Of course I am not troubled about the Labour Party, it’s just rather interesting that others are racists but they are the ones making sure everything that amounts to the needs of none whites are taken care of by white people in order to keep none whites out – it is usually not a problem until that story emerges that they had built their country and people like me need to return to Africa to build it too and then I can kick them as far as their African friends go as well.

Now I hear this story about trying to get out of bumbling into trouble with the Greeks all the time but it never really makes sense; I mean at this stage I would like the French and Germans to bail out the Greeks to their satisfaction first before we get to talk about the part the Greek government played in the crisis we have in the Country today, so I hope I am not exceeding myself in reading the signs as correct at this time, since it is not a Politicians and Industries matter for general population welfare issue. So it’s the old story that the German and French Government were very well aware of the activities of the Banks that the Greek Government was getting corrupt with and it’s not just the Greek Government, there was the Spanish Government as well and the way it turns out is that the Greeks became so corrupt it affected the whole of the EU, the Spanish were so corrupt that they harmed themselves while the French and Germans were so corrupt that it affected them and that twisted unbreakable European corruption has now come full circle thereof. So that we hear them Greeks who cannot keep their insults to themselves going from claims of British cashing into Greek Spirit which I have always ignored but is becoming very difficult at as time progresses and the insults associated with it become more violent and then on the other hand we hear the part where the British cut the Greeks off from their American friends who are the louts we see talking nonsense all the time, leading to this result where the Greeks are seeking help from the Russians, don’t ask me why.  So that in terms of whether or not the British are cashing into Greek identity the issue has always been one of Greeks looking for more problems as such since their society is built on manhood and the British one is built on feminism – however the main problem is still the most important I guess since all these is brought about by interventions to express the fact the French and Germans have been very irresponsible i.e. they wanted the Greeks to be their puppet while they screw around the EU as much as they liked and the prognosis was that if they damaged the Greek Economy it was an Economy that was easy to restore but the Greeks will have to behave and that is why we have ended up with the problem having a certain life that cannot be snuffed out. So when I speak of a general population problem they will say I care about poor people which of course I don’t; it’s just that some things are unethical to be doing i.e. if you empty a Nation treasury and get money from another government to invest and work the population to the bone to fill it up the money will fall in value and you will end up with less money and that would be your fault but idiots in Europe still want to do it, talking nonsense about people who go into education systems to study subjects that will help them turn up in the big wide world to grab a piece of business that another person went through hell to build – if asked to explain then they have a dilemma which means that if they say that it is competition then it will turn out they had been doing the same things to others to get rich by being so stupid and if they say it is pure evil they will have shown that they knew what they were doing all along and what the consequences would be for those they were doing it to but even while they face this problem they regularly feel like getting off to compare themselves to other peoples Princes and seek an income from the perks of my job for instance like it was a bed of roses – then there are other small issues of unethical behaviour in government like a President that earn enough to buy his own house many times over but wants to be able to make money by taking advantage of the identity of the Country as a whole which creates the 21 century Politicians we have today surrounded by popular culture bullies whose eyes are popping out searching every nook and cranny of people’s lives in a very perverse way of making laws which gives them access to it, all built up from a hatred for religion as it were and then there is the general population part of unethical behaviour in government being that when you see somebody spend their money to invest in an education expecting to use it to earn a certain amount and save a certain amount for when he is too old to keep working, what is it exactly that makes you take the steps to create damages and destruction which creates financial holes and gaps in his or her plan? The last time we checked the reason was that these Industry, Politics and Media fools had already gotten their own retirements sorted out and so that created the ego that caused them to behave like that; so it is where they like to tell me I will get into trouble for setting the stage to facilitate a process where they empty National coffers and put them up to work the general population for and will happen to bring the money back when asked to, it is possible most of the things I have done to that effect too as  a matter of their insults and my Government Office classical CV is a bluff. They like to think they are or have become masters of the Universe you see but in actual fact have only become menaces. They do tell me I cannot get it done but it’s only a bit of long term commitment i.e. collecting and updating depending on what they do to get out of the situation every equity that may have allowed them invest such money while we work the population to the bone to recover the economy as it were and then when it recovers they will be free to invest it for a few years and may not live to see the results while those few years they invest it will lead to another person being able to keep a job; so it’s like in the UK – last year the air waves was full of popular culture mockery and abuse for me, this year it is full of protests and placards to get rid of austerity and Tories, so their Political goons can earn the legitimacy they were voted into government Office for – most of us are of the opinion you earn it first before you are voted into office but they have always done their things in a perverse way but it will be done anyway.

Now I understand why everybody wants to get on Media and make out others are doing better than me when they are celebrity while I move left and right and go nowhere but it’s an old story; all these celebrities really do is get around collecting money from rich people in return for peddling other peoples public lives and then it gets worse because they will have to be worth the money they have just gotten from them rich people and that is why they like to target me and take advantage of me over everything I say and do without understanding the causes and effects, the bottom line being at all times they are securing market for somebody to make more money and to allow themselves make more as well and hence cannot leave people alone. For me it has not turned into a war yet as it were and I bet some people having that need to get up on media and say such things will likely become a catalyst; we have just spoken about the Politicians where if they said that these kinds of activities and the ones they do with Industry is competition then it will always turn out they had behaved in the same way at some point too but if they say it is evil others will point fingers at them as well, so that there is really no point in hating those who see their success and want to get into academic institutions to achieve the same things. In their case; I can be targeted by a white celebrity everyday, who rips up my book sales in a matter of an hour or hour and a half because I may have for instance said something about peoples insults especially the anus and penis ones being the thing that propels me to get out and try to make money and they will bottom out my Book sales because they will do nothing unless they have as it is the only way to develop prerogatives they can trade Industry goons in return for money or even connections for, however which the way it works is that I may have done what I have done about racism in my capacity but it does not mean that I am white and that racism is the thing that I need to consign to corner in order to carry on with my life and work, it is the problems that black people create that is the main concern for me, so the question becomes how these celebrated idiots are able to bottom out my book sales like that when they are white and I am not.  Their Industry people like to say it’s a monopoly games – so I guess the fun is in the don’t pass go or collect money until it becomes a trend and I get really nasty about it and there results and economic crisis: it always starts with the media messing up my public life and going off to tell them I think I have the right to cash into a process of living under the shadow of their businesses for all my life and then they will start to believe it and the media will start to ensure I stay that way permanently and then the celebrities will turn up to get their money and recover the worth from my public life which is how we have ended up with this process where they are always rounding me up and pillaging my finances again and again and again to ensure that value is available to them, while the Politicians provide money and starter funds for them simply because the tax payer funds exists and they feel like funding homosexuality and popular culture deviance and vice on my public life and it is not going to end well either. I hear the part where they say I am the most complicit thing that ever existed when it comes to racism whereas the reality is rather that they always want other people to be stuck dealing with race issues because they are expecting an imbalance to come through when the race issues are sorted which mean such persons will now be forced by Politicians to look into culture issues in the same way to redress it, so it is a punishment for those who do not give them what they have demanded whenever they want to be the centre of other peoples worlds – I for my part can do it all I like – racism culture racism culture round and round and round, it will never lead to the real question which is why exactly it is that the good things I do to other people hurts them so much. It’s like that story of claims they make they are running me out of the UK whereas I am the one making sure they cannot go anywhere until I had ruled them and they had done things my way especially when they go and handle my concerns – so when the good things I do to others hurts them it would have made sense that they need to keep off my finances as it is the route to mobility but not for them, they have other ideas at all times. Saying it does not in any way make me vulnerable as they claim it does; it leads down the same path and the one I like to pay out the most concerns the law i.e. the laws we have today was made from religion and there needs to be a new one made from culture and society, I can do it law of culture and society over and over and over and over and over again and it will never lead to the relevant question which is why I like to do it i.e. why is it when they have fantasies of evil things that can be done to a human being it should be done to others while they watch it happen instead of them?

In the end it still reverts back to the old issue of making people into the classification of those they want to describe as problem toads that live in God forsaken parts of their lives – I personally have never really appreciated their company and actually don’t care, if I must answer the issue then it’s a matter of problems that may have dehumanised us especially the race problems but we still use it to remember the fact we are human anyway. I can only say it is apt to continue in that way of life obviously until somebody bothers them with a problem they could easily have taken care of a long time ago in their position, to a point where it takes everything from them as well. Even their tramps on the streets have this behaviour of problems transfer that they have developed a social condition for with media that is garnished with a means of solving their problems and the problems of the world via accusations at others about problems that others have with affect them or have affected them and true to form it is violently becoming their answer for everything which is one of the main reasons we are at this point in the first place anyway. I do love to reciprocate the involvement that brings it about for my part anyway; either to solve their problems and thereby make it worse or just get into a position where I will be needed and can therefore do nothing.


The one story that therefore takes centre stage in the whole saga has to be the one about a lack of support I get from Politicians because of what my work encourages i.e. it gives too much power to ordinary and common people and thereby creates social instability – so there is that temptation to water down my Books in order to help the Government control the bad elements but then again I was never that incompetent in the first place to begin with and besides which you simply cannot water down a book. So the main issues have to be that old tale yet again of the fact these guys live in a country that is so perverted that they can take advantage of people who have burdens of leadership placed on them and when bad things happen as a result recycle the curse and ensure those who have leadership are the ones dealing with it, a country that is so perverted they can actually hold down already famous or financially successful people and get around the whole planet to claim the possessions of such persons for themselves twisting the minds of the public so violently that they resign and accept the version of truth that they have been offered and it’s those kinds of tales from them all the time yap yapping endlessly, for which we have now seen it depends on whom they mess with because I will always tend to put a noose down that nose and drag them back where they came from ending in the whole assessment of what they are doing to play up the gap that exists between their jobs and the prison services to divide people from their own personality and occupy it through peoples public lives, so that I can ensure if they cannot explaining to people why they are the way they are, I will do it for them or get somebody to do it on my behalf. It’s only a matter of working out what the tools for dealing with these kinds of individuals are in the UK and that is what has taken up my time; so that it is clear what they want to do is bully me to a point where they start to invent reasons for it until the reasons they invent becomes one that is financially beneficial and then from there they can have a new life and breed children that will behave in the same way – so that it primarily involves a process where the financial aspect is to do with a small business while holding government office which is well connected and safe from wealth inequality rhetoric that they rip up people’s lives with and makes it profit by pillaging my personal life in order to look a part of the crowd that they run with all together, hence the normal thing should be that banging that their cars at me should result in a condition where I pick up a pebble and burst their heads but that would set a new precedent so I have to wait for them at the Industries instead which is what is happening at present; their fools at Industry really do enjoy standing up in public places to make a lot of noise about people who live under the shadow of their companies, so all together being that this matter is brewed from the fact celebrities vandalising and bottoming out my Book sales to show their culture is perverted and teach me a lesson is not a job, we have now ended up in a place where somebody had to show them how it is done, somebody had to teach them that they were talking about intellectual property administration and still have not got a foggiest clue what they are talking about too , like some massive battle of all battles I invented which I won as well and since they themselves have all gotten together to tell me that the one I have invented for myself have no meaning too, the matter has always developed onto its old tale of people not spending my property on themselves in the US and in Africa and in South America which is what I have done since there is nothing really wrong with a bit of respect and a bit of asking and a bit of taking no for an answer if it is what is offered; rather than pretend I am something they want to kill because they did not work out how they must pay their way in the world properly and yes an example of how my life is not being threatened is the one where their need to show they have goons that can beat me up if I am not co-operating with them so they can make profit with my life and work developed into a certain Tony Blair that brewed a Cabinet that did nothing else in its time except hunt me all over the world and when done go off to make war in the middle east at my expense, mix it up and return there to be a Middle East Peace envoy on account I am still not dead and it is an example of the fact that if you shoot them, they will say it was an assassination and not a fight in which they lost as it were. Not that I am going to shoot anybody as such, it’s just a matter of making the fact very clear on this matter and how it really works; I mean 15 year unemployment and I was biologically born to a parents that were married to each other in their 20s which means I must have come into the family somewhere in their 30, who have never for as long as I have known them been unemployed, even in the worst possible economic conditions; I am unemployed for my part in my 30s living in the UK because these fools are making sure of it with an arsenal of government equipment and media without reason or purpose, which takes the whole need of their men to do these bullying until money results and their women to take the new life from ordering around a moral person that is not going to do harm to others, to a whole new level and when I want my revenge as well, then they start to pretend they were expecting me to give them a piece of advice. I know most of what I say and do is amusing and that is why people never see it as serious so I get asked often what is so amusing about such things but I don’t think it is amusing, it’s just the way the fact presents itself – perhaps therefore to me the way I work is amusing i.e. in the past it was a matter of sexual deviance and sexual perversion which brews wealth inequality stories that ends up in Houses of government in the form of Politicians that spend tax payer funds on them to help them create business and employment or simply spend it on the state to help them find employment but today because of me it is full of all kinds of variables that means they are now doing things to pay taxes in earnest as well and this is the crucial item that has created this sense that all sides are the same thing, so I suppose I am managing it well enough too considering I created it – it’s as though I ought to write a small Book on this or something but then again such a Book would be counterproductive unless I dig up peoples society and culture and make them get off complaining and making a lot of noise in public places to make sense of such a job and thereby temper the facts of the Books – so I suppose it is amusing. It’s the story of my life – they turn up and start and do not appear to have calculated the cost properly.

So they say I am unemployed because it is my fault that I am but I have no idea who disputed that with them in the first place anyway – I know what they mean is that I get about with Celebrities and then the Celebrities with create problems for the Politicians who will then breed their own Celebrities to attack me with but at the end of the day it changes nothing about the real question in the matter i.e. how much of it is true when people say that the fact they are Politicians that are not Christians and do not believe in God in actually their fault as well. It’s like the story of migrants in Europe and the case of what my opinion of the matter is but it has always been an old story all together that if they are not supported by us, they will be slaughtered over some shenanigans that have to do with economic conditions or even some genocide that cannot be explained but if we do they will be willing to do something about the terrorism and the threats from Africa and the Middle East. I understand they will say security operatives know that but of course they always have when they recruit the trouble makers to help do the job as well so they can better be terrorists, I know it because I engineered the whole process; too much talk of middle power that deserves to act on sitting ducks in order to have what big power is having too. So they say we are the same as ever, meddlesome British which of course we are not; they always start first and all these years they have been blowing their top over it – ‘20 year old kids’ and they will never address their stupid children in the same way because they are practicing the prejudices on which their health and well being depends and then on and on and on to a point where Tribalism ends up in the White Communities and Racism ends up in the Black ones and before long we find them in Politics on and on and on and not long after that we find them on media where they are kings and people like me exist in a God forsaken world where we are surrounded by racism on the right and culture evils and violence on the left dehumanising us and so on of which I have ever before asked them a question or for a conversation and then that whole story of the ignorance of those on whom they like to practice their prejudices and nepotism because they can dominate them goes one step further as the fact that children and relatives of tyrants are the only ones with enough money to travel to the British education system to rip up my academic work and chase my Royal Estate all the time and they travel overseas and then things will happen to people and I will be responsible for it. All of these things of course should have been a part of life because it is what the UK is as a Country except that it cannot be about whom you attended school with anymore if it can be about fashion and celebrity insults to extract an income from the perks of your job and ask about who is black and who is white and who is gay and who is feminist and all that nonsense we have to put up with, while the politicians spend tax payer funds on them so they can pretend when they have juju powers and use it to abuse me it makes them money and no matter what I say, in the end it is still the reasons that the money has ended up with them – best place to put it in my face all the time of which is when I am attending a University meaning they couldn’t go any higher as it were, that is just before we hear we are meddlesome, not hurting badly enough yet so far as it were.

It is not true I find Royal activities easy and like to show that off all the time as well – what is the truth rather is that if I were not involved in service that was Royal in nature I would be just a Christian getting about on the streets spreading leaflets and drawing attention to my Books regarding what I think is the problem of society and how my understanding of the Bible can help to solve it but since I am not an ordinary person I do it in the name of the Queen never the less; so when people turn up all over my Books the truth and reality is always that they will buy none whatsoever but are just making sure other peoples don’t and that the job does not get done and that is how I end up clipping their modern living so they can tell me I tend to find Royal activities easy when in actual fact I don’t. The Politicians will still be reeling from the above statements at this point, especially European ones i.e. that the fact I am unemployed is my fault and they are the elders and very wise does not answer the question of how much of it is true when people say they are not Christians and do not believe in God because that is their fault too; they know if they don’t get it done they will get into trouble and that I have no intentions of being nice to them about it too. Its like the problem in Greece at the moment, where we are looking at an Economy that is hopelessly dependent on the promise of Capitalism and Free society i.e. if there are 10 businesses and one of them has made a £100,000 profit and wishes to reinvest it to look after his market reach - what it really means is that he spend it buying equipment and stock from everybody else around him and that will in turn mean that the £100,000 goes from one business to the other and does not change although it appears people are selling stock and taking a profit but on the fringes, something happens, some external input due to one of them doing something will increase it as a whole to £120,000 and it is only when that goes round that they all take a profit of £2,000 on average, depending on products and market; so it is very easy to break but very difficult to rebuild, even here in the UK where we do not have a problem rebuilding any that we have in a grand way, it is still so difficult because you cannot trust men for anything and joblessness can easily become big business for their society stupidities and their foolish girls who profit from insolence and abuse and want to feel safe while they are hard it at all times - what is most frustrating as such is that it is not popular culture that damaged the Greek Economy, it is Politicians doing things that are not ethical at Office and of course combined with the fact that Germany and France who both have the same kind of Economy if you speak of locality have turned a Blind eye to it and gone as far as to make contributions to both the problem and now the solution as well with conditions attached thereof - it is frustrating because so much has been said and done which have nothing whatsoever to do with reality and the truth that it is impossible for the Germans and the French not to have been aware of the effects of their actions when they have the same local economy type as the Greeks do.