Now it has become popular fact that whenever people have views on what they should do with or about Europe they suppose my position is also really important in the matter from a point where I have no means of influencing the outcome of anything and the need to make sure I respond is a good excuse to pillage my finances and book sales. Where I stand however to clear up the issues is rather as simple as the fact that it is always better to go the International Scene with friends and allies and that I do hope all idiots from all sides of any argument there is know exactly what they are doing. The way it works is that they play foolish games and they play a lot and play a lot of it too - so that the Ambassador of Spain may meet with the British one and put forward a proposal for co-operation which gets to the highest level of British Government but gets no concrete response from the British until the Spanish had made an assumption and propelled the plans into an advanced programme and then they can turn up to waste tax payers money and time voting on issues they could simply have answered at the office; sounds like time wasting and sound democratic of course but I am not the one ripping the dividends and then pretending it is another persons problem recently; the reason they behave like that being that the way their sense of International co-operation applies is Mr politician having a business with two distribution centres in mainland Europe, so that his sense of what happens with or about Europe is largely whether or not somebody has done something to or Government has done Policy or treaty that has affected his business, they think it is a recipe for power and wealth but all it really does is force others to become very protective of what they own since people who behave that way will in a heart beat pillage other peoples property to make their own better and so they heard me as well i.e. I hope all idiots from all sides know what they are doing. Some may say accomplishing these things and stating facts of it is amazing but it is what I am doing with them at present that is even more spectacular i.e. they cannot believe that a collection of people with no government authority whatsoever can get off from no where and force them to work with the economy in the appropriate manner and they cannot believe the same have held out against all kinds of nonsense they can come up with from vandalism to spreading goodwill that belongs to them as it were until the end of the recession and the return of economic health which will set questions for them of the kind of an in or an out and so each time they realise they have complied with the will of such people, something has got to give, something has got to be damaged and so when they damage it make out it has something to do with me as well bearing in mind and so they have heard me too i.e. I hope all idiots from all sides know exactly what they are doing - so I can do them again along with their abusive media scum  and the intimately insolent freedom fighters affiliated too.


 Firm Eurozone Property Assets and Book sales Assets written out in Functional Aesthetics

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The general idea is that it has become more profitable for people to consult shrines that evil women keep for the purpose of collecting strengths and career prospects from younger people to accord them the respects of older people that know how to get linked to the cultures of the land; the prognosis is that if I were to spend a lot of time on a process of setting out a means of making sure that the idea of respect does not apply to Politics and business people, so that the workers of these evil cultures can then get to make their own interpretations about their lives which becomes a sub culture that can be handed over to somebody else, technically they were born into the world first and I will be financially worse off and therefore there would never have been a point to it – this is the most outstanding property and finances threat at present, not some economic conditions that have not been foreseen.Now The reality about where the UK stands on the Eurozone is the fantasy of a collection of Political fools, that they can with resources they have which are currently in the possession of those who actually own it, to manage a reorientation of UK Economy to work with the Interests of Big Common Wealth Members as well as the preservation of the Relationship we have with the US, they have got nothing to show for where they stand on South America or Africa either and will certainly create a lot of instability there too once they have pulled the UK out of the Eurozone - it is practicable and predictable to see that any parliament or Parliamentary arrangement makes regulations and rules according to the content of its members and so the legislative monstrosity that the EU has become today is what its members have made it into since they were last elected to represent the UK in the Chamber there and no other factor and so everybody must take the blame for it equally including the UK government, the actions of the members of its parliament of which is making things worse and not better both for those who like the EU and those who do not (besides which the instability that these shenanigans create for British overseas Territories and more so at the expense of this company will not be tolerated as if the financial destruction they wreak regularly on it too). In my view, only a lunatic will plan the future of a Country outside its circle of friends for life but in their view they are convinced I have nothing to say in the face of the financial benefits of their Policies as compared with the risk of doing so. HH The Arch Prince's prognosis; 'The greater point of call here is of course the gradual death of talent based Industry in Europe because we are too concerned about what kind of economic recovery the rest of the world wants and no body is suggesting that Governments cannot compete financially here, its just that the Liabilities that my Company will face is incredible and I can say the same for other commodity creating Companies in all over the Continent as well.'

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They claim HH will be made to choose a political side which is utter nonsense; all One knows from his office is that the Conservatives would oppose the Monarchy but if they did then Labour the Party of Lazy people will take over everything they do. So now they have a parliament where both sides are in their own corners fighting their cause, there is nothing to choose and it is all the fault of Lazy Labour and the fact that if they spent half the energy they spend ruining peoples lives to share their income and leave them with nothing, while both they and those they assault in such ways have bills to pay in order to be glorious, into creating their own part of what they need, so they don't have to rely on racism, the country would be a much richer and more prosperous place but they will never do that because of the basis on which the party is founded i.e. laziness and any who dares will have their lives completely destroyed, so the rule is 'grab from others'. 

Question is; If HH knows this then why does he get involved with them? One never got involved with them, they got involved with him with their insolence and violent extortion attitudes to plan their future and ensure they secure a process of always being taken care of, against One's wishes and particularly hate him because he sells securities to earn as well-playing power and domination on his personal life and finances, then trying to extend it into some new means of Political governance that will kill off religion while they pretend to be religious people at the same time, which they claim is not a bad thing because their Politicians claim that with them too looking for trouble and of course HH needs to sell them out to the rich or indeed anybody he wants to, needs to have this mobility available to broke, hence the connection and then of course the fact the only thing democratic about the UK is the arrangements they make because after their extortion, at the end everybody needs a job and they will supply it one way or another

The usual thing is their homosexuality, sadism and the process of using civil liberties to ensure the moral and the religious fail at their case and causes and believes, in order to try and force them to be homosexual, while they end up becoming the only ones that get rich and more so by it and HH does not like the idea of a change and or evolution from them too; this is the job he got from them and everybody that wants one needs to get their own.

Like they claim One messes with their jobs all the time which has no bearing to fact because what they think they can do to other people is ensure that their jobs are not paying them  after they must have had it which means no other job will ever pay because they are messing with the finances of such people and getting power and fun from it, which their Ministers of Parliament and various Politicians then give them money and help to keep up for no reason at all. Hence the bottom line is that you may think the way the world works is that people work for what they need and it would not do you a lot of harm to give a larger proportion of what you had through your talent to vulnerable people, you have taken up responsibility for, in order to get off working for what you need which will bring about a better life for everybody and some normalcy for you and salvation for the world as well. Except that you are wrong because if you brought home a million pounds to put away in your safe which you didn't even show your kids, the local and National socialist Party will know all about, have access to and spend it, bringing into your life and home every trouble maker of that nature they can find on the street to improve their image and then get ready for elections after all they had already done. So you end up as the generous democrat who is not having an income because he is stupid and unsuccessful and tries things he cannot do but because an idiot somewhere in Parliament who thinks the name politician makes him a fabled creature that you cannot make any sense or hurt to get him off your case or also thinks you are completely incapable of hate, is wasting all you owns to keep it up. After which they want democracy as well which is always the final straw, which is why One feels they will make noise too that he interferes with their jobs hence the reasons they attack his finances hoping some threat will come from him against them, so it might go badly wrong for them as well.


The European - Eurozone Debt Crisis has mainly developed along the prognosis of Economic reforms that are being applied on the Political front at a time of economic stagnation and other difficulties; besides which these issues really were not meant to be the plaything of lewd people and their Popular musics and their drugs, criminals, criminal money and drinks in homes where there are swimming pools and the fact they are not the mates of people who tell them how to live their lives, who don't even tell them such things anyway but need to be persecuted because they are Christians.

Try as you may however it is clear that you can only do so much to regulate or control how much stock market traders associate with these kinds of people (socialist trouble makers and girls they protect using peoples property to do their own as well and wrecking the finances of those who must be made to be inferior), bearing in mind they have a habit with money and the outcome of that is what we are dealing with already but then it gets even worse because the Politicians don't want anybody telling them what to do as well and there are those big boys they have already dispatched to exasperate people until they have to, businesses to who get between people and their wealthy friends in order to respect rich people with other peoples property using the Commercials industry and media leading the way in association with these kinds of people and thereafter issuing cultural threats at legitimate workers and businesses and ageism on people depending on which has been said to have stolen their beauty recently.

 However the sticking point here is that no sensible economist would embark on economic reforms with a debt, you cannot have success in a place where you are pouring debt into a condition where there is no economics and if you fix an economy in it, you will always end up with academically high prices as it were. The European debt crisis is not just a matter of money and credit but a matter of waste and stubbornness.

All that I really can offer for my part is to set out here that my securities are available for Euro economies that need to suspend policy until they have settled on exactly what they want to do and all I can advice is that the previous economic model is always the best template for any recovery, more so after a recession. All I can do is to make a reminder which exists in the form of the fact I have done everything I can to prevent the destructiveness which come from other developing economies and the elements of ideological dishonesty within them which work such things because they are friends with these vandals and are always looking for people they can ensure are taking care of hem, just like those economies, especially China do all it can to prevent such trouble makers from moving into Western economies, Russia was always an Old European ally. 

Not worried about celebrities I am as it were; they aren't the important Staffs of the world who earn millions with their businesses, tons of which I have in my private life due to my Social status, they are not people who work in the businesses of these individuals and also earn lots of money doing so, they are just celebrities stealing peoples fame and income at the precise point where people should be earning a Living. Their actions are never discriminative as it were; and I am pretty sure their familiarities with people was something I opened up, by having a Royal Estate without being worthy of it.

Here in the UK it seems they have no plans to stay out of my job and especially my income with their fame and fortune vandalism; their civil service workers do nothing with their time but attack my books and earnings and their media goons nothing with their time but detach me from businesses I should be serving for a living, while trying to get rich to be the businesses to make me serve them, which is what means the entire world to them. They always make out the purpose of these things especially ruining my finances and trying to use Public services to control my life, is to protect their Politicians and Celebrities from us Royalty but clearly the problem as it stands especially with their evil commercials industry with which they detach me from other people relentlessly and stifle my book sales-particularly taking pictures and making videos of silly girls on my property and without permission-claiming it is because they need to be compensated for the fact they will never have what I have, is that whenever and wherever money is mentioned they assume they have the right to get in there-and they really do not.

There are no crisis in the Euro zone I am aware of in an academic sense, more so which requires spending any of my property especially over the so called Money Liabilities of the UK Economy that media like to bandy around looking for whom to rob, to guard any money anywhere; just foolish people whose business has come to a dead end trying to drag people down with them. They are supposed to get stuck, their businesses fall apart and they pack up and go home as they have made enough money already. Otherwise they want to think about their attitude which is not what concerns me as a person at the end of the day; this idea they have opened up my life to evil people that worry about getting rich so often they dont work for it because those once had a brush with me at some point and waited for me at the part of my life where I needed a job and earnings thereby meaning they can control my life and get on media to hurt me for ideas until they collect everything I own is absolute rubbish and will result in a condition where I hurt them seriously as well (whatever gave them the idea they can touch me or my property as it were). They have made enough money and this is the reason they are stuck, their businesses cannot do any better and it is not because I have or I said it and it needs to shut down. I am saying they are not worse off anyway and have enough money to make a good future for their children and to last them a life time, except they mismanage it which is none of my business.


It is not exactly clear why people love to say things about some kind of the existence of a United States of Europe. I find it difficult to understand what point they make such a prognosis from. I mean how do you go about telling Greece and Cyprus for example that they exist in the same Country; I mean your prognosis definitely has to be that of the number of shackle homes in Vine yard estates and of course we can always go by those kinds of similarities if people promise not to complain. The point I am trying to make here is the simple fact that the process of reminidng people they need to snap out of playing to the tune or dancing to the tune of a collection of vandals with big egos, will ever bring results in the end. There are two facts to behold here: one of them is that clearly the only way it will operate is a condition of checking the economy every Four months to find it has been doing just a little bit badly , so that you can give them more money, the other is that there is no proof that that there is any known pronosis that this situation will improve, all there is, is an economy that was far richer than all the money that the governments have got at the moment, which has just crashed and that their egos were at the heart of that destruction. This brings us to the other vital issue on that matter of the United States of Europe which is that of new behaviours which have not yet been classified by law and bearing in mind that such things come with time, that space is being filled at the moment with economic activities, which is really expensive and this is the problem of the Eurozone not plans anybody is having to build a United States of Europe. I for my part have my own ways where by either in the near or the far future, they will tell me they have hung around this business and its market place for long enough to tell me that it has become a part of their culture which I have stolen and then I we will end up with a new frontier because of the effects it has on my income but for a government that needs a thriving employment market and system, the money is very important, when it comes to the need to be mobile enough to make them loose their jobs for a while, each time they cause destruction or damage otherwise they will never ever behave. 

The point I am making ultimately is not just empahsis on the need more so considering what the timing that the discussing of this facts really indicate, that what happens at the stock market, where they fly along side their egos needs to be ignored, first of all if the govenrments must have control and then if the economy must recover, hence we can finish off what we have started over the financial sector at the office at this point, these kinds of conversations indicate the timing to push for growth and economic security, more so even National growth, even if it is done in part.


The biggest of the lots is the things people say on media. I mean they say the problem with the Eurozone for example is the Euro itself, which they also say can only work if there is perhaps more fiscal and monetary integration for example and it is mind blowing the idea that I could create a business and wish to trade with a certain currency, then work out that when I find out that many countries use that currency and that each and everyone of them have their own separate and monetary as well as fiscal policy, whereby such a power is only taken away from them when and if they get bail out funds from the Europeans Central bank, it is the fault of the currency that I cannot do things the way I want and in this respect I push for changes to the way the currency exist or works with the use of media; it has never been heard of. I mean we can see the direction it is heading anyway: worse case and the Bank of England will protect its patch, while of course we already know what Europeans are like anyway. It is amazing that whenever they do these things, they want my opinion as well.

However which the gathering up of the wealth of entire countries like European Politicians have, claiming I paved the way by showing what is possible with a Literary Empire their idiots love to claim is what they want for new democracies with a big mouth, from what ironically seems to be government office, is what is not yet clear to people that the only value there is ascribed to it, is the one that they have made up, especially with respect to investing the money when all is calm to get their people jobs, while making their families rich. What it has got nothing to do with, is the British Royal Family or indeed myself but I do not mention such things because people are mad on the basis of the fact I have written my books for four years now and no matter how much they want it, rather prefer to listen to idiots on the streets and then repeat stories those idiots tell, which have to do with what Politicians want, all the way to claims the problem is that I got published with the wrong crowd as if the fact it occurred so was to my benefit. So in my view it is the case that they must always be allowed to be, however that this is a process of Political idiots emulating the British Monarchy is that which is utter and complete rubbish.

They say I have to live as though I am living in the west but the fact that the time frame for subverting my products each time I put them at the market place on account I own a Royal Property that people can hate on public media has never taken a turn for a change in a decade; it has become the purpose of the media, funny there on a daily basis with chances for other miscellaneous cultural wickedness to have a hapless victim and the question is still that of how anybody puts up with it for a decade and this question I intend to answer by making the media understand, I will set out Royal Property to inform all parties involved where my position is and where I have been and what I am up to and no matter hoe opulent it is, sell books and make enough money to live like a Prince from whose property the books and written and I intend to sell those books by showing and teaching the media they are not supposed to touch my property. Of course I am black too and therefore aware this also means stifling the insolent false confidence robberies of their western black idiots too.

Now the big question about Europe and my personal opinion is simple i.e. take Greece for example, the question is how a Country where the entire economy depends on tourism and the tourism depends on Mediterranean Politics and community in the grand scheme of a wider and bigger EU would become Bankrupt three times in a row. The same irresponsibility threatens to engulf us all as it were with idiots crushing businesses to amass the money for themselves and set around to secure social power. Here in the UK however another group that are still doing business with those same fools are now putting some referendum to us that we are damned if we vote and damned if we do not, about leaving the European Union and they regularly show signs of seeking a response from me like I have been clear that bigger economies in Europe continue to complain while the biggest problem there is, is their irresponsibility and the idea it is victimless. So my response is simply that they believe they will handle me when they get the UK out of the EU when they could not handle me in the EU while they were there alongside their friends - same old story that they have taken the money and we all await the day they will invest it and so the need to round up every means by which they can make profit with the money without legitimate economic activity is something that is accomplished and firmly embeded in my CV, hence it is only fair to conclude that the EU was bigger than the UK and therefore a more difficult task and no body knows why they continue to assume that it is in my interest that they get out of my economic trap and largely get to deploy government office to do so as well like it was their personal and private property, when they know they have threatened to create economic recovery by adding more money to that money they took via the process of making us create it for them from nothing and hence a very oppressive path to economic recovery was promised which will only happen in hell. We await the day they will invest that money and make profit by doing the job and creating jobs for others as well and tinkering around my company to find a way out of that to implement oppressive economic strategy can only make the situation worse than it is at present instead of simply going along with what the Natural economy demands, which last I looked was never an evil that is mentioned in the Bible in the first place anyway (I am a Christian you see, so I do the Holy Bible). Very important thereof they stay off my book sales and stop talking nonsense about what they will do to me in the UK when they get themselves out of a conglomeration of friends like them who conspire against me all the time i.e. my answer to whether or not we should leave the EU is that they need to stop doing business with the irresponsible social idiots from Europe and then we will find out what it is really all about, since these fools will continue to do business with them anyway from what we know, whether or not we as a Country leave the EU. Hence need to leave me alone and say no to a certain kind of money for a change in their stupid lives, if the fate of the entire world depended upon it. They are all thieves you see and this is the simplest way of putting it and they will never stop hitting my property and finances until they spend all of it on themselves and will never get out of my economic trap too, so they can get down to the job and pay the taxes in order to find out how they must evade it.

I. Uno I


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Current Publications. 


The behaviour of violent intrusion and liquidity crisis created by familiarities of abusive insults, which are largely used for the purpose of wrecking the finances of leaders while forcing them to deal with extremism as well, that Politicians like to support, in order to create educated well off idiots are mostly recently being used by people today to make HH do things only he can do on the entire planet-particularly with the use of media and their societies. Such is the insolence and the abuse in any case but it has just progressed here because they are such bullies who love to celebrate their wickedness so much, all the way from making new democracies out of One's personal life, from where the things that the market wants will be such things as they have found from his personal life or will only buy them when he feeling of his personal life accompanies those things, to give to the market those things and continuing there of from there, while he gets the history and flattery of being a tortured soul because it has no limits; just like they want young people to abuse but cannot get any and manufacture theirs to find privileges of injustice to cover their tracks for it with by Politics which their Politicians help them with. The attack continues while the entire basis of their sustenance is extracting money from HH's Securities. Which is not surprising anyway because they are supposed to be the big boys and the thugs or something, who always want to be traders as well and think Japan has become some Kind of Haven for them as well.

The entire point has always been the exposure to and self improvement for fascism in order to waste peoples liquidity, getting people into places where they can sit down and enjoy their personal life style by which they tap into what makes other people tick messing with their private lives to and then go off to get rich on it as if it does not belong to somebody any more. Once they get to that state, it seems to be some kind of a tradition to them and they are always deserving things. Next their stupid girls will tell people they know HH's kind inside and out and when he gets rid of that underground life and prostitution with alternative jobs, the Politicians come to their aid and then end themselves up at the other end of One's tunnel having something he wants, which they deny him after he had worked for it then hope they can make the world bigger and make his world smaller in order to win, while making sure HH cannot deny them anything he owns, in a condition where they are always obsessively making deals with him to vandalise his work in his absence and it is the process of ending this happening in his place and on his property and income that they are so confident he cannot make happen.

So the question they have a problem with recently is whether it is an issue of An Arch Prince compared to Pop stars they have made rich at his expense or they are very busy making out that hooligans no longer want to be known as rich hooligans because they much prefer to be known as the rich, great and good? Now after years of interfering with HH's life with it, he has a problem to fix and cannot say exactly how sad it will be when he is done, although he should not have to worry about it since he is a Christian and they really are unfathomably wicked individuals, who like to be made to look beautiful on the outside knowing they are full of trouble on the inside and seek to make that more and more and more evil.

For what everything they will get up to is wroth, it is always so expedient to control their stupid insolent familiarity and abuses by which they then have hearts-so they can have slangs as well. The problem being that they don’t want to be rich hooligans any more when they have found a way to extract money from other peoples purses and pots of Gold. Bearing in mind what they want to be called these days, having trapped people they can cause suffering to protect themselves from violent fascism so they can do what they like, is the rich great and good and so having interfered with his life for so long and so deep HH is at a loss as to how sad it will be by the time he is finished; They had an obligation to ensure that if they were determined to earn millions by not working for it because they can get it from his market place selling something else in place of his books, they could ensure others were not doing it with them as well, lest One has a blanket control of their entire culture, they also had an obligation to ensure if they were abusing  him, everybody was not having a go as well, so he does not have a blanket control of their media. He has mentioned it before in any case too that people do not barge into other peoples lives with the sole purpose of finding where they keep their safes, in order to ensure the owners come home to see it open and find out cash has gone missing everyday, while no body tells them where the cash is because it does not matter whether or not they do, because they are being malicious and hate others for being successful not because they have problems.

HH keeps this prognosis when they claim they have become stronger by the way.

Their Politicians on the other hand like to make out that he thinks he can buy the country, which of course is just something about their imagination when they think they can get to a place where they will win a fight and then force him in there to have the fight and then they will win it because the world revolves around them and they are important. HH does not think he can buy any country around here; his Royal estate was given him because of the Unique nature of my relationship with God and also because of a very special skill by which he solved his Problems, which Her Majesty The Queen wanted to become part of the Nations culture and identity (the process by which the Monarch brokers Equity with HH to look after the future of her subjects is now Public property). Everything he has worked for since then and owned on that basis since 2001 has been his personal property and One don’t want or like anybody even when they think they are god himself to go about grabbing any of it wherever he has placed any of it or some political fascist or media idiot has scandalised it, as doing so will definitely lead to trouble from him as well, bearing in mind also it robs him on earnings since these are derivatives of his books and therefore copyrighted too, especially while he is not currently earning from it. So this idea they have that HH has got a rival and that rival is one of their stupid children does not make any sense whatsoever to anybody that lives in reality and putting up with their claims he has such rivals is as far as they go. One does wonder if it does cross their minds that most of those rubbish they get up to is dishonourable to their Prime Ministers?

Although HH personally does not care anyway; the biggest lesson from the way he lives his life is clearly that democracy, especially when they have talked about it as "our culture" and as "our society", has never been a factor of what a collection of goons that are selected by classified Anarchy into government office and then kept there by intimidation done by others through all kinds of fascism that cannot possibly be liberal and tolerant people.

The only thing that looks like it in the evil British parliament is the Conservative Party and they are few and far between from perfect.

For Labour, what they and their workhorse the Liberal democrats mean by "we were growing before other parties and a Coalition government messed it up", was that, they are a group of people that want to extract enough money to be better off than other people on the the property of the same people and when told they cannot have it, tell such people to find another country to live in and hence when they spend tax payers money doing it, while clawing some of the money back by tax, they claim it means they have created growth, which will then be sustained by a process of making sure the condition where HH always does what they want him to do continues as they provocatively expect to do their jobs by sponsoring vandalism on his earnings which he does earn he way he does because he is liberal before hey remember they are Politicians and begin insults because they think he will most likely not hurt them at all, by which growth will then be possible. All we really had with them was a condition where they are these people that do these things but then suddenly want to have friends overseas, without giving thought to the fact that as they go after these friends, people will be moving into their country that they make sure those they cannot violently extort things from, then force to look after them are not having in the first place but worse still is also the fact that this affects the financial industry and to ensure it does everybody, they also lay claims to manufacturing as well and then while they go no where and still are able to trap certain talents that they bully to feel good, when they spend tax payers money doing all these things, they claim we have been having economic growth. 

HH on the other hand facing this fact is not saying it is a problem as such; by his prognosis, "this is our country and we should not apologise for it or want it any differently. Labour is the socialist party, another will always have to work for the money while they spend it on themselves to win elections, its just the way it is but at the moment economic growth has got nothing whatsoever to do with them." HH for his part will have them discuss it all the time while they still want to keep their records as the people that can ruin a man's life so badly they make him less than a man, or are the ones that can turn those who don’t do their bidding into homeless gits, because he enjoys selling them out to the rich (when their vandalism are done, they will always want jobs but since no body wants to be the person that does not have a job, it applies they will not be able to respect the rich with other peoples property and HH intends to crush any rich people that take them in so they can work with such persons on the prognosis of giving them the future they boast about all the time and the he can sell them out to get jobs in a world where everybody have the right to be evil or righteous), so that while they spend the money somebody else is earning it too. Hence on the contrary, HH quite likes them here but only to mention it when he has been doing it in order to scour them with it because whether he likes it or not, he clearly will always have them as a matter and a problem on his table.

For HH it is rather personal as they have been targeting him for years and years now for bullying and abuse and power over other human beings claiming One is responsible for making them objects of scandal when they fail on such things which causes them to become even more violent and more destructive when they are not violent, which create financial problems and liquidity starvation too not to mention con crimes and financial crimes, now that they have gone all extreme with it; the women on the other hand doing it to support their men along the lines of securing some kind of stable bully victim, over claims of respects given to HH's Boss Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom, while Americans just do it because they can.

Of course this matter is not available for media fools to play about with making news and scandal and abuse to get rich; there is nothing to be troubled about with respect to ethnic minorities either-on this particular occasion, the ethnic minorities we are talking about are the ones that are very good at looking after children (because they are such bullies who attack new Adults, it applies one has been getting information on discrimination from hem over it which he is not interested in, to the point where he can make it into Policy).




Hence his prognosis; "why don’t people ever have explanations that have nothing to do with the truth for the fact when people see you while there is an economic crisis, they have decided to get help from Politicians and ruin you financially already, so that you might have to start all over again so they can copy and knowing of course that you cannot stop trying, may have even taken steps to cut out all your alternatives, so that you might be in such a condition because they think they are really though or cannot stop fighting because you have no alternative job so that you might become the object of ridicule that gets everybody out of ridicule so some can be evil vicious violent tyrants thereafter? They are also planning to ensure after they had copied, they then make sure you are the one that does not have it while they are the ones that do; which leaves so much behind for their jobs and your job for those that are strong enough to fight them whom Politicians expect should change their stance so they can do what they like, since it is not a fight they are likely to win with the fact they are stupid. Besides which is the fact they started it like this years before the economic crisis itself and now seem to claim it is happening because of it to cut off those they have been fighting from the professionalism of their jobs while they will need self improvements to fill in the gaps. Obviously the none white ones have got white friends and some created scapegoat that is also more powerful and important than they are to blame for all that goes wrong. It applies that the West wanted to be encumbered Politically, Socially and Economically and this they have made for themselves, I am only managing what the world has become and more so at my Office and over my property."


 So there is talk of some EU budget and the need to get a grip on it which I find difficult to understand, for of course it appears to be the same old issue that winds me up whenever people do i.e. when asked to do a thing, another that is closely related becomes more important. In the case of the CAP for example, the idea is that France being one of the richest countries gets the biggest budget but no body sees from this that the Agricultural sector needs to be comprehensively harmonised and that doing so will create research and productivity opportunities as well as better regulation and production because of course it is rather more important to talk about the matter of a super state that is meant to have been a super state without any problems of its own. I am not for one moment suggesting it is not the same old corruption, its the old matter of where it involves me and how I get angry about the fact when people are meant to do a thing another that is closely related becomes more important, so they can talk more about money and more about budgets and give people some and send some to their personal accounts with the result that people have the hand outs but none of the jobs and the standard of living. Yes I know there are people who were thinking about it before I decided to expose them by mentioning it but that is why I mention it too because when we consider the corruptions and the insolent existence of people that talking beats up all the time, it is rather difficult to resist doing so all the time as well bearing in mind even the most well meaning of them are likely to be Americans you have a business arrangement with who communicate it to parliament in the UK for example, so that people there can pretend it harms me when such idiots are playing their ball with all I own, find out it does not and set out to wreck my business and make out ideas the government is bigger than me as well-bearing in mind also a process where the more you speak of the corruption is the more ideas they get for it which is why you do when it has nothing to do with you especially when they crave what you own and are certain they will have it either way you react which is certainly not the same for this firm too.


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