As for my sexual habits and the problem people have with those considering that what I do with it is not counted as part of my privileges; those things I do are not my sexual habits they are the result of their madness. These are a group of people that want democracy but the prognosis is an attack of those who think that it should be a moral thing and that is just half the problem because the other half is about doing things to me which are democratically inconvenient then turning up in public to change facts to extract democracy from me at the same time as well with a big mouth that suggests it is something they can enforce all the time. So for it I have anal sex with their women which are not in reality but as state of affairs, which is all good too, so when I get hold of them I will most certainly bend them up the other way as well as violently as possible. I mean I do not owe them any debt and even if it is suggested that I do, really do I? The fact my work is controlled by the establishment means I can do some things I am asked to do, does not give anybody liberty to stifle my earnings and keep me cash strapped for the best part of eight years or does it, really?

I have never really done anything about which somebody has manipulated or forced me into doing in this country or anywhere else; as far as I am aware it is about the fact when I am busy with what I am doing they turn up to play out all their violent desires on me which they then make out means that anything else I do after that violence is something they made me do as a function of order given and so each time I am finished with my preoccupation I do really feel as though I want to find out what their problem with the violence is because without it they will have gotten no reaction from me whatsoever and none of it will ever get noticed. Now it is being combined with the plan to get rich which has to do with attacking me and then sharing money among themselves and bluffing all the time to handle my earnings for a long as they need to in order to get rich anyway whether I am happy with it or not and it will be their doing as well.

I mean I will have to ask pardon for my speaking about it in very light manner when they are something really serious but there is nothing substantial to be found in all those lies they tell so they can move into my right hand and no sooner than they had sex in it and told me, so I might have to make them unsex it and get the hell out as well. Much the same with the thing about the heir to the throne and popular culture; I don’t know what he thinks he has in common with them, I have to grapple with top MOD staff with respect to popular culture which is a certain aspect of something they do alongside work which is concerned with a certain kind of diplomacy that is only concerned with the common wealth and now I have to grapple with the future King as well. I mean if I don’t what do they suppose they are going to do about it – or else what?

I don’t know why it is still suggested I should be responsible to Politicians by the way, we had moved away from that some time ago; when I had enough of a process where each time I finish my work and they are informed the coast is clear, the first thing they take aim at and fire at is my earnings. So if they wish to know the length and width of it, then they ought to know it is a matter between myself and my state provided security and the MOD and that stupid pop music that ends up at the other side to squander my salary before I have a penny in the bank for all my work, plus a Court on the media for work, plus a royal Court and that is all there is to it, nothing I have to be accountable to Politicians for.

Now there is talk these days of the fact that people think that poorer people are undeserving, whereas they are hard working people. This is not the case, people actually know that poorer families are deserving and hard working, the trouble is that most of them decide that at last 45% of what poorer families do which they feel are activities channelled towards paid employment should be a financial waste of money and time; a typical example is the current condition where I figure that this is a market for information that I can take advantage of and the biggest problem that forges the bases on which things happen that are incredible which I have to put up with for that is the idea that I might earn money doing to, all together of which completely defies the imagination of any normal person in this world, all of the time and it getting worse as well. So it is now for me a question of whether I will sell the books or not and getting people off my profit margins determines some of the things I do where other questions have emerged as well, along with several other issues. So in my case they think that half of what I do with respect to paid employment should have something to do with violence and that this is the half that should be mine and the other half should have something to do with money and that this is the half that should be their own - they came to this prognosis when they sat at their tall buildings at the city centres to figure out how to run their fashion establishments, for those of them that show themselves in public places all of the time that is, then realise my books would work wonders for their fashion thing but settle however instead on how to acquire its contents without getting a purchased copy of their own which becomes an abuse they set as a trend on public media as though the entirety of existence itself is developed around them, therefore there is nothing anybody can do about it and of course as though I am not yet notorious enough as well. For it I will get worse and worse until they get off my profit margins. Then there are also the old idiots that never tire of turning up on my television set and radio as well, mostly being as helpful to me in the most destructive way imaginable in a patronising manner because it will help with the process of making up reasons for it, if they can, to see me occupied with one thing after another with a heavy and possibly sick chest created by them, so that they can distract me while they top up their stupid fame; for those it seems that when I say they cannot stand up somewhere in Mayfair or Kensington to talk such rubbish they do with respect to me and my work while they get around with the great and the good and sip expensive drinks, they do not understand it is something they must adhere to - so I will get worse and worse in that respect too until they get off my profit margins. So in the end we live in a class society as it is and those things are completely unnecessary, so yes it is true they say what I do for the books is over bearing and does not express the fact they are just books but since I wrote these books I have been aware that they are just books all along, while for their part, it seems that whenever I speak of economic matters, they are more interested in raising a fact about something they know concerning how black people normally relate with white people, which they do not see me say anything about as it continues on my profit margins as well; so they need to stay away, well away from the book sales and profits and as I said, the question now is whether I will sell the books or not and that it seems is what we will find out. As for the Muslim ones; there is violence and there is violence born out of stupidity but they are in a different league and like to make out it is because I create the idea I can tolerate any thing and still look as beautiful as I ever was; it is in the same way people will hit them as well obviously.


All that is left thereof and should be is the matter of silly girls that sell themselves in places where big boasts and expensive holidays happen, which therefore applies in their view that they can thus venture to tell any boy of their choice what to do and how to behave and more so like they always venture to as violently as they do. I will not relinquish any equity used to create any of the atmospheres in any of those places which I have not authorised but the particularly daring ones tend to live in the US, who have no sense whatsoever that money is made through work that is directly connected with paid employment, so they carry little hand bags and seek prerogatives to gut other peoples livelihood in order to present before those who have it and on the personal prognosis that the route to money is their self esteem as well. The problem here is the access, the why not question and the squander that is worked with those insolent threats as well, which they think is very funny and I don't. I always say in school they would not dare but out here they have put up enough distance to do whatever they like and I need to ensure that gap fails and there are conversations about it - I do not find it to be funny and I ought to state clearly the questions; do I think that very badly raised girls with small expensive handbags who think that money comes from prerogatives offered to those who have got it is something that America can do without? The answer to this question is absolutely but it is not up to me. So again I do not find it funny and the way the blocks look is that they are something that Wall Street has created, I am something that the Church of England has created and I have always found it very difficult to tolerate them. Access, why not questions and squander of my income after handling of my business is funny indicates they think of themselves to be terribly lucky and I do not yet know why I think of them to be so as well.

Naturally there is always the top of media bullying on the suggestion government Policy in the UK is not favourable for businesses and they will use their media to ensure the business go somewhere else unless I let them have what they want in the form of attention and controversy to get more attention and so on. It’s like the old story of claims I refuse to recognise most of the problems I speak of are created by black people when they are given money to get around to it, especially on the bit where they want to claim to have spiritual powers to make people rich or make people poor or bring about electoral success by white people who don’t know I have the fundamental right to go to work every day without having to deal with dog whisperings for racism which makes them think I have been dominated, they have moved into my personal life and now somebody needs to do something to stop the fight in a condition where I will never move on with a big mouth and guess which party they always come from but its Labour of course naturally.

Then it comes to a head when they tell me they are onto me because I speak of why they need to get the hell out and stay out when in actual fact I have first of all always been aware they are dunces that like to bring out of people with their bullying the intense desire to cause them pain, so that when they do violence it means they can recognise damager and are not so stupid after all, which is how they like to tell me their stuff did not look like mine and so I should be sharing none of the things they get to learn from what I say and do, whereas as early as 5am they on my case to get rich and famous as it stands with the help of their Labour party idiots. From here they tell me that if I continue in that way they will know enough and take away that royal estate that gets to my head and that is why we have already ended up in a condition where I want the media as an entity to be a royal property of mine and will most definitely make history with them before it comes to an end like it should. The other side of the matter of course is that they are weed smoking drugs taking idiots that spend all their lives in narcotics and crime and violence and therefore think I should be scared of them but I am not of the opinion that I would be the first to have decided that when you deal with that their stupid power of revenge where they cannot let you breathe because they know that you can only end up attacking one of them and the rest of the gang will have revenge, it will lead to other things like rubbish about how you tend to show you are really clever at the violence which encourages and builds gangs – I am simply expressing here the fact there will be no such state of affairs of escalation when I am finished with them for my part. In the end the point is that I am the boss and they are not and this is why their insults are lucrative however the idea that they have found this person all be it a Christian that they get good things from each time they cause harm to is a prognosis of genocide and I wonder why anybody would act prognosis of genocide at me when I have never met them before, except they have been targeting me with whispers for their purposes at their local communities where they conspire for these things, which as I said I have the right to go to work without living with a condition where people do such things to me and this is why I want the idea of the entity of media as a whole along with that stupid popular culture as a royal property of mine for the violence that goes on underneath will be ignored whenever there is any talk about it as well. The last part is that they are all criminals who have spent tax payers money on themselves to become barely criminal and so the idea is that they are barely criminal as a state of affairs which suggests that they are being nice because I am co-operating which if I didn’t would provoke them and this is why their insolent MPs like to get on Parliament to build up confidence to fight me and harm me every single say because if I act they can dog whisper for racism on account that my actions will have created another state of affairs that racists think is something I do to involve them in my problems; so we all try to get along with these kinds of provocations and insults in part, so that we can live in a multicultural society, it does not mean that when I speak about tolerance we have settled in on that end to the fight where they move into my right and sit around to tell lies and I cannot move on; they need to stay the hell outside of it. This is the part that explains what I really think of them i.e. they are criminals you see and to secure a win, win condition for their criminal activities they must secure somebody to practice them on who has property that cannot be quantified by law; so they are crazy about young people for it and in my case think that one thing will happen and when I say something about it society will believe another on account they have hatred for me from black communities to play with, which is really nothing but the fact they think their civil rights robbery works with everybody and when it does not with me tell me I can never escape them like I can never escape my skin colour with that left wing rubbish. So it is getting worse and worse too and we all have to live in a moderate existence as it were.

As for the part where I should be scared of them because they are on to me; they are always onto me and I find it complicated where exactly I need to start being scared of it. It is either they think they are my parents so when I work for money it vanishes or I ought to be scared because they are onto me. What I really think of it is that the real me believes that these Labour Party goons needs to be led as a matter of fundamentalism i.e. when somebody tell you that each time you build a business you need to stop earning money from it so that they can share it with their stupid children who have confidence issues because they have not got a business like that, you really do realise there is a lot of things they need to be taught and educated about and when they do not wish to carry along there needs to be a ring in their noses to drag them along. So it’s all very well to say I need to be scared because they are onto me; nobody will ever figure out why they make animals of the skin heads like they do and why they are so keen on making me sick with OCD in order to turn out and mix spirits to get rich with that their left wing retarded and violent rubbish that gets attention and concern from people all the time, which they make out is a process of getting rich and famous and important. So in a nutshell this is me; clearly even when you do not want to lead them, you are in the game anyway and I am not really of the opinion that I am the first or the only one either.


This is usually the point at which to tell me that I speak the way I do but all they do is really a function of what my supporters do to them; however everybody knows I have more friends in the Common wealth and in the US where people like my work, than I do in the idea that my entire life revolves around the operation a certain British Government. So these are supposed to have been repercussions for telling me how scared I need to be and how much they are onto me as well which tends to happen all the time.

Some say the bane of all the problems I face is because I live a care free life and expect to get a day job and move on, this they do because they expect me to tell them about my work so they can steal my fame on media. The fact is that I do not live a carefree life; I am an Arch Prince and there is not much I can do to express that fact beyond the hatred I court from older men, especially those their like to chase money, fame and what they describe as their youth and the stupid young people that get in on the action with them. For now everything they do to harm me is based on this pre-emptive strike to make sure I am of no threat to them whatsoever in a failed insolent and violent attempt to seem wise but their behaviour regardless towards what happens to be my personal and private property is foulest anywhere in the world you might measure it. So I am supposed to guess the usual stuff id what they expect from it all i.e. I am socialist, I was born blah, blah, blah year and to very poor parents who worked in mines while I simply grew up to be a stone cutter who lived a very difficult and hard life and settled in on who I wanted to assassinate and then at a certain age carried it out and the result was therefore the death of a man who would not let other people breathe because children exist.