I do not invent most of the things people complain I do, it is the things people do to give me license to do the ones I do. I mean there is a Christian in town and if you are a narcissist of a racist or whatever, you can get blessings out of him without having to repent, as long as everything is out there for people to access.  So it is the one where the barge into my personal life in order to talk rubbish at me and manipulate me that happens to have been where they have won but they will not quit while they are winning, when they wreck peoples finances they will do that daily for a decade and now if it comes to it I must put that entire parliament down to history so that I might be able to control what happens to me and sell my books. So that I might do them on racism and wealth distribution and equality as well, so they can get to tell me I will tend to stop at some point. The Pop stars are just the same, they barge into your life but the purpose is different i.e. to find who your worst enemies are and if you have none they create you one, just so that they can use it as point of blackmail to control and manipulate you to get rich and famous; so until you completely wreck that industry it will never rest for now it is the same with the Politicians, they will never quit while they are winning.

The matter of the tax rate being levied on the rich is just something that has been handled on the Political side very badly. I mean do we have rich people paying more tax in this country because it is the only way that it can raise revenue or do we have rich people paying higher taxes because poor people cannot pay their way in the world.

I mean poor people did not just stumble on the recession, they were party to it. There was a time in this country where every 21 year old had to have a debt to improve his credit rating in case he needed mortgage for example – it was the very thing that made sense out of the student loans business because it was always better for them to have that debt getting a degree and also imporving their credit rating as well. However in my case bearing in mind people like black people and my stupid mother had access to my details to wreck my credit rating with etc, I had something I needed to develop to make myself enough money so I don’t have to have need of debt and because of it, an idiot who walks around their city like he is superior to them has come round to tell them how to live their lives and it took off from there all the way to getting jobs only when they are jobs I have been refused and I am still at least 5 years older than they are, so it is where I did them as well for it really paid off and the socialists got their hands on it; they have lost things like the jobs that big cleaning contract businesses used to favour young people with because the industry is now full of people with websites for whom others are doing cleaning jobs to work for with the essential requirement they have a car and a drivers license, they have lost things like royal mail jobs and those a just to mention a few; obviously we can see that enough of those have been happening since it is clear that if enough of it happens there will be recession. I have only spent so much of my time making sure they have no choice but vote for it, let them vote for it, there is something seriously wrong with them. I mean we all know we play around with and vote for socialists if we are financially comfortable and others like me that can handle them simply do it whether or not we are financially comfortable but take a look at a 12 yar old today and he is the most violent collaborator with people who like to abuse you already. It is not as if you can get hold of him and beat him up mercilessly these days anymore so what does it really mean?

This great idea on the other hand that I have so much problems is unfounded in truth. The truth is that I have only one problem which is old idiots and their obsession with getting on media to abuse me so that they can send me on stupid errands as well. Usually of course you think about it as something people want to do and so you can ignore them but they will want my attention and so they will get help from Politicians to access my finances for it, so I have come to the deduction they have something to prove and will now have to bloody prove it since I do not intend to just let it happen and go away. I mean I cannot do anything about the fact they were born into the world long before I was and had considerable time in the work force to earn some disposable money but it should have nothing to do with me. When I say I cannot make out where they got involved with my affairs with their insolent corruptions of involvement, I mean with respect to how I was a man apart from them which resulted in a process where women wanted to be around me and a follow on act from them of competing with me over who the best man is rather than respect for what I was famous for which I never did deserve; all of these of which is a worthy use of my time and especially because I am a Christian the kind of thing that my attention should be spent on. But I do remember why they do the things they do, it had to do with grabbing my books and using it to inspire women unnecessarily knowing it will make them lazy and this of course is where women collaborated with me as well while they collaborate with the violent side of society which is where collecting my privacy for those who can do violence for others from whom I stole it from had now led. So women collaborate with me and then stand with me to fight them as well. Now we have only one issue over all and that is the matter of my books of which all I know is that I write a book and then I publish it and buy copies of it to sell hoping others will want to buy copies of it from me and sell it in their shops too but somebody will pick up the books because he had a responsibiity to print and read them and set off all over the world. Set off all over the world with a published book which rights already belong to somebody-I have never asked them to stretch me and cannot make out which of any of those things belong to them. So this is a good example of why I never speak of it lest I have less fun and will never let it go away because they have something to prove and will prove it too.


In the end it transpired that whenever people want to ensure there is excess cash in their Bank account with their existing jobs, they must have the perks of my job at arms length and that means of course my books and having access to it before anybody else on the planet does without buying their own copy and their Politicians have not yet paid for wrecking my finances and academic work so they can build themselves up to this; what some of them want to talk about is how I like the personality aspects of republicanism but do not like republicanism because it does not suit me, whereas the only problem that republicanism really has is the fact when I happen to have no more Government responsibilities to be engaged with, I will be able t channel most of my strength to making money and of course signs are that they want to control that as well calling it a revolution that has more to do with other people who are completely unconnected with it and their Offices.