Now they say I deserve everything I get when I go up against the Media and it is utter nonsense – we see their mates fighting to stay alive in other parts of the world where society and culture goons enjoy keeping an eye on Publicity and then making friends with those who have taken up government Office to chase people’s property – here in the UK they have found I am not vulnerable to culture and society trouble makers, so this abuse and constant attack and persecution I suppose is a rationale that concerns the idea that they would not trust their security to me, would rather throw their lot in with the bad people and so this is the first assignment that the bad people have put them up to as such. A little more yapping and their stupidities will make them into the bad guys all together and then a test of their big mouth will become very necessary indeed. The rest of the time it is said I am in difficult situation, I am not necessarily; I need control of the fact they have over the years systematically gotten their abusive selves into a position of control regarding my Books and property and Public image and each time I see them exhibit that control the effect is so intense it is obvious that if I do little about it I will not live to age 60, so its common sense to recover control of all those things and manage this issue of the behaviour of people put up by Goons who think that when they appear on Television after dressing up in suits to go about asking people for facts on jobs that have nothing to do with them, it makes them famous – the behaviour their local goons exhibit to maintain this theory of course includes making a mess of super market shopping environments in order to improve prospects of burglars getting away with anything they had stolen and various other career and automobile ownership based abuses on the streets but with respect to me they showed up at the University to carry out these abuses in order to own my public image to a point where I dropped out and then again when I got a factory employment it carried on and the bad smell caused was said to have been my shit on products they have had to buy and consume which I will pay for with all I have, thereafter it was the security guard job and their future was going to be built on whatever I did and how much I got abused by them; so it has come to a stage where I need to ensure I have full control of all that belongs to me, not a situation where I am in dire straight; besides which if they were famous, bearing in mind my family is not doing the same things they are doing, does that mean the theory they have held for the last decade and a half, that they are more famous than an Arch Prince, wrecking everything around here to make the stupid practical jokes appear to be fact, is actually truth; for me it’s a question of where exactly a had behaviour gets to a stop and I intend to see how far the rabbit hole goes on the matter as well.

It has never really been a problem as a whole, just goons who organise themselves into gangs and love to threaten me and grab my Public image while those who make use of them on Media ca just get up and act in a way that brings my whole life to a stop after a provocation they invented without any part in it being played by me, so that we also tend to have the other ones that show up on Public places to blow off their big mouth all the time. Now they know I am able to sack the International Mobility bits and rip up the International Aid Connections, so that when I am done, if they want a fight they may come around for it too. It never really has a reason or purpose save when they are asked about their behaviour and they had tended to explain it is just a process of making themselves a huge big massive and abusive responsibility for other people because somebody dared to have something they do not and it is associated with any difficulties they have had to deal with in their own lives being visited on other people but usually there is never a reason or purpose for you to smell like your toilet because you are being struck at a distance all day long, they make it up as their bad behaviour intensifies. We are where we are because their Daddy characters who make money from the underbelly of the Cities need to strike my bum and chase my tummy, make a mess of my public image and provoke me all the time while being able to insult me, so as to be slippery enough to make me get into a fight with younger people and put myself between the rest of society and violent elements that they might make even more money and enjoy even more perversions with it, we are here because that thing they believe add up to a job has become the tool by which they make out that I buy my Television so they might talk through to me over the effects of these insulting and violent abuses and it is always constant, tells lies all of the time and looks for promotion where it has not worked for it all day long because it has this insanity going for it that suggests it is terribly important, making reference to provocation such as not letting people peddle my faith and Public image or one to do with controlling them and their abusive vandalism and Media all day long - which we see fools on Television get all over to maintain the theory they are famous and to try and convince me that they are if they handle my Books and company and finances all day long for it as well, blabbing nonsense about a tendency for war. It has become a constant state of very foolish Men having fantasies about what my body should be used for and my tummy problems or any ill health becoming their main leverage - so talk of deserving what you get when you go up against the Media will likely continue for sometime if they have no plans to keep off my Books and Public image; the stupid ones were doing well hence having a salary has become a problem for other people all together. I have my own problems at the Monarchy obviously and yes I do, thus what insanity maintains the theory they were famous should not bother me. They speak of my sexual habits being the cause all the time and have no evidence I have had sex with any person - so it feeds into facts I am aware of, that when couples have anal sex its usually due to frustration but what they see is the trust issues in it, to be deployed to ensure somebody else carried massive responsibility that supports an alternative lifestyle they have chosen without being paid for it and hate my guts because I never do i.e. since the last time I could be beaten up, so whenever they build it, its there and then its not and then its there again, usually there when they want the money after making a mess of mine, not there when they want the sex after saying I am not homosexual is not enough for them, which allows an outcome where they are some minutes into the homosexual sex and the sensations which support it have vanished, just like they cannot keep their hands off peoples lives and public image the way they do mine; disproving the theory that I think people are born homosexual or that I could not cure them of it if I wanted. The main one that causes the biggest problem of course is still the result of showing up on my concerns to blab about being immoral and having natural selection rights to dominate me because I attend Church, soon after which we find it needs me to exist where nobody can see while culture and society idiots gather what I am doing to express on a media job its days is a dream employment and needs an entire National Parliament and Civil Service alongside a National Media to prove I am cursed by my parents - never mind the fact the Church was never an environment all together where people go to do good and be good, which feels rather similar to those CEOs gathering to show how much money they have over expensive drinks and then planning their market all over the Church when they drive past it, so these idiots show up for their own as well and its about violence, now its about a degree of respect too that they have to take either with a pinch of salt or some humble pie and I have no plans to make that easy too.

They do claim I am mentally disturbed as well, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that I get provoked and then they keep up the sensation of it for weeks on their stupid Media and so the process means that when they handle anything that belongs to me, the feeling of being sick with heart failure is very intense - its like when they say my actions are about hate but its only about controlling what belongs to me and likewise the case where people think I need to control it comprehensively which I am; I intend to drive it to a stage where irregular heart beat property squandering TV will mean I have billboards and of their brands set out in Public and what I do with it will help me run the affairs of the day, just to find out if the outcome will never be that when there is a need for them to control their stupid staff, they will do it instead of blab to MPs and Parliamentary Committees that trying to control their staff is counter productive, it seems likely it will be a point where the matter can get serious enough for Media Bosses all together as it were. At the moment every process of reporting it leads to irregular heart bit TV a little more, considering that they then have to prioritise. Its never a problem here either; same tale of Businesses and Companies on one hand while these fools conduct their endless Tribalism that will ensure they perform a raid on every person that has something they do not on the other but I appear to have become the centre piece of every one of these activities, the one thing they will own when they secure all the money and power as they go along and I shall do all I can to deter them and make them see the important of keeping their hands to themselves for a change as long as I have to.

They claim I feel fear of losing all I have which is utter nonsense; it’s a very annoying process where I have not paid attention to a collection of fools who have not had inflicted on them a process of financial complications that are due to practical jokes others wish to play on them to see how they will react especially when delay can lead to denial if carried out for long enough as a personal and career set back, such that it has gone on long enough that a crowd is starting to build around it; every time I set out how annoying this is, they claim I feel fear that they have got power while reality is what will become of it if I got off building my own public image on the matter as well – so I really do want to see the end of their insanity around my Books and Public image as soon as possible, their fun gimmicks are not good enough as a waste of my personal feelings and tolerance anymore. They say I am very reckless and care about nothing save myself which is an old story where they need to be reminded, white and ethnic minorities alike, that they do not matter - so that when they continue to stop my Books and show up each time they had failed to control the extremism and the violence, they must be made to understand their stupidities do not necessarily spare them the death that have befallen other people as well as such, otherwise it is not the end of the world if somebody else led and they followed. Its been a decade of Obama wrecking peoples lives to build Global ethnic minority economy and now they say if I do not claim Trump is racist there will be a problem while they have built me another public image whereby they own me and there is a better version of my good looks that can bring money and good fortune out there for people to look to and I am good at sex, so its what I will sell for a living; each time coming with a statement from the bloody idiots about the need for sacrifices to be made. So the Trump story was never complicated especially as he had set himself up as the white Guy who wants to do peace and has only been at it for barely 2 years so far to begin with, I also hold the opinion he is not racist and these scum can kill themselves if they wanted. They do blow off their big mouth about how my behaviour can lead to war, which is utter nonsense; when it progresses from the need to ensure their Media can no longer dabble into other careers and wreck peoples lives to push buttons that will bring about fame, we shall see what sort of war they will make when it turns towards beating them down so badly that I am no longer affected by idiots clinging to my Book sales while claiming I have enough to conquer racism for good and should be forced to do it, beating down those stupidities so badly it only needs worry about getting out of its door to attend a Job, not building ethnic minority versions of my company or making me lose it when I had refused to co-operate on account it got a very useful product from it, then tell me my Book looks like an exploit and people want to get the most out of it when they have always been introduced to my work as private equity intellectual property administration bearing in mind also those stupid tribalism raids they are obsessed with. It really did seem as though getting to the top and then throwing it all away to return to the bottom where you can teach socialist idiots all about how to get rich will suffice on this matter, since their Politicians last began the socialism of skill sharing as they claimed the socialism of money sharing was no longer sufficient to breach wealth gap - this is a new one obviously. 

They say I am suffering from self doubt and its utter nonsense; its a question of the exact stage a person starts to think of activities people conduct to help society and culture goons claim to be whom they are not or make out the audience I have is not sufficient for what I have done, therefore another can have the remaining effects of publicity that people in my position and power and ability usually have, adds up to property destruction and vandalism and damage and not some sort of public issue; its carries on to a stage where 24 hour after 24 hour I am not getting Book sold and starts to talk nonsense at me about being superior - not their Book, not their property, not paying them to do it, did not sign a contract, they have never had a right to touch or handle. They say people are really determined to teach me a lesson but of course they are; it has now become a matter of nightmare landlords and hence an ageist insults game that gets me smelling like my loo everywhere I go, which only those with property and land in the UK can play obviously but it will always be the punishment due to children who do not let the daddies build business on that beautiful public image, and given the right tools and proper measures, we will see them look to building anything on their own instead. In the end, I need to stop my Royal Estate becoming Toxic and my Literary Empire becoming smaller, it is the same I am made to feel ashamed all the time until I get into a fight with people in the neighbourhoods with that big mouth. They claim what I get up to causes people to get into a fight for me, which is utter nonsense – they are obviously so courageous they cannot tell when their enemies have ended up on other peoples lives due to their involvement with such persons, especially when it is creating a Public stir. Besides which its really difficult to locate exactly which part of heroism they suppose has much to do with building a fight on stand up to get people who refuse to co-operate with their needs stuck in, whereby their civil rights becomes a case of making sure such persons get into the fight over and over until they were beaten, contrasted with what happens in the world of heroism where what you expect never happens, untrained you expected to get killed and survived, trained you expected to get injured and got killed, what you do then relies entirely on the sheer courage to do it; these are villains blabbing their hearts at me most of the time, which I do not in anyway find entertaining as well.


The general idea is that with respect to action I have taken to ensure that anybody who handles my work may run to the edge of the Universe doing fame and fortune but it will wait for me there until I claim it, which means people have no more decadent lifestyle to aspire to but clearly will not let alone my finances so I can move out of their way either, is that I am making enemies, which rather tends to suggest they are not. I therefore intend to round them up as media and Politicians and businesses and students and will therefore ensure that once I had been able to distract them like they do me, unto a point where they cannot concentrate anymore at government office, then I shall run an experimental test to find out if I will not be able to prevent them from doing academic work well enough to assume any of these importance in the first place. For those of them that make promises of violence, it seems that it is not yet clear to them that their regular popular culture charities have been allowed by me to grow bigger than is necessary and hence they are doing it like a job these days and not publicity campaign for the most part. It is never really true therefore that I subvert my own State Provided security which is why I find everything I do so difficult, the truth is that I wish to limit the role that state provided security may play on certain matters concerning work I do for financial purposes but the matter is as clear as ever that there continue to exist individuals in the region that handle me and the Country I serve like it was a club and therefore like to demand thing and so intense it is like their media games which enable processes of seeking to do what I do as well on the basis of advantages of media power that enables them to rip my book sales to pieces for the purpose of a part of society they claim to be opposite to the ones I belong to and this is a matter of Nation and their acquired thirst of demanding and wanting things around here all the time will most certainly get them hurt and no body cares about their hatred of a certain Christian faith or indeed their greed: the Africans and the Americans and their British friends.

So, they say I am always in trouble with the Politicians and have to save myself all the time, which is utter nonsense; what really happens is that it always works as a story about a hazy reason for a bad relationship I have with Politicians which sets me out as a trouble maker and needs to be cleared up. What the Politicians do however being a process of showing up around my concerns to play up that routine where being seen anywhere near Church generally means that somebody else wants to experiment with my job and career and livelihood and goes on for long enough to allow criminals and popular culture fools to show up and grab it with an inability to stop talking rubbish on media and bellowing those stupid threats on public places but have done it in such a way that where these fools have had tax payer funds spent on them to get the better of me is such that they are able to bottom out my finances and prevent me from holding a job or running a business that actually makes profit; then we see them end up running a government that does not wish to speak with the trade Unions and interest groups because it would rather speak with bankers and City centre trouble makers as if that is actually the field of government and they can always operate outside of their job description without consequences. As for messing with those who hold reins of power story; that would be the bit where it shows up to wreck my finances and tell me it never actually existed, only to go off and deploy government Office to help media idiots ensure it can then sit somewhere to pick up a stupid phone and ring its friends whenever I am trying to find employment, since it is certain I might never punish anybody for being so stupid and destructive lest I offend them all together as it were – so if they do want co-operation from me it will be the one where we get closer to the stage whereby the media and popularity goons will be doing them as well and what they are doing to me will be getting done to the media and popularity goons, otherwise they can stop asking me as these behaviour are linked to their job description and or their families are affected by it all together as it were, therefore talking nonsense at me about rights especially when it wants to explain I had my fill of provoking people when what really happened was a case of wanting to beat wife but not able to unless it claims wife is sleeping with me and we can see decades on, whenever Politicians co-operate with its stupidities and the effect is showing up where I am doing job and career to work society power, the effect is still the same as claiming I am sleeping with wife in order to beat up – so what I did was to set up a state of affairs that meant I was sleeping with wife when we never actually met, so if anything is to happen the scum can show up to do it by themselves. They speak of a Problem I do not have a way out of but we are here simply because it wants to peddle personal life and public image and faith but because I will not let it happen it wishes to ensure everything I do is watched and regulated and clipped the way I have stopped it as well, hanging around street corners blabbing about sad days for democracy when we all know it is not a stranger to deploying its own life to get things done with that big mouth. They speak of which trouble I will likely get into but it’s an old case where I like to say I never fancied financially well off psychopaths for my part either, it’s the Politicians that fancy it – so that when an idiot has a need to show up and play out his stupidities that he explains away on my sweet temperaments and aura and public image which was developed from the faith of a religion he hates it might appear that is what he is actually doing and not a process where people were powerless to buy Books I have written on account of his stupidities and the fact I have no reacted to it violently; so he might see that if I have a conversation with him of which there should really be no reason to, he does not get to tell me about the level of his power and the consequences I will expect without getting a fair sense of what reality actually is. It’s like when they say I am losing property in Europe whereas I built the canopy Empire to work with companies who brokered equities with me; I needed to buy them time to transition into a world where we got our energy from the sewers and all waste could be recycled if the effort was applied and the environment was clean but since it’s been all hell broken lose with all sorts of profitable stupidities that start out as bullying then have finances attached to become somebody’s job – old story where we see it finish with the left and move right and end up thinking it’s the economic recovery issues getting trendy while it is predatory behaviour – usually they get some stupid girls to finger my bum and then beat it up so it can get around claiming I am one of those men who gain from instances of domestic abuse all the time, failing to see that progress from it to a state where their federated stupidities are a threat to women in my world will lead to consequences I will be responsible for as well, if it would rather talk nonsense about the middle east because it thinks it would survive longer than I would in a world where adultery is punishable by death. We are here and Obama has signed the Climate Treaty in France but given them money to get around the world blabbing about sad days for democracy while he stifled my Book sales at the Oval Office, Children who have Royal Office and why they should be Kings in Vegas and cannot stop showing some stupidities that aim to achieve it all over my Estate Business on National Media – since then more endangered species have been killed than they have been at any other time because these fools have become so convinced they can destroy the natural environment to tackle the rest of us or go into areas of conservation to kill whatever they liked any time they wished. It is the beginning here of a case where one endangered tree fell will lead to a process where they do not see any Terrorists blowing up buildings but will have to deal with somebody making business in one of their sky scrapers so bad that it will become empty in revenge for it too, so they might stop breaking my heart; for the time being, it’s the main sermons such as a case where they need to keep their fingers off my Bum and keep themselves away from my Books. Europe is that not difficult an issue; it will go off to the City Centre to get beaten by people who work there, then return to learn Marshal Arts that helps it keep wife and kids in control claiming I sleep with them whenever he wants to and pushing its stupidities out at Government buildings over my Public image to find itself some form of trouble makers mobility wherever he can find any. 

Its all stupid persons mobility stuff, I am not saying it is not dangerous, it is; if allowed to get out of hand it will invent a Military coup etc but at the end of the day, they are encouraged to do most of what we see them do because of the abuses Politicians levy at me and then make a Public scandal out of as well – so am I allowed some reprieve after? Of course not, I am not required to sort it out and would fancy the Politicians kept off my Book sales as well otherwise I will increasingly get to a stage where I am able to pluck up enough courage to tackle them for handling my Books without making payment and encouraging others to do so as well, killing my business and trying to decide what I should do with my existence using State benefits – it does seem that it is only likely to be the sort of situation where we measure the range of those incredibly abusive insults too but that said, these goons always speak about the power issues of course which is an old story, save when the bad smells are happening it does not seem like it’s a good time to start using their own lives to fix their problems if they can issue threats and continue leaning on me with the effects of the ways they have lived out their stupid existence instead, talking about the days they will want to live out some foolish threats they have devised as well: its an old story where it starts in such ways and when I handle its own as well it will pick on the Politicians who obviously let it to better its propensity to win elections that will let it get into government office and change constitution to run off a tyranny with, blabbing about power while it is otherwise fighting for its life in the neighbourhoods as we speak. It’s the only thing they live for; inventing some stupidities to do with things others have which they don’t and then explaining their stupidities on somebody else’s aura and public image and faith and religion and anything else they do with what they learned at school, just as my case is obviously about legal studies but when it reaches that stage where the Politicians claim they have contributed to society because spin doctor government invented by Politicians like Tony Blair who are now getting all over the world blabbing about beating me down when it never had me allows them to have such things, it really does need to lead to results that shock people into their senses like community croons chasing Politicians around to speak of money swirling around and none ending up in their families which justifies the fact their children were advised to become organised criminals.


HH The Arch Prince's Public and Media appearance based Diplomacy Assistance and Company Book sales property Assets written out in Functional Aesthetics 





The issues and concerns about UK diplomacy are rightly raised but the big issues have continued to be ignored in favour of talking about new and emerging ideologies and powers in various regions, which would not have existed without some process of somebody being detached from their academic work so their ideals can be pervaded to make it possible at a position of Government Service and while Politicians and their incompetent diplomats do such things of which they think it is funny and brings about discipline that they clearly also know nothing about. 

I wish to follow this on here from the point where disagreements between the UK and the US has existed in terms of foreign Policy and aspirations. It must be understood first of all that there are two disposition here. one of them is the ideological dishonesty of the new and emerging ideologies and powers and the other is that the strains between UK and US foreign Policy was created by the incompetence of a group of Politicians from a Labour Party in the UK that is very short sighted and know better how to insult and abuse people than they know anything about Politics. So what they created in their wake was a shared diplomacy between the UK and the US which is simply a process of taking the world, making it smaller and then putting more people in it, besides which it makes no sense whatsoever to anybody, worse still when they claim they had been the ones creating economic progress in so doing; which is how and why I have come to create the condition where they must now fight their corner against Americans who will now obviously turn out to be better off than they are because they have a bigger country and more so with even more people than they do here.

More important than the differences in aspiration and foreign Policy between the UK and the US or indeed where the ideological dishonesty of so called emerging powers have led them so far, because they will not give heed to a respect for other peoples property, especially when they feel they can turn it into an ideology everybody can have access to, is the process of providing leadership for the world, letting alone the communists and to stop teasing them over things that they cannot do.


More so because we are busy allowing stupid people that are despite the fact they are stupid and always talking about male domination, always are concerned about other peoples incomes and make other peoples incomes their personal business, despite the fact they are stupid as well, to rule the day, which we think an Arch Prince can then be blamed for as he does not therefore know what wickedness is or what those who perpetrate it look like.

Which I must mention is because some people think they can get themselves into bad company, which I quite love them to and cannot have enough of it, then realise that they can become rich with it, if those who run it punish them for being incompetent in terms of not doing a latest thing that the law does not allow-hence they have other masters that is not the Law of the land, which to me is actually a good thing which I must say serves very well those who vote for them and then but intend to use it for extortion, claiming it is revolution as well-which is precisely where they need to be. They always seem to appear to believe that only they have need of money even when what they are looking at and or talking about is wholly another person's property and of course it no sooner gets distantly violent for what will play out to be an eternity.


 Its never about black history and black slavery or identifying with my own race or any such nonsense at that. With respect to which if I was alive at the time it will have been a game between evil white people and evil black people for the purpose of murdering people like myself, to cleanse the world of any traces of God and at the same time peddling my faith to say nice things to people in order sell stuff trying to get rich because their lives must be terribly insolently lucky or else. I know that even if I deploy my faith to serve them and their wickedness, I would never have been doing them a good thing. Just as I am aware they think they have help from my background to ensure the problems of the world rests in and is cleaned up with my life because the abuses will never have a limit, so they can make a head way getting to know rich white friends especially, It is about how they and their stupid children will get a quality of life out of it, about how they will draft in Ministers and Politicians to help them subdue the Christian, then convince the world the devil does not exist and how I will deploy my faith serving the devil, how a bad thing will be both bad and good to seal it all off, so their stupid children can then extract an income from my property and have quality of life-like they want to at the same time as if they are more Western than I am, It is about collecting people’s data and developments on the internet to play both sides of society and have power with in order to get rich hurting them and it is about how all these things will have happened because of the vanities of older, old and powerful men to escape the God-Devil argument, as if they are more Western than I am. 

I always tend to test it with a question for my part; i.e. how evil do people have to be to attack me because people like to follow the way I walk or talk? Do they realise they are hurting me and that it is not their bodies to take such decisions for? Hence what I say it is about too from my own side of things.

I. Uno I




Of course they speak of recent problems with men; there are none-what we have here is that bearing in mind it will take their life time and they will never have what I have and it will take me just some years of work to have more money than they can ever have or do have, it is about making them deal with the problem of women while I have a piece of the country as well like they have wasted my academic work and my teenage years to, while no one was looking or suspecting like the cowards they always are, so they can brand me the person they bully when the world is not nice to them and so on, which they cannot stop boasting about (for which if they shut it will see the end of their problems with respect to my temper). Next stop it will be that their large mouth and how they are the men that can make a man less of a man, that will be up in flames as well. Besides which when the diplomats and the Princes and the Princesses hear them speak to me the way they do, while they gain confidence and talk about the days gone by when they do civil rights as Princes will now do such things, they hence run away and no body is left to buy my books any more, which after a decade of keeping it up every second because it keeps me poor, means they are better people than I am because of the money they currently have and they will never buy my books, while at the same time do not wish to leave my life and work alone, since it does nothing for them, even though every aspect of my life is their bloody business.

So the white ones will have only half a country and therefore always know that it has been shared, the none white ones are just more unlucky, they had half before I came along to do that, so they now have a quarter. So they can take their wickedness and return back to where so ever the devil recruits them for it and stay out of my life, off my books and out of my finances.

Thus the only problem I have been dealing with here is these activities, which means the diplomats are gone the Princes and alliances are gone and so on, so there is no body to buy my books and they on the other hand will never do it since it does nothing for them

Of course they tell me diplomats will never buy simplistic non-academic books from somebody who claims he is a High Diplomat. it is just the innovations I have to carry out around here: first I was the Christian that wanted to get money and go out to help poor people preaching the gospel in the process, then somebody savaged my privacy, took it and went off building empires of money for themselves, earning my own income-which I don’t say is my income because he used the evil aspects of my work to get rich and I saw the money, got jealous and wanted it too, rather because they have been extracting the income directly from my job and my income, while keeping me from earning it, since that is the advantage abusing my privacy to grab things gave them because when they have a problem with peoples faith, they go for their incomes in order to make them religious beggars, as if they are more Western than I am. I had to innovate-plan to sell books that contained much cheaply to people in the region to do the job, but they took that over and savaged it as well and so I had to go into the diplomatic work directly to crush the media and their politicians, which is where I am today:- So if the question was not whether somebody wants to buy the books or not because it was rather whether I am a diplomat or not, they can lend a hand to the media while I am trying to crush it.

I am not saying all diplomats will simply get under fire from me; it is impossible to attack people who work in the same field that I operate. What I am saying is that if people want to ask whether or not I am a diplomat that is a question they should ask my boss, the question was whether they see the books and want to buy them.

For my part it seems that one moment people will complain the problem with diplomacy is the lack of communication with evil people and the next the evil people will be up to all sorts in another persons life and it will be more important than his trade or products. Which then means when an Arch Prince writes a book what is more important is whether he is one and they should be buying the books and especially when it is not according to them, up to scratch because they are stupid as well. Yap yap yap more western than I am obviously.

I am not scared of men; their most recent power has just moved to a game that has to do with sharing choices because they know I am only enjoy my faith by keeping it away from the corruptions of the world-while they have their choices on the days God had given them in this world, which is really intrusive and vicious like everything else they think the world has gotten used to from them these days and so it is the sort of thing that makes a person cringe, it does not mean I cringe in fear. Certainly not when people ruin my life without a conscience because they want to make me hit the enemy who is also their enemy as hard as will suit them (which is a factor of how they feel hence really annoying, without restoring anything they damage which is a sign they lead nothing here, which must mean the world revolves around them just because they are stupid. 

Nothing like working in a condition where no body bothers me with their bureaucracies obviously for the entire purpose of the fact Godly bureaucracies are good because they have a bearing that is towards the Law and it is the Un-Godly ones that are something else entirely.

I. Uno I

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