Now there is talk of course of how some people need to keep records of what I say and use it for their ends later on and people are talking about it on media of recent too; I have no idea why they do or think it a major issue – we all know there is only one reason people will want to keep records of what I have said or gain access to my literary archives, the other side of the story is that the only problem that has existed between me and those who hold positions of authority from the beginning has been that whenever any twerp turns up to pass an abuse and an insult at me, they turn up to offer support and the Labour party has done that to such an extent that when their abuses is not being paid any attention and they are desperate for that and get to spend 101% of their time doing it such that there is no time left for jobs and earnings, the Labour party comes through with money and then starts to make electoral promises about how the Nations problems are to be fixed by the manipulation of those that can get it done. The issue is that these people all have their big egos; they are godless and they are wicked and they are modern and they are immoral, quite well but they believe that around me is the best point to exhibit those activities and I do feel like doing them again as it were. I can only offer the advice they need to move on and stay away from me just as I wonder why people cannot understand it is important to me that I should be left alone.

I am not suggesting it is a major crisis – I mean for the Politicians as it stands, I am being as helpful as I can to aid their social challengers who are largely far right groups to get into government office because of course everybody knows that technically government work is a 24/7 affair if all the issues are to be taken into context, hence never clear where they got time to approve of and support those who abuse other people’s children that they have set out to be abused and picked on for the greater good, just as the business ones would have said that having my faith peddled was supposed to have created a problem but ignoring it is what I normally do as it is none of my business suggests that I am nosey whereas what I really mean is that they can do it and make money from it and set a stage for humiliating me to get rich if they have got the guts for it and then find out if when I say I will change the west as they know it since they have a problem letting others be is a bluff. The Popular culture ones have community croons of course and those cannot keep their hands to themselves if other people’s children should be carrying their shopping for them or their heads will hurt and their chests will hurt and their tummy will hurt and idiots that are their children will make pop songs out of it – so I make them famous so their stupid children can make songs out of that instead; we all know they are fans of businesses and people ought to try not to be angry about the privileges others have because they are rich but of course everybody knows that businesses understand very well that if they deploy equities from another person’s company while the person makes an inventory of it, their sales will be affected, which of course is a clear sign they do it not just because they know that if somebody did it to them it would have been hurtful but because they expect me to have behaved in a certain way to make the sales possible and so just like the others in government office who say there are things I have done to them which I will take back, there is no place in this world and in this life or the next where I get to take back any of the things I have done to any of them; like the people in authority who always, always make something of a social issue out of activities of those who abuse me by giving support and financial support as well for it that they are. So as long as what the far right have in store is some well set out racist plan it should be alright just like picking on me is perfectly alright for the greater good.

Some do ask what I am trying to accomplish by saying all I say here but of course it has always been a rather simple warning but because the one about the fact I wish to be left along rather courts the question of whether that does not make me more dangerous instead of the understanding that I prefer my relationship with Heavenly father to a people that tend to be modern and decadent and immoral and wicked and selfish and greedy and self centred and opportunistic and manage to be over 90% annoying at all times. So the better warning they will understand is that I made a list about what is responsible for my bad book sales and unless that list was not a valid one, then there is no reasoning anybody can come up with which will prevent me from accomplishing what I am doing at the moment to ensure they can no longer stifle my book sales. The business ones have stories to tell of course but we all know for the most part that when they get around giving people gist about my books and then create a market from the market I created for the books in order to sit around getting rich and making sure I have to put the books away so it might continue for forever like they always do: they always like to suggest naturally that I should be more concerned about whether or not they are making fame and fortune from it whereas the bigger and more important concern is that handling the books was a crime due to the fact I never gave permission and that giving others gist about it to stifle sales and usurp the market for their own products was criminal damage – it is actually the sort of issues they are confident I am meant to ignore because they are greedy and infantile – whereas we all know it is supposed to have with an obsession for getting their women and media idiots to tell them things they want to hear which will make them feel like acting on others to acquire things been a case of the fact when they are confident they can make other peoples businesses go away then the possibilities of stacking things high and selling them cheap to make millions and look like they know anything about it would be endless; they have always existed of course and to which people will say I have made concessions but I have not, I mention they have always existed because once they feel they can get you to get rid of your business so they might do it, then they become euphoric about doing it and hence tend to every second especially with their media fools.

The part about women is very understandable; the idea is that I am a man that does not do evil things to women like men they know do but the facts that are not respected is that although I was not raised in that way messing around like this will only end up creating new things that can be done to women that have never been done before. The black women part is just a special case because we all know what happens is that their community croons feel like hitting peoples children all the time and they feel like making fame and fortune from it all the time and so we tend to have that issue where they question the Queen about me any chance they get and because it creates that circumstances where they are warned but which never seems to take effect, it will surprise them I will be the one to harm them seriously for it so they can blow me away with their stupid connections whenever they want. For of course The Queen does not want racists to have something to say which affects her family neither do I want them to have something to say or do which affects mine and they love to play games and cannot keep their insults to themselves as well. For the business ones especially these are all matters that should have become the main issues 6 months after the economic crisis and everybody therefore return to their various companies to work on the future.

So they always tend to have ways by which I can give them more work to do otherwise there will be social issues if they don’t, especially the politicians but such facts will always remain as the one where I say they need to leave me alone and if that does not work I have made a list of what is hampering my book sales and will work on those list unstoppably and then we might even hear them mention competition and a process of controlling me as well, when we all know the reality to be that you are supposed to sell a product to others not fight people but you see the part I hate about these fools so much is that when people are rich and can buy anything they want there really isn’t a reason they should get around hurting people anymore, when people are Princes and wish to be priests as well nobody would hold it against them for any reason but you see it is the unusual cases that these idiots aspire to and therefore believe I wish to be intimated about all of the time too but above all act about it like they want a piece of me all the time which is why they get it too – so these matters are not an unusual reaction from a Christian and we do hear the complain I want to be left alone after I had decimated peoples living – before then it was a case of beauty pageants that operate by a half priest office against the wishes of the owner of that office; nothing explains it of course except the fact that they are practicing how to extract my earnings from my work every time I earn it which they will later name as their celebrity lifestyle and they will even follow it up with claims such as their beauty pageants having more attention in the past until I came along but that always comes after they think the fact they are immoral and greedy and Godless means that bullying the Christian is something they get to do like a boys with their toys occasion – resulting in a process where the Christian holds them to it and after a decade or so they realise he wants them to move on and then work out their whatever did used to get more attention in the past than it gets today when they should have remembered where that was in the first place before it all began. It’s like the story of my lack of co-operation with royal protocol but everybody knows what happens is all those incredibly counterproductive nonsense where the reprimand takes up all your energy and where you were going wrong has no more bearing to the fact that you have no strength to follow on where you are supposed to go right and that is of course where their sins and iniquities and wickedness and all that nonsense comes into its own in a sexual context to put energy into you knowing that they wreck your finances and therefore do not let you sleep well or indeed eat well; hence we simply reach a stage where I get to deploy their own to do it as well instead, so that when they feel they wish to stop it, perhaps at such a point it may just have become an important issue to pay any attention to. Rather than start other stories about sexual promises I make which I cannot keep like the ones the men tell about how I am being used to beat their enemies whereas of course as I mentioned I had made a list and nobody will ever know what kind of fanaticism that is supposed to be exactly, so we will find out. Hence the understanding that they would have found it hurtful if somebody did it to them, which of course rather flies in the face of all those claims of alternative explanatory reasoning I am said to be giving when people harm me or my property. I wish to be left alone – always happier that way, always have been.

Their community croons want to be able to play with anybody they want and more so at any time and that is because people love to allow them the means by turning out on media to invite them to take part in your personal life because the fact you are as you are because you are a Christian does not matter when they want what they want and the idiocy shows from where they come from as well as it were, so it is largely a case of their eyes firmly fixed on me expecting at all times, such that I work out that thing I have pondered all week and that is the lifestyle she wants to have in a sexually abusive context and the whole practice of spending my income of themselves pays off and so it expresses a general lack of respect for what people do for a living and what people are before we hear the tall tales because of course it largely started off with the Politicians and a tale of how I am a bitch and they own the communities and developed through means by which idiots turning out to pass insults at me get support from the highest level of government which includes financial support too and now they will have far right groups hound them as well so they can become a bitch and understand why it is people like to turn out to pass insults at others at random and the same will apply to all of them so they can give support and more so financial support to those who do it, enforce the part that the parents play around them to make it possible with the civil service that was their personal and private property as it were then complain about benefits later, pretend the local communities belong to them as personal and private property and hate tales at the bottom line of how to spend peoples income to tell for back up and pretend the victim will not be provoked and if he has power and means at his disposal will do absolutely nothing as well; same old story about their modern and decadent and sinful life and a case of an inability to allow others exist if people are religious, clubbing and partying and forcing others to sin while they do nothing about their criminal lovers who generally hate those who desire to be good people and enjoy making them bad especially when black and smoke all kinds of nonsense thereof as well. I have always maintained my view to be nothing like their deluded stupidities suggest when it can always be instead that if somebody did it to them it would hurt them and that they are aware of that, hence the question is simply that I do something about it if I want to or do nothing about it when I don’t want to, so I can find out who will make me.


I mean it all goes on still because it never matters what I say about my needs when they have some as it were; like turning up to enforce anything my parents may want using the civil service around a process where people turn out to throw their insults at me randomly for pleasure everyday for a decade and so the media ones do it with the local communities as well being supported by them politicians and then they turn out to claim my actions are amazing of which it is never clear which part is or what it is they found confusing whenever I mention I wanted to be left well alone. So of course we hear the stories about the nature of their jobs which causes these things they do to me to happen to them and hence the need to take it out on others but of course given any half the chance they will be spending my income as I work for it because they have had so much practice on me and the end product will be television personalities getting all over the City of London sipping expensive drinks and calling me strange names and this of course is the sort of nonsense you have to put up with all the time and the sort of things they work so hard to ensure they are able to do because of course it is their evil need. I still have no idea why part of I wanted to be left alone they still think they have failed to understand anyway and so I don’t think this is going to get any better either. Now we hear them speak of how I get around with women provoking those that have a capacity to kill and need to be educated; the reality of course is rather that I am being educated by a collection of fame idiots that women do kill on account that they have never gotten anything I had said earlier about leaving me alone due to their need to use me to have sex with women that do not get to open up to them; so the bottom line remains that when they want to have sex with women that do not get to open up to them, they destroy everything around here and so the situation has not changed in a decade either; such facts as how tough they are and the fact those who give those silly cultures to them that they use to get rich and famous will never get it back unless they turn up here to recover it so we can find out as well, especially in the Eastern Part of the world where they think they are incredibly tough. We all say there is an economic crisis and we are going back to the drawing board; they on the other hand always have this as a plan for getting rich and nobody knows what convinces them those abuses with those power things is the way to make a living, although they are 100% convinced because it is not causing them any suffering to live like that; where I come from, things do not work like that and it is never really that cheap. I am being educated after years of rebellion from temperamental mistresses all over Europe over claims that my actions lead to a process where they can no longer ask men difficult questions they can never answer to keep them off, whereas what really happens here is that women that get involved in Africa around my work do so because I am black and counting the last 200 years the UK is not really my Country and hence they have the need to ensure I do not feel I have to leave because they need me to stay in the UK and nothing else but that and so because of it I have to put up with all that stupid International community and popular culture and media and charity bullying nonsense they think they are really proficient at; so the question remains why they give those cultural powers to those popular culture idiots knowing they will use it on me and I will have to act so they can talk nonsense about their culture that they will never see again as far as I am concerned anyway? I mean I do put out the warnings and couldn’t care less if they got the gist either. I have been ducking women who show tendency to murder to protect me in this Country for years now but I am now being educated that women do kill – at the same time they talk nonsense all the time in public about my favouritism towards the Conservative Party whereas the only thing between me and the Conservative Party is that people do not necessarily feel as though they wish to pass insults at me and or my office or work from there and more so do not feel as though they want to get me to say something about the reason it happens thereafter. Equities and Securities brokerage is what I do it is worth bearing in mind and I do not mind peoples insults that are meant to be lucrative; all I can do is set out consequences applicable if persons organisations or even governments allow people to pillage equities that are owned by British Companies or those affiliated with me because it is necessary to have the security in order to provide them with means for recovery and cost management of course - however it becomes a different story all together if they do feel that they have a problem with looting and bastardisation and pillaging at this Company all together - by that time it will have been completely out of my hands. I can always go the extra mile by making sure that I am the guy that promises to help women, to ensure they have what is coming to them should they turn up here like they are guaranteed to do to make out I promised to suffer like women do at the hands of men to bring about gender equality but they can take advantage of me as well depending on whether they want to have sex with women their size who do not normally open up to them – same old story about what others are doing with pornography and why my securities are not paying off for them to do such things in a more artistic manner if they are willing, so we can tame social corruption, organised crime and serial crime together. These days the story is that my activities are likely to create broken homes and nobody in their right mind would ever have been able to make the connection they have established thereof; so it is not a new issue about a lack of respect for me and an absence of freedom for others as well – I mean a typical example is how Muslim women know everything that should not in any way have been their concern and I always like to say they know that much and know so in Syria for example and such things as they know is whether a black idiot thinks she should be fantasising about playing around with my penis for example; All pure twisted shifty scum with plans for business and an anchor in socialism.


Like it is said I make things complicated and difficult for the media whereas it is the media that thinks the power to squander my income as I work for it is a worthy daily activity and therefore incredibly funny and the sort of things that brings about the kinds of life they feel is worthy of their nature and their personal if not democratic freedoms. I am only in a position where I can ask them if they are unaware that if people were to do the same to them they would find it hurtful but of course if they are not aware they can always live with the fact that it is what goes on in my head whenever they do it, hence to me my actions are entirely expected. Now we have reached a stage where I must take steps to fulfil what actually exists as a gap that can be taken advantage of to ensure when people turn out in public places all the time as a job and later feel they wish to make money from it, I can take it away from them at will if I wanted and it is rather surprising that they complain of course bearing in mind that this is just the beginning. Not the first issue on the matter of course, we have always been through the part where I own a literary empire and because somebody owns a broadcasting corporation, he cannot see my business is owned by me and his is owned by several people together and starts an intellectual property war talking nonsense about how I think I can steal his thing on account he does an honourable job that is about reporting news and facts whereas I forget he is doing a business and businesses do not worry about morals and of course it is the kind of nonsense I have to put up with day in and day out all the time; it even comes down to a process where their employees are doing the same as well to an extent where they tell me I am stealing their stuff and so the reasons they get to handle illegally and criminally and stifle my book sales on account they plan to be writers when they are finished with their journalistic careers – they say they are punishing me for taking away their modern lives and joys of naivety but of course it is clear indication this will get worse because taking that away was to ensure there is more going on in those stupid piffling shallow heads to prevent those incredibly abusive insults. I am not saying it is a major issue; we have reached a stage now where the question is do it or not and of course I don’t want to do it except that this activity of squandering my income by handling my books and websites and the markets I create for and through them to a point where they can squander any prospects of me earning any does not show any signs of moving on. It does reach a stage where if my own people get involved with me it gives me a headache and I find it hurtful and need to remind myself all the time that they are my people – this their insolent and filthy community scum and plebes have picked up on so who says slavery was abolished anyway with a big mouth? It is a half monastery and half government office; you don’t want or need celebrity style fame when you write books from such a disposition and so I can say no more about it: this is what I have to say for myself for making the lives of media difficult.


Now they do say that I push people away of course but we all know the facts and realities are simply that people love to get involved with me by jumping on my book sales or royal property and then when rejected on that basis damage something to show off their money and it makes me so angry because they damage my money to show their own off which makes no sense but to them is a huge sense of being important and I have come to the point where I am fed up with it and of course they have got celebrities and that has got to be news as it were. They say it happens because I am not in the good books of the Royal family although I think I am; reality of course is that such things come through and are created by some really twisted royals as it were and I don’t care what it is either, I have been clear they need to stay off my book sales and it is not important whether or not they are celebrities to that effect. As for black people; they say they are making me talk to them because I have started ignoring them and they have the power to make me – reality of course is that black people will never buy what I have to sell and of course I am not interested in what they have to offer and therefore have my interests geared towards those who like what I sell and in what they have I am interested and they are white not black, so the abuse I have to put up with is something like the above ones and their celebrities attracts only the old question of whether they are aware if others did it to them they would find it painful, nothing like their fantasies lead them to believe. They speak of the confusion of where we stand on the economy of course but everybody knows that what happens is that they are a collection of really corrupt big boys that talk nonsense at people all the time i.e. the biggest employers in the UK are the services and they employ people who want power and so it is expected I will be the ugly man who likes complicated things and wants to make money in the most difficult way imaginable – it is a foregone conclusion as such I do not wish any games with Politicians and I am not playing any with them; so if they are now doing crime, then good, let them do it as well, I am never of the opinion they are unaware they did not expect me to turn out to be a financial service provider either. To this they speak of the powers of the men but of course that is precisely where I am coming from when I speak of free services they offer which I will make use of and then find out exactly where they will get to take what they like as well; it is supposed to draw right back to my very existence in the country itself all together. It is an old story and one that operates with tales told of how I set out to make Parliament weaker than the Monarchy of course whereas what happens is best told by the existence of soldiers that seems to like to bully those who are not taking part in what must be a job that is as physically demanding and open air enjoyed as working on a plantation field except that with their own they lose friends and colleagues at the job and it is guaranteed that they will and it makes no sense where people like that have come from; certainly not the military but if they did come from the military then they must be one of those ones anyway and what I suppose they seek is a process where people find it in them to mention that somebody ought to realise when he is tired of his job in the military his exit strategy should be to find a mission in which he commits suicide and then it will not be so much fun anymore, otherwise it is easy to see that is Parliamentarians were not stifling my book sales then we would not be talking about interference with Parliament and it would have been clearly set out that it is all a matter of routine ceremonial engagements of the military; I mean such things as the fact when people speak of how I push others away the reality is that it is the Queens Grenadiers that are responsible for looking after my activities and anybody else that gets involved do in order to hurt themselves which I will never be apologetic for and cannot work out what they complain about if they simply cannot let others be. They do say the media is getting the better of me of course and it has no bearing towards reality since if the media was getting the better of me we would have seen a lot of international community shenanigans as a result but clearly I am the one at the top of the game so it seems all they want to do with their time is crush markets I create for my products and show their own off then say something about race to rob me; I have always ignored it and thought it something not worth the attention because what I need do is sell my books to those who then buy it but they do these things because they want a reaction and it is much the same as their MPs who speak of power and yet you understand that the power will be applied on you if they feel there is an incentive to – whilst you have no wish to be vulnerable to the media ones by looking like somebody who would give people the right feeling they need to feel if you are stabbed or shot over passion, that is what the media will want to make you with abusive insults because you are a Christian but for the Politicians however it is a matter of power they say but the power will be used on you if they feel civil rights will be wrought from your life when they do, so if you realise that such is going to happen when you are redundant and take it out once you get your notice then you must have started a provocation but if you don’t then you put up with all these. My point is that I push people away they say but in actual fact they are nothing but very twisted and evil goons and have no use to anybody really academically, filially or career wise, so I want nothing to do with them and have continued to mention my awareness of a lot of money getting around the immoral and Godless city so called and how my kind is not needed but unless they want to repent and follow me to church I suppose it is only wise to stay away or stop complaining. I do get asked what it is exactly I wanted after that is they ask about my relationship with the Queen; with respect to the latter of which it is a matter of keeping a royal Court and for HM I am aware of racy community croons and The Duchess of Cornwall is a very Political individual who has tamed the streak recently but never the less I am still wary as it were: so yes the question must have related to whether or not I am that important and yes of course I am but want none of their respect and they can save the insults with it too. with respect to the former question however, I don’t want a celebrity style fame for my work and I am tired of living this really stupid life where I have to contend with stupid evil people who have no use all the time, yes they do say they have built with their lies and media and insults and rumours an atmosphere around me that says I am mentally disturbed but each time I sit down to study their misery is palpable in the air and I know I am the centre of it which is why they wish to creep under my skin all of the time and yet for all of them I had given the choice of moving away from me and moving on a long time ago. It comes down to the respect issue at the end of the day; the part where I have to explain to complete nonentities that I do something by which I should earn some money and yes I know they do say I have no clue what I am talking about which completely detracts from such facts as the truth that economic crisis does not apply to people who have such things as five big houses and a yearly salary a tenth of which can pay for a person’s pensions, although they are convinced of the reverse  and unless that changes there will never be a dynamic system of industry leadership that will utilise what small businesses can offer the economy as a result of the fact they serve both big business and customers while big businesses serve only customers and are hence big on service and small on profit and employ small numbers but are really important if they wish to talk about recovery properly. Personally however I am miffed that the blood suckers who seem to do very well in France are still running around five years after the economic crisis anyway and are therefore showing off everywhere for being very liked by idiots talking nonsense about the British who don’t like them very much being cultural pigmies and cannot listen when you tell them their lives are restricted to tables with new products on them while they address a crowd and talk about marketing or generally talk less because all they think about really is profit and therefore economic crisis and economic recovery does not apply them or indeed anybody else who tend to have enough money to pay for all they need; I mean there was a time when such persons did not have enough and then there was a time when they did and then there was a time when they did not have to worry about money but at this stage they are making money not because they need it but because they are tied up e.g. you cannot just give up a job on account you have enough money etc; economic recovery does not apply to them and I am fed up about the fact we continue to go around in circles. As I said; all they do is crush market I create for my products to show their own off on media which is a worthy use of time, I have ignored it because I think I can only get to sell my books to those who buy them but they have continued to act in ways that means they seek a nightmare from me and I suppose it would not have been a bad thing to try and give them one either.

The other popular excuse we hear is that of how much trouble I get into because I rock the boat that is the Royal family; the reality is that I am the media version of British Royalty and only I get to say and do what I do for the British Royal family and all its allies – failure to understand that whether or not my importance is diminished by men playing games and attacking people over their own failures and even trying to convince others that women wreck people’s lives when we all know men do it all etc or indeed punishing me on account they are weak where pornography is involved and I am not etc will always lead to more problems because I really live a life at the Royal village in Europe and the Middle East and should be able to stay out of National media if I wanted to or chose the kind of publicity I get when I liked to. That said, I don’t want anything from anybody and they can save the insults as well. I mean the working court is involved with activities in Africa to secure both my stay and our ventures and the need to have access at all times and so do all those I have business with for the most part – how what and why they get involved and what benefit these things they do is presumed to be to me I have no idea but of course black people have not only worked out they need to be able to spy on me and tell tales about how they finger my bum and if I protest they can leave their hands there anyway with that big prejudice yap, yap, yap over your successes and good fortune alongside insults that make you a bitch on assumptions that the local communities belong to them so they can copy beauties their stupid girls that like to see somebody take your income away from you need which again they seem to need all the time, that will make you hurt them seriously, they have also worked out my activities are discriminatory because everybody are not taking part to get rich which of course is the usual way it happens until maybe they get themselves killed by a racist and expect you to take a look at a racist who is racked with guilt for doing it while accepting their side of the story at the other end or else with that big mouth yet again. it is never true that I am in any difficult situation whatsoever; the realities are that we knew the US dollar and the little bit of support that we suggested led to Intellectual bankruptcy over Iraq and Afghanistan so it is not something we are likely to engage in anymore, however I have no idea why we need to keep putting up with spying news when we all know that the US is practically made up of do you job for you peeping toms and that the only reason it bothers then is that the NSA makes a living with tax payers funds for peeping while they seem to do that stuff for free and for pleasure and hence naturally do not conceive it is possible to get anything for it, unless of course they think they have created a hierarchy where the NSA is at the top and they are at the middle and everybody else such as me for example is at the bottom and that sort of nonsense I will not tolerate either about which we will hear another set of stories and complains from their yank stupidities yet again as it were. Difficult situations are always raised and claims of how I cannot get out of one always brought about by black idiots with prejudice seeking to get seriously harmed for their actions and every other fool associated with them and of course it has nothing to do with discrimination just because they have nothing to offer me, I am not interested in what they have nor will they ever buy my books and hence all relegated to the problems sector of my life and this business of making me pay attention to them is not a new thing, it has always been a measure of their wickedness and evil they think the society is too modern to pay attention to and they can hurt me if they can with that big mouth yet again i.e. when a black idiot wants you to pay attention to him he hurts you to get it and that is before we hear other stories and now they have Obama in Office and I have him where I want him as well; for their fellow white goons I have always owed it to myself to ensure there is no chance that they could become royalty so the idea of being caught in a difficult situation I cannot get out of beats me all the time and as I mentioned before, of course they have celebrities and so the fact they do is therefore news to me, hence I push people away and it never stops and tends to happen every day too. The idea that I need the business ones is utter nonsense as well; I don’t, whenever they mention it they are referring in some way to really foolish women that think offering up anal sex is the answer to everything and do not know the difference between your valuables and what you are willing to part with if a thing were to bother them; so there is never a sense that when I do anything I pay attention to or give consideration for the idea that I might or will have need of them. I do not think it is any difficult situation whatsoever, the realities to be noted is as simple as the fact I am fed up with listening to spying stories on my television all of the time when we know that they are all spies in America for the most part and love to turn out to make photos of themselves they place on the Internet to provoke me thereafter – especially the internet business scumbags and if they think somebody will take nonsense from them where it means that the NSA is a higher power and they are the middle ones and I am below them they are completely deluded and it will be another test issue about which we will hear a fresh set of complains and noise making all over the place. It’s not a new story about idiots turning out to seek leverage over me in order to ensure they are able to punish me for their own failings and short comings especially those stupid American insolence and stuff and it is such a commotion around here and yet I do write books and people can buy that in the first place. Talk raging of course of how the US supports UK secret intelligence and my actions jeopardise that but of course everybody knows I am a black Prince and likely to be interested in pornography and the underworld and organised crime and there is therefore nothing I have done which shows I am aware that when it is there it is there for the taking scumbags like them used to sell British Information to the Japanese during the second world war. Most of these things clearly show no signs of moving on like I have advised to if they want their stupid lives back so I have to assume they will hang around my business until I decide to make a book sale objective out of them.

There is therefore that talk of course of how I have been sold out to the Americans by the British Politicians and I would never know what it means for my part either; all I know is that it sounds like Men, it sounds like Politics and it sounds like parliament and it sounds powerful to them but when it really does kick off what will happen is that the businesses will finish with them and then the civil rights goons will have them and the only thing that will be sold out will be my Books. It is in essence the kind of provocation I allow go unpunished which then tends to make things worse – another typical example of it is the wrecking my academic work to turn up in the professional world later on with competition from a point where they are certain to have victory from a point even so where both I and they need the same career equipments from such a position and the other is the circumstances itself in which this exists which does show that the being sold out to Americans thing is not the first occasion i.e. wrecking my finances in order to bend my life into a condition of competition with them in an arena where they have jobs and keep those for money while mine is used for competition, setting out those suggestions that my entire life can be consumed by them on account they wish to play games and that is what this selling out to Americans reinforces too i.e. the sort of things that show I have no right to feel good on account they wish to play games. they would say it is a power thing and that they do it when they want to stand up to Washington but that is their problem and not my problem and if I offer support I would like to do that legitimately besides which if they have a problem I do write books and I do not see them buying any yet. Yes I know saying these things mean I have been squeezed by politicians for everything I had for the day today but of course this process of thinking about things and saving them up is madness as it were but the real issue remains that it comes up as a respect issue; which is that I say what I say because I want to say them and if people have problems they can buy the books to help them and that is an end to it. There is no such thing as bidding to fix prices of goods and services around here either; all I have said is that a good or service will always cost the same amount for everybody and those who pay more no matter how much money never pay more than is necessary to guarantee that they do not fail to get the service or item in question – hence people being priced out of anything is something that somebody has created which must be stopped. Besides which I say what I say because they live a very immoral and very evil life in this city of theirs and know they like to take it out on me because I never think money, money and me, me which would have made me a lot stronger as it were ??? – whatever which even if I decided I do not wish to entertain their fanaticism in that condition but of course the real problem is that knowing it hurts me that they do it, they ensure they work on me every day to keep me that way so they can do it hence the question of whether they are aware if people did it to them they would find it harmful. What I say will ensure they need me around them because once I had left, with my thing and the abuse of this office ringing in their stupid little minds while the massive void I would leave behind will play its part to create some useful madness, it is going to be terrific for any who hates their stupid guts as well. The government on the other hand selling me out to Americans or not needs to put an end to cutting Coats that are of the same size for everybody on the basis of what City workers do with their money and businesses that serve them in Australia and New Zealand and Asia Pacific and get their act together. The problem of course is that these guys largely think they will create me a lot of problems at the local communities, train themselves on new celebrity lifestyles that have to do with spending my earnings as I work for it like some movement and lay claims to my literary at the City Centre.


Now of course we all know the Labour Party never allows the idea that it had done any damage to the economy in any way to be a valid one. The reality is rather different which is that every government spends its money on infrastructure and assets because it is a better way to hold money rather than stack it up because issues will turn up to demand it and some things need to be purged from the spending list. What Labour did was drag out every little thing that was left in the form of market in the economy, pump it into a balloon and then stack the money away and the result of that was that when Bankers asked them to bail people out so the economy can recover they had it. Now they tell me I say such things because I have the benefit of hind sight; whereas I brokered equities with Jaguar while they got sold to Tata and much the same with Rover while they sold to Chinese Automotive and had to determine what I needed to do and definitely did bring the matter up anyway. So they know the story of where we go from here with respect to the economy and some things I need to do about National instability is a fore-answered matter. At the end of the day I don’t think people need to be perfect and never have; the reality is that if we are so laid back and so lazy about what we care for, then why is it that this is followed by at least three times the energy spent on vandalism and destruction? Is it because we seek power? I mean it is not a matter of whether or not we can deal with difficult issues and are strong enough for it as a Nation to buy assets with public funds which can be sold to governments that have money so we can have jobs is it – apparently rather a matter of doing things properly for a change in their lives as it were. So this is why I have a go all the time; three times the energy spent on vandalism and destruction is spent on work and what we care for and as a society that means we do have a serious attitude problem among our Political leaders. They rather wish to claim I encourage it of course but I am simply the guy who got Royal commission from the Queen and has since had top politicians turn up at my University to rip up my academic work for no reason whatsoever, except we have now seen one manifest in that I am on benefits and that is where they would like me to be. So unless politicians do public work in this country free of charge then this is all wrong. They ask those questions about the economy all the time and I tell them what they need to know all the time and they do absolutely nothing about it all the time and so it is much the same old issue of gathering up tax funds to wait for the bankers to get into trouble so that you might bail them out because if you don’t you will have been responsible for stifling the economy. This is the part Labour played although the issue with politicians applies to all and now they wish to get the rest of us to pay more attention to the fact others are responsible for not creating growth of which we do wonder what they were meant to create the growth with anyway. I mean they say Politicians are trying to help me while I am being difficult but we all know my literary empire is not worth £70 a week in unemployment benefits and that it is impossible to ignore them when they feel they want to turn up to handle it to make and or improve their mad careers and talk insults that will enable them to control me as well all the time. So the bottom line is that I had made it clear I want no more games with Politicians – there were never any of course since they love to turn out of their own accord to do whatever they like with others, this time it simply needs to be emphasised because it is to degenerate into a hit me once and I hit you three times occasion before it gets serious i.e. the state of affairs of the last decade is that I am the ugly man that likes a difficult life and feels money should be made in the most complicated manner imaginable and so needs to have my life complicated – this is what Bankers and city workers say so I am basically a professional world outcast in the UK but that I sit down to a small business that Politicians are using for self improvement is not something they are likely to make any sense trying to convince people does not do enough damage to draw the attention that it deserves to. I mean unless they are to claim criminals look the way I do when they are the ones who spend money on barely criminal goons and popular culture scum and unleash them on my earnings for good measure as well, so yes, that Politicians are trying to help me and I am being difficult is very infuriating indeed, I have had enough and that should mean something to them; I don’t want to play with Politicians and it will degenerate into a hit me once and feel a threefold revenge before they think of it as something relevant. So this is the economy and maybe they might want to talk about it properly too. What I said stands however that if we are so lazy about our interests and behave in the same manner of creating problems that we get into government office to solve in order to have Political jobs, bearing in mind that even the Political problems we solve always create new ones never mind the ones that come naturally for every single person in the country and their various changing disposition, hence the same attitude of allowing National interests to be bastardised while we show that our keenness for vandalism expresses to the rest of the world that we have got it in endless quantities hence a serious issue – this still stands, it is still the truth and it is still the biggest problem we face in economic terms in this Country, never mind my own stock saying it has been a decade of daily vandalism and academic work and company property destruction by Politicians – they go too far all the time like it is their personal and private property and that if it was they could give to the frugal; as I said I am a service industry and jobs industry discard and these games of vandalising my business will lead to more serious issues, so they might want to think about being real persons in government whether or not it is nice to try and have as much power as the Monarchy does by heaping problems on top of another. That idea that it has taught me a lesson is utter nonsense; all it has taught me is that it is possible for me to review my business plan and take care of a problem that are Politicians who are stifling sales and progress besides which it is a full schedule here, doing my job search and doing my books and looking into my academic work which could happen without having to take care of their issue if they do not want your attention for the wrong reasons so intensely; this is the only lesson I have learnt. I am not opposed to what the government is doing bearing in mind the damage the Labour party did to the economy; turning up to wreck my academic work in order to tease me and make a career by wrecking my finances for a living, pushing every little market into the mainstream and stacking up the tax payer funds to bail out bankers after borrowing the Country into huge debts as well but I have made it clear as I had before the end of my tolerance is the violent discrimination of the service sector who claim I am an ugly man who likes difficult money when that is not necessarily true even though the idea of taking money that does not belong to me does not exist in my head. So I want to be left alone to carry on; popular culture goons do not look like this neither do criminals or the barely criminals both of which they like to give tax payers money to play around with – so when the Labour party enjoys wrecking my business and income on finding somebody that can fix things who will fix it for the entire Nation and the Conservatives are helping me while I am being difficult and the Liberals are suggesting I want to fix prices for goods and services and therefore campaigning for it, it becomes really infuriating and means that it is apt for parliament to end its business on a mess on account of me every day but remember thereof that these activities do not necessarily do when they are hounding me over the benefits as well. The part where I have been forced to do civil rights which is what all these is, is the part that makes no sense whatsoever; I mean I understand they know where to go if they wish to read my books without getting a copy of their own but that will not change anything and more so it will not if the entire US government for example was run on the basis of deploying my books, all that will result is as I had always planned it anyway, one way or another they will get it done or I will directly or not – so I expect them to try and make their point thereafter through direct damage which they seem to get on media to practice all the time and I have always said I don’t know which is more annoying, that they are pissing me off with their insults or that their insults are their civil rights – I mean they do those things because there are no ways of getting pleasure from causing me distress and hence are preparing me and we have reached a stage where I can no longer stand their city identity, this is not civil rights and I am comfortable with the existence of the racists as well provided it is a carefully thought through racist plan and they do need to take a hit thereof. I want to be a Christian that has the freedom to be one or we will start off from how impossible it will be to show off and impress their stupid friends in this Country and of course we have already reached the part where they can get the civil rights from me if they want it as well. Of course I am aware as it is said that I pretend to be a Christian but am a really evil man who preaches a message of witchcraft and is very horrible to women then pretends he has no idea what he is doing but of course if we were to assume the message about witchcraft was never true or real, what we have had to deal with is a case of having my great experiences with God but they turning out to decide there was no point answering questions of myself or questions about God before I do anything with my faith as it was rather much easier to get onto doing things that were permissive but not necessarily approved by God and entrenched in the Bible – naturally of course it was not a matter of choice for me and they have started again in the UK which is clearly not cold enough for them yet as it were and it is much the same pattern about finding rich husbands with my personal life too which raises the question of a kind of wickedness that brings about such deep understanding of evil or perhaps it is some kind of cultural and spiritual power used to progress and make money and again that said if the argument is such I have the right to ensure it does not turn up here as well but yet again it is not up to me whether or not it does and we can see they will have to keep the insults where those belong as well. Obviously they stalk me to the UK and sit around altering other countries social issues around me in order to gain a foothold that will allow them do it and my message about witchcraft was an evil thing with hindsight.

There is that talk of course of what I have said about celebrities like Justin Beiber for example and how it shows how useless I am considering he is richer than I am and therefore more successful. I don’t mind such nonsense it has been going on for the better part of 12 years now on a daily basis – starting from 2001 it was a case of seeing I have strong views over my faith but deciding especially in the black communities that I must be gay so women can be powerful, it was just something I would never do so they can make an excuse to turn up and train themselves on how to extract an income from my earnings whenever they want and then name it celebrity when just like Justin Bieber it is not just the fact they cannot sing those stupid songs about something else as it is the fact they make the money they make at my expense and cannot shut their gob for it and of course there are the glossy magazines as well and that tends to mean they can never listen when you have a view of what should be done with it with regards to raunchy girls and your person and property. The reality is what it is i.e. Bieber is a useless person that is rich and therefore lives a powerful useless life doing dances on stage that have popular culture resonance and wows the crowd for a living but since we are of the same league this matter just like those stupid things black women do especially the part about forcing me into popular culture and decadence when they know I am a Christian about which people give them jobs without sacrificing their own jobs to do so will end very well as it were too. So this should be a warnings since we are of the same league; one more go at me and it will be a one more task for all of them around this planet as well starting from making sure everybody knows there isn’t anything they cannot do depending on how well people ask. I know they say I get involved with the Pornography industry but it is the same issue of course because when Black women think I am a waste of space for being a Christian in London Justin Bieber will make me comply with their wishes only with a big mouth and now it seems they have a problem with what I said about Justin Bieber as well; bearing in mind the problem with pornography was always that when people work in the City centre and take up holidays in Asia and Australia and New Zealand and the South Americas, they can never cease to turn up around my work and my book sales and on each occasion cannot be caught dead doing what I want around what belongs to me – so when I punish them for it they make pornography and I am fed up with that too; their stupid children who are ear marked to be celebrities at my expense are much the same i.e. I am a role model to young people and more so especially about making sure they do their academic work but the important things to idiots like them is to become celebrities knowing not everybody will be and then those that are left behind will turn out to get jobs only which I have been refused or deprived for their sake in order to be certain they are getting real jobs on one hand or on the other get into the sex industry at my expense or a bit of both i.e. during college do sex industry and after colleague get only jobs I have been deprived. So I have been clear on the matter since Justin Bieber cannot make me do anything one more go at me and it will be a one more task for them as well and of course we must remember the glossy magazines with respect to which they never ever listen. The Politicians will as well have claimed I have offended of course just like these fools but the realities are that most of the time they give the go ahead leading my example of getting onto parliament to discuss and argue anything that looks like a market opening for my books, relaxing and carrying on with affairs of the day as normal only when they are sure they have completely destroyed any chances of it having any meaning to anybody and then there is that small smile on their faces like kids who have finally gotten some attention and then it will begin again once done the next day and all they get from it is the means of being able to boast that they have the power to push me into extreme violence, which is something media fools want to share as well - hard to understand how I offend as such but I have been clear I am fed up with playing with them anyway.