The black women issue is the same as ever: the reality of which is that the fact a society where you are never far away from bumping into people after people from very different cultures and back grounds from all over the world creates this sense that it is impossible for you to feel depressed and lacking in energy unless you really want to, save those who have declared themselves racist of course – hence there is that endless pool of challenges to draw from constantly but the biggest problem that faces is black women with incredible laziness and a need to be looked after and a sense of men that can be sacrificed for the pleasure of those who can which always improves as a situation only when they fear you and there is of course a generic sense in general of a point at which they and their toy soldiers do. So they need to have these veils pulled over people’s eyes with really annoying superstition about the powers of some strange wicked culture that can make people rich or poor that they have access to and some people generally irritate them by existing in a way that means they cannot do that whenever they want, which Politicians and nasty white scum that want other peoples earnings on media all the time like to throw support at and the American ones know so much about community due to their civil rights history that it so turns out the purpose of all they say is that there are social groups in which certain persons like myself should end up being trapped and used and putting it forward every time they see me and around all my concerns does not appear to them in any way to be a process of looking for as much trouble as they can find bearing in mind the old case of a girl taking a piss kind of bullying is still something they do with a sense of conviction supported by those who spend tax payers funds to wreck my finances that there is nothing I can do about it. The reality of course remaining the same old case of individuals that are so lazy they cannot even work on their relations with others and rely on civil rights even for that – therefore not only do they normally come through with a very bad upbringing which convinces them you must be their parents that exist to provide them what they want, they also make out everybody, whites blacks, blue red , whatever colour are their enemies save those who give them money or beat up others for them, thus the only people that are not are racists who have of course made it clear any proximity they foster will lead to lethal violence and this is what their sense of integration is really all about, of course I do guess even their parents must have been fed up by now anyway. of course they are always reaching peoples level because it is how to determine who has means and who does not for most of the time using insults and media and in my case having sex with me is another level they must reach which if they dont an alternative must be found – the nasty white idiots they work with of which we see in Church these days trying to make sure others do something about people laughing at them as violently as they possibly can and we know they can which changes nothing either about the doors of the Church being open to all and therefore a matter of mathematical calculation that they will walk through it: of course there is a huge problem with them at the Civil service and the employment market – its only a case of the fact when it began Politicians said it was a trust and accountability at government matters and not organised deviance and organised crime. I am not looking for a case of a total war because I care what idiots who have a thing for money and more so on this occasion money that belongs to me, get up to; it’s just that their actions create the sense that like we know wars can happen for any reason and peace can also happen for any reason, they are out to ensure that peace only happens for a reason and war can happen without reason and have made themselves a fundamental threat to my personal and religious freedoms, which is not a new occurrence in the west anyway, it’s just that I have no plans to tolerate any of it and it always gets better when they fear me and there is a way that they must for their insults to its contained level.

Am I then an enemy of culture? Of course not – it’s just that I am a legal studies student with a bit of background in sociology and criminology and will cut up the culture at home for idiots that want to make use of me with their insults, so that their powerful husbands can sodomise something to get it back working again – we all know when they are afraid of me is when it will end, along with those toy soldiers they have too. The part where I harbour ill feelings against people of which is not up for conversation because we would be engaging in such conversations when the need to lobby those in authority to go along with what they do because I have filled my life with people that will block out rights that those who are in a position to gain from bullying me can have.

It is said that there is real chance the UK might split up due to my support of the Conservatives which may push people to vote for the yes campaign in Scotland, a typical example of how I will not be found where I fit in and can be used: it is an example of the issues we speak of because the last time we checked they said they needed to ensure the economic crisis hits me hardest and put in place structures to force me to come up with ways by which it is to recover and since then I had decided I am going to run that stupid government and then the economic recovery for them but the Conservatives had decided the economy is an important thing and so was the Civil service an important than that people had to be elected into Government Office to manage and for that I have supported them and dont need to be told what my political persuasion is supposed to be as well: we all know they are fond of such things but have never really won a fight around here anyway, we all know they love to play games and are famous for it. Even now are still talking nonsense about how much trouble I will get into with them; the kids who know violence and you do not need to offend to end up having all you own destroyed so they can put you through a process of what they have experienced in order to feel as though they have a stepping stone to step on just because they have bullied you and created a personality for you in the minds of the public which suggests you look like those they have done such things to in the past and they are rather hard of hearing and the best case that can happen is one where I bottle them like we already seen they complain about my books putting them in a condition where people mock them all the time which is provocative but are seen around the sales all the time as well – besides which they started it with their Politicians attacking me and running off to Government to make bag logs of laws that will mean that their entire lives will exist in a condition in which I am being dominated while they themselves decided if they dont feel that socially I cannot be allowed to complete my academic work and everybody knows what will happen and how variable these stupid needs will get once I finish my academic work and crucially than that need to a job with it: the kids who know violence and think you should live your life in fear of them but cannot understand if you are such a problem for them they need to stay off your books and off your finances either and there is nothing new about the fact they are always playing games and looking for trouble anyway. I have given 14 years of my time for these things and it is getting none the better anyway – 14 years I have given of which I must clear up is a matter of things that will turn out the way they normally do no matter how hard others try and not a matter of showing I have got it like they will alternatively love to make out too. These things happen all the time and we know they raise their stupid daughters to feel as though certain persons such as myself have a demeanour and a personality they find irritating and have been raised to feel they can be violent if they want to as well and they are the girls and the women and it beats you all the time why the idiots take those risks in the first place anyway like there is anything they can do – I mention it in perspective of being told what my political persuasion is supposed to be: the part where you offend people with your livelihood because it is moral and legal and when you try to avoid doing so cause even more offence until the bullying creates a personality out of you that they find irritating so that whether or not their provocation is real can be put to the test as we it were. They do claim the real problem to be my claims of being Royalty when I am not but before then bearing in mind the Royal family is their family and I am not meant to be able to chose what stays or beats it around here in their view, it simply had to be a worthwhile activity to provoke me and get off to parliament to make bag logs of laws on it to exist in a bubble where I am dominated by the very fact that they exist, there need not be a reason, it simply has to be worthwhile for it to happen with a big mouth. I am aware the part about paying so little attention to those who are actually causing the trouble I speak of but it is the same old sales idiots and stock market scum and advertisement fools and media trash – even when they see half priest government office pundits whose jobs are based on seeing a quality of life for Politicians and Royalty and Journalists and Celebrities affiliated to them, they are still playing around and deciding what the rest of the world should think I am as well all together and it can only continue until I need and get a private army; so the issues are still the same case of the need for them to stay off my books on grounds I need the money and to cease being so stupid.


The story of how I make use of other peoples wives to build my career and it is unheard of looking for trouble is not an emotive issue – it’s the result of people thinking I am on an education from them about the fact the world is an evil place creating a need to locate all I do an delay me to ensure evil women become something I complain about and they do not look like they can do without it yet including my parent – it is for the media ones about the fact that I think the part where you get out of the way while others are getting on with life is the difficult aspects of infidelity not the sex, while they think it is the sex and that they can make out anybody they want is sleeping with their wives and their wives can go along with it without consequences – it is about the fact that you can go through a 7 hour dry fast but during it and just before you pray and rest it is an attack as vicious as possible worked through destruction of your finances by the Government and threats to bring out your personality which other people want to make use of, thus that all an activity needs be is nasty and then they are doing it and doing it to other people. So the problem was that I was there when these women wanted my help because the fact their job does not predispose them to wickedness on grounds it is all about getting onto the most public of places to do a job that is about reporting what is fact ongoing or already occurred but today the result of the perversions of these scum means that when people have an anus they will be factorised by it so that they can cue people all the time and whenever they want – so it is not clear what they are complaining about after 14 years of seeing their inability to listen to what people are saying to them take a centre stage all over the world. The part about white men that get involved with me whether I like or not and black women that do the same in the most abusive way and even so talk nonsense about which race was my kind as well is not a difficult issue and I cannot understand why people love to seek details from me either – however if need be that I supply details then there is no point since when they wreck my relationship with the authorities I will wreck their own as well, if they damage something with my friends I will damage their own as well damage my public reputation I damage their own as well and the same goes for my health as well, so we have been living like that for some time now and nobody knows why they cannot use their own to do it anyway. It does not imply when I refuse to get involved with them it is discrimination at work, that question comes up when they think there is a certain level of discrimination that would help them make money from my income – there are women like them all around me and they are always feisty all of the time – one moment business is bees knees and we see them all over magazines and the next it is rubbish and the media job rather is, and then another media job is rubbish and business is and back and forth and back and forth all of the time for all of their time if they want. The point is that having been I have been the Government official who is the most disgraced and shamed in the world and whose back sales and therefore finances they can control to that effect, they have since collected by public work for idiots that want to be famous and want to make me into a person that pretends he is what he is not and makes assumptions about celebrities and they do not want to do it themselves which is why they are putting pressure on people in Authority as well looking for more trouble and have no wish to be free of me by keeping their distance from my finances. I have tried everything to those women and the longer we see them in public is the more viable my job is, so I can find out whom I cannot protect like they claim is the case etc: if the ones I have now retire, I will simply get new ones as it were, so it is not a disposition to throw a lot of hope at either.

I hear I fail to recognise people getting involved with me because they seek self advancement – I have no idea what self advancement people seek around me anyway: I mean there are royals around me whose children have decided the racism path is best and the things they do with respect to the betrayal for example, there is the one about Pop stars that are approved to serve me by HM, so whilst I put everything I have into serving HM I still have things like that to make a living from which is how I balance my books and so on – an example of who does not have such approval screwing around with me and my work so I can cut it up for them and make some complains happen etc. So this matter always ends up being settled on the story of how I think that the crackdown of sexual abuse by media pundits is a bad thing: absolute rubbish of course because if I wanted to say something remotely normal about sexual abuse it will be like I offended somebody who overpowered me and tied me down somewhere and took out a knife that was not very sharp and carried out some violent acts with it inside of my mouth and we all know internal injuries never really heal – so it is a matter largely of how we react when offended as a society, who creates a process where we tend to react like that and whether or not this method of reacting to being offended is either acceptable or trendy, nothing to do with me whatsoever. Unless that is the part about high class whores I dont have trouble describing in such ways considering they will probably have a worse description for me as well, whose deviance are beyond my league but I am still paying for anyway because I am a man whose league she is beyond and whose person and possessions such is such a high class fuck that she can handle at any time. When it actually comes to the bottom line of their case it boils down to their boyfriends and how they are willing to do anything for those and when they say they will do anything for them anything includes handling me for them as well – so it is clear that it is sexual abuse from these boyfriends that they want to avoid first of all so they can carry on like that and we also therefore hear them say women would do anything for me as well, which I dont deny for given half the chance the reality is that one moment you are responsible for a condition where some stupid girl picks up her boyfriend and runs off to the City where she will be more comfortable and the next they are back making contact with you again and this time it is not about money and fame anymore since it had rather been about sex instead, which means that the older you get is the worse it gets – given half the chance somebody would kill by now and it would be about me. It is not okay for these idiots to behave in such ways has nothing to do with sexual abuse and or whether or not there is a crackdown. I can understand what women would do if chased around by men that cannot provide for them or protect them but I am not chasing them stupid organised crime and greedy insulting selves around for anything and they need to stay away from me and keep off my book sales earnings or realise it means they love to complain about me. Nobody likes to be treated in a way whereby women follow them around hurling insults and abuses at them and making out the only form of abuse there is, is sexual abuse – so I do think about punishing them for it since they cannot save it and throw it around where people will not be offended etc but the punishments they dish out for themselves by missing out of the benefits others get from me by loving and liking me is always good enough – if I do act on the matter it will never be because I consider my Royal office with a sense of arrogance so everybody can tell what is really going on and that bubble where they think they live and their insults are out of the eyes of the world which gives them means to do whatever they like with certain men, it will be because of the damages they do here.


Of course there is talk of Political correctness and the Politics of anger and the shut up culture and the attack on civil rights – those who practice these things are apparently happy to complain about them when they are not actually happening, happy to complain about them when their opponents have become too strong for them as well. By the way of which I for my part do not in any way practice the Politics of anger – it’s just annoying considering the number of times these idiots put up in my face the claim that I do things they used to do when they were children and never did think about getting rich with and that I do them now because I am able to find money to afford a process of doing them, I do them now because my parents could not afford it for me and it is one of those insults we are still dealing with and they for their part have not once seen a reason to put aside either – for most of the time they are seen anywhere, the Christian is a Christian because he should have been something else but picked up a Bible and decided to live by its teachings, setting up a stage for them to school me every single time about the fact the world is an evil place on the basis of a life I should have lived to my benefit which I have refused to, having been taken over by somebody else. So time and time again the result is always an experimental world I create for me and for them where I find out what would happen if I took up those their stupid lives and lived it and time and time again it ceases to deter them on the issue of the number of things I dont know about the world and number of responsibilities in it I am only recently stifling other people’s lives to get along with on grounds my parents could not afford it for me. The bottom line being what it is of course i.e. not just a case of how these things show that you can be famous and then end up with a condition where others want your fame for somebody else which results in a process where you are tied down financially so that they can claim it and make it a fame that belongs to others and of course since it does not work due to the fact they need to brainwash the entire world to make it so, then inflicting suffering on me that makes me a social leper will make it acceptable to people to acknowledge it – thus we only got to the part where they have difficulty claiming they are famous as well because of this 100% chance I acknowledge exists, that I will make them understand what their behaviour feels like as well, so they are still holding out and good for them to that effect too –  the other being that sometimes when you look at a celebrity or a Politician, it applies that there are occasions where they are people who are in need of something and would accept that thing from anybody at a Price and other times they are at the top of their game and the question is what they get as well when you get involved with them; but for these idiots they want to exist in a cocoon where they get out of bed every day to spend mine as insolently as they possibly can, so that everything about me and what I own has been either stolen or damaged when it cannot be to make it inexistent, even right down to my personality and personal life as well with a big mouth@ it can only therefore get better when I live out most of my work as public life as well but until then in the perspective of the anger Politics and shut up culture and political correctness their insults must always be put in perspective and rewarded accordingly. It is the big old question of pompous idiots and how weak men always think they need to do women favours – the trouble being that weak men and men that are comfortable with their sex always tend to fall into the same area – the former do because women think they are vulnerable can easy meat the latter do because they want to keep themselves away from gangs and Industry goons, so that they always tend to find trouble whenever they seek it which is as it should be.