So keeping to the context of the matter, every product faces such challenges but in my case there are those who have a problem with the idea I am successful at dealing with my own challenges all together but then still they are not faring better anyway and we see it all over the media. Of course it isn’t true at all that I spend a lot of time making myself credible; what is true is that people know where my books are and assume a right to be seen turning up around it to make a mess and check if racists and gangs are copying them and it is not the only pushing into gangs so my aesthetics can be deployed to do violence that make their stupidities feel safe and secure and they simply have to work for and secure what they want in life and of course the financial problems that come with doing that which they have created for me and like to run on media along with their foolish children who are just as disobedient – they say they have a history and are not moral people and also that they want to move into my life and live there while I deal with their problems and they get good feelings that their age deserves and so on and not enough have died yet especially the blacks. They say the content of the books annoy them and I say it is not hurting badly enough yet as it were.

It’s much like that talk populous Politicians love so much about changes to the constitution; they had long detached themselves from the Country and wish to pay for the discomforts of living in a Geographical area that they have not adapted themselves to and have refused to do so with money, such as if they had changed the adult age from 18 to 25 so big children might live at home so they can feel powerful, they will have to worry about the bills, so they can get that from the treasury while the Country and its weather for instance which causes the heating and electricity bills to go up, have no meaning to them, adding new flavour to their violent and criminal disobedience; so that since it seems we have never spoken of it in that way the fact the Monarchy exists means people can damage my property and make up reasons to attack me as they might please, do it to a point where it creates it’s on state of affairs and sub culture and develop a group of gang idiots that like to think they tell me what to do at home and claim my fame on media and that is what they want to do with themselves which brews the sense the part that will lead to trouble will certainly be the bit where we have to live as though we are waiting somewhere for them to do things to the rest of us as it were with that big mouth and so if everybody knows it belongs to me, it will belong to another when they tell me what to do with violent insults and claim my public life on media with violent insults both of which I could do without and happens every single second to avenge the effects of my good deeds and is completely relentless as if the devil isn’t paying the price for his own activities so they have to do it for him with their own hands and if I catch them moving into my right hand or having a new Country at an expense of mine they have no paid for or use without permission, something I said, some lifestyle they copied even at this point of daily damage from them, there will be even more trouble than they have already seen all together – I will make them squirm again but at a greater instance.  They had detached themselves from the Country their parents brought them into and need to pay the price not change any constitution to settle on those they want to become; get off the media and turn up if they have the guts for it.

Where the story of how I make no progress financially fits is of course that need to turn up on media and government to damage my business by creating the wrong impression about it all the time that becomes violent enough to try and scare people because it wants to replace facts and reality and the reason I don’t target them directly is because the whole mess of their involvement with my finances was developed by Industry idiots being irresponsible and they are the ones that will take responsibility for something over this matter.

The list will easily go on forever if we allow it and at this point it is not just that a Community has now been built designed to squander my literary empire on claims there are many like me and it wouldn’t matter if one was sacrificed for their needs, when we all know it is not the first time they have made such similar statements, the first which led to everything else was concerned with chasing a cause with my faith over general love and dying over it for the glory of their deviant communities so they can undo the power of religion and have continued to chase me around and pretend my possessions and myself are not protected by law to that effect: so there are other factors like

·         Putting an end to getting but naked so when they bang things they can bang my head and body if they so wish.

·         Dealing with squander and intrusion economy tit for tart otherwise there will be no marked improvement.

·         Making sure it is obvious to the Public Office property and Empire management does not pay me and only the Book sales do.

·         Complete my academic work in the midst of their intrusion and sex based distractive abuse.

·         Male media and free world girls bullying considering it has now set the stage it is okay for large companies to handle my work and damage my finances hoping they don’t have to do the humiliating bit of working for markets if these fools can make it happen for them through insults and prejudices that are necessary for their hatred of other peoples aesthetics claiming they bring these attacks on themselves by using their own to do their problems and their well being – just like the societies and communities who differ from them because their own is largely far more violent and is concerned with a need to sell things on other peoples public life.

·         The Pop culture communities that have emerged being prevented from handling the literary Empire markets first of all and then prevented from attacking or addressing me; obviously the US Government does not support them totally but a test of how corrupt the US Government is and thereby makes use of their corruptibility will be expressed both through relations with Communism and what these fools can do with American electoral system.

·         Nationalism in Europe and Scottish Nationalism in the UK.

There are no truths whatsoever to claims especially by their homosexual community which yet again I must express I do think when they have my Royal Estate there will be no more homosexuals on this planet as it were, that I live surreptitiously because I know my activities are wrong and that they are peoples of freedom and power and equality.

So the story that I have a problem with confident women is not one that is based on fact; reality is intellectual property administration business dealing with image issues created by very relentless and incredibly stupid women who have a connection with a sense of culture that is meant to exist as an atmosphere and the only reason for it is that media and Politicians want to be fed, so their stupidities have been unleashed and every fool has gathered to suckle me so to speak and become something they could never be while I have no rights to a being a person all together. Everything they touch simply gets damaged, so there is that sense of terror associated with claims it is confidence when they are doing it at your expense. I don’t think it is a problem; they can see what the Books I write look like and those books will become necessary if the only problem that matters to them is the problems that it solves and we all know what that means too – it’s a matter of hardening my heart because they have spent so much of my time over the years to soften me up and ensure they can hurt me and that I cannot harm them or do not have it in me to do so, while they get used to doing whatever they like, so the warning signs are clear – they need to confidence somewhere else. It starts with education where the Politicians ensure their stupidities sets others out as hate figure and then all stops are pulled so they can take a few years to get qualified in something and after that it’s all hell broken lose because their idea of business and investment is celebrity culture and a process of working stupidities on those who have the property to fund it in order to sell products by quality of life which we all know will destroy everything else and throw pearls to dogs so they can make money and seek ownership of the personal life of the person whose finances they have already destroyed. So there is really nothing new about it but I don’t have any issues with their insulting confidence. It’s nothing to do with my suffering consequences for declaring a love of women which I never did; years ago it was a matter of hey you look glorious, so spend it being a gang so I might feel protected the male News Anchor; since they lost that it got personal and has increasingly become life threatening to ensure I do not see the part about bottoming out my sales to punish me for not doing it as something serious until it is too late and this is not the only form of financial destruction they know and follow people around the world with looking for a reckoning – now I have written a books and they have gotten together with their Politicians to pretend I was published on media too. I mean the way it fits is that in the last 48 hours they have done nothing but seek out where my Books are and locate publicity that will spend custom on immigration and the problems of politicians and social equality and media, so they can finish off by telling me I am a boy that needs to hand that Royal Estate to my father’s on media; so I have decided that if the idiots are not bleeding no existing successes will have the right effects and no new ones will exist and somehow they have found a way of telling me I am scared of confident women as a controversy that is supposed to make them more media work – so when you say they are stupid beyond comprehension and set out to give meaning to it too. They do say in their defence that it is all my fault of course, we all know the truth is that I give away the best parts of my career talking loud in rented accommodation that is not actually my home and that people all around me have access to media or want to but in context that would be them starting again, telling me where I am supposed to be – so it is not something that will be changing any time soon.

They do speak of my fear of Americans which is utter nonsense; nobody knows why Americans are the way they are – when you see a product you see a product, when an American looks at a product he sees something he can take apart to steal a career with; so the government ones like to do that with my books and despatch culture idiots to abuse and attack me so they can look like they have a lifestyle that fits it and that is why I make work for them as well and tend to look like nothing they can come up with will ever harm me. The description typical is like I am a British Prince, I have written a Book, so an America female supreme Court judge will likely view it as a book that should never get sold, she says I am a domesticated animal saved up for the big show and that it why it should never be, so she can use it to make her big push towards being important and they are all like that, so the popular culture abuses are designed to ensure that comparatively they look as though they deserve to be me than I do; hence it’s all extra work I could really do without and a career theft, not somebody being scared of Americans. The rest are culture idiots who like to take their insults steps further with nonsense such as people being scared of confident women. I mean the colloquialism of me being a fattened domestic animal saved up for the big show is what Mr Obama is doing with my entire literary empire as well while complaining when I fatten him up as well for my big show – he says he didn’t have a good relationship with his Father obviously from that angle; this is not going to go away until the day they keep off those book sales and clear my public work space. In the end it is the same old story; people like entertainment and people like communities and people like racial diversity but they are suddenly being shut down by those for him it is a lifestyle, those who work corruptions of involvement with it, hence this fear of Americans and now I have mentioned it there is so much for it too as it were and then they can have it all covered as it were when I protest about being told where I am supposed to be which means they can never be moved on. The story of trying to make use of other people’s property does not come into play in the matter; reality in terms of that is a very common evil from crime of passion goons, something about my diplomacy office being used by every popular culture fool and fashion idiot and media scum to get rich, saying they want to be able to abuse a government office to bring such a person down to their level and that they would rise and rise and reach unknown levels of rising if they were able to do that and I have warned them about messing with my Books while they have told me they have something my Office should be doing to make them feel safe and decadent and if it does not they will get involved and used it to get that thing done anyway, so that is the challenge here.


It is always said people like me love to try and develop a sense of doing things for others and for their own good whether or not they are actually a part of it but it is usually a matter of what contest I find myself in and this behaviour only describes a contest for legitimacy of which comes about because their insults have now set a new standard for how those whose hands are full with responsibilities of leadership can be treated, primary reason being they are evil and physically at least you look like somebody they can pick on and get away with all together; so it is always important to get them to that stage where leaving home to spend your own gives way to complains about being served because of course they will squander everything right up to quality of life because they need to be served in the first place and it is those that serving them that what exactly their problem is will be determined too; the democratic Books are completely irrelevant in the matter. They do say I provoke them by messing with their cultures and society of course but that was merely to show that their disobedience will lead to a very hurtful process of bending them into a painful condition provisionally so whenever I need to have them move on and do what I want they can be easily made as we do not all have the time for their stupidities and if I am not doing it because the Monarchy is involved I will be doing it because they will get off my Books and clear my space my way or their own; yap, yap, he will not get into trouble if he stays away from my needs and how I want to make it happen – so they like to say I can make them at culture and society but not on media and we will put that theory to the test here too; we do not all have the time. Where the whole thing becomes serious is the bit where I will suffer for anything black people do to their popular culture and media and fashion stupidities and then when I do firstly they cannot stop behaving in ways which means those problems keep targeting them and secondly they will not stop cashing into my market right up to the perks of my Office and this is where it starts – no such thing as those claims I try to cash into people’s lives and have a lack of respect for their successes being based on reality. People do ask why they feel nothing I do or say has any effect but of course it is not meant to have that kind of effect; what they are expecting is that I get out of bed every day to say wonderful things and do wonderful things about myself and my possessions in obscurity so they can get on media and claim it as their possessions and their own deeds and because that is impossible on account I have got a public life they will not extricate it by any means; so it comes down to it that they need to stop behaving in ways that cause the problems that are my responsibility to affect them or accept there will be trouble in store as well.

We all hear they say I think I am a Royal Prince when I am not but the title is reserved for those who have clear cut government roles not me; I am the one that exists in a place where The Queen does not have black relatives or is not married to a black person, so I can do whatever I like.

So I understand I spend all my time being angry at those that are actually fans but of course an example of this fandom is when somebody gets shot in the US and I should have been the one getting shot because people have news to report; so they think they are my personal Gods and have got me over a barrel as such as for those who are involved with my Court I cannot even ask the question of how they are getting involved in the first place – over the years it has become a process of doing what I do to provide security and ending up with a condition where they are putting my life in danger when all they needed to do was pick up from where others had started and ensure my state of mind does not go onto the next day like we did as it were; so it is not that it has gone all sour but it will be good if I sell my Books and locate real fans I can put into a Court rather than female journalists being taken in because they have issues but better still if those people would be put in it to replace them. They do say it’s another example but we all know I quite appreciate journalists putting their time on the line to spend my public life and possessions to buy me time making their own career in the process, the issue is the abuses and financial damage and snap judgements and now threat to life as well. The rest of the time it is supposed to have been an issue with people spending most of their time on sex and sex and violence and finishing off with selecting me as hate figure in order to attend school which they do to rip up my own studies, pass their own and get back to work in the sex industry to set up a whole culture and society eco system that will be built on their newly found victim while the need to keep it that way gets intrusive explanations from Politicians that it is all social and cultural and political equality; so they have lost their head now, have a real tendency to seek employment and get real jobs and want to concentrate for once in their lives.

We hear of what I do to foster the evolution of extremist and terrorist groups of course but we naturally never hear of spending a decade to rip up other peoples government office so you might get the feeling of being more important – we hear nothing of their insults do more to help terror groups evolve than all the wars that created them combined in the first place but then again they still have a lot of fighting to so especially the Industry idiots and popular culture fools and media but above all their foolish and insolent women. There is no truth to that story I am asking the why me questions or that I am continually scared of their activities; in the case of Mr Obama for instance he is a perfect example of the reasons you may tune up certain areas of the internet and find it on video that two guys were playing basket ball and one got so offended he went back to his rock sack, pulled out a gun and shot the other – it is not something that happens overnight of course and Mr Obama for instance didn’t have a good relationship with his Father so we are all terribly sorry for that; I am not going to build myself up to a point where I kill anybody as such but they will feel me alright as it were, we are still finding out how much money they need to make from my public life and how  much connections with Royalty alongside it they need in order to become more important than I am, since they are famous and I am nothing and my Court is free for all.

So the story comes forth that I am just a phase and there will be space in the world for another pure personage that will be abused by freedom goons but I am not and am doing the will of my Father in Heaven to the fullest too: what is happening is that the Politicians help them take my concerns about my finances and make a big thing out of it to answer every other aspect of life in which it would have been beneficial to them if I were afraid of them and this is what they have built up and maintained on Media. So of them say I will get into trouble because of the way I handle other peoples women but I will like to see such trouble myself too since they are the owners of the kind of celebrities that peddle my personal life for a living only to attack me whenever they are trying to make their own memories – idiots like the Kardashians for instance who like to fit themselves in the Middle of a tale about Armenian Genocide in Europe all the time and will one of these days bother me and blab where it really matters too; I can take from them whatever I like and by the way I was not taught how to at Church either so guess where I learned it. They do these things they say because they are the ones in need of the security I enjoy at my position which is why they need to get that security from me all the time but what happens is that they check how to get themselves involved with problems that will hurt their anus and penis, then turn up to find a way out at my expense claiming they want to change my quality of life on account I am hated and then assume I would care if they just die or that it matters to me now that their lives are being threatened and they are the kinds of persons people want to kill and civil rights always hurt the most; naturally from here the story will change to that of how I will get into trouble with gangs since the first consequence had to do with messing about with things concerning it which I knew nothing of; logic therefore dictates in their stupid minds that when you know things about gangs you end up where they operate but it has always been the same issue with Politicians and these their fools, that when they do gangs it is okay but not when others do it and that whole anus and penis insults thing are usually a hall mark of a certain gangs that chase down those that are not a part of rival gangs because it is their own gang whim in the Communities and right now they are making out I pretend I am the innocent party in the matter when I did no such thing; so that on the matter of messing themselves up and spending my daily growth by stalking and tracking me in order to distress me and everything being developed to another level thus let their stupid lives be under threat and as for the new gangs that will tackle me, their foolish parents will stop fighting them on my behalf in a very short period of time yet as it were. It is never true that we British people are sexually frustrated either – with respect to that the reality of course is that we want to watch pornography as it were when those who make them generally want to live in societies where feminists problems are fixed by men for instance and so people are always doing it for them – here in the UK it is seen as something lower classes do but then again not the main lower classes just the fringes and since none get to have sex with Royalty as such it does not bother me to see it on a regular basis for my part anyway, quite better than having to pick up my sociology and criminology test when the whole thing is happening live at Pornography, it does not in any way turn me on, unless I want them to find out how they can make some about Royalty which of course is another way of killing myself.  I hear of the part about torturing secretes of state that people need out of me of course but it is much the same as the warnings about not messing with my Book sales which they never heeded because they wanted to be able to blackmail or control me; so it’s the same old story about their hatred for women being developed not from the part where I end up assisting women because they give birth to children and naturally assume the responsibility to keeping the children out of trouble which nobody actually asks them or pay them for with a big mouth as it were, or indeed the part about their stupid women who need to have a man assisting women whom they can claim it stealing their career all the time but come from the actions of women that actually take their own security into their own hands and do not want men to assist them; so it creates lot of anger and the Middle East ones like to think the UK is the Middle East as well. Leaving behind the celebrity idiots as such who are the public expressions of the fact these guys spend all their time training themselves in some violent act and making out I should be worried when I am not trained in any whereas the talking I talk is the one that is killing them already as we speak showing I was the coward all along for they must have a Christian that can do nothing to fight back against them to bully for all kinds of reasons especially controversy that makes their media jobs more worthwhile. I don’t think it is a problem for my part either – the above idiots speak of how I am a phase but these media and celebrated idiots will speak of a question of what I am going to do about the whole thing: so generally people have not yet been well informed at a fundamental level that I don’t like caricatures for human beings who turn up on the left to become bullies while talking nonsense about freedom and the talk of me as a phase is something about which they have not calculated the cost which is the story of my life i.e. the cost of stacking my Books and making sure the barrier to selling it which is that of celebrated idiots and other fools making out I am just a phase and securing controversy from me because they know where my Book  are, just like they always say I refuse to recognise how I have offended them when it is one thing to set out consequences on this office desk for every occasion in which people punch my anus and penis and quite another to have to protect the Queen from such nonsense as it were and the Muslim ones really do like to pretend they are living in the Middle East here in the UK at my expense too. However which of we want to talk about it in terms of the facts the reality is where selling my Books are concerned, people want to buy books from a normal person with a life and not an individual whose daily personal growth others borrow and then keep permanently against his will and there is no way that will be the case while TV personalities and male journalists being the most notorious are able to run free around my concerns but on rather seriously matters that take it beyond the facts of my work, it will go beyond the various reasons people end up in the UK such as finding out how the British fight their corner in the world in order to copy it or indeed turning up to seek out gentlemen that can be abused by lewd women who want to take advantage of others; so they hate my guts because every time they have sex with their mates is the time they realise they have lost everything as a result of a brush with me i.e. all culture and society is gone and they are now ready to integrate with everybody else and be normal people, doing things to pay taxes in the process as well and taming their violent vices without costing the system or the government anything in the process, so the way it plays out is that old hatred for me of the case of women playing with me and calling me baby and stuff and how women have children around me and how what is good for those is good for them as well and they want to give birth to something evil and of course will for my part die doing so as well, hence the anus and penis punching and those whose lives are now being perpetually threatened well informed nobody will miss them around here if they had just died. But for the celebrities it is a matter of availing time to me to list their sins and how I am supposed to deal with each and then there will be no more questions on what I am going to do about it; I mean I am a Christian and we do not have 5% in common as such, so it is not a matter of nice guys being friendly, it is a case of getting out of bed to secure controversy to attain narcissistic happiness on media with because they know where my Books are and this is not the only example of things they do in order to be able to jump on my breath whenever they want anyway. The basic normally is concerned with seeing that when we look at them it appears they have no wives and kids and family while we always appear to have those things so people can jeopardise them all the time – so that now they have mentioned the question of what it is I am going to do about it, it has become a real issue as well, not because I am advocating the hurting of their families, I drew that inference to show what the colloquialism of it all really is and that there is no part of their behaviour which is not actually very vile but in terms of what I am going to do about it, clearly they keep their personal lives secret not just because they are hoping to sell it on if they get into financial trouble but also because they expect their sales men to get out there and destroy other peoples own to sell their products and make them rich and to that end there is always that sense I need to stay out of trouble by not interfering with what they want on one hand while on the other they think if their women take clothes off I will start to ejaculate right away; so it’s that process of find trouble to get into and use it as a means of stalking me to gather information on how I live so as to get out of the problem and make sure I don’t because all I do belongs to others who have media access giving way to a public service they need to do by bullying a Christian that everybody is certain will do nothing about it to make up excuses like temperaments he has which should have belonged to somebody important or a personal life he needs to give up or his selfishness and so on. So I am not aware of people getting along but I am aware of the effects – that I write my Books and stack them but the barrier to selling them is these idiots distressing me because my reaction creates controversy that makes them fame which happens on account they know where the Books are; I am very well aware therefore of what I do to offend them in Africa and South America and the Middle East. They were never going to end up with somebody that gets into a fist fight with their stupid boy friends when he could always ensure that their stupid community does not get about extracting an income from the perks of his Office instead at a global level.


All together it does not bother me so much because I am not trained on how to deal with violent issues but that said it is obviously the one I am trained to do people are complaining about while yapping they can handle me and that what provokes people about me the most is that I brag about what I cannot handle especially the black and American big mouths whose lives are constantly under threat and nobody will miss around here too if they just died. However it does raise an issue when I could be sitting down minding my own concerns and the extremely distress behaviour towards me takes off from them hiding away their personal lives so their sales men can rip up other peoples own to sell their products for them to claiming I am just a phase in order to secure a reaction that will be controversial as well. For the African ones we have to see Tony Blair is virtually a demy God in a lot of west African Countries and don’t ask me why they have ended up with Boko Haram as well as we all know they cannot keep their fingers of peoples genitals as a matter of fantasy and violence but then again there is a way their own usually looks and when it does look that way it stops; for now they think they are business men and need to get out of it, think it hurts but I will not stop and need to get out of it; stay off my Book sales and clear my space and cease that nepotism about relationships with me in which they were leaders, it drives me insane; in their defence they do speak of injustice and it makes me wonder if they speak of the blind lady with a sword kind of justice anyway, reality is I have made it clear they always keep their personal lives secret so they can send out sales men to rip up other peoples own; if they have not read what it means I should spell it out then; it means they need to keep their industrial communities outside of mine. I have a schedule here and I am supposed to allow the ladies take care of these matters considering they do better at finding these fools some real problem and keep myself from being caught up with the foolish wives of those I broker equities with – the cooing and booing and mooing and society bullying because some higher force is doing it from a point at which they can watch my every move corruption of my Government provided security, so I can feel comfortable about sitting at the Office table, helps obviously if that were to be the case and I know they will soon be selling my Books or staying away from it in a way I have determined as well and we are not talking about Politicians spending tax payer funds on them so they can find somebody to bully yin order to ensure it makes them feel special – I am not talking about that giving way to playing up my concerns over my finances to mean the answer to everything which answer is based on my fear of them and I am not talking that itself being tempered with attacking me and making sure I am unable to harm them then failing to put their money where their mouth is either. They do claim the problem to be that I think I am more important than they are now they have ripped up my finances since they really have no useful purpose as human beings obviously but obviously I am a student set aside by the Government, given a position and a National treasure status, freedom and surveillance based Government provided security, allowed to pick a subject of my choice and study to continue with a Role in Government that I was chosen for long before I was qualified for it because I already had the talent, have what I learn at University probed and found out to ensure it does not fall into the hands of other people or other governments and they are telling me they are important – I mean I can only say we all have our uses, besides which every one of their matters around here always lead down the path of violence don’t ask me why the leaders and important people thus, which is a clear prove of it. It is like the old tale that I think others never get anything right whereas the truth is that the journalist and the stone mason and the opera singer deserve exactly the same kind of support – opera singer cannot be told he wings posh songs, stone mason cannot be told it does not matter if he is tall and slim and good looking and people like to groom him for bad things by making sure they can hurt him while he cannot hurt them back – it may seem even so at this stage that I am talking to these idiots but I am not, they are a menace especially the wives of Industry people they have relations with. So we see naturally that I deal in Equities and when people broker set me this challenge as a host of not using my personality or aesthetics to get things done while they turn up especially from the Middle East and Europe to claim I promised to show people how to get rich and am trying to shut it down now that those to whom money really matters are interested and we all know what that means anyway and it is by such nonsense my Literary Empire is given a reputation and a public impression that is not its own at all times garnished with self improvement and mooing and cooing female idiots - indicating obviously the reasons they need to sleep with and marry people who have money to spend on them which of course I have had enough of for my part as well all together; my losses are for instance Jewellery and Fashion Brokers are unable to get involved at my unique Diplomacy Equities which does secure me time on important matters at my world of Mystery and Adventure that makes the Film and all other entertainment brokers comfortable and the simple reason for that being they do not have the confidence to anymore.