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The issues and concerns about UK diplomacy are rightly raised but the big issues have continued to be ignored in favour of talking about new and emerging ideologies and powers in various regions, which would not have existed without some process of somebody being detached from their academic work so their ideals can be pervaded to make it possible at a position of Government Service and while Politicians and their incompetent diplomats do such things of which they think it is funny and brings about discipline that they clearly also know nothing about. 

I wish to follow this on here from the point where disagreements between the UK and the US has existed in terms of foreign Policy and aspirations. It must be understood first of all that there are two disposition here. one of them is the ideological dishonesty of the new and emerging ideologies and powers and the other is that the strains between UK and US foreign Policy was created by the incompetence of a group of Politicians from a Labour Party in the UK that is very short sighted and know better how to insult and abuse people than they know anything about Politics. So what they created in their wake was a shared diplomacy between the UK and the US which is simply a process of taking the world, making it smaller and then putting more people in it, besides which it makes no sense whatsoever to anybody, worse still when they claim they had been the ones creating economic progress in so doing; which is how and why I have come to create the condition where they must now fight their corner against Americans who will now obviously turn out to be better off than they are because they have a bigger country and more so with even more people than they do here.

More important than the differences in aspiration and foreign Policy between the UK and the US or indeed where the ideological dishonesty of so called emerging powers have led them so far, because they will not give heed to a respect for other peoples property, especially when they feel they can turn it into an ideology everybody can have access to, is the process of providing leadership for the world, letting alone the communists and to stop teasing them over things that they cannot do.


More so because we are busy allowing stupid people that are despite the fact they are stupid and always talking about male domination, always are concerned about other peoples incomes and make other peoples incomes their personal business, despite the fact they are stupid as well, to rule the day, which we think an Arch Prince can then be blamed for as he does not therefore know what wickedness is or what those who perpetrate it look like.

Which I must mention is because some people think they can get themselves into bad company, which I quite love them to and cannot have enough of it, then realise that they can become rich with it, if those who run it punish them for being incompetent in terms of not doing a latest thing that the law does not allow-hence they have other masters that is not the Law of the land, which to me is actually a good thing which I must say serves very well those who vote for them and then but intend to use it for extortion, claiming it is revolution as well-which is precisely where they need to be. They always seem to appear to believe that only they have need of money even when what they are looking at and or talking about is wholly another person's property and of course it no sooner gets distantly violent for what will play out to be an eternity.


 Its never about black history and black slavery or identifying with my own race or any such nonsense at that. With respect to which if I was alive at the time it will have been a game between evil white people and evil black people for the purpose of murdering people like myself, to cleanse the world of any traces of God and at the same time peddling my faith to say nice things to people in order sell stuff trying to get rich because their lives must be terribly insolently lucky or else. I know that even if I deploy my faith to serve them and their wickedness, I would never have been doing them a good thing. Just as I am aware they think they have help from my background to ensure the problems of the world rests in and is cleaned up with my life because the abuses will never have a limit, so they can make a head way getting to know rich white friends especially, It is about how they and their stupid children will get a quality of life out of it, about how they will draft in Ministers and Politicians to help them subdue the Christian, then convince the world the devil does not exist and how I will deploy my faith serving the devil, how a bad thing will be both bad and good to seal it all off, so their stupid children can then extract an income from my property and have quality of life-like they want to at the same time as if they are more Western than I am, It is about collecting people’s data and developments on the internet to play both sides of society and have power with in order to get rich hurting them and it is about how all these things will have happened because of the vanities of older, old and powerful men to escape the God-Devil argument, as if they are more Western than I am. 

I always tend to test it with a question for my part; i.e. how evil do people have to be to attack me because people like to follow the way I walk or talk? Do they realise they are hurting me and that it is not their bodies to take such decisions for? Hence what I say it is about too from my own side of things.

I. Uno I




Of course they speak of recent problems with men; there are none-what we have here is that bearing in mind it will take their life time and they will never have what I have and it will take me just some years of work to have more money than they can ever have or do have, it is about making them deal with the problem of women while I have a piece of the country as well like they have wasted my academic work and my teenage years to, while no one was looking or suspecting like the cowards they always are, so they can brand me the person they bully when the world is not nice to them and so on, which they cannot stop boasting about (for which if they shut it will see the end of their problems with respect to my temper). Next stop it will be that their large mouth and how they are the men that can make a man less of a man, that will be up in flames as well. Besides which when the diplomats and the Princes and the Princesses hear them speak to me the way they do, while they gain confidence and talk about the days gone by when they do civil rights as Princes will now do such things, they hence run away and no body is left to buy my books any more, which after a decade of keeping it up every second because it keeps me poor, means they are better people than I am because of the money they currently have and they will never buy my books, while at the same time do not wish to leave my life and work alone, since it does nothing for them, even though every aspect of my life is their bloody business.

So the white ones will have only half a country and therefore always know that it has been shared, the none white ones are just more unlucky, they had half before I came along to do that, so they now have a quarter. So they can take their wickedness and return back to where so ever the devil recruits them for it and stay out of my life, off my books and out of my finances.

Thus the only problem I have been dealing with here is these activities, which means the diplomats are gone the Princes and alliances are gone and so on, so there is no body to buy my books and they on the other hand will never do it since it does nothing for them

Of course they tell me diplomats will never buy simplistic non-academic books from somebody who claims he is a High Diplomat. it is just the innovations I have to carry out around here: first I was the Christian that wanted to get money and go out to help poor people preaching the gospel in the process, then somebody savaged my privacy, took it and went off building empires of money for themselves, earning my own income-which I don’t say is my income because he used the evil aspects of my work to get rich and I saw the money, got jealous and wanted it too, rather because they have been extracting the income directly from my job and my income, while keeping me from earning it, since that is the advantage abusing my privacy to grab things gave them because when they have a problem with peoples faith, they go for their incomes in order to make them religious beggars, as if they are more Western than I am. I had to innovate-plan to sell books that contained much cheaply to people in the region to do the job, but they took that over and savaged it as well and so I had to go into the diplomatic work directly to crush the media and their politicians, which is where I am today:- So if the question was not whether somebody wants to buy the books or not because it was rather whether I am a diplomat or not, they can lend a hand to the media while I am trying to crush it.

I am not saying all diplomats will simply get under fire from me; it is impossible to attack people who work in the same field that I operate. What I am saying is that if people want to ask whether or not I am a diplomat that is a question they should ask my boss, the question was whether they see the books and want to buy them.

For my part it seems that one moment people will complain the problem with diplomacy is the lack of communication with evil people and the next the evil people will be up to all sorts in another persons life and it will be more important than his trade or products. Which then means when an Arch Prince writes a book what is more important is whether he is one and they should be buying the books and especially when it is not according to them, up to scratch because they are stupid as well. Yap yap yap more western than I am obviously.

I am not scared of men; their most recent power has just moved to a game that has to do with sharing choices because they know I am only enjoy my faith by keeping it away from the corruptions of the world-while they have their choices on the days God had given them in this world, which is really intrusive and vicious like everything else they think the world has gotten used to from them these days and so it is the sort of thing that makes a person cringe, it does not mean I cringe in fear. Certainly not when people ruin my life without a conscience because they want to make me hit the enemy who is also their enemy as hard as will suit them (which is a factor of how they feel hence really annoying, without restoring anything they damage which is a sign they lead nothing here, which must mean the world revolves around them just because they are stupid. 

Nothing like working in a condition where no body bothers me with their bureaucracies obviously for the entire purpose of the fact Godly bureaucracies are good because they have a bearing that is towards the Law and it is the Un-Godly ones that are something else entirely.

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