all but of course it’s an old story of their hate all the time and they can turn up and get me too if they want it badly enough; I am royalty so the International criminal Court will never believe I am being abused and my life is being threatened and now they can have things they would never have had and play their wickedness out to the fullest; I do wonder what they suppose I am thinking it is about anyway considering there is every a thing on this planet they can do with that stupid media false confidence in the first place looking for trouble all the time anyway –I may be writhing over my pain all the time and bragging as well while I am at it but when I get hold of them too they will not feel a thing; obviously as usual they have had it all worked out and even when they know it’s mine they are still getting on media to claim it while I writhe over my pain every day, so I am not entitled to peace of mind and my life is not being threatened, at least nobody knows that with a big mouth. I don’t think it is a complicated issue – the crucial difference between Communism and the West has always been that of freedoms which have to do with sources of information especially and being that I am a writer, it is the main point at which I will beat them down all the time; now that they are all pissed off and I am Royalty that is not entitled to human rights they can come and get me and stop talking nonsense about the Books and my income otherwise I will take more of them away from them so it might get worse. I know what they mean a hatred of what I do; it is concerned with improving their lives by being me and the only way to detach me from me is to damage the finances – because they know I like to live fast and hard and that I cannot do without pressure and that is means that without my finances when people prick my temper I will hover up problems with everybody around me because it’s the way people are and I know what makes them tick too and it is not hurting badly enough, so we will see how their stupidities and Politicians will become me even if I have to handle the National sense of fame for it. I want them off my Books, out of my life especially black people and I want them to clear my space and stop talking nonsense around my concerns with regards to what they hate especially – when it comes to it, nobody actually cares.

This has never really been a complicated matter – saying things I used to when I was a teenager and reducing my government office into something people can abuse to be more important in order to teach me a lesson by ripping up my academic work and book sales finances turning up at the Universities with Politicians to show that juju powers can make people rich or poor when media and popular culture insults and vandalism is involves as well does not mean that they have become leaders and that is why we are having all these problems, especially the one where they tell me I will be led one way or another, those stupid insults they ought to spend on their foolish children instead and get to touch those regularly too and then perhaps the idiots will stay out of gangs and out of trouble for a change and then I will not have to become their hate figure for nepotism that is good for the well being of their foolish women who are also getting close to nature 24/7 just in order for them to attend school and their Politicians to feel they are at the same footing as their successful counterparts from conservative parties and then of course their puny brains will not be issuing threats at me on public places and primary function of their existence too. In the end of which this is not the 1980s and people are assuming if my hatred for gin and tonic lifestyle vandalism of my finances is made public they will become more popular and financially well off as liberals while I watch and do nothing – the American louts say their President will exert a sense of US empire and ensure all I own becomes their own instead and that is why their insults on day time television full of loutish gossip they are getting increasingly violent with show no signs of abating, for their stupidities was a problem to begin with and it has only just given way to their relentless basic nature. None of those TV louts nonsense no matter how violent they get determines what they can do in the real world.

So people really hate no idea how much I hate their stupid gin and tonic pop lifestyles and they say women live that lifestyle around me as well but it is the one that I am asked to do for my race since they are my insolent personal Gods spending my property which seems to be the problem;  it is very easily explainable i.e. these women at Court have to work and it’s all very well getting them a job so you can get my own dogs to bark up your tree, don’t complain when I want a piece of you as well – this whole idea of being happy with my dogs barking up my tree and something thinking economy means their money madness barking up mine and to find out things as well will not do.

The story of Americans controlling my finances and trading fit right in the middle and is utter nonsense too – they don’t say they are gangs they say they are free and democratic and you had better not recognised they are democratic arseholes that want others to copy their behaviour and make use of their services to mock them over feelings wrought from stifling product sales and making out it is a amusing to brew some violent sense of being importance that creates a prognosis of feeling safe and being special, they don’t; the problem has come to a head ranging from when they are making me nervous so their dogs especially alongside their European friends can feel like having a go all of the time, then they claim I am suffering racism and yet even if I were, nobody knows why they have to fix it all the time when they are not asked to, right up to the part where they are either always sending out their dogs to bark up my tree or finding some way of featuring mine on some advertisement or some show or some fashion in order to learn something they must pillage with money and play market dominance and it has come to a head – they don’t determine what I do or control my trading. It’s like that old tale of how much I get myself into a position of being a part of other people’s lives then get about struggling and complaining because it makes me uncomfortable, which again has no link with reality whatsoever – reality which is that I have warned them enough times about wrecking finances in order to facilitate access to Christian Prince from whom they get confidence which if he does not share can be stolen and he made to give up through threats and intimidation until it becomes the answer to wealth and fame as well all together; we all know if they asked me I would happily tell them of the passages of the Bible that brings it about so they can get their own so it is never really a big idea as it were – told them about the Christians that God blessed to come into the world and share all they have which was given to them from heaven for sharing trying to keep it to themselves and therefore encouraging wrath, told them not to do it, told them enough times, told them about getting all dressed up and ready for work and all the way to work the part of my brain that secretes hormones that bring about organ diseases and heart failure will work over time because people are plucking inspiration as I walk by so that by the time I get to work I look like I don’t want to be there and then start getting used by those who want me to fight back in exactly the same way which is never going to give them back that stupid evil and violently greedy culture and society for my part either – told them enough times. It goes right up to complains about child poverty where kids must give up their prospects so the poorest adults might be able to secure a good pension with it, considering child poverty will be sorted out at a later date at the expense of those whom it normally gets done with that big mouth; when they started I was in my 20s and years ahead of minimum adult age, so it was never obvious how the fucking losers were going to make it happen anyway, just like when their stupid children are taught at home that they can be more rooted in the land than those who are British and older than them never the less which consequences I never spare for my bit as well. I understand they now feel their lives are being threatened too but before then the part where racism can never be resolved unless somebody is killed by racists who then died enough for everybody so they can do whatever they like is set out but in my case it seems resisting the process only leads to other ideas of a financial and fame nature about what I can be used for; their lives are being threatened when it was fun to do these things and follow me around while making sure I cannot live my own life separate from my parents, follow me around to ensure I do not take the problems away with me and deal with it my way since their lives are more important, follow me around to ensure enough problems are created to kill me the death that will be enough for everybody to have civil rights with and the life lived that will foster history to make fame and fortune with – their stupid loser lives are under threat.