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I am told there are Public conditions which cause the bad behaviour people exhibit, that I am never interested in and its utter nonsense – what causes it is that these are a group of gits that are very good at looking for trouble in such a way that they create problems for themselves and build a crowd to help them blame others for it; every action they take, right down to the most insignificant runs along those lines – such as when they build those communities in order to get their imagination up peoples bottoms and set about threatening and attacking the victims for the smell for instance or when they believe in their secret society powers making them rich instead of working for money, whereby they now have so much money they are superior to me but its not enough to cushion their laziness well enough for them to work for it, instead of inflicting me with that nonsense where I smell like what I ate because of their familiarity corruption following me around, about which I really do feel as if I may hurt them seriously if they handled me for the smell as well, get to make my own changes in society that way; there are so public conditions responsible for any of it. And of course they always say that I am a bully but I am not in any way whatsoever – what really happens here started when I was about 15 and the luvvies gimmicks is still pretty much the same as it was since then, my entire life has now been spent avoiding places where they have made me smell like what I ate, avoiding places where they are likely to make me smell like what I ate while the business of acquiring venues and equipment to engage with the Public is still developed along a line that means every engagement with the Public wrecks my personal and family life; always various reasons including race matters and ethnic minority leadership coveting my public image and person, all sorts of nonsense they wish to invent with whole communities making sure they can make a mess of me any time they wanted, which is usually due to the fact they have lost their minds and it was all because they were clever idiots – it now needs to keep away from my Books and take more seriously the fact we are not mates as it were.

It has never been a crisis for me, what I have said here will have meant to their stupidities, that I have revealed the real me that will ensure half my Literary Empire goes to those who have nothing over freedom issues because there are lots of people out there who do not like tyrants such as myself and it is utter nonsense, since the business of making sure they are always thinking about what I know is developed around this - that if it is okay for us all to smell like what we ate and they hated my guts for it, it should be easy to see I have done it that way because it is the law of life that in due time, all that is evil comes forth into the open.

So I am told that I am hopelessly dependent on the system, because of which I never do anything by myself and we know it’s the same story we hear them blab concerning how I grab the Country and set about making money with it entirely for myself – I have no idea who comes up with this nonsense, I only know when Armed Forces are deploying my work to facilitate their duties, somebody gets around corrupting it and the question now is what it is exactly they want to do anyway while I sell Books on the Internet, sell British secrets to the Russians perhaps. It’s the same story spending their time on this nonsense and issuing those foolish threats whenever they think they want to prevent me from inventing something just as stupid which I get to insert into their lives and career as well to play foolish games with all of the time; they are busy with such nonsense, their stupid Celebrities showing up all over my Public image and their ethnic minority Counterparts are just a bunch of idiots that save their energy to grab anything I have worked for, meaning that the Liberal America bits will soon be viewed at this office the same way the threat of Russia is and then it will get a little more serious than their stupidities believe that it ever will presently – I mean I had realised I had an ability to keep this nonsense from my personal life and career and that I could teach others how to do so as well by the age of 17 and I am over 30 now with these fools thinking the purpose of Media and Politics is to handle my finances, while relying on me not to do anything about it over an eternity. What really happens being that there is such an amount of success concerning my work that The Queen wants to take over frequently, no such thing as grabbing whole Countries and systems to sit about making money by, which can be avoided if the idiots got involved with a writer to read his Books and stopped being so stupid and perverse.

The first time they had something to complain about, it was a matter of warning them I saw the world according to what I smelled and heard and saw and that it was pretty intense, besides their stupidities making a mess of my thinking space to feel better about life using the processes of abusing my introverted personality, as stupidly as possible – now its these stupid ideas of which country and system I have grabbed to make money with instead of getting a Book I have written and the result is this business where I do the work but the finances never look the part and its another matter of their abusive behaviour being alright as long as a few and not everybody suffered from it with the big mouth seeking privileges of injustice in every Government building their stupidities had access to. If it does not want me inventing something this stupid to make a mess of its career and personal life by, I suggest that it alongside every one of its idiots with a glass ceiling over my head by which I smell and feel sore all the time, did keep their big mouths yapped over my concerns firmly shut. It’s tough enough as it is for me with their community and society fools whispering rubbish into my ears by having a problem with every single thing I do, all made possible by those claims I sleep with peoples wives they bandy around all the time, while we see them show up all over my Public image every day, to play up financially beneficial practical jokes. There is always something I got to lose on the left hand side which made them feel better or got to lose on the right hand side which made them feel better – no reason for this, just the pleasure of churning my tummy and making me feel sore all day long to blow off that big mouth about how everybody wants to take part in the leadership and processes of feeling special and yet it’s the smell their stupidities were worried about and can handle me for it if they believed they had reached a point where their deaf stupidities were largely mad enough for it too; it does need to listen to what I am saying, it helps concerning that stupid complain that I never let them be.








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Now there is no war of civilisation and war of culture going on anywhere, that is all media nonsense – there is always that sense that if they want you to give them your personal life so they can deploy it to get rich then it is precisely what you are supposed to do – what they are off to now is finding people from war torn areas who have the same personal life as you do which is by the way not really true but because...

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I do hear the case of how I might be of assistance on the matter of how Americans get their rich citizens to pay more in tax than the poor are paying but never clear how that may work when they are consistently happy to play idiots and attend parties that their rich citizens throw around provided there are those who pretend to be in their league that can be punished for it. Common sense says that the only way to ensure...

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The black women issue is the same as ever: the reality of which is that the fact a society where you are never far away from bumping into people after people from very different cultures and back grounds from all over the world creates this sense that it is impossible for you to feel depressed and lacking in energy unless you really want to, save those who have declared themselves racist of course – h...

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The company Literary Empire | Neighbourhoods and Company products sales | Company Product sales inequities securitisation | Company Global market equity product sales, Celebrities, Politicians and Neighbourhoods at the Firm On the matter of neighbourhoods and Politicians and Media and Popular culture and Celebrities around the Company Products and Equities and Literary Empire and business Emporium, the case matters are rather eclectic in nature. 1.) Settling up with Royal Allies and definitiveness of operations as a matter of specificity 2.) The U.S. mainland, South American and Communist Neighbourhoods and Company Books 3.) Rounding up Popular culture celebrities access through abuses of property and exhibitionism that makes it possible for them to track sales progress and insert their own products – necessary to facilitate company earnings and control of access to Company CEO and his person and temperaments for and more so for deviance: for the control of damage to already achieved Global Culture integration that aids World peace, religious practice and tolerance, Political Governance, Diplomacy and National Security in Service of Company Patron HM Queen Elizabeth R of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Cultural Integration items to be secured of: Royal Allies and alliances – Diplomats at work – security at the need for perverts at Popular culture to find things to confiscate from other peoples Public work and applicable British Government diplomatic Interests - Security for HH The Arch Prince’s Academic work – security for the Practice of faiths all over the world – access to and perversion of HH The Arch Prince’s Presence by Popular culture idiots for money. In terms of disciplining Industry idiots the prognosis is rather simple: - Of course it is consistently mentioned that what I do is stupid – but it is nothing new of the fact that when people feel they need to spend their own as well, then it becomes stupid; they have been making money from doing these things I do to them and their lives and possessions to me and people have been buying those products and have shown they can buy anything, so now it is time for people to buy mine they say it is stupid. I mean is it really normal for people to think that I owe them a debt of what they do not gain as a result of finding it difficult to accept me and how do you go into an office everyday to deal with that sort of nonsense? It is the same old case about the chances of what is happening in Iraq happening in the UK we hear them talk about which makes no sense whatsoever, since all there is to it is idiots who turn up in public places to pretend that I think they are important all of the time. The part about how to make my property equity secure has never been a problem, it is the reason I broker in public of course because they decided if they took advantage of me it would be perfectly fine being that society has paid a good price and allowed them one person to do as they please with – so for the blacks the question was whether they now feel better about their stupid selves on having somebody to sacrifice and for the whites they clearly thereafter had a civil rights that they can chase but soon after it became an obsession to handle my person and my possessions all the time – so I brokered in public so that people might buy products and find it impossible not to pillage the equities when they know who it is that is responsible for the aesthetical properties of the products – now as I expected we are stuck in the fight and cannot seem to escape their big mouth talking even more nonsense about how I wouldn’t stand a chance doing it in secret when between 2001 and 2003 there was no way that people like me would take responsibility for what we do the random stabbings and random shootings and random building and work place burning that ran wild all over the country – since then it’s been 11 years of pillaging my life every day since I last took responsibility as it were and the process of turning up here to tell me what they do cannot be stupid if they are making money from it continues to get support from a very provocative collection of scum at the highest possible levels in parliament, so it makes no sense why mine should be stupid at this stage either. It is never true I am an anal person – it’s simply a matter of making them understand what it feels like i.e. for example chose one matter and it may be one about how if you want to get mobbed by a crowd you have to first get famous not have it designed for the purpose of torturing your soul to pillage your talents by media, reason being they had drinks with their friends, it got to their heads and they made a boast and are now living up to it; but which then becomes something they do day after day, week after week, year after year knowing perfectly that deviance has only one outcome – so no matter how famous they are, people will be able to get in touch with them in any circumstances whatsoever. If you put in context their violence and the fact they cannot let you breathe or feel good at any point whatsoever into context, what you have in the mix is a process where they are whipping idiots that are not co-operating with them and then it tends to make sense that deviance has only one outcome – their complains have never once troubled me; if they keep off my books it will simply have become something done by somebody who serves the Monarch and the Church and I need that to happen in an instant literarily because I need the money. There is this obsession with a story of how I get to mess with MPs and get away with it to be told and MPs love them stories so much but I have never before thought that having fun with MPs was ever a good idea and I am certainly not playing with them now either; before every complain of a process of messing with MPs and setting up a state of affairs that are a result of getting away with it are the activities of a collection of idiots that come up dressed in suits but feel that making you unemployed for a decade and a half by having something derogatory to say about your business and an insult that allows community idiots to chase your anus and penis is basically the only thing that makes every condition where they sit down for a drink or party with their friends worthwhile and my question here is what description they are supposed to have given to that sort of unemployment anyway? They say that it is a sign of their power but clearly of which the fact they would make such claims at some point while complaining about a state of affairs if I mess with them and get away with it was never foreseen as it were. Their media fools on the other hand always say when I mess with it they will go after my empire which is utter nonsense too – the empire is what it is and the Royal Estate with it as well – the part that will get them into real trouble is the book sales as it were and it is the reason we are here at all in the first place, all of them that is, no exceptions. I have never thought it an issue we can all see that when a Country is governed by a collection of twisted and evil goons like this, for of course I have heard of this process of setting out a state of affairs by messing with people before and it normally comes from their really twisted Satanic cultural and social goons – those are the ones that have things about them which nobody really can understand which forges a state of affairs that means all I do and say if the media wants it so becomes something I stole from their culture and society and it interferes with everything until I rip it up and then it becomes a result that can lead to a violent outcome which I was never able to foresee as far as their thick minds are concerned as it were – in the case of their Politicians it’s all held together by stories of religion being an evil thing and the problem of the world while everything that constitutes being a good and upstanding person in society is frown upon and tax payer funds are spent to create wealth equality the resulting deficit blamed on outside forces at the end and so this is their real problem with me as it were – how they will explain to the world the nature of evil that religion actually constitutes as it were. So it is normally said that when I mention these things they are all blown away but of course I have mentioned it because I have had enough of a story of those I mess with in terms of the authorities and need to clear all of the present state of affairs so we can all observe what happens with behaviour of Politicians, observe it start again from scratch as it were. I understand they say I have failed to notice religion has turned me from a normal person into an idiot which has no basis on reality as it has only turned me from a normal person into the guy whose personal space idiots want to live in to feel good about life and it is nothing new about spending all your teens partying and drinking and smoking all kinds of nonsense then when you see me, need to live in my personal space to feel good about life but we cannot live with it anymore when there is an organised decision to bully others with it and it has gone beyond how when they fail to have my personal life and need to help them with that of a female journalist for instance and the results especially for the politicians are clearly not hurting badly enough yet as it were – its Britishness with a big mouth, even when I am older than they are their deviant parents that are till deviant as grandparents and want other peoples place in the world as a result claim the bloody idiots are more rooted in the land than I am. So they say I am actually here because I am in a lot of trouble with rich people; will never make sense of course since this so called rich people always start first as it were – knowing they are only traders who hardly made the billions they own in a clean way but feel like getting involved with a Royal Prince all the time making out they are so wealthy he will not mind as it were; so they make billions in a filthy manner because everybody wants money but they want the lives of Royalty on the other hand who make their billions in a clean way in the same world where people are evil and immoral and want money as well and nobody knows why they like to make out they are so wealthy these Royals will not mind anyway. It’s much the same as when I am told I pick up these issues and then the result becomes that people think I am partly responsible for it which is not really the case as I only pick up issues because of other things people do besides their wickedness i.e. Politicians will claim I mess with them and get away with it and it is an issue that needs to be settled on one hand but on the other they claim religion is an evil thing and Policy is decided on how wrong and unacceptable to the authorities being an upstanding and normal person who picks yourself up again when you go to pieces can be, garnished with a need to ruin the lives of younger or older people because of you and so it is the process of ruining the lives of younger and older people that means I take steps to set out the prognosis of the issues so people can get facts on what is happening, it does not make I take responsibility for the deficit for instance when they start spending tax payer funds on this. It’s always been a matter about the industries and they might want to lay off the anus and penis insults because that will be their undoing as well; I mean they have their problems and this is not where their possessions or that of their parents or grandparents or any other stupid family they have at the Industries is located anyway, it’s really difficult to locate exactly why they turn up around it all the time. Traders are supposed to trade and keep their fucking insults where people appreciate it no matter how rich they are; they do say I didn’t say that years ago of course which of course I didn’t because other issues are brought to be forefront by them i.e. issues such as how I am supposed to create a country where they can get rich in and it was my responsibility because of a need to justify the taxes they were paying, so that when it gets to that point where the worth of the amenities they were deploying to get rich and how much taxes they were paying in return had to be put into light they opened Swiss bank accounts and came up with even more abusive insults like they were talking about their own rights as it were and it keeps getting worse and worse with the bloody idiots.





 The story of enemies One has made around Royal Circles in Europe and Allies cross Atlantic and their various other Locations in the Eastern World considering their various ventures in those parts of the world that has caused them to reside there among other reasons but these ventures as well as involvement in diplomatic work being the prime reason for an alliance with The Arch Prince, has no basis on reality whatsoever: the reality of which is that it is rather surprising that for ambition and self advancement there are those bold enough and more so in context still bold enough at this stage, to think about and foster the prognosis of having an extra marital sex with HM The Queen in the UK and it is for this that they will disappear and none will have taken any the notice of it because there is really no actual reason that their activities should consistently continue to become as violent as they are bearing in mind their non-important status. The same occasion therefore reflects at Industry at the Company Trust system especially in Europe: Ones Personal life and this Company are not available for sharing or negotiation of any nonsense idiots come up with to stir trouble and seek money they can own without working for it as a means of living off crimes that are above the law and any other reasons including the need for fame and importance for it - what is, is the Company products and the status is that they are either purchased or not.

It was not by any means conceived that one would have with the strength of his leadership and ability to protect his allies and interests and property failed to have made enemies among those who seek to cheat and steal company finances and cannot therefore stop losing for it as well. The state of affairs are still the same - if they do not spy on me or make a mess of my personal life they love to claim I have been exasperated into sharing with the world to be pillaged for fame and fortune or make claims of work and property of mine they have access to or even so claims of things they have found out about me which I try to be, become or do that others can take up and be become or do as well, then there will be no violence against me that provokes me because they are trying to keep it for themselves permanently and are therefore making me understand there will be consequences if I change it - personally I do not care if they spy on me, I am concerned if they proliferate my work but the violence will always be followed with reprisals.

The Politicians understand above all what I mean - they make that game of having lots of conversations about how the Economy we have now is one of recovery and rise in employment but weak wages and weak productivity alongside it as if nobody knows that - when we can clearly see that when the Germans ask people to open up and take people in, the result is always that you find out they are weak on social matters but strong on Industry so there is a Political exchange on that basis but soon enough the Politicians want to provide leadership on your company and it is the least of your worries. So of course I have made myself very clear - spying on me does not solve anything because the system is such that I can decide what consumers do with their money if and when I have a product in front of them and a conversation with them about that product, which is the same system that should work for them as well, considering it works even for a Christian such as myself. So if they are not normal enough to see that as a warning they need to understand that in terms of British - American Integration I am winning, in terms of British-German integration I am winning, in terms of British- French relations I am winning, in terms of British-South American relations I am winning, in terms of British-Communist relations I am winning, in terms of British-African relations I am winning and those like to abuse people but do not stand a chance, in terms of British- Asian and British-Middle Eastern relations I am winning. Their media insults are only an evidence they are eternal optimists of course, a sign that warnings can never take root with them as there is only one language they understand with that big mouth. They are separate from everybody - the system does not work for them and spying on me is something they need to shut down as there is only one result we get from that all the time (pricks). The only interest these idiots have in my personal life that was their business in the first place is whether or not I have a Court and they are doing all they can to keep me from being alone and how they can do something about it to lend me agony and make popular culture videos to get rich and it does get to a point as well, considering the only interest in my Company is to control my sales and keep it that way as well.

I do not think this is a complicated matter - its a simple reality that the Personal life is not up for it and the Company is not up for it and only the Books are and those who do not have a bought copy of their own had better started packing. They do have their ideas about how I open up the personal life to people and then complain when they are in - like that deceit that homosexuality is largely about people having an alternative form of making love when such facts would have proven that sort of theory to be entirely wrong - I know like most other things advocates of republics do, it exists solely to find out if I have a Court and whether or not they are doing their best to ensure I am not alone and how that fits into which Country I am involved with that happens to be bigger than mine for them to pillage and abuse whatever they like - so as usual warnings never pay off because they are eternal optimists and have media to play around with for it as well and if I see that culture which is clearly the one thing they have that gets my attention to turn up here and talk nonsense about what they do not have and cling to my possessions to make me comply I will cut it to bits again - just like I did before I took up the Integration and did it for both sides and put it up in public so they can turn up at mine and get it back like that big mouth we see on Media all the time - we all know they complain about this state of affairs as well and I will never stop winning too - like being so inferior when people see your books in their Country what it means is that you turn up where there are already celebrities to make yourself one when nobody knows you and cannot therefore stop stealing your income. I do not open up my personal life to anybody - its just the reality of Royal work that each case involves a certain level of personal life exposure and that is how you work and it is how you marry into other peoples Establishments and so on - even the cultural violence cannot be managed if you do not let it into your personal life in order to manage it with those you have to account of what happens in your personal life to - the question is how these fools got there and how they got to the personal life that was concerned only with the Company as well and all those big shows and perverted nonsense they build up all over the place making noise about royalty they have pillaged to have the same thing they have as well and lifestyles that their stupid money has purchased? I do not see anything wrong with all that Transvestites, Drag Queens, Pornography and Celebrities nonsense we see all the time and cannot be free from on the Internet but when it is about me we do have a problem because I have had enough of them already: never really a complicated matter, just an apt warning needed over their need to face you with the horror of absolute destruction of your finances everyday and robbing it on your face a popular culture because things can be the right thing to do for them if they laugh at the effects together as a community - an apt warning for a condition where they cannot be reasoned with when it comes to handling your possessions in ways you have made clear to them you do not want it handled, an apt warning just before you put their Celebrities in their place and secure enough respect from them for the Celebrities.


I am normally accused of never paying attention to the little I put up with, to respect the fact others have put up with that for all their lives on one hand but on the other this position does not apply because they are richer and of wealthier birth than I am after destroying my finances on this same premise and talking nonsense all over the public about keeping me out of the Royal Family for it as well, all the while, during a period where I have to keep the Royal Office - they even brag that it is what happens to those who try to be what they are not. So on the matter of being what they are not the issue seems to be that whenever idiots attended school with members of the Royal family they can handle my possessions and pretend I am a piece of wood without feelings and talk nonsense that nobody asked them about all over the place as well, on the other matter however, the reality is that I know what these fools have done wrong and the realities of it is largely developed around the fact they never do what they are told when they do not know what to do and they do claim people who have views of leadership such as mine never amount to much like their destruction here has shown that they might never be wrong but everybody should now be fully aware of how far they are willing to go to ensure others have to climb a ladder under them because of these things they do and it is never a mistake or a lack of hindsight either, we all know in terms of that for everything they fail to do there is evil women getting better off from it and then when done they impose their filth and homosexuality on other people religion and think that other peoples Royal Prince will on some excuse or another climb a ladder from under them which has landed us where we are today and whilst that media is still that salvation which I intend to take away from them as well, they still continue to savage my work and finances and boast all over the place to provoke me. The line therefore between what they have done as a matter of mistakes and what they have done deliberately to chase money and damage society becomes blurred all together while they pretend to have dominance where they have none and the media is a key item in that as well - it goes right back and way back indeed to the days when they are leaders of student Unions in Universities and Institutions - the attitude have remained the same and their insults I have had my fill of as well.

I still do not know, the idea everybody cares what they think when they are stupid and blunt, if it is the fact I know what they do wrong to deserve what happens to them that makes me the target all the time but I do know their wanton destruction of my property and the boasts that follow it will not go without punishment as well.

7:22 am 24 June 2014  

 Sky news made history today, at 7.30 am a discussion about Children going after career success; I mean idiots whose lives can be used to solve problems as well have been having a party recently anyway and there will be nothing left of civilisation if such a trend continues. The prognosis therefore that people need media careers and would have a better chance if they set their eyes on other things too being entirely misplaced since they do not need media careers as much as they think their problems are solved if they talk loudest and need the media for that rather than solve those problems of theirs anyway. It so happens to be only one of the items in the list, we can easily mention the part about living a life of deviance and as soon as it begins to affect them, attack my women and communities at my company in order to feel good like their Politicians and Godless back stage media fools do before they blame others for their problems as a community itself all together; so as far as One is concerned, it is the old case of what happens when I get my hands on those stupid reasons for their insults aka those stupid cultures which means it will stay again and they will have to move on without it. It has never been a problem, only a reality i.e. that when you say customer is King the reality is that a company has intellectual property with which it does its customer service but after it serves the customer, the customer could damage the intellectual property and it wouldn’t matter because the customer is King period: so it seems to these goons that somebody who has a business that deals with Intellectual Property Administration is unlikely to get into a position where he serves customers and those customers damage the Intellectual property and it wouldn’t matter and therefore their problem has no alternative vicious means of being resolved as well.

Of course there is no truth to a case made that I have everything my way - the blacks do not speak of what their sense of humuour is and why it is so well appreciated around my finances and the whites do not speak of why they feel they cannot get off it even if their stupid lives depended on that.The Labour party really enjoys telling this story of how it is in my interest to fight for wages in the Country but it was fun to finger my bum every time that my hands were full with the problem years ago as they chased their fame and fortune and loutish vandalism. So as it stands what I wanted from my involved with the sources of government revenue i.e. wage taxes and employer investments has been achieved i.e. counter inflation; deflation is always better managed because while it is the same as inflation it really does not have that element of public panic to it like inflation does which in turn tends to create social problems that ensure we earn as a Nation on one hand and the social problem takes it all away on the other while we have debts to pay. So I am not actually interested in what the Labour Party wants to do with employer investment and employee wages in order to win the next election and why they are always showing up on media with their problems when the Tories obviously beat them to an overall majority over the same issue at the general election in the first place and as it stands do not wish to lose the next election either by the way. So I don’t want to know – they were busy playing structural unemployment, killing off Royal mail summer jobs for students to show that poor idiots need to be placed on a priority list by young people who need jobs because these idiots are actually closer to their pensions age, they were busy playing games of social democracy and social capitalism to ensure when employers give three persons job to a single worker to save money on wage costs they had social power to it as well and of course turn up on media to find somebody to bully with their stupid party all the time and do nothing about it whatsoever – it is not my problem I had secured what I sought from these parameters of National income. The main problem here was the issue of a sharp fall in National income intakes when these kinds of businesses where their honesty over employment and wages could not be relied upon became ever more popular, meaning the wealth itself will eventually move overseas leaving us with debt and inflation, I have achieved mine and whether or not they cannot win elections because people refuse to vote for those who are not helping their wages to raise is not my problem.


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