Of course I am aware of being beaten up by aides of the Royal family but it is nothing new – same old case of my business being something a collection of socialist idiots that have not been able to make my mum tell me how to behave so they can deploy the Christians personality to make their careers have handed over to a member of the Royal family who has in turn accepted their gift – so there is no base earnings for this company on that basis and they want to find out what I can do as well; it has nothing whatsoever to do with their jobs and they can only beat up people they have within their circles and will not mess up my life forever; I mean his daughters are in on it and so are the American boyfriends too, its beyond belief. I dont think it is an issue, its just the need before me of making a decision about whether or not I want other peoples possessions and want to prepare and get into a state of chasing that actively, measures by how this is all held together on grounds that my business should have no income at all so that it can continue to a target of attack for members of the Royal family that want to become full time Royal and want to force the Hand of the sovereign over it and they will not beat up anything by yapping as it were either. The other side of the story being that I never declared myself republican in saying these things and where such fools are concerned I would no sooner had died at the hands of an Army loyal to a British Tyrant...than live in a Country created in their image, it would have to be recreated in my image for there to be peace as it were but beyond that is the old story of the fact the media gets under peoples skin because they know they exist for a process where you feel like spending their own and get down to it every single time, while black people do what they do because they know they exist to serve a purpose where nothing works for you unless you attack them – they simply like to detach me from my Christian stuff that I really enjoy as it were looking for more and this is what I mean I never declared myself republican and they have not yet had enough of controlling and manipulating me yet as it were either as we can see. The celebrity ones are another story too, it was years ago in time that I issued the warning I will start to document them by name because of course they are complaining at the moment on finding out what it feels like to have other handle your possessions for a while and more so try to handle it permanently as well – we have not yet gotten to the part where they must use my Christian personality to make their fame and then when finished with the Monarchy freedom and democracy does not work for them anymore and they cannot go their way and leave me to go mine anymore, so the next thing they will do is use the money to share my Christian personality with others to make me look like something gangs and criminals would appreciate never mind the part where they actively spend the money on products that only organised criminals can supply as it were and when I ask if that would not mean destroying my business completely talk nonsense about being more important than I am and so I wonder if they will prove that on my television forever as it were since I really do intend to put this matter into practice so I can leave it for extremists as well.

I dont think the celebrities are the main problem they are just the ones that fix the problem for me so they can do such things at the end as well knowing that they have connections with organised criminals for those of them that are not victims of it due to their greed and sense that limits is a concept that does not apply to them and those organised criminals are increasingly convinced as well that violating me will have no consequences and we are steadily putting that theory to the test too. The reality is that I am a trader too and do not see what is so despicable about my Trade is HRH is Trade envy for the Country that I should have absolutely no earnings at all there of - if I regularly got off to say hey look there is Ford Autos, I ought to start my campaign about how it belongs to me as nothing sells books like controversy, I wouldn’t have to deal with such nonsense as socialist idiots collecting my business for the Duke of York so he can sit around making sure I have no base income from it and even His Daughters American boy friend and his people can have a go at doing that too. One more occasion of being told I will be beaten up will see people put their money where their mouth is and pay for the process by which I ended up in a condition where very scumbag in this land can turn up and beat up as it were and we will leave no stones unturned over it as well: we do hear those tales of a Christian that gets rid of peoples private armies and tells them there is nothing wrong with being attacked and provoked provided you get along with your business and concerns without looking for trouble but of course everybody knows they cannot have their private army without me and that the fact they need a private army to exist while I do not still continues to indicate I am the weaker one and they the powerful ones, so that their idea of asking is largely concerned with eliminating any means by which I might refuse them as being refused is not something that goes along with attacking others because you would love the story to be about how you had an easy life, their idea of asking is telling people to confiscate my personal life for them with that big mouth - I mean they can do this 24/7 none stop without respite of course but one more talk of beating up and we will get to the realities of what they beat up in their daily lives as well. There is always be those unanswered questions which is what normalcy looks like of why people should think what I say is credible but of course the reality will always remain that they leave me no choices and that if members of their government continue with their damaging behaviour and members of their Industries continue with their damaging behaviour as well, there will always be means and possibility of being able to wreck my finances and push me into areas of society that will allow lowlife idiots to pick a fight with me every single second and really get to mess me up so that they can feel like beating up as well, so its the last warning on the matter as it were, just one more time and we will find out what their own looks like as well - story of This being the original plan of Royal Family members will not suffice as we all know that is never ever true.


I hear it said what I write on my websites are provocative but it is very rich I find when it comes each time it does from a collection of people who have declared themselves the best in the world for capitalising on the effects and outcomes and consequences of war; the Muslim ones do it because they are superior to me, the Media ones do it because it is a power trip and you can never work out what they are after and the Politicians have always been a group of bloody idiots from the very beginning. Now they are doing better than ever, they are more superior than they have ever been.

For the celebrity ones however we are getting closer and closer to the point where we start to get letters from each other about that last stupid show and why my public work continues to turn up to be ripped up in it, that last stupid album and how they can shut it down or pay for the damage. None of it is unusual in anyway by the way, these are all things they are supposed to do i.e. get in touch with their politicians and handle my earnings and tell me to bring myself out into the open so they can use me to make fame and fortune and I end up driving that process until it leads to wealth inequality and since they know that, they have gotten after the doing the wealth inequality first and so their version is getting after my books to the effect of allowing it to get sold only when they are sure that the more copies of it I sell is the more people I will make angry and the more trouble I will get into, while I am certain they want some of mine and will definitely get it and the stage is set for the kind of relationship I will have with the celebrities; so it turns out the idiots fancy a bit of tyrant themselves.

I have to deal with this stuff all of the time; we have our hands on your books and you underestimate the effect racism has on people and you underestimate the effect war has on people and it is something I feel they can do 24/7 without respite to get the wrong idea but sometimes I really need to show these fools they have become more superior than they have ever been through out history and that it is a democracy and most of these things were expected by somebody who runs a public office from which he is not paid by the tax payer i.e. every media idiot will want to handle his office for a purpose they think would have been much more beneficial according to their ideas as it were and hence need to have their hands on my books and finances every single day to that effect – all of it were expected and so this is what the little facts about the main problem being that they need to stay off my books and the sales of it story looks like i.e. we are media idiots and we love our corruptions of involvement because we want to be free and there is somebody where with a powerful office that should be solving problems at my every whim or the crowd will get him and I can get used it for the rest of my life too.

The story of some big manufacturing renaissance that is expected in the UK of which does not make any sense – the civil service corruptions of these idiots with needs they will have settled if they apply some violence on others is one thing but this constant talk about manufacturing renaissance is a process of doing my stuff and people need to get their perspective right i.e. if the UK was a Middle Eastern Country it would be Qatar and if it were an Asian Country it would be Malaysia or Thailand or something like that, the future of the UK Economy is the service sector and tourism and yes we do a bit of manufacturing here and there and these fools who fancy a bit of tyrant and intend to apply it on their fucking mates need to blow their top as well. Speaking of which there are manufacturing renaissance in the past and there is wonder thereof what ripped those up anyway -  their indolence, loutish nonsense and insults will not settle well with tourists and financial brokers nor do I see it make good neighbourhoods for their American friends it should be seen and it will be hidden away in boxes very soon enough as well.


The story of some big manufacturing renaissance that is expected in the UK of which does not make any sense – the civil service corruptions of these idiots with needs they will have settled if they apply some violence on others is one thing but this constant talk about manufacturing renaissance is a process of doing my stuff and people need to get their perspective right i.e. if the UK was a Middle Eastern Country it would be Qatar and if it were an Asian Country it would be Malaysia or Thailand or something like that, the future of the UK Economy is the service sector and tourism and yes we do a bit of manufacturing here and there and these fools who fancy a bit of tyrant and intend to apply it on their fucking mates need to blow their top as well. Speaking of which there are manufacturing renaissance in the past and there is wonder thereof what ripped those up anyway -  their indolence and insults will not settle well with tourists and financial brokers it should be seen and it will be hidden away in boxes very soon enough as well.

I understand the part where I am always being punished for the wrong reasons but I dont see it that way, I mean I do get punished alright the part where I can forget an item for example and because people can anus bang me and penis bang me and tummy bang me and head bang me the chances of ever remembering does not occur until it is way too late – so it tends to happen because despite those notions they have about me being created by their women and worked in league with them, they regularly forget that the reasons they punish me is made up because they think that when they are angry it matters and when I am it does not and this is the basis on which I will make them distinguish what is fact about me and what they made up but of course this reality is never really as annoying as seeing them broker power with politicians after each occasion which does make me wonder if making me do anything or punishing me for not doing them was ever their jobs or something related with their jobs in the first place. I hear the Politicians want me to be afraid of them and this is something they can get at 24/7 none stop as well as far as I am concerned. The story of social economies is one I am familiar with but what we have is an idiot spying on me as I play video games for example and on that basis he has realised what he needs to do about those things his mum tells him all the time about being a leader of violence and he wants to prove where he stands and whether or not I have been stealing his stuff with the neighbourhood football team but soon enough it becomes a behaviour that reaches parliament and the Politicians because he wants me to bank roll his lifestyle – this is what they mean by social economies and do not seem to understand they are off to it and I will ensure they are doing it 24/7 without respite none stop and for my part I do wonder where else they support I coined that phrase and for  what reasons anyway.

The other ones tell their tales of course of how I have sat over the longest period of economic recovery in the history of the UK, personally of which I do feel it means they have had enough of their own stupidities as well but the facts will always remain that whenever people want to do their cultural wickedness and get to anus bang me and all those really intimate abuses they think they can link with being important and rich all the time, it is the Tories that wreck the finances and do other things to support them in order to force me to do something about it for everybody while they get rich; Tory scum, nasty party at its best and now they need to relax and leave me to the job of getting things done my way and my time and will take it over only if they have got the fucking guts as well, especially now that these fools are talking social economies as well.

So yes at this stage it seems the complain about my activity changes to questions about why I have complicated their stupid lives in such ways but I have no idea who asked them anyway, especially the social economy idiots – it’s not like they are winning, I am, right down to my big Church programme not only making them attend school and pass exams and get jobs but also forcing them to dress well in public for a change in their stupid lives where they think that when I dont they reserve the right to attack me which does indicate I am a genius as well but the big prize being that they can no longer blame the behaviour and appearance on racists. It’s much like the old case of how my original plan was to bring down the British Monarchy before I changed it later along the line which is another one of those things they can do 24/7 none stop as well. I mean these are some of the reasons I make myself controversial all of them so they can feel comfortable telling me what to do – idiots are committed to violence and it is the answer to everything over a really stupid and incredible deviant living that beats the imagination every time at my expense.


So we progress to the part where they regularly make progress with their stupid lives to wait somewhere I can never be allowed to achieve to demand the proceeds of my faith of course led by media and instigated by black people and even Church people whose due is entirely deserved of course as it were; modern my backside. I mean to dispel the part where people think my mentioning it is unusual I have to say the only group of people about whom the important parts of their career have not yet ended up in the hands of the biggest sources of problems associated with their career is the media and we can see the play the largest roles in these sorts of behaviours which we all know is anti-Semitic, I have left it so in order to explain myself and leave their case for an opportune time but for the Politicians I am becoming really good at it indeed – the Industries are just self harming as it were and I do love to rob it in too.

The other story of the need to have vengeance on all those who have contributed to their oppression can only cause wonder since there isn’t a number of times yet that I have had revenge on the number of people that have made music CDs or developed fame and fortune and media based careers by savaging my public work, nor have I yet had any revenge on those who have been complicit buying those contraptions they put out abusing me which they call products; however the purpose extricated becomes clear when they say the reason is to make use of my work at the highest levels o government without paying for their copy of the products and the demagogue is that mine is enough of my size and level as it stands and it is one of those matters that detach you from your commitments as there isn’t any of the things they feed on which makes them superior that they get to share with me as it were, looking for a piece of me all the time and still as at yet find it difficult to keep their insults where it might be better appreciated with that stupid media. They have had some exotic food and had a lot of it and washed it down with expensive wine and they have burnt it out in the gym and can do that every day if they want and so I cannot fast because they are anti-Semitic and it will make me inferior and then they will get used to it; it is entirely normal I will eventually set them a point of limit and then they will cross it. I have to say I really enjoyed making the careers of the Politicians available to trouble makers as well and I have done it on a global stage as well for my irritation and they need to stay off my books as those do not do them any favours either; the last time we checked it they were in need of human rights too – now they can get to hate and attack people over their aesthetical proficiency and make money from it before they recover, then make them deal with the effects on society as well because it is not like they can do anything about it with a big mouth.

I hear of a case of me degenerating into a path of war and it is utter rubbish of course – the reality is much more important than such fear nonsense: it is more concerned with the fact that I think media exists so that I can pillage their finances to make mine better and black people exist as people I can hate and attack to get me going. The reason for that is that in terms of the former it is largely a matter of the need to attack and goad me into a fight and preferably into a gang that exists to serve their interest without knowing it and if I am aware of what is happening around me then they will use abuse and bullying to change that with a big mouth and so the concept of limits does not apply to them and this is the 14th year of being at it so far – I for my part have no thought of it as a major crisis since if I did not already know they exist so I pillage their finances to make mine I would perhaps have no reason means of channelling how I feel but I already know it, considering which their attacks beat that state of affairs all the time and I need to do something historical about them and to that effect is why I need to ensure no matter how famous they are people can always get in touch with them to tell them what the effect of the last album or news abuse had on them and their families because they are busy stealing lifestyle and its intended purpose is to ensure that those who survive in the fame industry will always be those who do not use other peoples own to do it, so they can put their money where their mouth is. I mean I am the one that controls people around here and they know nothing about it; they know nothing about saying something that people take days and months and years to understand in that time of which they continue to pass violent judgement on you no matter how much they had gained from it and so they will learn to show some respect for others as it were and not think everybody is used to the idea of having their leadership abused. I dont think it is a problem, it’s the Christian with a need to rule them – so the gospel will be enforced on them and they will be nice to people as the gospel teaches us all to be and I will enforce it; to that effect of which I have given them enough time, I have even put myself through difficult situations in order to let them chose if they want to harm people like the wickedness in them demands that they should which means people will not want to buy their products if they are traders or they want to be nice to people so people can buy their products if they are traders – they have told me they dont need that because they have the power, the power to use my faith to decide what people think about them, make money and then share the benefits of that faith with everybody else and wreck my finances and ensure I can never get a job or make a business successful, they say they are the ones to whom freedom and democracy is not applicable so that they cannot do that and make their money and go their way and leave me to do my academic work and go mine, so I really need to deal with the issue as well and dont get the wrong idea sometimes it does come to that point where I say I simply do need to pack it up and move on but I do not need to look far in each occasion to find a teenager helped to some millions abusing my personal life robbing it in my face and that is the kind of thing that fuels a resolve but by far the top of the list is the part where you can turn off your TV if you wanted and turn off politics if you wanted but can never turn off your local communities to whom these media idiots give hand gestures to attack you every day on account they want to make use of that your personal life to beautify their careers: the reasons can be as simple as the story of finding out it is said I sleep with peoples wives which then degenerates into an understanding it is about what their female colleagues do in order to ensure they are not abused by men with strange sexual habits at home on account they are putting up their cleavage on television in order to work – I did cut them and their men off from it but apparently the whole thing has now become a means for enmity and so they clearly want some of mine and will get it too. The black people one is the other side of the story, they say they hate my alliance with the Royal family but apparently it does show that the dreams they have were the only ones they have got as it were, so I win again and besides which they keep playing stupid games like these all the time and need to be taught the lesson they want to learn, need to know something it does appear they have a need to know as it were but by far the part that brings on the issues is the one where there is a sense of well being attached to not being seen getting involved with them and it is not up to me with a big mouth, it is the part we are putting to the test at present.

The story of incessant abuse by black people which they love to cash into does not apply, it’s just true that black people always think that their abuses are very, very important when in actual fact they are not relevant in anyway: typical situation is that some journalistic idiot will find another fool who does witchcraft stuff somewhere in Africa and will get some it and turn up in the UK to attack me with to become more successful than he thinks he is, my perspective is simply that it is his or her leadership and their problem is that they give it to journalists because they dont know where to put it and to that effect they have seen what I have done with it too; the US President is the most notorious of them all and when I do his own and ensure all that is important to him can become a plaything for fools who need some power to screw around and o vandalism with we hear yapping about trouble I will get into but before then they were doing God’s gift to the world men over my book sales, so none of their activities are new to me. The issue here is that there is whiff of anti-Semitism to these activities and I am not their fucking mate; they have had expensive food and washed it down with expensive wine and blew it all away pumping their muscles, none of which they share with me but when I fast and pray in my own bedroom I am inferior to them – I mean I use anti-Semitism and not because I enjoy other people being stereotyped too but because that is what it is called – anti-Semitism as if they share it with me as it were. It really does come to a head when they need to let their hair down in the expensive car of a millionaire and pillaging my book sales is the route to it; I mean we owe them nothing and if I have a court they are likely to be female journalists and if I want anything of the unusual which is unlikely I can ask female journalists for it as well as it were which is none of their business what it becomes if I did, so this is one of those things they do that makes you want them in South America and makes you want them in the US and makes you want them in Europe and Asia and the Middle East and we can see all they really can do is Political instability and war so there must have been some improvements by now; I mean we all know that while they do that selling books in their Country when they are the local celebrity would be impossible as it were which does make me want to extract that money from their territory by any means as it were; even if I did it now, the abuses of black people that develops capital for them, it would not have changed anything, I mean the part where I warn them to stay off my book sales and stay out of my Court with their media salvation and they know I will rip up that stupid culture if I see it again but talk nonsense about their violence as it were instead - so it is the beginning and end of capital from being abused by Black people: I mean I do hear of the part where they have access to my Literary archives and are using it to make films in hollywood but there is nothing new of it as I did write on the Company Book shop website that they do have that access and so did I also write that the British Establishment has that access too and that the South African ones and their Nelson Mandela story along with one of their citizens becoming a Royal bride in Europe over the last decade are the most notorious of them all, so speaking of the issue of The Princess of York trying to help me while I make enemies of her, there is no such thing, she has been trying to send out a message I enjoy picking things at The Royal family that have not been given to me in a grand way and of course this Literary Empire does not belong to Her or her Father and does not belong to the Royal Family, it is my possession and put in service of HM and always will be - so the issue of the vandalism of Her American boyfriend and his people is not an emotive one, the first was to see me get into a relationship with her and lose so I might become gay and now it is simply a problem with my finances and I have had enough of them and want to cut that American connection to pieces too. So speaking of black women making a killing with my Literary archives in Hollywood, it is all Middle class deviance and that need they have which suggests their entire existence is built around spending other peoples possessions and that they will stop breathing if it were taken away from them and will fight to ensure it does not with everything they have but I always think people buy those products they put out because it is good enough for their money or because they can buy anything as it were; so it is a Literary Empire and does not belong to anybody else but me and if people continue to feel that its valuables can end up in the hands of an idiot with a need for vandalism, then they should expect they have offices and businesses too and that every occasion where it turns out in public will become a crime in my eyes as well - naturally the under the chin hook for them is always the claim I feel it is okay to handle other people's company and take it away from the owners but of course there is no shred of truth to it either as they are the ones that decided there will be no consequences to their actions and that the fact we have democracy and freedom and they can pillage my equities to make fame and fortune without any serious issues because I am more interested in my legal career even though there would have been problems in the early days, was not good enough as they are more powerful than that; so I am going to get them out there and set them up and pillage their lives and equities to make fame and fortune as well and then I am going to decide democracy is not good enough as I am more powerful than that as well so they can understand what kind of effects such behaviour have on a human being otherwise it will never stop - its a matter of those experiences human beings need to avoid which feels like going onto the clinical operation table being operated upon without anesthetics, like pillaging peoples equity to get rich and famous and then return with the money after wrecking their finances while at it to tell them democracy and freedom where you go your way and they can continue with the path they have chosen in their lives that you have abused so much is not good enough for you anymore because you have power beyond it and that is why I want to put them through the same experience as well because what they make of it with media and Politics and even racism does create a threat to health and safety and well being, never mind those activities that have a whiff of anti-semitism to it as well, no idea what their problem with the semites seems to have been in the first place.