They do say I am always in a perpetual state of serenity but I would never know anyway, all I know is that they like to speak of things they know nothing about with a sense attached to their stupidities concerning whom they want to discipline recently, so that it becomes imperative to react to it – speak of things about which they have not got the foggiest clue as it were but like to pretend they are kind of an authority on it as such. No idea if the idiots have checked what serenity means in their dictionary recently anyway, it’s just something they have seen and wish to latch onto in order to bully those that have curbed their insulting criminality. They do claim it’s obviously a problem for me which it really isn’t; I mean if I decided their civil and criminal and media and popular culture and culture and society and school children disobedience has reached a stage where they must understand the consequences behind why we may want to act to ensure Industries with their own brand of disobedience do not get to fund it and therefore create terrorism and war in this realm, they would claim they are being oppressed – as it stands I am the coward they used to be afraid of but are not anymore currently. They are very well aware that their disobedience can only get funded by Industry which will leave us with terrorism to grapple with but we all know they don’t care anyway, the main problem being that they want to conduct criminal activities and quasi criminal activities that is basically beyond the reach of the law and I am being punished by them when they get other jobs as it were with a big mouth – so I had always wanted to be a writer too and it will be the Royal writer writing the Books of their lives too; they know as well as I do that their stupid media has gone too far for its own good at this stage as well and it is much the same story with popular culture too, I would like it if they had stopped pushing me but then again it is possible I am bluffing too.

These things are not a mystery to me; I mean we take the EU for instance the Germans and French have set out their idiots to look for some guy that is in a perpetual state of serenity and does not do any work for what he wants but everybody knows the truth is that they are happy to sell cars to African dictators and rip up my literary empire to do it because I exist for things to happen to me as it were then talk rubbish when I broker equities with a company they are involved with for good measure, now they must bail out the Greeks as it is the one that actually affects them – reality being that they are happy not to say anything about German and French Banks emptying Greek treasuries if they can talk about bailing out the Greek tax payer instead and how that will make them look, which when added with a process where the problem with the banks is settled will put them on large global portraits for all of eternity but then again not that the general population matter on either side anyway either as it were, so this is the fall out of that too and it has stopped being amusing; everybody has to deal with this problem of a particular group of people like the Labour Party for instance here in the UK who like to ruin people’s lives just so they can live beyond their means at everybody’s expense but the French and Germans which was not surprising that they worked together in the only real way there was during the first and second world war in equal measure to that effect, are the ones always to select people by skin colour and target them for the problems associated with the fact other races exist in the world while their idiots are at it – so it is how the Labour Party came to think it can do and undo and the behaviour of all its MPs in my direction is as though I owe them money and if they met me I could get beaten up by them with that big mouth we see them display everyday at that Parliament like it was to be used in that way as though it is their personal and private property – so I know where this is heading and its much the same like the Middle East; Morsi was Elected in Egypt – he said he was going to determine that the whole process of idiots ripping up peoples empire knowing that somebody has to sell something at a profit to another in order for taxes to be paid and a government to make revenue, that there was a moral basis on which things would get done in that Country – today it appears they were more interested in killing people and there resulted a coup and it was back to where it started which is how the whole thing was controlled at all in the first place but of course the Americans especially over this battle of civilisations on account a Royal Prince has written a Book on his renaissance and must be prevented from earning with it by free people are the ones that really love to throw down the gauntlet – they know where my Books are they say, I cannot protect it from them they say and I intend it will be like the Royal estate and I don’t want to see them anywhere near those two things anymore, otherwise the part where they get to leave me alone as we are not mates in a violent way will ensue again.

For the Politicians however it’s a simple straight old matter of the fact I intend to watch them and see how they come out of this without facing the facts, if they are unable to spend my property or my morals as it were to produce some kind of cloak that lets them hide and get away with it, just like I will watch what their Industries make off customer service when they keep lying but cannot get out of it by even as much as making a spoof of my faith and the morals they have heard me speak; it gets to a point you see where peoples finances have to be wrecked by these idiots, who know very well others must sell things at a profit to pay taxes in order for government to have revenue, only to talk nonsense about wealth distribution after and set out people whose bum they want to finger endlessly every day, it is obviously usually more important than getting a day job because they will find money at the expense of their victims later on with that stupid media and that stupid industry and above all that stupid big mouth – when done we do not see them spend money on those who attend Church, spend money on the moral democracies, each time the problems with it have emerged as it were, so I intend to see how they will get through it when they cannot spend my morals. I mean these their idiots in any case have made popular culture wealth at my expense speaking of which but it is still as though their crime shall be committed against them and members of their family, so I need to be punished for messing with them while they were criminals or messing with their criminal business. So I know where this is going and I am prepared, wonder if they are that big mouth I have to put up with all the time; they say I provoke them of course and can always turn up and bring that culture with them too.  As for the bum fingering bit, it’s an old story about why people broker equities with a Royal Office and its public life when they know they have so much wealth at their disposal; so it is a story of the importance of wealth distribution for the bum fingering me happens since I owe them money, we are maters as it were and there will be no consequences for it especially now we see them train their foolish school children to do so as well; so it’s like the story of me being without conscience when we all know normal people think money comes as a result of working for it, while they think it exists in somebody else’s life and it is there you need to get it – the African ones decide on whose money they will beg for and whose money they will destroy to create power to beg with and we shall soon find out if they can give to the frugal, kicked them spiritually the first time and will physically so it might come together as it were and the rest are carrying on their bum fingering as it were because it is the importance of wealth inequality. So as ever if we were to curb that stupid disobedience they will claim they were being systemically oppressed.


There isn’t much more left for me to do at all times; that is utter nonsense – first of all the reality is like we are normal people and we work hard for our money and when we have sex for instance we have sex – for them it’s about popular culture and how to live beyond their means at everybody else’s expense and it becomes more and more violent, so even the process of having sex is about stirring powers and violence and I really love to see them put it on video with an effrontery to make them about my public life as well looking for trouble – I mean it’s actually the one they cannot sell as it were so we are to see what becomes of it around here too and as for the sense there is an atmosphere around me that suggests I always have more and more to do, the reality is still that it appears I have to detach myself from the covenants I have with God on a daily basis in order for them to feel comfortable about my existence and I am feeling uncomfortable about their existence too but each time I do the Politicians will intervene and bring a whole Parliament to bear and a whole National and International Media too and a whole economy because of course they were dealing with the weak link and whatever the outcome they will always win therefore start and stop their stop, stop in their own time. Like they say I say such things but wouldn’t let them go and of course it’s always popular a sense that I don’t know the anus and penis insults are things I have brought on myself as it were, whereas in my view though they might constitute a reason for them to be in pain, they will never be free of me until the deficit they created here has been fully paid for. They do say I am a pitiful fellow and people should feel sorry for me and it is utter rubbish too, I am not – I mean it’s the same old story when people see me at the job centres, they always think they are there because they are bad and I have no reason to be there whereas the reality is that people hate my behaviour just as much as theirs is hated and they are not worse than I am in anyway; escalating mine all the time, complete with fools turning up on media to tell me they know where my Books are all the time: it’s the old story of being the guy at the top of my food chain that creates problems by a process where I play with food I should hunt and kill and eat so to speak. These guys are at the ethics of their crimes and the mere process of people attacking me on claims I provoke them by being at the ethics of my own profession actually attracts their attention and I am sure the Political idiots will not argue with that anymore now – the bum fingering is the importance of wealth inequality expressing itself as it were and them stupid popular culture girls can turn up and tell me to let go as it is the one I got into trouble and will get into trouble again as it were, considering now that I have it has done them so much of favour thereof, knowing where my Books are – I mean finally there is something to inflict me with that is actually clever – the bloody pricks. I mean if I got off at Church to say they were evil, it would have meant discrimination; now everybody can see they need to handle my personal and public life to make fame and fortune with and since that is not enough continue to dig violently aptitudes of mine concerned with personal and family life and as if that is not enough simply want to encumber my mind so as to ensure they distribute my thought process with the general population as the fundamental corner stone on which the happiness of customer service is founded, I have no idea what they will call it; it’s not that their laziness and decadence is what brings them poverty never mind the effects of what they chose to spend their energy working on, it’s just that they have to live in this way, so I wonder what it will be called now. So it’s a matter of the prognosis behind actions I have taken to lay low this lascivious violent society just in case I preach the gospel to somebody, I don’t end up being confronted by them when I am not talking to them as it were – they want some of mine as it were and are getting it too. The way it works is them out there and the gospel between me and them, as it is the only way to have a personal life and a home – it’s a bit tricky of course when the Politicians are fulfilling a part in this wickedness that means keeping me out of having my own home so I might rent homes from them or rent homes in which they are living under the same roof; so at the moment that is what is happening and when it means the Americans can gather information on me so as to help them get rich and famous and build business empires, when it means they have been doing things with me in a condition whereby they were the boss, we have heard none of the complains regardless of the fact they are still hurting from the effects of the first consequence of a process where I am always bumping into things everywhere I go and spend all their time these days passing around my information because they cannot talk anymore since it is difficult to do so while what I say rings in their stupid heads. They do claim I speak in such ways but have no plans to lay off their livelihood and that means gay community where people are stars for a brief period but then it all gets collected for those that are immoral and know the importance of sex outside marriage and the importance of enjoying life etc – they are talking about being able to make millions playing gigs for peoples wealthy parties and so on and I sure they can avoid such a problem by not starting a career escalating global problems for me because they know where my public office and public life and can therefore handle it, I am sure they can avoid it by not using music to redistribute my Royal privileges, thought process and personal life in order to improve the quality of life of the masses, I am sure they can start the whole thing away from me, otherwise accept no matter what they have, their nature is still as evil as it was in the 80s where one star will be born and then in a short period it will end up in a slum while somebody else steals his life in the limelight because he or she knows the importance of illicit sex and sex outside of marriage and the homosexuality and corruptibility that goes with the clubbing and partying which accompanies it for those who do it need money than the rest of the world put together and as usual will not be tolerated around here with a response that matches it too – the person who told them they were famous must have been as insane as they are.

It plays out on a global stage of course which means that Mr Obama’s attitude towards my Books means that most of my interests end up in the Eastern Part of the world and in Asia and in China and in Russia etc but every time I work with those interests they will find a way to get involved and do damage to it. So it feeds into these homosexual communities and their clubbing and partying as well which generally means that they want to serve the Asian Population with it and that means they must spread their influence over my business and having obtained Mr Obama’s secret service for it to that it, they had gotten a big thing that has to count for something, thus became idiots with an excess energy problem that will beat up anybody of their choice; I had set out the three culprits as Politicians and Black people and the Media and some have listened but not nearly enough – especially those that want to get onto Communist NGOs to bring back their kid who are not getting into enough trouble in enough numbers so far yet. So the idea I am in trouble with black people is not actually based on reality – reality is that there is really no fight they can put up which will make sense; what happens however is that when I walk down the streets in order for them to make use of me and or my public life for their evil purposes especially that of greed and money, then they have to tell tales about it and thank me before hand for the things I will find hurtful then secure privileges of injustice from their Politicians in order to continue, but when they are off to it, the story is usually that everything I am come from a part of their culture that they were saving up for the future; so right now is an example of when I am using it since I had started a renting a home from a black person of this type since 2010 as it were and I will continue to until I get my closure from them and keep them out of my concerns – if the big mouth keeps yapping then I will find a more hurtful and permanent disposition than I have located at the moment. I hear they say it’s all a tale of my lack of respect for women coming back to haunt me but there is no such thing happening as such, the reality is that concerning their pop stars – it’s always tacky and filthy and needs my public life, low achieving and has no respect for me i.e. when it comes to a man’s responsibility I am largely concerned with journalists but that tends to mean a total lack of respect for me right down to a tune of anus and penis insults which is perfectly alright until I string their own as well and we hear all about it, ever so violent at me ever so often because Money is their Middle name with all that uselessness and low achieving insolent nonsense that does not wish to keep off my public work and can get involved according to their will and the person who told them they are famous must have been as insane as they are too. What really happens is that they seek out a process where I am defined in the basest way imaginable, usually concerning sex; are the women at Court older than I am? If in the affirmative then they sleep around with men that are older than they are too and must be the same thing as I am and therefore deserve to have the same things which these men will get for them; so it’s easy to understand why I feel the insults and corruptions of involvement that accompany it from these men being followed with market place threats and a perversion of my public life with it makes me feel like picking a pebble to burst their heads with, but then again it’s a small matter, I am far from finished.


So there is that story of me complaining about the effects of a lack of respect I have for others which has no way of being determined in actual fact; since the reality is rather much, much more compelling i.e. I should have two main engagements that form my already packed schedule and one of them is concerned with my academic work and a process  of keeping a little job on the side to aid me with finances, the other is a process of running my business of which it has been fully set up and since it cannot do things for the customer nor can the customer do what we agreed, the reason being Politicians and media must get on public places and rip the yarns to destroy it and get a response from me which is why they always work so hard on destroying it to breathe easy every time that they do, alongside the media who do it more frequently because they are in need of more reaction and controversy than the Politicians do, coupled with the whole business affecting my ability to get employment which means I have to depend on agency employment to raise my funds and the fact it means they have such interest in my affairs I really cannot have up to 10% of my time to myself without a struggle and cannot get out of bed to feel these things are my only concerns thereof, meaning that the only way to get to the Office is to ensure Politicians and Media and Black people are always in pain as the main objective which solves the problem – adjacent then is the European ones whose appetite for clubbing and partying and orgies is incredible and it must be done and dumped on my personal life and this Office which peace and quiet around it was built for their stupidities needing to be put in a place where they damage my sweet beautiful livelihood everybody is talking about to a limit and there we have the full picture.  So the lack of respect for Politicians bit will have been the part where what really happens is that they want to have small businesses that serve the fact money is their middle name, working alongside another small businesses that are not going anywhere and exist to serve the purpose of looking over peoples shoulders, in order to keep children voting for the Political parties that their parents voted for – this then creates the insults and lack of respect that gets to a point where it becomes a big thing and they do say I am in this way because I am mentally disturbed and that it is the view people have of those that are which is utter rubbish too; it started with Politicians playing up the bubble that exists between their offices and the prison services, to extricate a hatred of introverts that had to do with their need to select them and own their personal life and when we are back to that point we would have completed a full circle which I bet will happen when I kick them enough to sell the books and afford myself a holiday. One part of it has been completed which is concerning the society of mediocrats who pass it around like a subliminal message concerning me a targeted victim, that they need to do things that will bring about freedom and political power with my personality and my aura and my personal life before I can even complete my academic work and after that my attitude and their needs will determine if or not I can get a job thereafter – so now they speak of the sting of my Books and the Media are out in a frenzy, been there done that – it’s the Politicians this time; they are the ones that saw I did not get started off a tale of introvert targeted when I was a teenager but since I was 21 at that time, in Africa I would still be a child, but this is not Africa and we will find out what it really means in real terms too. It is completely irrelevant what they think of my mental health. It’s not that I cannot deal with that decisively as such, the truth and reality behind it is as simple as the fact if I picked up an A4paper and cut it into four halves and made a manifesto which I put in the mail boxes of every scum in my neighbourhood that does that mental health routine thing for them, we would end up with those stories over a my lack of respect for them as it is their anger that keeps them going for the purpose of money and kids and it is the same when I do others that are not as far reaching but still effective to a point anyway, for now it’s the yapping they are really good at.

The ending part of this tale is supposed to have been the twin story of a civil rights crisis I have come to celebrate, which is actually nonsense at the end of the day – there is no civil rights crisis, only the fact that these black people are some of the stupidest, most useless goons in the whole world who like to think their loutishness and nitty-gritty stupidities are meant to allow them lead others, especially those that are more important than they are; we always knew they would wreck my finances and that it would become a problem later when they wanted me to adopt a position of leadership which meant I was doomed to die for their race so they might improve themselves, considering that the problem of the world is usually those who attempt leadership without money – hence the reason they ripped up my finances was actually to disqualify me from my leadership which was actually relevant to others and not them and has therefore caused me immense suffering; clear of course as it were that they can only be controlled when their lives are in danger at all times. The other being a problem with celebrities – it clearly more pain than gain because they don’t feel about me that way – so it was going to amount to nothing but making secure the part where people spend money on entertainment that is a function of my renaissance and want their money’s worth when they obviously saw when they were getting into, once done I will have to cut it lose. It is incredibly low output and extremely destructive, so the attendance is like that of the Court where it’s a matter of relationship with their spouse which is about me and having done must clear out the tools and other bits – like a certain American marrying the Princess of York which then means I am gay; of course he and he people are therefore not marrying anything around here and I can promise that too.

So we hear I never appreciate what people had to fight for in order for me to have the civil rights that I enjoy today, which never really makes any sense to me whatsoever: at the end of the day it is hard to see what they fought for when it is a series and series and series and series of extremely bad behaviour from them which caused the government to take the steps to represent the Interests of the rest of the population through favouritism and the corruption on the other side which resulted that actually then forced the hands of the government back down the other way as well. They are not a problem for me; the reality is that the feeling of it remains the same for all races most of the time i.e. they take a stand on peoples personal space and then start to defile them in a sexual context claiming they would not be trouble if others defiled them in that way because they know they are handling those that are smaller in size than they are – hence for me it is okay for instance that this is what they want to do with their time and can blow their top with it but threats and actually touching of me will open up a whole new kettle of fish, which if you put in context is exactly the same crisis that is being prevented in the White Communities as well. They really do see me as a safe place to run to whenever they make trouble for others and living does not actually work like that; I am a Christian and I am really hard pressed to locate why I would be a safe place for them when they do not believe in God but it is not about God or religion, it is about using me as human shield and therefore having the power by doing so to create circumstances that result in my demise and so every involvement with me since we are mates has to result in actions I take to secure an outcome where their stupid lives are in danger and it is the only way they can be controlled. This is not the only instance; there are the way it starts to note i.e. for some reason my successes must be controlled because it breaks their record and it turns out their record can be that they are the only black face on National TV for example, so that means if I speak well I am after it and must have my finances destroyed and my personality altered thought abuses – again I usually decide it is what they want to do with their time and can knock themselves out with it but it soon develops into a process of gathering girls and starting a popular culture campaign to round up his children of which the destruction he creates is being done by the bad behaviour of the white man and this is where I don’t want my public life done a public culture for me and they do it anyway as per the more I don’t want it is the more it becomes their main preoccupation and it therefore kicks off. Same with the story on the other hand of their claims that they are Royalty; I would do anything for Queen Elizabeth but nothing to serve my own race they say but I have no idea who must have told them I don’t know they are royalty anyway; I know they are royalty because there are two main behaviour towards me from them and one is the anus and penis and private part insults which are a function of the fact that in their cultures it is perfectly okay to appear in public naked, the other is the reason they hate my guts so much i.e. they have never before seen Royalty that is so into the Media which is a fundamental threat to the security of their realm where people are always in some serenading in one perversion or another, being selfish with what does not belong to them most of the time, dividing people, splitting people up, abusing people, degrading people to maintain a certain image that means that any goon that wants to steal government funds and spend time sleeping with girls and chewing snacks can get to their Country to do it in order to make them rich and this is usually where my very position as Royalty combined with the damage they have done to my finances becomes the threat to their realm that they always wanted; so we all know that they hate my guts because they are in a place where they really want to wind me up considering I can always control this media all of the time as well. It’s completely ridiculous claiming I do not realise they are Royalty; we all know their type are the reasons for the problem of the Euro zone and for Islamic terrorism itself – it is those tourism economies they will lose for a start for touching me considering it does not make any sense as the abuse leads to loss of image which of course is extremely destructive publicity for a Royal personage and the destruction of publicity destroys finances which then leads to poor Royalty that is bad for their stupid image. so on the matter of being able to give my Books a boost at will I do not have a problem - my Books are about peoples social and cultural and political and media and popular culture and celebrity based disobedience, so it is as though I am being smashed in career wise from every imaginable angle but the only result has always been that if they leave me alone everybody would benefit from it including them, otherwise I can say for myself that I am perfectly okay, only a problem with other matters like when they take a stand on my personal space and push me; it is usually where they need to leave me alone and move on. The heart of these issues is that they do like to assume they can do and undo when I worry about my sense of tolerance and or whether or not I have come to love a process of punishing people because I know what the correct thing to do is, which is how I become the coward they used to be scared of but are not scared of anymore as such, hence they are dealing with the weak link - whereas they are dealing with somebody who thinks all Political people are sociopaths and when they start to make that noise we hear all the time, it means they are aspiring to psychopathy and when it applies therefore that I am not going to wait for that sort of development to take place around here, I have no idea why they hang around with their stupid media, no idea what they want. They do say in their defence that talking like that on my part does not necessarily mean I am not blocking off people exist route but it’s all very well, only the part where they turn up to screw with me and mess up my public life and stifle my Book sales to play to the left and to the right and those play around they play around with their disobedience all the time providing organised crime with new statements to make with my public life assuming somebody is not going to get hurt or another group of disobedient people like them who slipped through the net to get rich are not going to buy into it thereby creating terrorism - so there is as such no consequences attached whatsoever to that idea of turning out in public all the time to screw with me and mess up my public work and finances, especially if they have a link point like a shared skin colour I may have had with their stupid selves to play power games with.

So there is that tale of capitulation that they like to brag about; the one where I have embarked on a great campaign of capitulation as such but it will never make sense anyway; we see them at it all the time especially the American ones, their game is that I think I can travel to the US to solve problems and make them worse by solving them and that is to add to a  need they have to ensure I am concerned with things that are not my business so they can feel I am taking care of it while they seek another existence that is more comfortable and it is to add still to the fact it all means that my livelihood has been perverted to a point where what happens concerning it is now described as capitulation as if that was a word that was found in any description of any kind concerning it and what it did. It reminds me really of the importance of revelling in this process of having made sure Politicians and media idiots feel like killing people all the time as well – that for every insult meant to allow them the means to control me will result the changing of realities around them from the part where killing somebody is gruesome business and usually works in terms of breaking an arm or a leg or an eye, in order to get through to kill them as they fight for and protect their lives, at the end of which when you are done the Police can then take picture of it for your album too, to the part where it is the only way to run a government office effectively too, just like these their idiots have made me into one of the most abused statesmen in the world talking nonsense about power. The part where I need to come round to their communities if I want some trouble is nothing new but this marks the last time I will tolerate it as well – they do need to keep their insults and put their money where their mouth is; everybody knows the problem I have is a process where they gather up in American society and South American society and the Middle East and Africa to pretend they know where my Books are and that they and their siblings and extended families now have a plan for getting rich – testing me like that is not a good idea and it exists to sell my books not deal with their problems, they need to be out of it very soon indeed or they will be my way – might want to tell their wives and kids about the insults too, besides which what I have done to them so far all together implies and amounts to capitulation as well with a big mouth. To make it simple, the reality is that there might be this unprecedented levels of civil rights blowing up all around me and human rights being slashed all over my concerns but the reality is still that I am the kind of man whose life gets ruined by women and is always better when he is homeless and does not get to ask others for help because he is now looking after his dignity. It has never been a problem for it, it’s just something that leads a person to a point where he decides enough is enough; firstly of which the assumption is that because Politicians are willing to discuss their problems everybody else is too which is not based on fact, the whole prognosis of these idiots is built on an existence as a society and a community and a people and a culture that does nothing but destroy anything that is good to secure a pleasure that will improve lifestyle to ensure they get things that money can buy anyway and therefore better understand how to make the money as a result of that; so when you see them turn up on the streets to abuse and annoy you because they have looked at their lives and all the work they have done has come to nothing, the assumption these fools make is that you are not of the opinion that they deserve every morsel of it, which is why I am always seeing them around my concerns, so what we need to be clear about at this point is that what it really means when I say going to the Office has to mean pain for Politicians and Media and black people is that they have always had a need to find somebody that will show them he has enough range around those their business distribution systems all over the world, especially the South American and African and Middle Eastern ones and for the Whites, that others are not necessarily comfortable with their need to extract happiness from people by causing them suffering since it is the only way to get connected with Industry and gain access to money to secure financial dominance that allows them to get rich without having to work for their own pay – testing me about turning up at their place if I am looking for trouble will lead to disastrous consequences the next time it happens, they want to see some of what my problems look like too as it were - that big mouth of men like me thinking they are tough and the problem with that in itself never mind my very existence all together, being that it is their wives and daughters that can beat me up; every time it leads to trouble and they are done wailing, it ressurges again.