We hear that I have a literary Empire and a Royal Estate that I need to Bank roll but the problem is that I am broke but presume to be more important than I really am and it beggars the question of whether that really was as important as the amount of trouble they will get into if the conditions are not back to the way they found them around here; it’s the old story of why people wreck other peoples finances of course, the reason their actions are so hard to explain it becomes a political too- I don’t care about their problems; if they were that superior to me the conditions would not have been affected. I mean we cannot just say it’s a matter of speaking to customers anymore; these days they get attacked and threatened and the whole business is now based on where they get the best good feeling, which means I have the Royal Office and the Company assets while they have the customers and liquidity and tell me its competition and I cannot make out if I presume to be more important than I am because I touched a nerve yet.

The wealth inequality issues do not bother me in anyway, not when those who do it maintain the dignity that facilitates equality for fighting the rich by adopting an existence that is entirely developed around rounding up other people’s children and breaking them down - going so far as to operate career bullying based on detaching others from communities and isolating them for the fun of it which is supposed to develop popular culture fame for them at a later stage, which then requires all their time and makes them forget to pay the bills and figure out the pensions; the problem is the idiots who seek conveniences abusing me when I defend myself, they complicate it and can take it up and do it too like conveniences which allow these goons to get on their high horse and tell even more incredible Political lies - for they had all that energy all that time and did nothing with it as we all know. They do say I do not speak of the things that were done to them to allow their counterparts to get ahead of them financially in the first place, which of course I just did when I said trapping peoples children and breaking them down is usually more important than getting a day job only that they remember they have not paid the bills and set out the pensions at a later date and we start to hear the stories; the first stage is usually that being able to detach people from their Communities is the meaning of life itself, the second stage will be that people have problems because they refuse to recognise their relevance and then the third being that Politics needs to find them money; my relevance to the matter is that they were looking like World War Three and I had to make their case into a job, having done that, the difference between others having a normalcy and then going off to spend time of what we all know and they can see really matters is the point where they are beaten into giving up and hence come to an understanding there are things in life they will never ever have.

It does not in any way mean that I have been  trapped and broken down, just means that when we see black people anywhere these days their lives would improve if I was made to pay more for something I bought, or tried to sit on a public transport and they took my seat or I spent money on them in some way to ensure I lost something to them, so starting a fight because they want to use my personality and faith to get rich for 15 years and simulating it because it is a need they would happily kill me for on that stupid media just paid off as I wanted it. Now they really love to get on Media and make out they really cannot understand why I hate celebrities; claiming people love to hate celebrities and I should be bigger than that but I am not the one making the convenient decisions here, they are; since everybody else is very well aware celebrities just hate me because I am a religious person and on account of me make this relationship with barely criminal barely sane goons work well enough to let them cash into the perks of my job and turn up at my public life to make fame and fortune while foolish men are then able to abdicate their responsibility, claiming they are doing me a favour by making me tough because only the ruthless become successful and when they realise people will punish them at some point for ripping up people’s lives to make fame and fortune, it becomes important to rip up my finances on a daily basis because it will be worth it if they were able to dominate me for their own share and so every fool that wanted to see the down fall of the Arch Prince is now relying on these stupid games they have been playing for the best part of the last 13 years on a daily basis, while people get on media to make convenient choices about how it is a mystery to them that I hate celebrities. Just like the other story of how all I say and do ends up in the wrong hands, whereas I know that the only way that these fools, especially the blacks can stop making trouble is when and if they understand there are things on this planet that they will never ever have – so that each time I do it an idiot will get on media to give them a fake effect that is not the real thing but makes them money to get around making trouble with on my reputation and public life since these kinds of extremely useless behaviour is how people define fame; they do like to claim it is unenforceable but I don’t care if it is or not – it simply needs to be there, that there are things they will never have – period, otherwise media idiots can take it up and do it instead. they do say I am a failure who does not have any respect for anybody but we all know that although they are lower classes they are not in dire need of education and enlightenment and are people who know what is good enough to buy themselves homes and automobiles, so there is no progress to be made with them – all the wars we hear and see are a function of insults, somebody having enough of their Office smelling of trouble all day long every single day and they do say I have the effrontery to try and control people whereas what happens is that I have a social networking site and five people are interested and then another three will be interested for two weeks and go away and all will go downhill from there, so they need it, there is something seriously wrong with them and maybe they want to prepare to talk about it first before they blow off their big mouth on media and take up other peoples time – we hear them speak of reasons it happens of which there are none, only parents abdicating responsibility for their own children to spend my public life according to the will of media and politicians for instance but ultimately simply because what I do has never been done before, so there is the opportunity and the fact they are bad people – period. It is not a problem for me in anyway whatsoever; I just have to work out a problem I need to administrate at this Office and certainly do not go about looking for it – it is the politicians and media that give them relief whenever they get punished here because Westminster normally assumes you cannot bend its contents into uncomfortable positions so that getting out of it will offer you conveniences as well; the complains are incredible, intrusion at a level never seen before, civil rights claims off the scale but you should find out what they are doing with it, if it isn’t a process of making sure all people buy and sell is done on the basis of a homosexual sensibility to talk nonsense at me about how those that are greater than me know how I am doing that my stuff all the time, since my own was up to them to decide like that – and yet listen again to what they claim is the problem when I feel that the fact there are people making noise about being greater than me, which these idiots pick up from means that I will not be able to sell any Books unless it is under control as well.


 It’s like that story of what my position is n benefit cuts which makes no sense whatsoever – since when it comes to the welfare state half the time people are getting paid for doing nothing and the other half the time people are keeping it exclusively for the families of those who have serious illnesses in their genetics even though they spend most of their spare time ripping up people’s property to help celebrities and themselves get rich. The problem being with the Politicians; Tories allow these goons that save the welfare state for their families to deceive everybody and manipulate the cabinet, Labour is largely more interested in helping people get paid for doing nothing; so that where parents feel their lives are not good because they did not make the ;proper decisions and hence decide to dig in for their children they have another group of welfare dependants giving them a bad name and when sick people get benefits they have another group working very extreme and very violent nepotism on their behalf but when the Politicians are asked to do something about city workers and Bankers getting paid millions for doing nothing, it wants to cut benefits first and has not got a clue what it is doing is always in the building. At the moment I am mainly concerned with the celebrity ones developing a habit of turning out to make money with my public life and then when I say anything about it what they do is spy on me and grab all I say to prove the importance of making the money and returning with it to dominate me by carpeting the world with accusations of me doing the things I complain about to them instead and each time they do extract money from my empire and destroy any part of it that is working well too and it usually feels as though my chest is about to explode every single time; so when the talk comes through for them they set off on media armed with more abuses and I have mentioned before the need to pay attention to what I planned to do before the talk came through for them as well, as the person who told them they were famous must have been as insane as they are all together. So we end up with that tale on none white people feeling as though the UK is home and I wouldn’t know anyway; that was never the problem, the problem is that you might spend 150 years generation after generation and as soon as these guys have a need and a laziness and have seen that you feel as though nobody would mind if you were not scared of calling home, home- they will start and unpick everything until there is violence and death in the family and the destruction of everything else that mattered – nobody here has ever asked them about sharing their stupid country, I have always been clear if I am moved off to somewhere else and feel their stupid neighbourhoods and families still control my Empire like it currently stands with that stupid subtle racism, I will return and I will return for a fight – for now I would appreciate it if they were not seen around my Books, instead of talking nonsense yet again about those who want to feel their Country is home; all these wars we hear are a function of insults and I am sure they are aware of that too. I don’t think it is a problem; they simply cannot see how useless they are – I mean me by myself does not worry about what is on my right hand side and what is on my left but the me that gets into arguments with celebrities thinks that is the meaning of life and it destroys everything especially academic work but because they are full of it, somebody can always help them pack it up a couple years so they can get a University degree like it was all together that easy. They do say I have made people become more concerned about what happens on their left and right hand side but it’s the same old story of getting Politicians to hold me down while they cash into my public life and suddenly find that everything that supports their bullying including their physical endowments was their greatest asset all along – people deploy other peoples public life to better themselves all the time, they simply don’t do it and make contact with the owner in order to dominate him as well. Situation as it stands is that I have a part of my life that is fundamentally shared with celebrities, so as to facilitate a process of deploying my public life meaning I deploy their poor history for the same purpose too – they have now turned this into a story of how they know all I do and say before it goes public and so that eventuality was their invention apparently as we can see; younger people can always be insulted by their older counterparts and have no plans for career progression; so they will witness what they have never seen before as well; it should be dead therefore even as I say so, for I have not got a clue what I am doing as such. It is never true I interfere with Politics; what is true is that in order to show you hate a literary work, it needs to be a seller – that means their problem at the initiate stage being that I was little well known, so I can be pushed into violence in order for people to make convenient choices at my expense to change their lives with and then at a later stage being that people know who I am and that needs to be quashed, can then be solved; apparently it’s the bankers that make them run and hide, people like me don’t. They do claim it’s a story of freedom but that has only two parts; one of them being that the course of conversation should have been that of what is important about a certain one individual that must be bent to their will in order for them to have freedom but the way people will want to talk about it is the only question of why some people who count as the few feel that their existence can only be defined by being able to tell others what to do. I for my part only have to remind people they have no respect for anything around here and want to be me right down to the aesthetical part and that means ruining my finances and copying in order to appear on Media. They say on the other hand that it is a matter of my sexual habits with women but if I have a part of my life that is chained to celebrity culture so I can manage their lives for them as well, then logic should have shown that, the war on women by men, right up to their homosexual communities are things I would see with crystal clarity along with its appetite for bullying and the destruction of my property which they can give to the frugal and it should also have shown that since I have a tendency to do things in the immediate a process where I want people to be able to go Industrially mobile in order to curb the problems of wealth divide should have made sense to people as well, especially when it comes to how I feel about people spending my public life that I have built the way I have because I need it as much as I have.

The other story about my sexual habits with women is utter rubbish; the reality is that as I mentioned, it is beyond belief that they think I wouldn’t see with crystal clarity everything about their war on women and homosexual communities from here but when it really comes down to it, the story is the same as ever i.e. peoples view of me and what reality really says – they see me as somebody they can bully but reality says I see them in categories; so that if I attacked Industry people, when I want somebody to sell my things for me I will not find anyway but if the trouble makers in it continue to organise people to turn up and ruin my property to sit about extricating choices of convenience from my life, something will have to be done about it – such as making them deal with Industry problems and deviance so I can extricate choices of convenience as well etc; so I would like it if they stopped showing up around my Books etc. I know of the biggest drawback to be that of the actions of useless black women mocking and abusing me over every single thing I say and do and spying on me for the purpose but it’s just revenge over the realities about things they will never have such as a relationship with me for instance and if I am to take the matter seriously I will find myself kicking really hard stupid African statesmen at the International communities – who turn up here to think they and their popular culture idiots want to build clubbing and partying on my Royal renaissance messing with every single little job I have, having a problem with the idea younger people they love to insult do like to secure career progression as well, +about which I wish to find out if they had stickers round their necks when they were born, which said they simply had to. So let me deal with the celebrities at the moment – want a piece of me and cannot leave people alone celebrities.

Another story they tell of which reality is very different is that of the tale of my Books; they always want to sell it but the people that actually want to keep it for themselves are wealthy people and professionals and career women and academics – so I am always better off trading by leaflet and going into neighbourhoods to sell them. Like that old tale of wanting to do my job to continue the process of making money from my business to realise their bullying and criminal behaviour was an asset they have been prevented from exploring all along with tales of me being scared of them spread all over the place all the time; but we still have the same state of affairs where their need to be me right down to the aesthetical functions of being me and what is on my right hand side and left hand side etc always leads to a damage of my work so I can drag them back where they came from until they had fixed it, which I did with Blair and then with Brown at Present of which Mr Cameron is not interested in such games but Mr Corbin is promising while his people tell tales of how I have no respect for him;  on the other hand of which they really love to tell tales of how I am the guy with the love that is usually deployed by the powers that be who can dominate him, to do their stuff for them – when we break it down of which ‘the love’ is an abuse, ‘the love that is used’ is an abuse at a whole new level, ‘the love that is used by the powers that be to do their problems and thing for them is unprecedented’ and it’s a daily affair to get my attention in the most violent way and we all know that one day I will have children and want to know why they feel like whacking those over the head all the time and that it will end really badly. Like that old tale of being out there to try and get people to like me which is utter nonsense; we all know they do nothing with media except use it to create another life for themselves in which their reputation was different and that it is the reason I am always at risk and there is always an invented reason for me to be at risk; however it’s the same old story of culturally and socially evil people doing the same things they normally do by getting themselves all produced by an Industry and turning up on my face with the proceeds from the effects of making out I am the love that is used by the powers that be to do their own for them to show I will get settled  with violence if I failed to keep it up or force me to see that they are famous when doing so is actually impossible; I simply cannot make out how and why they might think that it is quite so useful making me see that they are famous when I know all these things about them anyway, so it comes down to the damage of my work and talk of insolent revolution; it does not mean I am unable to handle the matter or that I have incurred myself a bad history - its the same old story of an idiot finding himself a girl friend, getting on my public life to extricate financially beneficial convenient choice for his useless life, taking pictures of him and his girlfriend concerning where they are travelling to for holiday and when they will get married, claim it is the latest stuff, put glossy magazines in the shops, rip up my Books, tell me its a problem that is bigger than me and I need learn some respect and then try to keep me out of employment, so the more money he makes from or she makes from it is the worse this attitude and behaviour will continue to become and this is the only famous thing that is happening in their stupid lives - its the conveniences you see, perhaps someday they will get enough to ensure Homosexuality does not exist in this world anymore; I for my part will be hated by them for much longer for beating their evils down so badly people cannot tell the difference between them and everybody else any longer and now I have a part of my life that they share to ensure these things do not go unpunished; the biggest problem is still that they all cannot see how useless they are. The question does come through about what I think is the main problem but that has always been very simply i.e. which kinds of normal and fashionable human beings who decide what other think is the latest would regularly turn up to rip up my finances because somebody said something and somebody did something and somebody reacted to my very existence which then affected them, meaning that what I did today to ensure evil and violence does not get through my life into other peoples mainstream living has become their property that they must now claim - so far I have gotten away with everything and the next point will be the things I will get away with over the Books - for this is the sort of behaviour on which normal human beings develop a sense of intolerance for it is worth it as it were, it takes the slightest pinch from the behaviour of those who believe the lies they tell with their media, the pricking of their feelings and then I am in trouble with a big mouth everyday. Its not the first time their corridors of International community and its filth has gotten into trouble with this Office, this time I will really going to have to watch them build their clubbing and partying on my Royal renaissance claiming it is because I stop peoples freedoms by pretending my faith belonged to me and did not exist as something they can peddle to make money and to get connected-I will watch all the high street shops help them out with it too personally as it were (they do say people chase me around for conveniences as a result of the fact I should have been stuck somewhere getting killed by gangs to make people safe, which I would have if they did not make money with my public life to make contact with me again when they had it in order to oppress me with that media big mouth - still the reality is that of how given what they know of my faith and of me which is basically enough the problem they have is that as long as I am alive I will continue to interfere when they want to peddle it to make fame and fortune; so we are dealing with the old adage i.e. they want to get involved with peoples conversation but if they are wrong it means they have been beaten, so when you ask them what courted their attention in the first place they will say its a matter of power: its never been a problem for me as I don't like them in anyway, I simply do not feel the need to discuss regularly that this is not the 1980s and 90s and that there isn't that much conveniences going around and especially when it comes to my concerns.).