So there is all that stuff about being gracious in victory which I am not; they are very fond of doing that their insolent rubbish where they claim to have such advantages against me that they can dominate me and there is nothing I can do about it, on account that whatever they do will be done in the knowledge that I can only have revenge which will involve attacking their stupid lives while their counter revenge will involve attacking my royal stuff which is what they always ever wanted; this then propels me to handle them all the time with a sense of questions about who told them they were famous and who told them they were royalty. The rest will likely be the other part they love to bring up all the time that I am being manipulated by media; I couldn’t understand it anyway since I was under the impression that after all those years of ascribing my work to George Bush and every president After him in the US and using my personality to clean up the evils that come from people burning effigies of their politicians and doing some defamation for me to make it permanent and getting the international community to be fed up hearing what I have to say about it, that it was the media that wanted to be free of me at this stage, their services to bigger allies as it were (idiots). I do bring myself to their state anyway to try and find out if I can bring myself to deal with others in a way which means that just because they have something I do not have, they will have everything to make themselves comfortable with and then due to my actions which will be unrelenting until such an outcome results, they sleep rough on the streets despite what they have and I see all the time I couldn’t get myself to do it, which will also explain my hatred for black people who think they hate me more than I do them and that I feel as though every problem I have is the fault of the white man when such nonsense is really a myth. They get jobs with record companies to make music but become part of the record companies because of their bribery of the body and of the money and so on – they get jobs on media to report news, report something that has already happened and is actually fact but they cannot unless I am made to respect them by the producers who must collect my work and earnings for them to feel a funny thing has happened with on a daily basis: no idea who told them or what told them they were famous anyway and yes I am saying it so they can come out and be famous and we can find out if people really can make fame from such infamy anyway.


They speak of how much trouble I find myself with some members of the royal family of course which is utter rubbish because there is really no way that I can be in any trouble as a result of trouble that members of the royal family make which I have not responded to even when I am the victim; the really clever bit of it is that those who do such things tend to turn up on media more often than not and then by such statements bring the need for people to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes out of people. For my part when they want people who want to be part of the royal family as an ambition, they know where to find those – I was only give structures for work I had to do and got the label as such that is given to those who are made a part of the Royal family by those who are heads of it. For the politicians on the other hand and this huge big worry I need to be concerned about there is no such thing; I mean people say that others get things for free in the form of benefits and do not appreciate it because it is free on account they believe they can talk to anybody anyway they please and nobody is yet getting out of them as well the things they get for free when they tie people down with their benefits therefore. I always think they miss the point of what being on benefits really is which is that I am the client of the government and so on no occasion do I break the contract but the government breaks its own all the way to a process of preventing me from getting a job and so when there is an understanding that it is a matter of service I must perform for the Crown, they then make brash statements like getting things for free and not appreciating it or indeed that cutting the benefits is my fault. So the problems that doing such statements will create is a condition where we eventually pick things up as well, all the way from the things they get from my career, the things I spend my benefits to do to sustain a career that they are also making use of, the things I do to take care of extremism because they abuse and insult their leaders and try to recycle the curse through the civil service and the fact that the least they can do is pay the bloody benefits and never cut them, all the way to the matter of their stupid good looking political idiots who think that I am dazzled by their suits and cars and that they can talk to me how they like, which they know their stupid party members will hear what they say as such, pick up on it and the current results of a process where I only work at night which is the only peaceful and quiet time with respect to their idiocy and violence, so that during the day we might all look like we have all had the worst day imaginable and of course the fact that when I say stupid good looking political scum I would have been referring only to how they see themselves which brings us  squarely to the fact it is their treasury and they can do as they like with it and makes it very clear therefore that no benefit cuts has anything to do with me or something I do not appreciate or indeed something that is my fault – bearing in mind also that the benefits are in no way free but remain a means the government deploys to gain an economic edge i.e. invest money on the unemployed and let them go out shopping and saving and renting and so on, it is the government that is getting all the revenue and my career being sacrificed to maximise that and this is why it brings home what will happen with that rubbish about using their Politics to crush me because when they pay for the damages they have done to my writing career it will be enough to ensure I never get stuck at any stupid civil rights. I reiterate the least they can do is pay the benefits and never cut them and it does not necessarily mean I want extremist to copy me when I say so either; like the stuff about how what it is about is a desire to own my home for their personal and private security when they are at their stupid good looking political scum jobs where they think their appearances and suits dazzle me and they are more important to me than God is, making me wonder since it is clear the reason my home and personal life was in such demand and their stupid women cannot have enough of their insults in my direction with my evil mothers as the queen of them all (I mean she is the base for their blame economies and pre-fascism get rich rubbish but that is because they want to find out she didn’t stay married to her husband because it would have hampered her opportunity to abuse her children for the pleasures of really stupid men that do not want to change in order to affect their problems and maybe get to see me in the process as well; she once told me that due to my Christianity I actually promised to be a pastor and therefore all I own belongs to her including my person, to dispose of as she wishes and so I have continued to maintain this elaborate sense that it seems rules will have to change back in Africa so that women do not get forced to give birth to people who will not appreciate it when they want to be able to preserve their record of selfishness for power, however whether or not it happens will exclude her anyway and I still can do whatever I like), is that I had quite a record as a conqueror as it were, never clear then why they do not come round and get it.  The other side of other great mysteries that happen around here of course will largely have to do with black people who have political friends in the UK which has always been an old story i.e. they have some millions to throw around and so they must barge into my life and curb anything that might break their record and follow me around to ensure I do not move away and settle another life for myself anywhere else in the world with a big mouth. So I have decided to create and maintain this means of making sure that I slash and burn everything that gives them profits and money that is not directly concerned with work that they have done, to make sense of them snooping around my empire trust to get involved with rich businesses and turn up to abuse me on media to make profit, so that when the pocket money of their stupid wives and mistresses and daughters is depleted, they will have sex with Mr sunshades who must make money in this life so that he can turn up on media and make out I am vulnerable to it and then perhaps they will get off my book sales and I will not have to sell them like owner the room as it is at present with their big mouth.


It’s much the same with their access to my privacy of course as it were, they think it the point where they get to own how I react to things for get rich quick trophy powers and which is of course how they hurt people to find out their reactions and cover their tracks over evil things they have not yet done and are planning to do. I really do wish this does not become the major way in which I run my campaign for my books once I am out there in public to do it, for now I do not know what is wrong with them and the idea Mr sunshades who must make money in this life with his anti-global poverty charities and stuff is manipulating me; they cannot do anything about the trouble makers as it were, it is me they rule with a big mouth. Mr sunshades who must make money in this life, the antipoverty campaigns and the girls and an obsession with spending the income and personal life of those who have got it; it’s like the wars that happen over who is incredibly wise. Now you get the thirst for fame while they suppose what they handle your work and property to do will be treated the same way that you treat them first and then the victories and the fun and the games will be funny as well. For me it is all really simple; Christianity is the bees knees and whatever they do culture and everything stays away from me or they feel me as well – if those wickedness and violence they claim creates tolerance in society were to be a good thing that needs to stay, let them practice their making of tolerance on themselves and their families, I have my evidence here to show that what they do is travel around the world and gather as much evil as they need to determine my tolerance with. I mean I do wonder what I need to be thinking about as a person to do some of the evil things they do which propels them to think of me as something they will like to put out of his misery; people are rich because they are hard working, people are rich because they have a potential to work hard and put it to use, people are rich because they are talented – so what do I need to do to feel that I want to be able to take away peoples possessions and then make it mine in public in a way which will ensure they cannot take it back, hence some men are things you want to stab if you are a woman in order to feel powerful and you generally show what you want to do to take the possessions of such men and make it yours backed up by men that can beat them up? Although I do however know what they like and it is money and power and a process of ruling people which is what they will never see ever again, this is my start anyway; it is clear they think themselves like they make out that I believe the UK to have kept me safe from secrete cults and therefore think I should be blowing off my mouth in the UK, to have been the bullies during school days, of which it seems all that murdering people and girls that are dangerous and stupid women that can handle people thing has meant they did not become as rich as they wanted to be, so I am a yard stick and it makes me wonder what the world would be like if the prisons were full of people that murdered them and not the other way around and sets out a real chance whereby I might deploy my means of containing them for other purposes which may involve self protection. The bottom line of course is that it seems they were not as rich as they planned all their wickedness will make them and so my books and the sales are their next preoccupation and last I checked I did not write the books for them for my part and they need to get off it and its derivatives and leave me alone so I don’t have to sell them like owner in the house all the time while they make noise about beating me up like they do without limits as it were. Of course if I see any of the society and the culture and whatever I will definitely grab and sell it and the status of matters remains like it always have been; whenever they want to kick it off they can tell me criminals are the best men or that I need to be homosexual so they can be powerful yet again like they did before and this time it will be on the money when I handle them as well. What category are they really? Some may ask but I was under the impression everybody knew it’s about black idiots who govern African countries as it were; it seems the white friends they have who chase their interests for them and what those get up to is not working either; same old story of course – they need to get off my profit margins, off my book sales as I am aware they are not as rich as they hoped their wickedness will make them but did not write the books for them anyway for my part. So this is the whole thing about heir get rich idiots all over the place and the media scum as well, they cannot seem to do anything on any day unless they had made a mess of my work. For their politicians and political friends it is an old story first of all about the lack of a definite sense of what I own and what I do but everybody knows about property I put out into social holdings that they play around with as such and the fact that I cannot damage those social holdings when I do anything to release cash from it, hence the old stuff about telling people to get off your property all the time as it were but on the other hand is that old story of whether I think I need to be so good as to secure the enterprise of a state and protect it against the politicians of the day at a global stage to ensure they can tour the world if they want but it will all boil down to their basic salary at the bottom line; it is not about being good, it is about the threats they make, first one being that of how either my left hand side or right is their own if they choose with a big mouth, so I might have to ask them if what they really mean is the antichrist and then the other one as well where my life got worse when I got a royal commission and then now I am in a place where they will take it away and proceed to take away all I have as well and the reason for it being of course the fact I had potential to make money while they were the ones that decided what to do with it, so it is just the beginning, since I have already laid down a pipeline that will ensure I am able to drive politicians into gangs as well demanding things whenever I want too. It brings us to the main issue which is that I am deluded about how much wealth I have but of course since people had need of my equities and I plans to release some through books they had decided they had located somebody who had a clear certain and obvious means of making a lot of money, the bottom line being that there is the twin matter of a person’s property and the effects of their intrusion and insults in the matter that they claim is civil rights and wealth equality and you don’t know which is more insolent, the idea it is bullying or that it is civil rights and wealth equality. So things do need to happen to them where I can do such things with their finances as well to create a reality; after all from what I know civil rights have to do with people meeting politicians and the politicians putting up laws and people deciding to take the whole party and maybe demonstrate at parliament if the laws are not effective or do  more damage and do not necessarily have to be as insolent as that which I put up with from them and their media idiots with nice cloths while they are full of rubbish on the inside and tend  to get people deceived as to whether they are good people – so that when I mention it, they have found out they do not like themselves anymore. As I said before, I am certain they can do the joys of naivety for everybody too. The rest will be the businesses who are clearly the world’s richest traders and not a royal prince like myself and love to think that they can handle anything that belongs to me as much as they would have liked to until of course when I handle theirs as well to make a point about the work they mess up and make worse and then make up lies about a lack of reality to what I say for fun; naturally of which they are now thinking of how to trade your way into royal office I guess, of which I stand by my words as it were – it does not necessarily have to be so insolent (stupid bastards). So the matter of Christianity being everything and staying away from me is okay is supposed to have offered them the chance to be glorious men from that old pre-fascist rubbish of how I am insulted and abused because they do not want to ask me for what I have or own lest it makes them inferior. It really does not offer them any such thing in reality – it has always been the basis of the altercation that occurs i.e. when they use the blessings at church or my personal life depending on which they choose to do their new insolent Goths and calligraphy and stuff and tell me the sense of the idea I may have encountered angels which they may deploy to make their popular culture brands and homosexuality is something I dare not get close to or I get into trouble, even when I am older than some of them that is – as long as they do not do it, they will always be fine and whenever they do it, then it will be the old story i.e. politicians and the idea I am where the people are, all very well said but they know that the only route to earning a living for me in such a case is simply that when I tell people not to do a thing with my property, when they do it, they will find out exactly what the consequences were meant to have been. For their African friends such things as where I stand on apartheid comes through of which I always say it is not hurting badly enough yet – same old case of the fact if it is evil and wicked it must be done and things they do to peoples bodies and their insults are things that really should be happening. I suppose in the case of apartheid it simply got too big for them like it always does and they could control no more heroes while they can do nothing about the villains and of course it can get out of control like that again, apartheid was never the last from what we can see; the animals that will eat people up if people do not give them what they want can always grow too big for them yet again. The fact my Christianity has always never liked them is not a new thing either; same old question as it were i.e. now that they have gathered up the evils and secrete societies that mean they like money more than those who already earn and own the ones they want, who are they going to use it on and how are they supposed to enforce the fact the victims are not to say something about it so they do not expose their means of getting by and self protection in the world with a big mouth and cars and cloths they think dazzles everybody.  I am not on the side of Politicians and at the same time that of fans and readers – only a simple case of my life and home for me only.


My actions do not constitute a fresh start; this is what I have always wanted from my work, the problem being that when people have their own empires they make money and connections with it but when I build mine and break up the systems to broker my equities and sell my books there is no way you can have a means of making money to yourself when everybody can see how the money gets made with a big mouth and so their politicians claim what I have is what they want to do without regard for which happens to be another person’s livelihood. The end product of course is that sense that I find it difficult when I really don’t since I am aware it is all about idiots getting famous and handling people’s lives and property to do it with violence and threats and so it continues up to the point where you have a conversation with your mates and kids get involved and make fame out of it and turn out on public media to do give me my stuff on you relentlessly, in my case they say it is what they would never do to racists so I am the soft touch. Hence they have ended up where they ask me what supports my notion that they are not famous when they earn millions from their stupidities and it comes full circle as well for their purpose of the insolent abuses that are also funny, starting from facts like the part where I do not recognise it. The reality of course is that government and economy and academic work and so on rather exists in reality and it is the shame that while their Politicians want to speak of the economy they want to be fantasists like these but the main problem lies with those who give their money to them to become millionaires with buying those popular culture rubbish – they always say they do so because they intend to spend mine to get it back as it were and this is where their Politicians are short sighted about the fact that the idea of me trusting them to a point where I am stuck at civil rights is one of the really big nightmares I am prepared and armed for in every way imaginable, hence they make out my big problem to be that I trust people, when I really don’t. So what side of Politics am I on? I do not want to do politics and I believe what I have done has also shown that I am not a coward about it either. I also mentioned something connected with that sense that people like me have had their minds bared to the world and would have the wind kicked out of them at the polls, which has to do with politics not being an arena for those who have spent so much time in it that they know everything: about which the result is always that accusation I suck the air and energy out of every single conversation, with results that when I get up to speed it feels like the entire world is on the move and stuff. The way politics really works is not just the fact an elected representative might take a course of action that others know is wrong but it would be wrong to tell the person it is wrong, not goons holding decades of public office and then holding another one beside it because it was a desire but also a collection of public service and a retirement and a call up to public service at in door public office and perhaps a call up to diplomatic work which is usually the easiest route people have to getting a noble peace price which is the pinnacle of political achievement – unless they want to float around the international community doing flash suits and talking rubbish at me with reference to royalty that want to control them or kids that get involved with the enjoyment of life associated with their jobs, in which case then it become really difficult as well. Speaking of which whenever they want my opinion of apartheid it seems to clear up the fact that we all now look like something we want to do to suit others which we are trying to avoid and need to be forced to as things should go naturally, so that there might be evil and homosexuality and perversion and deviance and access to peoples income for it and like I said before it grew bigger than them before and can always do so all over again.