The story of trouble I will get into with Politicians is utter rubbish in the circumstances of where we are at present; they are talking so much nonsense about the level of trouble they will create seeking others to met some out for them too like they already have: in my case it is more about what they do with respect to how the two main reasons for the wicked things people do are women and money and a Christian should be spending his time finding what to preach about it but instead provokes them by going off to get jobs that are more important than the ones they have. I hear it is said I advocate for a condition where horrible things happen to those who have not provoked me in such ways, the reality of course is rather that it is difficult to work out how those who are civil rights fraudsters and love to bully children and young adults find it difficult to accept there are those they could not bully as Children who have also grown up and moved on which is why they are always onto me like I owe them a debt or am completely harmless with that big mouth: I dont think the matter is one of a major concerns of mine, it’s just that most people in the UK who are not white are likely to have been Asylum seekers or those who have been naturalised in the UK – what we have now because of a collection of twisted socialist and liberal scum going overseas to find as applies in my case, my parents who will make me behave how they want is idiots who have had people do horrible things to them for their wickedness before and are now angry at everything that moves and want revenge on society, a filthy bad habit they can be allowed to get away with which really convinces others that what was done to them therefore was nowhere near anywhere near enough or hurting as badly as it should have: I see them have a go at me all the time for it and talk nonsense about their absurdities in Africa and my case is that when they pull off homosexuality at my expense I will rock their fucking worlds as it were and we understand we are not talking about that rubbish of theirs of lazy greedy man has no more energy to work for the money and relies on the insults of stupid women on media as well, which best explains me making noise and explains what they should expect if they come round here throwing punches as I must have heard such nonsense as I have from them from a million scumbags like them ending in exactly the same way. When they see white people that are evil, they cannot tell because there is so much money in the white man’s country that all things are okay no matter what and when they see a good black man they pick on and bully and attack that to get rich and famous and turn up all the time to talk nonsense that suggest they are confident that nobody can ever become fed up with their stupidities and the fact they are rather hard of hearing.

Where Scottish independence fits into the issue is a simple case of the fact the only reason it is happening is that there is a sense of vacancy out there in the international community for a role that a small country can play which means those who create and lead such a small country into existence will be better off for life – it has nothing to do with the actual welfare of Scotland. I mean it makes no sense whatsoever as they always say they want to create a freer and fairer and more prosperous Scotland, when they cannot be successful in the UK but will be successful in an independent Scotland. Americans like to support those sort of things and I dont think they are a threat either – everybody knows republican racism is at its best when you have been chasing fools errands until you are fed up about existing all together and so the question becomes why you would want to do that to yourself while the other more important question becomes why you would allow those who inflict it on you like these African scum seeking homosexuality go away without punishment that matches their filth and depravity. I dont personally think that Scottish people will vote positive for Scottish independence, it’s just that the argument that the Nationalists table before them of a fairer society is very persuasive but if you do open the facts to them about the reality that it has nothing to do with the welfare of Scotland and is all about closing the box on an original provocation so that they might get about dominating people, they will largely throw it out of their affairs.; so it does not apply that I have closed my mind to anything the Nationalists say – the reality is that power mongers in Scotland will vote for independence, I mean they have to because they are the sort of people: the women want to be able to mess with your personal life in a sexual context to make sex industry from it and black mail you over their stupid needs that never seem to run out as violently as only they can, while the men want to find any finish jobs of yours and go there to have a shit and talk nonsense about their need to live in a Country where you can fulfil your full potential, then they tell me I do not recognise some of the things I do is an overkill when they are so determined to screw around with me such as how I will win all the fights in the world but never one that involves what I want in order to share how they feel and start and argument towards having a new Country and we will never settle in on what economy we want or where the recession ended and recovery started if people do not start to punish it and punish it regularly.  I for my part have informed them my work is Intellectual Property Administration and if they subvert it one more time we will find out what they are made of as well. Everybody has the lowest and commonest denominators in their lives such as their anus and penis and very private and personal parts of their body which they after all do not need to be factorised by before we hear a real outcry over somebody digging deep and down on them as well to ensure that they have some fear for others going on in that stupid lives of theirs, since nothing I have done so far yet is enough to deter. We do hear I am completely incapable of dealing with being laughed at but I dont see what is funny about people thinking they ought to mess up your livelihood and make fun of it seeking power and recognition and making up stories that blame it on you because of what you have done about it not being made public before it was done – while they are at it they have a name to their faces and families and grand families and spouses etc but expect me to consider them to be some kind of phenomenon – hence having been the Christian having things done to him that have never been done in terms of lawlessness with regards to his person and possessions, having been the Christian turned homosexual is a genocide that has no physical violence and cannot be seen happening, he has now decided he wants to apply the same attitude to their lifestyles and their way of life as well which is why it is becoming increasingly impossible for idiots that get all over media and find their way around corridors of the American Parliament and International communities to exist and I will not stop as long as they are seen around my book sales: hence when I say my work is intellectual property administration and we will find out what they are made of if it is subverted just one more time and yes we hear their noise making all the time now that I have not yet considered them to be something I want to put down as history and therefore to that effect have an objective. That I am mentally disturbed is a matter of the fact black people and their women feel they should be able to treat mentally disturbed people in appalling ways because it is linked to being privileged to do so and just as you know civil rights will not let you decide you cannot be seen robbing against them because they are stupid and it will create a contact point and wreck your life with access, you have to realise that the females do not need sex equality if they already have that and that they are aware of such a fact too. It is never true that I am being used by a bunch of media fools – most of what these people do is a matter of a case of make sure he does not take a breath after you wind him up and we will build up all sorts of nonsense that will benefit us from there including abuses they claim is about knocking my anus because they want shit and so on which actually means that they should not be forgiven because they do see me attend Church and know what my religious and faith persuasion is: the reality is that I come from a broken home and it is their deviance that broke up the family and when they know my mum who is to make me behave how they want, wreck my finances with it, turn up to control me at the civil service, want my personal life, make it into one of their biggest media and Political assets for the purpose of dominating and oppressing me, they are robbing it in my face as well and want some of mine which is why they get it. I dont need to lose my cool all the time for that either anyway. I dont think they are a huge problem either – it’s just that at the moment I am talking and they are blowing off the big mouth and I have not yet gotten off to digging them up hard and low and really low and at the lowest and fast and hard and really deep so that when they see me at a distance they feel fear in them that something they do not appreciate will most likely happen, having been I have not of which they have been instead so that they get to do it and handle my finances as well at the same time and then my personal life and do that stupid fame and fortune of which their celebrities can no longer claim they are famous these days anymore lest they are handled by others in the same way. So when it comes to it the story is that I will not stay off their case and the simple way out of that has always been the part where they stay off my books as well – I am not being made to share anything, they need to stay off my book sales first.

They do claim I have no respect for what provokes politicians and those who work such systems but of course the reality has always been that when a group of people sit down to discuss matters of grave importance in a group they belong which you dont and you have an opinion or get involved, then the result can be grave violence but when they have wrecked your life as a specimen and an ingredient they need to have a new country they want a piece of you as well and there is no reason they shouldn’t get it; they like to make out they can do it if they know they can beat me up any time they want to and this abject lack of respect is something I cannot get used to as well for my part and therefore have no idea whatsoever why they love to think the conversation they seek so much is important but yes apparently we get the point with that big mouth. I mean women of whom 90% are desirable can wreck people’s lives and nobody knows what the fuck they are doing in there besides using them and then pretending I am a piece of wood and they will not suffer for it as well. I do not feel that it is unusual, it is a particular kind of wickedness that fundamentally hates everything pure and loves to wreck people’s homes and loves to detach people from their faith and religion and so on and they cannot keep their filthy and insolent hands to themselves on that stupid media and especially for those of them that go off to work in the services – everybody has an anus and a penis and there is no need to be factorised by it except they have ideas and talk nonsense all the time about why they should do it to those they can beat up. Their evils will hold sway when I no longer have all the power over it; their evils of money and evils of sex and evils of power and so on – no point turning out on media to pass around insults which will bring me to a conversation on grounds they can beat me up with that big mouth only.

People are being forced to do this and forced to do that in Europe is the story we hear from the Politicians but the reality is that there is no such thing – the reality is that they think they want to crush those who benefit from a history of a second world war in which Germany was defeated and therefore feel they have no plans to integrate with the Germans and this is what they need to do and stop talking nonsense all over the place. Apparently it seems that doing it is a really difficult thing in which case nobody will work out a sound explanation for their insults shot off endlessly at those who do it with ease either: they speak of black people who ally themselves with Germans being twisted and evil and having no sense of right and wrong and basically glorifying themselves over the thirst for counterfeiting and other property vandalism they love so much but what about their own here in the UK and how much respect they tend to show for other peoples possessions and the ones from France are not doing so well over terrorism and the Middle East either, only that big mouth about whom they appear to be tougher than and need to be afraid of them. In the end it simply boils down to a simple fact that a Politician goes into government office to pillage the possessions of Royalty to make better his or her own and if they happen not to stay off my book sales and their idiots pillage my work one more time we will definitely find out what they are made of as well and those complains about what is happening to their various fraternities will be the least of their worries too.

I hear the part where women are the source of the problem of course and it is never clear why they always turn up around women instead of take a stand and fight those they provoke so they can talk less nonsense about who is supposed to let them have what they want on account of fear, when the Bible specifically teaches us not to fear scum like them who think the fact that people have bodies and private parts in their bodies have to become a means of factorising them in the most insolent way imaginable as though it is impossible to bring them low and instil fear into them as well. The ones on British Media like to make out they came from the violent sides of fraternities Politicians belong more or less and are people you need to be scared of but they are saying it to me from a distance as well with that big mouth: they can either take it or leave it the fact the Christian does not want to be corrupted because they are powerful and violent and deviant but cannot do it unless they are handling women in order to or they can keep talking nonsense and making light work of the things I do instead as well.

So the next time they feel like black idiots God’s gift to the world double sided double minded evil nonsense that ends with self improvement of other peoples righteousness like their American counterparts, they can use their own to do it so they might better understand what the price for peace is. None of it surprises me in any way since we all know it’s a matter of greed, which nonsense I will not tolerate from them either and the physicality of it not being punished is where they build their insolent self confidence from until I start to dig in for my part as well. I mean it has even gone from their race crap to the story of paedophilia in Church - like devil worshipers who want to make me disapprove what the devil and his followers come into Church to do to themselves, hence the question of what they can do if I don't and what part the mighty Americans, mighty with a big mouth can play on the matter thereof: I really do love it when the fact you are busy with other matters leads to a condition where you do not pay attention to their need for a filthy disgusting evil and violent habit around you, so that when they think they have changed their stupid lives to that effect and settled on it, that notion seems to coincide with when you are idle so that it might be reversed as well - it’s a bit nice and twisted and violent thereof. The story of how my activities mean people at the establishment cannot have a moments rest is not based on reality – it is only measured by stupid black girls with a temper talking to the world about how I feel it is my twitter account and that I can therefore do anything, or goons like Simon Cowel thinking my recent actions are not a function of having made a resolution that any one more time he damages my work will result in a process where I settle his case on account I feel I dont want to be made to look stupid so they can deploy mine to make their stupid fame and fortune anymore which then makes him and his stupidities much less important than he thought they were. The fact is that for every need to write something of the websites, there is always a job that the Monarchy has taken up at least three days before I write what I write and so everything politicians say about me has nothing to do with anything else but a process where I have royal friends and have a company to run and they have no respect for my company and livelihood on account they have got one of their own and are in government office to seek more privileges for it; hence it is either they stay out of my life and out of my work and concerns or I will be left with no other choice than wring my sales out of black people that racists obviously want like dead meat all the time and dont ask me why about that one and of course turn out to be a real nightmare for white people at the global markets thereof. I do rather enjoy this process of talking about aspects of their cultures and lives and societies that they think are untouchable – just in case the part where they feel that getting close to me or my work makes hem potty which is the reason behind these stupid threats does not seem to deter them yet even when I have mentioned I will no longer be intimidated by them or their celebrities, financially or not as it were – just in case I might have to arm it.


That I am facing difficult and tasking violations or my work and lots of challenges to my sanctity and person is not a new claim; they do that all the time – the first was that they needed to dominate me before I am allowed to finish my academic work, knowing a Christian will rather die than give up his faith but wanting it because they had selected me to flush my life down the toilet for some reason they found they will deem to be communally amusing at a later date – then there is the way it applied in the sense that if they had dominated me I would have finished the academic work because this is their Country and then there would have been another issue over jobs that is much the same. I for my part have never thought it a complicated matter either – the reality has been as simple as the fact that when I get on with my academic work and inform them they need to move on as personal diaries are full and they had failed to, I can always peel off the social and Political and cultural face of these things to make them stop and they would always have to pay that price for me to live my own life as a normal person; the reason it is a topic for conversation is when Politicians are involved and deploy government office to support them and give them the time to make me into some figure they can mess about all the time as much as they might want, give me the difficult task of dealing with the issues by selecting which is government office and then turning out in public to talk so much nonsense all the time. We hear they claim people like me smell and so on but I dont mind in any case as long as they stay off my book sales, smelling is just a product of years and years of their violent filthy abuses but when there are five communal bins in a neighbourhood and one is painted black as a result of my public work, the obvious explanation is clear i.e. it is necessary for the health and safety and well being another thing that is actually a human being; so apparently it seems that not enough of these scumbags have died yet and so we have the same attitude towards my company and the business and literary empire as well being that I had done certain things which has resulted in a condition where class A drugs business is no longer that profitable and so those who operate in it are determined to make me suffer for that using popular culture and these idiots think I smell having been brought from the best person life that everybody else covets to that by such nonsense as the need for me to respect their possessions in order to make them more important than God – so not enough of them have died yet on this either, the bloody pricks are still at it therefore; my question being that they know I am a black prince and therefore interested always in cultural wickedness and the underworld, if Politicians have listened to the fact this is what they are doing before they had decided they wanted to deploy government office to help them build a life in which I stink and they dont and turn up in public to talk nonsense all over the place, in light of the fact that people making noise about doing something about me and then doing absolutely nothing is actually common knowledge at this stage. We have already done the first stage of messing with the academic work but not yet the financial one – the part where you are legal studies student and each time parliament is mentioned memories of how much you were bullied and abused in it comes flooding all because idiots must attend school and have a hate figure to do so in order to derive succour in the evil ways only they know how and pass exams thereof – each of those occasions of parliament mentioned means you need a private diary to manage your faith and these abusive memories from them but when it is full they are still playing games with your finances and so I am sure the Politicians are aware of that before I write books again that they say should never have been written because it will make them into a plaything and hence set about stifling the sales looking for more. They do claim that every time people come in contact with my work and have ideas for making themselves better off from it, it always tends to mean that is what my books were made for and hence I write books that have no meaning and problems like me need to be solved in one way or the other – the reality of course is that these idiots are convinced that they must always be able to mess around with the market for my books and how people respond to it to create their own products and cause it to make them money which we all by the way know will be violent anyway just like when my recent behaviour has stifled music CD sales and so on: so the outcome is that a product created by somebody in their personal lives and sold at the market place to others that will use it in their personal lives is handled in that way – meaning they raise the bar all the time and then complain about my actions and activities. The media was supposed to be their defence mechanism to that effect but it seems to be the place to get to when they want to talk even more damaging nonsense about how their handling my products means I cannot be free from them no matter how hard I try and I am not trying to be free from them, there is really nothing they can do and I will take that media away from them and as time goes on settle those stupid habits of theirs around me in the same course too – there is nothing new about it, a simple case of a certain group of black people and their friends that are hunted by racists like dead meat all the time and these processes of working out the reasons for that which is how I can put it or I can say it is a matter of certain financially well off lower classes and their thirst for destruction of people’s property; we will hear them talk like this one moment but the next they are doing these things as well and eventual result as predicted is that they will complain soon enough about wealth inequality that has left them with isolation and insignificance and get about threatening and attacking and abusing people to be known and seen. You can tell them your business is trading in pencils and they will tell you they do write stuff and you will ask them if that means they need a pencil and the response will be affirmative but it will take you hundreds of years to get your money back once given to them which is why they need to threaten people every single second of their stupid lives because they know it is a fix, some kind of drug for them to do that to others in order to extricate a sense of being known. They claim my books annoy them and it makes no sense either since that does indicate the pricks can always stay away from the products and try not to shoot off stupid threats about securing acquisitions for stupid females that are sad and beautiful and should not be seen that way while I have privileges with that big mouth – everybody knows why I am always being threatened by them. Otherwise it is the same old case of hearing instead that they want my books but are not certain of the source meaning somebody is using their wealth to get rich while their fame freaks and media scum turn out to beat down every privilege in my life and my personality because I am good at fighting such things which is a fine extent of how far they can go to look for trouble and talk nonsense everywhere they are heard making noise in public and then some more nonsense to be said about how I try to avoid taking a stand to fight for my patch about which they must always be seen doing things that are unseemly to others which never means that you are going to get into a fight with them and beat them up as well only that you are not playing their stupid games with them that will split up neighbourhoods, hence that stupid media was their salvation but now the seat for threatening me and I will take it away from them too. There has never been a correct way to proceed outside of wringing your sales out of blacks and being a real problem at the global markets for the whites and we all know they say I have not got the balls but so do we also know I have never actually created a sense that they matter, I have always made out others are more important and paid them no attention whatsoever up until now. I mean I am happy to take my stand and defend my position at Industry and they do see me do some door to door distribution work and they do understand I do not solicit all the doors and understand the reason for that as well: so in order to find out if I have the guts or not they only need to continue talking nonsense about people using their stuff. Handle my books and tell me my threats are not viable.


We hear ultimately the story about wealth distribution being discussed at the highest level of Government activity of course – utter rubbish since what happens is that these goons are confident they can ask important people questions about wealth distribution and set that off as the rule in a game they want to play – the reality of wealth inequality of which is that it is a dispute not an anomaly and they are the ones that consistently feel that the purpose of a job is fighting others and making a mess of it as well to ensure as many people as possible are affected, so when those who have more money than they do kick them as well they want to be able to kick people that are poorer than they are which is why they feel such people should be living under the mercy of their ideas about wealth inequality. The part that is supposed to have made sense to the Politicians and leaders being of course the fact that wealthy people employ them and with this process of attacking poorer people use them to make money and them claim it is not their fault they cannot stop getting rich, while they set about squeezing poorer people to make their own wealth which makes wealthy people even wealthier hence the only way to deal with the problem is to take a certain percentage of the wealth of wealthy people from them and give it to the poorer people in some way that will extensively and conclusively settle a certain quota that solves a problem – I understand how persuasive this can be but the truth and reality is that this is simply one side of the story, the outcome of a prognosis and not the whole picture – the other side of the story is that for the last years I have consistently had complains from wealthy people telling me to stop playing games since they already know how these things are going to turn up and for that reason I have made plans to ensure these idiots keep their opinions and activities off the Natural environment as well. Some of these wealthy people have therefore set out that since they already know how it will turn out and that if they do not conduct some misery for them somewhere and everywhere and perhaps set out what complains about wealth inequality for this period of time and generation is to be like, they will have no peace even in their own bedrooms and hence in view of what they know they must strike first and pre-emptively – this is the storm that I have waded because if they do it will cause immense suffering for ordinary people who are already down trodden and they have seen it my way because they have continued to think that the way they conducted their business in the past was partly responsible, it is not to say therefore that these idiots can manipulate me into doing things for them and can therefore lay off fighting their corner and cling to my books and earnings even further than they already have without let up: so this is what it comes down to i.e. they need to fight their corner and leave me alone and stop pretending they are going to ask Political leaders questions on the matter and run off with it on media along with a pretence that it solves the problem for everybody. The capitalist system they say is broken and in a bit of crisis – this is not true; there is nothing wrong with the system, it is as perfectly fine as when it was first created; the reality with them is still much the same i.e. when they have a job the purpose of the income is to fight others and so that attitude develops stronger when they are seen on media on a regular basis – it means perhaps they might have saved up some 200,000 pounds and now they want to deploy that on somebody else’s possessions to get rich quick with media and so because of that the blacks will start to attack you and when you ignore them the need the whites have to steal market that you work for on a daily basis will quickly translate to forcing you to solve a problem associated with your race lest they damage other people’s lives and when you have not handled them so they can get the Politicians like they have on other occasions bragging about the damage they do becomes the thing they use to rally people to their products – it is apparently the only way to leverage people’s lives and possessions with their savings and turn up to count pennies until they become millions wrecking absolutely everything in it: in the end the system seldom comes through anyway i.e. it belonged to somebody else but since they are now the persons providing the products and or services the public will buy because they need and then the result will be that they can get as rich as they like and at that point the owner of that possession can move on and do something else with their lives or themselves, free from twisted community croons abusing them all the time because media and advertisement scum incite it, which they do every time they have tried everything and nothing else except pillaging the chosen targets life will work. So of course they also do claim that I say the owner can move on and do something else with their lives but it never works that way which is what is wrong with the system but of course that depends because if somebody is good enough at what he does, then when he leverages a person’s life and possessions to pile things high and sell them cheap – he only needs at most a four to four and a half year period to achieve his aims, should be really slow in the mind – when it has extended to 7 year periods of doing it every day and then 8 and then 9 and then 12 and hopes to carry on for good, it has become attrition, the person doing it has not got a fucking clue what he is up to, he wants a piece of you, it has become cruelty, your physical and mental health is at stake which he or she must pay for. Yes of course we do hear the part about people who are able to work the system and get what they want anyway – it is not in any way an unfamiliar story but the only way to work the system is always to determine if they have access and distance is sufficient measure and if not, whether they have a goon that can beat up those whose possessions they want to deploy and thereby meaning that he or she will have to forgive anything they do because there is nothing that can be done about it and then from there they can work whatever system they want and are still confused when I tell them I will no longer be intimidated by celebrities. The black ones are the ones that are completely aloof on the matter of how we are all men and crave power just as much as each other especially when we have already tasted some of it like I am at the moment with them – so they talk rubbish all the time and when you handle them a bit get the Politicians to deploy their office to provide privileges of injustice over a period of time and then after that simply cannot shut it the big mouth: I have been clear the next time they subvert my work we will find out what they are made of as well. I understand it is said I was supposed to have lived up to a promising condition in which I wanted Politicians to play a part in streamlining capitalism but of course I have never changed from that course either i.e. they are so hateful and despising of work that rather than earn their living are prepared to despise and abuse those whose lives and possessions they leverage in order to pile things high and sell them cheap – so that at the end of the day abusing others and making acumen from it with media means people can never settle into what economy they have let alone how to recover it as it were until they had snapped is the only thing they want to do, in the end of which when it really comes to it capitalism or not they are extracting their wealth from the Country and if the Government does not do something about it nobody else will; and it is much the same story with my public work where they say I am one of those people who smell after years of bullying has resulted in utter failure to accomplish anything around here and they are not behaving like they owe me vengeance for all that violence yet – so 6 communal bins in a neighbourhood and one is painted black because of my public work and they are more interested in what they can do with it to get rich pillaging my life and it is much the same with organised crime – being punished for activities I have carried out because organised criminals and certain manufacturers that customise products they use in their trade will not cease, to ensure it is less profitable and they therefore put their hands to other ventures like popular culture: in the end I suppose none of these people can ever be free of me since my personal life and my home and my Court and my Royal Estate and my Office cannot stop being some new toy they have acquired and yes they bring these reaction out of me when they brag on media and talk nonsense about how I need to stop playing around with them because they are dangerous - I can see they have not learned anything about what I have done on the global stage to them so far yet and I do not feel fatigued in anyway so it does tend to call me to question about my accountability and my sense of it but these things are entirely called for - they expect these kinds of reactions for their kinds of provocation and need to stay off my Women.