It is not actually true that I am strict about the way I work. The truth about it is the simple fact that the women I work with were cast away, rejects, people others liked to invite into secrete societies because they knew they were only good for sexual wastage, some too moral for their own good when they knew they were beautiful and could never be moral and others just people being themselves. So I decided to work with them and now my structures are something anybody can join up and do whatever they like I well. Mostly as long as they have claims in hand those were women they were saving to fuck and I have stolen them and it just applies that these insults tend to mean nobody gets to respect my decisions over my own property and so do their Pop stars think they should do whatever they like with my earnings and tell me to come and get it if I have got the balls too. The deduction therefore is that they are higher powers and if they have a problem deploy their seniority bullying which I have told them we will live in normalcy when those stop as well. So we have a condition here as well where they complain that I set up structures that play with people’s minds and lives and force them to do my bidding which is utter nonsense because the real issue is that there was so much disrespect that when I write my projects people are busy seeing how it works in the real world and how they could make it theirs, so that I can end up being the homosexual that serves the Queen, such fun excuses of course being completely above the law for the purpose of handling my property and earnings without complains of course. Then the problems begin of course when I make editions to those projects and they decide they wish to put the updates up there accordingly as well and it carries on until I have to decide I care about those I am writing my books for and they will do the job, now they have to and keep their own jobs as well because if they lose it ageism will not do much for them either.

I am aware this is all lower class and I am not supposed to do it, I have my own problems of very evil people with strange cultural needs to deal with if I am interested in a cause but things like Christian writes books pop stars use it for what they like and tell him to come and get it if he has the balls is a typical example, besides other things like problems you cannot fix which you get the smaller people to. I mean why can’t people respect my wishes around my own property anyway and I do wonder if I suppose I do not find it insulting as well, bearing in mind which it is worthy asking what kind of things people need to spend their spare time on to come up with insults of sending government boys on errands with media?

The way it works still stands, they think they have an itch to see me outside all the time, I think they should be hidden away at all times too. I do not get involved with their lower class affairs so everybody can start shouting about the fact it is not my stuff and I shouldn’t be doing it but even so as it stands after a decade I am still unable to sell books to the people I take care of within my royal estate and the most outstanding reason for this is that they like their side of culture where they imagine what other people are doing with their own lives and then punish them for it and it beats me when they know that if I pick that up as a good reason to run a gospel campaign which I will, against homosexuality, it will make the process of having their stupid homosexual sex more painful for them and this is a typical example. As for clash of cultures, there is very little of that in my view since the real issue is that these idiots think that when the top government official tells you to do a thing, you will do it first if they believe you were given such a instruction and then if they give consent for it with a big mouth, so I suppose we will see more of it, it makes people really curious.

I am not too troubled about their plans to collect all I own for their purposes; I do not consider it to be much of an issue as such. I mean if they want it they can come and get it and we are not talking about getting all over my market place with their media and manipulation of societies that are professional problem makers who also claim to be making Politicians relevant and how they think I have enough property but am weak enough and therefore was designed to come up with things that will provide for them and also for fascists that are normally offended by their existence. Their Politicians on the other hand the same principle applies too as well; I mean those think I am in a place where I build a company and it is broken up and shared with everybody while they build theirs and retain it and I have no idea why they always want things or want everything, I have no idea why the concept does not apply in their heads like everybody body else’s, that things belong to people.

I am not troubled about it as such; it’s all Politicians and media do with their Politics and media these days; find people who work for things and are weak enough to have it taken away to provide for problem makers and the fascists that hate them. So when things happen anywhere, they must be attributed to me as well but three facts remain; one of them is that the irresponsibility is incredible, the other is that you never see them die, the third is that you always see the kids die which as far as I am concerned they completely deserve too.

I mean do we really think it is farfetched that they die? That they expose themselves to extremism and make out it is the problem of others, everything in the world can easily be a problem that others are supposed to sort out if given half the chance. They always plan to die and that is because they plan to ask for a particular thing from society when they die and that is why they arrange it. Of course they like their games where it would have been easier if people were more integrated i.e. completely innocent people who are unconnected with their disputes are always found in their company but whilst I acknowledge that would mean that others become more wary of the need to abstain from committing crimes like mass murder for example, the fact is that I have done it before; I have put myself in such a position and got used as both target practice and human shield which they then want like some new cultural need, then of course intensify to fit with the present state of affairs the problems they create. So it’s all very well to say people who commit crimes are evil and or that what I say will affect how justice is dispensed but that has its classifications as well; I mean whatever I say will never affect the application of what is reasonable in Law or indeed facts of a dispute in which a crime has been committed. It is the same thing with terrorism; they do nothing else with their time but provoke Muslims and tell them where to bomb cities in the hope that people who stand between them and what they want to have recently will be killed and their problems will be over but when the terrorism happens they get killed as well and everybody gets bullied while they feel frustrated that the Muslims have difficulty understanding what they mean (this is the funny bit). However more serious things apply when they pick off the Muslims where they live and use them as target practice for new powers to dominate yet still people who stand between them and what they want and then use the Muslims as human shields as well thereafter for the completion of their purposes, that is always before they become frustrated that terrorism kills their kind as well.

The Muslims do not seem to understand what terrorism was created for and that it was created for those who stand between them and what they want. The idiots just will not shut it and I personally cannot see that it is hurting badly enough yet either and again if I pick up on that they then tell me I have no means of writing the books, which is how mine was started off as well. So how have I done anyway by the way; all that bad upbringing and a process where I am picking up the tabs like it was my responsibility and I was their father or something? I mean I am not assuming The Queens responsibility here as such it’s a matter of how it goes on air everyday that a lot of people will have a share in my earnings and my business will be broken up and shared; what do people mean by such things? They were saying they will take it by violence which is what those stupid false confidence media lies have afforded them as well. So I am only making it clear the violence they are talking about; perhaps it’s the one that will breach the gap between their professional lives and mine or the one about which God will be on their side because truth and justice is on it.


My actions do not indicate in any way that I think money is everything or that they are dangerous otherwise; the fact of it is that if you let people get around savaging your property to tell you that you think people with potential always become rich and that it appears to you that others will let you become so no matter what potential you have got and so that they want to experiment what will happen if that is not the case as though you are the one speck on the planet that bothers them the most; then you wonder and pick up the pieces around what it does for violence and discrimination and so on but I have actually been doing so daily for a decade and it is unfathomably annoying. Every single thing I do with respect to my livelihood must by them be put through the same process daily on that stupid media and that stupid Politics and I don’t like it when people think human beings do not deserve to suffer like I have been made to, I am not suffering. I think I will like to handle that homosexual society as well myself for example and find out what happens if it goes the other way, it’s just really annoying the audacity to touch my property and put it through the same process daily.

Next we hear them report their news about security in the UK; Olympics security maybe or something else maybe but it must have something to do with tensions in the middle east and the risks we face in the UK, this sort of news they say is retaliation for actions I carry out to damage their media businesses thinking my own affairs are untouchable. What they never tell people of course is how it starts which is that they find out there are these women who get around with me for that aspect of my life and work which involves a process of things I do not do anymore like get out to speak in public and they do that because they are reporters and want it, while I am a writer who stays at home to write my books, so I hand it to them and they stay around, so what these goons do is get involved and ensure every sex they want to have is had on it, every lawlessness, every perversion and now it is become every violence and every wickedness. The other aspect where they report news about terrorism and security in revenge then must be the part where I may not necessarily believe I would act in such ways if I were a big strong man that works behind cameras on new stations or behind radio waves instead if I want i.e. believing that since I can drum up public support for anything, that the idea people own things does not apply to me and that I am really powerful but I must accept that people are acting in such ways; so my question is where those rubbish they get up to really are news that need reporting.

They say there are Politicians that support their activities of course and it must then apply I am one of those that does not know that and have not been clear to the Politicians that do, that everybody in the world might be a personal friend and family of theirs but it is business period. As for the part where I am the greatest threat to freedom in the world in an ideological sense especially; I have no idea what reducing my campaigns against freedom lovers will do for their academic and professional achievements, all I know is that they live in a disgusting bubble that nobody wants to be part of and shoot off opinions from there regularly. About which if I mention they will show signs of self improvements to make changes which I suppose would mean they are making an effort to come round on the matter of what it means when people are more experienced or wiser than they are; the bit where people are aesthetically up to everything they are and if they are not destroyed nobody gets to rest and stuff, they expect me to believe they will come through at the other end of such learning at their age, they expect me to believe that when they are so close to drawing their pensions.

Now this was not an act on my part of doing or interfering with the Queens job, this was about doing something because they undercut me after I had worked so hard to build a gap between them the problem makers who claim they are making Politicians relevant and those who make something else, like jobs and economic growth, only for Politicians to tell me my business will be confiscated, broken up and shared with everybody. I mean they really believe that when I do such things it is because I think they are relevant and hence come up with things I need to hurry up and do, changes to what they stand for which I have to keep up with and so on and then the promise of violence to take from me anything they want to take from me as well with a big mouth.

It’s the same with when they say I would be nothing if I had no body to blame for my purposes. Its utter rubbish because it must mean for example that if Iraq was not invaded nothing could have been done to ensure Al-Qaida stays in Afghanistan and has nothing to do with Europe or the US and or that nobody can do anything to ensure racism stays in Europe and does not bug others outside of it for example, whereas in actual fact as far as I am concerned what racism promises is the idea of blacks in black continent and whites in white continent and then everybody will work hard to be rich and powerful but worse still is the actual fact they do not expect to achieve such things by work or anything, so the only means of settling their issue is to ensure that they stay out of the lives of people in the world travelling where they want to, to get about their various affairs. I mean when they say I would achieve nothing if I had no body to blame. The big issue here is that I do not see any of the racial crime dog whispering Politicians losing their lives, I mean it’s not that I care when 6 year old enemies of people’s freedom are dead as such but those murders create a precedent.

So of course they will claim that having said such things indicate a victory that they have won which is utter nonsense, they have won so much victory, it is the bit where I put a distance between them and their manufacture of problems and others who create something else and they think it is a process of thinking that they are relevant and as I said the irresponsible MPs who think that the safe way to do things will not exist unless they obtain preferential treatment from it are not dying and that it has become a serious issue but does not detract from the fact people will not be caught dead putting an end to voting for them either, they think I must mention it before they get to do so and it’s like when they go to church to do wicked things that I am not very kind to as well but see me tolerate those things from those who do not attend church and set off to claim they have some right to reclaim something from me. It is the bit where I cannot get my head round how a process where righteousness is preached everyday gets to offer possibilities for wickedness because of course if it was pain old fashioned sin, they will want to keep it secret. Hence they love to claim I belong to them in a bid to ensure none of my decisions are respected but the end product of course is the usual stuff; I am meant to be the good looking person that uses my looks to create popularity that they control for getting rich and famous and for creating problems that make Politicians relevant and they will not stay away from me and or leave me alone as it were, so when I put distance between them and others who do not create problems for a profession they under cut me and tell me they will get in touch with my parents in order to break up and share my business and income to bring about social equality. It is how people do wicked things in church and expect me to put up with it and it is how people expect me to make statements about how the actions of the Labour party is not designed as that which the bad things they have done is a phase towards a higher calling before they stop voting for it.

For them they say it is a time when they have reached a stage of development where the Monarchy is abolished and power is handed over to them the so called people but in actual fact it is not such a time in anyway whatsoever, it is a time to teach them the importance of not using your means to acquire other people’s property i.e. one person owns five companies, so if he worked for it, it is as good as five people owning five companies but if one person owns five companies by acquisition then we will face recession if that trend continues, they need to give it up and stop talking rubbish all the time, those rubbish that are mostly born from a process of keeping people safe by making sure others stay in their countries of origin to control those whose property they have set their eyes on with the help of their irresponsible Politicians, which I don’t mind either since I have a habit for seeking out and destroying those little things they pick up to make extra cash – the existence of those things especially the media kind is my biggest problem.


I do not have a problem with myself as such, I just cannot get my head round why anybody would get into a habit of provoking me or abusing me in a sexual context as well; I mean there are people who hold their lives together by thinking of me on one hand and there are others who provoke me all the time to get a reaction and then tell me it’s about something I have refused to give them which is really intimate on the other; what does it mean? A beautiful person they can abuse without consequences and so on? They need to stay away from me otherwise it will get worse from putting gap between them and those who create other things except problem and having a problem with their need for fame, sex and youth, to something even more sinister.

I believe most people will not find this outcome particularly surprising as well anyway. 

I mean who on earth gets to place reporters on National Television that use bullying which they practice to get a reaction from me as something they are addicted to, to tell me to do something to increase the profile or betterment of Stock Exchange market stocks and then tells me it’s on when I do not want him to tell me when or how to do anything whatsoever including this; what monumental idiot would think it is okay to inflict such things on others? It’s like they say enemy of freedom but think it is either okay to inflict on a specific person the need to do something to better Company stocks at the stock market or they do it to get a person to do the fighting against their enemies for them while they use the persons privileges they have laid their hands on via their livelihood to enjoy the high life which of course will soon be more likely to make other progress too. They always think they are evil and that I have never seen their type before (idiots that have a cause behind getting on National Television to claim I hold blessings by which stock market companies can get higher yield and need to release them; fools that think of themselves advocates of freedom who are friends of the United States).

The prognosis of their attitude is idea I react to absolutely everything that moves and of course is utter rubbish, I don’t; that will rather have been the creation of female violence hungry fascist idiots that would like the idea of a man that is so broken by their insults he becomes homosexual that they want to create one out of me, especially the Americans who need to be shown their place of course and with respect to the fascist matter of how I must have damaged their lives or my kind was responsible at some point due to things they wish to get from me which they have no right to, we are beginning to end up in a place where the real problem is that they cannot buy products for consumption because they can buy them to extricate emotional and psychological management that will make them into the introvert that was extricated from the black introvert that was not superior enough to be one and for the American ones that like to think they are really tough and enjoy getting on media to see they have what I have which of course is a function of my faith, while they want to have it through their wickedness on the left, it becomes really provocative and really personal.

I mean because I am a Christian, when people hurt me it gives them good feelings, all the protection from witchcraft that I have kept to myself while there is claims made by them that there is no god which facilitates a process where they have all that peace and I don’t and indicates they are powerful enough to take from the weak. When they make out they have what I have on the left and will do anything to keep me from destroying it, it becomes really provocative and really personal. The claim I react to everything that moves and it is why they like to attack me to have fun is completely fabricated but we see its purpose; the Prince and the modern people, difference is this is not their lives and I am not giving them back those their insolent lives either, they will come round here and get it when ready.

So this is where being a Christian and therefore getting hurt by them so they can have good things from doing so, especially good feelings, has ended up. They love to tell people not to inform me it is what is happening, so I don’t act to change one of the privileges they get because they have money and it will end really badly as well.