I do not think that the strategy of the Westminster parties in Scotland is a risky one – what has happened is that the Scottish National party has not told the people what the nature of what it is doing is i.e. the reality is that although Politics and government is people talking, the fact has always been that it is like chemistry and you do not make it up as you go along, you simply follow chemical rules and mix them chemicals to reach a certain outcome and result and if you mix one molecule of hydrogen with two molecules of oxygen you always end up with water, it is not the imagination around water that causes that, it is simply the reaction and the resulting outcome period and so in the same way Government has rules and things do not just happen, things answer to their own kind and answer to a certain kind in government and outcomes when you set out a certain prognosis is never as you would like it, yes because of human involvement on all angles it is possible to tell lies and delay those outcomes but they are always a dead certainty just like any other science – i.e. mix one molecule of hydrogen and two of oxygen then mix some sodium chloride later on to change it and you will never succeed etc, it will still be water but interpreted in a different way not changing the fact you have created water. What we have in Westminster as such is a system where we know what the other side that balances what Politicians do is, that means the government acts in a certain way and the outcome is a certain outcome that is predictable scientifically and if there are any problems in between these as matters get resolved, there are designated systems that can resolve them immediately. The SNP has none of these things around its policies and plans for governance and a new Country they have told nobody about if they have them at all, not only do they expect others to work it out for them while they spend their energy on winning independence referendums so they can ensure people do not wreck their lives when they damage people’s property, which they always do without reservation or reason except every time they are infantile and frustrated which of course is where I make mention of the fact I still find it impossible to believe it has come to an independence referendum as if they are completely unaware of the reasons people do the things they complain about but above all, those of us that can understand what the other side of the balance of what they are after is, especially those that have seen it before, know that it is catastrophic, and there are little indications everywhere about the full implication of what they are after for example when the Bank of England governor tells them fiscal Union is not compatible with independence etc. The reality is about what the Japanese describe as ying-yang: facts and realities answer to their kind and a certain kind in government and the rules governing them were made according to the factors that develop these rules and that is why evidence is necessary in the law Courts to prove innocence of guilt at trial for example when justice is being considered in this matter – the Scottish National party has not got a clue nor has it told us what the other side of the balance of what they are doing and what they are about really is because they have not got a clue what they are doing at all and that is a very bleak prospect for a Country – it has never been about the kind of government Scotland wants as much as it has always been about what Scotland is as a Country. Fed up of course we are in this country with Politicians that tell lies to get about governing the people by asking them – many times it has been put forward to their stupid selves that it is totalitarianism and they are one step away from dictatorship because of course when you start to tell people about the rules and nature and balance of each and every policy that is made at Government and the things that everything answers to and the rules and the combinations that lead to the results that are indisputable, what you end up with is a people that have government and no time for themselves about what really matters while you get paid for doing the government work and they do it entirely free of all charges.

There is of course the story of how the UK is hated overseas but none of it makes sense since what happens is that our Politicians negate a certain aspects of our relations with the world and nobody knows what they are keeping that for, perhaps for themselves and that only when I have been beaten by them which others tend to regard with a sense of why they simply cannot leave people alone and so the idea that those who handle it will get into trouble has been paying off very well too since the French have been and the Germans have been and the Dutch too never mind the Americans and they have fucking done anything about it since – so that in the end the reality remains the same as ever i.e. they can pick people out and attack them but not so good when it gets all noisy and global. I mean when they take a look at me and mention something about beating that one up because they want to feel the energy it is usually supposed to be a matter of something they can back up as it were.

Most of these things are not unusual, eventually they come back down to the matter of how I get involved with peoples social groups and races and mess it up and dilute it to make it less superior and so on but that was before they found it impossible to keep their hands off the possessions and involvement with in order to dominate an inferior race person here because they want to take away all I have and watch fear in my face when they tell me to leave their stupid Country and so on and it is the same with their secret societies and masonries, we all know media talks nonsense at me like events being set in motion when they have the necessary connections but they need to stay off my book sales and my finances and public work if they have secret societies, not throw stones if they leave in glass houses, stay off my Royal order if they have their masoneries - I always feel like ripping it up each time I have to put up with any of these nonsense and those who are not making the trouble could help to deal with those that are, I mean I can always do my best at Intellectual Property Administration for their companies and businesses if I have harmed it but the Royal family does not deserve all these nonsense nor does this Country deserve all that republic crap they fund and foster and encourage all over the place which come from the trouble makers in their social groups and masoneries either, hence will never hold back and not staying off my book sales is where things will blow up, while their stupid girls and especially at fashion are looking for a real beating as well. 

They do say I refuse to acknowledge they are the real fans of government and Political work but the truth mostly is that the fact others think only about making babies does not actually make them bad people. So we have reached the point where they need to get off a Scottish Independence and get some pornography as we all know they are buxom and evil enough for.

The media ones it seems have taken what appears to be their last stand in Scotland - they say if the 2014 referendum is against independence events will have been set in motion for Scotland to become a republic in the end anyway of which I cannot tell if they do not have enough pornography to engage their perversions with these days anymore anyway, not that it is the kind that sells by the way. My point is that it’s all media lies and media spin at the very least - reality facts are that I have taken up their own and done it for them all the way to the corridors of International communities and poverty charity in third world countries and now they will have to get new ones so people might know they can come up with it as they will never recover from me anyway - hence the signs are clear the next time they deploy people’s lives and possessions to make themselves financially better off they will leave the victims their exist routes so they might want revolutions and new countries on legitimate grounds. Personally however, I know they are evil and the purpose of most of their activities is to ensure people think they are nice and that helps them to build a relationship and to get rich but in order not to lose the sense that are actually evil they need some good religious people that the society and the culture will hand to them to do whatever they like with so they can maintain connections with what they really are - so I am simply meant to carry on and allow them reveal that to the world steadily as a result of their actions especially on media when they are frustrated, thus I find it really insulting if not abusive those statements they make about events being set in motion, whatever events the scumbags are talking about.

It’s a simple matter of walking into a room to find two men, both older and bigger than you; they have both seen your work and property and decided they want it and you cannot stop them from sharing - but one will back off if you complain while the other wants you to complain so he can build up his own ideas of what it was about on media and do whatever he likes with you anyway and to that end wants an Independent Scotland for his pleasure; events set in motion they say and it shows they cannot shut it as it were. All that time they have continued to make out government work is all about serving them specifically - thus we are all ignorant. It’s not government only that is all about being accountable to them of course so they can grab top jobs, make connections and push out others, its celebrity as well and all I am saying is that they are buxom enough and evil enough and there is enough pornography and enough freedom for it in this world, rather than talking events being set in motion at me with that stupid media.


The story about my fight with Politicians has never before been presented in the way that it really is i.e. they say I am running off a job that is more important than the ones they have which is completely wrong but have taken 13 years of my time without coming to a decision yet on what they want because they are stupid and have not got a clue – of which I am on the other hand getting more and more frustrated as well. In the end it’s a matter of insults and abuses concerning which it is rather difficult to see them address the achievements of their stupid block head popular culture children in that way: this is not to say I am unaware of what it is about i.e. a group of people that are likely to get involved with government and make so much trouble you end up asking the question of who is responsible for dishing out punishments and then administering some on them to set them straight, so I know they set out and pick on normal people attending Church like myself because they want to be able to do these things and get away with it by having a scapegoat but when you are full of rubbish as a result of their abuses, then you are and there is no point denying it as well.

In the end the reality is that those who have had their own with culture and law and society and politics settled with enough time still to chase a career are always targeted by these people who feel they should be able to dominate them and have everything they want from everybody else who are strategically placed in places and areas where they might have needs and then put themselves in control of those needs and give it to them when they ask and want – they like to say it is common sense if you want to be rich and or famous and important until they have to complain about my domination as well which isn’t really domination but a matter of the fact their access to media and civil service tends to mean to them that when they force their case on others of the claim there is no God they can do anything and nothing about the way society and human beings and morals work will ever make such conditions occur as it comes back round to hit them at some point in their lives as well and of course they do need to leave me alone and move on as my time for the rest of my life was never set out for their pleasures necessarily and so I can understand when it is said that finding clever ways of talking about while they have gotten it into their heads they want to touch people and violently and painfully all the time and that in Scotland the Westminster ones are the same as they are and hence there should be an independent Scotland so they can do it, not a Union where Westminster people get to do it to them as well when in actual fact they shouldn’t and this is the kind of things that fills me with resolve to the context of the fact their independent Scotland is a dream and will remain so – I mean they have never met me, so it is difficult to work out where they got the sense they are bigger than me and can beat me up at will anyway. In the end of which if pound for pound questions must be raised and answered the reality is as simple as the fact that they want to have their own worked out with the law and society and culture as well but must be committed to violence first, threaten and abuse me on media talking nonsense about being in such a place and position as I will suffer consequences when I don’t comply with their random demands that can come from any of them Nationalist idiots from across the country and so on – so that if the way was good for me and isn’t good for them and the question is whether we had missed something on what we think human rights is all about, the reality is that I will go to the polls and lose everything so they can have a new Country where they can have a law that is good for them first before they get things right with it so they can move on with their own lives and stay off what is collectively owned.

The Tories like to say Labour allows me to get out of hand and now I have become a problem that cannot be solved but all Labour did was wreck my finances for them and allow them means to know what they know about me today – so that they were not the first instance provocateurs when it comes to some random idiot seeking fame and fortune murdering me before my message get out to the wider world so that they can keep hold of where they seek their self improvements from my life which will therefore exist without such consequences as my dominance which tends to come when they do those things in violent ways such as seek them from aptitudes concerned with personal and family life or indeed an already existent career and so on, so we really don’t know what would have happened although there is a fair sensibility around from what has already happened anyway – it is rather difficult to work out if they were expecting civil rights goons or idiots that are so stupid and money mad they come from areas of the world where there is genocide all the time here anyway deciding what the world thinks about the black race all together and simply cannot live with what they have found of which nobody asked them to explore anything here either as it were, so these black idiots can talk nonsense about controlling the best of their race and continue to seek those things I am sure will forge some kind of black on black racism on International circles somewhere in the future so they can keep their insults with those who appreciate them better as it were.  The case of these things happening because they are chipping away at my energy is not a good enough explanation and it exist in the same area as the case of me being vulnerable to my entire life being referred to as strategy, we know they live in an insulting world where people are responsible for other peoples actions and like to target me all the time because I am just right; lots of stuff and not enough money to protect it with a big mouth, so they can have their opportunities for crime in a condition where there are no laws and I want to make an example of them as well as equally as I have continued to tell especially the black ones to seek their freedom somewhere else not tell me what I can and cannot do on the basis of how much money I have in my own office, public work or possessions, clearly of which what I have done to them so far is not hurting badly enough yet as far as I can see, British Politicians are giving them Mobility and I will never stop hitting them. When the Tories say what they say it is one of those occasions where you do feel they are creating the environment for those kids that want to pull a knife on me because they want my personality and dream of being famous and I am not so sure benefit of hindsight they think they have of what they know about me will help their case as much as they think it will either; these people must do their freedom and capitalism somewhere else or they will make an enemy here. I have never really considered it a problem; it’s a matter of whether or not idiots dressing well in support of their fools who are making reality television millions at my expense from my public work is worth it and so on, right up to the part where they have these sick clinically insane idiots all over Politics and parliament and media chasing my anus and penis that they interpret as freedom and gay stuff and finish off with nonsense about beating me up in a fight as well while their hands are still seen all over my public reputation and book sales with a big mouth. So it’s the same old story of how I have never given it to them but they continue to build attention on media and Politics as to otherwise and sell things on that which makes no sense but at some point will eventually create the idea that I have for them to run with and when that happens and they make their stupid money humiliating me the west will become unrecognisable to them when I am finished. There is no such thing as being forced to answer difficult questions by MPs that control me and abuse me for it all the time; as I mentioned its gay and freedom stuff and for my part my own case is useless people and deviance stuff as well as it were and they can do my stuff with their reserves of foolishness if they want with a big mouth only.

When I say it is not a problem it does not mean I am putting a brave face on it, it really isn’t a problem, it’s just people with insane children who are insane in the direction of gluttony assuming that when their stupid children chase my anus and penis it means I can be beaten up by them and so on etc. So I do hear they say I long to be free from the torment but of course the reality is that I can live wherever I like as long as I pay the bill for it and deploy the security there to get my public work done and one of the ways of avoiding a process where I rent homes that the  stupid African insults of the black one’s own is to get off my finances and allow me get on with my life in the company of those who are friends of mine not talk nonsense about turning up all the time on claims they own me; nobody owns anything here except me and that goes for my literary empire too, so I am using it so they can tell the difference. I have warned them it should be seen about being the ones that stalk me which chases away my clients and supporters due to their stupidities so they can talk nonsense about my real back ground and social group all the time telling me what I can or cannot do in terms of leadership on the basis of how much money I have of which nobody is telling them not to go off and live in Africa for it as it were. The reality is that I have got everybody where I want them including the Politicians and this is a real issue with immoral people, money and the need to persecute Christians and enjoy life and I want to make an example of these fools as well for my part – so obviously people cannot pass off at me the story of how there is no God anymore as well and we are all doing very well on each side with nobody regarded as the weak link; they need to keep their hands off my private parts and do their capitalism and freedom somewhere else and so I understand when they say I am not making progress with my life either but this is not my life, this is all a function of handling my books and my finances, damaging it and telling me I should lead nobody because I don’t have money lest I create problems and people do my stuff for me – so we are waiting for the part where they are paid to make advertisement and they spend money making advertisement with that stupid media to sell products for companies in ways that suggest I am giving to them whatever they demand of me to pay off and then we will find out as well if they have got it to look for the trouble they look for the way they do as well for the part I will have anything to do about it, especially for the African ones, their own is a special case. I mean these are people I fundamentally despise while they claim that when I have had nothing to eat for hours and they are block heads after my penis and anus is funny it is them living free and it is them stopping me from living outside of the times I live in and all that nonsense but above all expect it to be something that just gets by and of course I know that even if I set my diet and eating times right to kill off any means by which I notice these things the reality of how much I despise them will be hard to ignore so I have made records and cause points of it to find out what they are made of like that big black mouth we put up with all the time as well. They do ask how I am going to make these things go away and I am certain it will not happen with black people owning and controlling me either – these are psychopaths who used to know where teaches penis is, especially the blacks and even have their tales to tell about how they were abused and some British Politicians have something to prove over my public work and finances they need to be given the opportunity to as well – I mean imagine if I were them and they were me would the world have been so lucky? Of course there is the talk of how others get the hard treatment from HM while I am petted and so on but an example is how much of their absurdities mean they control me and I do what they want with their stupid media and back door politics, of which anything I say will mean Scottish Independence is good when it actually isn’t along with talks of how I try to be free from the torment.

In terms of how I get the best treatment from The Queen and everybody else the hard hand however it starts from the old case of absurdities that rule everybody else and make them do things and then it will progress to other matters as well all together: I mean some of these things HM does are things she does because she wants to be blind to what happens in the world i.e. Monarchy is not the same as elected government, it rules from culture and society while parliament retains supreme power over the State, it never really works to combine both because it will make you tired and when these trouble makers see that you are the problems can pick up feet you never knew they had and go their own way entirely. Then there are the Industry and business people that need to keep their problems away from the people, keep their communities full of twisted fame and money mad goons they help to these means for causing trouble all the time, while others keep their offices of state as well and the communities that make the people so that things can be done properly in this Country for a change; some of them as usual have decided that not only are they going to take the perversion of their already twisted business communities to another new level, they are going to declare war on me, especially the fashion ones and so I have accepted the challenge as well since I am fed up wondering if they know what they are talking about. Then there are the Politicians that become fond of giving money to the criminally disobedient and pretending that it wasn’t the reason that a family of 6 with two parents and two other kids that are really close to either parents scenario for example lost one of its members to senseless street murder – they are on a roll about how gangs happen because young people are inactive, how it happens because they are not engaged, how it happens because playgrounds are disused; all of which is the part where I can always get into league with them and work with them to oppress these idiots – from the ones that steal things all the time to the ones that make connections with local MPs and means they can walk around or drive around the streets of the country taking anything like from possessions to public reputation with a big mouth thinking they are there yet as it were but that is not what I want to do as what I would rather do is fuck them all over and use them to get it done in anyway. The point is that if people want good treatment it is easy and never up to me but for me personally it’s a matter of Industry menaces trying to see that they do not create conditions where people did business with them and it ended badly, did employment with them and it ended badly kept money with them and it ended badly, it is always easy to move to another Country where they will feel more comfortable as it were and leave me with space to vouch for investors – it’s not that these people are bad people in any case and they do get the jobs done if they are given it in the first place. I mean they do say that I jeopardise myself by mentioning these things of course but how much of that is true will be measured by how much respect and regard people have for my Court at the end of the day – after all it is now news in the west they are used to cutting out years of peoples time to push themselves with media into people’s special privacy and then turn up in public to look democratic and free pretending they are not lending me pure agony for it so that when I push them out they stand up somewhere to abuse women all the time copying what they find to make money which in itself is funny – so clearly of which it does appear what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough yet as it were too. It isn’t exactly the case that I was abandoned by black people, when abandonment is used they like to play that game of we abandoned him not so white people can pick him up but because he was selfish and needed to be forced to survive so people can find out and share which facilitates that means of stalking me to wreck everything and play he achieves we take over for the black race game they love to play – the reality is more like somebody in whose personal life all the problems of black people should end up and now he must behave so that black people can control him and those problems in order to have a future or he will be killed and can die and take those problems with him – so when I have been left to self destruct and they find out I have become financially successful they seek me out yet again because they are the only people that know how to look for trouble as it were in their view.