They speak of the need to know what my real views on terrorism really are and I don’t know what they want my views on terrorism for anyway. All I know is that the women are always telling me I am worried about women that can challenge me which rather always has more to do with following me around everywhere I go to challenge me and wreck my life which then makes sense to their stupid dunce men when they have something to say about it and of course the question of why I cannot do anything without having to deal with women that can challenge me never actually gets answered by women that can challenge me but cannot challenge any other men. The big deal about these matters is the giant infringement of my copyrights over my work, where MPs and their media idiots have access to my work and are still living that dream of finding inscriptions of a great Christian that the rest of the world does not know about to make up stupid secrete society powers with. Currently it looks good in the sense I have told them I want a clean slate at the Public front, no positive and no negative publicities and that they can give me some of those when I ask for it but what they really want with all that noise about how I steal this and steal that which I cannot remember exactly how I am meant to have stolen their right when this is not their own lives, is a condition where I will only write books when I am dead because when I tie off the fact they have access to my work it turns into an attack on my market place and my income because they are greedy psychopaths. So that is really all there is to my view on terrorism the women always want to be women that can challenge me and the men always want to push me into areas of their lives that are dangerous so that they can manipulate me through the violence of their culture to make me dance around my pain to be rich and important.

As for the issue over the left, the problem with that is that I have not cleared up what it is about yet which is what I am about to: the process of confiscating the left which I will never give back has more to do with the fact that I am a Christian and will never rubber stamp their sins. More to do with the fact this is not their lives and so if what I have done to them hurts the next time they wish to choose a Christian against whom they will build their new wickedness they will choose wisely. Has more to do with their complaints after these things happen to me because I stifle other people’s freedoms which are not my problem as they know where their country is and their society is and their culture is and their Politics is and that it is not here. I for my part have made it clear to them that it seems they want me to write books in this country only when I am dead and do not yet know that the way it will operate will have more to do with showing them they should never move into my right to usurp the copyright of my published books while being able to do whatever they like with the ones I have not yet written and that it will involve showing my intense hatred for their society and culture and country over this matter, where they will never do Politics unless I am dead.  

What I said earlier were facts about the issues they raised about terrorism of which I feel simply that it will be solved when a suicide bomber blows himself up in front of Tony Blair’s home while he is just about to go on a school run with his children. It is not that I do not think he did the right thing over National security; it is simply the way that terrorism will be solved.


As for my books, what I have mentioned has more to do with the facts of being attacked with their cultures over my property that must be spent to maintain UK credit rating when they are the ones that see I have an empire trust businesses hold in my interest while I fight for their needs but become obsessed with wrecking my income for fun with that their stupid Tory rubbish where they are always looking for problems around me and solutions to them that cannot be unless they hurt me. In which case they are the ones being paid to do the jobs and I do not see them spending their own salaries to look after the problems hence such audacity with a big mouth of which it is now entirely up to them and all I can say is that my job had long been done and it is now all on the website.

I don’t think they are a problem as such I have made myself clear about the Publicity front anyway. The truth is that I can always make myself poor for the rest of my life so that the only beauties they will have to pick on with their insolent greedy cultural psychopath rubbish will be those insolent girls but because I am a genus I can always do more. Besides which those businesses should be dead by now and I know perfectly well that I am the future. The only thing I do not have contingencies here to look after is what happens next when they have no more beauties to pick on but that of their stupid girls and it is so for obvious reasons. For the rest of them I can say what I like whenever I want and to their hearing and all the time as well; fight this fight that fight for me boy we own you – I indulge them those things for my purposes none of it is real. There are no such things here. They do need to get off my books and my rights to my property. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Monarchy; they simply create demagogueries that involve the monarchy to come round here and bug me with and this is what I am saying; what is the demagogue is that they need to get the hell off my books and the derivatives of it and that I am waiting for them to start presenting that their psychopath thing via the pornographic industry so I can watch it and see what I am doing.

So to the confusion about whom what I say is directed it; the fact is that we always look after fan and in my case I am like the top student on the intellectual space but it is a bit of a cheat because it is my property. So all I am doing is having sex so to speak with the prettiest girls and the girls that are not quite making the grades etc. there is really no such thing as making noise about the economy and spending my property to keep some triple A rating with a big mouth. I mean it is their sense of respect that is their biggest problem obviously. Like I have mentioned I am a Christian and they have their own choices placed before them in this life, noise making about freedom of religious belief that will not be applicable in some places is not something they say because they can enforce it. Personally I think they are bluffing.

They always say talk like that (telling them to stay off my rights to my books and its derivates property and market place that is) but I know I can be beaten. What they mean of course is that when I get attacked by the side they claim I belong to as well as they do it means I can be beaten or that because some of them are poor and belong to a socialist Party I can be beaten. This is the distant fascism, this is the demagogue.

Fuck all of them.


The claim I suggest that government cuts is synonymous with economic growth is not something that is based on truth and reality either. I have never said such a thing when I know cuts are meant to strip the economy so that the markets can determine what it becomes and not a process of socialist endeavours that are sponsored by the previous government and need to be consummated quickly before the truth is discovered about how unsustainable it is. They say I support government cuts which lay off workers then but clearly they can see that the bigger problem they created here which has to do with keeping Government economic plans Political neutral trumps that.

So the UK economy is not in any danger of any kind; the Nation has two systems to fall back on now; one of them is that which the Politicians manage i.e. the Country UK plc and the other is mine which is Tunnel Light Books and Holdings Ltd. This is a very attractive proposition for investors. The only problem is that of whom it is that continually sends out the media and empowers them to manage Tunnel Light Books Ltd. I mean when somebody works in the stock market for example, there is no reason he would want to work hard for his money when he can easily dip into Tunnel Light Books and Holdings, so I create securities to provide for that, so why is it that the media must manage Tunnel Light Books and Holdings?

There is nothing like a Giant thing that I always seem to be able to pull off to the detriment of everybody else. The truth is that these trouble makers are more interested in connections with rich people which then bring about money and more and more and more and more money for them and as long as they are happy then everybody else can exist thereafter. I find it difficult to understand how it justifies a process where they cash into my intellectual property and markets just because they had received government funding during the last government for a head start in their celebrity culture vandalisms. It is incredibly difficult to run the business that way and more so hold together my own administrative duties and in this case of which may involve supporting people that are working hard to create employment.

In the same family is those claims I use their country to get rich when they are the ones that read books which affect the thoughts that I write all the time in order to chase trappings of power by having access to it in a way that infringes my copyright and ownership. Everybody knows I have done much to secure the Political history of the world and that should serve as evidence I use no body’s life or country to make myself rich and if I were to say that it is not mine to say whether or not they use their party to Unilaterally lay claims to the Political history of the country and as a global conspiracy of people, the world I will have become more Political in practice than I need to be, so I will stick to my lines and remind them it was about making a writing career a property of a Royal Office that I had been given and nothing like making money with their lives. 

There is the last question of how things are meant to be sustainable with Americans around the corner which to me never really makes sense. I mean which one can Americans to business with without paying taxes in Sterling to the UK? UK Plc or Tunnel Light Books and Holdings Ltd. Such things only work with certain industries that are also too small to account for at the same time. It’s like the old story about my state of mind; the fact the media loves to play up the bit where I am angry all the time at people, which is not actually the way things are. The way they are is that the system we have at the empire trust is that I am the figure head and everybody else is stupid and I must take care of the fans. It is impossible to get angry at people in a system where I am the figure head and everybody else is stupid and I must take care of the fans. The only risk there is with Americans is that they think about this thing about UK conservatism and how America can adopt it as well and because I am a writer not somebody who shares National interest with other people either for fun or for any other reasons of which is not actually possible. So because I have not said so outright we still have those of them that become somewhat violent about it as well, which of course is only a risk that exists in peoples heads hence what I mean when I mention the trust is such that I am the figure head and cannot get angry at people when I have to take care of the fans.