So they say the respect issues are really needlessly complex which is not the case, I simply need to have people I can trust, not handle the effects of making sure people do not put their nasty culture and society in my face while a Journalist picks up my public work, makes themselves comfortable and on advice of parents turns up to dish punishments for me because something has made her uncomfortable as well, usually as a result of her own misdoing all together and it thus gets to a stage where I need say it does not have any respect for me. In the end an Actor is not one by showing up on the big screen himself every day, those who do can see what I do is intellectual property administration and that the products are the stars most of the time and that it is not viable business to get involved. I mean I developed my Film series equity to work on the premise of Crime control for example and this means it makes film series in such a way as stirs the criminal activity towards the surface in order to give people a chance and then when it gets a bit much I have to step in and manage it considering it has started to become some form of terrorism at that stage. I mean I have a live journal because the idea that Royalty is hated is actually a myth and there are people that would be traumatised forever if you harm them, so I need people I can Trust only in the Court systems. I am aware of the tale my Court is actually not a safe place for the Women in it but it’s never really been an issue – I blame myself mostly because I have not settled my bed chamber and the people in it properly which I soon will by the way but the Court is a group of people I share a bed chamber with, the reality about it is that I am able to transcend every public place aspect of it without actually being physically present but when it comes to the abuses and threats of the spouses it is usually a matter of whether the price I should pay for a perception that they and their friends have built up in their heads couldn’t possibly be any higher and so it seems that I tend to get relief when they have lost the marriage all together. They say there is definitely sex involved but people can talk about that or they can talk about the trading and shops and high street that is involved instead – what they discuss is entirely up to them for the most part. I am well aware people think my Books are incomplete too but they are actually not incomplete, it’s the Publicity stuff that is incomplete and there is only one problem here to deal with as well i.e. silly Men and their girls who have moved over to the left and made all these market based arrangements and set up means of teaching people how to get rich by it too, none of which involves a condition where I actually have the right to feel good – so they have now reached a stage where if they sense they have to and need to punish me, their imagination does not have to wonder, as there are things they can actually do to make it happen and so it has become Boys with their Toys and a case of 'he pricks me all the time and all he does simply annoys me because of how he is,' which is mostly always inadvertently punished with a case of him selling books in hell when he has not yet apologised and made it right and the ones that are personal friends of Mr Obama are something else too with that big mouth. They are not half the problem for me that they claim they are, I am only addressing questions people have about my challenges which is mostly that everything I do annoys them and it always means I will sell Books in hell if I do not apologise and make it right but as for a problem, there isn’t one because if I get my hands on the profitable disobedience along with its success of insolence I will stop when I have destroyed it completely. Mostly the abuses makes me feel that I have no problem seeing Men struggle financially in a life that suits them best, whereby they have to spend their last penny to fill the car up and go to bed hungry just to ensure they are able to get to work the next day, which then gets me really interested in facts about how they have made money in ways that are less than admirable and because getting in touch with me makes a show case of it but they have no wish to stop getting involved as we are not mates, my bottom and tummy hurts all the time. So they say I talk like that and it will get me into trouble alright but it’s an old story of 90s type scumbag showing up to enjoy life and get around corridors of International community wearing sunshades and enjoying life and freedom on other people’s concerns somewhere else in order to avoid trouble too; otherwise the chances are that the whole case of insults and insults in the hope that racist will show up to do teases that give way to racial violence where anything I say means they can move into my personal space and find the idea I am being bullied amusing, can easily lead to a problem with midsized gangs as well.

So we hear that talk of people who show up on high Media and have a Public image without actually achieving anything or winning an award in order to do so but do because they have something they become or are as a result of a hereditary disposition. I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that the only thing that happens around here is lots and lots and lots of unfairness that is banished with a heavy amount of squander because people who are opinionated are ever so keen on showing how important they are. Hence like now for instance, it could have been explained that when you are Royalty and people have built their enterprises around you, you are no longer in control of what they do with your Public image as the whole and that means it can end up anywhere; all you really can do is decide that a certain image and more so being shown a certain way causes you distress and that you do not wish people to show it but this sort of truth based explanation would not suffice for a statement that says you have a public image for which you have achieved nothing and it is ever important to talk that way because of their ego and the way they want to maintain what their friends think about them as a whole – in the end I do not think this matter a crisis as such, the only problem is that there is no respect for me whatsoever and I am not too bothered about it too, hence reasons this tale can go on for eternity if it so wishes; nobody asks people to pick up my public image and deploy it for self advancement and for being friendly with dignitaries but when they do, they want to shut down my life by making sure it becomes their history, does not make any progress and does not go anywhere, just becomes their history and stays there while they choose another life away from it and blab about people having public image when they have achieved nothing; hence I am sure they understand why I do what I do and why peoples bottoms hurt the way they hurt mine –  it is all completely avoidable.

They do say it’s all about inequality and creating more of it as such which is utter nonsense; the truth is that I have the right to the natural monopoly attached to my products – this means a certain amount must be set out to give away free and a certain amount set aside to help me pay my way in the world, that others will trifle with when they want a war and a certain amount set aside for me to make my statements with – the reason is that I am capitalist and the advice has always been that those who have not a foggiest clue what to do in business need get a job from somebody else who does, as products get sold in the end anyway whether or not sales people exist. The importance of course is naturally that wealth gets round with Capitalism and those who must live by it must respect its rules and follow the procedures; these fools need to look the part having become celebrities and bought firms from others i.e. when a large body of people around the world know that the establishment and its products belong to somebody it is impossible for the owner to lose his possession, they need to look the part and respect other people’s property or continue to spread my Books around and provide leadership that will make them feel proud blabbing about inequality all the time for it too; it’s just Books I write and it seems it will be their nightmare I will write next because of this behaviour – yapping inequality and how people need to take me down all the time, cannot seem to get lost and clear my Public image. They do say I don’t know how conservatism and Liberalism really works of course and this has just proven it too. the fun part for them is apparently that without being a public and media vagabond so they can move into my right hand and feel certain sensation with money they made with pillaging my public image in the first place anyway, all I say and do only make me more vulnerable and its utter nonsense; they are really good at stealing goods and services from people without paying and are convinced there is none just as good at recovering it from them as well and when I build as public image on it we will hear them complain about an existing tyranny that others are not taking seriously; this is guaranteed.

Hence we see them associate that old case of ‘Trump the racist’ with me around this one as well; the reality of which is rather a matter of the fact that they spend their time on nothing but building reputations for people they enjoy passing incredible insults at; these insults will continue until somebody turns up to play up his market place teasing that gives way to racial violence and until then they will never see reason to stop it – progress usually means pointing fingers at people and labelling them racist, so that these kinds of crowds might follow them around especially because of the mentally disturbed women that are being subdued and housed by the local councils; so until that gives way to a condition whereby you will make the racist build an army and kill them so they can stop the racism, it never improves as well. They understand conservatism obviously, they never talk about their own lives or problems and explain every nonsense around them on the personal lives of others to choose public place self improvement; this however would be detrimental for the US and for the World as something Mr Trump should spend his time on, which is why those of us that have given support over it have done so. They always pretend we have a conversation in the matter which we don’t while the insults and squander and unfairness that shows they are important continues but the reason they are convinced of it is that they compare me to another group of goons and those are always in a position where there is a new life to live with Politics which eliminates the owner of that life all together, so people are not usually forthcoming at the Monarchy in describing it for them like I am  but they do mention that they might have done their worst but people are still taking over their careers never the less; like Scottish Nationalist threatening to break up the UK for instance and the IRA etc. We all try not to stand on Public places and say that it should be noted those who get on market places to claim they should have been super stars before somebody else improved himself are the lowest of the low and the famous they are is the better considering that not every A grade student will build a spaceship and not every F grade student will become a criminal but they make it so difficult with that stupid Media for absolutely no reason safe stealing lifestyle and self improvement information and it becomes so abusive when a person has been groomed for high disrespect like I have been. So they say what I say has almost the same weight as Law itself which indicates I am a bad person and is utter nonsense; the truth is that they fancy themselves bullies and never ever behave as though the only form of law we actually have is the one where things happen and there is a due process where it is ironed out in Law Court, so the kids that dish out Primary Governance by means of reason are stupid, the gangs and criminals that do by means of violence are powerful and it goes round in circles like the madness that it is endlessly. So they do say I never really pay attention to what people actually want from me, which is the case that always feeds into that reality that I must never waiver on the matter of them getting involved with me to ensure bits of me end up in their heads and then I am unable to stop them from stealing and squandering what has but it’s never really been an issue for me too; the Court is female only and the day they got involved was just the beginning, apparently whenever it is evil, it always tends to have problems to deal with and somebody must have treated it in the same way that I am being treated and this would continue the heart of the problem before other explanations make sense of nothingness.

So there is that talk of civil upheavals and how I am at the centre of it which is an old story; the case about these guys has always been rather as simple as the fact that for some reason they have to invent these things and make trouble around the person whose life they want to be comfortable with and then it will civil to some form of civil separation and then the Politicians will give them some form of rights at the end of it after some people had died too. I do not think it is unusual; the unusual aspects are such as when somebody got shot by the Police in the US and it affects what I am doing here in the UK and I have to start thinking that another needs to get shot right away again. In the end the real problem is that it is the Politicians that love to reward them, whenever they think they always get what they want, time and time again and so we end up with this story where they have some money to play around with and the Politicians need an exit which they will never get from me or derived from anything I do as well i.e. I am not happy with the destruction they have wrought here over that nonsense about introverts they hate, whose right hand side people want to move into etc; in my heart of hearts, the reality for me is still that Politicians are very stupid people. It will lead to heated arguments when I say so but the evidence is everywhere, like when we ask them where the terrorists are and they say it’s the guys on the right hand side, meaning they cannot explain to the Public where the Terrorists are getting their funds from. I for my part had put the whole thing away before the end of my teenage years but here I am again and Politics is not moving on for the part I have to play in the matter as well and yes they do say that in my heart of hearts I am a terrorists as well and it’s an old story where the link between what they are doing to protect second sources of income and tax havens where they hide the money is not connected with a condition whereby I drop out of University because they bring witchdoctors into the country to pass insults at me and get financial rewards, which means that whatever the arguments, the point will still always be that their wit6chcodtor powers can make money. The other aspect of their Political insults being that they spend their time creating an environment for me where I can feel safe, only for me to be so disrespectful and we all know that environments where somebody can feel safe would involve things such as if I walk down the road and somebody who sits by the street corner smoking marijuana gets involved with me and gets support from Politicians for doing so as a matter of his right, which then gives rise to a gained confidence on this part, that he has found somebody he can pick on to express his problem i.e. the fact his mates are more successful and there is nothing he hates more than the fact younger people will show up and become more successful as well, which then gains even more support from the Media as well – what I would have been doing to ensure others are safe would have been a condition where I took responsibility and therefore ensured that I was not doing anything that put younger people in a difficult situation – so I am still at a loss where and how these fools have been acting to make me feel safe but it is an example of how much they enjoy serving themselves and those stupid children they have whom they gave up on because the children simply will not stay out of gangs, alongside the racists they knew in school, making me feel safe. It’s pretty much like the European ones as well – step by step one day at a time they say, I will lose my Entire Royal Estate Literary empire because I have been messing with plans they have to rehabilitate those who created the economic crisis, make them a better deal and facilitate a means by which they can provide jobs for lower lives; it is another example of the fact I am being disrespectful when I say that Politicians are incredibly stupid people, since this means the Public is at fault and I am stirring up trouble and hate for Government operatives, whereas the deal they are making people is that people need to wait for 8 years at least so they can rehabilitate those who caused the economic crisis, rather than provide a leadership that means such people can get to spend the money they took out of the system and therefore create jobs in that way  because they have no choice as well. I  never wanted Brexit for my part so I can find out what it is exactly they can do, like this case where my Books serve Women and this becomes the reason Men have two lives and one is their profession while the other is doing damage around here to a buzz and yet each time I handle them as well the damage is not competition issue, we end up with a condition where they claim I am insane so people might ignore what I am doing on one hand which has become the only means of survival and then on the other blab about me making it look as though it is easy to be successful in their stupid Country. As for this story of being disrespectful, I hear it all the time from their insolent young people who think they are talking to a child and will not take a warning seriously; it’s an old tale of the fact the reasons we hear them and their Political leaders talking about power of the people all the time is that they ever have a foggiest clue what they are doing all together but then again which it’s not a 36 year old Man and there isn’t going to be trouble to follow soon enough too; I want them all off my personal space and do not wish to tolerate any more of their involvement with my Books; everybody knows when terrorism has been picked up by the guys on the right as they love to claim is where terrorism is, we will definitely not end up with the same situation in the Middle East where there is a war without end. Their idea of wealth inequality issues is how Conservatism and Liberalism works but the Liberals feel it is the poor that need to Liberalise and the Conservatives feel it is the poor that need to do something about crime and social evils and the Europeans have a big mouth about which Empire they will confiscate steadily until they take it all at some stage – so apparently I interfered with their plans for recovery because it meant that peoples standard of living will be lowered to fund the cost of the recovery and I am quite happy with a condition whereby they lower their own instead; its much the same as the story in the US where they say people like me couldn’t be happier to see Mr Obama leave the White House but the reality is that I couldn’t be happier seeing a joker that enjoys ripping up my Books and acting like the Oval Office is a student Union Presidents domain leave the White House – there is a difference (they are so fond of the sickening unpleasant behaviour where they are black and I am black and they are older black who deserves fame more than me because they also look the part and how stifling my finances from such a position in some seniority game is a worthy form of fun they can have – I cannot wait to see the back of it – it never stops until another idiot shows up to play up his insulting market square behaviour that goes from teasing to racial violence).


Now they say I am stuck at a point of no return and it is utter nonsense too as the reality is that I have not yet gotten myself to a state of making war on Middle and Lower class idiots that are always bullying me financially and then waiting for me at the Civil service too, in order to gain favours from Politicians while doing it. The reality about their position has always been that stupid civil rights and the meaning of what the Women do as a community being that they claim I stir up their sexual desires, is that when they see me attend Church, I get dragged out of it because they are improving the opportunities for having sex with me. Then there are the Men who show up to play with me at the University and then when I drop out it will mean I have been dragged out of University to hang around and perform all sorts of nonsense associated with problems people create for me because the way I react to problems creates a buzz for them – it is baffling that human beings would live like this all together and goes without saying that when I see that stupid clubbing lifestyle and culture and society stuff it will be the last time they see it on my account as well. It’s impossible to understand how people get involved with others without being interested in what others are interested in, hence get off thinking that if a point of no return to be stuck at exists, that there is no possibility that he that is stuck might want to find a way outside of it and so the way outside involves those stupid insolent cars that are the most important reasons for their upper lower class and lower middle class bullying stuff, which have not got a panel on it that was built in that least 3 years at least and so the other follow on being that they have got the neighbourhoods sorted out and in future it will become a place where they put up money and rip up the lives of those they want to target in order to have an environment where they can express their wickedness that the Law prevents them from so doing via means of filthy popular culture when it has always been obvious that fame is beyond them in the first place all together. I have not brought myself to do something about them but it does not mean I am stuck at a point of no return either, I want to see less of them around my Books and the means for those insults kept firmly shut as it were. I mean it is really difficult because they are such a collection of very stupid people i.e. the parents are the ones that know better than the kids and it is the parents that ensure you have no right to feel good if they steal your ideas in order to get off and do a job that brings them money – possible then to abuse people you learn things from that makes you financially comfortable as such apparently while we continue to live and protect a society that has benefits for not setting people out as stupid. I have never really had a problem with it as a whole, the issue has always been the case of settling realities around the fact human beings can be evil things but there is a set point at which they are and so this case is largely a matter of the fact I see the world according to what I hear and they assume it means I am listening to them and if they can communicate with me without getting into trouble it is an environment where they can perform all sorts of evil without being accountable for their actions but like I said, I have not brought myself to a point of attacking Middle and Lower class women and their husbands that love to bully me financially and make up stories for it without reason – the result of not doing anything is obviously that my qualifications and professional life is very choppy i.e. opportunities show up in unusual ways i.e. the day I gate a security guard opportunity is the same day I am supposed to complete my Forklift truck assessment, so being over the moon about a security guard job, I leave a forklift truck assessment, find out 2 years down the line that I have got a childhood injury that means I can never do such a job properly, back in unemployment and it will take three years at least to get everything working again, while the biggest source of fun for these fools is when they ensure my Books reach National Media and Parliament, where the sales are stalled, seeing they love to be enemies that enjoy hurting themselves and I am the one that rips up culture and society to ensure their bottom hurts all the time. it does not mean I intend to do anything about them sooner or later, the benefit is that less celebrity idiots get involved with me and when it turns out people who are capable of violence for example understand the importance of being nice and polite and are doing so in public places and in a capacity as celebrity, the question will be how they knew that this is the only means by which fame is possible and the reality will be that they have got a background that actually allows them to be famous. Not these scum and their Industry fame attacking me and bullying me in Public to get comfortable and so the old case where stepping out of my door in a condition where my reaction to problems gives people a buzz, means they steal my Books just by my very existence and that trap needs to shut about me stuck at a point of no return since I know exactly how to get out of one and to make it as unpleasant for them as possible if I am – so little of their time thus actually gets spent on the activity that pays that salary which gets to their heads as we can see and the story that I am mentally disturbed in this matter will not suffice when it does kick off as well. It’s the old case of being stuck with poor people’s Politics which I am not; I mean what happens is that whenever we show up at the field to plant some crops for the future, the Politicians speak of people power and draft in individuals that have never see a field or a crop in their whole lives and it is not even a recruitment drive, they say it is because they are working on people who should be out there getting some work and some oppression into their system and then argue with me the superiority when I say they are incredibly stupid people as if I am actually wrong.

They are so in love with this process of discrediting me on security matters that I am actually not involved with as a whole in the first place, by making out where my idea of recovery and progress should be is not targeted at the correct area about which they clearly always tend to have people in mind every single time that they have financial issues to work out. I do not believe the matter is a crisis, it’s the one where they are predisposed to steal my Big break every time and that is why their civil rights idiots will get shot by the Police over me in order to overturn the odds i.e. when I need to behave in a way which shows my actions do not agree with crime, considering I might not get robbed but if I was seen agreeing when a next door business got robbed, I might eventually have to leave the neighbourhood – or when it comes down to respect and that guy who used to make F Grades now has a business and is paying millions of pounds in tax alone while I need to sell Books to him etc – and randomly selecting moral people that can be sacrificed wantonly like their stupid selfishness shares even the celebrity money with others is never sufficient but where I get into trouble is the hatred for steps I have taken to ensure I am not robbed by them which due to the stupidities of Politicians rather becomes the reason I am always targeted since I created by them entirely out of my imagination while that stupid onslaught of insults and squander and unfairness based nepotism has not taken a turn for the better all together; so they always target and steal these various financial break points like I am being waylaid in battle and ambushed in a War, and when it turns out the plan to have a second source of income while getting into government Office to look after tax breaks is not good enough the Media is drafted in and Journalist scum will do it and they do every day and it never stops; the lies and wealth inequality stories that get them on the side of the crowd, the money they make and hideaway and find it impossible to tell the truth unless there is money involved etc and then the need to cling to my finances as well.

Like this case whereby there is a story to tell almost every day of what the Prime Minister thinks when it comes to making sure Brexit means Brexit and I wouldn’t understand anyway since it is the Prime Minister that is Prime Minister and not these trouble makers who always need somebody they can bully in order to express what they hate which is always something the Law does not allow them do. When I say so, people wonder where I am coming from but it’s always rather as simple as the facts of what is happening when we see somebody that has lost the easy mobility that allowed him run around Europe getting rich hitting the bottle as the way he thinks is apt to handle the problem and walking around the streets passing slight insults at those he thinks are responsible. I mean it’s always a matter of what they are doing to hurt people and what they are doing to ensure people cannot hurt them in the traditional way that people normally do i.e. when they feel they want to get rich by chasing peoples private parts, they bring up some black Woman and place her at the shops where she can help them decide whom to channel their newly developed blame culture at with hope of racial consequences to be the result and when they want to chase peoples anus they become Gay. It should not affect the duties of the Prime Minister and if we hear that Downing Street is putting up messages that Brexit means Brexit over and over again, it causes wonder as to whether the government is being advised by them when they couldn’t even fight for and win a referendum to safe their much loved money. They do say I myself am guilty of getting involved with things that are beyond my league of course and it is utter nonsense – mostly what crosses my mind about them is that she is taller and bigger than I am and off my league but will not keep off my finances and well being until her Boyfriend shows up here to express it; so I would like to see an end to having to deal with them showing up like that to try and make me understand that they are such manly Men and incredible Women and that I need to have their needs met. The story of how much of a problem this is for me is a no issue; I have practically shut down markets and stalled the growth of the Middle Class on a global scale, so this should serve as an example that I find it very provocative when they drive by me on the streets and after being done teaching their children about fame and then telling them they were supposed to be famous but decided to do society a favour by going off to get an education, they expect special respects from me that is supposed to humble me before them on account they see potential they can steal all day long – it is an old story where I have seen Women their size before but at the Monarchy mostly I am concerned with enjoying hospitalities and stimulating myself with respect to where my discretion is, it is a world where we talk about the Country being far more beautiful than the possessions of those who cannot let us l hear what we are saying to each other because of their evil and the money they gain from it, it is a world where there are people with recognised responsibilities to curate what is happening with Younger Royals especially the ones that move things and achieve and there are those who do so with respect to what happens around fashion and those who do with respect to what happens around diplomacy, these are people whose feelings I have to listen to, the rest have got their own social class and need to keep their insults off me and let me breathe. It’s an example when I don’t like Pop music but the people who make it because they hate me are doing so on my public life and those who do because they are fighting people who hate me are doing the same too. the real question here was the reason is happens i.e. that this is what they really specialise in i.e. stealing peoples big break, especially the one where you have a product and service and because you want to identify with a certain community tend to criticise a certain group of people, they particularly love to target the ones that have come together to work for you.


The problem with Politicians they say is getting worse and worse and irresolvable apparently which claim is not actually based on a reality that there is really no problem at all; they have made a claim and latched onto it and this claim is largely concerned with how I have created some form of global disorder and then set about pleasing and exhibiting myself all over the place for it and nothing I do is making it better. The truth of course is that I am doing very well controlling the Political systems and civil systems as such and we all know I have such a good method of handling terrorism the populist president in the US wants to go down in history as the one that had one which looked that way and intends to do so my ripping my finances until he does, so they do know they are lying but it’s not something I worry about since I could always find out where those meeting places for those their societies are and send them a written letter every time they violate me because I am introverted and they feel they are clearly the only ones with jobs where criminal activity is happening at the backyard etc. The reality is that there is order in the world through my work and they are the ones that need to resolve the question of if or not their problem comes from wealthy criminals or poor ones; it is their problem not the problem of the world or indeed my problem. So  it’s also said my method of working with Politicians is unacceptable but when they are doing Official business this is not usually my attitude, when they are doing the finding uses by which they can use and abuses the talents and abilities of the Arch Prince, right up to the stage whereby they get to tell me if I do not solve their problems so they can get some form of expensive bubbly lifestyle, when what comes to them is done with them it will come to me, of which no such thing will occur considering they are the ones stuck between a rock and a hard case at this point, fighting for their lives as we speak. I do not think the matter is a crisis as a whole, it sits alongside that other story of the fear we have here in the UK because we on one hand feel we are dominant while on the other we are a Nation of inferior numbers on account of our size but this does not bother me in anyway either; I can always allow them big Countries to try and be the UK and suffer immensely like they love to hurt themselves and exhibit their pain in public for or I can mention the fact it’s a matter of certain neighbourhoods where people have a certain amount of money to spend as a collective and the girls have exclusive rights to fame and the boys exclusive rights to sleep with the most beautiful ones if rich enough etc and so we see usually that they are very dumb students who do well academically hence you have to accept that such an outcome is positive – as a whole however, most of these large Countries are leisure economies or agricultural economies and then those will natural resources are mining economies too, people regulate the primary operation of their body temperature to match where they live and so this story of bigger Countries and why the UK should be afraid does not trouble me in anyway, I just become blank in the mind when they mention it since it does not actually make any sense whatsoever. The way the UK works however if I must be extra helpful is the Mag-na-Carta first and then the Tax System and then a Navy about which the Tax system itself was built and so everybody needs to have a certain level of education and pay a certain level of tax while the Navy protects National interest – hence completely lost to the point stories about big Countries when people want to say something where there is nothing to say and no need to say any. The other story is the one where it is suggested that when peoples bottoms hurt I am supposed to get into action which is utter nonsense – what they are referring to is a certain kind of structure build for security personnel which means that their position is such that the fact that they work for the UK overseas is undisputed and there is no way I get to do that for anybody no matter how many times it is claimed that I am failing at my duties and the need to bring around American and Russian Political trouble makers, alongside insulting and abusive African Women, to bear on the matter causes Public discomfort.

So they do say there is no way I can take these things on but everybody knows if I want to deal with secret service trouble makers and those socialites and celebrities of theirs who will not keep off my earnings caught dead, it will cease to be a matter of settling the exact stage at which a human being is an evil thing and become a case of putting up a blog on a website that says the NSA and FBI are big for nothing while the CIA is just dumb – this will then go to ensure they really feel like coming out into the open; the socialites and celebrities however of which I would like to pout their insults where people appreciate them and keep at a limit the various and incredibly stupid insults and bully reasons and accusations that allow them to be seen around my concerns, especially when they blab about helping me too; the sooner is the likelihood I will not be plugging them into some National security problem here in the UK as well. I mean the helping me bit especially which is entirely incredible as it were – especially when we think about if they are harassed by boys and expect me to get off Royal work that controls criminal activity and social ills to provide a certain kind of hospitality in order to get into a fist fight on their behalf, which causes me to take action on all that nonsense about their insane career being done as a reference to me all the time, yap yapping their fierceness and for those of them who have social Media handle, a lot of boys problems do get solved while I supervise too. I simply cannot understand how difficult these Daddy figures with girls that they despatch on peoples public image for quick riches and a theft of big break, especially when they work in the secret services, think it is to handle them anyway – the challenge is only likely to be a power of disobedience and nothing more than that; I do try my bits too, to ensure less are dead on my account. So they do say I make things deliberately complicated which is utter nonsense – the reality is the way Capitalism works and the fact that the worst that can happen when you do exclude people is when your Boss asks you to bring some boxes indoors for him at the shop and you are stuck serving customers half an hour later, some he gives some lunch money to a popular culture goon passing by to bring it in for him, otherwise most of the time it’s a case of exclude people and exclude half of your earnings; the matter of which direction the economy was to take while socialists stifle peoples finances and populist idiots get on Media to steal lifestyles and get rich quick ideas had to be done and we can see the Europeans are insane most of the time i.e. if they are not liberalising the lives of poor people, they are actually trying to rehabilitate people that created the economic crisis all together and so it’s always easy to get to that stage where you ask them to point at another group of people whom in their opinion as destructive as what they are trying to rehabilitate and nothing whatsoever comes anywhere near half of it.

So they say I turn on and off with Europeans all the time, which is actually not the truth – the truth is that they think they are playing games with me and enticing me etc and then a time will arrive when they are able to cause me business setbacks and insert products into my markets while I wait, in order to avoid going back to their business roots to draw a plan and get themselves out of an economic crisis and I will never let it happen – they need to show me another group of people that are as destructive as the people they are trying to rehabilitate back into the economy, so we can all see what it is exactly they think they can rehabilitate as it were. They do say that if these people are not rehabilitated they will run off with the money and spend it in Communist Countries etc but I wouldn’t know anyway, we can all see that if they are rehabilitated they will grab potential from unemployed people and run off to the Communist Countries to get rich quick anyway – we can see that is except the self serving Politicians who have lost a sense of their priorities and are still behaving as though Public Office does not actually have a job description attached. Of course they do Say that I only have criticisms which is really not true – the truth is that it’s a matter of costs and benefits and I have said so before; it’s about £300, 000 for a Medical student, who ends up with between 500 and 700 thousand at retirement, to buy a house and an end of life existence with and there is no way this can be achieved through means of rehabilitating those who created the economic crisis wasting the general public time by decades; it seems the public work has a job description to it apparently and it’s the one where the Policies ensured the 12 year old when IU took office passed his GCSE when I left it and had a better chance to chase his dreams thereof. It’s always been a simple process of running a party and inviting people, the poor especially and then when the rich had paid for the products enough to provide for everybody as well, you can treat them to some preferential sensibility that you hush up, not rehabilitate people who created an economic crisis because they are in possession of funds they took from the system. They do say it creates a lot of problem for businesses because they are blind to the position they have put themselves in i.e. years of pushing people down financially so you can pass them through a screening process where you read their CV and force them to look into public matters through which process they get your CEO

job done for you, has given rise to a condition where their paranoia and desperation has pushed them to do it for you completely, this means you are no longer in a position to decide if a business grows or not, you are in a position to decide when it has become impossible to keep it afloat and therefore to shut it down but it’s an old story whereby if you do not want it done, doing it becomes the main preoccupation of people who expect to dispatch celebrities to bring in the lost sheep at a later date. they do say that they deserve a benefit of doubt but it’s impossible to see how that works – we were there and so were they when they decided at Germany, that every Bank collapse will lead to a condition where those who build businesses under the shadow of their great enterprises took punishment – it was the same in Turkey when beating up the Public was more important than not listening to the demands of those who want divisions between rich and poor, so its five years on and they still think they deserve a benefit of doubt – I mean I am in it because they had promised to take away my entire Literary Empire i.e. take it bit by bit but promised to take it all yap yapping.

The story of my attitude is a familiar one – bits people have come to love as a result I assume human beings could not possibly behave like we see them do until their obsession with me and its stupidity catches me out in every way but still the reality is that the prospects of their complains coming to an end is some way off provided the insults and the squander and the unfairness continues while their stupid assumption they are important is rife as well. I think it is up to them to hang up somewhere and put products up and show up here to peddle all effects of me, they will ever sell anything with that in this life or the next.

I have no idea why the story rages all the while that my Books are complicated as well; before this was the way black scum in the US living a Country where their insulting profitable disobedience goes unchecked decided that should be its image, the insults were more about how it was simplistic and that I needed to rewrite it all together. I have never thought their case is an issue, so have I made myself clear on where I stand on their matter too i.e. when Mr Obama is no longer in the Oval Office he is no longer President and should not be bothering me after doing terrorism work with the help of scum like them and flattering himself for doing the entire world a service too – they are complaining about that stupid freedom and I am hated because even when people have stolen from me and swallowed it I will literarily open their mouths and take out my stuff, which was entirely avoidable in the first place concerning which they could always keep their abusive insults where it is appreciated. They have no wish to get involved with my livelihood for what it is, what they want to do is peddle my Royal secretes and Royal renaissance and it has become some sort of perverted ambition for them too about which I rather think they are not yet terrorists as we speak and Obama is not yet doing a fantastic job about being strong on terrorism as well as smart just yet all together as it were. I do not have a problem with my Firm or my products or my market, the reason I have a cash flow crisis is these idiots doing their stuff and the insolent disobedience by which they derive power from deciding what my emotions become and how I have reacted has been used to push away fans and customers and celebrities etc and One needs apply imagination to the number times these fat scum who would say I am racist when I speak of fat black insolent scum as it were, have to pass around an insults here per second in order to make this nonsense a success that it currently looks on that foolish media at present. Never the less I have been clear what the solutions will look like too i.e. one of us is a slave that works for things others take off him when they know where his anus and penis is and tease him a violent market place insulting seniority nasty all the time and the other will soon have to get a job for his problems so he can stop enslaving people.

Nobody peddles a Royal renaissance that belongs to me and I am certain that I can guarantee it; they always come all dressed in suits if they are not shabby neighbourhood scum providing leadership for kids, which means those they reject automatically find themselves in a position where they have been dispossessed as a part of the Community on account of skin colour shared with the bastards and that stupid greed wants to have conversations with me everyday due to the fact the effects of doing it when I do not want it done is not hurting badly enough yet as far as they are concerned at present, blabbing more rubbish and getting involved, handling Books and having ideas about what I should allow people peddle to make their products look good and all that nonsense they can insist on to have ideas about perversions of power and money and measure their stupid size with it all day long. The Popular culture empire pipelines that run from US to Japan is what has been completely lost at the moment, next stop will be a case where who the slave on one hand and who the jobless scum on the other over this matter really is. It’s just initiatives taken obviously when they want to see me hunted for my religion to a point where I cannot get a job – when they organise their youths and tell stories about me being one of their kids that they want to round up like sheep and look after, kid on whom their future depends. So that when I wanted nothing to do with them, the result was separation from black community so the White ones who have Country which I don’t, can show up to make me smell. Then it goes from here and the answer for all their problems is the same insults and the exposure of my kids anus and penis everyday using stupid fantasies of watching me all the time, while complaining about the consequences – now the blabbing is that it’s much of a problem whereas it seems they want to find out what will happen if I build a public life on it. The talk of socialist states becoming US Allies as a result of British arrogance is not one that bothers me at all either; it’s always been at the heart of the issue i.e. all well with socialist states until they start that old game of hit moral people to feel good and make self financially comfortable which then produces the question of how it makes them moral people weaker if the rest of the world is the way they are in the first place. So they always split themselves; half are populist fools blabbing at the top of their voice and pretending that doing so means being right while the other are socialists who target people that have no money to defend against them in some wealth inequality scam – this then means that they operate together and the socialist ones will rip up peoples finances and hold them back with Women’s whiles and abuses while the populist ones will get on Media to steal all the ideas of recovery that their victims may come up with and it’s so organised in the sense that they believe nothing else except their own lies, in the hope of huge convenience based rewards at the other end; thus the question of what will happen when people do not give them these things – riots perhaps, Coups maybe, revolution probably and now they need the help of the US Government as well all together. So they say I am scared of everything that moves but continue my behaviour which is utter nonsense, it’s not a matter of what I am scared of; everybody knows if I see that stupid culture and society thing I will rip it to pieces again – what they are referring to is a matter of the fact they behave like terrorists every single moment and claim after that I pretend the West is safe for Socialist Countries when it is not, which I actually don’t: what happens is that if I have a business friend who lives in a socialist Country, he will be living in danger because I am one of those people who were born into an immoral world but decided to end up in Church and show up after to live like a Woman; so it’s usually so difficult to locate what it is will happen to my friends on account of a religion I practice in their personal lives all together as it were and above all is the question of why they are always trapping me like an animal, ambushing me financially like I am some stupid soldier and generally rounding me up like sheep to peddle something and get rich, simply because they know where my Books are and are not interested in me either for the right reasons or any reason which is not perverse.

I hear I never do anything on time which is utter rubbish too, I do most of what I do on time and sacrifice my financial well being more often than I should in the process; the reality is that I would for instance prevent an idiot from showing up to abuse me and make his disobedience profitable on my public image, which he finishes off with getting close to rich people all over the city and neighbourhood, if those who know better are not clinging to what is left of my finances in order to have me shafted for their own sake – so all that time that appeared to be a delay was them using their own lives to get it done and not that of The Queens Arch Prince like they supposed they will. Not in a million years would you imagine that financial comforts came from a different means save all the things associated with creating life features like doing school run for children while tackling a Job role, understanding what your involvement with the Governments of the day is and carrying on with the two receipt life that details how much you earn and how much you pay in taxes of which one is kept by the civil service that more or less manages your pension, while you keep the other – not in a million years would you have imagined it came from bullying peoples Royalty to extract renaissance that can be peddled to make people rich causing the structures he created to prevent you from doing so while he spends time with more pressing matters to become the very reasons that you do so and tell lies that facilitate your revenge on Media thereof with as though you live in the same existence as he does. I am not the one creating the idea socialism is safe in the west, they are the ones getting themselves into trouble and I cannot do this without letting them fight for their lives all the time the way they want as well. So they like to say I get involved with people which is utter nonsense, I don’t think about getting involved with them no matter how superior – fair to say that as long as the corruptions of involvement and squander with the use of stupid girls and unfairness associated with their age actually stops, they should be free of me and if it doesn’t we can easily end up finding out what the end will become – it’s not a story of how I pretend goods and services are not produced in socialist territory as well, that would be the story of neighbourhoods where people have a certain amount of money and, some want to drive their cars into garages knowing the neighbourhood is immoral and modern but when done chase the business Empire and Royal image of a half priest and the girls have exclusive right to be famous while the boys decide which girls they get to have sex with and so on; then they get involved with my concerns without being interested in my interests and if they hurt themselves I suffer some surprise revenge as well while they tell me I live like a Woman and when I wish to find out what they will do about it the insults progress onto dispossession which is why each time I see the culture and society will signify the last time they get to see it as well. We are here talking about it only because they appeal to world powers all of the time concerning my behaviour towards their culture and society but the abusive insults are always personal for the purpose of factorising me at the most basic of my instincts, indicating they are fundamentally evil, have suffered spiritual loss of power on my account before but will not go away and live their own lives the way they had chosen it.

We hear that talk about reasons for fear about which I am scared of Germans and Africans – I for my part never being aware they were a threat all along, what I know is that they are a nuisance and can be destructive idiots if you do let them i.e. it’s always interested in having a conversation with you about how you must avoid solving its problems because it is desperate for leadership and its pragmatic insults are usually the measure of its incivility, the fact it cannot keep it hands to itself. It becomes serious when it resorts to vandalism to get your attention and each time you tolerate it devise a way of setting self up on media to make out the answer for all its problems is a condition where you are scared of it; so I had to get scared first, then ensure doing so solves nobody’s problems, so we can find out – now they are copying me for their civil unrest and instability building and those insults about how their model of Country is the only legitimate one in order to divert  economy success, having been counterfeiting and a process of using it as a means of intimidation has been clipped too. I have never considered it a problem except when I am made by them through distraction that harms me academically and financially or either of the two, to pay attention to the fact that they do want to walk down the Streets feeling like decent persons but have no other mode of group conversation except ones that involve insulting and belittling Women and other Men that look like it.