I do hear the case of how I might be of assistance on the matter of how Americans get their rich citizens to pay more in tax than the poor are paying but never clear how that may work when they are consistently happy to play idiots and attend parties that their rich citizens throw around provided there are those who pretend to be in their league that can be punished for it. Common sense says that the only way to ensure some kind of balance is to secure a condition where how much tax rich people are paying as a proportion of their income is then also measured for poor people as well but we all know the problem with that is that America will become a poorer Country and the Government that is run by the same rich people whose parties poor people like to attend and bully others that have nothing to do with them or with it, does not want that and does not want to pay more taxes either. So common sense would say the argument that the British contrive which says that the more you use Britain to make money is the more taxes you pay in proportion to what you do and how much you earn and how much you need and how much assistance you require etc is not self inhibition but for the Americans it is because in America the society is such that freedom and liberty is so important that people do give away their entire fortunes when they realise they have been making it in ways that impede their freedoms and liberties and people do give super cars to priests if they feel they have made money in a way that impedes that as well – so it is never clear therefore why the Politicians run the Country the way they do, legalise homosexuality in the Military without sufficient consultation and so on and basically create the alternative society that finds out the needs of the people by doing things that fundamentally provokes them like they do. My position is that it is never enough to simply think that children should not be poor and poor people should not have to pay more taxes and so on – there are many ways you can achieve that, many paths by which you can make it happen – you do not get involved with the government if you do not know what the Country is. Here they would say I dont know what the Country is myself and lead people I am not accountable to – the reality of which is that nasty white scum and black idiots have always had their thing, have always been bad for me, have always had a life where they have suffered so much and need an important person to inflict it on who is so inferior nobody would mind so they might get away with the new self improvements and so that end endlessly want people they can force into climbing ladders under them so they can inflict it on such people – so that they complain about how much they have suffered but when I tell them to stay off my books it progresses to that instead, when I warn them about consequences that will follow a process where every pristine job I do is where they want to have a shit it develops into a need to see me climb ropes under them instead. So for the Americans they say they do things the way they do because certain relationships with certain countries that have a history of slavery and slave trade like the UK need to be reviewed and last I checked I was a man as well with a penis and think that they are careful not to allow other Countries become mini America because if that happened the world would be a better place. It goes right down to the story of my behaviour towards women whereas in actual fact you can see a Politicians who sometimes says she is not doing very well and if you offer her something she will take it for a price and another time she is all dressed up and everything and getting involved with her comes with a price because she is at the top of her game. The problem with these feminist scum and their liberalist leaders is that they love to factorise me by my penis and anus every second depending on how much of my beauty they need and alongside with the men and a need to handle my finances and show me what it means to live among people they hate it will not go without punishment as well. They do say they do it because they are racist alright but I am sure they can see me set out a website in which I can say whatever I like and that I am bound to get away with it as well – the black ones simply have no shame and they will fear me like they normally do as a generic consideration before their insults and abuses go somewhere else.

The Politicians have never once made out it is racism, they always say it is the difficult issues that ethnic minorities that dont do what they want are oppressed by. I mean we have been doing this for the last 12 years everyday about their need to move into my right hand and be where power is which if they do not have they will damage me as a person eventually and nobody knows what is important about it either even though everybody now knows they owe me my finances and owe me my academic work but I have had enough of their stupid children who have not even been at the level of successful people that are still trying to make the finances work, let alone those that are financially successful and not to mention the gap between me and all that and myself but know violence and an ability to hurt people and will never rest until all I am and do is factorised and brought to the level where I engage in violence with them which they are sure they will win. They do it and get on media to have a party with the perversion and destruction of my book sales of course so it can be very testing, the Politicians however are at the fore front of it all happening because I am so inferior nobody will care and are seen in public all the time making a statement about it because they want people to care about what I do as well, which I do not think will ever be enough – they want some of mine and will get it and when they do will never forget for a long time as well. It generally happens when people feel that they want to make use of other people’s person and possessions and leadership in a way that does not recognise them, so despite what it has become over the years it is not to say I am unaware I am in charge and they are not. I simply have no reason to be generous enough to get into a fight with them on a condition where they get away with some things so they can feel like doing it again and again another time – besides I must be a member of inferior race which has brought it on anyway so I dont see the point. The blacks on the other hand dont understand why I issue racists slurs but they understand that everything they do about me is concerned with the fact they had domestic workers in their homes and baby sitters in their homes and that I look the part and they are taking cheap shots and getting cheap bits I shouldn’t complain about because there is nothing I can do: so I suppose the fucking niggers and their white pricks have read the racists slurs on my websites as well anyway and understand I will get away with it too. I mean they speak of casual racism for everybody today as well – 50 million dead 70 years ago – I mean I have three brothers, can anybody comprehend the death of 50 million people not due to pestilence or disease but because of another group of people handling weapons and exactly what seemed to have been casual about it to these scumbags: this is what I mean an example of that gay culture and what I mean when I say there is a generic way in which they are to fear me for these things to come to an end and we all know the way it works in the US and Africa is when their women are afraid of men and the men that should have beaten me up for them are afraid of another and I am not unconnected with that other: in the UK apparently they are working really hard on the matter anyway but I will find out the way it works. If I wanted to ruin my life I would go about seeking association with those I see smoking weed and clubbing from dawn till dusk – so these things happen because they want a piece of me and will certainly get it along with those female fools at Politics.


We do hear the part where I fail to acknowledge the wars that are happening all over the world these days is in a good part of it about me: I wouldn’t know, all I know is that only a monumental idiot would think that a victory over me – since none of us who travelled to the UK came here to find those kinds of social divisions as Muslims cursing you all the time until they wreck your academic work and just keep going after – the ones that lead to such divisions as all there need be is a spark and then the flames will be incredible: so if it turns out their mothers who are Politicians that factorise me by my penis and anus every time I am seen along with the African ones which is the only way they can be Politicians, who have kids that like weed and clubbing and party and fast cars and handling my book sales to sell music CDs to make money and get on media to mock me and control me etc, are off to their developing economies where they are regarded as Kings and Queens to make war, it happens to have been a victory won against me with a big mouth, while what they have failed to do is fuck the UK instead. As for the media and their nasty white scum – as I said, there is a way they fear me and when they fear me in that generic manner it will stop.

We hear them speak of how I cannot back up anything I say of course – the reality about that being a simple case of the fact that homosexual communities and clubbing and partying and pop culture eating snacks with tyrants, getting about doing whatever it likes is not my cup of tea and they have no wish to stay away from my public work and even my personality and especially my book sales and so there is a generic way they fear me for that to stop as well, considering what I have already done so far is not hurting badly enough yet as it were. it’s like the story of the EU you see, talk of EU immigration but if there are any group of people out there looking after and protecting fiercely these communities they create within the city and its vices that encourage financiers to make mistakes or even steal money, it’s the media – so whenever they bring it up it makes me to angry that we are being used in such a bare faced way as per only they know what is happening and in what context these migration they are scared of is happening. When I do mention it so they claim that UKIP that appears to be some sort of business man’s progressive Union that does not like uncertain laws from UK and EU people have become obsolete – when those have not as much as made a statement to suggest they are unaware sporadic directives from the EU is a direct result of a wide spread attitude from politicians that causes the treaties to kick into action and seek the protection of its member states – they cannot be seen asking their friends the BNP that they vote into European Parliament why they want us out of it anyway, we hear them live among people they hate whose finances they cannot be seen staying away from and picking people at random from ethnic minorities to be abused because of their problems. Of course they do claim the provocation I cause and a condition where they are impulsively angry which I have caused cannot be resolved while I continue to think I can get as close to their wives as I want and so all that belongs to their wives is their own: I wouldn’t know, I just know that the effect of it all is a condition where I love to take up that stupid time of theirs as well; I could discuss the matter in terms of the disruption I cause in their families and a change in the balance of power but that would not be enough to deal with the issue of what the idiots own as it were – so I always pick up the details of whether or not they are their wives business associates which therefore cannot be their own or they are royal Princes in whose court their wives belong which cannot be their own and in the end they really always look the part because we all know the reason is that for my part everything I do as a result of being stuck with cultural violence in an office where you determine which village is which for a living leads to a condition where my personal life is always opened up to cultural violence and so these women do what they do to ensure I am not alone and they do what they do to open it up and pillage it and create a personal life of Royalty that they bought with money for a new modern lifestyle that indicates it is possible to have it like that as well even if you are a commoner and therefore win a civil rights battle. Apparently when people wish to develop a world where homosexual culture and clubbing and media and doing as they like with other peoples possessions is the order of the day, they would wake those who do not think it is their cup of tea instead – so these days they speak of wealth gap and the things I promised to do which I have failed to when I promised nothing but the fact I engaged in equitable activity with some people and stories came through their business was in crisis and the whole process of dealing with my temper with these fools by running it off on the global economy stage so they can keep abusing me to make money until they feel like killing me at some stage, was turned around because something I did on a temporary basis would now serve as something that happened to another permanently which would make me a prime target and for them women it was a matter of single mother whose company boss lost his business and she is notoriously difficult to employ. For these idiots it’s a matter of somebody related to royalty of royalty themselves running a business in the US and getting support from me and my work which will not be allowed to blossom and they think I am being detached from royalty so others can marry some as well but I think it is the kind of thing that will make me do wealth gap as well since it does not actually mean I am a victim of wealth distribution when it is time for them to pay for their vandalism: it keeps happening from the fact I look like I do not because I am a Christian but because I sleep with peoples wives, right down to how I look like I do because I am preparing myself to be married into a Royal family and need to be stopped because others were here before me but before then I looked that way because I was being nice enough to ensure peoples parents who do not appreciate their behaviour leave me an inheritance – so it continues to happen as it were and there is no point listening to their complains.

So they say I take up other peoples royal work and that is what creates the problems but it is much the same as their war in Iraq and war in Afghanistan and where that fits into their gay culture and clubbing and partying and savaging my income and possessions to do fame and fortune popular culture: it must mean they are obsolete but the other issues they complain about keeping happening never the less and no decision taken anywhere no matter where applies to them either as well. when I write my books it must be controversial with respect to the Monarchy and it is the same with when I get a job and it is the same with when I get around with other people – so it keeps happening and they keep getting listened to and they keep getting away with changing what is fact and truth and keep getting away with doing me harm – so this stuff about what should end up in their repertoire is modern and educated and insulting and this is not the first occasion I have expressed feelings about it. I understand they say a lot of the times what people say to me is that I need to stop but they need to say that to their subordinates as well and get my finances back on track or just create a distance that will leave me to my own devices without their involvement and then we will know they are serious about it: I mean it’s like their war in Iraq and Afghanistan not paying off and of course we all know the black ones have a personality that wants to beat up somebody but cannot beat themselves up and we know they can see my racists slurs on my websites and that my books will be sold as well so we can find out what they suppose they can do about it too. We regularly hear it expressed that the UK Government can never bring back the death penalty of course when we hear all the time as well, people who have lost relatives to crime feeling as though the justice system is not enough anymore – reality being that there are buffers in UK society to provide for those who have had scum like these have ideas about how to get rich around them, off loaded their rubbish into the personal life and make a case of it on media and go on and on until they kill them – so they apparently only need so that in circumstances where these buffers do not exist, like there are in US where they have big states in a federation and have too many of them for such buffers to exist so immediately and then find out if the state will not think an eye for an eye is the way that justice works as well. I for my part am fine as long as the idiots cease educating me the popular culture fame and fortune empires pipelines sucking the life out of my personal life and company, about how evil and greedy the world is and the importance and power of wickedness and money alongside it with that big mouth.


I have never had my balls busted, the balls buster having his balls busted – it just seems to be a reality that the British have to discuss how good their soldiers are compared to their American Counterparts with their own allies, so it is as it were – however for my part the problem is the media and the journalists where I have to deploy my disposition to allow securities for Pornography Industry because there was a problem with extreme crime and extreme would be criminals – I mean I dont have to but I allow it anyway, I make it available for film series and I make it available for video games but while it is enough for criminals and would be criminals it is not enough for journalists and other pricks of theirs who admire their power and violence – so for the royal order that is used to make criminals happy and discussions over death penalty over it, when these scum fear me like the generically should as I mentioned before, it will stop. I dont normally think of them as a major problem – just a reality that this is the sort of thing these media goons do when they are really keen on offending you, they come up with totems and when you have conversations with others they make publicity about looking at themselves and being more worthy to have that conversation with those people and when you write your books the same applies but also at the same time the part where the books criticise them and there must be an answer and then they find a way to class you as mentally disturbed and then it becomes something they and other social pricks like them want to do or be able to do all of the time – I mean it’s simply a matter of facts about how far people need to travel to find out why it is that way, I am not concerned with or provoked by the media in a fundamental sense and I am not innocent in the matter either – they hate my guts but I have warned them to stay off my book as well while they are more keen on something about a certain evil of the sons of perdition paying off in order to dominate me with their immorality talking nonsense about how I interfere with their perspective and it is anger brewing stuff too because it shows they have no plans to be seen at a distance off my finances. The reality we are all aware o is that there isn’t a problem associated with media that is not one they got themselves embroiled in on the basis of having their eyes fixed on your personal life but some things they do are designed to get a reaction which they should not be spared.

I hear there is talk of how people are excited about my activities but it is utter rubbish – there is no excitement here, only idiots trying to determine what my work and even down to my person should be used for – they have created appropriate publicity to that effect for the applicable totems and I am supposed to be held down on my bottom and sit back and watch until it happens, so they are measuring how it will work as well with celebrity culture, where my fame as a Royal Prince is now that of stupid girls making music videos but there is a problem with that in the sense that as long as I dont feel that is the case they dont have it and the campaign therefore is about how to ensure everybody thinks I am just one of those goons that make assumptions about celebrities that have done better than I have in life because I have no respect for them and this campaign is not paying off because I will not let it and they have no plans to be seen anywhere else but close to my finances. The part about whether or not women should be educated and should advance in life is just a cause that can win over any heart of course by which they think they can do whatever they like and yes they always say they provoke me with it to weed out men who think there is a reason women are treated the way they are but I dont see how that helps a case of seeing me from a distance meaning all their problems are to be solved on that day through me by which I have been unable to deal with that nonsense from so many of them while holding together my research and my demanding legal studies as well as my Government office and my books – dropped out and owing SLC £30,000, while such a condition makes for an opportunity to get on media and sit around my fame to shoot off the problem at me like they would have deserved any condition in which I did anything about it – so what I say makes it worse quite right but what do they expect when they turn up here it must be asked, revenge? An important reality is that they do not get to tell me what to do and everything said about the matter always reverts back to that fact – they certainly dont get to use their stupid problems to order me around. I mean it’s like that case of how I never go into vast details of the issues around Military Pride – but of course of which they are rather obvious – according to the Americans the British Military that they love because it gets the job done if you work with them however which they are like uneducated and uncivilised goons and then you make to respond by measuring it with the great US Army and its extra billions spent on recruitment not pushing you – however for my part I have decided I want to settle it when they beat the books. So when they do say most of my actions are indicative of somebody who seeks power it becomes difficult to understand what it means when they have made themselves into very vicious and abusive and violent bad company that control my book sales and therefore my finances, just because my own disposition in life has become their concern and can be peddled to make them rich – apparently of which the religion and the faith and the academic work and other personal successes are collateral damage with a big mouth: the blacks say it is restitution for oppression they seek while the whites are teaching me a lesson over the fact they live among those they hate. So it really comes down to a would you could you question of making a lot of noise about civil freedoms but chasing up the few statesmen that are only interested in their Church affairs and duties at state because they have written books to make a mess of them and save up yourself for industry connections and a new world order and talk nonsense about those that are seeking power because they want to be less co-operative with you? Never clear what they are complaining about then either – since this is all there is to and what we cannot be free from or spared on that stupid media.