I don’t think these matters to be a crisis for the most part; in my view actually I cannot make out if the Labour party’s campaign of insolence and abuse has actually created them a problem or solve one like they claim it has since all it has achieved it take up self resolving issues and make them into social political cultural problems that affect other peoples finances to a point in which they are sure to react because that is what the Labour party wants to see. I have simply decided I no longer wish to live in a world where women who want to be assured they can sit around with men and plan what they want should happen to others and them implement it to run free – I believe I have a duty to put an end to it as well as far as I am concerned and this is certainly not the 1990s when they could do and undo, they are not running free around my life and around my world. What we know for a fact for now is that each time I am at work they turn up to take the piss and later on get all over the place seeking out ways of getting rich at my expense because they enjoy the idea of some privileged wickedness by which they are a threat to my personal freedoms. We hear them claim democracy cannot exist until they are allowed to do those things, so I have no idea why they are always all over the place about how I need to tolerate their social deviance as well and the homosexuality and those nonsense about how they live in a very violent condition and therefore need somebody they want to take their problems out on etc. At the best of times this is at least what they say and at the worst of times they think themselves the career pirates who are wicked evil greedy money mongers that has never been seen before and I will no longer tolerate their existence as well. It’s all good for there to be a state of affairs that suggests I am somebody people want to abuse and beat up all the time but in my view it does express such realities as the fact they have not learnt their lesson well enough yet about such things as how Christians are not half a persons and by the way of which in my personal view I have no idea what they are doing in the Church or indeed what they are doing establishing their own little greedy churches all over the place anyway.

I don’t think it is a crisis, as I said it is their Politicians that have turned these self resolving issues into fully developed social problems and hence I have no idea if they believe I think my tolerance as a person exists to serve them either, which I think it does exist for the contrary. It is simply too much, getting off my studies to deal with social issues on account they exist, getting off my job to deal with political issues on account they exist, dealing with extremism because of women in my life while they think it is about them with that stupid media and a false confidence where I am hated for being racist on one hand and on the next we hear talk that bring about responses like these at the same time with that golliwog mouth and the list goes on and on and on but the fact remains it is their Politicians I intend to teach a lesson they will never forget as well. Yes I understand the international community story but I have no idea which part of how this is not where they are doing it and this is not the 1990s like I want to build it up on your left hand side big mouth suggests, that they fail to understand is about the International communities anyway; I know the British Government keeps records of my movements for a reason, they and their little insolent spy wares for their own reasons as well, I know I will have to put up with nonsense about things people did with me in which they were the boss but when my deeds are their deeds and my activities are their activities we have a problem and what we see today is just the beginning of answering the what is question with respect to a reaction when they do those insults they claim are meant to put fear in me; fear of which is a feeling and people can react to a feeling and nobody knows yet as it stands if they are prepared for that kind of reaction with that stupid insolent false confidence media nonsense they have got to recover with and then start again all over the time. When I say it is not happening here, I will not tolerate them, they have made money at my expense to pay for family life and personal happiness and I have the right to cash into any means or process by which they made that money in my name to take a holiday from their stupidities in order to express the fact this world is not as disjointed as they suppose that it is and that people are not half as stupid as their stupidities does it, I mean that in an absolute sense and it is not a hard feeling at all – that is why I like to refer them to the difference between me and my activities and what they were able to do and undo in the 1990s. I understand they say I use their spywares to communicate with the world but I have always known that I am since it turns up here all the time with that big mouth and those stupid insults; as I mentioned the farthest I am prepared to go with their insults is the part where they had things to do with me about which they were the boss, since that seems to have been the bees knees for them anyway, beyond it and we have a problem.

We hear them speak about the violent bits all the time of which it is never clear what makes them think they are prepared for a process where I go off and get myself set in a ways that is designed to ensure I show them what I really think about them as well anyway, all we hear and see and know is that stupid big mouth on media all over the place all the time and thereafter talk of how they need tolerance out of me which they will never get in hell, especially so it should be apparently for their stupid lives have been violent. They were the ones that started this whole process of obtaining a period of my life that I missed out on as violently as they possibly could, in order to get around doing my thing for me because they had no other way by which to progress their stupid lives; since then my biggest weakness has been the incredible fact I took time to spend some time with women and deal with certain social issues that they have to deal with as well, which makes the fucking idiots think that I look into matters of extremism for them as it were but it is just too much; I have to get off my academic work for them to make fame and fortune money at my expense, I have to get off my job and deal with matters of extremism, I have to get off my life and look into Political narcissism and none of this is going anywhere while that big mouth continues to blow off all the time about some violence that I will suffer and I have had enough of them it seems they have not noticed, completely carried away by their foolishness which makes them think if I beat them up all the time as well it will largely have become a pleasant feeling, hence the part about being somebody they want to beat up all the time not offending me implies the insult in itself is something that they can get used to. I am not tolerating them, enough is enough and that is an end to the matter.

For their women, I still have no idea why they are such a threat to my personal freedoms anyway, all I know is that it seems to have something to do with that stupid culture they have used media to recover again and of course when I get my hands on it for the express purpose of kicking them seriously at the end I will no longer be 21 with my life ahead of me and University in my head with no consideration whatsoever for how seriously they take their foolish work. I know I am using their spy systems that mean everything they see me do produces a certain percentage that belongs to them with a big mouth to extricate these facts and those who look for trouble as it were always find it. as for me; I will catch them, I always do; the main concern is still the Politicians who turn self resolving matters into social issues that handle my finances daily to get a reaction like it is something they can enforce and that is what will be put to the test as well so we can find out how much of it they can enforce and which military and or Police I expect will protect me which means I am fighting an unfair batter as it were – nobody knows what they are complaining about as it stands and I am on course to kick them again.


There is talk I am going up against people who have money and will never win of course; I have no idea what they mean since I am only interested in my Literary empire and Royal Estate Equity and the reality here is that those who seek trouble always find it. It is never how the world works and how I am being shown the way the world works, what they are doing is provoking people and getting people to kill each other because they like that kind of power and that is why they cannot stop persecuting religious people and pervading their teachings of the heart to ensure they can and then make excuses that are undisputable in their view and get up on media to keep up appearances they suppose most people find amusing. Most people do the part about moving me left or right because they are protecting their prospects on realising I am a stronger hand than they are, I don’t want to harm anybody nor are they harming me, it is not supposed to be used as a means of abusing or even bullying me as to whether idiots want to be found on my left or right hand side which they then cash into but need I say more? Of course it has reached a point where decisions must be made not to take any more nonsense from media and politicians and celebrities and city centre goons hence this other story of how my actions mean rebels are rejoicing is not very well placed either; it’s all made up there is no place here for their stubbornness and they know it, in fact they hate my guts because the only way they can be free of me is to live in their own lives and move on and move away from me because no stupid civil rights deal will ever be made here even if their Politicians consider themselves my personal Gods – I will not have my heart broken in that way or I will break their own as well. The part about how I have created a need for CCTV footage is utter rubbish as well, since what happens is when celebrities I like and want to know, want to get around finding out where I have been or what I have been up to and go to the guys who run the systems to ask them and see some footage or something like that but mostly it is always done by the Royal family or other people at the Establishment, nobody puts any CCTV out there to take a look at idiots like these for all I know. The part where it is claimed I put myself through suffering to draw a dividing line between rich and poor has no basis on reality either, yes I have drawn a dividing line between people who need to hold onto what they have and not let people take it away from them but it does not mean I have drawn that line between rich and poor so fools that have no upbringing whatsoever can turn out to blow my entire life away and show me girls that pretend that with me they always win because they are selling something. I have their lives and societies and cultures as well of course and just like I know telling them what hurts me is not appreciated does not change my personality or mean I have lost a bit of it and they have something about their person to reconcile in vengeance too, I will deploy it as well, all they have to do is continue along the path they are getting to at present. Meaning that I do what I do because of the need to live in a peaceful society otherwise the normal eventuality is that the Christian does not want to see anybody’s homosexuality and Godless cultures they think they have explanations for each time they use it to bully me because my faith says I must turn the other cheek while they think they need to extricate power by violence – for this reason is where we are today where they cannot have their lives until it suits me; my Literary empire is mine not something that exists with the sense that they have a share and I am not saying so because I need affirmation either, if I am approached on the contrary I will explore it over a long time as well and it will not end well; I did not give them any of what they claim I did.


I mean they do say I insult and provoke the media, while everybody knows it is the media that loves to pretend that because I handle them as though I am unaware I am being bullied by them and that I am unaware their insults and abuses are as they claim about civil rights and making sure there is equality when people have the same things in order for them to create their end means of spending my work on themselves, just like the Politicians would do the same and make similar claims as well but later one whenever they feel they have done irrecoverable damage think it is funny which is what they never say it was about from the very beginning anyway. everybody knows it is the media that enjoys extricating an open show of the personal life of a Christian and better still a royal prince knowing such things are dangerous and that they themselves do not have a good history that will see them last for long if it were made an open show of as well but continue because they are having a laugh about which it seems not enough have died so far yet. We do hear those complains about extremism like nobody knows why the extremists do it as well and we hear the complains about me like nobody knows why I do it as well but the reality is still much the same and the threat is about dangerous juju maestros I play around with by provoking and insulting them which makes no sense since we are where we are today because they follow their Politicians suit every time those feel they want to snoop around the grime of society and pick up nonsense idiots are saying about me to make Policies with and seek a reaction from me by wrecking my reputation and finances and academic work over it, only to go off to where they get their witchdoctors and juju goons to bring them into the UK to make the communities uninhabitable and create their system of superiority that tends to mean that even when they know how people will react to those communities that are designed to wreck people’s lives because they are geed idiots, they are doing it anyway and talking nonsense about how I the Christian have assured them I will do nothing to them no matter what they do to me because my Bible teaches me none violence, which has created this condition where I have taken up their culture and will not leave it for them and they have found a way to recover it with their media idiots but have started attacking me again hence when I get my hands on it again it will vanish forever, yet it seems that the Christian has continued to show them his none violence and they can continue to do as they like with him. They do ask that question about what I really think at the very heart but of course it is obvious to everybody else that if I had half my way they would pack their bags and leave for a country that is more comfortable for them to live in – alternative is what we are doing at present which is try and live in a tolerant society where they make money at my expense and it does not mean anything even though I ought to grow up and take steps to ensure I don’t hang around where I am being hurt and those who hurt me have no means of getting involved with me and when things hurt me I don’t stand around it getting hurt – hence I send them warnings about staying off my book sales, I send them warnings about their insults and deploy systems of security their insolent idiots who have bought homes in the UK use to create an abusive condition where I turn up at my office to bump into things because people did things with me about which they were my boss and are superior to me etc, I send them warnings about how I will blow their lives on cheap thrills soon enough in order to run a business, I send them warnings about how my behaviour will never change provided damaging my work continues to remain a major important preoccupation for them, I send them warnings about making money with my work without due permission and then making contact with me thereafter in order to do it again and again over claims they are finding out if I am courageous or a coward which as we all know is not a good excuse for stealing and intellectual property destruction hence the reason I need to teach them that lesson as well. So apart from taking up their culture so they can do something else with their foolish lives and how they will never get it back provided each time they recover with their fellow media idiots it means it starts again with people finding witchdoctors from whom they can acquire powerful means of subduing me in order to get rich – they say they are getting means by which to protect themselves and to ward off things that prevent success and to use it on me we deal with such insults as me provoking and insulting the media for example. So it eventually leads to this process where people are confused about what I am doing and of course the reality about it is that I want to take up most major policy issues in Westminster and patent them to my name because people cannot handle them without destroying my book sales and from then on I can get myself in a position whereby if I say to a Politician that a one more occasion of snooping around the grime of society to find stupid things people say about me to build up in parliament as Policy that can cause society to pressure me into a reaction there will be consequences, he will understand perfectly what I mean without a doubt. The rest apart from this insulting media ego of how I insult and abuse media and complain about the consequences when I warn them about their stupidities and the consequences that have already occurred so far; having even explained I am a Christian and know people attack me because they want to steal some of the good history I have and use it for them own ends instead of repent and change their ways and that I am not stupid with respect to how much it works in my advantage either. Consequences which range from setting out what percentage of British people are fucking idiots and making publicity for it to sort out their politicians and what problem they seem to have with my financial well being and to show them if I want them to do anything they will bloody do it and that big mouth and being dangerous will make no difference whatsoever. The important issues eventually boils down to the influence that some Americans want to create for their position in the world at my expense and with respect to that I don’t live in America yet but I do know it is a capitalist system but does not have to exist without rules and I can get their Politicians to make populous policies about serving them a note for compulsory retirement when they leverage this and leverage that and make enough money to last a lifetime with other people’s property – so if I were them I would shut my big mouth. I don’t mind the British Monarchy being wealthy and showing signs it can be served the same thing after all the Monarchy did not make the money with their property, nor do I own anything I have at their expense, so it is still the same old case beckoning repression over my book sales which will involve controlling their lives to run a business, which I know is repression but all my warnings for now only results in worse conditions for me while I am mocked for it on public media because they will not stay out of my life and continue to pretend we are mates or something because I have allowed the issue to continue for a while along with that stupid media of theirs and that they can handle and play around with anything that belongs to me whenever they want which is clearly not unusual considering what we know, what is for now being that big mouth.

The other part about protecting my customers being a case of what I know a lot of black idiots want to cash into which I don’t mind if I can get some of their own as well, otherwise there will be more complains and I will continue to use security systems of their landlords to speak to the entire world and extricate insults from them about what percentage of what I own is their own and they will continue to ensure that happens by abuses that means I have to go into the office to bump into things because they steal my work from me by spying on me and get off in public to lay claims to it and protect themselves with juju maestros, talking nonsense about doing things with me concerning which they were the boss like their white idiots do make popular culture money at my expense and get around making noise all I own is theirs on account they make contact with me as well and so I have always wanted to put it all to the test by building them some of that as well hence the way it stands at present that they complain endlessly about how I stifle their lives on the left which in my view I am not aware exists – as far as they are here are meant to live and do things by my rules. The other story is of course that of how I pretend to be what I am not about which everybody knows there are always trouble makers in royal circles as well and we see them all the time one moment doing such things as keeping the Queens sexual desires and the next seeking somebody they want to hurt all of the time – none of their complains would come to light if they stayed off my book sales, they would never have lost that cocoon where they are con men in royal circles and get to live well because nobody notices it due to the fact they have enough money to throw around if they stayed away from my book sales – now the idea is that rather than get out like their politicians and media should and move away and move on, I will now know they are con men in royal circles and I will rubberstamp it and probably do so at church as well with a big mouth. They say the problem is that I don’t actually serve the Church because that is where I will be trapped and used next, since it is all such a fun game and Politics had failed but they are actually always certain to bring out of people facts about what they do not appreciate then become stubborn about it endlessly and I have seen them do that on the left while their fellow goons on the right hold together neighbourhood watch communities and they create problems endlessly that they blame on younger adults of a certain age so they can keep an eye on everybody and it is this false confidence they run on media as well and think they can handle everybody with hence the idea must be that it clearly is in their interest that although we all try to live in a tolerant society it would be nice if I spoke to the Bishop of Canterbury about it.

So have a lost the battle for privilege? Well that is what they say but the first issue on the matter was the one I mentioned earlier i.e. I do not live in the US at this stage however which although this is a capitalist system it cannot exist without rules and for those who leverage people’s lives and property to get rich we will soon make some about serving them a notice for compulsory retirement instead of leaving it to vulnerable individuals to chase their rights and the need to be free of it. The other stage is clearly the one they want to know which is largely about beckoning repression over the way they handle my possessions each time they see them, about which they claim the reasons are social inequality concerning which all I know about social inequality in an academic sense is that it is never an excuse enough for property equity destruction nor an excuse enough for the destruction of peoples Intellectual property but in a social sense the way it applies is simply that they want to spend mine all the time because they actually have no idea how to go about spending their own. Hence it is one of those things I do that leads to younger people staring at me on the streets, whereby an idiot has an engine in his car to rev and the purpose thereof is to take my breath away and get rich quick, so that what I do to him results in a state of affairs that raises the question of why he must spend mine all the time and if he hangs around like they normally do because they think that are strong and unyielding etc the result is that I soon start to show them how to spend their own, which is usually how crossing me in the slightest ends and why they hate my guts so much – so I don’t mind losing the battle over privilege yet but we all know how badly it will end. So they never listen to their wives and never listen to anybody and are always certain to bring out of people what people don’t like so they can be stubborn and in my work selling insulation and my books I have noticed neighbourhood watch systems they create where the stubbornness on the left brings the problems into the neighbourhood and the violence on the right keeps an eye on everybody and the source of it continue to remain young adults of a certain age. Now we hear them speak of how it is the duty of parents to educate when parents are already getting a bad deal that creates idiots like them who turn up here to blow my entire life away like an item they can handle and spend on account they want to make cheap thrills and succeed as sales men. Eventually this is where it leads and the story after that is that of whether it is over now that I have said it but of course that depends because on one hand I know my work is largely intellectual property administration and that I can handle any goon that makes money with my reputation or property without my permission especially those that are mad enough to establish contact with me because they have money to spend and want to dominate me and seek power – so what they have decided they want to do with media is catalogue my entire life from day to day and store it up somewhere and deploy it to them ends on media, I mean it is not like I catalogue that capitalism and globalisation so that a time might approach when I place it beside the Bible to chose one and destroy the other anyway – so it seems that when people want to know whether or not it is over they should ask them, they are the ones that have the answer to that. The part about my activities being a major betrayal of an ally is well understood but American politicians are known to think that the British sovereign currency is their economic plaything – it so occurs that I own the liabilities of the British sterling and they can call it whatever they want. As I said, when people want to know if or not it is over they should ask them, they have the answer to that.

Now the claim I have experienced firsthand how evil the Monarchy is, is perfectly understood but that is developed by people whose lives are not run over wealth power and privilege – I mean mine is a little but it is there anyway, they have got none.


As for the matter of International insecurity and how I must say something at all times however, the reality of the matter is as simple as the fact it is all media gimmicks most of and all of it for the most part; I mean I have no idea why I am required by them to respond to things anyway since we all know the reasons they provoke extremists to be that they are evil and that they like the idea of bloodshed but unfortunately would not like their own blood to be shed because it means they cannot be around to enjoy the effects of power and twisting things and being able to kill etc, hence the outcome is that they want to be beyond the reach of extremists and wind them up so much they are mad and in need to kill people and then get religious people and innocent people who are not doing their bidding killed by them through these provocation they bandy around the world all the time. So what it comes down to is the fact that it is not that they need to make people angry and make extremists out of them and make them kill innocent people to make their case seen and heard in the world until people don’t want any more of it, it’s just that when the extremists do not respond in this way they will use every means there is to ensure that they do and this coupled with the fact they handle my person and work to do so is where I lose it as well since it tends to appear to them that nobody thinks or wishes a process where the extremists kill more scumbags like them to make their point and make their case and that if that was the case they would improve instead of get worse and things would look up as well. It begs the question of who the hell they actually suppose they are anyway and that is why they are always pressuring me to respond to things and make that noise all the time about either controlling me or how I provoke them. When it comes to the matter however of things that take a turn that I cannot fathom, that is not a serious issue either – the reality we are dealing with is that I keep hold of their communities and societies because nobody has given me back my academic work and nobody yet feels like staying off the vandalising of my book sales as well and they have now reached a stage where they are showing they ‘feel’ as though they do not want me to have a job or keep a job that I have already got and for that reason like it was at University, the first two weeks are okay and after that it is hell and a problem with the person from whom I got the job until I no longer have it; so I am going to issue an ultimatum to their Politicians to get them off my case not make noise about how I cannot back up my big mouth when in actual fact I have done nothing to prove or disprove whether or not I can back it up but have only taken hold of their societies and communities because I want to distract them off jobs they have already got and keep them from getting jobs as well, first part where they complain they had their lives figured out before I came along has been settled, they should have stayed off my studies and off me and now stay off my books both of which I had figured out before they came along as well and this is where we stand so far.  I do feel as though I don’t want to be hurt by these idiots anymore and the same applies to those homosexual and club life types who claim they do it because their lives have been violent so I have a real need to express the fact those who seek trouble always find it and I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either for my part because I have already taken hold of their societies and communities and for that their politicians have to start their political parties all over again and they have to start their stupid lives all over again like I have to my academic work and my job and my books all of which I had figured out before they came into my affairs and with this moved them over to the left to express facts that indicate realities like the fact I am aware only 10% of them are actually criminals that I offend by being a Christian who sets political charges to their underworld and blows it up regularly because of the vandalism of my equities and the other 90% me all the time for the trappings of power and cannot even explain to those who ask them what it is they are doing, with this I have moved them over to the left because they are not doing anything on my right hand side as it were but the main reason is to express the fact if I want them to do something they will bloody do it, hence as I mentioned I am not necessarily innocent in the matter, however I will no longer be hurt by these idiots which is why I need to start having a stable campaign by which to ensure they are kept off jobs and cannot keep the jobs they have and finish it off with lots of bad sex which is always a matter that is up to them because perhaps they might want to stay off tying me down to prevent me from doing anything about their whors spending my life and my work and property to play society and take care of and listen more to their wives or they might want to carry on like that and pretend when it kicks off I will not want to express my hate down to the fact I am being insolently abused and defiled by their insolent bus drivers on a daily basis in this country which is something that needs to stop one way or the other as well and that those women they abuse are doing a good job and their stuff is beautiful etc. Just like on the basis of what I last said on my job or what somebody last said to me on my job or what I last did or what I last wrote things have changed in a direction that I cannot fathom – I have just reached the end of my tolerance at this stage otherwise it should normally come from them everyday like nobody lives in this life as it were with that big mouth. I am not talking about black people, those feel like personality competition and preventing others from breaking their records when they have some money all the time and chose whom to attack in such ways at random too; last we checked they named my job connections that their stupid children will take over that never cost them money all over the world and everything else too as it were, so we will be looking out for more too. They complain all the time but still feel they need to tie down other peoples princes and spend their property on whatever pleasures they see fit; I for my part down want secret service doing stuff like it was before which is the part where they don’t understand what I mean when I say this is not the 1990s, I am a Christian and we don’t glorify such things, what they will be assured of however is that when I want them to do anything they will bloody do it and that is what they are finding out at present so far. The part about my conflict of interests with respect to the Russians is simply one about the fact I do not think I need to justify myself to Americans for my actions; I mean they say Putin is an evil man but I tend to have this relations with Russia that is a function of British relations which means entire families and communities live as fans of mine in Russia if not fans of the British all together – so how do we go from relations that are good enough for communities to exist as a result to an all out war and think that is not a failure of leadership and government of incredible magnitudes, without associating with Americans that have the luxury of playing games and telling others there will be costs. Putin is not an evil man to me, there are all these lovely Russian women who have dedicated a living to looking after what I do with the Russian people and their government and people do not do that if they are evil. Like these other stories about Ukraine being divided when in actual fact they have a parliament and those who favour Russian relations can have Political parties unless they are idiots that enjoy putting women and so called children with a big mouth as they are in the UK onto fools errands that ensure scumbags on media who live off their stubbornness can make fame and fortune from it and share power and money with them at the end, to get beaten by their wives and turn up to complain after bullying me out of my academic work of which people suggested I was mentally ill for reacting to the way they drive their cars that they own and can drive on the roads by the University just because I studied there and they want to use me to make themselves the kind of men that can be respected – have not given me back my four years of hell rather than think they want to whip me over everything I do which is the source of all these problems they complain about because that is the means by which to distract me off any jobs I do and attack anybody that gives me one and as it stands they continue to think any jobs I finish is the platform on which they want to pleasure themselves and make a society plaything from and turn up on media to talk nonsense all the time, so their Politicians can get off to hand them tax payers money to play with first of all and make out they want an outcome from a process where they have done so to ensure they have made self resolving issues into a major social contention with a big mouth hence presently do not feel like staying off my book sales as well; the fact scum like these exist does not necessarily mean that somebody is either an evil man or that a country is divided. 

The part where I strain US relations with the UK is utter nonsense – The Obamas' are well known to the Royal family and what I say and do is on that basis – besides which it does not mean I have to sit back and take nonsense from any scumbag that wants to get out of the White House and attend parties with twisted black men in Africa and turn up here to control me then complain all the time, never mind the part where every tramp in rags that frequent South America and loves president Obama can do whatever they like with my reputation and possessions if they find it because he wants to be the most important black man in the world – it was sweet when he started but apparently not so at present.  It’s not a matter of liking Americans, I mean if people know you have duties to serve a Church and enjoy a game of setting of a state of affairs of pervading everything that is pure and making permissive everything that is holy around you, would you classify them as friends? It was how it happened in the UK before the Labour party spent tax payers money on them to get around and build new ones in more public places to ensure I cannot live with the idea they want to shed my blood for some reason – the result of course was a need to find out what I write when I read the Bible and spread it all over the world, then turn people around spiritually after that and turn out to pervade it while forcing me to preach it for a living in order to obtain trappings of power and the result of that being that the wickedness that shall be forgiven for the forgiving of an offence is not good enough for the greedy supported and funded by the Government of the day as there is no God and hence no punishment for it was the biggest deficit in the developed world. Then we hear the tales of how I don’t care about my own race when everybody knows that I can help people if I want but if I must help them on a certain condition they have set out then it is a very important ‘if’ that stupid ‘if’ that will see me win all the time. They and their American friends rather think they want to see the filth and problems of black people on me and the usual way is how they want to make that happen too which I am quite comfortable with because I will teach them how to spend their own before this is over and cannot figure out what they are complaining about presently either. So in the end if people know their fundamentalisms permit them to pervade all that is pure and make permissible all that is holy then they must seek corruptions of involvement like they do because they are relying on their military might for a means of enforcing their will – nobody knows why anybody would have such an outlook in the direction of those who attend church, and I mean nobody – there is never really a reason or an answer and hence I cannot understand what they are complaining about too. I don’t think it a problem it’s just that Americans are not my friends and the chances of getting into any stupid trouble does not exist. I mean is it really what an Arch Prince is used for or how one is handled, considering I am also an Intellectual Property Administrator, is that how their own looks anyway? Apparently it does not appear to have shown that the question of whether they think this is the 1990s is absolute enough. I know they enjoy their abuses because it makes an open show of the personal life of a Christian and a Prince for their pleasures but it is not that they are good people anyway, so that when you note where bankers are and where banking crises are, you see them forming communities of clubbers and partiers who hold it together and help rich people alienate people, thinking that you don’t want racists to know all about it so that the moderate racists can do something about them. So far not enough have died because of me yet hence they continue to provoke and they continue to abuse and they continue to simulate sodomy with a big golliwog mouth.


I mean I hear the part where the US President is taking up all I do anyway but I have no idea what it means either, it has always been that way most of the time, it is the same old story; they spend so much of their time doing that to a point where when asked to do the job they cannot get it done anymore but as long as they have the story of social inequality to tell their idiots it should be perfectly alright. I don’t think they are a problem it’s just annoying because it is such a worthy use of my time in their view. It is always going to be a case of how nobody knows who I am and all I do is done so that another person of my race that people recognise can take it up and do things the way people want it once they got near the White House which is what they are doing as predictably as ever. The part where I have missed out of opportunities by saying such things beggars belief because it is hard to figure out which opportunities I am missing out of when British and European societies have a condition where women are always able to go where they please, as it stands of which the biggest impediment to that is the American Government; its war on terror restricts that in its own right and in its own way, while foreign Policy tends to change the way it restricts it as well i.e. if it is republican it will restrict it in the sense that any idiot that wants to give some aid money to some poor people in the world wants to wreck my finances and blackmail me to do it so that he or she might gather the violent poor people he or she can for the trappings of power which of course attacking me had nothing to do with in the first place but since it is power happens as a statement of capability and if democrat it simply goes haywire with liberal insults all over the place that will determine what my place in the world is and like the Labour Party in the UK, the reality is that when asked to do the jobs they are elected first of all and then paid to do they cannot do it anymore and hence latch onto telling tales about social inequality for a living. It is difficult to work out what opportunities they are offering except I imagine they are after my book sales and I cannot stress enough how important it is that they stay away from it either. I don’t think it is a crisis as such, it is always mostly a self resolving issue when opportunities Politicians are offering others have to do with such things as women that travel to the UK with the prognosis that the UK society had promised them a certain deal it must now fulfil and hence creating a premise by which they can select people and do what they like with them in a condition where there is no law yet to deal with their inventive wickedness and the greed based excuses for it but when they claim to have been offering me an opportunity it does make One wonder what opportunity they have been offering in this. The great story that seems to be their prime preoccupation appears to have been the issue of my sexual habits of course, which sexual habits they speak of I have no idea whatsoever – reality of which is that they never listen and cannot leave people alone such that when they know I am a Christian it becomes a prime activity to set about making sure I share something with them and then in order to get to me I am worse off by so doing so that they might use what I have shared with them as some invented agreement to have some homosexual sex that I have been a part of, knowing perfectly it will distress me since I am a Christian. It is never true that I love to do sexual habits that offend them when I know perfectly that they will be offended by it, what is true is that these are individuals that want somebody to sit down and listen to their side of a story and the side of another person’s story and decide based on facts that what is correct is just but at the same time they want it to be done along the lines of the fact that the reasons that most decisions do not work in their favour is because religious people ensure that it does not and need to be removed in order to create justice. So we have only but entered the part where I start my own as well, showing them the only reason I have to set out the fact I am a Christian for three years on benefits before I even start getting interviews after employers had begun to copy that habit from idiots at the civil service is because they are homosexual and nobody would have ideas to do those things if they were not homosexual and hence it is still impossible to figure out why they cannot stop being homosexual when they know that is what people use their homosexuality for – apparently most of the time their answer to this question is that what they do is done with what belongs to them and done on their choices so I win again. The part about their lives being violent and my activities being a disregard of that is utter nonsense because the violence they get is the violence they dish out with impunity randomly and wantonly at others; I mean violence like the consuming of the entirety of another person life is something they need to and want to do in order to extricate their next level of democracy for example, dishing it all the time without limits and I bet women on benefits have the better of them all the time because somebody is holding them down for those women which I am not quite sure is the case. Yes they say I am being taken advantage of myself but I don’t know about that either; all I know is that take for example Diane Abbott MP who is one of the most outstanding examples – there is no reason that woman ever feels that when she needs to take her Political career to the next level what she needs to do is set out a target and work towards it, there is rather always a need to have some man that can do it abused and taken advantage of so she can have it done as a by product of that – so that is for me yes but for them apparently women on benefits have the better of them all the time because somebody is holding them down for those women; my point is that provoking people for fun and for a living does not make Policy and when it does as a result of concocting nonsense to discuss with others in parliament, it does not necessarily apply that I am likely to turn up on the streets and get used to it as well – these insults are not even the barest minimum like their friends in the White House lead the world on as well, however those women apparently get the better of them all the time because somebody is holding them down for that to occur in their view. I don’t think they are a problem for me; the case for the reasons they hate me so much is that I have gone and expressed the fact if I want them to do anything they will get it done and they know I can enforce it; when put in perspective of stories on media about how they have had the better of me financially which carries on only when I have not stated it makes no sense since all that has happened is that I have taught them how to spend their own instead and will now harness what my work on them is to administrate Intellectual Property for the British economy to sell my own books and other products that interest me, so that I might govern them and that stupid underworld of theirs as well. They are never ugly to a limit you see while we hear the complains; it is always an ugly touch and an ugly word and an ugly walk and an ugly look and a complain about women but it goes on ugly and ugly and ugly and violent and wicked and ugly sex as well.


They seem to have no other ideas but clogging up peoples time with their problems threatening people and getting trophy victory from that. There is no shred of truth whatsoever to the supposition that I try my uttermost to please the Obama Administration in the US, what is true is that my book were always going to appeal to certain republicans due to the fact they are work that are a product of equities from an office that works both for a Church and for a State and since I do have the time and they don’t have the time to do the things I do, they find my books an attractive buy, so no idiot is offering me any opportunity, it’s just that I don’t want to sell my books to their liberal stupidities, however which if they want some of mine they can have it anyway. The other part about strained relations I have created between Politicians and the Monarchy in the UK is utter rubbish of course; the Monarchy does not let me get out of hand, that is their fantasy, they are the ones that let me get out of hand by abusing me all the time and making assumptions I don’t find it insulting due to their age etc besides which there is nothing they can do about the Monarchy anyway, I am here and if they feel they do not wish to stop it they can come and get me, I will still be here putting to the test the idea I don’t find it insulting. I mean it happens and people do have evil parents that pull them back and forth until they are sure people can do their stuff then dodge them outside and move into their lives hoping they will get killed and it will be a case of a good person that was not spared to create a disposition that allows them to be a bit evil in order to get rich and enjoy the things of this world but that Labour idiots make contact with such a parent and turn out on Parliament to make Policy on it every day to control me and consume my life like an item to make their careers is something they have no wish to stop and I am putting to the test the idea I don’t find insulting as well. I mean their fools do speak of violence of course and I think they do either because they want to find which black people are damaging their Country and do something about it or they want a fight with me which will mean that their Country is my problem that I have got to solve. So we are not talking about violence, just the fact destruction of my company and books means starting their party again and attack on the women on benefits that get the better of them all the time so they can claim somebody is holding them down for it means the same thing as well, attack on my academic work means finding men that don’t like women and want to be treated like great idiots as well and whatever results came from attacking my academic work will be visited on them, as it stands the current result is dropping out from University on account when I attend is when they feel they have found a new spot to play games with valuables in order to have society and the outcome has been complains they had their lives figured out before I arrived and are too old to have it done again now I have ripped it for them, so the same principle applies – they need to start again. The present one is that anybody who employs me gets into trouble and that is a function of their carnal feeling and same for any job I have and any interview I attend and any job I may be given and we are getting to the outcome of that as well i.e. distracting them from their jobs until they lose it as a society and have none so we can see how good the things those women they love to attack all the time really were that there may be justice around here for a change. Racism is not about any silly race, it is about prostitutes and pimps and the great idea behind it is that of the women securing a prostitution for themselves that others pay for without getting the services which then produces domination – pop culture is racism, intellectual property vandalism and property equity theft is racism, there is no point that stupid Labour party making noise all over the British Parliament when they fund it to find out if some boy can back up his big mouth like I love to see them in civil conflicts as well. The part where they make contact with my parents and turn up with insults to control me and split my life and move in to exist in a certain area of their choosing hence move left insolence and abuse thing will simply lead to even more trouble as it were – so far the only trouble it led to was start again for that stupid evil socialist contraption they claim is a Political party. Of course we hear it is about what they want to hear me say about the Crisis in Ukraine but I have no idea who wants me to say anything about it anyway – what I do know is that it is a matter of failure and failure and endless failure where every time there is diplomatic relations that are good and strong enough for communities to emerge and chase their aspirations, something goes wrong and there is some war and then bloodshed and then people die and evil twisted goons and their media have a party and pretend it will bring back the twin towers in the US – it was like that in Syria and it is now happening again in Ukraine, hence I guess they are the ones that want me to say something about what is happening there whereas there is nothing to say whatsoever about it. Reality being that nobody said Ukraine was divided and such nonsense we have not heard anywhere but if we do back track to what happened at the beginning facts emerge such as Viktor Yanukovych was impeached not forced out of office by a coup an impeachment was a process where his fellow parliamentarians had no confidence in his leadership and government, he then decided to turn it into a civil upheaval, made a truce and broke it and left the country immediately – otherwise other relevant matters are in terms of sovereignty a case of Russian Incursion not taking into account that even O level Geography teaches us such facts as people who live in Mountain sides being different from those who live in the valleys and we cannot expect both to exist together without some arrangement without a serious crisis, so if a Country has been established it has been for a reason and if it thus becomes a part of Russia again it will not last 25 years. This is all I can say about the matter but with respect to the facts and backtracking to locate them the reality is rather simply that all these wars in Ukraine means that most people who have some fight to do there are simply doing it over interests and hence the big question is where this whole process of interests in Ukraine being decided with military hardware actually started off and with whom? Normalcy and reality is what people there really want is a process where Ukraine decide they want to be members of the EU which by the way the Russians are as well and makes no sense the claims the Russians do not want them to have a membership in the EU – then Russians have deep economic ties with Ukraine and Americans deep Political ties of which I have no clue as to whether that is what they are discussing at the negotiating table at present. Nobody said the Country is divided either when in actual fact they have a functioning Parliament in the first place but I guess it’s the twisted evil scum looking for bloodshed that have been doing that and so I don’t know if this is what they expected me to say on Ukraine either; what I do know about them is that when I do get their case into my mind as it were we will have to find somebody that will save the economy from them and their bloodshed in order to bring about wealth and riches and greed unbound and that is the reality of where we stand at present. We will hear those stories I never believe what people tell me until somebody dies but the reality is examples like a strained relations between Politicians and the Monarchy in the UK because of me on account some people think the Royal family is their family and that this is their own lives and they want the UK outside of the EU so they can make laws on sovereignty without being restricted by the EU where it might have been streamlined for them to avoid extremism – they cannot leave people alone and it tends to happen every time you feel your hole that you go to at the end of the day is safe enough for you to feel comfortable enough to be confident enough about your own affairs that it makes it impossible for people to split your life and move into areas of their choosing; hence when I say those who look for trouble always find it they show signs of invincibility but continue to talk nonsense and complain in public. The part about my parent that wants me dead to bring about progress is the bit where not enough of them have died yet since they are not good people and a lot of people that want to kill them out there will be happy to know about it as well; they say they always used media to escape and I turned out to change that but this is not the 1990s and they need to stay off my book sales.  Normally the story is that I am responsible for my problems and say what I say as well as do what I do because I seek gratification of attention from the media but of course what is really happening is a process of the fact their time is up – it was the same with my academic work where as soon as I got into University was when they began to believe they wanted society and culture games all over the Campus for the express purpose of distant abuses and stirring racism for fun, they said they did it so they can threaten me each time they want to see what I know in the heads of their stupid children and the grime of their problems all over me as well as the stupidities of their foolish children in my head – the same is now being applied to my interviews and my job seeking and actual jobs I get and so on. They claim there is a hold I have of their cultures and societies and that of course I will never give up as well; they have not given me back my 30,000 pounds lost in student loans while they had their fun, nobody knows when they will give that back as well. I will still be here putting to the test the idea I don’t find them insulting but the way it will continue to work is the same i.e. I have to change something about my company to make my book safe and somebody will have to change something about their Political party to make it a real and viable one, I lose money or have my job a plaything for any reason be it unto a cost and somebody will review how long he has lived in this world and for some of them when they came to the UK and what they went through to settle in and start again in order to be comfortable. Now they can get off to the grime of society and find out what people think about me there to build it up on parliament to find out if an insolent boy that does not agree to their personal vanities can back up his big mouth; but for me they said they usually saved their stupid lives with media until I came around to change that. Just like those claims they make to feel like they are important that I bring most of these things on myself which of course I did because somebody wants to spice up his sex life with my personal life and another wants to split my life and move into an area of his choosing to live there etc, the politicians are taking away my finances so I don’t travel to another Country and now I am being threatened both by racism and by black people – of course not enough have died yet as it were; I bring it on myself they say but before then 6.am is a good time to signal community croons and reward them with media attention if they bully people onto madness and make it impossible for people to attend to their jobs etc, before then I was the daily target and the fact I had to pay my bills and refused to give in was the main fun. I used to say things to keep the issues going because I really wanted a fist fight with some reporters as it were but I am not so angry anymore and gave that up: I mean what is the dividing line between rapport and professionalism which then means that when they abuse their bosses who then give them difficult reports to carry out I get bullied? The game plan of me being finished off is entirely delusional; I mean it is difficult to work out which part of when I say I want no more nonsense from city idiots and Politicians and Media and celebrities they fail to understand since without their activities my Intellectual property administration business would not seem to unusual that it fails to make me the book sales and success at other ventures that I need, with black people having a go as well looking for some. Yes I understand they think it is much too late at this stage but the reality is that I might have had them pillaging my life alright, however which when it has thus reached a stage where the books are ready and money is being spent on the company time is up – they are the ones that have failed to understand this and I rather prefer when they tell me they have pillaged my property equity to a point where the public expects a certain thing that they must deliver like BBC mangers would say the BBC is such a place as you cannot tell anybody to do anything otherwise they will go ahead and do the reverse, to make me try to get things to a point where I get a real fist fight from their journalists for example because of course it does appear that not enough have died yet so far as it were. For the poorer neighbourhoods the situation is still the same – they are very stubborn and like their neighbourhood riff raff will marry women and stick them at home and play fools errands with them and any young people and create things like neighbourhood watch, where their stubbornness can know no limits by which they handle peoples possessions and person and bring problems to a neighbourhood, blame it on younger adults of a certain age and then the violent ones will ensure everybody behaves and they can keep an eye on women; I am not saying it is the end of the world because these neighbourhood riff raff expect their fools errands to pay off and create something they can do fame and fortune with, which is why I have been subjected to such violent abuse of the magnitude of civil rights fraud at the highest levels of government during Labour that must be successful regardless of the cost and an understanding I am an adult that needs to pay my bills and will therefore never let them win – this fame and fortune intended to bring about power and maybe day time TV talk shows they can attend and attend to etc talking nonsense like their inability to understand what women who have careers really mean and so on but it is not my stuff and I don’t care if they exist, they need to stay off my property, time is up. It is never true that I am dying to be part of what civil rights people are doing; everybody can see my biggest problem is civil rights people and of course there is a reason for that too - they started off the game of building new democracy that will make them feel good about themselves by torturing me socially and organising their society to flirt with torture causing me suffering and distress just because they wanted something and anything and there was no real reason for me to have to go through that which they can tell anybody but it is when they had decided to let me know they can do and undo with me because all I really can do is establish a big Church they can attend to take a wee that things took a turn and its been 13 years of watching them have a wee that they cannot have so far; needless to say I have also become very intolerant of their social Godlessness and the need to bully religious people and that idea they bandy around only they know what money is, they too have decided they will tell me how to dress and other things I must spend my funds whatever is left from tolerating them so that other people are not affected by my problems and we will get to the bottom it (All you can do is preach some gospel when I bully you and do and undo with all your possessions at will and with impunity and then establish a Church I can join when I want and wee on if I like and so they have not been able to wee on anything since so far).