I hear the talk of how I pay no attention to what people say about me well enough but I don’t know what I am supposed to see about girls with men that will beat me up who want people to collect my income for them every single day either – perhaps it is some kind of racism but I don’t know which part of the warnings neither they nor their stupid men are ever seen with their own mates which is the problem we have here that they fail to understand either. They are not a serious problem, all anybody has to do is get off thinking about killing them and how to go about it and then make sure they gain nothing from the process of doing so. The prognosis of their existence isn’t unusual either; it’s a matter of these fools who read books and teach each other about soul travel and various other forms of power and means of control that we human beings never explore about ourselves that you must only dabble into if you are ready to be committed and once they are done reading those things the girls will turn up with threats from the books to want my income because I am so inferior nobody would mind and even if they did there will be trouble and it is so embarrassing, not least the actions of their men talking nonsense about things I need to give them who then get off to make a presence for themselves on media that is about the claim I have given them those things so when people pay them to make advertisement they can make it on the basis because they think that they have reached a point where you think of the word maverick and mad man and trouble maker and attribute it to them because they fit the bill. I am not worried about it that much, I know I am not prepared to kill anybody because of my faith so I am never really bothered about their activities when I know that is the only way to stop it especially the American and African ones but since they last became so adamant that it will become part of my mental preoccupation so they can talk through to me from a distance the reason has been Banks and fashion  and Industry and media and I don’t want to see them around any of those things starting from those stupid cultures and societies hence this is just the beginning of what I must do to take it away from them. They are never seen with their own mates or seen building scandals and conversation about their own mates and it will end as badly as it looks as well. I mean they now know all about me because I have rented homes with almost all of them and am now on the final push with the black ones who claim they own me but when I say so the whites will say I have not yet rented homes with them so far to find out whereas everybody knows they own the Country and anyhow I get about it at any distance will always pay off with the needed results. I don’t think it is a complicated matter, they are evil people and that is why they want to talk to me about what God gave me authority to do and what he didn’t all the time, I for my part tend to relish the license given since it does mean if I told people civil rights and multiculturalism was evil they would never have believed me – so these twisted goons want to talk about what God gave me authority to do or not over my income all the time while the civil rights idiots take advantage of anything I work for, then we hear them say I can only chose between the two which such nonsense does not apply at all but in the most provocative way we start to see the media debuts to enforce it with a big mouth which is what has led us where we are today; i.e. they are never seen with their own mates and whenever they are they come out a corpse but whenever they are seen with me it becomes a matter of being complicit with some great unimaginable evil. So all I can say is the same as ever i.e. they need to civil rights push at me and find out what will happen when I push back as well and try their best never to stay off my book sales and tell their stupid insolent girls especially fashion ones to find people whose incomes they want to confiscate somewhere else. The insults and the gestures will not do - they need to keep those along with their fucking hands to themselves.

So the Independence campaign in Scotland is a Week towards its ending and we have begun to hear some real facts and truths from both sides i.e. the SNP campaigns for a condition where Scotland is governed by Scots only and Westminster Campaigns for the Union and not Britain or devolution - everything else they have offered therefore being collateral damage. The reality of which is that the SNP has continually hoodwinked and deceived poor people into joining its ranks i.e. the Westminster lies about Oil and the North Sea. The question not being that of whether or not Scottish people think they can govern their country better than Westminster but whether the Union is a price worth paying for that – so it seems that the reality is the same as ever with all cases of when it is not broken do not fix it i.e. when Scotland is independent Salmon and his friends will be at the forefront of everything that is Scotland in the world, so for them it will be heaven but they have done nothing to consider the future of younger people that will come after them and more so when the population of an independent Scotland expands as well because it clearly does not matter if the most important thing in a world where Politics is eternal and cannot be taken over by Monarchy is to have a Country that is developed around sharing and community – of which the current system is full of people who claim ownership of what should be collectively owned for example my company which I broke up and brokered the equities while they told their lies they have come to believe about what I owned in it and what I don’t only to realise none of that is feasible and to start their media violence and blow off their big mouth all the time concerning which I believe I have also advised them to seek medical help about their gluttony as well. Hence it is one of those occasions where some of us really do need to be Christians because if I wasn’t I can easily see myself in a place where I give it all up and watch them build their own so I can handle it in the same way and watch them talk nonsense about violence so we can put it to the test. 
They do claim I omit the part where I am the most prolific womaniser and wife sharer this country has ever seen but it is the kind of insults we have been talking about all along which would have led to more difficult situations if we were both able to beat each other up and do whatever we liked as it were - they are not beating me up to please women anymore apparently and I am not killing them so somebody can hurt me for them as well too. Their wives have no regard for my right to get by with what I own in the entire operating of living itself and that is because of assurances they give them about backing them up, so that it can happen because they want an extra marital affair with me that I will be responsible for looking after while she and her stupid block head popular culture children make progress at my expense with their stupid lives and even the nature of the Scottish independence campaign itself has been run on that basis and cannot be kept off my literary empire as well: my point is that if I were not a Christian I would not have tolerated all that time I put up with the destruction of my finances while they made up their own ideas about who I am and what I had achieved nor would I have with the part where their women did it in order to allow their foolish children make progress with a clever person they can handle and abuse and manipulate, who have come of the age of marriage without a partner because they control his life and decide what people think about it and can make use of his personal life and house like they make use of other peoples war and peace matters to get rich which I am about to crush at present as well and I am rather glad that I am a Christian and did do so - hence. I have never thought it a problem, it’s just the reality that this is where they have built up enough violent support for a small army to attack me on grounds I seem to own something they think they need to own too - however they cannot have both the claim I am the Christian biggest wife sharer in the whole land and Scottish Independence along with homosexual communities at the same time, it is a matter of what I have it in me to do as well. Apparently this wife sharer claim is a calculated ploy but up until now they said right up to Royal circles and trouble makers in Clarence House that it was a matter of trust because my commitments and where they are needed to be determined for security reasons and now I cannot shut down all I do so they can deal with the problems of the members of the Royal Family they are responsible for on their own but for these idiots on media however it’s a case of how to grab things from a kid by using the wife sharer story which of course is not funny at all: they do not own their own Royal Estate as well because those kinds of claims have been running for them on that stupid media for as long as it might have, it is very provocative stuff that nonsense and the stupid gestures they measure out for me with it along with their silly abuses all the time - apart from which I actually do not trust anybody to handle matters involving the interests of women anyway and I always do it myself and they are the idiots that are never seen around their own mates all over the Country, so we win again. It’s always been simple matters of health and safety realities –so that the claim I sleep with peoples wives is because they have no respect for their women and none for me as well: if I am a good person I have to decide that if it is not safe for me and for her to be with him both will have to part ways and if I am a bad person I want to work out what his problem really is. They do ask if some of the things I do are not akin to sleeping with peoples wives of course but clearly of which if a fame idiot is the wife I have not married and my finances are in tatters to ensure I don’t so she can be famous and rich and if the wife is the wife I have not married so when he has sex with her he will with my wife, then of course there is the question of a woman’s sense of justice and the things I do to offer them the highest possible discount there is in the world for it too – apparently we are talking about because the bastards hurt like hell as a result and one of these days their envy will clash with my jealousy as well. It is quite difficult to imagine how people are taken by the matrimonial God of an atheist while the Christian is wife sharer anyway but this is one of an example of the reasons they say they want to ensure all the things I do to see them get around with their own mates and their own class and society where they are never safe backfires with that media and the Industry and fame and fortune and fashion and all that nonsense we see endlessly but before then in their view it’s all fun – so there is nothing new or amazing about it for my part and I will only get better because there is more than this still in store as it were. They do claim I spend most of my time with women when I am a man which isn’t true because they think they want to know the secret to my so called powers on account they do not believe in God or in the fact that this is all me and hence want to be able to make it into an item and handle it like I mentioned all people have to do is work out how to kill them and keep up a trophy in prison by making sure they gain nothing for it – the truth and reality is that they do nothing but pillage my finances and when I ask them the answer is mostly that it is about making sure some girl friend of theirs is the wife I should have married so she can be famous and then it developed into many stages and has now settled on the claim I am a wife sharer; apparently I win again so we are having a conversation about it – no idea why they take the risks when they know if I take their women away from them they cannot push me around either. As for the story of what I do with women however and the kind of people I get involved with being the problem, the reality is always a simple case as ever of the fact we all have the right to chase our own various causes as it were and if people don’t make up stories of their own about mine or get involved there should be no trouble. It is never true that mentioning the wife sharer thing puts me in jeopardy, it’s just that most people think the reasons I attack them as well is because they take my person and my work and use it because they have society and communities and are forging themselves on a very beneficial case of taking candy from a badly every single second of their time with every single body language we see and every single thing they do, and that is stretches right up to breaking point around my book sales but that is not true – the reasons top of the list reasons I attack people is intrusion into my solitude – they are never seen with their own mates until they want a new Country. Yes they do brag I am scared of them and nothing I do really pays off but we all know their communities are now full of women and men that live in fear of their enemies as a result of my activities, so that they can be pinned down as well – I mean I have to get involved with an activity connected with paid employment to raise funds to run my company and sell my books and have to find time to write them books and manage the equities at the company, any spare time I have is for me and not for them and their stupid needs that never seem to run out and gets worse according to the number of excuses they make like I am sharing a room with a deadly gang member on that stupid media all the time – random targeting on the streets brought it about obviously with a big mouth. So I do hear this is all a rebels’ prerogative which I don’t mind but if it becomes an issue I will pat them on the back and complement them for winning again out of respect for higher authority and need for social stability.


So yes I understand I am said to be oblivious to how I can quit while I am winning of course as if I do not know the reasons people target me all the time is because they provoke me and expect I should not handle them or their society and or their community and or their culture or Politics which I do and look really good for at the other end so we can find out if they can back up their big mouth as well. As I have said before – attack people a lot of the times because of the violation of my solitude which should never happen as they are not related to me but is a measure of how much they believe they can get involved with and do and undo with in a general sense of the existence of human beings in this world, hence their complains make no sense and apparently of which if they own all that belongs to me then clearly that will mean that they would have reached a point where people are not born gay into this world anymore like they claim to be the case – I mean last time we checked according to media they were winning not me so I have no idea what they are talking about. What I do with my solitude is pray and read the Bible and meditate on Gods teachings – I cannot do without it I cannot function without it and if they continue there will be nothing left of their own as well and of course those who want much bigger problems can always do it because they have taken some class A drugs or have had some Viagra in exp3ctation of attending to a love nest and it will always end very well: it’s the same old story of how they are wired differently in the sense that they can do what they like with people while I feel if I make somebody cry I could get into trouble even when there will be no such trouble – it was that way in school and there is no change here in the real world i.e. if I make another child in the class room cry it would not bother me at all whereas the rest of us think the teacher will be all over us and then there will be a history and then we will be embarrassed for a long time and that might affect studies bring failure and shame –now it’s impossible to walk from home to a lecture room for example because they are using it as they see you walk down the streets etc – so according to that media they were winning and I was doing nothing yet to connive with Politicians and oppress them, hence I have no clue what they are talking about. I can understand that they say I speak of conniving with Politicians which is a good idea for others to work on me with but is utter nonsense when they have such a communal sense of closely knitted society of men and women who take candy from babies as a basic form of existence and any sense of protest is always followed by a vicious gang up which can get violent – so that when I do their personal life part the reality about when I grab their society and culture and politics and do whatever I like with it is that the Politicians will want to hit them all the time and I don’t have to be nice to the Politicians for that either – crucial item being the personal life part because it means that even when I hurt the politicians they still want me anyway, so I become irresistible for it – their women however make out there isn’t a place in the world where they will ever be respectful or scared of me and so you need to see them, five second of walking by me and they have harmed me the man they can do whatever they like with and changed their lives for good until I ask them if it is in terms of IQ and it seems they are nervous already and about to fart.

So it seems they are expressing themselves a lot these days through the Scottish independence thing of which they say they find it impossible to actually work out exactly what Unionists like about the UK which makes no sense as there is nothing to like, only the fact that I had my time to think about what I needed to do and to get my head and hands around what matters and didn’t as much as change my own family to do it but what we have here are people who feel that when they go through the same occasion they have to drag me out of my home to vote in a poll to prevent them from taking it all away from me by winning a referendum for a new Country – the arguments have been completely distorted first by the lies Mr Salmon tells for example – when we all know it’s a matter of Scotland for the Scots but he has changed it from a problem with banks and businesses which came after a case of Westminster lies concerning north sea oil and we have now settled on something else entirely including hatred for the Tories, hence these lies told in stages to gather supporters that have not been fully informed about what they are getting themselves into because nobody is doing professional Political work around here anymore and most of them like the Labour Party love to claim it’s my fault which it is as well since Labour and work is the only thing democratic about the UK and they need to stop flattering themselves – as we all know the truth to be that London is overheating and outsourcing thereby sucking wealth out of the UK and sending it overseas and devolution was the answer to the problem hence Scots was always for the Scots and Scots were always going to decide how it should be governed – thus the question the Unionists are answering which is whether or not Scots for the Scots is worth the Union being broken up, period. I had my own time as well, my own opinions about leaders and Politicians due to what civil rights goons told me but I didn’t break up any National Union with it, people have to have a certain sense of themselves for that kind of behaviour when they are frustrated about their own limitations. I hear it is said I am a bundle of surprises and it raises the question of whether or not there will be more but of course there still is more just as I like the last minute campaigns that reveal the stupid games that the parties of the Union are playing among themselves over this sensitive issue so I can get along with what I need to do – we have not even begun discussing the Scottish referendum issue being something that has been created by those who are a fan of it because of a certain issue of minorities making promises and minorities enjoying life too much, such that there isn’t anybody serious enough to hold them down and make them fulfil those promises as it were and somebody needs to take a stand: what I am saying is that there is more to go and I bet on the basis of the above events this is what we will be doing in 24 Hours – apparently the SNP think they have had us all figured out with their friends and relatives of tyrants from overseas as it were - I mean we all look out for each other and look after our friends like I do here and everywhere and that is one end of the spectrum which has by the way not in any way escaped their wrath as it were and it is interesting for them how there is so much gall that they want to split up a Country and there is nothing about it to them which sound like that which is sacrilege.

I understand it is said that I am in such a position as I can never be accountable for my actions, it is never true of course and I always feel it is brought up when they want to channel the friends they have made through their greed and deviance towards my personal life and feel that they have media and parliament to that effect – the reality is that they love making that statement about how they want to be able to exist within a condition where their place is in my right hand, which is not of course something they will want to tell me to my face because it will easily lead to a serious brawl that can get worse depending on the number of times they want to repeat it, so they find media and they find parliament and pretend those two things are their own to deploy as they please which in some occasions in terms of the media it might be anyway: so it is very insulting stuff and I find it very annoying – they on the other hand will never listen when I tell them they need to stop influencing me in that way because it is insulting and abusive, they will rather claim that it is necessary for the control of those who are violent, an indication therefore that they have no real grasp of an understanding of the reasons that violent people act in the way they do which is very different from the frustrations of a normal person whose finances they get fun from wrecking even when they see such a normal person attend church all the time, in order to talk nonsense about how they do not believe in God which nobody inquired of them or wants to know. It is the same issue that has pushed the Scots from devolution to independence which is what our latest crisis looks like at the moment – they rather love to make statements about what is entirely expected of them i.e. they have a crowd behind them that will keep me down so they can have it anyway and when I tell them it’s a matter of time then start to create their own version of me that they want to control in public in terms of reputation i.e. they have not got the foggiest clue what they are doing with people that are violent so they are using the means by which to handle those people to wreck my life and finances and keep it wrecked for the last 14 years and counting still; hence they say they have a big crowd behind them that will hold me down and I say it is a matter of time then and it will end very well as such too. Then it all immediately develops into the other claims about those that I influence in the same way before I myself have no wish to be influenced in that way as well – which is the issue at the heart of what people say when they feel that each day spent in the UK as Scots make them feel they have lost something i.e. treacherous celebrities with media to play with and I really feel like I want a clash with the Scottish independence ones as well – Politicians and celebrity and media idiots alike of which its always much the same – they never ever listen when you tell them you do not appreciate a certain damaging behaviour. Now it has turned all together to the part where I have to mention they say my possessions are much sweeter when stolen while they have covered their tracks with claims I flatter the UK all the time and cannot keep my hands off its history and culture in order to avoid a process where the realities of their games of leadership abuse of leadership from coming to light, but it never really means anything to me as it is a free country and since this is what they want to do with their time they do have the freedom to – it’s just a matter of when they do it with my possessions when I have never given them permission for it; it is entirely the same familiar issue i.e. when idiots of deviance and theft like these along with their secret society insults that are supposed to deceive and cause disillusionment so they can get away with it and become stronger financially each time they make a hit; when they steal people possessions and use it to make riches and fame they are supposed to let their lies take effect by leaving their victims their exit route so I do not have to make time to deal with things I feel are physically responsible for damaging my academic work and my career and ultimately my finances, unless they are tough enough not media and false happiness.