There is now talk of a problem I have with people which simply will not go away and I do not have a problem with people as such, they have spent the last decade telling lies to work all sorts of manipulation that will help them fulfil some dream of seeing an Arch Prince beat up people who offend them as insultingly as possible and if I say anything about their behaviour they then tell me there is nothing I can do, therefore if I said what I said where it mattered they would cracked up out of my league dispatch me all together. I would never understand anything as stupid as professional fools that get off the city centre to invent something with what they learned at University then require my assets to win contracts from companies anyway, their involvement was with a writer but they have decided what my Business should be and are all over the Media with their stupidities to display bearing in mind the Books were so terribly expensive in the first place -I have no idea who told them it was okay to deploy my assets to win contracts, never mind showing up on their stupid media to make foolish statements about how what I do is talk hence if I showed up I would be dispatched all together anyway. We know it has been happening a long time starting with when it shows up at University to make a mess of the studies in the first place all together and then from then on never stops, only to blab that I have trouble getting along with culture and society while in actual fact there is now a broken link between new industry tribalism raid managers and the companies they manage never mind the customers they serve because the whole purpose of their stupidities were to get employed with companies I broker equities with and get their hands on the assets; so it usually stems from a process of doing something out of the ordinary, so you end up with people showing up to make statements about how they wanted to do it as a culture and society but for these fools the fact their activities affect my finances is never something they take into account when they exhibit their madness at my expense all together as such. So I get told I should have expected it at a Royal Office when we all know it’s either them wearing suits and looking stupid enough to require and or handle your assets to design buildings and win big contracts when they are architects etc without permission or buying the Books all together or its society fools that show up to do things you had informed them churns your tummy while you have political or diplomatic office to concern yourself with talking nonsense about what it has lost but both now complain about me all the time and the big case has become one of the exact point at which the media got involved as well anyway, whereby we see their case involves stupid women passing around abuses during advertisement that companies have paid huge sums of money for and then they say they want to sell my products but it becomes so abusive I can no longer sell it myself due to my mood being an impediment all together and then they tell me that my assets are needed by their stupidities and it needs to pass to somebody else, wrap up telling me I am disrespectful, while my respect had long vanished since 2005 when their need to get on Public places where they can practice how to be more important than I am began, therefore having come to a head, an Arch Prince must show some respect to fucking nonentities or it will be enforced with that big mouth they have. So it’s not true there is nothing I can do – it’s annoying when they say my assets must pass to others because it is needed on account I have been dealing with the business of supporting some women to make money at Popular culture and support themselves at school since the boys will not let them study becoming something the men need as well, to add to those insults manipulating me into dealing with their families doing the bum chasing thing on account female welfare has to be a prime concern of government in a civilised society and it is not their problem, adding to the fact civil rights exist so that they might build an arrangement with me that feels like they are my families, making it impossible for me to leave my home without churning my tummy and impossible for me to get my services at home and any hotels I may have lodged, respect now being an issue when everything in suits needs to lay off my Books and Public image as their stupidities had become a real issue and there is only so much I can say as there is nothing I can do with their big mouth – it is very annoying because I have to deal with the business of industry fools giving money to media and celebrity idiots on account I have not been co-operating with their needs, in order to get back at me. It is not true there is nothing I can do as the main impediment to my Bookshop these days is junkies fulfilling the stupid dreams of getting rich because they do not wish to think about or ask people how to make a living, never want to work for anything in their lives and as lazy as they are do not wish to settle for a living wage, on the other hand we have large company idiots investing my equities without buying my Books, so yes what I can do is different a thing from what I say but I am sure it is fact that it’s a matter of the technicalities of the task if I have to handle their stupidities and get it set straight. They always claim I have manipulated it into a condition where I may hurt people and not be hurt myself and its utter nonsense that feeds into those stupidities about overseas wars that come home to roost; what really happens is largely that the Men incredibly love to claim I want affirmation from real men, to help me be a real Man myself and it’s an expression on my face for it, while the women claim they took my manhood and are spending it to get around with the Men who have money to spend on their stupidities for it – so I am waiting somewhere for the boring processes of being a Man to come round so I might go through it over and over again while the women get all the fun in life and their social corruption that comes just before people start sleeping around so they might draw attention to my looks when I am convinced they are here because they want it to be them sleeping around and have been supporting some female journalists for my part, to tell me what to do and how to exist.

I do get told that I antagonise Celebrities when I have already got a Royal living and a Fame to go with it but I don’t antagonise them, what happens is that I wrote a Book about a decade ago and it has been doing badly at the markets because Celebrities are not certain I wrote it to serve them even though they found it useful, thus deciding they will not buy it but will get involved with my concerns and then ensure others do not buy it as well, which I am sure people understand is a situation that has no way to end well. The result is that I smell like my loo in my Home all the time while the mansions they built peddling all sorts of nonsense on my Public image to acquire money from Industry goons who want to give them some if it would hurt me for not co-operating with their needs is groomed well and sets the stage for them to go from strength to strength in the art of terrible behaviour. It’s the same as it is said that any persons who support me automatically forfeits their sense of safety and security whenever the matter of Politicians making out that I suffer what happens to me because I am disrespectful is considered but I am not disrespectful, they never said that I was back at University when they showed up to seek ownership of sociological mannerisms in which I get out of home to attend an academic institution and they sought it until I dropped out, claiming it was a matter of using it to decide how the Country should be run, they speak of disrespect when nobody had wanted to own the way they walked into a Café to drink some tea while attending University because their sense of respect for the entire world as this sort of behaviour was very respectful of me, is largely developmentally based on their ageism. So, people do not lose security and safety for supporting me, what happens is that they help me and end up contending with other Members of the Royal Family for it. The Celebrities then will be the part where they all want to show up on my public image and personal finances and express all sorts of nonsense that helps them race themselves to the millions alongside Fashion models, claiming also that I offered up promises to make them rich and the first group of people ever to tell me that they have to get rich with what I have first before I am able to make any progress with my life were pyramid Ponzi Scheme goons getting dangerous with money, which did not end well, I have warned them there is every likelihood that I will raid their Celebrity neighbourhoods very soon. It feeds into this case where they say I do whatever I like on social media while other peoples get censored, which is not strictly true; what happens is that I sense social media owners behaving in a way which suggests they have consulted their legal team over my activities and gotten told it is clever and had taken care of all the loopholes, so that it might get through to those it wants to reach and ensure had stopped making his life toxic: the reasons are in terms of Celebrities and in terms of Communities and in terms of the social Media owners who platforms I am using; so where the Celebrities are concerned, we find each time a Celebrity shows up in public to work, they expose themselves to paparazzi and then once done, all that adulation follows them home and works out in terms of people who tell them everybody else is bad while hurting them, which is pornographic – what then happens is that each time people stick me in because I broker equities with Music and Film makers who work with them and they do gather facts about me to play the film and music roles, they tend to protect me but there are those who do not understand what being a professional celebrity is, successfully wrecked my academic work, finances and are now after my Books, so that it goes beyond keeping in mind what they are like in terms of Celebrity at Vanity fair complaining about consequences associated with telling me I am a Royal Prince when they had approved of me, through to something about not protecting me from the pornography that paparazzi dishes when helping them make more fame and hell for me on the high street top shelves but also sticking me in themselves, using their very appearances and body as a tool for it, so I need to ensure they understand that I want my own looking the way they found it and that I intend to make that happen on social media, so that a situation will exist which means that when I put up a warning about a behaviour damaging anything around here, even though they are unaware of it, in my mind I think everybody has heard about the warnings and should have taken heed. This feeds into the other case about my relationship with Celebrities who get along with me, as per for instance when one of two spouse works in the spotlight and are concerned about the other spending too much time at work, and are letting me an involvement into such concerns, which then gives way to the business of supporting a spouse professionally on one hand and leaves them exposed to sexual predators on the other, only for me to become some character people can do whatever they like with in terms of what I do with some people being done for everybody if I liked it or not; the business of sorting it out on social media meaning that they too will find it impossible to enjoy their services at home and this I am sure is displayed all the time as my prime intention. In terms of the Communities, it reaches that stage where I know it is a problem and when others had complained about it there are two of us now and I need to deploy my tools to brew publicity for the Celebrities and these bad behaviours i.e. it had the same effect of making sure they cannot get their services at home too. So I do get told that Social Media owners consider me as a useful ally and I am aware of that too; what happens is a condition in which I for instance would say I am doing these things only on twitter, of course they would consider it a useful ally but for me it’s a matter of the fact I am making use of their platform and that means there has to be a complimentary process of working with them, so it does appear all is as it should be.

In the end it is said that I am rude in my mannerism but there are not facts to support this either - the reality is rather that I must ensure that the myth of Celebrities building me abusive and insulting publicity that concerns me getting stuck up with the dirty parts of the fame to ensure they were even more famous, applying in terms of an assumption they do not know what their part of society is or are unaware of what they are doing, ceases to play up around here i.e. its a matter of the fact that people are always cooking my broth, so I must ensure that my work does not fall into the wrong hands, so if it does they can keep the rude, otherwise I will have something to say about it later on. It is the same way I am told that all I do is a mess when it is not i.e. its all me selling my Books to a certain community, so that I might retain some structure of support for when I pursue my academic work once again, that those who want to damage it like before, might be aware of the range of consequences available.


We hear it it because of me that Prince George does not wish to attend School, which is not exactly true; what is true is that it is because of pressures associated with revolution society that has always targetted his Dad from Childhood while we has his whole life ahead of him, who also hate my Books, that cause him to decide School does not produce the right results; personally of which I do believe that One cannot decide if it does not like school unless One goes through the process – pretty much the same problem here as it seems the reasons for the insults of Politicians is the need to confiscate those times I met with dignitaries, took my GCSE and attended University to enrol for the first time i.e. my Public image. So their story is that they have always done these things but the younger generation of Royals are unable to cope with it; which is not true – what is true is that it is all the same with the lies and homosexuality and malicious stories of Royalty being homosexual while they cling to finances and Public image on Media but I want to make it clear they will never be free of me as well and that I expect them to make the experience uncomfortable for me too. They speak of this case where nothing I say and do has an effect on Politicians but we all know that the only way to understand what Politicians are really doing and or thinking about is to see it from a view that is about understanding what gold diggers do and this is why when attacked they are positioned by society idiots who handle property and tell lies and seek credence from Media to gain from it and make a public image for themselves with the effects but when not they rip up everything they see to get rich quick.

The case with being threatened by Politicians is nothing new, its always a story of how I could not pelt them in the City Streets if I wanted to, therefore most of my activities are a function of playing up tricks and hoping that stronger people lose the memory of me messing with them and when it started it started with a case of me having a personality they should be having because they are the ones that made the laws that put the criminals in prison and how I needed to be bullied out of the personality, so very stupid people as such all over government Offices playing those stupid games but it is the need to have a means by which attacking me affects everybody so they might make me pay, while I am blackmailed until they can finger my bum and at the same time escalate problems for law enforcement by doing it via tools that are used to starve criminal activities of funds in order to keep the public safe, then come up with alternative Politics to mop up the part where it is clear to the public that it is being done to children who attend Church and not the ones that strike their bums too – I used to describe it as Political paedophilia but now it seems a convenient way of seeing it since these idiots are getting the paedophilia feelings anyway but with none of the disadvantages; if it therefore will not stop threatening me at Government buildings I will have to make it clear it is possible to pull the physical blows thing out of a hat for them as well.

So they say I am always seen blabbing about getting involved with an odd job which is quite understood but I find it impossible to locate what else they thought would be worth my while compared to an activity concerned with payment at employment and what they suppose I thought could be the best use of my time, since I have got a Royal Commission and there is a respect problem that goes along with it. My life is really as simple as looking after the Estate and a relationship I have with a Member of the Royal Family, the rest of the time its my bottom hurting and how that builds the kind of existence people will want to see me in and how they get to complain about it too; so its usually a gimmick while they are aware I know that managerial positions change hands when people are nice to me at the shops and that having an activities linked to paid employment to play around with is bad news for them but bullying me is still the finest ideal that they have got.

I have ended up with this reputation that says I think I can walk around the concerns of large companies and do whatever I liked while reality is more a case of the managers deciding that they can take up my Empire itself at some point and so I have to take this position that makes it clear we are heading to the bit where I lose mine and they lose their own too; they were not there when City Centre people played hide and seek with me for years on end, they were not there when my activities were found to be supportive of those who wanted to enjoy their retirement, they were not there when my activities were supportive of those who were not predisposed to the energy that lets people do things which cause the government to spend money on crime and antisocial activity, they were not there when I was chosen by these companies and so I didn't have to find my own community in order to ensure I was not chased by bad elements while doing business because it was already chosen for me and I only had to secure an academic qualification for it and various other things as I needed, what happened to them is that they got employed as CEO, taking up my Equity empire from a point where kids play is no longer necessary, instead of continue with jobs and projects considering existing successes. We see the same behaviour with respect to their friends and allies; wants to take advantage of large business efficiency oversight to make its own tidy million, it does not wish to read anything I have written, does not wish to buy my Books, what it wants to make money with is the mystery of Royal Office that causes hungry people to take sides with Politicians and take Crowns away from Royalty because it can be used to make customers feel comfortable – this is what they want to make money with. It appears a very broad Brush of course but the reality is rather obvious that sometimes the CEO wants to express himself and so there is that mix of me and the CEO on a particular product model - 50 years from now we will end up thinking of some products as collectables and others as Classics - apart from this its usually abhorrent to the Monarchy for people to assume this position of being overlords which I am not but because of such things and the way I am praised and mocked in equal measure the fact my life is not a 100% case of enjoying myself and looking after a Royal Commission concerns is tolerable and I would not want it to be that way for eternity for my part either.

We hear the talk all the time of the problem that is me being solved one day and I could never get my head around the problem that the idiots think they can solve here anyway but I am aware there isn’t a problem here that they do actually have the ability to solve anyway. It was the same blabbing about celebrities screwing with me and getting security from them while they run private security Industry businesses that get a cut of the proceeds from the celebrity insanity, before they realised they could not protect the celebrities from me and then the Politicians and then the journalists as well and then any dignitaries they were employed to protect too – now we can see they have resorted to insults and abusive disobedience and are blabbing again on being set conditions where they need to listen to what other people are saying to them as well. what really happened here was Tony Blair using my career to develop his own and leaving the same privileges for his subordinates, then on realising they were rebelling against him, set out to tear down my whole life to solve the problem of his stupid party and has since not stopped getting on my Public image to stifle the gospel of Christ talking nonsense about peace and justice and equality all over the world – so the part they played in that was the bit where threats that even now they continue to issue but gain nothing from, led to distraction and distraction led to University drop out who did not wish to see their celebrities, who blew off a big mouth about it and now believe they live on borrowed time unless I am controlled. I want these celebrated fools keeping their distance from my public image and staying the fuck away from my Books and the sales of it and then somebody can actually have a job that involves security where he is able to protect something and his wife is not chasing my anus at the local communities while he expects to keep a fucking career being supported in that way at home. Otherwise they pretend they know anything about me, know something of how I am likely to react to anything but it’s usually that big mouth first and then I become a problem for entire Political systems after.  We see them at it like some Boys and their Toys occasion, where their Politicians do not pick up guns to do a job with and nothing I do is ever adequate where the biggest question at the end becomes that of where exactly their involvement and opinion was required and then they complain after and fancy themselves bullies too.

They do speak of how I lose the point all the time, the point of the fact they were self-employed in order to be free from the nonsense of others watching over them or telling them what to do – of which I was given a Royal Estate so I can be struck by them all the time as well: I mean more serious things have happened since like dropping out of University and then writing a good Book that never gets sold because I am always in a bad mood on account my anus and chest and penis and head is being struck all the time – the other side of earning money of which is a case where you did carry out an activity that amounted to legitimate employment and the result was that somebody got hurt, while you got those pieces of paper with the bank of England Governor’s signature on to get values at the shops that you can run your life with – thus I dropped out of University and cannot sell my Books on account I am always in a bad mood having my tummy and anus struck by idiots that want to detach me from connections that have been built by handling my career and public image every day, talking nonsense at me about why they were fucking self-employed like it probably knows what it bloody wants.

They have no respect for what I do and we hear them talk nonsense about competing with the celebrities all the time like the same old immoral people in distress corruption that destroys everything and issues those insolent threats doing so: they pick up what I do when put my information to culture and society so I can work an intellectual property administration business, to go off and help a celebrated fool on public media show he is waiting somewhere to expect the latest wisdom that will allow it become a better human being than I am from me every day, which when added to his stupid money made performing nonsense on my public image will amount to enough importance to be more worthy of Royal position than I am and then prevent me from having a Royal position I already have, complaining and blowing off those stupid big mouthed threats at me all the time. They speak of taking on the celebrities which I cannot soon after but we all know the problem with the celebrities is that they have a general lack of respect for my entire business empire, so every move I make has to see them do something to stifle the finances by doing one like that as well and it will only lead to an outcome where I pound their own until it stops too. they do love to tell me it will be an uphill task while we all know I only need stop the popular culture canopies and the Advertisements that have no respect for me and for it I will have to buy myself a Camcorder to record those stupid advertisement whenever it comes on, then display them on my U-tube channel with comments on and by the time I am finished with them we will see which one will have the guts to tell me I did this or did that and I will not be selling my Books for the day if we can get to the law Courts instead. It’s like it’s really stupid and cannot  leave me alone; it says calling it stupid is bad whereas it is an example of what happens when Politicians set up development programmes by which to help them to state funds, so as to see those who do not wish to hand over a public image to more important scum in government grapple with the fact they are idiots that have money and therefore cannot be said to be stupid – it is what we have at the end that says exactly what the truth is i.e. a Country where idiots are full of food: now they know I want to crush the media insanity and the popular culture and the films and the general celebrity abuse that goes with it in order to ensure people do not harm the clout around my Books with their insults any further, the myth of how I fancy their lifestyle but like to get attention criticising it is at risk at this stage all together anyway and there is therefore nothing wrong with religion.

I am aware of course that it is  normally suggested that I Rock the British Monarchy and unsettle it for the most part of my activities; the reasons it carries on is because those who do like to tell me I will never sell my books because they will keep me crowded out at all times so I might have to remind them they can only sell to those who give them the money and that I am simply on the verge of getting away with my in and out activities with their secret societies I do not even belong to which I suppose it not hurting badly enough yet too. The sticking point is that although every part of my body hurts as it stands because of their insults, now they know singing and vandalising my intellectual property on media will do them absolutely no good in the short and long term, they need to lay off the girls and tell them to keep their insults far from me, keep of the insults and abuses especially when they are driving cars with which they grab peoples work and identities and above all now understand when they work in the Civil service they are not Celebrities and I am not giving back that stupid left hand side either - so if this is rocking the British Monarchy, I suppose I have made a fabulous job out of it then. Never true that I do not take my leadership seriously when this is just a fraction of my record on the insults of abusive men, who claim to have plans and ambitions to get rich based on how this is their time and more so to bounce back etc.There is nothing like breaking with the standards of the British Monarchy here and hence no trust rift between myself and Americans (or indeed Russians or Chinese or anybody else for that matter) in general either, much less so as applicable to those that are or in whose interest it is to help me sell my books or sell it for me, specifically to Americans of which its rather easy a path to take, to assume a disposition of disapproval for activities people might do in ignorance of the fact it is something the enemy does and that is the advantage that being a writer Prince offers me. Whatever is left is media spin taking advantage of divisions and factions, looking for perversions of a trophy spiritual power to grab things and do violence that is not quantified legally with.

The talk of how I go up against people that are far wealthier than myself especially over matters of the Heart as may apply and does on most occasions where it is raised is very well understood but I have no idea what it means anyway. I mean these people lie all the time and can be convinced by their own lies too as is rather common place. They expect another to start it off while they latch onto it, make money and create societies where the best is sacrificed for idiots to count pennies until they make millions around them that politicians think is rather respectful. Their trick to this is of course o run lots of their versions of media campaigns about your work or even person that I in this case have never given them permission to do – reality of that being that they are leaving the risks to the kid and going after the big stuff which makes no sense because the big boys are supposed to be more responsible, do more risks. I do hope they are not saying such things because they are referring to a process of starting a fight with me and then getting society involved because they think I am naked, otherwise it is never clear why people wind me up over what and who I am in love with and then turn out to underestimate me in such ways as well – I cannot understand why any sane human being would do it. I mean it is never clear how anybody can be richer than somebody who owns a Literary empire in which there is an Intellectual space where he looks after Industries from all over the world anyway and by the way cannot make out how people plan to be richer than a Royal prince whose name is put to an office and property only one kind of which there is in the world and which belongs to him as well. All I know is that people do envy the idea that some 32 year old gets up every day to sit in an office no matter what it might look like to have a certain view of society and a certain view of politicians in order to handle his Royal personage which of course is something that they do not have. However when they start talking about how I go up against people that are wealthier than I am the old matter of the fact they need to get off my books and the sales rings over and over and over again, while I continue to wonder on the other hand if it is a real challenge- it is clearly not just a matter of a lack of respect for anything or indeed anybody on their part.

I am aware it is said I am an antiracism moderate which is unheard of as a social disposition but is something I do to look for trouble but it depends on your priorities; I mean stupid parents with stupid children turning up as a community to mark me out as the person whose entire life they want to gobble up by making into an idiot while they take up what they have built up of a fame he already has to make themselves look clever as a community of people – does not matter what it costs thereof, its entirely a matter of what I owe those who have the same skin colour as I do. While they do that of course the racists are busy looking for weak points to exploit and they have worked out that with benefit of hindsight it is not advisable to do it to a white person hence they have chosen a black one and have chosen me. I don’t think it is a problem its just that I have prevented them from turning out on corridors of International community to talk nonsense at me but another group of idiots have given them media establishments to play with while pretending that it is not provocative to do so, hence every stupidity they come up with has a liable meaning; share a bad sleeping habit with my stupid children so they can better sleep well enough to marry princes and princesses here, share a bad eating habit with my stupid children as violently as possible so there might be equality, the stupidities of my children must be exchanged with you because it is political progress to do so and the list goes on and on and on and never stops - of course what they want to discuss on the matter entirely depends on peoples priorities. I mean I am such a plaything that I can spend years building a relationship with consumers but just at the moment I am about to sell them a product somebody will swoop in and destroy everything on either side with the outcome that he sells his own product or threatens the consumer instead and in that way build popular culture and music industry empires and so on but the sticking point of course being that it happen on account that some of us in retrospect of what we do for a living would rather have been poets or writers or travellers etc but these idiots in retrospect would have been criminals and therefore cannot leave people alone, you know, be by themselves.

The socialists do say I do not scare them, which is never an issue – it’s like a transition from Racist to Politician with socialism on other people’s time wasting it every day, blabbing about bad things that will happen when others do not share wealth; so like I said about shutting it the way others tolerate them, their stupidities have the effect it does because when people dig so deeply into your personality to talk about what is happening on their left hand side and right hand side, you will be obliged to drop out of school paying attention to it, while they will need to be completely useless people to keep it up until they find a way of being famous when you had worked too hard on it without financial reward which is usually amusing unless you had decided it is not going to be and then there will be media complains over loss of civil rights. I just want them to stay off my Books and clear my Public image space, blab from their own rights when they want to blab, otherwise it is simple enough that they now have lots of things to do which is not paying them, so that Nazis can exploit them too and nobody cares whom they are not afraid of. The part where they say I cannot leave them alone will be the one where I am trying to find out how I will lose the religion as a result of their abuses and fingers on my private parts when I am all messed up with my head stuck up my bum, while I am using it to teach me how to make them get out of it and do something useful with their lives while I supervise.They say I love the oppression but do not like it when I am oppressed too, which is utter nonsense - they are the ones dreaming about oppression - the bit where he sits on the street corner smoking some class A substance everyday and then you think that when you return from school, you can walk up and say Hello to the neighbourhood boys in order to feel among, until he gives you one, cracks you up and keeps you out of school etc - so its a choice to get involved with their bubble of stupidities, these goons however are complaining because that choice does not exist anymore. So, there is talk of integration being an acute problem and to be specific it is a problem that has become near unmanageable and more so with me specifically sitting at the pinnacle of it; reality of course is that it was all integration issues all along while they were having their fun – dropping out of University because others were famous, finding it difficult to return and complete academics after cleaning up over five years and counting etc. The case mostly is that there are some ethnic groups that are specifically responsible for this problem and top of the list is Muslims, only matched by Jamaicans – the Muslims and all that chasing private part stuff is supposed to lead to outcomes where a big Mosque emerges in the area and other ethnic groups are left gasping for breath, the Jamaican ones are money lovers with communities full of women who believe that their social gossiping cannot be maintained unless there is a certain kind of Man that is held down for them to wee on so to speak. They always say they have got the better of me which has no basis on reality; that apart from their whole societies being queer as well every time they chase my bum and if they wind me up further I will be selling it for them altogether too – the reality is still that their insults can only lead to outcomes in which I am said to have ended up at their backyard like a spirit temperament and then I will make an example of them over wealth inequality too – it’s a gimmick and its purpose is a future where other ethnic groups cannot exist in the area; The Muslims think others have failed to integrate, so they are unaware that people do know they eat as a Family and sit on the floor with large communal meals most of the time, so the whole tummy churning indigestion and eating disorder thing does not work for them, they are really strict about it but every time I step outside of my door insults that are meant to set me out as something people can abuse in order to adopt a position that offers advantage over somebody else in order to sell things quickly grows into one of people fingering my bum which does tend to suggest that such things are perfectly alright; they are complaining about me at present, have not got the better of me in anyway – same as the whites chasing me around over what I know and then eventually when I tell them they keep coming back, when they keep coming back I have no time, so I write Books for them so they can pick it up and leave me with time to chase other things and the problem now is that I had the effrontery to write a Book at all in the first place, so you listen to the stories and make excuses but when you go to your Bank account the balance will tell you the truth of what they are really doing – same with the blacks, who suddenly tell you that you are living off civil rights they fought for and if you had refused to co-operate with their needs then you have opted out of the security that it offers, meaning they are the ones doing the racism for the white man all together until somebody unexpectedly stabs you to death because you are not white; it was all integration issues when Politicians were playing along. Its never been a problem for me; they like to say I am responsible for making it worse while reality is that their insults are usually what they want to do with their time but the abuses that ensure it takes up my time as well usually never gets better unless the process of those lies they tell to make me feel I am all jelly inside due to a process of Politicians acting on me to make their happy and community croons beating me down in my own bed etc gives way to one where I pillage their culture and society to put fear into them as well and then when their health feels the same way, it seems like a two way task to keep telling those lies and survival depends on media and the goodwill of politicians when it comes to the sustainability of their corruption. It becomes a question of how you relate with people who chase your bum when you have gotten all dressed up and ready to follow up a job role that does not involve punishing them for being like that and telling stupid lies that make you sick for it as well; the Politicians however are happier to speak of me being stuck somewhere and how it’s a matter of when and how I intend to start this process of getting the finance frontiers of my literary empire looking like they first found it all together and I would never know why they do it anyway, since I can always start this instance rather than just go into an Office and hope the stupid signals we see them send on media will allow me just write Books and move on; I can always start this instance following on from ripping up those popular culture canopies at Industry which lets their children work narcissist happiness on me that brings about sales and in their case it is usually a matter of why they cannot do anything unless they have made a statement about some stupid and or useless man that happens to be my person and what I may do to shut them up and get the finance frontiers of the Estate looking like it was before they started – so when and how story can easily get a ‘right now’ answer. It feeds into the case with Celebrities as well and that usually goes beyond telling the society goons to stand firm and pass around those insults so we might find out if I have no plans to churn their tummy and make them a play thing for community croons as well, so ensure they lost their jobs and those insulting demand for respect, it goes beyond the case where we hear them claim I am the lover of Police Officers while what really happens is that Officers have jobs to do and Police work is as important as Minimum salary of £23,000 PA, so I am always defending myself alright but when an Officer is in the area I have to stand down – what happens each time is that when I do, they turn up to use my disposition to attack the Police and then I have to make a statement about the far the sneer at the job but are always chasing me to steal my fame and grab my public image and do my stuff all day long, really superior three to five bedroom flats nonsense and they will claim I am lover of Police to damage community cohesion – so it becomes a case of when they say that it had long been obvious that I am supporter of Film producers and not celebrities, especially when I point out something about how they are free to let be my work and my life and such stupidities that factorise it by what happens with East Coast and West Coast sensibilities thing, I am a friend of sexual abuse producers and not a friend of freedom decadence celebrities but what really happens most of the time is that they spend their time doing nothing else save destroying people and are now selling themselves to bad people all together, this is the only unbecoming thing that has been happening with celebrity culture, not me. Speaking of my work of which it is supportive of producers of course but when I go from listening to classical music, doing some charitable acitivties and broker equities with Film makers who want to inspire young people, what happens is that they buy the films, love it, take it over and the lives of those who made it too, invite themselves into my concerns, take part in anything I do and then set about destroying it while they rebuild a more liberal version that they will control at the other end – so sometimes you may say it is their nature but you cannot actually excuse the fact that the Celebrity peers you grew up with, who got film roles for the broker that put had put on offer and came from a background of campaigns against the ill of society especially bullying, as well as sharing the lifestyles i.e. poor peoples with rich and rich peoples with poor are now stuck in some form of mental illness that I have to clean up while the Celebrities have pillaged my Books and marked me out of a fight and for destruction. The fight and destruction by Celebrities of which I really do not mind for my part all together anyway, they have always been at it since there is something wrong with my thought pattern, the abuse that Political goons levy on me over this idea generally has something to do with responding to government matters when I am actually not involved with Politics, considering that if worse case for instance I am having my work pillaged by Politicians and decided to tell the goons how the job of the Politicians work, I could never control what the goons got up to and could never guarantee my own safety, hence nothing Political about my activities and I am never involved but that said, when those abuses mean I do not respond to government matters, since there is nothing wrong with my personality or thought pattern it does mean my response sets the stage for what needs to be done – but the fight with celebrities would go beyond this, it will be the one where I work in a food factory and people chase my private parts while others sit up on CCTV to do my personality and the scored woman routine that goes from my head through my tummy and makes a bad smell, it will be the one where people bang the doors of cars with panels on them that was not built in the last five years on my bottom to express their superiority on account they are the ones offering some form of services to the Celebrities who help them offer those services only by pillaging my Book sales – as I said, they just got off their freedom and decadence celebrity to take part in my Estate because the Films kept getting better and better and they deserved the Money and in my view are free to start a fight any time they wanted, see what becomes of it too. Their local goons always say I would never say or do these things where it really mattered but we all know I would if their society was queer and I was determined to sell it for them as well a problem of integration and an inability to keep off my finances and it would really get serious when I returned to my academics and they followed me to institutions of my choice to make trouble for me again as it were. 

Mostly it is talk about what I cannot do, of which we all know is not necessarily fact and that I have warned them enough times to do their money loving which I have expressly told them makes me ill a social integration problem somewhere else - I mean, even now when we speak of the National economy we are looking at a situation where that which is actually wholly consumer choice at the Markets is being completely obliterated and even I am having where I shop decided by various high street grocery shop managers who love celebrities on account they need to work with each other to ensure I am not doing their stuff and to make profit and even while I am used in such ways will get a job from them somewhere in hell and we are only waiting for the point where they will be able to move all that money overseas and then we will have to borrow it from those who are looking after it for us all together. So they say I conduct my concerns as though I am hated by the British which is utter nonsense; I am not hated by the British; its other Negros like myself telling me they are superior human beings as compared to me and that I will have to exist the way they decide if they are not bloody idiots trying to make people happy and setting me out as stupid after most of my concerns had become theirs and happiness and popular culture and vices in the main stuff looking for trouble all the time – so it really works when I provide them for broke Princes leadership that they do not like and is not good for their ego and show off as well, just like the ones that tell me I wouldn’t say things where it matters tend to find its not just the self confidence that likes to approach me and make friends with rich people I will extract and beat down seriously just as they are unable to keep their mouths where the money they actually own is located, ripping up my publicity work relentlessly all of the time; a typical example is when half my head is full of popular culture when I do not fancy it – I mean sometimes it has a meaning when I am talking about young people who want to support themselves while they are at school chasing their academic stuff but when it is in its elements it is actually really far away from this all together and becomes the get your fathers credit card and buy this latest stuff I am telling you is the main deal kind of thing – maybe there is the other bit where families attend Church on Sunday and go to Glastonbury during season lest people do their stuff but it is not actually certain that this is what is happening, so I have no idea how it works while the deployment of my life and possessions is making it and hence it is stuck in a certain corner of my mind because do not do it for them means make it a preoccupation. I do get told I am handling a problem I could never manage but we all know if I screw them up the way they do me rather than try to clean up I wouldn’t have any problems to deal with and so have the warnings been coming through hard and fast as well i.e. their families are not aware just yet that this nonsense is what I have to put up with everyday. Now they usually take it one step further by claiming people hate me at the Monarchy and I am simply not aware of it; reality of course is rather that its all Industry people who show up to wreck everything here and hound me for a few more years to decide where I am getting a job so they can buy shares there to gain access to means by which it is possible to oppress and abuse me for gratification – I am done with their bit and it seems I will be taken seriously when I do the celebrities as well; hence they are now off to Buckingham Palace where they get security jobs and get about chasing peoples bottom like the Palace was some massive industry for such things, then assume I am completely naïve about the issues especially if they got about talking of how much I am hated at the Monarchy. I am not saying there is something wrong with them, there isn’t, if it does not involve pillaging my property to buy shares where I am being employed so they can gain access to means of abusing me for gratification, there is nothing wrong with getting around the backyard of Industries and Politics to spend their money on products that will improve their lives and help them make more money as well but there is no way they can actually justify hounding me the way that we see them do to sit about assuming I am completely naïve about the issues. They do claim it is partly my fault which it isn’t; the Middle Classes and Lower Classes do get involved with the Queen, nobody knows why their own has to be a Class unto itself – Its not really a crisis as such; these are people from Federal systems of government and what we are seeing at the Society goons on the right who control the popularity goons on the left – if they are at Buckingham because they are fans of the Queen in their own right, they are okay but if there to decide which one loves and which one hates which, it is going to be a problem for everybody and for everyone; it’s a storm in a teacup. They do claim I am giving away everything The Queen is doing of which nothing I say changes the fact the Queen is Head of State unless somebody else is apparently. Whenever they say they want to be free, free to do some popular culture, then we have come full circles on that permissive genocide drive that causes them to try and change everything to suit the leadership of a King that is coming in order to create a Man’s world, where we will have conversations about female leadership and speak of what is good or bad about it thereof. The permissive genocide which means when people attend Church there emerges so many stupid things that have to be done with the Church stuff that the persons are no longer allowed to keep their jobs and careers – they want to do popular culture, they want to be free, they now understand - the insults are meant to give people something to struggle with while another abuse comes in like some grand plan to grab the whole public image and personality and any finances attached to it thing; so when I sell the Culture and Society it actually gets to all together as well..

Now I hear my behavioural pattern is being charted and I have no idea what behavioural pattern they have seen so as to chart anyway; I can always tell them that their insults which have to do with handling a kid that is me to develop an abusively bullying market place disposition that lets them feel as though they have a position of big brother seniority advantage by which to get the best jobs and sell things and get rich by does not make sense to anybody since they are not paying any bills around here but we all know the behavioural pattern will likely get to mean that unless they are complaining about a really big one it will never stop since their families are none the wiser and when they complain their families get to find out and make sense of those foolish women who compete with them and show up to do the last straw which broke camel’s back routine alongside feminism campaigns which ensure I do not get to hurt women in a hope I will get into a fight with them, wrecking everything around and passing about insults that suggests it all my fault as well. they do have the excuses that keep me all on my Public image and around my Books but nothing will change the fact that the various bank account balances will tell us all what the truth is; I have no idea what sort of playing this is and who indeed is playing with them as well anyway but we all know they usually claim that it is motivational but all it does is make people depressed, make peoples really anxious and then ensure the same people cannot actually go anywhere because they smell poor and of course that way cannot actually do anything to manage the anxiety caused by idiots that never let them feel good and keep an eye on their body all day long. Now they know what my behaviour really is and can chart it too especially when they are becoming preemptive about it, to do these things to the small brokers who are juniors and likely to act in ways that affect the plans they have to make themselves important. It is actually the biggest problem we have here i.e. when I write Books they have so far taken 9 years of my time to show up on media and tell me how to exist, long enough to allow a process where I am always being bullied over the fact they have no wish to pay for it even when they need it and of course want me to solve the same problems I have resolved for myself in order to write the Books and to solve the problems I have solved through the Books for them specifically and it goes right up to the most destructive of the lot on this behaviour i.e. American Media and Hollywood, which generally adds up to a process of the question of whether I will ever stop ripping up those popular culture canopies too - it will never stop ripping mine, it will never allow me a breathing space, just so that it might be able to get off to buy shares in companies that are interested in me and abuse a Christian that has never been touched to develop its own disposition of repression by which sales happen quickly and then those daddy type insults about doing my stuff, doing your stuff, doing stuff becomes so distracting that not only are my grades at school affected but I have to respond to it or I will lose something, charting my behavioural pattern as well.

.The case of my dealing with matters I really cannot handle will always be a simple case of if I wanted to sell something as beeline as pencils but decided to work the business on the basis of making sure I get out of bed to tear down the market of medium sized businesses, to create new ones for myself and ensure that I have accomplished a 200% profit all the way, like we see them do all the time whenever they want to create new markets and they always say they would stop me which is an assumption that peddling their culture and society is not something I will escalate if I got the slightest whiff of a threat coming from their direction – there is no way that they could have stopped me if I did. It’s the same situation that got us where we are now; the need to have somebody to oppress and abuse as a platform of unfairness that ensures the sales sky rocket because people are able to take their problems out somewhere, meaning I drop out of University and cannot return after cleaning myself up over 5 years because they are having fun – the same case where I am marked out for bullying by means of processes that allow them push out other ethnic minorities in the neighbourhood – the bit where I remind them all the time that they are not the only Country in the world where the majority population think they are superior to the rest and that what they are doing is being done many times over elsewhere in the world but in the end I do get told that the problem seems to be that none of what I say actually tackles racism and extremism the way that it should whereas it does prevent new people from joining up and ensure those who have opinions handle their opinions on a personal basis and stay off the group stuff; so that the question does become one of why people would get out of bed to hurt themselves with processes whereby those that can beat me up never stop lapping it and those that cannot never stop hurting themselves; the problem of course is the Politicians and Media fools intervening to let them explain their issues over what I have said and done with my writing career and legal studies and this is where the need to play around with my finances and academics really led to the problems they are complaining about at the moment – it is supposed to be a process of letting them handle their frustrations in such ways until they drop out of school or find it impossible to acquire jobs and then that will be a natural process of putting a gap between them and everybody else but Politicians and Media have consistently had a habit of showing up to help them transition on the basis of prejudices that can be expressed over peoples property and achievements and finances: it is an old story where they say that nobody takes responsibility for the fact black people never stop coming to the UK which puts pressure on the society and creates racism and that they never take responsibility for it as well: in terms of the former of which racism really is the old case of walking into a train station and not being able to find a single soul that is not blabbing an insult about the problems you are dealing with because you go off to pick up issues that the daddies should have resolved for respect and money and so it is the very pinnacle of their abusive insults which are associated with the integration crisis that we have presently and then the Politicians will claim it is what I say and not their insults that cause the extremists to find a way into the lives of public figures – then it falls out onto the general public and becomes a hunting process for them of going off to find the best neighbourhoods which they soon make uninhabitable for other ethnic groups, just like the blacks always have a violent lasciviousness somewhere that media can help them work on me with, which is all about my tummy and ensures I cannot get anywhere smelling nice which is what the latter point was all about as well as the tale of what I have done for them being avenged when there will be no such vengeance as far as I am concerned – my point is that they are all the same and if you said they were criminals, you would get into trouble for it but if you then said they had an adage the Politicians will show up to punish you, wreck your finances, tell you they are better human beings and that all they really need is some money, so we now see the same Politicians and Media blaming others for the problem. I do get asked why I never respond to the fact that the Monarchy has a role in the matter which in actual fact it does not – what happens is a collection of Royal trouble makers doing what they do best of which I am never really the guy that ends up being weak link that should be cut off, if they do not spend most of their time bothering the Queen at every Public function, to seek a process where I was replaced or my post was replicated, claiming I am a tool that the Queen deploys as a means of punishing others One harbours prejudices against, it never really works until they had pillaged my finances to keep alive the hope; so I am usually left wondering what they suppose they did leave behind to hit whenever they issue those threats and have since taken steps to ensure that considering they are Royal enough, when they start, I will be able to break them down to my level and ensure it is easy for me to handle them as well, which I am pretty sure is a situation they might want to avoid all together too. They do speak of my unpredictable nature and untrustworthiness as a result of it but there is really no such thing; its an Office and State Office is not a toy, we hear of people dying from it all of the time and one has to be prepared for any problems he pulls out of his drawer, those who want to play with it get an advice from me about how sharp the pencils and the paper edges are and if they fail to comply should not assume I consider myself responsible for what befalls them, i.e. it is my Office but even I have to be careful about the way I handle the papers at the Office. I hear this story of beneficial elitism all the time and I would want to clear up here as something I do not have the time to talk with people on – we all know the Middle Classes are really good at taking up peoples lives and shutting it down, besides selecting the best neighbourhoods and abusing other ethnic groups until they had moved out, so it becomes ever so obvious that they need to spend time on their own concerns no matter how elitist they get; the story is always that I benefit from it in some ways which I do but so does everybody else i.e. Prime Minister shakes hands with Bankers and City centre traders but at the same time, Prime Minister will ask them to behave considering their actions has an effect on his job as a result of it too – I entertain elitism but it has its disadvantages i.e. if all enterprise was elitist, we will find that only the expensive jewellers will operate in the UK and only the super car manufacturers would build factories here and everybody who has wealth or interacts in our economy will have an overseas account that will create an outcome where we will end up borrowing money from those who are actually keeping it for us overseas, however the benefits are when we speak of the means by which security gathers intelligence and the facilitates that allow them to set up camp where necessary around the world and to make friends with those who would help us out with security issues, with whom we share economic interest, then the Middle Class and its elitism does make sense – so it comes with its cost and benefits and is not something I am in a position to discuss as per what I fancy about it and think should be institutionalised about it: eventually there is the sense that I am a complete disaster – feeds into the trust worthiness issues I hear all the time about security people; so the elitism bit of the story if when I get involved with a process where people who have parents that work in the services and perhaps handle my security behave badly and the outcome could easily be that the Dad goes off to pick up a really dangerous aspect of work at the services and gets killed for it or ends up in a wheel Chair, so that a bad child ends up without a parent – the other part is where they complain about Royal interference with the business world and Industry when there is none i.e. biggest example I will like to extract for my purpose here is the fact that the economic crisis took hold in 2007 and we had as a globe diagnosed the problem as a finance based economic difficulty, ten years on of which we are unable to come up with an agreeable governmental Policy on it even though we still have to pick up the bits from the fall out: everything I have done has been done to ensure things work the way that they should and its never allowed by these people, which is why there is interference from me as well as there is nothing suggesting somebody has something to gain if a Book facilitates a process where his only concern is his multimillion pound stock market trading; I have to assume people attack my work therefore because they are trying to harm others and when I explain it as such, its not a sweetening of what I have done to damage anything, it is a process of making it clear what I had expected when I wrote the Books and set out the Asset equities thereafter – they never allow anything operate the way it should and that is why they are always complaining about Royal interference at Industry, since we all know the world is split into Royalty and Politicians and the General Public and there has never been and will never be a middle ground between the three: in my case of which it is particularly acute as security operatives may end up working on some matters where Royalty from other parts of the world trade and do business and in that way I happen to have gotten involved with other Royals and Celebrities too, only to find that somebody has built a business on it at Wall Street and we see the same behaviour on social media too; once they had realised the Company owner has connected with me on social media, they will start to set out a series of tasks for me in very abusive ways and then expect a result when they had set out enough of those tasks, which means that I lose a means to an end when they are finished and so I am always caught out making it clear the Company owners have never set me any such task. In the end it’s a case I have mentioned before and sits at the very heart of when they claim sexual abuse is okay in some circumstances and Men should be allowed to behave in certain ways, cannot understand what other peoples mean when they say it is not permitted or acceptable in absolutely anyway whatsoever i.e. they are not in charge and if they have some trading to do, need to spend time on that and let Royalty be. In the end its about what happens when a person owns a Royal Estate and tried to release funds from it to pay the Bills – the problem is usually that I have too much wealth but on the plus side, there are lots of people out there in the world who apparently desperately need leadership from somebody that is broke i.e. the good old ‘I want a story – I have had enough of you’ scenario. There is always the case of so called seeming progress that comes from me but destroys businesses and does not look good from the point of view of those who have suffered but as I mentioned before, they never allow things work the way it should; if they want to be rich, those who are paying for their products have to be rich first and if they are serious about it, they will not interfere with what is being done to make them rich or fail to do their bit to make them rich; generally there must be some service they are providing getting off to excuse a process of pillaging mine to make connections with rich people on the basis of social pressures that seek out neighbourhood service providers and allow them to provide services people need which helps to support the jobs people do. They do enjoy telling me that my view of racism is wrong so much and its an old story where it isn’t and it is their view of immigrants that is actually wrong since I am the one that Travelled from Africa to live in the UK because I wanted to be left alone while all their racism accomplishes is put me on a pedestal and call the black idiots who want to make as much trouble as they can and get away with as much money as they can to find me and be part of my life all the time, then claim what they get up to is my fault – it does not mean I am wrong about the person characters of the racists anyway either; we see that all the time i.e. White Man goes to Australia and he takes over Local Culture, goes to the Americas and he takes over Native Culture, so they do not really hate what none white people have, they just want it for themselves and it’s the reason when people are not vulnerable at society they will never rest along with their media and Politicians unless the same are stuck at Politics where other peoples progress can be put ahead through Government Office; the black idiots however say I am unlikely to be a threat to them since last they got found around British security services learning to fight but we all know that is all getting stuck in and not blabbing about doing things I am too cowardly to do for myself anymore - I have always had to struggle with stupid women and civil rights goons money loving on my case and more serious things have happened since as well, so I have now reached a stage where if they fail to clear my Public image space soon enough, I am going to screw their own as well. They do claim I am stuck somewhere of course just like they are with their deviance but that largely refers to the amount of work I have put into building a state of affairs which suggests I am sleeping with the wives of those who claim that I am - seems to be a gimmick and by the way of which the Wife is not human, so people claim she sleeps around at will, hence I need to ensure the crowd will not be doing it for them if anything has to be done about it. Its not a new case in anyway, I like to think the reason people tend to claim I am sleeping with their spouse is rather justified since I have a very strange view of people who do it all together anyway i.e. it has to be the kind of person with a livelihood on one hand and a wife on the other while he takes the mid point of both and performs strange behaviour that is hardly befitting of a human being, I have no idea if it is always true, I am trying to explain why I think that perhaps it is defensive for people to claim I sleep with their wives as this is my overall opinion of those who claim others are sleeping with their spouse. In the end I want it to stay very clear that what comes from this Office in the form of engaging with the world, comes from a Half Priests Office, as it is always better to raise funds for anything on the of being One's self, better to have none at all, than to raise it on falseness and I will never start taking kindly to those who build their own perceptions about me or alter my public image, really difficult locating what it supposed to have been wrong with them all together: if need be explained, it is for reasons that the Music I prefer has to reflect my Office and the social as well as Public standing involved in it, that has to affect or be seen by the world is a certain way and especially when I wish to engage with people about a process where each time there are ideas about how the world could be a more peaceful place, it becomes all sorts of problems including an experiment to see if it is possible to conduct elections that are not fair or free. 


Adjudication on Cross National professional loss creation. 

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The main issue surrounding diplomacy and economy from One's office has more to do with the fact that evil things do not run out and those who practice them do not run out of ideas and victims too. So the idea that I take the responsibility which is upon me partly and then leave some undone lest I happen to have done things for people that they can do for themselves or robbed them of their power which I cannot give back, is developed and propelled by the Media and its advertising industry and operated for intimidation by its Celebrities who seem never to have enough of things like striking my chest and or provoking me and will have its time at a given point as well (later of which they seek to prosecute people for copyright breaches when people watch Movies that they and their friends betrayed the confidence of those who made the artistic products to leak; in my case of which it is none of their business whether or not I write books or earn a living with it, bearing in mind the fact that somebody has read my books before I published them does not mean he or she will not or does not want to have a print copy which is what my earnings depend upon). 

These are a collection of facts about why the UK should be afraid of defending its own financial and economic interests which is a problem it has brought upon itself by entangling itself too far and too deep into the interests of other countries that are more powerful trying to rule them. Sometimes it expresses what you need to hear and what the correct temperamental perspective is on Politicians but the idea the UK will back away from some of its interests so they can be free to be as lazy as they will like to more so is just a dream and will never be any better, the accusations of trying to rule more powerful countries on the other hand which will always remain a gimmick. I personally treasure having brought it up at this late stage because they have paid such a high price for their insults at this point.

"Let use his books for this and for that and then when he tries to sell it poke our nose in and make sure it cannot be done and while it cannot be done he will have done something and left it for others setting a precedent that is not nice, while we would be wasting his time to be nice to violent gangs who will protect us from him, bearing in mind we are also killers, pure predators and not scared of anything", all the way to their president in America who will not knock it off, leave me alone and find his level; thinking it is all funny when I am not laughing as it were. Which is how we have all these complains from black people which I say is so from that angle as it were, the one where they attack my finances and use my books to do things in order to create a condition where I do things that others have taken over then make sure I don’t sell the books to the entire world, which makes them the kind of people gangs will want to kill other people for. I mean its that stupid club life and R and B and all those kinds of rubbish that makes the get all over the place which I will not wreck as well as it were.

The Pop stars on the other hand want to be famous without doing the correct thing so as it stands they want to own all the culture than make deals with media to be famous and so having done that are scared of being flashy and attractive so they can be liked on account they have my books and intellectual property to get on media and mess around with which would be fine as per they are people who do things to others and get away with it but they address me personally and use the depression thing to hit and whip me all the time then make mockeries of how I react to being whipped by them and so on with Public TV looking for more trouble after which they complain and tell me they are not scared of me which of course they obviously are not, never have they been scared of anything in their stupid lives yet. I am a Christian and do not like that their stuff anyway, so I am looking for an excuse to get rid of it and this is a good one-supplied by them as it were.

Then there is the matter of tyranny around the world where people say we should not spend our time Policing the world but rather spend our time dealing with people being oppressed in the UK and vice versa. It is always the old story but currently we have debts of up to 20,000 pounds her Household in this country as a result of bailing out banks because there are people around here in the neighbourhood who create conditions that make it possible for people to make other peoples money vanish. People say they want jobs and employment but they also say do not do Libya for example, it does not work that way. You are trying to run a government, you are trying to run an economy but somebody is taking hold of an entire country and together with other like him forming cliques in which they turn the lives of useful people into haciendas which please them and that of useless people into goons that do violent things to keep hold of power, then get around all over the place like he powers that control the powers of the region and so on. So what do you do when their citizens ask you to help get rid of them; of course in order to run a government and an economy what you do is get around to make deals with them to secure British interest which you would if you were Mr Blair and therefore the greatest socialist Prime Minister of all times but if you are not, then what you will likely do is support them and send out the message that when people want to do their tyranny and oppression they ought to ensure it does not affect other peoples interests as this is the only way to stay safe, besides which it really isn’t possible to do tyranny and oppression in a way that does not affect other peoples interest to the point where you ransack villages and murder people, so in the end if you are staying safe the worse case scenario is migration which we have proven and documented methods of managing as a problem-no new stupid ideas




Iraq was just about the US thinking manner will fall from Heaven as it were and they are still doing that now and even as we speak. Libya is not Iraq and it has nothing to do with Policing the world. As at now America wants to be the worlds biggest vandal as well which they think really bothers me but does not make sense to me as it were, for they speak of how I will move right and get stuck and leave all I own for their future on the left which I have no idea how they will make possible when I am a High diplomat. I mean they can certainly see a clash of interests there anyway can they not? So of course when I do not budge their economy will make any progress. We are not talking about my being stuck between democrats and republicans as if democrats and republicans are supposed to win elections at the same time. With respect to which last time we checked they had to come that close to bringing the worlds economy to disaster because democrats and republicans really cannot win elections at the same time in high places just because they have recently been doing so at the grass roots but not at the offices there with a big mouth, so they had to sacrifice their parties to come to a compromise and win elections and to ensure they did not wreck the worlds economy I intervened again to do some little damage limitations here and there and of course no body will believe where I did that; Face book of course and it is still there now. They like to do tea party and get around the world making deals with tyrants and evil people in areas where they can sit of beeches and stretch their legs and their wives can feel as though they are awesome bitches then turn up in Public and pretend manner is to fall from heaven by some great miracle that Church Government British people are supposed to do until it goes badly wrong. Now that they have serious problems they now have to move left to do their vandalisms and we will see how that will play out with the Russians as well once they are steeped in it to the point of no return. It is not a matter of doing things in secrete anymore these things have rules and we all know there are idiots everywhere.

I am not supposed to be bothered about racism in any case; its all about the fact if I work for the UK as a high diplomat, if my job with the UK is done I should be able to get a job say in Thailand in about the same capacity and I will rip them to pieces for it while they play racism currently. I mean they think they can travel around the world and make sure they wreck this then return here to play racism with me as it were looking for trouble since if I shoot them they will bleed white. I mean how did they get access to my books anyway? Oh I see, its black people then socialist party then them and yet they still think they are racist.

As for black people and that stupid socialist party they are a special case so when they wreck my academic work I will not use my office against them at all and now it is a matter of the man who controls peoples hearts which I am not giving back by the way so they will have to come and get it, not the process of standing firm to win the fight they started when they started it as it were.

I mean they move right they move right and have more idiots on the left for it so that when I do this their disposition means I need to go lower and when I do that it means I need to go even lower and that I need to go even more lower; who exactly is supposed to have been below them? 

Political Intrigues there aren't, lost control of things I have not; fact of the matter is that of America the Country that wants to be the greatest Vandal, as if we do not know it is a country obsessed with Polygamy the problems of which are blamed on other peoples Monarchies and Princes in the world playing out how God serving British will do miracles that will be required from time to time to save the world from Economic crisis. First step was to ensure terrorism affects everybody and now they are doing Tea party at Republicans and Perverts at the Democrats which works very well with Communists as it were.

With Political irresponsibility becoming more and more rife, hilarious and luxurious, it applies that at some point bearing in mind most of these questions are matters that most leaders cannot find the answers for that the difficult and purposefully discriminative decisions will be the way to get things done Politically and Economically and this always means somebody gets hurt everywhere and in every aspect. So if it is currently impossible for the UK to hand over its assets and defence Mechanisms for its economy to failing economies around the world which affect us here, then we must provide leadership for Economic recovery and Politicians cannot continue to keep up credible excuses when they attack my income through my book sales which will result in questions that are too difficult for them to answer, which they think I will because they want to show me they are powerful and give me a trophy bloody nose for their wicked political fun as insolently as possible, as though I am some kind of item on account they are racist. So that I too might be forced to show them the answers to these questions are necessary for their own personal safety and well being and not mine and that I will not supply those answers in hell even if I were a philanthropist.




The question is how it is possible that people should try so hard to convince the rest of us that when a significant part of the blessings of the Country must be destroyed so that they might have and extract power that they can have, that they are putting together Policies and Politics which brings about economic growth and development, so that it might never be true as it is written in the Bible that sin is a reproach to a Nation that indulges it? For my part I may allow them take some of mine but the rule is that I must have it on record and the record must be out there in Public for all to see, of how they went about any of the power and wealth because the bible cannot and does not lie and the fact that this is true cannot be undone by any power. Stealing my earnings outright earns my wrath for those who do, especially so because they should not be doing the devils work for him with their own hands and might want to think about using their own incomes for it when they do. It appears the issue remains the same. That every fool wants to have some building in which they are the spiritual head of a handful of people and if they cannot get that and more so out of some person they hope to pervade, devise means and reasons and excuses to be violent over money. This is the demagogue.

They always say I complain about people fantasising violence against me because they want to show the world is an evil place and that they are on the correct and powerful side but I fantasise about violence against people to bring it on myself in the first place. The truth on the other hand has something to do with a process where I am trapped so their community idiots can have something beautiful and privileged to look upon and abuse in order to feel good about life daily, while their Music stars get rich with my property and Government work arrangements and alliances because they have homosexuals and Media to tell a lot of lies with and of course it is that their insolent version of the truth thing that really annoys me. Naturally of which with respect to their vandalism of my market place as though it is not a legitimate business with appropriate rights and arrangements, it will continue for eternity unless I act so that Politicians might attack my right to rule.




I am not in any competition with anybody in anyway. I mean years ago people like me are scared of competition and it is why we have a supposed job for life, it is why we become royalty and pass things down to our children and now a few years after I am scared of competition because of others might win and they cannot leave others alone as it were. I am not competing with them, just going to set out really stupid things I can do to get very rich at their expense because it is the only moderate way of showing that the fact no body ever gets to have any kind of peace and security as long as they have money is an absolute and none negotiable one.

I do wonder what kind of a problem I am meant to have gotten myself into with them whenever they mention it and throw it around on media as well. All I know is that when they see products that companies have manufactured who broke equities with me, they will turn up to abuse me claiming that I claim to be friends with the owners of the company and that the product does not belong to me nor does the company itself. This does not mean anything but should be imagine that it actually does mean something, the question becomes whether it does get to change what I do for a living? The real problem we have is that they cannot shut it, they talk too much and talk too much rubbish all the time and the one that is causing the most trouble these days is that I am the biggest problem that racists have got and that racists should be looking into it while they get rich and they will not shut it nor will they ever, ever have any of those their stupid conversations I have never asked them for about it and of course it is the biggest problem those their celebrity culture have and it will end very sadly too.

I am not saying it is a problem its just a simple fact that the only way to avoid realising every three years that your finances have been savaged while those who have done it have had a little bit more of disposable cash which will enable them to share your property with asking is to beat them up so badly when they are violent until they actually get to shut up and stay well away from you, knowing that this whole idea of oppressing you would not have been possible if you ignore those that want to share your property without asking on account that first of all you are earning from it and then of course you can protect the valuable parts from them, which gives you the range of choice to be generous and to look after your reputation as well if you want to, knowing that if you have not done so the eventual end will be complains from your lips about insecurity, unfair societies and injustice which will never help you have a job or a good retirement or an education either. If you like me were singled out when you returned to the country sometime earlier from overseas and they have refused to let up since on every given day, then it is even clearer what I really mean. There is no known means of making it clear in the minds of the public that where he works and where you work have nothing to do with each other but handling them as severely as possible.

So in the end I don’t have to go out of my way to ensure that those that are steeped in their cultures than I am do not exist, stupid women talking about how scared of them I am and how they will stab me with a kitchen knife if I dared to insult them among other rubbish for example as though we are equals or not but clearly the entire purpose of all the do on which these stupid boasts are based is that of provoking me until I act whatever it takes to make me act and then when I act they will have revenge and the last laugh of which is the reason I want to take that stupid culture and cut it to pieces so that when I act they can have that revenge indeed for the last time probably too.

I am not giving back that stupid left and do not recognise their right to have their own life with respect to that stupid culture, they will have to come and get it here. Like they will be able to pervade my faith and get to believe it how they like for their purposes somewhere in hell, the part of it that the devil does not control of course, so that they can have everything. Everything else is located in the Books and have a price tag attached.

Claims that I am in trouble with Banks and big businesses does not therefore have its roots in facts and reality. The truth of it is that it is a leadership failure to wake everyday to find out a certain million people in the Country do not have jobs to wake up to i.e. it is okay to attend the parties and the public appearances and go to see the pageantry but what about the jobs and the upbringing of children? So it is a time when Banks need to be successful and that is all I am concerned with - Banks running a business which is what they have at hand and running it successfully, not a process where they answer to me. As for those who create these notions, we have been there before and at that time it worked the way it works today i.e. three figures in the back of typically a Rolls Royce or an expensive luxury transportation; one of them is a business man that likes to say that the fact it is immoral is not to say that it is illegal and also likes to prevent the others from hurting me because it is said I flatter him and his style which is not to say I should insolently expect him to be a moral person, the other a Banker and the other a Celebrity that is really abusive and thinks he is some kind of clown that likes to handle my earnings and make fun with the idea of what I can or cannot do about it. So I am guessing there is a lot of noise making recently because they are breathing easy again.




 Now it is suggested here that the global economy is growing slowly or that growth in it are revised downwards. I do not agree at this point and date that this is what is happening, although I accept that technically it is a real fact the global economy is slowing down i.e. the Politicians are spending more time helping richer businesses to get richer, when richer businesses normally get their funding when smaller ones buy shares in their businesses; hence the question therefore of how they are supposed to get their funding if fantasists are allowed to do as they please and get around as they like and smaller businesses and their equities are being swallowed up by the bigger ones who then make profit and create an illusion of economic recovery. I for my part have mention it here because I am tired of holding out while the Politicians continue to carry through actions that drag us behind by not protecting smaller businesses and wedging a bigger gap between them and the bigger ones in order to secure growth and completely recovery; more so when the issues have become more complicated in the sense that the smaller Businesses and Households have been paying off their debts since the economic crisis last began and the Banks are recovering and lending again all be it in bits at the moment. What therefore emerges from this is the sense that I am the worst possible exploiter of Communist economies, with respect to which I always suppose people think that when there is an opportunity and they refuse to take advantage of it the opportunity will run away or get taken up by others, whereas in actual fact they stay and rot. However when the bottom line of what the contents of third party communist relations really is, we see that what emerges from my work is a more modern Communist economy and a more modern Democratic Economy, so technically, I am a Genius not the most unscrupulous exploiter of Communist economies. Of course it is also said I am confused about where my allies and friends are which is utter rubbish too as I am not confused about a lack of respect that robs me of everything and happens at the most opportune time all the time so I can never put out a product with my name and title on it to earn a living and I suppose I would have been correct if I took the view of a way of taking all I personally own from me in a condition where they do a revolution to govern a Country, it is cruel and abusive beyond measure and I will never stop handling them in such a way as well. The claim therefore that I vouch for a condition where I think people should allow me to be famous and rich when I put out products and try to trade them because I deserve such things while what is good for me is just as good for anybody else is not founded on reality either, when we already know the fact to be that they deserve my earnings and desire the perks of my job are reward for the fact they are bullies and of course such insults will make me into an animal because people can still get a part of such nonsense if they buy a copy of them books of their own, for of course if I am remembering correctly they were the biggest beneficiaries of a school of thought that considers the earning of money to be something people get as a result of merit, so they can do their stupid lucrative corruptions thereafter as well – they were the democracy and politics mongrels and so which reason is that I can delay doing anything I want to delay doing for as long as I like in their full view for as much as I want for my part and I am not a fan of their stupid freedom thing either which I have warned on several occasions. I mean they speak how such behaviour does not help the matter of racism and fascism at all but of course insulting people like they do so that fascists can find out what to think does anyway. Especially over that old matter of how evil women are – about which the real issue is that of how somebody else can do or is talented to do a thing and they can never respect the idea that others do not hold it against them if they cannot do it as well, so there is always the idea that wherever there is trouble in the society they must be found there because somebody is talented to take care of it and when the person does, they have means to show they are more important than that or that directly or not they were actually the people that did, which soon develops into the claim that the existence of those problems are the doing of such a person as well and that is when they institutionalise their Political decadence they have trouble believing that their victims who are clearly more important than they are like myself have severe difficulties with getting used to it. It is therefore still the same old issues about which the favourite point of call for me are the three matters of how quickly I am supposed to walk by the traffic lights, my opinion of women that does not take into account how evil women are and of course how I need to get off my Christianity and be useful, of which in the past usefulness had more to do with sucking somebody’s balls in return for a career but they have recently found that makes me too angry to control and does not give them enough time to brew the other rhetoric of how I will get what is coming to me if I don’t comply etc. In the end the bottom line is that UK local government is UK local government and I am more famous than they are in it without doing any Politics or elections first of all and I have also extended my fame to the entire jobs market as well and no matter how much they complain from either that Politics or media where they think an ecosystem exists where they are at the top and we are not talking about career wise either, people are not going to do what they want and change it either. I for my part can only mention that thinking the financial system is a fallacy, having a working Court of female journalists and trading equities and securities bundles really means I belong on the left and they are the ones that win a competition in the world of real men with respect to being famous and if we are not too careful on the other hand their penis is much smaller than mine. I am on the left as a matter of support for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, not a means by which any idiots can get off and ask questions about my opinion of women with respect to the fact my fame over my style of personal security because women like it was actually his and I stole it from him when he is older and more deserving of it as well. Of course there are those who speak of poor academic work and my desire for the big things going both together in my view, I think they have got a Christian in their Country as well and the entire world is aware of it. They do this all the time and spend people’s lives and time and property and leave them on their meagre savings with politicians who think that is what government office is for, to bend me into living like they do and then when I live like that all be it hypothetically it means I cannot get a job or an education because all I am doing belongs to them like they had achieved such a victory with a big mouth but it gets worse because I steal their history thereafter i.e. all the things their parents had money to spend to help them realise about life which my parents did not have money to spend on me to help me realise which I am not realising because the government or an employer is giving me money but wish to sell it as well when it is what they already know, which of course is what their media based obsession with peoples personal lives are good for and now its social media too and a process of telling me not to do things I cannot explain to my parents. They do it all the time i.e. think that because I am a Christian there is a part of my life I have given up and that has definitely got to me the money and the jobs and the homes of course since these are the things of the world of which I have never really suggested they are not, only reminded people Christians are fully developed persons before it went wrong of course and now they know what can go wrong and might think about doing it again if they dare as it were. I believe my warnings are clear about peoples underground world and work place and business and industry gangs; I intend to get rid of and cut to pieces those families one way or the other and I intend to ensure there is no way whatsoever of manipulating the Crowd and when done will sit back down and find out what they are going to kill this time and it will not have been the first time I have referred to their media and social media insults as something I might chase them to the ends of this earth for. Of course I do think it could have been easier if people had decided they should buy my books when they want things from me instead of find ways of exasperating me for information but that is all villainy and I should expect no less, I speak of it only because people bring it up, much the same with those who claim of media it is what my entire life really is all about too; do I expect they should have bought my books without these behaviours before they had realised they could do them? Of course not, the price range of my books completely excludes them, I crafted that myself, I know. The need to eliminate access, means and media that allows such idiots to get close enough to demand a cut of the benefits of everything I do like they are traditionally known for and I tend to experience on the internet and through my book sales is paramount.




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