The claim is that it is never really clear what my work and or office is about largely settled around what the purpose of the Music Industry is and nothing I do makes any sense; the reality about that is that you have a royal office and the world knows about it and the UK knows about it and even the US large parts of it, knows about it but time and again people cannot seem to get around their own concerns unless they cash into your own publicity and whenever they do that cannot get on unless they showed people that you knew they did and that there was nothing you did about it largely more so because you couldn’t do anything about it. I mean it goes without saying they need to get off the temper bearing in mind they have got one themselves as it were otherwise it will continue to progress to more serious matters too: even their children are doing it; they are doing it when they buy a product, they are doing it every time they get any form of publicity and so it goes on like that endlessly. As for the music industry itself; everybody knows I shake my bottom and show my cunt and show my boobs and all that stuff is not the kind of thing that bakes the Christians bacon but it turns up to stifle his finances and secure his attention for exactly the process of extricating such an outcome – so that does not therefore imply that when they want a piece of me they are not going to get it and how I should be bothered when the purpose of the music industry is being decided yet again at my expense it will not end with some outcome where they feel me yet again.

I hear it is said I am a jack of all trade and it is really disturbing when people do that because of course it has taken years for them to obscure the facts about my work and to finish off by believing their own lies about it to tell this tale about a jack of all trades; whose work was meant to have a been a case of setting out equities in his company and royal property and public work and setting out the create equities behind them to package the papers and sell it on, without a forethought about doubts whatsoever. So I have to continue to this path where I am a jack of all trades as well because it appears to get their attention considering they cannot let people be and are rather hard of hearing; the blacks always like to think they deserve things and that they own me and I could never make it clear to them they do not for the former and do not for the latter especially the girls – so this story is apt as it were.

It is not an emotive issue, its much the same with the case of how I criticise everything but never come through with anything; when we all know that the primary position most people who criticised the war in Iraq took was that of western interference but mine was set out very clearly as a matter of how long it will take to reconstitute the territory itself which was not part of the grand plan while the Country was being invaded: I made it quite clear that the need to ensure American does not compromise on its stands about democracy in Iraq by working with structures that existed there was running faster than the answering of the question of how long it will take to reconstitute the territory itself; with all that benefit of hindsight, they went in there to retire an entire army without pay and switch off the interest of the Imams and created an insurgence – years after that we have groups like ISIS moving in, which really has nothing to do with this question and the case of the fact it has not at all been answered: I mean if I put myself to work for somebody or get on social security benefits, it is my problem – I am doing it from a position of me in my cloak and my hat and my self portrait in my office kind of scenario and it is much the same if I went off to work with Prostitutes which by the way I regularly do with pornographers anyway, it is none of their business and they need to get off the temper so their own does not get explored as well. I hear the part where I am a coward very well; it is not a new story but everybody knows the evil cultures are not exactly the best friends Christians want to have and one that constantly introduces itself as a hoard of Cannibals will always get into a black book to that effect and so they can make noise about tyranny alright but continue to turn up here and sweeten me up for a bad thing and see if nothing will keep happening to them too as it were. I do not believe them to be a problem, everything I say beats them and everything I write beats them and video games I play beats them and everything I do beats them so they find they can fight nothing just as they are about to lose and even in my sleep because that is my will and because my will is blessed by God for the heavenly host to act on, sleeping beats them all the time as well, so I know why they hate me so much but their insults and having something to do with my penis and my anus and my tummy and my head and my body parts and a process where I can never feel good and always feel like everything I eat will smell on my skin which means they know how to make human meat into what it needs to be and we will continue to hear complaints from them just as we all know that as far as a Christian is concerned if asked to make a decision about that their stupid culture his actions would easily be akin to genocide. The coward story is all very well, we are here in the first place because they crossed the line – we lived in a modern country where their witchcraft does not get anybody’s attention even when we know it exists but since the Labour Party got into office and using me as an experiment, 12 years of financial stifling with millions of tax payer funds available to them to do it with as it were, while they got hold of the Civil service to control me with, a process of making people pay attention to it has really paid off since and when I get out of here and build a public life on this matter provided they continue and have no wish to vanish and stay off my concerns it will get a lot worse than that yet as it were.

It is the problem with Industry you see – there are really industry people and then these wishy idiots who seem to have a problem with me for being somebody that has a lot of things they want to make into their own, is weak and unable to protect it and of course is also a Christian and believes in none violence: so here is the coward and it will end very well too because I am quite determined to cut it up. I do not think it is unusual – it’s the same old case and people always say I say that all the time but it really is i.e. I have the three main ingredients in my life of which one is usually enough to live in misery or the reasons they mark completely innocent people who have harmed them or offended them in no way for persecution until they kill them over some excuse including gang activity and one of them is that I have lots of things other people want to make into their own, the other is that I am weak and completely unable to protect those things being that their Labour government spends tax payer funds to delay your academic work and keep you in financial problems to ensure they have their meat with a big mouth and the third being that I am the idiot who has added Christianity to it all so I can believe in none violence as well – so they are up and I am starting from those insolent word of mouth that hampers my book sales so these nonsense can continue, none of which is ever good nor have I ever asked them. I mean it does not necessarily mean I am innocent in the matter either – I may have a problem with each and every case where they make themselves seen and or heard around me but if I wanted to ignore it and concentrate on my health and the office I am preserving it to serve the Labour Party would have a campaign that comes complete with an alliance with my evil mother and some twisted members of her family some who reside in the US for example and cannot keep their insults to themselves but it gets even better because they will turn up to change my Christian temperaments into something else claiming it is a light that gets into their eyes and getting after my finances as well thereafter to talk nonsense about collateral damage and a need they have for power and what they realise as they go along with a big mouth. So the primary purpose of acquiring that stupid culture without asking anybody like the license they have given me allows me, was to ensure they understand I am in charge and they are not and if they make noise where I am not talking to them to talk to others while I am talking to them I will deploy it to alienate them but their noise about violence has forced me to deploy it for attrition and they are moving on and moving out while that culture stays. I mean the story of how I am now putting forward reality facts about the things I do to hurt and kill people is all very well but I do not get to have this my adventurous lifestyle with absolutely everything either: Atheists are an example, they have seen you spend all your youth and teenage years to deal with violence and crime but once we get into the real world it’s a case of Politicians listening to a weepy protest about how they want to get rich with it by making your stuck in it while they deploy your life to go places and that is just the females – the males however are more into it than that as far as they are concerned – it is about turning up to make use of it while religion is bad and faith is bad and God does not exist all at the same time and making a misery for you to live in for that purpose because it does not matter – which is why I am after that stupid word of mouth of theirs I do not ask for that turns up endlessly and is never good as well either, all very well when they complain about the part where I twist their own as well and some war or gang fight results and some blood gets spilled too – considering the Bible does say a fool says in his heart, there is no God as it were and when it says that it is lying. So this is what it is all about – it is not that they are unaware that deviance has only one result and that the result is always violence because it what it makes people feel and makes people do whether or not God or the Devil do both exist – it’s just that they must make money and they must be able to deploy that money to ensure that they can displace the violence somewhere else and that it does not matter if others get hurt and killed as God and the devil do not both exist: so the Bible is lying about how they make that money and the Bible is lying about how they displace the violence so others get killed instead of them and so when they die as well, the Bible is lying about that too. I do not have my adventurous lifestyle with advantages that God has given me, which they are equally aware of as I am exists spiritually and physically and is all around us but have no wish to stay away from and keep their hands off me and my possessions and can turn up here to talk nonsense about where I should be which makes for a republicanism and for the Scottish ones a Scottish Nationalism – it seems to be the bane of the fibre of their being to either see me renounce those advantages or indeed see perceptions made up on media that those advantages either do not exist or are something else, otherwise they cannot exist and so it comes right back to the old question of ruining the finances of the Christian to get involved with him and make him settle for compromises story about which they have no wish to compromise as well: so it had to be settled that I am in charge and they are moving on and that culture is staying and their violent Muslim friends and extremists whatever they might be and every idiot that supports them will be alienated from British identity until their behaviour changes or they move out of this Country; now, in terms of that so that I can monitor their behaviour and the security services can keep up with extremism, we are here because they have been getting personal and I had decided to move the matter out of a process of respect for their disposition which settles me squarely on the part where I am a single man and need to be aware of what the challenges will be when I am a family man and for now I am single and intend to show them what that their stuff really looks like as well for the time being – everything in good time. It is not unusual, it’s a story about how facts coming through about how I alienate people will get me into trouble with those stupid threats they cannot stop even because they are insulting – it rather does not work both ways, the part where you hate British and are British at the same time and if I ensure that is the case then the Police will be able to get un top of extremism, I myself have given thought to how violent they can continued to get over how they need to extract Britishness from scumbags like me and have come to a state where I wonder why I am dealing with it like I am a family man when I should have shown them what that their stuff looks like a long time ago.  I mean turning to spend Billions of tax payer funds to work civil rights fraud on a grown adult for fourteen years on a daily basis does not happen unless people are able to hate British and be British at the same time and even now their word of mouth is stifling my book sales because it confuses people that much and yes they do say it helps them make changes and get rid of the Monarchy of which the Monarchy is my excuse as well. It’s a simple two and two of what would have happened to people like me if the Queen did not exist to spot my talents so early and there was like in Iraq for example a war three week ahead. The part where I am doing HM Office is always one of their favourite stories we all know that but it is rather very far from reality i.e. I am not wearing The Crown Imperial, I am not Monarchy of the British Isles: so it really comes down to the same issue of for me a matter of people from other realms copying me which they tend to do unsuccessfully and therefore creating a tribute, which makes me feel I want to show them how to do it properly, not that they care if they do or not and for me it is just a human feeling but for them a matter of getting around your concerns and suddenly being barricaded by the pundits and very violent bigots of the Politicians who treat you like an animal and lumber you with problems they have which when you solve the violence only gets better when the politicians start to pretend that you are mocking them and if you are as good as you must have been professed to be at which stage they have taken everything, then you must be tested to find out if you are a true ally and not somebody imitating them and mocking them thereof – the same as such applies to the Australians and Canadians and New Zealanders etc – and so those people do tend to think that if they disappeared there would be no problem at all: to which they normally think shoo the powers and huff and puff economy and wealth inequality, while I think book sales. Yes it is suggested I know such things but antagonise Europeans for it – but the reality of that is the games people play to see me end up with royal divorcees in Tinsel Town who want men younger than them they can sit and scratch with, not people like me with ideas in mind and of course everybody knows there is no reaction without a violence on their part.


Now the story of people trying to show Conservatives what is happening in Europe is a familiar one – I never get the point anyway, although Labour is an Ass: I mean the whole purpose of the Conservative party is to have the same feelings that they and their friends used to have when they clenched multimillion pound deals at the financial markets and around the worlds Industries and that feeling they will never ever have in hell as long as they cannot have it away from my Literary empire and my book sales – as they say, doing the same thing over and over and over while expecting a different result is insanity and they think that is the public persona they have built for me when it is simply the same old reality i.e. the trouble with Europeans is that they make certain things happen which allows extremists to mess with others but you know they have done nothing else since they got into office but surround you with their violent bigots who want the world and have the money to get it from you (???). They do claim I do not have a literary empire and my sense that but for the first 30 of their billionaires everybody else is rubbish in my eyes is delusional but as far as I am concerned first of all if every equity in my work was broken down into investable properties while people had the money to, such statements would have found their level a long time ago but if I am being really nice then I say it does not matter if what people know of me all over the world today was the fact I went shopping or that I took a Bus ride into the city, it is publicity only I have the right to deploy, it is a property of the Royal office and the company which they will never fail to attract trouble for if they handle for any reason whatsoever and that is what we are talking about here but if I want to indulge my dark thoughts I am thinking about finding them when young and tying them down somewhere because I have an experience of what their talents do grow up to become, then stifle the finances around absolutely every single thing they do and continue pushing them towards their aims until their company becomes an empire which I can claim does not exist, so I can tell them they do the same things over and over and expect a different result and it is insane and is therefore something they need to shut down on account I want it for myself: so it’s the same old case of the literary empire owner putting up with scumbags like these and of course this is how they have a lot of energy to cause trouble; they do not work for their money and it is only those who neither have the time nor the energy I will offer securities while for them I will test the handling my possession and creating me economic crisis that will hurt me hardest at the end to the very end just to draw a line which if they cross will lead to more serious outcomes. Nothing I put on my website are ever for deployment but that does not apply to them – nothing applies to them, they will get into my emporium and make me into canopy man and use that to create the new world of rich and happy people they want to have – I say if it succeeded I would change their world the way they know it permanently and forever. People are supposed to buy the books to get their directives and through it know how to broker my equities, not cash into my market because I brokered an equity with a company that created a product that they have found easy to sell, or cash into my market because they have stupid girls at their disposal and are desperate for a few millions and by the way of which I dont know how a delusional idiot who claims he own a literary empire who is me tends to be the same individual from whose property they have extracted millions that they boast about all at the same time anyway and if I get hold of that culture I will be in charge again and they will move on as it were. You dont do whatever you like on account it is industry; I can do whatever I like if I put my money where my mouth is – I mean the Monarchy does not just let its people roam wild like that but I am fairly able to and yet I dont do what I like either: what these fools are experiencing is the result of 12 years of doing nothing about their companies because they are certain they can handle me which they had five years before this actually became a grand plan with a big mouth as it were, couple that with an inability to let go which I have created in them because I like to kick them all the time for what they do to me and show off around the world for doing and you have a very frustrated collection of scumbags that I will soon relegate to the margins; nobody makes canopy man out of me to get rich and important, there isn’t a world where it exists – people buy books and get directives and from it broker my equities with me and that is an end to it, let’s see how much money they have really got like that big mouth we put up with all the time – all I need do is keep my equities secure and kick them all the time to ensure only the few customers I have tend to enjoy it in order to test that too. So this is all there was to an inability to understand the European problem as it were: it’s as though there are grades of thieves and these are very strong hands from which you can pull nothing back and they know it yap, yap, yapping also about extinction by dilution because they want to ensure people do not do it to them as well and it is actually the most annoying part of all so they can turn up and count their pennies until they become millions being nobody gets to tell them often enough they are really stupid even though everything they touch is damaged, however which their game is respectful of the fathers as well and we all know we have had a history of fascism to look back to, so I am sure they will have a lot to draw from the past when it goes hay-wire: not my Royal Office, not my Public work and certainly not my Book sales. I am perfectly aware of the part where they have handled my work and gone off to create some involvement with me as it were but each and every one of these new involvements are always violent because of where people are coming from and if they continue to deny me my book sales so I have no money for maintenance we will end up with serious problems as well – it is the reason I am aware if I sat at the Office and did nothing but think about selling my books, none of these things would occur but that actually happens to be the last thing on my mind as it were – those possessions are not their own or their own to deploy and only books they have purchased actually are. I hear I am the goon who removes the relevance of every black man on my way to glory but of course that is just as well said because you might face a process where people are pillaging your finances and pushing your towards your goals after spying on your personal diary in south London but they will be sure to make it a National if not worldwide issue because they have the reach to do that: I mean it used to be fighting racism without a job and then it progressed to some low idiot doing things that will break their stupid record but it has now reached a process where all I do is supposed to have ended up in their repertoire which is why it is so annoying because it shows they have reached a whole new level too: cannot leave people alone, really hard of hearing and just deserve and own things they see, especially when attributed to those who have the same skin colour, just like that and you do get to a point where you need to wake their fucking pricks up as well.