I am not being bullied by media either; the problem with that is that people accept explanations these fools offer for each act of attacking me when we all know the real reason is that no matter how many they are the purpose of attacking me is that of things I have which they want and nothing else. We clearly live in an environment where the fact people have corporations means that when others abuse me to a point where extremists find new ways to locate new bad things to do, they use their money and flash cars to show which side people need to be on which will then ensure I do something about it as well but I am hard pressed to figure out how it means I am being bullied by the media. Maybe the media is deluded and does not understand I see them as corporations of vandals that never have anything of their own and expect to squat on peoples careers and income along with their girls and then get more and more and more violent until they grow too big for the owners of the property they love to abuse, I have never seen people set up a company to have another group of people use the intellectual property to pleasure themselves and the world to get rich and famous and so this question of being bullied by them just ticks it off and it is for it I will drive further my project of teaching them a lesson they will never forget as well.

I mean as it stands at present I have taken steps to ensure all they own is caught in a fight with girls and stupid women since they have clearly not done a day’s work to deserve it, that is not having the effect of course because they have media to change reality with, calling for some attrition and so it is not the first time they have continued to do things to make out I have something people want and that they control the mob; the media establishment owners can see clearly their establishment is used by idiots to threaten me to get these things but will say no word about it because they are more interested in what i write on my websites about their corporations and have silly ideas about how I will take it down with a big mouth and I suppose therefore that it is a challenge as well because they are incredibly stubborn and practically deaf with respect to other peoples person and property. I would like to be bullied by proper corporations, I simply find it unbearable that it be said I am being bullied by the media ones, I am not and they need to remember it very well; so people who have their faces on my television but do not know what a day’s work is, ought to understand without a doubt what I think about them and their irresponsibility, their success came with hard work they say but in the end I suppose what they do with their time will be the judge of that since hard work tends to change people’s perspective of what they should be spending their idle time on. These are supposed to have been a collection of fools who get products from people to advertise, get paid to advertise those products and spend the money they were paid to advertise the products and share the advertisement with a process of hurting and attacking me to create a sense of the place that they and their party idiots want to be on and so they get away with it absolutely all of the time as well which is why it is growing too big.


They like their so called leverage on me and perhaps the UK government of course of which there is none; only the fact that the US is self sufficient and does not need anybody while the UK is a small country that can make products and services that people want and so we want to play our cards right with bigger countries as it were. They will not stay away from my books of course and it will end very badly too and we are not talking about supposedly being bullied by a certain duke of York either – it seems he does not want to get off my government provided security and maybe can knock himself out with it too for good measure (perhaps I might get an explanation as to how friendships of a financial context with Asian Heiresses means the result of looking after a UK trade envy office that has to look into interests in the US and Middle east as well, to settle the matter of whether people just really, really enjoy pillaging my earnings, especially when they are rich enough to pay cash for the damage done). We do not work for markets in the same countries where we practice a process of hurting the governments and the people who live there, that is something the US does which is why media likes it, because they can do and undo and their society idiots who have an obsession with my earnings via my books are soon going to see that there is less to none of it going on as well for good measure of my part. Their foolishness is never a thing I want to look into immediately because doing so would mean they can move on with their stupid lives; the media are a collection of low life scum who expect heroes to turn out and do things that result in a process where they are cheated out of publicity when somebody else has ensured their lives and livelihood depends on it and they desire more than anything along with their politicians whose problem with my bed chamber is ending them up in a very good place currently as it were, with trying to control what the sex industry does as well. I mean don’t get the wrong idea, they have their problems i.e. when we talk about media and community idiots and what government should be used for but I have also mentioned that it would have anything to do with me only on grounds that they have a different explanation for their actions when it is all about getting into their offices to fight me and become really confused and silly about the reasons I act like I do over them.

I find it really offensive to be told I am being bullied by the low lives of the corporate world, maybe I can be by real corporations not these fools; prognosis is that when the bullying happens and he has a business with branches all over the world then people know who he is and his bullying is over. I am not being bullied by any media fools and I believe I have warned them enough times about the number of times they get off to their expensive drinks where they talk so much rubbish in my direction with it and using it thereof. Same old story about my income of course i.e. Politicians and an obsession with my bed chamber and the media with an obsession with what is happening at the sex industry and the destruction of my financial security is a funny violence and I have had enough as well since these things are things women should do for them not things they should get from me and I will put a noose around it and strangle them as we go along by tightening it all the time.

They think it is funny each time they set out a point and cut me off my support money at the DWP and climb on my book sales and bend me up the other way to prevent me from moving away from things I have grown out of, which has now become the meaning of their stupid lives and it appears the main problem is the question of what they should fear about me and this is it really; home and good night sleep is something women should be doing for them not they do it for themselves and so when they say somebody is raised in the bed he should be handled and treated in that way as it were – absolutely the very things they should not be doing and I am going to make them feel me as well, enough to get them off my book sales too.

There is nothing to fear about the media, I am simply completely fed up with how everything that happens means I am being bullied by them so that if it happens further it becomes funny, all the time and thus they need this fix of fun and handle my property to find ways of making sure they get it, which does not show any signs of going away yet. The part about the benefits since they have an issue with my book sales and not to mention the part where it is not my career but something I do on the wayside, is just the bit that will step up the issue of handling politicians to make sure it stops and so they complain currently about sleep and so on when so many women have so little money and it is expected they are supposed to sell themselves, the media is again obsessed with the sex industry for these reasons and it is the same story al around about how the male and female heroes are at their mercy and nothing shall be spared to such an end hence government office and economy are up for grabs as it were; I want them off my books or it will become an outcome they never expected. As for those their foolish old men; those are angry and lethal and poor and they are the only hope that we have got.


Nothing about what I say is strange; I get it from facts like how I am a writer but a soothsayer on National Television, publicity completely unasked for. It does come to head; same old story about tyranny all over the place where some person is a hero and other joins the army so politicians can ask how somebody can be hero when another is an army officer and so the next time there is protest on the streets the bad government machinery kicks in and people are murdered in cold blood with excuse attached. In the UK it’s the media concerning whom their mates are fighting for freedom elsewhere in the world; here they will do the evil I should have. There is no trouble coming from the royal family which I cannot handle; my work and my duty is to the people I am responsible for, period and whenever a senior member of the royal family comes along the question is stand down or carry on and nothing else too. The rest is idiots doing that stuff to provide me with stories I can write because they are never fed up and for those who think their office exists to hurt me it is another question of the fact that if they are so royal that me and them must exist but exist in a way that hurts me, they must shut it down or I will – the one where people know being royalty is limited to when they do things like tell football people to think about their upstanding position in society and how to attack and harm me, they make out it is so funny and irrelevant that they are doing not because they are royalty but because they are doing it man to man.

By their standards as it were, every woman would be working in the sex industry so people might never find wives and so it is the reason they have so many stupid girls at their disposal and like to usurp female heroism, it looks like something that will make them very rich if they applied their manly strength to it for their own benefit, with a process where when women do things with you they do it as well whether you like it or not; are they women? It seems they have something to prove with their girls and nobody knows Pornography is never made by bad girls having sex on video, while they expect I should expect people to do Pornography for the rest of their lives at any rate too, so the gospel might make no meaning as it were. I say eyes like that, what do you want from me, everything and so because of that, before long each of their stupid girls wants some of those and know how to get what they want and it happens in such ways all the time and they cannot leave people alone as it were. The stage for CVs dispatched to employers becoming a plaything for girls who want personality they can pillage and book sales stifled to make it available to them by those who have dominated the wind. They appear to believe they are good to go doing these things because they are really modern and yet the modernity cannot tell the difference between political problems from the previous generation and that there will be completely different ones in the present generation regardless of whether or not the ones in the previous generation were solved – modernity without a sense that people have the right to grow out of something, looking for trouble all the time. No idea then why they cannot understand my point to be that they need to shut up and fight and stop talking rubbish; after all they speak of how I irritate them by taking over all the attention when we all know their desire to see younger men do violence to please them or they can never breathe cannot be measured and they will do everything there is to get it from a young man they have marked out as though absolutely everybody will refrain from kicking them; so the politicians and diplomats have the jobs but media wrecks my finances to make me come up with ideas they can do it with, they want my bed chamber to be filled with the evils of their society manifesting in front of me and doing distant violence pain transfer that therefore cannot be bridled knowing fully I will soon work with women to ensure they can only get it if given to them because they are politicians (the first occasion I was weak enough for people to manifest their distant violence and pain transfer was as a teenager and the reason was because my Christianity offended the person who showed himself to communicate that while I was trying to get nap, now they are suggesting it happens either due to something I have done wrong or indeed the most annoying of all, the fact it is how their country is; which then creates a means with which to tell me I do not recognise their communities that they fought a world war for which I didn’t and hence it is never clear whom the stupid British Men think they are Daddies to anyway – I have never wanted a part of their communities and any normal person would understand that a long time ago and at this stage), then there is the media that wants control of sex industry because they know they handle female heroism all the time for wicked purposes – so eventually this process of theirs has something to do with my earnings like it always does. When I tolerate it like I do saying what I say it grows completely out of hand and I can still remember it started when I was about 3 years beyond the minimum age of adulthood, thus with the right excuses you can be insulted in such ways and people can think it is funny as well at the other end. Same old stuff with cowards and fools that want to join the Military because another person is a hero and the opinion of a politician needs to apply about it so bad government can spiral out of control, same with domestic Policy and my Intellectual property support and security for operation of Government that Law enforcement work with and a certain other matter of a problem politicians have with fanaticism of the people due to the supporting of families and the management of criminals, like they do all over the place.