Firm Property Assets of Finance, Employment and Competence written out in Functional Aesthetics 

Eventually they say I have run out of time and Politicians are trying to stop media people who are friends especially from buying me some more time, which is not actually true – I have spent the last 12 years wrecking people’s lives so I might fix it later and claim to be superior like I have learned from them, my Book sale business despite being the reasons for most of the carnage I have wrought for vandalism around my concerns only started being a real business in the last 7 months or so; I am sure the progress made in that time does not show me off as somebody that has run out of time. In the end when people say such things it becomes some sort of a brick wall that prevents access to them from happening the way they access me with intense community organised abuse but we still see them scale that brick wall to handle me and tell me what to do and abuse and insult and play out all sorts of nonsense that show they consider themselves to be a handful of bullies. Apparently it’s not normal retard obviously, so that even when it is talking gangs and crime it is still convinced that not only are you interested in him but also that he is doing you a favour; so I do get asked which part of wrecking people’s lives so I might fix it later and claim to be superior is a good thing but of course this is not a question I can answer, it is a question I think those who invent this behaviour by having Political systems in which there are stupid children and relatives of Politicians that have a certain view of the world – for the last 9 years they have been seen around these Books I write which do not do them any favours every day, making an exhibition of themselves on their stupid media over it and over my Public image as well; I mean I dropped out of University 10 years ago, so I am still working outside out the gains of an academic institution because it must be such a hell of a fun out there for them all together. 

Its like when they say I am caught up in a fight I cannot win and I find myself thinking either way when I warn them about inventing benefits to co-operating with an abusively blasphemous media and also coming up with ideas about hurting me being connected to processes of making profit at the market place, regardless of what stupid opinions they have of themselves, if I have a thought about it, they will be obliged to listen to it and comply. I have waited and waited and waited for them to do some popular culture fame and fortune that will move them on, complete an academic pursuit that will move them on but each time they have such things the situation gets worse and its pretty much the same with their fellow goons in the East who give media goons talisman they can dominate a Statesman with and if I was unable to communicate with them that they should not give any media idiot such an advantage at my expense, that would have been a very different eventuality but I actually am and did hence they know exactly what they are doing and deserve everything they get from it too. They always say I am totally dependent on others and without people assisting me would do nothing but we all know that I could easily set out an amount I need to spend to settle the campaigns that will fulfil he areas where people are assisting me, be it media or public service, however the importance of the fun based approach we are using is that the questions can be answered as per what happens when everybody does it i.e. every time you are about to protect yourself from local and money mad trouble makers, the persons that were responsible for the fact you fell into the pit you found yourself will interfere with it and talk nonsense about how you hate the privileges associated with their stupid success and thus  likely to create public instability. So, it is pretty much the same story where traders should trade and leave alone Princes lest someone gets off starting his own money campaigns too, where they will complain about their hurting bottoms and get involved with my concerns until my bottoms hurt as well and therefore imply they are out of my league when they are still cracked up at it. It’s the basic civility issue where I have given away all the information about my Book but when people want to get involved with me they must get a copy anyway – basic civility where you see a single Mum with four kids and want to compete over personality, where you will likely win but it is clearly civil of you or when told to run a business and they pick me out over my brokerages and tell stories on media about how I steal money from aspects of their careers that their wives and kids can do something with to earn some money by the way side – or when they say my websites are full of swear words and set out to change my behaviour and modify it on the assumption that people should expect to see their own fucking leadership fostered on other people’s websites etc – when I say civility their stupidities normally think they need to dress well and exhibit themselves to wind me up further. So, we had reached that stage where the same people who invented business with fun are the ones complaining about it the most because they are unable to have the fun and it’s not blabbing so much about a hatred for the privileges of its stupid success when I defend myself if attacked, it is issuing threats instead which I image amounts to a hope I may just build a public image out of this stuff as well. In the end they say the reasons people really hate me is not what I get to talk about but we all know that to be the fact that despite all the trouble they have made, the only money they have gained is the one they have gotten from people who spend money fighting others and they have not made enough of it to keep them out of the trouble they have invented; so that the path that they have chosen might have the full recompense paid – it is the reason they hate my guts. Its as though it is a matter considered in terms of the fact it is not normal retard and when we eventually start to hear it complain about the throes of the unprotected we realise that somebody is going to kill.

The case of MPs irresistibly getting after my finances is nothing new, one can only invent so many ways of avoiding a confrontation with MPs knowing a fight with them is an answer for everything; I mean I do pick on the media and popularity culture ones instead because it does seem that the Politicians do not actually make their minds up for them all together as it were but the insults of the Politicians is quite legendary. It began years ago from marking me out as the guy from whom they get respect that kids of today do not give anymore, since then taken many other forms including the need to get up on Public places to have fun ripping up my business and has now taken a position around matters of my attitude; the getting disciplined bit is nothing new as such but it is taking up my time and if I have to put up with it one more time a line will be drawn around the matter, I am going to find where they are their community croons hide their anus and penis and they are definitely going to start a fight by the time I am finished too. The media and Popularity ones like to blab about how I can do nothing but we all know the Politicians pretend the treasury is their property and now that they can see that they are past it and I am not past it in terms of raising money for my business, I am not past it in terms of finishing my academic work and I am not past it in terms of raising funds for a pension, they do realise it wouldn’t matter it was but it is still annoying to show up here like some unusual retard ripping up everything to create government initiatives that help them spend tax payer funds of themselves and talk nonsense about how I can no longer regard them as stupid now that they have money to show for it, whereas their involvement causes me to drop out of University all together and is still showing up on Public places to live the high life with stupid children whose needs to be famous on the radio means others cannot keep a factory job and need to be famous on Television means others cannot keep various other forms of career, having a stupid comment to make about my livelihood and a personal problem they have at wealth inequality all the time, showing clearly that the whole civil rights nonsense around it is a lucrative fraud and that they are aware of this too but wish to keep the money they had never worked for. So what these idiots do when I broker equities with people who would never take me seriously if they did put their Company logo up somewhere and it was not safe, is that an idiot is asked to make advertisement and the purpose of being paid to put the logo up means he has to rip up my business – what happens with these idiots is that I have not yet reached a stage where I want to make the journalists feel as small as they really are by starting a fight with their whole corporations, since it is clear that my book sale business is owned by a single person and there is no occasion in which their companies have made a decision that was made by a single person but it continues to amount to fun vandalism of my property to get on Public palaces and National media to exact some punishment on my finances claiming I have been stealing clients from them. I cannot make it any more simpler than telling these fools they need to discipline their mates and get themselves into trouble keep off my Empire and stay away from my Books and keep themselves off my Public image space naturally – they have always rather decided I have no empire, then returned home to spend time with their families and make sense of why they attend a job and how much they are getting paid, as their stupid comments leaves me unable to release money from my Estate and pay my way in the world like everybody else – I want them off it and do not care what their problems is, do not care what their wealth distribution palaver is. 

These fools really have no other way of getting involved with me especially the media and popularity ones, save a process of squeezing everything I do for information while taking over what they can find on my public image and if I have to deal with any more nonsense from their Politicians about disciplining me I will teach them one they will never forget for my part too; we are not talking about what they are complaining of at the moment – that concerns what we are not taught to do at Church being to get into a fight and their big mouths showing up here all the time so we can find out how they will do any fighting from where I will place them in this world too; the Politicians wouldn’t say that chasing me around to push me into those places where I could get seriously hurt in a bad neighbourhood amounts to an idiot in government office threatening my life, so that if I hurt him they will say it was an attempted assassination and not that we were in a fight for a lives when we do not know what each other’s names are invented by them without reason whatsoever, just a case made of how people like my character are good for it mostly.I hope and pray the laziness of the Private security Industry will not come into the matter all together anyway - those always pick up security stuff and then we find them escalating it for National security operatives all the time, whereas people who work in those areas attend academies in order to be qualified and their whole stupid lives are about doing things that will ensure I am past it in everything that matters in my life and my world as a whole - hence now they are all past it and complaining, I win again but I do think the Popular culture ones especially want to be made an example of.

The idea that I am in need of an ability to envisage a future that is not actually as dim as what I think about all the time is what needs to happen, instead of the idea that the modern Politician is invincible but it is concerning that I have created a condition where people have put themselves on the line for this, considering it is actually not my real condition. My real condition therefore I should say, is one where I am a writer and I write Liabilities which is always going to be dim because it's the sort of thing that will have society and culture goons expressing themselves all over, whereby they are in a corner doing their insanity and some of them are a real danger to my health and well being but the others that make pornography are the ones I can look at - mind you my interest in pornography was actually kindled by Politicians and Media and Celebrity ripping my finances in order to collect Girls my age and waste them, so as to leave me without a partner all together and pillage my life to get rich as much as they wanted, so been there and done that and they have needed entire parliaments and treasury to rip up the finances and have their fun anyway, point being they are fucking themselves these days and the pornography we see is a bit more pleasurable with respect to the fact the Women are a real problem and it could be pleasurable to see an idiot who always has ideas about doing something that will cause you intense pain and distress from absolutely no direction since you do not even know her name and are not related to her, getting fucked. My point is that the case with Royalty is that I have the Wealth and it therefore gives me a working Office that makes my Benefactor a more forthcoming in giving me some power and privilege - the trouble with socialism is that it expects access to a Millionaire who has been detached from his money and made to share secrets with them to bring about wealth equality and is the sort of thing the Nazis would have loved to achieve - the Capitalists on the other hand are the issue at hand i.e. I am a writer and it does not actually make sense people defining their media appearances with the fact they do not know what my Books are about, considering it does not make any sense to be seen around the Public image while I am writing the Books, this is the main case i.e. I want them off my Public image, especially those that are likely to understand what it means to stand on a pulpit and address a crowd, they especially, the Politicians and Media and Celebrities really need to stay away from my one as it were. All together it's not unusual for the 3 to 5 bedroom flat bullies and their neighbourhoods to behave in such ways but when a person has an ego does it mean they want to pitch themselves on one corner and expect to have a Royal Prince on the other? For now, it is not their freedom they are getting off me and it is perhaps the case I am bluffing when I say seeing the culture and society will make the last time they have it as well. In the end it does not bother me as much i.e. they are in their corner carrying on with their lives and if that wants to be expressed all over my Public life and public image, I am at a loss as per what they are complaining about too - I am trying to say I am not actually in need of a rescue that will make me see a future that is brighter than what I think about and what I write and it is concerning people are taking a risk for me on that basis i.e. need to diffuse it. The American Indian Community was where this stuff really kicked off for me - the blacks were used to it and various other ethnic groups too but they just too it to the bit about underbelly of shops and parties where people wore their traditional attires and everybody was moving their body, lolling at me and ripping my public image to get rich which imaginary whacking me over the head and making a statement about it - I had to rip it as well, all that popularity running through here towards Japan from the US, this is why they hate me so much and I do not have any regrets for my part either.

The general illusion is that I am stuck in a lot of trouble and it is difficult to tell if I will ever make it but all I am stuck with is people hurting me unnecessarily because what I do is working. Hence that means ending up in this eventuality where every idiot wants to get involved with me in a condition that suggests they are out of my league, the ridiculous aspect being that when they get hurt, they hurt me too and build the out of the Royal Arch Prince’s league thing up on Public places like that completely unnecessarily – never mind the American ones who love to rip up peoples livelihood and have fun mocking the victims; in their case it results in outcomes where I set out their American identity right up to the point where what their Country’s influence in Asia becomes very clear to their stupid selves and means they then get to let me be as it were. As for this case where I have no respect for the challenges that leaders face, especially the Politicians; it is their fucking challenges that have become important I dare say; since last they had spent 15 years of my time checking me every day to ensure Community croons have something good looking they can trap like an animal and look upon to regain their confidence, their fucking challenges having come up stuck as a result of having too much I suppose, of which in the end the reality has to be that this is actually what their challenge is all together.

They do speak of very important matters such as getting me to cease keeping secrets that will have been better divulged to solve the problem of Terrorism, which I guess is a need to hear me say the problem can only be resolved when those who are taking part it in are either apprehended or neutralised. Otherwise its generally a story of what we should do with the Politicians if they go off to Countries that are experiencing public turmoil to seek social power by means of original provocation that can give somebody an upper hand when laws are made, to ensure Politicians are more powerful than Royalty looking to the future – it generally means my concerns are largely about the welfare of the Soldiers on the frontline and the middle finger to everybody else. This is their case, mine is mainly a matter of that stupid supposition for cowardly bullying that improves their civil rights, which have described me and others like me as small power, ascribing positions of middle power and big power to themselves and others they might chose to accord praise in such ways by media but I have no idea what it is that has convinced them that this is fact anyway, all I know is that they want to solve the problem of Terrorism while they are busy doing this. Mostly I do not have a problem with it and only end up generally wanting to hear what they think about the way things are around them in all my life as it were and where we are at present is the one where the Media and celebrity and popular culture goons are solving the problems created by the society ones while the society ones are complaining about them as I supervise both the small power as it were – so when they are out of my league, they assume I will not take the plunge and see how cracked up, especially if they gather and crack mine as whole communities, then follow it up on Media and try to get jobs at Buckingham Palace. Here it will have been construed I have just bailed out the Politicians, which I have not – if the Politicians wind me up, more community croons will be very famous and yes the description of such actions is one where they claim I am uncomfortable with the idea of the people power thing, which I am not; it’s about playing with people who want to play with them as it were in very harmful ways – the fact I am dropped out of University being a typical example that shows they are fucking idiots and need to find their mates all together, thus the insults are only likely to continue until I start to feel if I am not back in an academic institution with everything else I do running properly, somebody is going to pay for it as well. They do say I speak of not wanting to listen to what they are thinking which I cannot enforce but we all know the whole thing came off from the process where each time I meet their lower class stupidities on the streets, there is always some deep insult about shit and everything that will mess up my whole existence while they keep an eye on my Public image for some get rich quick luck of which I have mentioned before I need to see less of them around my Books or will cut it up for them, right through to that stupid Irish Luck as a whole - so whenever they do have some idea about stupid violent and hurtfully distracting fun, they can play one out with me as much as they wish as well and it will end up in a question of either me ending up in an Academic institution or they getting into trouble: its the same old tale of dumb students that do well in School and their neighbourhood cliques showing up here to mess mine up all the time, especially the Americans and more so when they have some stupid Celebrity and fashion nonsense to show off or even need to play mothering roles with me whereby they take over my public image and then there is the bit about advertisement where it gets physical all the time with a big mouth: I actually can enforce whatever I want (it has come to a stage where these idiots can threaten and discriminate and seek preferential treatment at expense of owner etc, and show up here with some of the most insulting mannerism in the world, to take a job role out of this Royal Estate and the Governmental, Diplomatic and Trading alliances that were created for it and had been acquired since its inception, so I might want to kill them as well ever so regularly). The Politicians always claim I bring it on myself as a result of the way I work but obviously I want to listen to the fact every fool I meet on the streets wants to tell me to eat some shit and look to a perspective on my public image that will make them rich, I have therefore listened to a point of dropping out of University because the Politicians have been doing their job - not spending money on any curse an idiot puts on me because he has not been getting what he wants and is a Witchdoctor with super powers - now they are fighting for their lives too after a decade of it happening everyday and lots of means by which their get rich quick fools can assume the right to handle me in physical ways, they are fighting for their lives and its all my fault when they feel there are enough lies to tell in the world.


What we have recently is one of Media journalists telling me not to refer to myself as an Arch Prince because it risks war and I could not understand what part the Media plays in the matter anyway; we all know however that my state provided security was based on surveillance and people have invented their own security business to corrupt it, we know they chase my bum all the time even though they know it provokes the Army when they do, we know they will not get a job because they are evil people who are rather happy to kill somebody and use a history of doing so as a mean to get about grabbing fame and fortune which does suggest if they grab mine, I will find the relatives of those enemies and they will end up finding out more about me than their stupidities wishes to pay attention to, we all know they always want to fight my battles because I prefer to work for money which means I am not going around thinking about killing people so I can deploy a history to grab fame and fortune and it is the reasons they always have stories to tell about being attacked by National enemies because they were fighting my battles or better still being killed doing it; this which was a given since I have some Royal Office and I am not a trained soldier, except it is not what their insults tell them they need to beware all together. I have always had to deal with these insults from the British ones and do not wish to tolerate them further, the Americans however have their problem with Mr Trump to look into and of course my Books were never a part of it, completely fed up now with a process of hurting myself when I attend to my Books because writing it had become the main preoccupation of Liberal America while it is Mr Trump that they have claimed was racist.

In the end it seems I must take this business of keeping their young people away from fame and fortune to a whole new level that ensures they understand I have no empathy towards them on the matter, thereby preventing them from ripping up my academic work like it once did – the Politicians that intervene to ensure I failed at this usually ended up making out stories of an endemic lack of respect for women on my part but showing up at school to build others failures and setbacks which let the goon children to get ahead of others is still a behaviour that has not been tamed in anyway whatsoever yet – the Industry ones are busy building with this business of hurting me with every progress I make with my writing career at the market a position for themselves that I have a personal problem with and like the politicians complain about hurting bottoms because society knows how their jobs works due to me getting bullied they will be complaining for their fair share the consequences of being so important as well soon enough – not to omit the Media whose Career criminal supporting processes that facilitate the busy body opportunism is based on how the community croons and he criminals who are also victims of crime themselves make use of other people’s sweetness and is usually not my business except is has a filthy comment to make about everything I say and do which propels the need of society idiots to stick the nose into my concerns because their insults will help them find a way to share –  I mean the part linked to the bits where I too get to waste everything that appears to be a product of their need to get involved with other people’s business exposing a separation between them and personal peace and happiness especially for the abusive housewives, so that I may be able to ensure all that they had was the stress and the extreme emotions at all times because I am building a life with the sweet parts, which is something I appear to learn from them uninvited every day –  it should therefore make sense of those stupid insulting civil rights powers the ageist idiots think they have got, leaving their  society idiots to believe that they have me wrapped around their fingers at all times while we know they complain about and want to be free of me any opportunity they get, surprising and even amusing that at the same time cannot keep their hands to themselves claiming making out they were forcing me to share something I had with my brothers and is linked to business and Industry, probably Middle East and Africa as well and then should I end up writing a Book on it, the problem will be the things I have to do to sell such a Book all together, which will make it the constant insults and abuses of their women in the neighbourhoods that helps them churn my tummy and make me haemorrhage income all the time because they always provoke me and keep an eye on me to ensure it never just washes away, a proper Industry for it all together. For my part it does seem that when all these things are worked in a way that helps my Book shop, only then does it become obvious the kind of audience I am trying to capture and only then will I have less to worry about with respect to my writing career whether or not they continued to engage in their business of interference. I do get told that I do not treat others as equals as well, which is utter nonsense; people play with me all the time but it seems when some young women show up to play with me and are busy doing some popular culture music over it, people playing with me has never been so unusual until I met these goons, so it becomes so difficult for people to just play with me on account the issues were really about sex, which I should engage in so others may have gossip to spend time with or I should not engage in so others might ask these women for it perpetually – so it needs be clear what I do here to write Books and when they show up around my Concerns should be engaged in reading it before they ended up losing their careers as well, especially over issuing those stupid threats to suckle me by all the time.

They do eventually confess they would like to see me suffer and I understand but before then it was a case of filthy dirty bullying full of city centre financial squander and academic work vandalism and garnished with lies and lasciviousness that ensured people thought I could not take care of myself and were too disillusioned to intervene as well. Even so despite all that complain we find that each time these nonsense are come to an end, they wish to make away with a history of rubbing shoulders with me, while the damage to my Academic work and Finances more so have not been resolved, creating this understanding that it was all about making sure I was unable to protect my intellectual property and income margins from them and that they were certain there would be no consequences for it because they were inventive enough to visit a higher consequence on me without a reason and we find that while they complain they are able to ensure they never have to stop it.

I am now said to be very good at making a mess of other peoples show business career and I could never understand what it meant anyway, I just know that since these goons have some media to play with I have to come up with a new plan on how to run my life every 24 Hours and since that is the case have difficulty understanding which part of their incredibly stupid show business careers I mess with while they are doing so. The reality of the matter is the connections that these fools have after they wish to make money getting all over ones publish image and it concerns those who have had an interest in keeping me angry whenever people provoke me, which then improves the probability of my body type getting involved in gangs and criminal activity which facilitates the kind of social atmosphere that Celebrities and Journalists want to work in, so when I say it is a social issue they are at the pinnacle of behaviour which expresses the fact they have no conscience, when I say its damage to my Books, then I am committed to respond to it and spend my time in ways that I have not made plans for i.e. goes without saying if I see that stupid culture and society the business of complaining about me over it will be moved up a notch and I am pretty certain it will add up to the last time that they get to see it as well. I have not paid my Bills properly in five years because of these idiots and in that time they have not forfeited a single months salary on my account but still have the effrontery to come up with these kinds of nonsense about messing with show business careers – we see the same nonsense on the streets everyday as well, very abusive and never stops but when it does they want to make away with history of robbing shoulders with me. So its terrible crowd the Celebrities and it is usually said people cannot separate me from them and it is a mystery to every one at the Monarchy but the reality is that the Politicians love to impose them on me so I want control, I do not fancy them in anyway whatsoever, it’s something women do to facilitate sex if I wish to speak of the way it shows up in my mind, outside of that, not all women use it to facilitate sex, only the loose ones. For what it is worth, I could never make out how I interfere with their show business career when the conversation they are having is legal in context and we have not seen them learn legal studies in Drama school or Music school or Acting school or Journalism yet as it were. The story they are most proud of is one of enemies I made at the Monarchy while reality is the same case of having Celebrities imposed on me, so we find people who do that always save some of the security they are providing at Buckingham Palace for their own purposes before they then attack me and the whole thing comes to public light all together – they are supposed to do all they want to do and then end up somewhere with the Media and the Celebrities, not end up somewhere with fucking famous idiots talking nonsense about which show business I interfere with because I am lucky as though they can always continue to be surprised about how little they know of me for eternity if they wanted to; they do regularly imply that the Americans will come to their aid of course but it is an old story about Trump being racist as they know it would be crude to just say it’s a matter of men on the republican side and women on the democrats side as such but never the less which they have their problems and my Books were never one of those; speaking of which about my Books, it seems that the business of making sure people do not take advantage of me if I worked for them always has to grow into something about a position I adopt with respect to the place and leadership of such individuals, never mind the fact they buy shares in the companies they work for and spend peoples time pushing up stress levels over dirty popular culture, stock market trading and politics, so that the women then fight back and the fall out is that I end up picking up National Unity bits endlessly – my Books being about stability but because their ego is so big it can get on to decide with Publicity that people may not earn a living when media and celebrity does not fancy the jobs that they do, my Books are now about them; so we find the idiots complain about hurting bottoms associated with those gangs and crime issues that build the kind of atmosphere they want to run their careers in showing up at the studios with them, on account I wrote a Book on the basis of the fact a group of goons are always building crowds that will dominate me spiritually first before I am allowed to complete my academic work which then eventually successfully damaged my academic work and allowed them to build up the part of my career which had to do with it into an atmosphere that their foolishness and children will want to be a part of in order to be successful and each time I get them out of it so I might concentrate on what I am doing, I need turn my back a single moment and they were back in it again, then I have to fight off popular culture, stock market and politics vicious cycle all over again as disobediently as idiots who claim I mess with their show business stupid careers could possibly make it. All very well bragging like we hear them do endlessly but the one they were complaining about had to do with Politicians helping them show up here to express their stupidities all over me and count pennies until they ended up with millions as though it were magic, messing with their show business careers. So they do say that I encumber their fame and yes I am, since every fool in the land now has an interest in making sure when I am provoked I stay that way, which interest in now being worked on every time their stupidities have that show business career to play with, knowing it is depression in the making to say the least and it is psychosis when advanced and that when they play up other stupidities about insults along with what they had taken from the victim by performing it, which is then linked to acquiring riches and fame the result is schizophrenia; mad, mad and incredibly stupid show business career, wondering what sort; in the end wish I had an ego big and stupid enough to say people cannot earn a living because I do not like their jobs while the society ones will not keep the fingers off my Bum thinking the problem I have with their position and leadership at Industry is unlikely to build up into real crisis for their stupidities until I had done it. 

Eventually they speak of some journalists getting involved with me and how it creates problems for others which does not make any sense if the fact that all these nonsenses need to be stopped and each occasion of getting involved with me should end with a clearly set out process of them purchasing and reading my Books, was removed from the picture. The other part of it being that Journalists get involved with my Hermitage for obvious reasons by following my social media profile and those who have not followed it are a threat to those who have, the ones I have made an exception for have a relationship with me that concerns the eyes of sexual predators in the city running rings around peoples bodies all day long. I do get told I am a trouble maker but I am not - what is relevant is relevant, the rest is trouble and this is where the Americans are usually right when bravery is the answer for everything because there is usually a general assumption that villainy just exists and there is no process, so when people did nothing to support the heroes, then the heroes have no template to work on like the villains do; we can see why it is usually progress when business owners are a pain the bum for instance on account they love to send people on fools errand, since even the process of looking into whether or not what you did created more of a problem than it solved any still bears a positive result never the less. The point being that I am patient with those who do not understand this obviously, so for them it tends to mean they were older, more successful, own more possessions and need to strike my bum to do me favours concerning the violence I should have suffered for standing up to them on account they were stopping my Bills getting paid. Hence it does mean that the process of opening a Bookshop to have the access crowded by people who want to keep making use of my personality and temperaments which they improve themselves by needs to stop and the excuses made to ensure that they cannot be reasoned with hence will always be able to do it when they wish taken more seriously, especially the part about getting involved with me to make statements about their prospects which are linked to fame and fortune on the left hand side, if I am to complete the academic work as we are not pals in the first place - reality being more of doing something to stop it and not to control it the way I am presently. The part where they say I am poor is good since poor people generally get off to extract money from Royal property and pay their way in the world whenever they want to but then again its the poor that works for them which was the good news all together in the first place, hence the attrition as other peoples lives generally should revolve around them. They do say that it is not as complicated as I have made it out to be and they are right; its about the precise individual who decides when the celebrities and popular culture people move on, the way the music CDs are set out does not get Music up the charts and so begins the whole processes of people getting me to come up with a way or organising my life every 24 hours, when people cannot make their own decisions and the Media always tends to decide what they think and how they behave and it affects me to a point where I must stop it totally to have any prospects of completing the academic work I began for my own part i.e. they are correct when they say that it is not as complicated as I have made it out to be. Its like they say its all because I have so little respect for Armed Forces operatives just like they do whereas I have warned them before its not the masters of goo that do the Armed Forces Jobs, when they show up here to make a mess of mine and get me losing the point because they have no respect for others - I mean it can be that difficult to see Politicians are the ones selling in it suits and their reasons to tackle those that sell it in Uniform has never really been explained.

 They say I have pushed myself into a difficult situation I cannot get out of and that is largely because they are prepared to spend all their public attention on whether I have been beaten or not which is not what this business is about but is a good excuse for vandalism which cannot therefore be challenged by any legal system. I feel up to the task as well as there isn’t any difficult situation I have pushed myself into save the one about warning TV Personalities about going off to ravage my market place in order to make some thousands of currency, then sit down with their friends and accomplices to a drink where they could be asked questions pertaining to what they expect the outcome to be knowing that I will be very displeased about that kind of abuse and they then use statements like reassurances of don’t worry about anything, I know how to handle that meddling little shit – which I have warned them about I am at the end of my tether and will tolerate it no more, more so because there is a way they turn up in public to behave in order to support what they said to their friends which makes them feel like they are lean mean TV Personalities that are going places with their foolish lives. The underlying issue of course being that they wish to know or hear me mention something about my give with one hand and take away with the other policy but it is like I have insinuated or suggested before i.e. he who says the media are not trouble makers should stand up and be counted and answer ‘the fucking’ questions. My point is that they need to save those insults until we meet in person or accept I will continue to do the things I do to them that they complain of all the time, things I do to assess how much problems they have tried to surround me with and to cover their stupid lives in like manner with problems that cannot be resolved as well, so that desire for access to my personal life to facilitate career piracy that cannot be challenged might continue to grow infinitely. They do say most of what I do are things that stupid people do and the little fact I pay attention to is that my mode of thinking is the same as that of academic environment retards but of course that is precisely why I do them hence revenge complete: three groups of people worked with Politicians to rip up my academic work and leave me in student loans debt 1. The people that needed to so that they can be the ones that become important and tag me in the same category as Popular culture bosses and Music Industry managers, except that the music industry managers will get riches and I will get nothing and simply be the thing that shows what happens when people mess with them. 2. Being the ones that planned to be Music Industry Managers and went into University not just because they are encouraged by the Politicians to do so in order to find me out and investigate me and commandeer all I own because I refused to co-operate with their stupid needs but also because they went them to drop out and come through the system with a connection that allows them get down with the kids and also links them with music industry money and perhaps Companies and Industries as well. 3. Being the ones whose plans were to ensure that I do not pass my exams i.e. being that they cannot do anything unless they have a hate figure who is surrounded by violent problems from all corners, abused and called names by them so that they can see what is bothering them talk nonsense about people trying to get what they do not deserve or get thing the way theirs never was made for them etc but in the end when done take up the degree they got from the University about which they ensured violent problems always applied to me when I study and during exams etc until I dropped out and go off to do underground work, being escorts of rich people and perhaps popular music singers etc. So in my eyes when it is said what I have done does not show that they have no power here and are only likely to make themselves into a job but rather shows I am an academic environment retard who thinks he can govern them, it simply means revenge complete (I mean we hear them mutter and boast all the time that I seem to pretend that I or actually do not know for what purposes I was set aside to fulfil in this life and that it is what they are showing to me, I always think I must have come pretty close if I am not there yet).  

There is talk now about how I am not an expert at what I do; no idea why it is important anyway, last I checked it did not matter who was an expert and who was not – it is not unusual for business and Industries to get involved with Royalty, not unusual for such Royalty to manage the property involved and to release money for his needs from it if he does need to. The public work, the Property Equities and Securities, the Royal Estate are all mine, not their own, who is an expert and who is not does not come into the matter. I mean the being an expert thing is to indicate they are far better than me but in reality I am a law student with a Royal commission of my own and a publish author to that effect, while they are MPs that passed exams and did some job at some company or establishment at some point in their lives – they are not that clever as compared to me, besides which the academic work to get things done here can never move on account they exist and that big mouth always means I will use their stupid lives to get things done. It does not bother me half as much as they presume it does; I am answering a simple question around the matter of being an expert or not – I know it is a collection of idiots who enjoy letting themselves deep into other people’s business because it means that they can fancy themselves bullies who will punish those who do anything that makes them seem more successful or more clever. The reality of what I do is that I broker creative and creativity equities and securities; they are developed from a secure point of market demand for my Industry work and how much of it can be converted into actual product sales and brokered between producers and consumers for the benefit of both and the problem has always been that if the academic work for it were to have been a major consideration, it would immediately have become a major setback on account these parliament and politics and expert goons exist. They do complain I never broker the equities with everybody even though I do like to tell everybody but that is precisely the point; where we imagine that the equities and the property belonged to somebody else and was taken away from the person by you, how much of it is left, what is it worth at this stage where the service the consumer gets is the ultimate issue and goal? There is nothing they can do if I have no wish to see their side of the game. They say I get into a palaver because I think I can play up British Parliament and British Monarchy to my own ends; it is of course the wrong way of looking at it - the right way up is that once they mention revolution at me, the fact the Monarchy exists means I live in a place and exist in a place where there are no rules and that of course is never the end of it; some people say I refuse to face the facts about the ageism and sexism, I say I am facing the facts about the insults and the only reason somebody will want to handle a boy whose bills he is not paying, whose cloths he never buys is because they want real life and real world complications that I must try to dish out for them as well and they never learn when they drive average saloon cars all over the City - it is not the first time they have as a community thought I am linked to some high power they need to protect themselves from either, I want them off my book sales this time around.

I. Uno I - On behalf of the Firm

Office and Academia Papers

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I hear of this case of some Politics in the British Military which I am blissfully unaware of, the reality of which there is no such Politics – what really happens is the level of respect other peoples careers and profession which they too think is the Bess Knees, gets from the Media, so I constantly have to get off my case since the job of being a professional solider is a priority over Books I have written to ensure their Popular culture paid my Bills, to clear up every mess they make with the jobs and careers of soldiers, therefore what we hear them complain about is a simple reality where the soldiers have had enough. Where I am concerned will be the part in which an Arch Prince who developed some equities to get around mopping up National currency Liabilities while we seek trade opportunities to ensure we are successful as a Country, which I drew up and developed and achieved while I am still a student am not successful because they have gone on media to set themselves out as the icons of success and it has now become a question of where exactly they hope to put a limit to their insults and their personal problems by it showing up on other peoples Office desk on account they have got the stupid Media to play with all day long.

They do say I never listen to concerns about Americans hijacking what I am doing but there is no point listening to it, what I am doing is done on the basis of look, see and take part not own; so the idea Politicians can take it from me is the same old case of constantly having my earnings encumbered by Politicians who have chosen to upstage me at every Public appearance. So its like the questions they have come to get used to, of when exactly I hope to do something about society goons and public transport operatives abusing me all the time, about which what those are complaining about is what resulted from their need to join up with these goons who make themselves icons of success on media, show up at University to chase me around seeking to own the way I handle sociological matters around my career – I ended up getting myself a security guarding job which I did not do for very long, leaving them and their need to screw with me while at it with an escalated problem of keeping Public transport users under control in order to keep the job that got to their heads as well: the escalation from here is what I do not have the time for and have not made a decision on, so this is the basis on which they make me smell like my loo each time I stepped outside of my door. They do say I have not made a decision and do not have the time but am happy to crack them up however the academic institution incidents are an example of how their stupid old fart likes to think everybody wants to respect the fact they had been there and back on the popular culture and not want to put them through it again, not so if I dropped out in 2008 because of them but cannot tidy up and get it finished by 2018. The one impediment to making a decision on it or making time for it however is that of the fact that putting them in order is the job of the Politicians and they are getting around making people smell all day because the Politicians are not doing the jobs they are paid by tax payers to do, getting off a Royal Office to do it for them will create problems of unprecedented proportions, what they have thought happened with me however is that I took the bait and became idealistic, what they find each time they mess with my work is that they were serving the Queen – that way we at the Monarchy keep our relevance even though we have to take the risk of informing the Politicians about what they have developed a routine of neglecting all together.



Ikpe Uno is the Property of the Government of the public of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, he is the Golden King and an influential member of the British Establishment. He owns an Empire, a Global intellectual space from which Financial Institutions and Services derive intellectual property that they can deploy to root and secure their ventures in the Global financial Market.


Ikpe Uno does not run an occult or own an occult website or carry or or rendezvous with those who do such activities, which trouble makers in the financial Industry and their Politicians like to try to make out is the case; such a suggestion will be the process of insecurities geared at the quest for self discovery and the digging of the United Kingdom for intellectual sensibilities, which can then be deployed on doing very stupid things by those who have no wish to do any useful work in the process of being incredibly rich. Hence an understanding that he will make no statements suggesting items of his intellectual space in writing, which can be taken advantage of or indeed put up any form of attitude or action which gives away his work because some feel that they are the ones that run the Present Global financial Market, which he does agree with, but have done nothing to destroy that process of people making alliances with the evils of society to scare people in order to practice financial marketing and the doing of Financial Business in peace, he has just not shared his equities and intellectual property and will attack anything which attacks his business. Hence a fact that the desires of some to influence financial system has increased over the years in a desire to make themselves rich with the use of media and violent society on the pretext of his work, based on the idea that they were responsible for building the Companies and Businesses which the financial market is comprised of and still make no sense to HH since he has been protecting and propping up the stock exchanges of the world from financial collapse but with their help earned treachery from their Politicians, who now blame it all on Bankers by making examples of such deeds in the United Kingdom, since the year of our Lord 2003 and it is the aftermath of being compromised and excessively exposed because of their plans to get corrupt with what belongs to him, seeking the enhancement of their lost evil powers and institution of their evil displacements, even though no body stops them from practicing such things, except they are stopped by their own desire to attack other people's choices which accounts for the fact that they are to a large extent responsible through their stubborness, arrogance and greed, for the present global economic crisis.


He is therefore perfectly conscious of the fact that they will try to insert themselves into the importance of the way things work here, by doing so at some point in the history of his world, property and life, so that when they have sensed enough power and corruption gained which destroys financial equity, they can in search for more attention become even more conceited using street language they have used before such as claims I have "stolen their beauty".

Such security matters as they complain of are of no consequence, they have been well taken care of; HH Intellectual space was legitimised before the world a very long time ago, long before they started their evil arguments and those of them who run con industries got into the habit of telling the Arch Prince how to do his job every time they appear on Public media, all other forms of disturbance are merely meant to create a residual sense that somebody else can have or pioneer the same thing, which creates regional insecurity. If much wrongly and unduly debated heroism has come to mean pioneering, the violence of which The Arch Prince must make sure he is able to control whether or not he looks the part that is (which is a very common form of instability). Couple these with the fact that it is not a viable move or decision to push somebody in his stature into what might be seen as the lower fringes of Capitalism, this is a problem that is worth noting by those who trust their enemies on other people's property and show off on media all the time doing so for the Financial Economy. Thus they also wish to recycle what has become their curse by copying me and making use of Racism and other Violent discrimination, to substitute my Intellectual property with beauties of the damned, after they had already wiped out all leverage to the rights to privacy of ordinary people in the world by trying to force inspiration from his work on them which changes the way they think because they are attacking his faith-which of course they get support from Politicians for, of which not doing so through avoiding the process of doing things that are democratically inconvenient to those who are greater than them while demanding democracy at the same time, does not occur to them as the right thing to do because it is the only thing that can serve their thieving needs would have afforded them the chance to work for what they need these things and get a head start in the first place for but it would also afford other people the chance to get a head start on fixing some of their most important life problems which again they do not seem to want when it is not their own lives to decide.


With this plan of scrutinizing people with claims people have stolen their beauty, to find their ideas and thereof, get off to build whatever business or financial institutions that must exist, obliterating the Human right to privacy in the course of it, which the act of doing so is based on their hope that the systems of global surveillance and technology will jump onto the back of their actions, if not now eventually, it is laid out;  the Present Global Financial crisis itself all together. Even they know these financial institutions of theirs and of these sort will never last, they knew this before they got into the business and are merely there to cause trouble, get rich and when prevented from doing so, choose self improvements from the work and finances of those who have to do the right thing and more so is it important that they do not attack HH's work so people do not give their money to criminals at the global level, except they had no other choice.

Which is all being aggravated by the fact that business owners who fall into these Category now believe that they can control market to continue, the fact and problem remaining however that others can too and Banks, same as financial institutions and financial businesses need secrecy of intellectual property that has nothing to do with their powers, to provide a service and of course they need secrecy of security because of the risks involved in their business.



This Website is the Current Official Website of Arch Prince (or High diplomat) and Author Ikpe Uno: who goes by the Social name of the Black Diamond and the Golden King and The Morning Sun, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and deals in broking his intellectual property, Securities and Equity.


Ikpe Uno is an Arch Prince (Half Priest Half Prince, Prince with duties to serve the British State and the British Church on the diplomatic front of international affairs). We do not have communism in the west, thus Arch Prince as a name or the Arch Prince referring to him, is not a blood line member of the British Royal Family, however a member of the British Royal Family.  He is a writer of non fiction books or what has been recently categorised as contemporary fiction because they are a product of his renaissance. He is a self Published Author and his books are about his life and his brokered intellectual property and equity at different very important stages, which people can buy with real money, therefore they come in the form of his Autobiographical Journal.

He has been at war with Greed, gluttony, corruption and Human degradation for Years and now in the process of broking his equities intends to share this security with the peoples of the world as well and more so for the purpose of securing his global intellectual space and equity, hence what is up for sale are only pieces of work that are a product of victories gained. 


 He has huge interests of this nature in the Manufacturing industry Globally, where the aesthetic functions of Automobile Manufacturing and Electronic Household Manufacturing accounts for the largest part of intellectual property being brokered here. As the Books which are written and sold here will have shown, the deployment of the management of fundamentalism can be very useful in many instances and structures for the purpose of packet securities that are sold with products which are created on them, particularly in ensuring that there has been a successful creating of products that are in themselves for reason of reputations attached to them or what intellectual properties have been distilled into their making as involved in them, not about to invite the unhealthy parts of cultural behaviour or social indulgence. As indicated on the Home page, protecting the intellectual space and the life of the City of London (its architecture and various other languages of it's structures and infrastructures) also involves interests in Education and Intellect: seeing that the right skills are provided for available jobs in the correct way, and awareness of culture and this British Prince's other two favourite industries; Fashion and Architecture thereof which account for the second Largest allocation of intellectual property being brokered here, followed by Financial Institutions Financial Businesses and Banks.


The Arch Prince a very environmentally conscious individual who for reasons of cultural greed and corporate robbery and how both work to rob others of even the most basic rights to privacy and security, only to create ageist violence and social as well as sectarian extremism from it demanding more and more and more power, whose rubbish one finds intolerable, most likely will damage things people find valuable, if they damage an environment in which his temperaments are deployed to watch over and nurture. In this he provides intellectual property that helps manufacturers to fit in and fill in where ideas, cost and discouragements over and for creating environmentally friendly products is concerned, thus he does not like Political systems, the theatre of the opinion their problems represent, the level of power that they have got, in much the same way that he does not like interference from and do not share his global intellectual space, property or equity with business that operate in this way. I does not appreciate and excludes 'evil Businesses' from his intellectual space and goes even further to ensure they do not make profits on him by making an advantage out of it and have been known to do anything necessary to recover his equities if they make use of them, especially before they have grabbed some market in the process of doing so.   

True to his outlook as a British Prince, is very conscious of quality of life and although he prefers prioritising the environment to giving support for the rise of industry, in this order, have rather been very successful at making the United Kingdom a much viable Business environment than even the mighty America.


As you will have seen, this is a staunch British protestant website and such matters as are associated with the duties of the Church and duties he owes to the Church will be reflected every where they are necessary.

He is not of the opinion or impression there isn't relentless evil and excused violence by which business is worked around him or all around us, he requires nothing from his friends, fans and customers, certainly not in the form of power, all he need is a book bought and a smile on people's faces.

 And certainly not His Equities and Securities being used for the pleasure of idiots that barge their way into involvement with other peoples businesses seeking access to him they need to have because they have worked out what friendship with him must be like, which results in them being used as shrine for wealth and glory by those that own the businesses and the later use of HH's personal life and personality for endless beauties splashed all over all sorts of media (where some of the vilest individuals ever are known to operate who are always saying insults to others of being told how to spend their own money which they extracted from the properties of those they say it to when no body is asking them and will no sooner tell people they trifle with their social powers which is what they always say but before then seem to have located the person who had the right property to be handed to gangs who will beat people up or kill people for them and Music industry fools that will make them rich and give them more power thereof to cause more trouble) for their pleasure and ownership, which they get wrecking his life to make these comparisons of beauty that they win and then keep that way making sure no body makes them settle for less because they think their Politicians will be spared and they will carry on like that forever as insolently as possible, even when they know it has an end and their pleasure of taunting One to attack his health and thereafter become violent to ensure he does not approach them to take it away which is just not sensible in anyway and such a great waste of time and resources which is not theirs.


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