The new issue of an inflation report does not bug me in anyway whatsoever. The fact I think is that I am not selfish enough for my own needs yet. Whether or not it is my so called young money being injected into their crazy and dried up money arrangements, they are all still my equities and securities and I will need to move into whatever and securities them. As for the claim I need to realise my work is necessary for other peoples freedom, it is not a serious matter either; first of all the process of controlling whether or not I react to their problems which are taken out on me by making sure it is violent and so when I react I have no choice but to share, it is clear that the issue will eventually degenerate into that violence they seek so much and then there is the other matter of how I am the thing, the item they have set up and set out to abuse in order to recover their youth, who has something they don’t, which is not a problem either for of course it soon goes from there to how I ought to realise my work is necessary for other peoples freedom in the world and therefore need to be generous enough to give it up to save a life because there is something wrong with them and other peoples livelihoods are their plaything as it were, it ‘goes from there’ all the time. I am very happy for them, media and pop stars and whatever businesses to build on the insecurities they create for themselves out of my life and work on the basis of cash flow crisis brought about by their familiarities and vandalism, while I build on the process of making them feel as insecure as they should on what belongs to me – it is not a matter of one thing leading to the other, it is a matter of the fact I cannot sell those books when and if I am not selfish enough to sell them. their yap offs about freedom have no basis on truth or reality and we are not talking about personal security here, that would have more to do with the fact they always have something that they want me to take up and share with the rest of the world to be a better person or they always want me to take hold of their lives and manage it to share things they do for power with those that need it.

A typical example is the Olympics where they tell me I need to make way in that my property they crave so much for Athletes to become famous and the real truth is the kind of incompetence that we need to put up with around here, that these idiots cannot host a multimillion pound event that results in a process where Athletes have a full career and therefore it must have something to do with having my earnings or the perks of my job.

The issue are simple, especially for the businesses

  • 1.       I write books off the ills of equities I have already brokered and have made it clear people cannot have any behaviour they like on them, now that they know everything which is also good for them as it were as well.
  • 2.       I cannot sell my books when businesses get involved with my work and refuse to behave and the end result will be that I will bend them over the other way round as well.
  • 3.       The issue of my fresh blood business being used by them to make profit on their own while they force older women sex on me with their dilapidated contraptions and like to boast they have more money than I do which is why I am a Prince and they are not obviously and need to get off my earnings as well; in consideration the effects that young money being needed by the main guys to get the world out of recession will do for third world and developing economy scumbags and the vandalism of my Empire trust and emporium to get rich.
  • 4.       Making their problems work by taking them out on me with violence which means that they can control whether or not I react to it and then of course by such a time they have enough power as well to ensure I do not keep the reactions to myself, which will lead to the violence they seek so intently as well; in view their insolent women and children and their wickedness especially that of putting things up my anointed head.
  • 5.       Local poor idiots that like to play opportunistic on a plan to get rich without work in order to save strength and be superior using me, which was a real problem with the Politicians and the Unions some years ago before they got involved again with their stupid media and Pop stars; in view of course the matter of the fact they do not have to make use of my equities and securities or indeed deploy my temperamental colours but have realised that if they do not, it will become something exclusive for those I broker it with and then all the problems will go away.

I mean if you were a criminal or an idiot with a criminal record that ended up passing exams in school and got enough money to buy cocaine and regularly uses it, what would you do for the drug lords to feed your habits? I expect nice behaviour from the media because I am being as obnoxious as their insults and I think mine is more real as well.


The matter with the economy is not that of confidence, the real issue is that the government is severely misguided. I had already finished my part with them anyway, namely, you only trust what they say in the first five months of getting elected, and after that it is all rubbish. In this case they promised big society so we got prepared, they promised to inject government money into the economy so we got prepared, what they are doing now is using the cuts to ensure that big businesses get richer with their matured enterprises without doing anything to change their attitude to get involved with people more and to find out what they need more and where it involves me is that they will not do that unless they own my equities and securities outright in the process as part of their enterprises and not a property I broker with them, to please and flatter people with. So it is not that I think this is something I should get involved with being royalty it’s just that it is a Policy of economic stagnation and in the Queens Position some things are expected to become a matter of grave concern. I mean after they have made these idiots that do not wish to change their behaviour and get involved more with what people want richer by collecting money from others for them and then find out that less people have been paying taxes and that the government has less money, then what are they going to do? Bring about economic recovery that involves only their party members and party friends; with what then and how, getting those companies to employ?

I always say they need to find out what they are doing by checking up what the atmosphere among small businesses really is and they can see without being told that there is a feeling there of absolutely hopelessness and helplessness. I mean what we need is a condition where somebody runs a pub that earns £200 a week and is completely confident of earning that money at the end of every week i.e. a community of people that get together to share money and income in a thriving market condition without even being aware that they are doing so. How do we get to that state and when do the coalition idiots think that they want to start planning for it – when they say things like big society and getting richer people to pay more taxes to bring people out of their homes after their Labour friends had driven economic recovery onto what is left in the consumer liquidity pipeline some two and half years ago as it stands. They can see they are getting off light and I do not need to go on and on about it.


What is it that the laws of Europe are preventing them from having anyway; I mean those laws were made on the basis of the backdrop of the second world war and the need to control at government all industry materials that can be used to make war, hence all its human rights laws are industry orientated. What is wrong with it exactly then and why the mixed messages in Europe and the yapping about getting us out of it? Why don’t they get their coalition arse out of it first so we can see what they look like and follow suit? I don’t think it is a problem either; such talk as that of European Laws allowing foreigners to come to their country to do what they like will lead to a process where I do things to them they will never forget because it is all based on a process of desire for every little money they see me own which I have clearly not stolen as it were and the idea of European laws which govern relations between employers and employees allowing me to come into their country to do what I like in a general sense is clearly not to be measured by the question of whether I am employed by them or have an attitude which makes it difficult for my employer to manage the problems they create. At the end of the day they propose to return the world back to a state where people could pick up ships and travel around the world in an expedition to nowhere to discover new land and this they suppose they will achieve with whites living only in Europe and blacks living only in Africa for example, without any kind of hard work. In fact work is ruled out of the plan entirely which is completely unbelievable. All those Politicians that planned to make more millions once they got elected into government office now claim it is because of me that they have failed to make such money and I don't even know where those their stupid businesses are situated.