We have begun to hear tales of how religion gives us the means to practice discourtesies of course but that is one side of the story and it is full of absolute arrogance, the other side is that of when you say things to people out of your own good heart of which you may have been ignorant of the fact it may have caused harm but because they cared about you and knew you understood what you really meant, then it gets even better when the gospel you share with people is a gift that was given to you by somebody else which you are now giving to another because it has blessed your life and not your own gospel but the gospel of Christ, then it gets even better for when people say that religion allows people to practice discourtesies, they shall now be the judge for in some cases like mine for example parents do have a need to set out an alternative gospel to the ones their children preach which says kids should be scared of adults, it is all good when you live with them but once you move out of home and the stalk you to do it then it becomes something else all together anyway, so they shall now judge if it is good for a parent to do such things and set off to work with Politicians and media to ensure there is power by the civil service to ensure that when they do wicked things to their own children it does not come back to harm them someday because it will have been recycled with a form of quasi fascism, they shall now judge if when the child had become homosexual like them it does get to solve these problems that they are.

I do not think it a major crisis, I am only addressing a specific issue here, I am content with my living the way it is, only that this matter of peoples bad parents having alliances in the form of media based popular culture idiots that cannot let other people be and thereby set off the sense that you will end up in a relationship with somebody that is just like your evil parents because they will trap you in conditions where you will is something that had no bridles in the 1990s and this is not the 1990s; they have no wish to get off my selfish evil mother who lives the family life from outside to inside to suit scum like them which I have had to put up with all my life and will never mention either that it is what they do to provoke me. The big business ones are busy getting bloody minded over this idea that they are stuck somewhere and expect me to come up with a relationship that involves consumers which they can then cash into but I have set out a consensual enterprise system that is integrated both into my royal estate and into my literary empire in which there is an emporium of property equity brokerage with industries and have made it clear it is a consensual system and they can keep their media and Politics and take whatever you like system, which they claim makes me weak and vulnerable but everybody knows it is the same old story about people breaking up your company and pillaging the equities if they need it that badly by fiddling with your personality and working with their media, so that when you wait for them to deploy the property equity and break up their own by fiddling with their personality as well and Politicians do not do something early enough then you will together rip the economy itself to pieces but it seems to be the only thing they wish to do and have no plans to get off my book sales. Much the same with their media and civil rights idiots whose own desires are about social equality and therefore they must barge in and get involved with what I do and when it benefits them attack me because they feel like oppressing somebody where there is a combination of hurting people to get good things from them and will never tell it is what they do to provoke me either, they feel they should explain their stupidities away with my work and as I said especially over the selfish evil mom thing cannot leave people alone. So this is the other side of how complicated it is to say religion offers people the chance to be discourteous and they will judge as well so they can be homosexual.

Then we hear them speak of how I benefit or stand to benefit from some things that are done to control people in society but will not co-operate with the system when I have always been clear whatever they do to control people can be done if it does not set off a means by which people tell me that my stuff was used to do it. I have never thought these things to be a major issue, I know I do not get discourteous towards my parents with the gospel because I have not been led in that direction through it but for those who have been, if their parents love them they will understand that a child had a good experience and was desperate for his or her parents to share it too; it all comes down to this absolute arrogance of the sense that your own child benefits from the hard hand that life has dealt you and that he is the biggest beneficiary and therefore the biggest betrayer and nothing more, I do not think about it twice unless popular culture idiots are digging it and pretending they will determine whom I get married to, so they can continue to have a process of surrounding me with certain songs and then winding me up every day to chose which ones to play to create an atmosphere where Politicians spend my work to go into an office to create jobs like it was that cheap and all businesses have to do is Politics and media to make even more money; then when I do the same to them as well pretend what I have done does not belong to me and make much noise about how much of a problem I am for the British economy prompting me to ask the question of who the hell they think they are to have done it in the first place anyway.

Much the same with the story the media tells about how I attack everything and everybody but the reality being that I built a literary empire from my work and created an intellectual space based emporium in it to broker create equities with industries which they took so close to their operations the responsibility I was charged with as a result became terrifying due to my condition at the time that they did but since then matters have been resolved, however still the trouble makers linger and it’s all about getting advertisement contracts and then it will be about a product I am involved with and they will keep my property equities for themselves when done permanently and it becomes something I have to grapple with too at great loss to my company and work every blessed day. This is what they never tell people they do to provoke me into doing what I do as well, they expect me to say something about growing older, settling a family and then finding out what their problem is to whatever end because they think they are evil and want to murder me but of course yet again they never tell people it’s the provocation that makes me act on them either.

The other side of their case closely associated with this is that of the case of others countries besides the UK having an imperial past of which with respect to what belongs to me the above applies but what belongs to the royal property is more about keeping Westerners and their wars and those abusive nonsense about freedom and democracy they think everybody buys into away from my work and away from every part of HM realm that is involved with it; I don’t mind if they do their homosexuality to create a brick wall between scum like me and themselves provided they keep away the insults. Where China is concerned is largely the matter of consensual economy; we all know Americans always want things and this is the responsibility where you must break their hearts for a habit all the time because it’s never enough and it is the only way somebody makes popular music of which they believe they have got their own counter custom made one planned ahead which changes nothing here as nobody is a novice. For China however it must be the case that they can use their own to do it otherwise they will be fed up as well like my very good African friends that like to do things that lead to a process where the great old story is that they have had me all figured out; what we see now from what is effectively Government propelled industry at a cut price rate for the world is china extending power and that means it has begun to pump money into industry crimes and I don’t mind provided they do not use my stuff because I own and run a consensual enterprise and do not actually care if they exist or not, except they take my stuff and that will be the politics and media and take what you want from people version extending its boundaries again without a care for the fact that a company that is tied to a royal property is likely to be armed to the teeth.

These things always lead to consequences that will have their day anyway and each time that they fail to when they come round then they will be many times as worse the next time they come round again until somebody gets killed – so all I can do is basically what I am doing at the moment to ensure when it does, it does not become something extremists make use of but for the last 12 years Politicians have continued to think along with their media idiots that it is where I am trapped and made into a plaything for them like their American friends claim I am scared of them and therefore mention such things as the fact the US is a diverse society as well as culture but the UK only has a diverse culture hence when I express it by causing people to complain about how the Brits have taken over Hollywood because they will not get off my book sales. The reality of course being that nobody is scared of them, I have done what I have done because first of all I am following up what I thought was always wrong about the Iraq war which is that if more time was spent on the economy by the Bush and Obama government then these matters bearing in mind westerners always have their wars of freedom to take liberties with others, would have been properly settled at this stage; there are rules, you don’t just handle the person of a royal prince and insult him onto penury because you have idiots in the ranks of your party that can get involved with him until they wreck his life so you can become more and more and more important, there are things you do not do to a country unless you are seeking conflict, except that were are such close allies with the US other consequences for it had to be devised and so that I have applied them and they speak of fear, I have no idea what they want from me. Here in the UK the story is that I mess things up each time ones get involved with me but the truth is rather popular culture idiots settling on somebody they can bully with benefits attached and talk nonsense about spending my stuff for me right down to my personality – it is either they do those abuses because they are making sure I am not a rival King to HRH The Prince of Wales or they are doing it to secure the Position of the Prime Minister and the most recent is that of protecting some stupid witch that writes glossy magazines which then involved working with The Princess of York to ensure I pay for an insolence, none of these things of which they have written authority for which I have told them would not bother me at all anyway. They expect people to rescue their own property and then when done run off to some great advertisement and publicity campaign to secure a big break and I am not living like that since they are nothing to me anyway.


Now the idea I am getting myself into a lot of trouble with these guys is utter rubbish; no such thing and not a chance and they would not last a day if I did either although they are rather full of themselves which is good so I don’t have to attack people’s human rights. The truth is that the concept of mine and I am not sharing or cannot share does not exist in their books unless a thing belongs to them and this is what it is all about; all that crime of passion and all that hounding on media until racists bay for my blood and stuff with a big mouth that I guess will do it more like relax don’t do it when you want to come or something like that. I do not think it is a major crisis provided they leave me alone, these insults continue because they think what I have done is an act and a show but it really isn’t because their days of glory in the 1980s was a time when I was a child and their days of unbridled economic and political wickedness in the 1990s was a time I was a teenager and everything I had created to ensure I always have some spare cash in the bank should they think that a homeless Christian is funny and there is a link between it and getting rich has been taken away by them in conjunction with their Politicians who now claim they have seen me do my worst confirming the assumption they make that they are really in charge since if they were doing public work for free it is only then that all these nonsense would have been perfectly alright – so I still have no idea where they won that great fight they boast about either. All I know is that they have taken away everything that was meant to ensure they do not get into a fight with me and people are able to hound individuals like myself who have such a strong sense of self and self security if they have government that is providing them with funds while they spend time with which they should be getting a job to do it or they have spare cash put away somewhere while they spend time doing it or they have got the energy to do it and hold down an employment all of which does confirm they have nothing to fear from the fight they have instigated between them and myself and of course I have had enough of them as well; it is much too late now to try and have homosexuality in peace.

Now there is really no such thing as being educated about tyranny and being made to avoid it, I am not a tyrant and the only reason for that is that it does not make academic or financial sense and is something people do because they are idiots or because they are clever people chasing a particular line of action. The reality is that these fools however are really bad company and the state of my academic work and my finances is testament to that and there is reasonable grounds to suspect it would have been many times as worse if it did actually happen on account that I left home and packed my bags and got involved with one of those their clubs and bars and stuff; which does nothing to change the fact that even as we speak they are talking about oppressing me and we all know it is what makes social conditions as bad as they get i.e. civil rights fools and people they can oppress in order to equate with tyrants that they can then take out, unless that is they pick on somebody with authority to throw around like I am for example and it ends with stories about the guy that can handle both the tyrants and the civil rights goons all together so they can get on media and pretend there are powers against which I will never win because I am on neither side; all of which always leads to the same old case of the Christian who takes drugs because he is oppressed by civil rights fools and hence goes from being a victim of the world’s worst envy freaks that they are to taking drugs and appearing in clubs and bars etc, while they claim that homosexuality is in their genes if they are not openly gay or that they were born homosexual if they are which seems like such a long shot at this point anyway. My case is that they have things to say about my being trapped but this is not their lives and my books are not their property and not getting off them will see a condition exist where the media is no longer their salvation since I will build up public life around my work specifically to ensure they have one of those campaigns of a lifetime about justice and equality and culture and all that nonsense – I mean these are the reasons they do what they do at present but take a moment to listen to the other side of the story yet as it were. They are not half the problem they make out they are; only western idiots who think of the freedom to take liberties with people and their possessions all the time hence the talk of my entrapment and yet the reality remains that they break up every aspect of my life and seek to claim it violently; where I am a son, somebody is more deserving of being that kind of son and where I am a writer somebody is more deserving and the result is this new alliances they make with twisted states men that gets to mean they want to touch my penis and my anus all the time in order to create a condition where it leads to wealth when they do because it is unfathomably abusive like they did during the funeral of Nelson Mandela which ended very well for them as well and more noise making will make it end even better too for good measure, hence they have all these aspects of my life set out on media that will belong to others and like to make noise about how I will get assassinated if I did try to stop them whereas I have been all my life, especially the part where they see me walk down the streets and get on media to seek what I own and to own my life and get me to chase a cause at the end of which I will die so they can inherit my space in life and time itself to have untold dreams and riches fulfilled and yes they have Asian friends too that have probably taught them martial arts; these are the things I tolerate because I am a Royal Prince and it does not bother me that much yet if I get hold of them it will be another campaign of a lifetime plus the ones I write on my websites as trophies to sell my books and broker my product sales property equities with.  The part where I intend to do something about it is of course the bit where I give them time to get off me and get off my book sales, when that time runs out I will round up that culture and I will push it into a corner and then I will stifle it and then I will wrap it up and then I will control it totally until my company product sales are established and then they can get it back but I must confess there is a risk of getting used to that state of affairs too if I did.

So do I believe that I have not harmed them enough by what I have done already? Of course I have not, the reality is that I have done what I have done so far as a result of a need to ensure that I am able to control them and nobody troubles me the next time I chase my academic work and the result of that is the one where media is their salvation and those stupid cultures can no longer offer support and aid to evil journalists that love to attack me and flirt with torture exasperating me – the next time I get hold of it, the issue will be about this story of being trapped and it will be about getting them off my books and off my entire life all together and I will certainly make them squirm; this is a promise. Those of them that speak of forcing me to pay attention to what is important exist within the same category previously mentioned; either way of getting publicity before you write your books or writing your books before getting publicity for it, the reality is that when people are in so much of a dire need of an artist’s product they buy it and get an autograph not set off something he should have done which they will then do for their own personal glory because he refused to; these are the kinds of insults and discourtesy that brings the animal out of you because you have put to pen and paper things that are priceless and they cannot pick it up for  a token and cannot stop torturing you as a result of their own needs either. So it is not a new thing about powerful bad company and the fact they cannot leave people alone until the result is something really bad. In the same way I have decided to run my equities and securities in public – I know it is a process of looking for trouble, it is something I should do in secret if I cannot do it in private and then when done set up the business and run it but then again if they could deploy peoples equities and securities to get rich, should they do it when they could and would? It rather appears life is as simple as stick to his company and wreck the finances in order to go about gathering people onto yourself to do what he should have done and at the end build a means of getting rich that will stay with you and you alone contrary to the ethos by which you do these things and then there will be things you do to keep it that way forever and any complications associated with that is supposed to have rather meant that the owners of such property as you have vandalised were unfortunately less clever than you were and that is if it was not fun to have done those things all together impacting the health of those you have harmed in such ways which again attacks their ability to work their own sweat in order to recover because you are their god or something.

The quibble about women is simply that old matter of some women wanting to protect me and so on and of course it is where they are that we have all these idiots who never cease to mastermind something about as aspect of my life that others can confiscate like their wickedness is something new. These things are usually made acute by fools like republicans saying I spread a bad message in the US by getting my books published with a company there and at the same time living on unemployment benefits in the UK but of course I don’t live on benefits because I want to, I do because I have come to find it to be one of those advantages you get when people use the powers of government office that is their property to wreck your finances and get your stuck in areas of society where others can abuse you on grounds there are things they believe they can crush you for with powers of the mob, then spend most of their time insulting you so that bad people can notice you all the time and pretend they are running the Country. Republicans by themselves however are such a destructive group of people they have no legitimate position from which to speak about whether or not others have the right to get unemployment support from any government – what they normally say is that people must make the contributions so that when they are unemployed it is their own money that will be used to support them but these contributions are to be made by those who cannot get jobs on account republicans are very destructive and no different from idiots who feel their problem is greater than yours on one hand and on the other that they are so privileged their stupid problems must become your priority then set off to enforce it like media and their decadent popular culture idiots do and refuse therefore to pay for any damage they do seeking privileges of injustice to ensure you cannot make them but the difference between republicans and others is that they ought to let those who go out there on the streets to scrounge a job here and there for the unemployed, those who create factories in desolate areas and employ the local population, those who build charities and go about helping people in need to decide who gets government support and who does not because they know what they are talking about. I have never before seen people believe they are clever when they say such things as people making contributions to the tax coffers in order to get government unemployment support in my entire life, I mean you do need to get the job first and somebody must be praying that you lose it besides which you set up a contingency of savings in order that you might hand it to the government if it is emergency cash that is to support you when you are unemployed, to please the republicans. Then there is the part where those savings were supposed to have been created somewhere between your 18th and 30th birthday but is still a struggle on account that republicans exist – they are in no position to say such things or put forward such policies they have not got a clue what they are talking about. I know they latch onto things I do with idiots on the left to make out this idea I have an affinity with them but I don’t; its much the same old bad company that finds you when Politicians have a habit of insulting you without repentance and for them they expect half of all you own to go to women while they inspect whether or not it does because they are planning to be the females in a homosexual relationship and s it stands the insults of republicans and the racism they brew from it has come to mean they are able to play violence on me to make me more democratic and that is why these matters will end as badly as they look. My point is that you cannot just get off and talk such nonsense as people making contributions before they can get unemployment support when some 2 million people might be unemployed and your insults tend to mean that what a royal Prince knows might one day fall into their hands and open their eyes at a point where what they are feeling is anger and revenge.

Those claims I am now in a position where I cannot negotiate is a perfect example of why people think that hurting me is their fix and like to claim it makes me more democratic when I am only fulfilling my office so a point where it has become their media and industry norm like they do as it were. As it stands the negotiation is that they have ripped up my literary empire pillaging my personality to secure the property equity of my company and deploy the blueprints to make their own more profitable when it offers customers something fresh and free and for it I have waited for them at economic and business cycle to break up their own as well but it gets better because at this stage I have set out my books and done everything to ensure I recover without confrontation and all they do with their time is show me they are removing that advantage they normally have as a result of the fact that stupid impetus for attacking me they call companies exist in a cluster of communities and I am going to react to these abuses and provocation as well without thinking about – I am simply going to go ahead and stop it without worrying about politics. I have always maintained they need to tell their Political leaders as well and get their foolishness off my book sales because that is all that is happening to provoke me at present i.e. every time I deploy or broker my company product sales property equity they use it to make money and do not buy the books to consummate anything they have used lending me agony and turning out on media to exploit what I can do for free as usual. I don’t think they are a problem, it’s just that you cannot simply allow a process fly where people feel like they ought to get up every day to keep up a currently 12 year cash flow and unemployment crisis for you on account they are journalists – they know how to look for trouble and that is a certainty. I for my part have now reached a point where they claim I complain but do things to people that make them feel they are out of energy all the time, then pretend I have changed the world; of which when I do anything I never pretend I have changed the world in anyway, I always express the fact I do it because I am displeased about something while they think they ought to because it would be funny if they did and the more a person has not offended them and they simply as insolently as they possibly can seek a scapegoat the better with that big media mouth and the Politicians scum that go along with it. The spying issue is just black American idiots loyal to the US President and I will take away that foolish media that is their salvation too so they can all do it with the spy agencies. I mean we have to put up with it all the time and the blacks cannot unless they do so with your personal life do society and culture and Politics and integration and the reason is that they are keeping their own for wealth and power and connections, while these goons cannot do anything unless it is about me and what I own as well and so stupid girls in skimpy cloths will make millions at my expense but that means I am worth nothing with a big mouth. Then we hear them claim I refuse to accept journalists are bad for me or that I wish to manipulate my way into working both for the interests of the Prince of Wales and that of HM as the UK ones do when we all know that if you have anything and want it to be destroyed you get involved with them and discard your good friends for it. Some misguided idiot must have convinced them they are famous as well hence. I mean they like their tales because they have gotten people to listen to what they say about me as a hot topic and it has to do with how much time I spend on matters that should never have been explored and evil cultures to that effect thereof about which some women try hard to rescue me due to my complains and that big mouth – the reality of course is that these matters occur in the first place because there is a sense out there that the best sex is happening in my bed and that everybody needs that security, so I am kicked off on a direction and therefore do not see when they wreck my life and start to suggest I must become a sex worker. I do what I do because I can. They have worked it all out you see at great distress and suffering for me how parents can ensure those issues that comes around in society again and again and again baying for blood on account they punish their children for attending church which then suggests they should have been criminals does not affect them because they have the support of the civil service that keeps records of peoples details and can decide who must pay for these things with their own blood etc – it is how you lose everything on account of people you ignore and we all know nobody wants to have anything to do with bad company.


Now the talk of my interference with Royal engagements is an old one especially the part where people feel like they are splitting their hearts between me and Members of the royal family which is something I do to look for trouble. The reality of course is rather that there is no such thing but a state of affairs I have set up to figure out what their problem is i.e. the question of what condition I find myself and if they could should they? There is no point doing the civil rights dance if they are prepared to take the risk and there is no such nonsense as somebody who is a victim of violation that he becomes confused about and makes out to be a civil rights that he has accepted. I do not think it is a major issue; what happens is that they cannot leave people alone and you cannot leave your work and return to find it as you left it at any point whatsoever – and when they had done what they had done with it to get around with some industry idiot to sell some music CDs made by lending you agony they find out they are famous and get honours from the Monarchy; the reality is of course that the Monarchy sees these Honours as things given to people who within a community of others like them have achieved a particular thing, so every condition where they get it involved with me every time they get it and feel they need some special respect from me is the same story continuing; nothing but abject destruction and until it leads to a clear set out fight with media and celebrities it will go on and on and on and on and on and they will feel there is never likely to be a limit to their behaviour towards me at any point whatsoever, especially the blacks, about whom I have everything I have worked for destroyed on account I chose to ignore them and want nothing to do with them. So that is always the question with the blacks i.e. now they have go hitting me all the time we have no plans to listen to the complains when I hammer them of course and to it they will say it is all wishful thinking but wishful thinking got us where we are today. I have always tolerated the idea a black man dare not catch you attend church with a big mouth and that the only relationship they can have with others is a homosexual one but they do these things because they feel that a condition where I tell them I want nothing to do with them can never be sufficient; I mean these are people who feel the worst of them should always be displayed on the outside hence those insults you think you are better than they are but they live in castles you do not have etc – I am a Christian and it does not work that way for a Christian, hence their popular culture idiots ought to understand why I loathe them so much because of course it should be a simple matter of deciding if you are doing a job you created or doing a job that another paid you to do but your preoccupation becomes something else entirely on account that they exist; at which point you might want to take hold of it and become culturally orientated and educated enough to get around killing people before it stops, otherwise it can never do so and those stupid insults and familiarity never has limits as well. The next time they get honours from the Monarchy and turn up here talking nonsense like respect and stuff that will be the kick off for this stage of these matters, it is not as if I live in a mansion surrounded by 20 gates or something with that big mouth I have to put up with all of the time. These are matters I am already perfectly conversant with, they are all things these idiots do because they are hurting you and covering their tracks; what happens is that Politicians are vandals but for you they will make a special case and it will be a daily affair and then you will reach a stage where you tell them they think they are in charge but are not and then the media will realise they are the only vulnerability that you have; it’s the same with when they speak of injustice in the US but the reality is that on account people live in Sky scrapers somebody must take up their cultural stuff and do it for them and they complain about it all the time until it get ugly and if they do not make it ugly the ugly things will come after them – so that the fact you want nothing to do with a set of black idiots is never enough on account you might have shared a skin colour with them and it will lead to more serious matters as well. When done the whole issue then moves onto a matter of whether or not I am being educated about the evils of tyranny from a collection of insolent idiots who do what they do because I think my size will be sufficient apparently of which it seems that their own is not good enough for tyranny as well. I believe I have made it clear I have had enough of them anyway and the next time I have to deal with any more public matters based insults I will set out a clear plan for a path of war with fame idiots and the media which of course is the only way to guarantee they have a reaction from me and understand it will not continue for as long as they might wish it to; talk of fight with me in which they will win is all very well, after all they invent these things and then seek a normal life as well at the same time – I mean if a group of people form a gang and do not do sex because they do drugs and sex is a situation they make a show of and rob in the face of those who live in the sky scrapers and bother them all the time, there is even so something normal about living like that in their view, so they will have media salvation over the part where I am being educated about tyranny but they continue so they might lose it as well – I mean nobody knows why they want media anyway since that is where stuff they do in case they stab to death other peoples family is supposed to have turned up and yes if I do say so they will claim I have said something that benefits them but last I checked I did to benefit my side of media and not their own since those insults and abuses to ensure I am being forced into a fight where I will beat up people and they will apply some violence on me as well is supposed to have expressed as a function of how they relate with their families, how low their opinion of me is and there is therefore no confusion here as it will never be over unless I say so. If I have said anything to benefit the media it is for my side of media not their own.

A typical example of what this is and where it is going I should mention for my part is the fact that celebrity and media vandalism so originated from the process of finding out if I have having homosexual sex and became what it is today; it has now reached a point where they do these things to a state of creating me two lives where one is the part where the horoscopes on the papers are credible and those who talk to them take advantage of my earnings while the other is the real me and they are convinced that I am taken by it so that they have no limits and it continues without boundaries and I bet the way to resolve it would be to hire my own horoscope expert but the reality being that these are all things people do that they know will provoke a Christian intensely but are hoping to gather forced onto themselves through civil rights when they know they have provoked him enough for him to seek revenge.


Now the recent claim I have stolen the jobs of Church leaders and so on I should say is where this whole matter of where I steal jobs is supposed to come to an end. I mean I have been stealing every single job in the world so far and it is a good excuse to get around damaging my property when people feel they are stupid and strong and it is a good excuse for others to ensure I get off my office and get entangled in a fight with them too but the reality remains the same which is that these are all things they do to replace respect for me and what I do with a process of abuse and twisted behaviour which eventually leads to a means of seeing me at present and imagining what I could have been which can be put into context as something others can make use of to create fame and decadence and it tends to occur 24/7 on their stupid media because they have nothing else to do with their time and their Politicians are funding it with tax payers money hence the important jobs I get to steal.

I do not think these matters are a problem it’s just impossible to figure out what they are complaining about for their part, more so of which the way to run a business is certainly not to show I know what I am doing but to get on my sales derivatives whatever form they might take every day and of course people certainly are not expecting to wreck my academic work while they keep theirs all the way to the International community’s because it is a certainty that when and each time they do I will deploy their own to make it correct the issues – I have been clear on this matter of what they need to do to ensure they get off me and how a business is run and the alternatives they leave me with their vandalism – they think they want to talk about how I am the reason young people feel they have nothing to live for because they feel others might be richer than they are but I am something they can always beat and it is not looking good either.


Now the big question is that of who pays for the deficit which runs into billions of pounds but of course I suppose it will then have surprised some that I think everybody should – it is impossible to say the poor should not pay because they have the worst attitude of all towards the right of people to be successful and so is it difficult to say the rich should not pay because their attitude towards other people’s right to live comfortably will only get worse. So the facts may have been that the Bankers wrecked the economy but it is neither the Politicians nor rich people that gave the bankers the power they had, it was young people and it was poor people that did that and the corruption has gotten us all where we are today and therefore we should all pay for the recovery. What’s in it for me seems to be the big matter altogether but the reality had always been obvious that equities brokered between this company and Large Chain stores has been reduced by these idiots and their fame madness into hearsay and I do wonder therefore what options they leave open when they wish to discuss who should pay for the recovery so often. I mean their attitude both the businesses and they alike stifle any kind of recovery and it is this attitude that is the best point made about who should pay – normally when the economy is doing well you feel it here and there but when it is in trouble they are the ones that deliver the final blow, they are the ones that deliver the structural unemployment.  I mean things like taking time and media out to rip up my equities and securities and reduce them to hearsay being something they do because they wish to ensure they are the only ones having jobs with top models and high society and large chain stores of glamour, all very well of course except that it is actually structural unemployment that underpins their knack for survival; so I am supposed to mention such things if I want to clear up their nonsense that black people help a lot with in order to ensure my equities are not damaged for good and more so that I can get a job or sell my products with any of these associates that I wish to. 

The other side of this case is largely my opposition to the idea that the state should be made smaller but in actual fact I do not oppose the idea as rigidly as proposed; the reality is that I am unemployed and need less problems not more so the last thing I want is government announcements that they wish to make the State smaller – announcements of cuts is good enough as we all know that Labour deliberately created the financial crisis we face today and the idea that was the Conservatives will turn out to make cuts in order to rectify the problem which will make them very popular and therefore make labour the ideal party for people to vote for even further, so this kind of behaviour towards national finances needs to be controlled. However when it is announced that the state will be made smaller, I then have to get off to civil service idiots to find out what it really means and this is the problem. The usual stuff is that big businesses always look after smaller ones to ensure their products are going where it is demanded the most and so you are supposed to snoop around them to find who will be willing to give you some employment, this is not what they are more interested in these days – they are more interested in showing how difficult it is to be as successful as they are by wrecking my property and personal finances and pushing me into seeking employment from them that I will never get for example. Now I am the government Intellectual Property Administrator, so if anybody is to know that this is going on and that is happens so they can grab the ideas of unemployed people and use it to get rich, I would have known it twice over and hence cannot understand what the sense in hounding unemployed people really is, since it is obvious that they have not really got whatever it is you suppose you want from them; thus is the detachment of businesses from peoples personal lives going to be announced alongside the announcement that the state is to be made smaller? The way it is supposed to work is that my corner as a job seeker operates along the parameters of the fact that I am a pain since I don’t want my ideas stolen on one hand and work hard on the other; the reasons are that if I am the right person for a job and do not get a job because I am once or twice from an employer it will lead to complications for them, so it does not make sense to me when people rip up my corner while claiming they are making things better.  This exists to ensure a series of events are the norm; the first is that they have to restructure everything they do with respect to their job advertisement and that will mean those jobs are beyond me and I can pack my bags and go where I am likely to find jobs, the second is that they will tell us there are no jobs but we are seeing a growing trend where those that do have the jobs have to do several other jobs hence it is a rich idiots  satire – which should only earn a result where each time I am a problem they cannot pay these games and each time they refuse to employ me they have to rethink the prognosis of their job advertisement etc.

The part where all I say then falls into the hands of black people and black men is very well understood; at present it is the government that has sabotaged my need for vengeance over their insults by setting out all these plans for interests that will be built in developing economies and I do hope they have a secure footing as well because I am a firm believer in a condition where people always get only what they deserve: - the abuse that is later followed by wars of freedom to take liberties with others – it is not supposed to last.


Now there is that talk of how the Labour Party had tried to deal with all these problems but some people simply cannot see it – the reality of course is that all Labour did was take up treasury money and put it up as surety for fame idiots that can then be allowed to do what they wish to anybody they want to that effect and since the talk of beating me began the problem is now that of how much of that money is left, the tax payers money as it were that they can spend in that way. Personal side of it is their alliance with my evil selfish mom whom each time they speak to means any idiot can pass an insult at me and get on public places to determine which side of society or Politics I belong to like they were my personal Gods simply because they are very destructive and unfathomably stupid, so it is the part where each time they speak to her they can get her to give them access to me whenever they want to exasperate somebody to create a Political breakthrough for themselves or oppress somebody and force him to fight for them in order to go places that they can share with each other. I have dispatched the warnings and the need for them to stay away from me and every effect of me but because I have been unspecific about the exact consequences I have gotten no response and of course everybody knows black women never seldom use their own personal life to get around in society and culture even though they want the power from those things like their lives depend on it, they never use their own privacy to entertain politicians who will then pay them a lot of attention from a position where they are the powers that be and so if they do not get off my evil mom soon enough the consequences that will follow men who like to behave in such ways all over this planet will be unprecedented because I have lived with that rubbish for all my life and cannot work out when respect for me and what I do for a living was replaced with it either. They say Nigerians are not the traditional allies of the British but nobody asked them around here either – I have lived okay with the fact the only friendship these low lives in this country can offer another person is a homosexual relationship but they have continually become convinced they can persecute me with it, so I have no idea who asked them at all in the first place like they have got it with that big mouth.

Yes we are all aware of their racist mantra and another group that think they are allied with conservatives and can do as they please with me whereas everybody knows they think I will at some point tell their stupid children they have raised with manners of pigs how to live in the UK because they are just too much as it were. With respect to that racist mantra of which when I get hold of them again I will make up a process that will allow me and then set about dispossessing them all over again as well. I mean everything I own and everything I am is stolen from them because they own the culture and society apparently we can see that but nobody asked them and how they come here generation after generation to make social deals where they are supposed to get killed by evil white men so they can have an integral share of the Land of Britain and those insults can keep coming, I will have something else to tell them about the whites that really own this land again.

I am not of the opinion that anything I do and or write is wrong; I mean the American idiots are really good at making sure others who write a wrong diction in their books do not sell it to anybody because they are other peoples personal Gods but I find nothing wrong with that since what I write is largely a matter of what I want to communicate – I mean if I say to a person ‘you did the pencil’ yes it is a sentence that makes no sense whatsoever but that depends on the depth of communication; we are operating within a parameter whereby he must have communicated in detail the fact doing the pencil is relevant to him which is also relevant to me, he must have communicated his intention to do it, so must he have communicated at some stage a progress report on how far he has gone doing the pencil, so when I put forward a statement that is a question at the same time I am looking for both feedback and assurance not the need to have my book sales stifled by others who think they are not up to scratch, looking for trouble of which the best bit of it is that I am published on the web and can do the books all over again at will so I can use their insults to get it done.