So they say I have now been placed in a condition where I can learn some fear for others but it has taken them an entire Political party and an entire parliament and an entire National Media and an entire 15 years of my time to achieve that – however which even now such statements are very rich coming from the ‘women are bad and the problem is that I am a subject and not a citizen’ crew. It’s the same old story where on one hand we have celebrities and the criminals they are affiliated to and on the other we have modernists and civil rights goons and these two groups are always in a hurry and nobody knows where they are in hurrying up to as such unless we ignore them and end up living in a conflict zone but these fools will get in the Middle and have all those minions that constitute a problem for peoples finances, doing society a service with their stupidities and wickedness and above all intense disobedience that they cannot stop practicing even when they are old enough to be my grandparents and then they ask me if I have a problem with them as well because they fail to see that when I become really interested in their disobedience their stupidities that they think is a worthy activity will certainly blow up in their faces. Much the same as the American ones who speak of what they need to know about my person whereas the reality is that they cannot communicate with anybody in an honest way and I don’t think that if Mr Obama cannot any of them will be able to top him anyway – we simply should never let them have their way when they speak of the old tale of saving their lives somewhere for the better things and then turning up to rip up people’s lives for their politics and media and money making bits; but it is the disobedience that a grandfather practices which goes beyond the dismissive statement that t is clear some things never change, so we are still waiting for the answers for it, as to whether they have evolved or not, so we can find out what the real results of those foolishness they think is worth spending time on really is and put an end to this process where those who admonish and warn them about it become the enemy of the whole world. They however say I have a problem in the sense I cannot really clear up my position on women; whereas the reality is that women are always sticking their necks out, so I like to say nobody knows what is wrong with them – sticking it out like that for the chop all the time.

We hear up north of a consistent and growing desire of people to be an independent Country but I have no idea how much of the Scottish question people feel is so different from that of Northern Ireland anyway – however there are other variables like the Blair and Brown Government that created these problems i.e. run a spin doctor government that means you can set people out and accuse them of being successful like the Prime Minister should be, then simulate any career of your choice for the Prime Minister to feel important with, the result at this stage is that people are talking about an Independent Scotland that will retain previous constitutional features, which makes no sense whatsoever; the constitutional features were supposed to have been unworkable in order for a Country to be independent i.e. the problem the Scots have with the English is that the English bring home the problems in order to solve them but then  England is the biggest Country in the Union and that was meant to have been expected, so it is the same laziness that leads to a situation where they want a new country without which nothing they want to do is operable; they would say the reality is different and that they want to be free but it is the same as the Blair and Brown Government apologising for this mess they have made of the administrative system or shutting their mouths considering the most significant fact about their position is that they are no longer in No 10 Downing Street but for these guys however, I have always maintained they are no leaders and I would like it if they cleared my space – the fact they want to be free is not an excuse for getting their feelings of convenience from here. Like the tale of how everything I say becomes more significant than force and or action but we all know that a group of people have spent my time developing a process of ripping up my finances with government office tools and then creating a sense that being me or achieving a process of being me is a matter of muscle and Braun, which they have come to assume indicates reality whereas it actually does not if people are not insulting enough to get involved and spread the problem all over the media while they all gather up and pretend abusing me indicates they are practicing how to be leaders.They do claim the reasons I support the Tories is not actually clear but everybody else knows they are wicked people and I am a Christian and they have a thing for making a millionaire that lives in obscurity because the finances have been destroyed, so they can make fame and fortune with my personal and public life out of me - it does not mean anybody is rooting for the Tories here and even the Tories know that too, they have not been fighting for anybody's civil rights before people were born around here with those stupid insults, I need the blacks especially to get off my Books and clear my space and have no wish to tolerate the Whites turning up around my public life any further - I want out of that nonsense and will rip up everything that stands in my way in the process (I want to be free of people starting a fight with me over my physical appearance all the time because they have needs and its all about money while Politicians rip up my Literary Empire Finances to hold me down where they will have such access and I am going to be their way or mine - its all an indication of mid level gangs and their Celebrities and it is always about sodomy happening to somebody don't ask me why and this is not where they roost).


Let’s  begin from the Ebola issue i.e. the reality needs to be settled that people continue to play silly games with very important procedures that have been set out to manage medical crises all over the world, developed over centuries to the cost of lives, even the lives of those who developed them and so being a brave enough person to go to Africa and work to help people over a deadly disease leads to a process where it ends up in the UK as well – hence the reality settled that there is Ebola in the UK; period. I am not saying what they did was a bad thing, I am saying they do love to play leftist games and bypass all the necessary processes that surround anything that needs to be done; so that a process of bringing Ebola to the UK has in itself solved nothing when White supremacists see it as one of those things that exist to kill off an Inferior race for example – above all besides putting an end to playing leftist games, they need to stop picking up things they cannot do thereby putting other people at risk in order to commandeer positions of leadership and try to show some respect for somebody else’s leadership too. I mean for instance they are always messing up everything I do, are happy to bring government office to bear in order to do so all of the time and the reason is to ensure violent people pay attention to me every single moment and yet if I pointed out what is wrong about the very demeanour by which they sit in their own cars to drive by me on the streets a violent person will pay attention and that is why they have come up with this sense that they do what they do in the assumption others are not paying attention and that even if they were nobody can do anything lest they be responsible for a death. So that if I say the best way there exists since this is government office and I am not expecting it to look pretty, is to manufacture a process of controlling them by making them sell those culture of evil to make money if it is so important to them and if it is not worth that much they will have to abandon or stick to it at their own detriment and the freedom to  harm others will be taken away – the reason for this being that the only y way to be in a position by which it is possible to appreciate anything about their good parts is to observe them when they go off to the market to buy things hence the economy we are looking for exists usually in a condition where we government operatives are not aware of what is going on most of the time  and that if most of the decisions we make are the riskiest ones, those communities will burn and so will the people who live them as we all know they will never give it up ; then they get to tell me to define riskiest decision, which I already have i.e. when we see them on the roads the big idea is that nobody dares point it out lest they be responsible for a death but I have made myself clear about their celebrities and radio wave operators and modernisers being found around my Books – further processes of foolish women wearing makeup and expensive attire to turn up and threaten me an exhibit themselves all over my public life to make money they don’t even know how to work for will end up in big trouble and I am not buffing – it is the part of their activities in the economy thing that needs to be killed off stone dead. They do say they are still able to bend me to their will while I brag but I am not bragging, normal people can understand I am warning them not bragging; I can understand they have this need to do these things, find a girl that fits their profile, get married to such a girl and show up on media all the time to platy model family on my Royal Estate and get rich and richer peddling everything that others would not want to show in public and I am saying there is a time for everything and have no wish to tolerate any more of it around my Book sales and if there is to be no compliance on this they need to stop talking and prepare for what I will do about it too  - am sure Celebrities and Celebrity culture goons on media can speak English.

The story about celebrities is not an emotive one; one moment they say my reputation precedes me and that they know they cannot  take me on but I should be prepared for a fight if I attack them; the next the whole process of me the Arch Prince getting around with a Royal consortium that leaves equities at its work for the Legal system, below which are the businesses and Industries where certain trouble makers that cannot build a career without involvement with strange cultures, then employ their uses somewhere below, to a process where they are exhibiting themselves in public for the purpose of preventing me from keeping a Royal Estate that the women who will control my finances and relationships and keep me out of work have told them I stole from The Queen and then every nonsense they want to show themselves off doing in public from then on becomes a set of activities that are fundamentally about me while they make out it is what an investment is.

It’s never been an issue, only something that has to be managed i.e. the only group of people that cannot see how worthless they are, are people who live like this; somebody may have a sister who goes around ripping up his life for no reason but when it is completely ruined, rather than tackle his sister, he is happy to protect her from moral and religious people that she wants to get beauties from in order to feel good about life and this is an example of their worthlessness that creates a condition where what I cannot tolerate is a process where they get conveniences from me – however I still stand by my position that they do need to keep off things they cannot do thereby commandeering positions of leadership and putting others at risk and try to show some respect for somebody else’s leadership. The Politician do love to make out that I am always avoiding the touch decisions but it is much the same problem i.e. they have no wish to follow a path that will lead them down a place where they show some regard for other peoples leadership, so they now have to chose between being the ones that can deploy a whole host of Army and  me that can force these goons to sell that stupid culture to make the money they so desperately need; It’s never been that people have become ungovernable like they love to claim. As I said, they really do not see how useless they are; so that it conjures up an imagine that invites people to pick up a life of violence they had given up against guys who think others have an obligation to be insulted while they take pictures of their girls on peoples public life and splash them all over bill boards in the city centre, violence against guys with girls and sisters to provide for with money they have never worked a day for in their lives claiming when they do those things an example of a worth explanation would include how they never had a say because they are so famous people do thing for them – so that the need to see how swell Mummy’s boys ate through some violent activity just starts to make sense but when you put it into facts, the reality is that being insulted and abused by their girls who are getting conveniences that will translate into fame from your reputation and public life is not something they can defend themselves with whole communities that are willing to fight on their side, it is something about which that they can only get defence from their families i.e. brothers and fathers and so on and you cannot stop wondering each time why he fucking idiots do it anyway – especially in terms of starting a fight with me because they have needs and want to peddle my physical appearance for example which then gives way to a need to employ somebody that will do strange cultural powers and build up an intent of violence towards me that cannot be talked about – I am perfectly aware keeping them on the left in order to manage them the way I do is distressing for them and that is the very reason that I do so too. The culture I am aware is completely worthless and this is why I act in such ways; when stuck with it these goons are supposed to chose another path or stay there because they are too narcissistic to do so, what I then gain after that being that Politicians spend money on them and run out of it too – which they already have, only the Tories have been voted in recently to try and fix National finances. I hear the question is that this is not what I was up to all day today and that what I was up to is what people want to know but what I was up to had to do with an old story about the reason I am on the left i.e. it’s a free market economy and people should  be able to trade with anybody of their choice; except some people are evil and One does not talk about their evil until they do it to me, so I can talk about it, the down side being their girls and women are always on my case to extract beauties and a public life, to extract conveniences which is all insulting beyond tolerance as a whole.


The story of making Ministers of parliament uncomfortable is the one that beats me; I mean the question is whether they are more important than I am – off the record since it is not how HM has set herself up but the question has become the meaning of life anyway; for them Politicians it is easy because they get a straight up tax payer funded salary, along with expenses paid so they can steal some extra and name it expenses scandal – in my case I cannot sell my Books and people cannot come to see me because they will get somebody special by seeing or following the social media profile of an Arch Prince – so let it not be said I spend my time talking about being important and why people should respect me but we see why some MPs must be made to see Royalty has human rights too and at some point nobody will care if they are chasing wealth inequality issues or not.  

They say I have failed in my duty to secure the diplomatic frontier and it is utter nonsense too from where I am i.e. the trouble being that people simply want to make use of a Cabinet government system present in the UK all over the world but have no plans to keep all the features if they can seek out the more easily corrupted Federal system that the Americans have without keeping all the drawbacks for their plans as well and it is becoming a problem for my Book sales developing this question of what people think really all over world as a whole. There is even talk here in the UK about what I get up to with the Americans is not an activity about which I am held to account – the reality being that I never took sides in the US and the American people are better off for it too, that we now have Electoral Candidates and not Industrial Espionage in Government for the first time in 100 years at least in that Country, meaning there are the American people on one hand and the Politicians on the other trying to bargain their position with each other and not Industry subsidised parties and weak Politicians playing Industrial espionage with each other during election day; steeping the Country into such corruption that if somebody bought a super car for a young woman he gets to have sex with, who has no plans to work for her earnings, he knows that she can behave in such ways as guarantees that he will be able to recover at least four times that amount in a certain period of time – so that most of them have already done the fucking college girls routine, leaving me with Celebrity crap I have plans to ensure ends as badly as those insults feel and are now sticking to their own daughters who are easier to protect and the insults from those are legendary waiting for its own time as well. I have no idea what people want to hold accountable with it, all I know is that if they are interested in anything I do, I am an Author and Authors sell Books that they have written for a living.  Up North in Scotland we hear talk of opposition to Air Strikes against the Islamic State when even the Islamic State does not want Air Strikes against them stopped anyway and it will never make sense why they want that anyway, unless we start to explore the fact the Scottish National Party came as close as they did in the last referendum because they have been going out to pick up midsized gangs all over the world especially in Africa of which the Islamic State is currently the biggest form of it yet and we all know that Midsized gangs and their celebrities are a good thing as it were because they abuse people and attack people on account they have needs and want money, except that once they get the money it is time for bigger problems for everybody ranging from Coup de tats to civil wars and we all know that the SNP has not had its own backyard figured out, what they believe they will do is that the effect of this midsized gangs will lead to a better result than the ones they had in the last referendum where a lot of people voted in favour on account of being abused to a point where they decided it had to be independence before dishonour by these midsized gangs they pick up all over the place – now they are in league with the Islamic State all together and Nicola Sturgeon is getting on a Temper here as she seeks another referendum because they are convinced that they will win, nobody knows why they are so stupid as such and yet if you quash the problem every time your bottom hurts while they claim they are opposing air strikes on the Islamic State because they are peaceful people you become gangs like them all together.  It’s as though a referendum will become their habit without consideration for what it really is i.e. Government going on strike because it needs to be decided at the ballot boxes where the Nation Stands, parents off work and kids off school and it’s not like Trade Union strikes either, absolutely anything can go wrong; I have no idea how these idiots could have one referendum, lose it and find the cheek to seek another one – everybody wants my Literary Empire these days, tell them to get off the Temper and they will say they have got one their own and it is a problem that has emerged from that stupid popular politics targeting me to have a millionaire that has been detached from his Money so that others can learn to be the same thing as well – hence this sort of nonsense will not have been the first occasion I have had to deal with something so distressing and I believe for my part the warnings about their insulting conveniences gotten from here has been clear enough so far while they complain too. Now they claim I appease people to make them do what I want and turn out with that in public to pretend I matter and we all know there is no such thing - only two lives I am always juggling here, an old question of why I always have to think about my Day; one life being me carrying on as normal which I really do not have to think about and the other being them getting their hands on my possessions and getting into a place where it is said I am too afraid to act so they might keep it while I do my stuff as they put it - I mean there is nothing wrong with people seeking their freedoms but these sorts of abuse are very vicious indeed and very horrible things to say most of the time, I am having trouble tolerating their need to pretend they are leaders and turn up here to extricate conveniences from my life to ensure they are practicing how to be which is because I have tolerated most other things as it were, so such things as telling me where I am supposed to be is usually my favourite bits but we will start with the basics that have much to do with the fact Intellectual Property Administration at a Royal Office will never work unless Celebrities and Media and Politicians are under my control about which I tend to behave in ways that makes it clear that we must live in a world that is tolerable for everybody; so their own as Politicians must be very easy considering they get tax payer funded salaries and that is pretty much guaranteed, for me this sort of abuse is a very horrible thing to say and they know it, so it has to be that it is happening never the less because of that old tale where we hear them say one thing and at another time are bringing whole governments to rip up my finances so that they might be able to hurt me as well, bearing in mind the things I do to them is as such very pleasant and we are here because it is not hurting badly enough to make sense even though they have to get on media to survive and then pass around these insults everyday - the Insults which they think is their right as people that are older, more important than I am or are basically exercising their own civil rights but have not yet answered the question of whether they are paying my Bills so as to ensure it is not an insult whenever they do not want it be. I know that the pain of the things I do to them to make them turn out to live on media just to exist is unprecedented, I am just pointing out nothing is mentioned of their insults such as how I appease people to make them do what I want before that sort of occasion arises; the question that had to be answered here is whether if they brought a government to rip up my finances and hold me down somewhere so they can copy my life and work and turn up in public places to be leaders, it would have made them leaders - the answer to that question has now been supplied many times over as we can see that not enough have died yet as a result of their stupidities and I always say they need to clear my space, while they like to claim I am the one getting into other peoples space which is utter nonsense as the reality is that we are now living in the same existence according to their stupid media and that they will get the best part and lion share of it because I am afraid of them and know they can beat me up any time they wanted, so I am aware the pain of what I do to them is incredible, I am not saying I am not, only pointing out the only way to make it better is to bring an entire government down to sort it out for them and that is not going to be the case for eternity either. It is never true I say anything I say to benefit the Scottish Nationalists as such - they are the same old story and we all know they say that if matters of violence are not administrated the results will be that of much bigger problems, however which nothing really justifies Politicians giving people the go ahead to get about getting involved with matters of violence and gangs and crime first before they can get an education and a job and get on with what really matters - so it is something they do so they can select people and make out their own versions of those who are treated better by the system than they are treated; of which nobody knows what they use their time for as well and it seems that question of what they use their time for will never be answered too; all we know is that the prize appears to be that we are seen as a society that moves left and right when we are not; they are no leaders, they are nothing and need to stir clear of anything that happens to be a concern of mine; its not the 1980s, nobody here will be manipulated into doing civil rights while they sit about seeking conveniences when difficult and violent problems are cleared out and I have no wish to tolerate any meddling with my work that suggests others are telling me what to do, that part and its results are not hurting badly enough yet too, even when their needs have been so delayed and so intense they are forced to use their own to do it anyway and like to pretend that making them sell that stupid culture to make that fame and money they want so much is the worst I can do, hence having to live a life that benefits them which is about being scared of them, thereby meaning they can take anything they want-appeasing people to make people do what I want in order to pretend I am a leader.


They play these games all the time and it is said my problem is that most of what I do is true but yet to be confirmed whereas the reality is that in order to be able to administrate intellectual property for a business that has a banner which at the closest high street to where you live can stretch as far as three times your bed room for example dominating everything, you have to be able to run the business in a way that ensure a certain important aspect is never completed because it attracts the problems, which is what they really are – so the main issue is that whenever I go off to sell my Books, it is when they want to play a game of finances of important people they can control in order to try and be important as well and that is where the problems begin and I have to be wary so those who throw crude oil into the Oceans for instance to take up the things I do and say and make an excuse out of it. Their case is beyond the good friends made and good friend lost story; they want a piece of me and will get it. I can be helpful by making it clear that despite all the distractions and abuses, only the Court of female journalists which I chose actually really matters but I do not think that will be relevant to them anyway. They were supposed to survive on media, not make it into a problem that further aggravated the problem of Mr despicable gay master having a need to savage my finances and when finished with white women pick up black women to have fun with – if the media is no longer working for them in the interest of social great good like I spend time on as well, the balance has been upset and they need to complain about it really soon too.

It’s never a matter of what I am scared of; that great old story can easily be settled around the premise of their need to handle my public life and book sales market – then get around to secure an idiot that is steeped in a cultural evil who will bring mystical things to place around and declare an intent of violence in my direction which cannot be explained so as to create an understanding with normal people and human language but then again it does not matter to me because these are people who have been stalking me and ripping up my markets for the last 15 years, these are idiots who start a fight whenever they see me because they want to make use of my physical appearance to make fame and fortune, these idiots that have gotten me to understand they would be better off if I were dead because whenever they try to access my history I tend to respond on account that it hurts and so it is also good for me to suffer a single pain for everybody else’s providence with that big mouth; its only 2 years so far of paying attention to black people not a story of what I am scared of. Their whole lives are now developed around unprecedentedly abusive nonsense that is all about finding out my secretes – nothing like being scared of them. The other story being that I need them of course and it is never really clear how they come up with that anyway – I do not think it is a complicated issue, there is just a sense of well being attached to not being interested in what saloon cars goons drive around with lest it becomes more important than God and the problem is usually that I have spent time dealing with goons that speak of how I am a moral person in order to win their parents hearts and make them rob their children of an inheritance that their children have worked a life time for, so at normal settings its perfectly okay but on media I will end up with problems.

It’s the same old story of having a Court of female journalists that means that men want to get what they must do to make money from leading to the conclusion that a Country where men are not running after their own breath really doesn’t work. So at the moment, whenever I am stuck with a rigorous activities is usually the point at which their women can spy on me and dominate me and beat me down to secure a convenience they can all share then steal my markets for their children and try to maintain it with a combination of threats and abuses and subtle seduction but the reality being that they are important and dominating me must be achieved; so I am going to get the Court out of the way and then we will all crack on with how I want to sell my Books next. It is never an ego thing for me as such; just reality where you apply yourself to the reasons they do these things and the reality is that their parents teach them to work in a persistent and consistent way on others to get what they want instead of work on things; so you tend to ask which part concerned them to a state where I was attacked right up to the highest levels of government then on account I worked consistently to a point where there was an aesthetical attribute to my Career and the answer is usually that their women are so insulting because it is convenient and that is because they are evil people, so you tend to revert to talking about and getting involved only with the ones they have done to harm you specifically i.e. home is not worth living in for their women and that is the source of all the insults and abuses and property destruction to feel convenient and the reason for it is that they are bad and evil people and it is openly declared thus - so you tend to take a position whereby you do not get involved unless they harm you and do not speak of any thing they do unless its the one where they did harm you.