Of course it is said I am one of those people that are killing off UK economic frontiers which is utter nonsense, since the Politicians and their media idiots that are always getting clobbered by society people because they are bullies which is what all that moving into people's right hand and living there permanently is all about in the first place, have been going about seeking fellow trouble makers from overseas to give visas to travel to the UK to make trouble for society and like to target me as the blame figure for the racism that will emerge as well while their Industry fools do all they can to get on media and savage my market from the start of the day to the end of it which is always finished off with popular culture kids getting rich and famous to threaten me with it. So the reality is that investing in Countries that are fundamentally unstable leads to problems like terrorism and we all know Islamic terrorists for instance want to destroy the world. It's a simple case of the fact if the prognosis of an entire country and its nature is developed around the unworthy working for it so it can be taken off them and handed to those who were always worthy, to ensure they get to ask before they work for it, then you know that investing in such a Country will drive it towards trouble all together unless somebody stabilises it and so if somebody actually does then, it is time to go there to invest. At the moment these idiots do like to think they are reorganising the world when they decide where global wealth ends up temporarily with a game of how much we can hurt the Americans and the British to get rich and its storing up big problems for the future as well. They do tell me I talk for my part but am actually not faring so well which is utter nonsense; how well I am faring can be measured by the fact I am the guy they could not fuck, can be measured by the fact I am the guy popular culture kids could not use, can be measured by the fact I am the guy whose personal life freedom idiots and media men could not confiscate so I am actually faring very well indeed and they are paying the price as it were for 15 years of unemployment that appears to them to be an amusing past time to engage in because they can have sex for instance, hence why I must be forced to have sex before I can get a job we see them deploy even the prognosis while they have failed at it to create some exclusivity when they appear on media and like to pretend they are having some intelligent conversation. This whole idea of how well I am faring to be put in context is rather simply; I have real difficulty tolerating social democracy - I don't know what it means and cannot make sense of it and it annoys me uncontrollably; I mean rather than people studying and being professional at the jobs they have, they cut corners and make my life hell with social democracy the part about them which I tolerated was the civil rights bit, that was the bit where the definition of freedom is to ensure those who have not had the misfortune of suffering what they have suffered are made to suffer it and that is how I came to exist in this bubble where the law does not protect me and people can do whatever damages they please to anything I own for whatever reason they see fit; so I have so far become the guy whose income feminists could not earn and whose property feminists could not confiscate when they could have spent all that energy working for their instead of seeking a man's life on whom to dump their problems. It is not an emotive issue, I am only making it clear this story of how badly I am faring is seriously deluded at the end of the day, for of course I am certain they don't want me to adopt these dispositions in public as a face of an endeavour of any kind too as it were so their need to set out somebody's possessions and build a subculture of sharing it to encumber all its purposes was never going to drag me down, it was always going to create the sense I have a challenge I must overcome and that has resulted in books I have written which contents they know everything about which I will then sell and they are beginning to realise in very painful ways that you get involved with a writer if you are interested in his work and when people write books you buy your copy not exasperate them to get the information from them instead of pay for it. It's the story of how Politicians and civil rights and media fools do the things they do because society likes to invent this process of moving into their right hand to live there permanently, so they like to think what has happened to them needs to happen to you and I would like it if they got off my Book sales and cleared my space as well for my part - it's not something you respond to when you know what it is. As for the case of how I made contributions to create confusion that leads to an outcome where industry sales and exploration of markets always trumps government priorities of defence and security, there is no truth to that claim, what is happening at the moment like black people would bear witness is that people's are paying the price for getting their Politicians to rip up my finances and trap me at their level in society so they can look upon me and abuse me to feel good about living and go out to take on the day to get rich; so their African Countries might be unstable but people still feel like investing anyway so we can see what their own looks like all the time too. It's the story behind how well I am faring which is actually very well indeed as it were; they on the other hand have this task to explain what social democracy means and do like to set out I am obliged to help with the answers which is utter nonsense too there are two answers and one of them is that I am in charge and I decide what happens not them, the other is that they can stop the frivolities like social democracy and do things in the straight and correct way or they can continue the other one if they are paying for it i.e. they think the wars they are good for creating is actually not evil because people like me are supposed to relish it but I have no idea anyway, I just know that you need to have been doing these things for long enough if you hit the ground running when it comes to teasing people exactly the way their parents do when you are not their parents and by the way of which people had better given you a bloody job so that you can plague people in that way or else there will be trouble with a big mouth like that old tale of whether I have a problem with feminists which of course is not actually a problem as such, only that they lie all the time and get on my breath endlessly with accusations and calls to society and the public to act on me while they use sex to dig money and fame from my business showing themselves all over media and abusing me to ensure I don't chase them up and stop it, which becomes a power prerogative they want to sell to industry idiots in order to get rich, so it's a tale of the fact they are really stupid and useless people and generally look like shit all the time and by the way of which in any case I am a Christian and do not approve of homosexuality so if they table that at me there will be even more trouble but having said so they do look like shit. It's a simple case of what I do here which is intellectual property administration and for that reason they are always seen at Industry villages and communities taking over what equities participation of Companies have afforded me like it was their own, it's not just become a lifestyle for them, it has become an obsession and so this whole process of managing the Company has led to this result where there is the rest of us and there is Industries and they are the morons getting rich and famous in the Middle, so they will start with their boys at popular culture loutish nonsense insulting and threatening me, move off to their girls threatening me which is unbecoming and their women will chase my anus and penis and then they can put a raunchy idiot for five minutes on TV doing something about a product to cash into my market, change my quality life gradually in such ways every day until they had extricated it and it has become their own the social bloody democracy as it were and they will expect me to feel cheerful all day long as well with a big mouth. I see them around my concerns all the time and for every time I decide they can work it if it kills them the response is always that they are here to dump problems in my life and make me sort them out while they cash into my empire, not work for anything with a big mouth, so I don't actually have a problem with feminists and they know it. They are always seen at Industries getting after the bit that is actually my property all the time, only to claim I speak of Industries where I have never been and know nothing of none of which was their business at all in the first place so it is something that has to stop or I am going to stop it my way as well. It is not a conversation that I am having here as such -I mean the colours are developed by Industries to match my temperaments from their position of Association with my Renaissance but it's a matter of how much they spend to create the specific pigmentation for instance which is clearly not the business of these goons never mind the market they create for  me all together but by far the one that gets to me the most is the abuse of product appearance equities i.e. somebody develops a bra to match my equity and some girl buys it as a means of showing herself in public or working for some phone shop where the bra will work for her to beat her high sales scores this week of which the last time we checked I was pretty sure people don't own phone shops so idiots can use it to fight others like that in the first place and the participation based development of public product showings and so on i.e. CEO of Mercedes is going to show their new product at the auto show today and he wants support from my participation based equity but if he leaves any market for me somebody will train cameras on it or a feminist will get after it until it is no more, so it's a question of why they are always after my own, whether that was actually their own business but for them, the fact they are rugged goons trying to make it by any means is a good enough excuse that means the law does not protect me anymore but then again it really isn't that good enough an excuse after all at the end; so it's that old story of their bottom hurts and many times as much when the elections are on and so on and how what has happened to them needs to happen to me, the story of how little I know of what I am doing is badly placed here. Everything we see them do is developed around that one prognosis the famous girl that takes her clothes off on the beech during holiday, to be bothered by the media taking pictures who must get me to save her or suffer on her behalf or I will get into trouble because she knows what she wants, when we all know they care about nothing and will soon be making sure they are successful where those who have a sense of Country that they share with others fail or are made to fail and the reason is always that it is a short cut to getting what they want, another scheme, the fact they are so stupid they care only about money but still cannot make any either way so it's difficult to locate to what purpose One is supposed to save them from the media for but it gets even better as they their entire lives are about making an arrangement with the media which is an unwritten contract and so these things mean their society and community croons can chase my anus and penis and help them make fun of me for it to cash into my public life all the time, looking for trouble; so I have made myself clear on my feelings about sorting out how they are getting involved as such, it has not improved the situation so I am going to get them off my Royal Office, especially the diplomatic front my way as well. So it's the guy they never got to fuck, the guy their stupid children never got to make fun of when they are doing fame and fortune with his public life that was previously his but is now theirs because of media, it's the guy whose personal life media and freedom goons never got to own, so I am sure they don't expect me to keep it to myself anyway either whenever I watch pornography as it were i.e. they don't care about anybody or anything only money except when the fact I create creates community and I have some leadership going on their hatred turns to me over their need to be successful by making me fail because even in all that time when they were able to care about nothing but money they were still so stupid they couldn't make any it is never true that what I say is not clear enough to lift any weights, I am sure the fact I am fed up with it is clear enough for all as well; the fact that while I cared about communities and societies and the Country while they cared only about money did not end with a process where they became millionaires is because they are bloody idiots and I am not hoping to make myself clear enough to deter them; I have taken up and consummated with action everything around me they can pick to be relevant and that has led to a fight, this fight with a big mouth because they cannot leave people alone as it were, so I am going to have to physically keep them off my Books; I mean Someone mentioned something about not thinking the UK exists in a tiny world and that there are markets out there and they came to a realisation they have got more work for me with a big mouth - it's all power stuff - I do get told the way I handle it makes things worse but that is because people think there is a purpose they serve in society whereas I know they are people who start prognosis of conversation with those they have met for the first time on the basis of being liberal and free and how the careers of those they have met has been done by somebody else, this is not something normal people do, they look like shit, they talk like shit and are filthy in every way even spiritually, it is the reason they think their involvement with others can constitute power and destruction that is an expression of it and the black females especially cannot stop threatening me too, so they have been organised and set lose as civil rights goons who are always seen around my concerns because their civil rights has now been defined by those who sent them out as having what I have - this is what I mean the guy their fame and fortune popular culture stupid children could not use, the guy whose personal life their media and freedom idiots could not own, the guy they could not fuck and when I watch pornography I am supposed to deploy the disposition to show them where their lives are not keep it to myself - they cannot stop threatening me you see, they think its power especially black girls for whom this power is necessary for every single penny of the millions they want to own: so I cannot have a life with my own family due to hard knocks and anus and penis grabbing with their filth, I cannot get a job because it is constant and causes a depressing feeling while they tell lies and make accusations to ensure they are not prevented from seeking more access looking for trouble, and the really big black idiots that support it I am certain are preparing themselves to show how tough they really are on my account too. I only one to sell my Books and Administrate my Court which is what my work is all about but it seems these fools have decided their problems will be solved on it and the ones that stand out the most are the Muslims claiming they have bullied me into deploying every strategy in the Book just to get out of their clutches, whereas they claim they hate my guts and cannot keep their fingers away from a fantasy around my anus and penis which causes me tummy upset that seems to be constant and sees them follow it on with various other forms of distant violence and to make it clear therefore as such, following on from informing them this is the one they never got to fuck in the first place and the story of not being in a place where I can handle myself so are to brush others up is going to change too on their account if this route is followed but if they want a real goad then the reality is that I really love to look like I deserve their parents inheritance better than they do, so if it annoys them enough they can turn up and show how tough they really are and we are not talking about the sense Muslim girls are not human beings and therefore cannot be allowed to just fancy people and get over it thereof with their big mouth.

So it is normally said I continue to play around with other peoples wives and that is when they are not spending their time unleashing their stupid children on my ;public life at popular culture while their foolish women know what they want in life with my livelihood on media and advertisement pretending to be really tough because they live in a world of men and not a world of women, from whence we hear the stories of abuses and violence all the time and other peoples children must be sacrificed to make that existence more comfortable. The reality is that I need them to keep off my product sales and off my income because I need to use the money for a holiday to unwind otherwise tolerating them becomes ever more difficult and old offences come to light such as the sense I am being urinated on when they spice up their stupid sex lives with my feelings and reaction and no amount of expression of provocation will ever stop them getting on my TV to put a name to their stupid faces in order to exasperate me and go home to do it. All I want is to see them stay away from me and my business and shut down every involvement with the ladies at Court and then there will be peace otherwise it is still the one they never got to fuck and it is isn't hurting badly enough yet as it were. He is stronger than they are but they want to fuck him and I have never seen such a collection of self harming bastards in my whole life, now that I want them to turn up and do it too I want to sell my books and not their existence or products and I need to administrate my Court not their involvement or their stupid problems and I am sure they can understand the language I speak. We are not talking about what has become of the fucking bit either in terms of that the question of why I am always being targeted for fucking has now been answered i.e. I look like I have people's homes in my finger tips and now that their toughness has been softened up by me the problem comes when they get in bed to have sex as it were, since I am Royalty and they nothing and there is good reason for it in the first place and now we clearly are able to see who is better off when fucked by higher and greater powers as it were too, now that they look like they have people's homes at their finger tips and are ripe for fucking not as though as they thought they were anyway but we still hear the yapping, the one where they think I have been bullied into expressing every strategy in the book to escape the clutches with a big mouth. They usually don't want their wives to see they are hopeless and inadequate and could kill themselves if them women find out but cannot leave me alone either it has to be that they wreck my finances and get me to live out my prime as a single man so they can fuck the wife I did not marry while fucking their own wives all together looking for more trouble. The matter at the heart of it has never really been a serious one, only that it takes a bit of hard work to get around your public work and public office getting done every single thing that may present an opportunity of an idiot to turn up to make themselves relevant and have a go as well for them they speak of inequality because they hope to get over their laziness by being equals of those that are Royalty as such. They do say it's the death of neo-liberalism I have brought about by making sure that people are prepared for the fucking as well whether or not they look like their muscles are laced with concrete and yes it could be the least of their worries if I continue to deal with all their crap; I want them off my Books and I have explained endlessly that it sends out a message that I never had the support of the public and that means those who broke off ties with organised crime will see it re-established either by their own actions or by forces beyond their control but neo liberalism is developed around legendary civil and criminal disobedience so that will never happen and I am still one of the most shamed and abused statesmen in the world while they have not yet asked the Police to take a retirement while they get the job done as it were; they like to raise questions of my sense of insecurity because they think they are the Machiavellian gang violent types who tell lies and have their way with the crowd when they are about to be taken down by the Police or by other gang members and I am sure they continue to be seen around my books especially the American ones, because they are prepared for the fucking too. They do speak of being working people and a problem I have with working people and their party the labour party but I don't -it's just so difficult to forget about them with every stupid black girl being trained to hard knock me and get supported by men that can beat me up because it is powerful to do it and it gets even better because I know if I describe myself as a worker people will grab my business, hence I know I work for my money but never mention it in a overt sense over all, nobody really can tell why they find it so comfortable to describe themselves as working people exactly but then again we have a dictionary definition for their activities and it is called bullying the problem with me is that I am such a difficult one to bully but we have seen them abandon government service to concentrate on it too, so I rest my case; I mean they do say in their defence that it is a matter of what I do to isolate and alienate them but the hard knocking of me by black female celebrities getting power and fame for instance is one of the issues that shed light on it is no longer a city where people can feel comfortable about travelling off somewhere to talk to a witchdoctor to get power that will make them successful in UK Cities: good they need to leave me alone. It's not actually the case that I have a problem with the Labour Party as such; it's just reality that when I mention something about deploying government office and funds to rip up my finances and send out their idiots to give me hard knocks that will make them feel good about themselves for it, the result is always that they are so important they need to walk away from an idiot that is talking nonsense they cannot understand and so it carries on as it were and what they do and what I say about my displeasure is one thing while what they say I did about being offending on media is quite another and one will swallow up the other depending on which one they want to do so they are working people obviously and we might be wondering why as well for good measure. So every time it happens they will feel me as well especially the violent abuses of their stupid children; if a tramp sits around my shop making trouble which scares of customers, I could send in security or the Police but an entire Political party needs something a lot more radical I intend to work it out and expect them to work out the problem too. Obviously it started with Tony Blair and either for controversy or for actions intended to benefit them, I was meant to be set out and condemned as the person whose reaction determines whether or not they were going to stay in power and they are asking what my problem with that stupid party really is as well.


The story of some problem I have with women is very well understood of course but it's an old case of women wanting to do abusive things to those they think powerful men should put at their discretion to be deployed to their ends on one hand and then on the other Politicians and male media fools who are actually bullies and always end up with peoples moving into their right hand to live there permanently deciding that whatever happens to them must happen to me too and so the combination of the two creates all these stupid things people want to do around me and make a case for on media and every stupid politicians that comes up with a means of making me react to it and we will never be free of this cycle of Administrative vandalism and destruction unless we find a way to shake the process of exchanging one idiot for other who thinks about ever more genius ways of helping really stupid women that have a problem with working for and earning their money onto what it is they seek and want and as for me they like to think my patriotism can mean I want to share everything I have as a basic nature of my very existence and the whole matter continues to go round in circles and they continue to be seen around my livelihood making trouble endlessly. They said they wanted money and it's been pillage and abuse and make popular culture fame and fortune and now that they have it nobody knows why they simply cannot move on and let me be and still once this whole matter had ran into a 24 month period I began to get the sense a long time ago by the way that somebody wants to screw around with me until I react to their stupidities so they can stand up somewhere they think they are famous to claim I am a stalker they are not doing that now too and it is not hurting badly enough yet obviously. They do speak of where I have been for instance the pornography Industry in actual fact it was supposed to be a simple case of people selling sex but turned from a process of showing me they are the boss by adopting a position that existed between me and abusive sexual relations politicians are having at my expense especially when it hurts them directly laced with a sense of threat of which we all know its industry trolls and morons getting rich at Industry markets that do such things and specifically power over the weak as well, so the result as it stands is that I have given them more pornography than they could ever need and they are fed up as well and I have got my eyes on celebrities and journalists too this whole women thing. The journalists think I have taken my eyes off them long enough for them to recover but they are not they will have more controversy than they could ever need as well and as it stands they are clearly fed up too. It's like this story of how I look and act indefatigable because society is bullying me into everything I do and of course they are doing no such thing but these people really enjoy the version of me that they build up on media and turn up with an excuse for abusive attacks with it so it's all very marvellous when they make up their own version of what I am thinking i.e. what I am really thinking is that they have it in them to play amusing and abusively destructive fun with the finances of those that are younger than they are because they have had a considerable sum saved up from their years in the work force if they have got such power it is always okay to flaunt it, so they are fed up as well as it stands and that is a start. The only singular reason they get involved with me is to create problems and leave it at my door step because their lives are full of nonsense but they like to think they are clever and superior to others and of course they can make up their own version of what I am thinking especially for the celebrities if they wanted, it is never going to help that they do so. Their answer for every problem is to ensure somebody else is caught up and sacrificed to it while they get free and create more but I always like to wait for the part where they find and destroy all the answers to the problem itself in order to make their answer to it the only one there is that is the part where their credibility over how much of a lie the Holy Bible tells for instance comes apart; because of course if community croons are making sure they are unable to concentrate on academics and can only earn money by selling themselves and they set me up to be the one that gets targeted for that outcome so they can be free, does it mean they will be free and they will go away and leave me alone? So it's the same old story with working class scum. We all know they like to pretend they are terribly clever, so when their Politicians decide that to end tirade of punishment from me I need to be left alone and need to withdraw from the left, they decide it is a twisted little scum getting some power and is looking for real trouble hence chase my anus and penis and make gestures to violent society, so when I make way for the violent society they have brought into the matter as well middle aged insults, I end up leaving some part of my intellectual space for the violent society, then the entire government and the whole nature of parliament loses its ability to hold itself together and conduct its processes, which is an understanding we have and I don't mind either for my part and I like it that way best because it is an extreme eventuality whereby they learn to respect my personal space and leave me alone, so if they leave me alone as much as it offers a prospect and then there will be no trouble at all whatsoever all together.

They do love to claim I am a trouble maker of course but I have no idea why it should be believed anyway save their need to work on me for money rather than work for their own money and so they have this intense desire to get out of bed every day to locate people and inform them their careers are gone, taken up by somebody else of which out of curiosity if you did ask them what the reasons were, inquire if they knew, their response is usually that the persons concerned had failed to co-operate with their needs hence. So it's a matter of what gets out of bed to say that to people, what talks like that as a whole anyway, to a point where it becomes some kind of colloquialism that they share, the devil? It has never been a difficult matter for me as such, I am comfortable with the way I am handling the matter at present considering that when you are not handling that stupid culture then you are a Christian who has things they don't and the end result will always be that they kill you and take it but when you handle that stupid culture it seems that they will exist in a condition where they are angry always and it continues to get worse until you are dead; so the choices here are realities like their political parties creating a very large deficit and handling my aptitudes to tell me they will create sequences of events which ensure the economic crisis hits me and anything else that looks like me the hardest for refusing to co-operate with their needs considering my physical appearance which they wish to use for something they feel it should be used for to make them comfortable and a process of taking up the case of that stupid culture to a point where they can never be free of me until they had gotten jobs outside of it and worked hard and paid their taxes to pay off that deficit. They do ask if I feel I have the right to but I thought I should appoint myself this one occasion I do not feel I am in a position where these bloody idiots and their stupid black women hard knocking me over their foolish needs especially the sexual ones will gain any more tolerance from me for pushing me in any direction as it were for my case as well. They really do have a problem noting when people are distressed by their behaviour towards persons if they have been able to get on media and explain it away by the fact the things such persons own which they don't own as well is the reason for it and they do tell me the problem with me is that it is even more difficult in my case to ascertain that all I am saying is that I am a grown up now and what they put in here is not going to be grown out of, so they need to save their stupid insults and tell their foolish children too lest I appoint myself as well, all I am saying is that if I see that culture around my concerns again I will cut it up again to find out what it is they can do, all I am saying is that it is not hurting badly enough yet so far. I mean it is ever so easy for people to accept others will be terribly distressed if they got on National Media to claim people are indefatigable because they are being bullied by society into doing what they do, why can't people accept that commenting on every one of another person's activities as a result of their envy on media to a tune of claims they are the ones making them do everything they do and bullying them into it will make people distressed why can't they accept that before they got to complain in the first place? To cut a long story short, it's a matter of witchcraft and juju boys and girls that cannot go to college unless Politicians provide them a hate figure for instance and they do not seem to recognise they are complaining about me because I have had enough of them, they feel death does not befit their existence on account we are only getting comfortable with the current state of affairs where the death befits me more, so when they do it people might believe me where their wickedness is mentioned as it were will not stand for any further pushing, they need to put their money where their mouth is; it's perfectly okay for the women to be vulnerable to the men that like to attack and bully them all the time it is the right condition for me to be breathless because the process where I wake up to claims somebody else has grabbed my career is getting violent. I hear it's all a form of racism which I have refused to admit to but this is not where they live and I will tell them when it is racism I am dealing with too. They say it ever so often that they hate me because I have not got a clue what I am doing and like to meddle to wreck it for others makes no sense whatsoever of course since it isn't clear how difficult handling a simple case where every stupid little woman wants to earn my income and share the prospects with every goon whose life she had destroyed in order to ensure she is not vulnerable to me in turn, simply on account I am a Christian and a religious person; this isn't school anymore where I wouldn't tag along with them because they would be sitting at the back of the class and would be counted among the best dancer ever during the parties and I need them off my books and their filthy popular culture fame and fortune mouth firmly shut concerning people they hate over my case it always seems we have two societies and two economies one of them being expendable and the other being where people get killed for uninvited involvement, I never ask them about it of course except that stepping out of my door is never safe anymore because I stole all I have and all I am from their society without asking permission with these things and if they are not deploying it to get rich somebody is going to deploy it for them and I am not talking crime either; staying off my Book sales was the easier option in this matter and we are not having this conversations that they assume we are going to thereof as such it seems nothing can detach them from these things but when they see livelihood that belongs to a religious person it must get attention to a certain level and then stop there permanently, so it's a question at the heart of it all; how hard can it be doesn’t know what he is going and ruining it for everybody?

on to a certain level and then stop there permanently, so it'™s a question at the heart of it all; how hard can it be doesn'™t know what he is going and ruining it for everybody? They do ride that boat where it is said I exist as a temporary measure at the Monarchy trying to make myself into a permanent feature there, no shred of truth attached to it of course since the truth is as ever that they have trouble recognising when people are being distressed, so that because I am allowed to use the Cote of Arms on a Website with what I am doing at the Office, the implication certainly for them has to be that I want to share all I own and do with The Queen but does the Queen actually want that in the first place? So it is a question that never gets answered, it has just come to a point where I am said to exist as a temporary measure because they cannot stop but it is not news either, all you see in Europe a lot of the time is stupid girls and stupid men intimidating people to get rich and famous which has created this idea that my business Empire and the Royal Office which does not concern them, seeing they are not Royalty is something others can actually share. This is basically all these guys ever do with their time, we are having conversations about it because it is becoming complicated for them on account attacking me to get me to react saying something about how they are working with The Queen is not paying off which it never was going to since they fabricated it, claiming it is what I am doing - hence they have tracked their path and are now working powers of Parliament as well all together and I am not some kind of Monarchical temporary measure like they have claimed I am (so does it mean that my service at the Monarchy is as limited as I have claimed it is? Of course not but in order to avoid situations where I get a job and have to lose it because it is coming between me and my service to The Queen has been taken care of to a large extent, these days it happens because a job I get is interfering with the Monarchy and my Office to create public problems all together - but for these guys when we see them the first prognosis of their behaviour is somebody they do not like because they have already fancied his aptitudes and then his possessions as well and the next one immediately after is checking to see if I am handling women that are their size and category which narrows the pool of women they can get married to in order to ensure they have a future biologically thereby looking for trouble but soon enough after we hear that they need me to keep off their wives and keep my mouth shut lest these women find out they are hopeless and useless and inadequate and will likely kill themselves if their wives were to find out as well and I want them and their Cities off my Office and the Book shop indeed and in public statement as it is not their public lives as it were no matter what they get up to with their foolish media - they have their own aptitudes you see and should be handling that, their talk of nailing me at the legal is very well understood but this whole thing came to a head when handling my aptitudes led to a process where the need to make me give things up to them and give it up for good robbed me of my academic qualifications and is now after my business as well, immediately after that of which was the statement that my property was instrumental to feeding their excesses which allowed them sort of a retirement while creating an economic crisis which they will now ensure hits me and anything that looks like me the hardest as well, so this was a combination of handling my aptitudes, dropping out of University in 2007 and in the same year the economic crisis took hold and thus a threat of this magnitude, so they all came together and I was treated for depression but the problem had to be resolved, so I simply had to appoint myself onto something and handle them as well. I understand they say it does not mean when I say these things I have made financial progress as well, the financial progress bit is the bit about respect where the fact people sell music CDs is not to say they have to abuse you to make or sell it or you have to abuse them because they make or sell it, which of course is another aspect of people handling my aptitudes on account they are certain I will not and can do nothing about it, all I have to do is keep my nose out of other peoples own and sell my own and it is the bit where I will take that story concerning the fact that nothing can detach them from their cultural wickedness on one hand but when they see business that belongs to a Christian they are after it as well to a whole new level - for now it is possible that I am bluffing). We have one relationship and one relationship only you see i.e. me and the men is all about the fact that its the one they could not fuck here.