I do not consider being bullied by white idiots to be a matter of grave concern as such, I never mention it because I don’t want Politicians to make capital out of it and would only mention it when I feel like hurting them as well.

They spend all my time with help from their Politicians as such to get to a point where they have arranged all these violent masochism hanging over my head and around me and it is simply impossible to work out what they are thinking, especially when I mention it does not bother me because there is no way that fighting them means any ability to keep a job or a career at the same time as well but mentioning such facts ought to indicate I have a real problem tolerating their insults.

So it is nothing new, they are really stupid people from stupid backgrounds who raise stupid children that are given a stupid upbringing or either way of which you replace the word stupid with bad in the sentence anyway. Eventually the only way that they can make money is to ensure you are sharing your income and the Politicians never listen to they help them to it and wonder why others have done things to them as well. This is what has created the circumstances that now exists between myself and the Politicians; they get around making a mess of people’s lives, claiming I am responsible in some way or another and need to be hurt or killed, I gather facts about how they are doing those damages themselves because they want it so badly and then when the far right are up in arms I present my facts without academic polish and it feels really real and it’s a case of we live together and die together; you mean you’ll die for me?

Then they start to wonder how I have done things to create the deaths of others as I continue to stay alive but will not leave me alone never the less; what they will rather do than that is do power all over the place and that is why we see them all the time but before then clearly the only reason I should live under the umbrella of violent sadomasochism is because somebody else is white and superior and until such a thing is the case I cannot get a job or finish a programme of academic study. For their media people it’s all violent and gay at the moment so it means they have got all the part where I fight them figured out so it’s the stupid money that stands as the problem and I have taken these steps because I do not want to deal with it while I am doing anything important.

They say along with their other none white idiots, although they stand in for the rest most of the time, that their anger is directed and I can get into trouble easily but what they mean by anger that is not directed is telling me I have no right to exist like it is some practice run of murdering me of which I have been available to them in base public for years without that happening and I tired of it too. My anger is not directed to them because I am just looking for trouble when they tell me I have no right to exist unless I give up all that I am, when they barge into my personal life to replace the presence of God around me with that of the devil in their stupid lives and when their entire lives have recently come to run around the prognosis of whether they are getting up every day to ensure the Christian does things Christians do not do, so they get off telling me who I really am and what else I am trying to become of which it is the violence that gets me to react. When I get hold of them again of course it will no doubt be a case of half club life half Christian, half my belly is full of worms, I want to be on that your train to wealth and each time I cannot have your earnings I bullying you with it media and half Christian, half pop star half Christian so they can complain about that their stupid sex life again and I am not giving back that fame as it stands anyway as I cannot understand why they cannot get off the TV and get around for a fight if they so want one and stop talking rubbish. It’s the violence that makes me respond and I will shaft them as well seriously enough to ensure they exist in main stream life according to who dares to mention them.

They keep their jobs somewhere perfectly safe and then get around handling mine to tell me about the worms in their tummy. Of course its ruin and destruction and I should do nothing about them so they can with impunity when they know where fame is and that where it is, is far from my earnings because they have got civil rights.

Of course they claim I speak of conflicts like I know anything about it but never the less they are a threat to the safety and well being of my people because they were there to see the procedure by which I got my royal commission and made themselves another reason for access and the questions of why not using that stupid media. I do not speak of their conflicts like I know anything about it, they love to run it on my literary empire all the time; I mean things happen and sometimes your service is require premature and so when you hand it over and later want your property, idiots with worms in their bellies are using it to be famous and there is no getting them off because there are things they suppose you can do to ensure that they achieve full potential of their stupid fame, it is the violence that ensures I react to their stupid built up notion on media that I give away my feelings and let people play around with it that brings about all the problems and nothing more.

When they see me they drop a heavy load as they put it, I have no idea why on earth it would be funny as such, all I know is that it is in the same manner they complain on public media all the time for I am not supposed to do anything about it on account that they have got civil rights. I mean there is nothing yet that does not say they are an evil thing, be it the economy or the banks or the Church or even the Bible itself but they target my earnings and savings for destruction and squander everyday for fun while a political idiot will get up from time to time and make out it is a good thing and it is the big question about why they cannot leave me alone and get out. I for my part am not giving back any of that stupid fame either, I want to plan my pensions on it too and they by the way know how to go about getting fame and understand perfectly that doing so does not involve my income. When I say I am not giving back the stupid fame some people think it is a matter on which Policy can be built, this is not my intention, I say so as a colloquial matter only, the reality of it if explored is what will expose a can of worms about the stupid things that Politicians have been doing over the years. I mean governing the Country people for example has its challenges i.e. you have to realise that the whites were here first and that they occupy over 95% of the villages and own the cultures and histories there and that is one set of challenges by itself and then there are there are the city ones which have to do with the fact that although it is a city, it still has its own community, so it is completely different set of challenges, when all are considered it is easy to see there is no space for the fame thing at all, besides the question of what it really does as a tool beside the fascism and the wickedness and the destruction which of course is none of my business and never my concern.

Now I am aware of their recently acquired powers of media revenge on the economy over things I say and do to them but it is never serious to Politicians when an idiot wants you to be unemployed until he is able to round you up like an animal in every industry you might work in, then pretend he is doing something about extremism, nor is it ever that bad to them when people seek to acquire leverage on other people’s property and earnings because they are planning to hurt them and do not want to be vulnerable to being hurt as well, usually it is the politicians that come up with the alternative names. So it is still the case that if I say something that prevents a process where people are seriously hurt or maimed for it bearing in mind other countries or persons do not just get up and assume the interests of another country, hence their media revenge on the economy really makes no sense but is there because there is violence to be derived from it by which their insults will cause me to pay them attention, then I will never be taken seriously. I am not for a second suggesting it is a surprising prospect, it is the same vandalism that their media affords them through violent and incredible ignorance and stupidities that are based on gathering attention along the prognosis of having a style that others then get to steal; it can become the meaning of life itself and the source of great wealth too and it is always proposed by them that based on their so called seniority games nobody can tell what it really is and therefore the means by which they have their so called unaccountable power.

So the claim I am scared of the insatiable capitalist appetite is utter rubbish. The truth of it is rather that if you were to do something about people denoting their own meanings of capitalism what results do your end up with? So the general idea for example is that if you steal somebody’s property and get on media with money you made while your age mates did much better to multiply funds for yourself doing fame and fortune with, if we also imagine the person wants revenge for it and so has to travel the distance to have the revenge, by the time they get there, they will have another idea or perhaps make use of the money they have to get more money with their money and then the anger and vengefulness for some who feel that way, will go away. These idiots rather believe that they need to push people to the point where the vengeance each time they do such things becomes a persona matter and that is why and the only way that they can bring that about is make sure that the process of doing these things involve the abuse of the fundamental rights of those people, especially privacy. So I for my part like to keep them going and suck them in so that they go too far and the government has to take them up at a point where anything the government does will need to finish them off to be effective and the way that benefits me is that the more that happens, the more books I am likely to sell as well. Some people think of course that when I say such things I have found a really clever way to react to things people do to offend me but that is not true; their girls put it better i.e. people like me belong to the older generation while they are the ones that are modern and in tune with the time and can therefore do whatever they like with anybody they wish but at the heart of it is the fact all these things that have to be dealt with as problems from them has been planned, down to the last detail and so for me personally, I simply think I am not their mate and whenever they cross me need to wave goodbye to such pleasures as realising years after it had worked that they had come up with a plan which they dealt with to the minute details, played it out on the country and everybody fell for it which of course for them is an incredibly funny thing to happen.

They speak of things which suggest matters of their superiority to me over competition with regards to these issues about which there are none; what they are really referring to is the fact that they have taken my time out to round me and gain access to my earnings before I am allowed to get an education and or a job and all that I need and that is why it has become such a difficult matter as well and also why they like to tell me I am one of them trying to pretend I am something else when I am not. Hence it applies to a process where they climb up my work to get rich with and stand up on media to call upon me like I am their mate which create prerogatives for any idiot that wants to play tyrant, so that if I had refused to harm them in a mortal way, they can now do it to me instead at this point. So I always prefer them to stick to the main issue of the matter of justice their Politicians claim there is when their stupid salaries are safe while my earnings and savings are things that whors have access to. I don’t mind the stupid threats, they always mean they have men supporting them that I should be really scared of and in some therefore a mortal threat too. I handle it in two ways mostly; one of them is the fame and fortune industry where they now have to get together to share money among themselves and give some to pop stars, then with that idea that they have created investment get around bullying me to earn my income to kind up ensure that it gets to work in the real world as well and it never will because I am determined to keep that stupid fame and plan my pensions on it like I mentioned before, so usually I behave in ways which allow them to make more money from these things because even when people see others make products from a process of intensely abusing another person they have no quarrel with whatsoever, they buy it because there is a good feeling to it and the idiot that makes it claims it has to do with justice and maybe equality in society too, it shows they can buy anything and will buy their fill too. The other side has more to do with the insolent girls and their good life chase; I don’t mind the insults and abuses, they always do that like they are awesome bitches who slept with teddy bears that I never did and worse white socks in school that I never did too, as I have warned before of which it will never come to an end by itself unless she is homeless and has lots of interesting stories to tell about her life as a whor which creates that retro city life that we see sometimes. 


Of course it is a regular statement that I have no way of enforcing what I speak of, which is perfectly okay since I am not going to take away from them their get away from trouble card of the media but I will crush everything else, such that it will not be funny if and or when I lose I everything I have like they suppose it will be to them and their planed out plans. So it goes without saying and a statement need not be made that I am aware some of them that turn up in advertisement do because others have to deal with them as a form of corruption of involvement; it is never a reason enough for the vandalism around what belongs to me.

When people say it is wrong for me to say and do what I do about the Labour party it is not thereof something I get concerned about like they suppose that I am most of the time. The truth about it is that when people want class room bullies who take their pocket money and tell them to bring more the next day to run the economy for them, they ought to keep it away from my book sales as I have put up with enough of it and in that time they have elected them into public office for two terms. It’s the same old issue of public racism is wrong but Political racism is okay; where I can never be respected for what I can do because it is better to attack me for trying to lead and then suffer repercussions of abusing their leaders which they also take out on me and then make me deal with the problems and make me suffer some more for bringing such things upon them by trying to lead them. The intrusion by which they achieve this is another matter entirely by the way, so we will not speak of that yet because the plan is that I will be taking it so seriously that I get hurt or murdered for not letting them what they want, so what we will now is the fact that they cannot get off the television and the radio - the radio ones think of themselves as an exceptional case on account they have criminals backing them up and criminals who have found ways of manipulating me, running the publicity issues.
I am not saying I am innocent in the matter which will make up for many an insolent shoulder rubbing confidence building rubbish in public, what I have done to them are things I have the right to do. However on the matter of leading people in my absence, I do not see why that should be a topic for conversation considering the circumstances where they can do these things until they garner publicity for it then tell me there is a law and I cannot therefore act. It has even come to a point where politicians without it affecting me and I cannot without my actions affecting politicians when the Monarchy apart from the Queen and other senior members of the Royal family who assist her is actually separated from politics and Government; there is no such law, it will have to sit it out for me as well. They always do these things, carry on like that until somebody will say I don't like this race and that race and that race which means they have restricted themselves to interaction with only a certain group of people but cannot live with those group of people still, knowing that getting involved with Political on account these idiots have been busy starting campaigns of how to get such people to kill me by standing up on public places to pass insults at me and call upon me as if I am their mate, claiming it to be revenge for trying to be their leader with a big mouth, even when some of them are not white and then complain when they die instead, after being able to determine who interacts with who to gain power to be rich and power to hurt anybody that does not want them extracting money from him, with their plans to get rich 'reactionism' decadence and insolent violence. They say they are backed up on media by criminals that will hurt or kill me if I try anything, especially at the radio waves, then tell me what I can and or cannot do with or about a Political party and it is not the first time, when it actually began years ago it was a Christian who wanted their parents to see the reason to leave their inheritance for me through some strange charitable act towards a very nice kid and these are not insults that I will not avenge. It is the way it works all the time, pay any attention to what they have and they make publicity from that and earn your income instead of work for their own but it will start like this and never go away, not to mention the part where I get punished for my leadership, then they suffer for their wickedness and make me suffer because they have and then attack me some more for bringing the whole thing upon them by trying to lead when I am not a leader in the first place, after which they realise they need money and it is my income that they want. I say no more music CDs, no more popular culture products around me or my property or empire trust or literary empire or this firm. They say they need money and besides which they are now in a business therefore no matter what I say they will do it anyway and we will see too (it continues to happen because they are proving their usual insolent point about the importance of money and the stupidities of my Christianity).