My much sought after opinion on the state of affairs of what is happening in the world seems to be the one that will not favour those who press for it all the time. I mean the fact that men always like to think they can barge into peoples lives mess it up and then save theirs somewhere and secure themselves half of other peoples own because they want everything and so once they find out they cannot have it, they start the problem for example economic crisis held on and on and on and on. I always feel that the rest bring it upon themselves anyway because when I make things simple by writing books, it is the buying of the books that becomes impossible and the getting involved with me on Public Television that is not. So clearly they decide the leaders must suffer bearing in mind buying books are very difficult things to perform and so fate gives them the other side; which is where it become funny for me too. I have two choices of course; on one hand, while this is all going on the end product is that of people detaching me from my finances in order to push me to a place where I have nothing and the only way out is civil rights and then I will loose everything and become a civil rights activist knowing I don’t get paid for such things and they will have their revenge against inequality on the other hand I have the chance to return to my class because they are all together the most insolent scum in the world and thereafter any who crosses my books will feel the really hard and difficult side of me in a way that will make me famous.

The Media ones are my absolute favourites, if you want the very heart of big mouth public place insults from men, you go there to get them of course. The way it plays out for those is that of what possesses people to destroy an entire business empire with dependants in it, of good hard working people of which those who had plans that were never realised will be their source of sadomasochistic pleasure, in order to offer prerogatives to men who want the world, just so that they can get on media and feel that they were always superior to hard working honest people in the first place. The way it works is that stupid Camera in their hands on one hand and the fact they cannot get off my income with it and like to shop and talk rubbish about the needs of their stupid daughters about whom when I get hold of them, they will spend all they have on those daughters while because I am beautiful enough I will have half of it at the other end and then on the other hand the fact they cannot stay out of television screens with their stupid insolent abusive ageist fame freak stupidities and because of this I cannot sell my books and make a living, bearing in mind their biggest preoccupation is of course things people do because they have come in contact with my books, hence the things that I dont have to worry about because others are taking care of to be part of it and of course using it to ensure I can never sell any of the books on media, about which I know the one that winds them up the most and it is their wives and those are mine. They talk too much you see and I wish to drive it to the point of no return. For now I am happy with the teasing i.e. we are men and those are the women and sometimes we need them to cool our stuff insults; it is the fact my body is not their plaything that is the main issue but it is definitely my book sales that will be their undoing.

This is all I am saying; imagine a process where I lost everything and all I had built comes to naught and my people are vulnerable none with a chance of getting work, while men have their meat; they I will ensure loose everything in those stupid tall city buildings and there is no way of causing that kind of destruction without making money from it; so it is a very familiar warning.


Flexible working conditions is what they normally speak off to stay on with their ageist insults in those corners of this firm they think they have secured for themselves; I am not however aware that I am providing anyway. What I am aware of however is that whenever I have said so person is a member of my Working Court, we can never have any kind of connection in anyway whatsoever; such that when they had begun to live out the purpose of such things which is their political paedophilia, where each and everything I do must be disvirgined by them first before I get on with whatever of my miserable life is left, for their sadomasochim and then talk so much nonsense about how things will go on from there, only to complain that I promised flexible working conditions, when I match this complain with everything else, it becomes a point where I am never taken seriously because I cannot stop laughing. For of course it is not just a case of insults and stupidities that people get to rule you with but also while an idiot shows it off on media to claim your property as his own or her own until a mental state exists where he thinks it is with a big mouth. Like men about whom the bullying should never be discussed and a process where they stop it is not an item that should exist in the operation of reality with a big mouth; They have clearly done their men stuff and insults until my livelihood is funny and now the only option I have left is to break up and scatter those contraptions they earn my income instead of work for their own with and of course ensure those stupid communities do not think my livelihood is funny anymore as painfully as possible, which is usually the only way they get to stop it. As far as they are concerned on the other hand however, not only is this about bullying me when I am unreasonable about their needs but they also continue to tell me that to make progress I must change impressions that they who are my insolent overlords have of me and to do so must give up all I have now that they have claimed it as theirs on media, which is where a funny livelihood has led so far. It is an insult I am very familiar with as well, bearing in mind it always has seemed to be all through history that whenever people hurt them because of it, they leave them with a part of what they have stolen to stifle the freedom of their minds, hence the reasons that they create problems for everybody, amass money others have worked for onto themselves, save their lives somewhere, where it is iron clad safe and get around sharing and squandering other peoples lives and property, they always like to exist only when they want everything - when they want the world at somebody else's expense, which they think is amusing and more so on Public Media amusing.


It is always suggested that I am scared of strong and controlling women. I for my part have no idea what strong and controlling women really means. I mean in my view Mrs Domestic violence is out of it so she wants somebody to take it out on as well, hence the result of course is that she must then locate people that have done nothing to harm her and start up excuses to seek injustice that soon becomes a social issue as well because she has no respect for anybody. In the end the way to be controlling involves reputation and information about me spread around but I have no idea what success that will bring when I can lay up my own pipeline underground to take care of it all to a point where it becomes a serious competition for her. At the end of the day I can always tackle it violently as well by making sure I manipulate every scenario and situation to result in a condition where she is a woman but needs to act like a man to get by and then the only way out will be if she cheats on me and she can only do so with men which then means she is really dominant and controlling, at the end of which the story will change completely.

The statement comes from those who like to blackmail me because women who are affiliated to me have spouses that are younger than they are. I have no idea myself why somebody will marry people above their own social prognosis, although what people feel for each other is none of my concern. However at the end of the day when those situations arise it does tend to appear that to some people they and not the women are in control of the relationship which is really silly and this is what brings on the main issue which is that of how I get around with women that are older than I am and men will own everything I have, taking off of course from the male versions of these Mrs Domestic abuse figures. Utter nonsense of course bearing in mind I am a Royal prince in the first place and they are no body but also that it is about girls that can only get to my standard using daddy’s money and position and I always find them to be terribly insolent as well but these men always get around to those kinds of things because they think that due to the fact people who marry those that are at a stronger social position than they are take the risk of loosing everything as some kind of means to confiscate anything here that they fancy and they are in great love with their lies as well for the purpose. So it applies that the end result is these men barging into my property to sit around creating dangerous situations, which therefore gets to alter the entire world as well, however in their minds they have got their tracks well covered and will have my earnings as well. So it just causes great ponder what moron will go around acquiring two lives and two jobs and two careers. I personally always think people really do not put it in context when I say the world will have to sit it out for me as well. I mean have they found their really stupid, insolent corporate knish yet? Oh see they are saving their own lives and spending mine so that can add mine to theirs and have everything and in this they have made plans for economic recovery and nothing will move that plan with a big mouth.

It is obviously the issue at the heart of everything; the owner of a dynasty and a Royal Estate is still alive but they say it belongs to them. Everywhere; the US, the South Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East, locating my work, office and property and where my books are operable to peddle it getting rich with their stupid products and using those stupid media, even when it makes me penniless and I warn them more of the fact it is a royal estate and of the effects it has on my allies, who build political careers with the community information, about which I must provide leadership by telling people where I am and supplying information on my position, it does not stop; pop stars want to sing my property to make millions of currency for a living and every idiot has got a product and a media to peddle it with.