Today the one issue that has stood out as a platform by which the Media can run the next stage of their widespread socially organised bullying is how hopeless most people feel about getting on the Housing or social ladder all together. The reality being that most people who have not been getting into work to accumulate their cash for a House and Kids fees up to University have been doing other things that will help them compensate in the long run and it is this same Media based spin system that Politicians work with as well which brews the extremely bitter scum that show up to damage it and rip up people’s lives with problems on both ends. I for my part of which am content with setting them back until I am compensated as well at the market place and if not I wait for them at that stupid retirement to ensure I make them understand. They do say it never works but it’s an old story of which one works and which one does not, so that people can make themselves into a go between whose position is such that others need have money and then somebody’s life is flushed down the toilet but then again I do tell the Journalists, especially male ones that these people complain at National Media because they make use of my Books without paying, what still happens is that when they get off to complain they are compensated by a Journalist who helps them still my identity and sell things to get rich or do Popular culture fame and fortune in my stead. So I really do feel like hurting them physically especially over all those violently abusive insults that come from being assured they can treat me like a candy from a baby victim any time they wish even when they know it is actually not possible, lending me pure misery in the process and being content thereafter with seeking ways of making it financially profitable – so I will begin with this case of finding out what will become of them when they are in the same boat as the society people they love so much for my part as well to begin within the next four weeks or so and take up the rest from there and then I am sure I will be free from crime at some stage when I take it seriously enough to be. They do say there is a certain kind of attitude on my part which encourages these things; I am aware it’s the one where Arch Prince spends time on trading with everyday people and since he does not want the kind of business where people of importance are organised and fairs are being held and business is being done in an environment where they can be real Men, then Journalists can have it instead, besides which it is an example of the perks that come from ripping up his finances all day long - so they will stop complaining only when they stay the hell away from me and stop all ruffians playing with me when I am trying to study or working my Business; as for things I do that are not necessarily Royal, they will continue so I can find out what it is exactly they can do, telling me what to do all the time. So the reasons these things happens are that superior bastards appear on Media and when they see people’s property already have ideas of more superior places where such property has never been seen and how those areas can ensure that when it is seen at such places, it will become their property thereof, turning up here to make trouble everyday as a matter of the routine way in which they behave and then make it out to be my fault too all the time.

Eventually they say I am not a Gentleman and that such do not behave like these but it’s a matter of ripping up the academics, which allows every fool to show up and speak of careers I get involved with while others are more qualified and then this will progress to the part where while they are all pulling my insides, I have to get a spare job to pay my expenses and progress further to a point where the Media wants to use the situation to rebuild their lost self confidence so they can start again every time knowing the Politicians will likely intervene on their behalf – the next set of complications therefore comes along when I lose the job and so it continues to pile up like that and ensure society fools and culture scum can stop me breathing; result being the people that can beat me up will not stop lapping it while those who cannot will not stop hurting themselves and people have become surprised about a black person that does not care about black people: whereas most of them live their lives as 100% criminality in the first place, getting involved with me when Politicians want to use my life to fix social problems and when I make people suffer as well, then they say I am not a gentleman.

It’s like the other story about equality that they claim shakes me all the time, whereas it does not since all it wants is an acceptable lack of respect for me as a person, which allows society to work with them and all mob means by which what others own can become theirs employed thereof to ensure that they have what I have and a ten year project can get flushed down the toilet because somebody else had a job of perpetual public attention on Media and ascribed some form of power to it as well – hence where they have found themselves culminates in those talks of losing a Royal Estate and not being able to employ myself at other points of human endeavour so they can grab all I own and make it their own as a result. So it plays into founding economic principles where I have enough money only for a pen and a chewing gum and if I do not have a chewing gum, will miss an interview but if I attend, can borrow a Pen, so I buy a chewing gum instead to ensure my breath does not smell – so if they pervert mine, I will pervert their own as well, so they can find out the many reasons others are always more successful than they are and seek privileges of injustice for it using civil rights movements like we see them do all the time. I do not think the matter to be a crisis at all by any means; it’s the story of the fact some Men are Women and  are never seen doing what is important – so that what we end up with is a process where the Women who want to keep the home and let them have all the career become slaves and other suffer because they are always thinking about peoples wives, looking for trouble all the time, likewise the ones that want to support them by half and keep home by half so they can do their own by themselves getting beaten up and divorced, hence it is really important for them that Obama care exists and if you ask Trump to get rid of it because the whole process of extracting your earnings from your business has gotten out of control they will say you are an evil person. It goes without saying the other story of how I persecute famous people since they do like to think they are famous, like Trump won the election I should not have kind of fame etc – whereas what happens is that when people who have homes and a work place get involved with and make entertainment on my Public image, those who share a skin colour with me do it as well and keep the steady stream of insulting abuses that will make me ugly and violent going for themselves as well; so that they will now say I write something on my websites about "Europop" and now put people down when they do it, whereas the truth is that if my people do "Europop" the ones that are about sex will have been declared right from the beginning and there would have been no deceit etc, hence it quite a well known fact to them that people can tell the difference. So it will be said that nothing I have said here has changed anything, which is not really the case; what I have said points out very clearly that inequality does not shake me up at all, as they have only one way of life – half of which involves finding out who has the best home to be confiscated and the other half, who has the best Public image to be confiscated – like Trump won the elections and shouldn’t have; so we suppose he will be sharing the White House with Hilary now as it were.

It’s like when they say I am really lazy and have no or willingness to push myself beyond the pain barrier – it is utter nonsense of course; I mean when I look at the average TV Personality and Celeb dining Table, I get the sense most of the time that their feeding bill is sometimes used as a weapon on other people and we are not talking about the freaks at Celebrity culture that are food freaks and actually do so either, those do become unsightly all together; I am talking about the ones we idolise all the time and its starter for three and main course for four and dessert for two at any given time and then they live in a big House and work it off in the gym, when they think their strength has reached a point, set about buying class A drugs and taking those as well – the feeding itself needed somebody put out of work and homeless in the first place, so that when they start buying the drugs, for some out there, it will actually mean the end of the world all together. I mean people have seen what I have done on less than a Meal a day, getting to pay attention to their insanity teaching nothing but insidiousness whereby you may start to eat in that way and work it off in the gym and then at some stage when you feel Celebrities will not be messing with you any further, the celebrities themselves will actually see that as credible too, whereby somebody who is twice your size thinks you cannot handle him and you start to find it amusing and so on – I am not the one doing the violence anyway but this is where their coward violence is most rewarding. What I want however is to see an end to all involvement with my Court, as it is obvious at the end of our exercise so far, that I will not have another trading partners, and all involvement with me alongside too – otherwise we will only progress to a case of what happens and what does not to ensure I am understood. It does cause you to think about it when Celebrities get stuck with society people and gets seriously beaten up and stuff but it does not mean that you ought to think about them as moral people either.

They do say that the more I describe them as stupid is the more angry they will get, developed from that insanity that suggests my activities amounts to a process of complaining about them while I am actually more concerned about being teased with disobedience in such ways and the Consequences they will never be free from as well; I mean taking candy from Baby works as per when I write something on social Media, somebody reads it and shows up on mainstream Media to pretend 90% of it belongs to him, leaving me with just the fact I wrote it and then his Media friends will have ideas and then he will try and fail to save me – same with fashion models who work with their clothes off and when they show themselves all over the Public life of an Arch Prince they feel safe but cannot do anything if it does not involve passing abuses at him which sets them up on a pedestal for he was supposed to stop being lazy by sucking up to them and kissing their arse so they can give him some money and it will go round and round like that in their insane circle for eternity at my expense if I do allow it. As they say I handle other people’s business whereas the only thing they want to work on these days is checking me up for Brokers interests and stealing the income along with Media friends; so I have developed all these structures that basically mean they have business empire and need to get to work and keep off mine i.e. what happens is that this behaviour is used to steal my earnings every day after brokerage and product creation, so it is the reason it is apparently something people do when they are incredibly clever too.

So they say I want to get around with the Politicians who are obviously not my mates which then constitutes my problems as a whole but I wouldn’t know anyway – these are the people who spend money on warring gangs and rip up my finances to put me up on a pedestal with the help of their spin doctors as the person warring Gangs should be getting involved with. So the point at the end of the day is that of the amount of time the goons spend on the one activity that fits in as their job description and the amount of time they spend on these sorts of activities – so that I will then have to try and take responsibility for the chaos that will explode here to make a statement about the fact that they have not once done so in the last 12 years and have gotten rather used to rewarding their incredible laziness by choosing what to work on, setting other people up to preserve themselves and their energy and then talking so much nonsense to buy time until the general crowd gets their jobs done for them; so that what will emerge will be a process where the threats have led to a result whereby I split up the responsibilities and they do their own while I lick myself over on the whole case of being attracted to warring gangs etc. It never stops here either because what they refer to respond with it a story that says that I brought it on myself; so that the way in which I did so was that in the last 13 years i.e. between 2001 (when it all began because they wanted to see how much the Political powers influence a Man of God) and 2003 when the whole ethos of their madness became one about making sure my personality was being deployed to make Politicians feel good about themselves, it was generally about telling lies concerning the fact I was being bullied by those who had done better than they had. Between 2003 and 2008 when I dropped out of University it did change then into one about making sure I am not financially successful while that was being kept up through the hell of civil rights goons who were local ruffians and amounted to nothing getting involved with me, they were at the same time making me into what those civil rights goons actually were i.e. people who stood still until the younger ones got past them and became academically and financially successful, so that people can bully them in a financial way and in a way which brings about sensations of decadence for it and then after that, between 2008 and 2014, it became all about getting me stuck in the employment system, until they were satisfied with the level of laziness rewards they had amassed and got me stuck in a  worthless and pointless job for the rest of my life – so this is how the fucking idiots say I brought it on myself for the best part of 13 years. I do not think the matter a crisis in anyway either; I can always sort them out where those extra sources of income and those stupid shops and warehouses the diplomats have is located but I have mentioned it before and even now I am stilling bringing it on myself by attending Church and reading Bible as it were. For now the ones I want to deal with is the Media ones and the Celebrities; they always say I cannot take them on due to their financial success – the financial success that came as a result of goons who worked themselves into Industry choosing what to work on and got rich with other peoples establishments spending money on that insane popularity culture, which then made them rich as it were; so the one I want to find out for my part is the bit where they said they had made my Books into something society and culture people hated and what they are waiting to see is how I will go from nothing to the Millions it is worth without getting shot or stabbed and I too did give them an ultimatum for it as well, to put together their combined power and sell me one Book in 48 Hours to avoid the fight that has now come to them and they never did as considering they do not actually have such power – so I am giving myself four weeks to make their own into something that pleases me as well. However what will happen the next time Politicians blab about which ones I bring on myself or I happen to bring anything whatsoever on myself according to the Politicians, the result will definitely be an outcome whereby I make time for their own too. I am very well acquainted with the tale of making things up with the use of my feelings which claim has no basis on reality; what they are dealing with is a process of surveying their stupid city for all the scum that dig my personal and family life whenever it turns out that every occasion I step outside of my door makes somebody some money at their stupid markets and then coming up with what I must do about it and getting that done as well.


It’s like the story of whether or not Migrants benefit the UK Economy; the reality of which is that it always does, except the continued problem are a collection of idiots especially on Media who want to set out a premise for their needs on the basis of some strange overcrowding they claim is going on in their City and if we assess the overcrowding issue, we will also find it has been credited as a result of them going overseas to bring in goons from areas of the world where the none whites that have not co-operated with their needs come from originally, so they can target such people. I do not think it is a crisis matter; everybody knows that I have travelled to the UK and when I do not one the goon who has the one ambition of travelling to the UK  to follow me there, it will become a weakness these fools will become very obsessed with exploiting and then when such idiots walk through the border it will feel like 400 people have i.e. 200 for me and 200 for him or her and it will continue like that per head all the time, unless the whites have their own perverted as well and it really feels as though there are too many White People in their Country too and then we all look like we want to have a conversation on broadcasting media thereafter. I personally have been clear on where I stand time and time again i.e. they can build that Popular culture empire and stretch it from the US to Japan on this Royal estate again if they have the guts for it, otherwise they can work for their own or inherit from those who are obviously known to work for it and then hand it over to those who normally inherit thereafter. All roads lead to buying Books I write and the fundamental case for this paragraph is that the next time I bring it on myself according to the Politicians; it will end with what had become of a process where I made time for them as well. As for how this is a matter of my activities being a sign I am unemployable due to the fact I have a hurting bottoms attitude; it’s an old story about those who run people’s lives in the lower classes assuming they can touch people anyway they want and even when they know I have an idea where to touch them so as to ensure it ceases to be their pride and joy as well, they will not just employ me and keep it out of the frame. All roads lead only to Books I write being bought and I need to be strict about it to end this gimmick of people playing around with my property to laugh at me and screw with my finances and well being in order to issue them stupid threats too i.e. the liberalists and the free people never stop developing a perception of others and a corresponding form of bullying which makes them into personalities that others should ensure are engaged in one forms of backbreaking work after another while people select decadence and fame based fortunes they wish to make with it – I had taken the step of making sure they were integrated into the lives others live so that no matter how rich they were, it was always possible to approach them over a bad behaviour and there was a global outcry over that, since last I decided to relax my grip on the matter, it has only taken them less than 24 Months to rebuild the whole thing again, working on me with National and International Media; worth bearing in mind as it were, in case I bring it on myself again when the Politicians have a big mouth for it.

So they say that compared to what I have, what I fight people to claw back is nothing and it is utter nonsense – they need to be civilised people for a change, I am human and have feelings too and when people go from the idea it is wrong for me to be aesthetically proficient on what I do because it leads to an outcome where I walk their streets like I am their boss when I am nothing and subsequent bullying and even murder over their greed, to a point where my personality is being split up because they are desperate to have what I have as well; they need to work for their own, all roads lead to buying Books I write with everything here. Similarly they do speak of the price people pay for what I have and it’s an old story about their lies and ability to dole them out on a profitable disobedience; it started with a condition where they hijacked all I did because when people lose companies their workers affiliated to me lose Jobs and inequality deepens around my concerns and then it was a case where they wanted money and they got it peddling my Public image at Popularity culture, then they returned with the Money to seek power and got it with stupid Politicians who want fraternity of Nation as well that they will get in hell, then after it turned to a case of how I must lose a Royal Estate and then after never employ myself in other human endeavours to better myself with that big mouth they have got – so when I subject myself to the conditions in which they live and make my so called ‘what I have’ from it they still wonder why I do it and blab further with a tale of how I wait around and when nobody important responds to me, make up ideas of what should fill that gap and then start to think that I matter and this is the premise by which the outcome will be that Law enforcement gets to decide how it ends too. Al roads lead to my Books being bought otherwise no road leads anywhere else around here; its respect and recognition and credit for other peoples achievement we are talking about and I do not do mine the way people used to in the past and that is why we do not have much sex and drugs and rock and roll by which they can get about mocking people and becoming homosexual with – they think they are civilised and need to show it; when I get none, they get none too.

So they say the Far right is gaining and gaining and there is now a new Nationalism because of my work and my existence; an old story of course but the reality has always been the same i.e. what the Public wants to hear about racist Policies is that people vote for Liberals when they hope it will make them rich and then if it does not, vote for Conservatives and when that does not work as well, vote for Socialists and when that does not work as well, vote for the Far right that will decide which group of people are to be blamed and targeted for it – this is what they will hear too when the Media is not comprised of such fucking idiots. I for my part am ready to play as well, just like we hear them say that it means they will be in charge with that big mouth – I mean I bring myself to a point where I make myself successful in terms of what people can then say about waiting at the door of the rich and when nobody responds, make up my own ideas of what is supposed to fill that gap and create the sense it is reality, perhaps I do it because there is freedom criminality in the black race and incredible corruption too; they will be in charge because of racism in this life or the next as it were. As for owning the Country as well, that will have been a direct challenge to my Royal Authority and they can go ahead with that too if they have the guts for it; I March around this matter to which my life is tied every day, to the cost of health and financial well being because it is sometimes amusing – I think they would be insane to raise the issue actually. They do say such realities should have been noted from the way I think about Homosexuals but we all know their homosexuality is based on sexual abuses by the Women and when I tell those off become friend of the Men automatically and then those can inflict it as well and when there is a bad smell everybody knows I am and it goes on like that taking away the job and well being and family and everything else in between and so we see that when evil people are done like that they climb on government buildings next and blab about which ones I bring on myself and I do not think it is lost in translation at this stage either, that the next time it happens will be the point at which I make time space to handle the Politicians for their own as well. Nobody owns any Country around here, what they are meant to do is getting jobs and getting a life. It’s an old story; cannot study or look after my finances when Men are scared of the world around them and what began as insults that had the same effect thereof became a means by which they draw succour and with each recovery comes colossal financial loss and those stupid threats. So they do say that what they want to do is confiscate Royal Estate and that is what I am saying as well i.e. they need to get a job as they cannot have Country. It’s an old story of what happens to cause those process where you may go from frying up the other side so they can look like two faced tarts to shutting down their fundamentalism until your Books are written and do the same again when there is opposition to selling it; since Books do not hurt peoples bottoms and give them symptoms of heart disease simply because others are obsessed with them for all the wrong reasons; so if they kept their fingers where it should be there would have been no problems in the first place – as ever, it is something of a behaviour they could not have gotten concerned with other people’s business in order to perform and it’s the same story all round, broker equities and it’s when the products are created and displayed another person wants to own your Job or business. Same old tale about all I do ending up on the internet; the only reason I am ill doing what I do is because people are always expressing intentions to handle me and it really did look like they were going to recover that stupid left hand side at this stage as well for my part.

So in the end the story is usually one about how I have the problems of the entire world on my shoulders and cannot be free from it while these fools mock me and abuse me with the need to create me one fight after another that makes them feel convenience while they laugh and rob shoulders etc – it is not actually the case; what happens is that I get the extreme right and left living in an acceptable environment for everybody so the thieves and pirates and drugs goons want to get me loving people of colour which is fine if I am not asked to down grade my position on their criminality – so the decadence seeking civil rights idiots and the Media ones show up to attack the ladies at Court and figure me out by my private parts every single moment all day long and make some addictive rush fun that they love to laugh by out of it and it’s the same warning I have issued about the fact it is completely unnecessary as there really isn’t an official part that they play in the matter anyway but they have always maintained these warnings are not things I can back up which is not really what they say when we meet in person. The eventuality is that I want them to keep off the Ladies as it takes so much to provide the security by which they work with me and trade with me and so if the Men do not want to trade with me as well, need to stay outside of my concerns; they however enjoy making me sore every day, opening my renaissance to the drugs goons and the petty thieves and the buffoons of violence and anal games and enjoy making sure their point is clear about this security thing being the same as they deserve for working in the same Industry as the Women in my Court; so these are things these Women did protect me from before our arrangement had begun in the first place and I will never be tired of getting hated by these meddling fools too i.e. when I am sore they can return to their lives otherwise go on and on violently about deserving that kind of security as well and finding ways of making their disobedience profitable, so they will return to their lives like that as well in every case as it were. My point is that I get to sit down and administrate this issue every day, it does not mean I have the problems of the world on my shoulders because these idiots expect to push me finger my anus until I am in a fight with Politicians and then with media after and then with society after and then with culture after and then back again and tell lies that ensure they can have a go all the time – never the less I do not think it is a crisis, I have already issued them the warning so far and intend to act on those at some stage too.

They do say I probably have another excuse for my bad language now that it is repelling investors but the reality is still that when that is over I will sell my Books to whomsoever I want and the investors will have been able to preserve their position on bad language, the prize being that these fools will pay attention to the one that pays their salary and get to work not on the day, not spend their time bothering me and flushing my life down the toilet with some money they have got. In the end it’s always been the case that Royal position does involve grappling with goons who are such fans they want to take it over, thus my Books are perfect and the insulting and abusive and violent ones are now the ones that are being put to the test. As for the matter of playing around with other peoples Women however – the case is still that the risk of somebody turning homosexual on me at Court is much reduced with Married women all together and that is why I prefer working and trading with them instead of the single ones – I do understand there would be more sex and groove to be enjoyed with the single ones but we all have different priorities. There is really no point in people causing me crowd problems suffering when they are not even interested in knowing what I am interested in – it is quite unbelievable.

Now we hear talk of Obama’s Legacy; I wouldn’t know anyway, even though it is always being rhetorically put towards my public work and especially such things thus by Americans, what I know is that Obama will hardly be remembered for making the world tougher by giving means to those who make it tough whereas every leader basically thinks about not doing so in order to make the world less tough – whereby the other matters of Policy are actually where leaders are good at what they do in a professional way all together; hence should be assumed that having made it less tough in certain places for certain people, he has done his share and it basically should not actually concern me. The story will then change to one about how I make the world tough by giving means to those who already made it a tough place where I had to be a leader myself in the first place, which is utter nonsense as the truth is that racism is about people coming up with a 1001 incredible and violent lies about how what is possession that belongs to somebody else should be their own instead and while voting at the Polls is lottery for them as well, Media idiots spend all our time telling us it happens when they are disaffected and this is something that can continue for eternity unless their bottoms are hurting too. I had for my part made my position with them very clear sometime before when they made mention of watching me sell my Books now they have created risks whereby I could get stabbed or shot for being important or famous all over it and I asked them to sell me a copy to avoid this fight – that project began 5 days ago and I intend to make it last for four weeks at the end of which my warnings about how they are neither government nor criminals or law enforcement and their involvement with these matters alongside the insults are completely unnecessary will be reassessed when that time period expires for what must be done next too. I mean 70% of my energy is spend dealing with peoples lies about how what is mine can be theirs and the remaining then has to be spent on having a family and a job, while I have to put up with such nonsense from them as well, simply because there is an opportunity for such a thing to happen as it were and so am I far from finished with them at this stage too. it’s the same story around Natural environment issues too; when people eat an animal product for instance – they will kill it and drain the blood, then they will boil the body to get rid of anything that helps it keep warm and then they will cut it to pieces with a very sharp knife and after that each bit will be passed through a brutal temperature of no less than 100°C and after that it will be cut up into various smaller pieces as a matter of brutal etiquette and then after that somebody will eat it violently to keep them sustained; just thought I had to mention it so people can see how their human one looks as well when they judge animals. Like they do blab about how I can never actually solve any of these matters because I have not got the strength of which I am concerned with some issues on two fronts at this stage i.e. in their case, perhaps it is the people they complain about that need to replace them at the Media jobs or maybe the more clever people from the societies and local communities so ensure what matters is what is being done. For my part it’s a case of getting caught up with law enforcement issues about which they blab of how law enforcement will do it for me with that big media mouth all day long – so the issue is a matter of whether I work with Law enforcement the way I do because I am a Woman and what will happen if I did negate that aspect all together, the question of who will do it; their blabbing of which is one of those matters that lead to results where their people of colour scumbags get out of hand and get shot by a Police Officer, since this was never a matter that arose because of the interests of Female Officers at this Office all together in the first place as it were. I do think their lives matter but not when I am asked to downgrade on criminality as well – they need to stay the hell away from me and journalists, celebrity etc need pay attention to the one that actually pays their salary as we are not mates.


They love that talk of how I boast about what I can do all the time but when faced with the problems can apparently do nothing about it, to ensure their civil rights idiots can goad me all the time. the reality of course is still that when they practice their wickedness it is the one where the Women enjoy targeting those they consider to be weak and incapable of responding in violent ways and then when you stop those, the Men become friends and start their own and you realise it’s all about robbing you of absolutely everything you have because they are incredibly twisted and queer. I have made myself clear on the matter many times but the Politician ones have always thought that based on what I write and what they see me do the worst that can come from a process of starting to defend myself where they are making extra money and where the diplomats keep the shops and warehouses will lead to a Civil war while I am at University whereby they have actually got such power as it were – so that we see them assuming that continuing with such behaviour will not lead to catastrophic results they cannot actually handle. I mean, there is really no reason for idiots in sun shades showing up somewhere in my renaissance to set up camp for the purpose of chasing my anus all the time until the extremists get out of hand as a result of my leadership but they do it completely unnecessarily all the time anyway and like to point out my own part where I indulge them fools as well because they help keep celebrities at a limit, the celebrities who cannot stop provoking people and cannot stop lying and will spend all their days teaching you insidiousness if they wanted endlessly. So there is lots of things I actually can do, now they fancy themselves bullies all the time – no idea how else they suppose I am going to do it when they are all prepared with their stories about religion being the source of all wars and making sure they are in a position where they start a fight and attack people to steal personality and then link it with the financial well being of their victims and decide what the general public thinks with even more lies and tax payer funded bribery at the Civil service too – the one issue remains the same i.e. I cannot decide what my tummy does because of these nonsense and they need to let the food stay where I send it when I eat it and piss Politics and popular culture somewhere else; it feeds into  that old tale of how it is a crisis with law enforcement or it is a personal crisis for me all the time; in terms of the latter of which it’s a matter of being given a reputation of a Woman knowing society is full of idiots, idiots who will then start to pick on me until I am sick and when I am cannot get a job and then I look even more like a Woman and the bullying takes up forms that could not have been imagined by a normal human being and when I then enquire of the reasons, the reasons blow me away all together i.e. Men are scared of the world around them and when Men are scared they want some flesh to dig into, about which these are not results that actually can be linked to a condition in which people were scared all together. In my case personally of which it’s the old story of the fact that even when it’s a Church environment, Pot bellied idiot wants to do those things to me, which I had made quite clear I do not fancy and then not long after we will find that he and his entire family shaped by the devil and trimmed to size have linked it with a process of making money and being comfortable and are all in it now – thus these big mouthed personality stealing self glorifying Politics and Media ones are apparently the ones that were not fat; as ever, no need for idiots in sun shades to chase my anus all day long and goad me into fighting for something about which their voices and stupidities have been heard in public many times, in order for them to enjoy life, I simply cannot understand why people would fancy themselves bullies, cannot let me cannot and therefore feel like doing it all the time – yapping the nothing I can do about it thereof. Like that old story where I am said to pretend to be the victim whereas I am evil and Women deserve better treatment and its like that when the answer for all their problems is selecting a Man that will suffer and then suffer heart disease so they can sell themselves to the wicked peoples of the world and have things that exist in their twisted little dreams – so it will be nice if black Women no longer turn up here to play parts that concern an eventuality in which they are my mothers in order to do it; I generally do not respond to it because I have developed a habit of waiting for all those insults at the diplomatic circles and the boogying and partying, 1980s style stuff comes to mind when I want to select which ones I wish to make history ripping to pieces as well; they think everybody should be prevented from getting a job until they are a part of but I do want them to clear my space; what they are complaining about of recent is that they are still at those incredibly stupid bullying of theirs and I need to make them understand that when people drop out of University for it, it does change them as well. I do hear what they are saying when their insanity speaks of genocide that may have happened while my actions can only mean there is nobody to deal with it but in the same way can it be explained away by the fact they spend years of people’s lives on criminality they familiarise their stupidities with in order to ensure they get into arguments with individuals that are actually their fucking mates and are never wrong in a condition that is financially rewarding and since I do not wish to end up in trouble with the law, I have to be able to get away with how I want to handle them as well or they can always clear my space and get lost. So they do say that they are allied to communism and I don’t mind my aching chest; as I said, when you drop out of University it changes you and they are supposed to understand they have gone too far, otherwise normally it’s something about socialising all I do and calling crowds on me in a condition where I can tolerate it on seeing my Bills are being paid because my finances are respected and I have the energy to do the school run for the kids on account my human rights are not abused; otherwise we find out if they have got the guts for it in each turn too. The case of being playing into the hands of the Americans being the part that is full of rubbish anyway; they are the one with capitalist economy so we can find out how they fare when I pervert their own too – otherwise all roads lead to people buying my Book or else they need severe any such link so I do not do it myself my way. So it seems that this group of people who have ideas about upstaging me where I am making a living will never stop that attitude whenever they talk about the trading and income means of their great American madness and I have tried to warn them Britain is a Country and complaining about it will never change that either – so it’s that big mouth here again on talking about insults of communist Women and playing into their Casino get rich quick nonsense and I am not going to forget it for a while yet, that stupid Yankee nonsense. All together I now look like a real victim as it were. These idiots have received a thousand and one warning about this taking kids lunch box right up to Military jobs behaviour, especially the Middle East ones but I am still dealing with all that rubbish  about saying something and playing into their hands in the US with that big mouth they have got.

So at this stage our Politicians want to consummate the only thing they have been working on i.e. creating enough National problems to make them ugly enough to stand up to communists and be friends with the US – I could never make out where it concerns me in any case either; the reality is still that it is not a good thing to think about competing with Asia which comes with problems and exhilarating challenges that is actually a good thing to be concerned with and to put your head down and achieve something, while at the same time thinking about what the Politicians want. The Part where they say I contributed to the problem is all very well, as it is the part where not only the process of Americans taking over my Books to run on Media and develop their own style of leadership which includes leading me being less amusing for them as they now must clear my Book sale space as it were, it is the other original provocation of getting on media to tell me to chose sides between East and west that has also ceased to be amusing – my point is still that when people drop out of University as a result of tolerating them it does change the victims sometimes and should not actually amount to a behaviour they get so used to with the level of confidence we see them display in Public places all the time. Naturally the lies and need to dominate me will be still be the same i.e. I do to other people and take away their dream jobs as well, whereas what happens is that the idiots all want to ruin your academic work and get on Media to tell you their parents will punish them if they do not steal your public image, meaning also that their parents have been whispering into their ears, how much you steal their careers and future etc: so that by the time I am finished with them like I am at the moment, the reality is still that the only good thing about the whole sordid affair was their parents who know they are bad Children and know where they get it from and would like to see me co-operate with the need to have them controlled. It’s the game they play all the time about whether or not I can earn a living if I am judged to be respectful of my parents and then the whole prognosis of their stupid fame will be based on punishments their parents dish out which I encourage and need to suffer for as well – whereas the reasons are becoming clearer about why my Mother does not let me get along when I attend my Church concerns etc, since it is obvious it runs in the family, this whole business of finding people deviant children and giving them the whole world if possible, that I seem to have collected a reputation for as it were. What the Media ones do which is even more perverted is something about running that stupid wealthy ruffian nonsense on Public places onto a point where they hurt themselves well enough to set out people who have the best Houses and public image that needs to be confiscated and then stopping them will result in violent integration into the communities which matches how the rapes happen as it were – hence all that responding blab about how I complain on jobs and finances about the things others do when I am the one that started will lead to an outcome where Royal Authority will be enforced on the basis of one more provocative nonsense about wanting Country around here to ensure I am occupied and distracted from selling my Books and will be measured along the lines of what it is exactly they can do to them Women when they have been having a go and have had their own clipped as well. I do not think that it is a crisis as such; what I was saying is that I am determined to let them languish on that nonsense about the damage they do to my finances and property, the damage they do to their own as a result of their laziness and the damage they do to the economy as a result of their need for financially rewarding power and it will be best expressed each and every time that their stupidity comes up with some new trick about the need for us all to get together and make the Dominant ethnic group rich, so that the economy can progress and hence we can all get jobs and so progress together i.e. thinking about what the idiots want alongside all those challenges and issues from Asia which makes you worry about being studious is not a good thing.

So they speak of the root causes of which I tend to address none when everybody else knows that the Politicians will show up to accuse and abuse and attack and question and buffet and push and bully because others are not liberal enough but give it a rest for a few months and the only way these idiots want to make money reverts back to the old stuff of getting Women they protect to steal your income and rob it in your face on public places. I do not want their celebrities and Popularity idiots and Journalists to be at it and to get anywhere near my Royal concerns anymore – I mean I am always thus simplistic as it were. They do say there is much wrong with the ‘Beat that’ attitude displayed by my people but I wouldn’t know anyway, as considering we were mates, I am always keep to get another beating from them all over the world, so they can tell me there are other responses that suggest I am always putting myself in position to encourage a war whereas they could keep off my Books and all derivates sources from any literary endeavour that belongs to me, as well as Royal and Public image thereof, instead of yapping about wars I encourage – I mean they have read economic tests and understand it is the person with the resources that decides not others with interests as it were, so they do not get to complain and issue threats at the same time for profitability of violence, this is something you read from the first 3 pages of every economics text in the whole world, not being part of the developed world was never a good enough excuse. Hence we hear people are always falling in love because of Me and that there will be trouble as a result of it; I wouldn’t know anyway, these idiots are still so intoxicated with their involvement around the concerns on an Arch Prince that it has reached a stage where they do not know where their lives are anymore, I mean they have not even worked out their biggest problem is that they exasperate me and what I say falls into the hands of society people who flush people’s lives down to the toilet to get involved with their money and obviously as we can see have no plans to put an end to it as well. It’s never been a new story in anyway; we can see that when I write Books I cannot sell them and when I get jobs I cannot keep them to keep the viability of these nonsense going for them thereof; of which it was all the fault of the Politicians who spent time ripping up my finances and spreading all those lies about the evils of religion that has facilitated these process where my entire life if they are allowed will comprise of nothing but questions of whether I have heard what the Politicians have said about my religion and how it provokes people and what can happen, no matter what the idiots in government buildings say at a later date – so it is on the basis of this they have continued to get bolder and bolder and bolder; hence it’s not their lives and there is really nothing they can do either, the important stuff is that they need watch their mouths and keep off the fucking Media – pay attention to the one that pays their salary lest there be trouble when the girls hate the idea of Police protection and are doing so well with crime that they are doing for me and want to control me while they become dominant males by the process as well and then they can fall in love all the time which puts me in danger with that big mouth that says I have not got my finances sorted when they are always talking if they are prepared. The reality of course is that I have gotten it sorted as it were and it’s the old tale of evils and people targeting me with it all the time, so when I handle that, the civil rights idiots want to hunt me and round me up like farm animal to abuse me and make connections with rich people and we all know that they have not been winning it, when I say they need to keep the mouths firmly shut as it were. I mean when it is tolerated to a point of botched academic work, it does change me a bit but what we have to see is that these are fools who are completely obsessed with playing the part I hate the most which involves ageist fools hunting younger people that are starting out like some farm animal and trapping them in a corner where hurting them leads to riches and so getting involved with my personal life and my Books have now given rise to an addiction to the Arch Prince and a big mouth to follow about how they are always falling in love and there is going to be trouble, now that they are like the devil wanting my soul all the time while I want their heart all the time too, as the Media enjoys its bear baiting looking for more on their part too. So it’s not lost in translation; the problem between me and society is that they make use of my products without payment – this involves them because they cannot resist society goons that are offering a mean of flushing other people’s lives down the toilet to flatter them for their money and this involvement then leads to an outcome where they are always falling in love; so they really do need to keep their big mouth threats firmly shut as it were.

I do not think that these matters actually constitute a crisis; it’s an old tale of why people hate me so much and it did begin with their clubbing and partying lifestyles giving them license to get around bullying me on all sorts of nonsense about stealing a public persona and image from those that can actually do violence and militant behaviour to protect everybody by very stupid Women; so the black ones started it and now it seems I always set out 15 years of my time for idiots at random in public places to sort out their stupidities and make themselves better people and they want to reward me by talking with everybody else about getting me back into black community fold where somebody better can take the Royal Estate from me with that big mouth that always wants to travel out of Africa to live somewhere else where life is easier and turns up in the UK to get killed by racism so it can claim its somebody else’s fault; an old tale of their twisted evil nature and the fact it is linked to some foolish culture they have practiced for a certain period of time and are now able to make decisions as to whether or not others may die etc, so when they show up here want to live in the same way and are always at odd with White people who practice the same things, to show up and blab about some who look like death already and whose death may save everybody, hence really love to target me because they have done it in my direction long enough to create the same all I am and have can easily belong to others as well and I have warned about the complains over that stupid civil rights too and the fact if my skin colour I share with them is a curse theirs will be a curse for them on my account as well; I want nothing to do with black people and it is as simple as their stupidities basically just leaving me alone – I mean an example of niceness is all these nasty Hollywood director idiots with films and music that features stupid girls stealing my earnings all the time and they are now rich and OSCARS is now liberalised to include ethnic minorities but the scumbags have not had enough yet before it gets serious – will never work for their own or go to those who normally work for it and leave it for them to inherit in order to reward their pathological fear of work with riches, they want to target me, forget I am Royalty and not their social class and then forget I am a Christian and not their type as well all together, to blow off their big mouth threats on a regular basis too – all laced with opportunistic Media and popular culture idiots taking advantage of me and there isn’t more to it than that at all times; when they are just people they are insane because they are raised by their parents to be just in case somebody else needs to live in danger on their account and then whether or not bills are being paid is that which civil rights will resolve in the most insolent and abusive way imaginable after others had worked for it; it does seem apparent enough of them have not died yet as it were. So they say that just as I am unable to deal with society people problem, each time I resolve my issues I veer off an angle towards the path of insanity; none of these is actually true – the truth in terms of society people is that I am so good at it that it can be said I do not have a rival at Royal circles, the problem being that when I end up with Female journalists at Court and the condition is such that their male colleagues are always messing about and they are not the type to play their games in order to avoid instances where they gathered news and the result was that they vanished and their body was later found, then there was no way I could protect them without controlling what society does – so the reasons these society goons show up on Media is because these same idiots and their girls want to complain about me and help them steal my identity to get rich and famous with whenever making use of my Books without paying leads to consequences, so they really need to stay out lest the society people will have taken over their jobs and I would have become a real victim thereof and not one they have made up instead. In terms of insanity however, there is none involved; what happens goes beyond their need to gather girls and steal my income – I mean the King of Pop who was one of the wealthiest persons on earth died as a result of being attached to a drug that is normally used on dead people – to say that they are stupid, is usually a situation about which One must find a better word; so if I have become their latest addiction, the least of my worries can easily be a process of making them pay for using the products and keeping them off Public life and Royal Property; they do speak of social matters they can overcome if they had the same life as I do but they are not Royalty anyway, besides which in any case the other side will concern eventuality where Mr A has a family of five boys and every time they see you they think you want their stuff, you want them to get into a fight and when it turns out you do not, they find a way to run off with your money and it does tend to set out facts about pornography for instance, as per one of the best ways to look at it when you see it, is to understand the people involved actually do have a lifestyle; it’s one of those matters about which these goons claim I believe I have many enemies when I actually have many friends.