Now there is no war of civilisation and war of culture going on anywhere, that is all media nonsense – there is always that sense that if they want you to give them your personal life so they can deploy it to get rich then it is precisely what you are supposed to do – what they are off to now is finding people from war torn areas who have the same personal life as you do which is by the way not really true but because of that sense they seek out people who have the same personal life as you do to lumber them with responsibilities they cannot answer which will give them time to make presumptions about your property, the result is that sense that you fucks are all the same and as long as you give me your personal life to make my money with all will be well with that big mouth. So I intend to make them squirm as well and I intend to ensure each time they do there is a connection with my books: the plan is to squeeze sales out of them and all other idiots like them all over that stupid industry of theirs : - they do say there is no way I can do that of course as we all know they love to boast all the time but I have already mentioned I am trying to find information on how to secure a condition where their foolish women are scared of me and the men especially are scared of me as well since it is the only way to stop them and the fact that when I mention it is not a crisis as we have only but come through it looking intact it means they have won a great fight, the truth and reality is that I keep putting it off due to my Christian values; this process of making them suffer to draw attention to me which will then be all about my books, it is only one item in the list of things I have been putting off for some time now and I have been specifically putting it off for the last 18 months alone – however the reason it is happening now is that I have begun to give thought to their actions towards me and it so applies there is nothing about it that isn’t violent, the only distance between me and them is one of a process where they have run out of problems they can do something violent towards me with – so they are looking for trouble and will certainly find it too.

The part about the things I do to republican feelings and sentiments is all very well understood and nothing about idiots provoking you by wrecking your academic work and business because they want to move into your right hand and exist in the place of power and cannot keep their hands of threatening you and off your possessions is covered in mystery, everybody knows they have only recently picked their stupid selves up from being terrified of me and will be scared witless again yet. It is the thing with these guys, not just the part where I say what I say but rely on media for everything anyway – when in actual fact what is happening is that when I write books and want to sell them they know better what my possessions and person should be deployed to serve and the part they play causes me to make them do the job properly and to my satisfaction and I do it with their politicians right up to the top so I still find it difficult to work out what encourages their media stupidities to take the risks as well. As for republican issues however, the reality concerning that is largely a simple case of the fact when they speak of being of a certain persuasion and wanting to live in a Country where people can fulfil their full potential, that is always less important than handling you and your possessions until they really wind you up but when they actually come into their own is the idea they can touch your anus and penis and tummy and play games every 24/7 that you find violent on grounds that republicans are more connected with their culture than some royals from a bye gone age and it will continue way past the excuses you make for it in the form of the fact idiots have gotten involved with your concerned for the express purpose of wrecking your finances so that they might do that and that is when they start to feel you and talk nonsense all over the place as well: the nonsense you were already aware was concerned with the fact when people like to make you uncomfortable with the fact rivalry with you is concerned with the fact they are good at hurting and killing people, you understand it is not a culture that will do you any favours and need to move on unless they stalk you and handle your possessions and your person and your finances and continue to seek a position on your right hand where they can be close to power.

We do hear them say there is nothing definite about my Royal position of course and that is always after they claim I come from outside of the Monarchy with a view of what they are doing so I can screw it up for them – as for my Royal Position however it is never clear if they are members of the Royal family and hence know when it is defined or not but what I do know however is that I intend to define it on media because people dont just issue threats of how royalty that are first of their blood line would not survive in their day and age because of their media and how much they therefore relish the opportunity, which is clearly what they have now got as it were. It runs right down to the issue of US Government involvement in former Communist states in the East of Europe: they are always happy to see somebody take a stand at circular society and prevent Industry perverts from treating women and girls how they like but will never offer support or even aid to such persons in anyway if they can get connected with the rich instead and we all know what their connections mean; nothing but weapons sales and sales of means for crushing rebellion and then when it all blows up they will give it to the rebels for free and expect democracy to take root when they win. Turn up here after and tell me I criticise every single thing that moves when we all know that if the US is able to determine a Country decides if it wants the US alliance or wants their rebels to have it, there is no need to sell them arms for any reason until things are settled in a definite way but that it is never what the US does and so there is no need blabbing or blabbing after winding me up to hear the facts about how an economic crisis put up in an advantage due to the fact it was a financial one and not a manufacturing one, an advantage where we had the benefit of hindsight that would have allowed us to contain industry perverts at government connections so that Politicians of smaller Countries and new democracies can be supported when they tell others that it turns out the needs of the people is actually their own job which they have to make a living from as well like everybody else. So no need blabbing if they are not willing to contain governments of industry perverts because honest normal citizens do not tend to think that money comes from any other means except activity concerned with paid employment – no need to keep blabbing if they have no wish to contain governments of industry perverts as we all know people always get by anyway – no need to blab and pervert everything for capitalism all together: like the media idiots and the fact the whole thing has become a public issue – when it started their Politicians said it was something I needed to tolerate so that they might find out how I react to things complete with stories about their experiences to back themselves up with if I take it the wrong way: now they do not want to face up to what these fools are making of it, they do not want to face up to the fact it is all the power of Satan and some intense need they have to show that Christians like myself only thrive when we try to convince those who are not listening that God does exist, that Satan therefore can exist as long as they are the only ones using his power and so on, they do not want to face up to how important it is for me to make them squirm all the time over my books and to ensure that is the case because if a Priest from the Vatican wrote the book, he would not necessarily go through the same treatment unless he was black and inferior like I am and or British Royal as well like I am. It has gone from the need to breathe on me and offload on me and basically stuff my personal life full of the mess they have made of their stupid selves to be report as clean perverts with my faith; to an outright need to stifle my finances and gain power over my by so doing and talk rubbish all over the media for it for good measure as well: there is nothing about it that I think of as a crisis, I have them where I want them to be.


Of course it is one of their strong points that I do not want to make a public case about being abused by Europeans – it does not apply in anyway either – those hate my guts over the integration issue because once you have integration to do with anybody it must apply there is a British cunt to be fucked and so you have enough take control of those stupid societies and culture uninvited, conduct the integration, slap them up on a website, keep it outside of personal life kick them all the time and win all the time and that is how it stays: we are here talking about it because the vile UK ones think they have a history with me and it is not good enough – those need to hate my guts as much as their European counterparts and they will do it staying off my book sales as well. There is no difficult and risky rivalry here, I can take them at any time if I wanted: the blacks think they are reorganising the world and of course they are hard of hearing once settled on whom I can beat up and whom I cannot but I believe I am clear about the fact all will be well as long as they are not educating me about the world being an evil place and how only those that serve the devil and love money get to survive showing they need to touch my penis and finger my anus in every occasion every single second for it as well – the fucking niggers; as long as this continues like they had to fight for it all that civil rights tuff and so on that we love to remember as it were – then they should expect to see my racist slurs on my websites after which I will sell the books and find out what they are going to do about it.

The black ones do not give me a cause for concern, I have already decided what I want to do about them: the issue now for me is largely that of some goons that think I might get to do something with my genitals by accepting a relationship with the Monarch and they will tickle it until I do, which is not a bad idea since I already know I am Her Arch Prince and she knows all about their racy community croons and the Industry connections and advertisement that cannot be made without the abuses they throw at others and the connections they want to have at various royal orders in the Country and One also understands where the things I do to them for it as well fits in: so it is not an emotive issue and I am not unaware only I occupy the space on Her right hand side for my part in any case therefore open to being tested all the time by these fools without consequences. I have been clear I want to wring my book sales out of media operatives because the fact they have found affinity with them is the last I can suffer from the bastards. I do not think it anything people need to get into arguments for: if I want to ruin my life I know how to go about doing that – however these things are not happening on a professional level, they are reduced to and made to happen on the basics of personal life which means that I am not allowed to have my own disposition life that others can rally to because it might have qualified me as a leader when black idiots want to sell me up to develop products along with their nasty white fools to make money and gain power and their activities carried out to prevent the sales of my books while they do that is a criminal handling of my work and possessions with that golliwog mouth. It is not an opinion of mine that they pose any threats, their insults and threats of violence that they are good at stalking me is good enough for what I will do to them as well and they can come round and give me some if the government office is not enough, give me some if they have the guts – otherwise it’s all big mouth talking and completely harmless and can be teased.

The black people problem is not a problem at all, the reality is that Africans are now considered their number one problem but there have always been Africans in the UK – only that until now we have never paid any attention to their games and stupidities, until they recently decided they wanted to travel off to Africa to find peoples parents and tell them to make their children behave the way they are needed to; I mean Caribbean Parents are usually cool and allow their stupid children to do all the Popular culture they like but I have no idea what told them African parents are like that as well anyway: so it applies that they are complaining early which is a bit of progress on the matter anyway because last time I checked the way it works in Africa is that you fundamentally stay out of matters of fame and importance and attention that is concerned with those that are older than you are because if you fail to you will seriously damage your chances of getting a job and blame it on other later because another goon will think about getting corrupt with it too: so I have tolerated all kinds of insults from these Caribbean scum only never the one where they get together with their Labour Party to get off to Ghana and South Africa which are both full of buffoons that fool around and have not got a clue whatsoever, to find my parents and tell them to make me behave how they want. It does not mean I am stereotyping anybody as such anyway – we all know it is the same old story when people want to spend your earnings they must first wrap you round their little finger and find causes close to people’s hearts they can get attention and make out a bad reputation for you with and I handle them regularly for their boasting and their insults designed to put pressure on me until I become their puppet which is never what they call it when it blows up as it were: I mean if the question of stereotyping is raised then it can only be imagined that what is paid before me is largely about how I must get around with these black people in the UK and I have no idea what I am to make of it either – we all know you can think the young men and teenagers are cool if you want but be found with them and you will be seen as the source of the problem that everybody else has already and the main reasons for that is that it will not take an Hour long before bad women find out where your wealth and savings are. I am not having my life squeezed out of me either – it’s the same old case about living with them and all those things they do because they have made some money and consider themselves to be the best of rich people that the black race can produce, about which I rest my case and relax all the time since nobody asks them on any occasion anyway: it’s how I want to deal with the matter, to respect their celebrities for them or to put the celebrities in their place and secure proper respect from them for the celebrities.


Of course we are very conversant with the threats to UK security issue and how I am a main contributor but I have no idea what it means either, I only know that every time you establish relations  with a Country there are these particular group of idiots that are determined to fuck it up. My prognosis has remained that they have too much time on their hands and that is why I keep them occupied since the UK must first be a Country before it can have relations with other Countries for example the US. I understand they do it because they want to be able to sell trade secrets and they want to be able sell government and security secrets but they should have given thought to the extras they want when they unleashed their Popular culture idiots on my income and my book sales and even as we speak will not move them a distance from it. It is something that continues like there is no other reason to exist – the fact that diplomats have children and they are stupid and they can handle anybody they like and are hard of hearing. Any normal person would be concerned about somebody that has begun to round them up at their holiday destinations but apparently not the almighty diplomats – they need to stay off my book sales and keep a good distance to that effect – there are no threats to UK security that exists only in their foolish heads. They keep complaining of course but the provocation is more than skin deep i.e. when people are National security that are charged with protecting me do anything they are likely to on my Royal order to that effect, unless the fighting has been bullied out of me an deployed by diplomatic pervert that wants to win the cloak and dagger career and by the way of which everybody has a penis and an anus and there is no need to be factorised by it in the first place all the time: not the almighty diplomats apparently, you cannot deter them from being seen around your Business empire and book sales, you cannot deter them from doing what they like with your finances by rounding them up like sheep at their various holiday destinations: I am a Christian and do not fancy party lights, women in tights, boogying and all that homosexual nonsense as the definition of diplomacy and if they like it that way it is not clear what the problem with my finances is either but it is clear this is not the 1980s or 1990s as well (pricks). They do say I bring it on myself by messing around with republicans but of course the reality continues to remain fact that their confidence when it comes to handling other people exists in layers and people have to peel those layers off to get through to them and some people never get through for their entire lifetime – they think they are awesome dicks and so on and anybody is situation is availed. I mean I didn’t make the same mistakes they made about what they think the world is and what they believe about it, so that classes me not only as inferior to them but somebody that messes around with their republican sentiments on account they are stuck, sad uptight bastards on grounds the world isn’t what they have continued to tell people that it is – no idea why they think it is my problem either anyway but we do know they ask to know what I think causes the injustices that happen in the world when we all know they are not me are at the heart of people taking revenge on entire societies that have not been nice to them even when they can provide for themselves, they and not me are the ones that live in a world where people can take revenge on entire societies, they and not me are the ones that foster and live in a world where people take revenge for how their lives have turned out and therefore need media and Politics for it endlessly, they and not me are the ones that live in and foster the very world where people take revenge on those who exist or live in ways that affect the revenge they have already taken on entire societies for the fact that societies have not been nice to them – so these are questions I consider to be incredibly stupid if not insulting bearing in mind they know all I am interested in is what I can do with my Church activities and the fact will never change as to why people have disputes and why they have them with other people and not with entire societies, except scum like them who then want to know why wars and random murder occur. Am I actually interfering with their republican sentiments yet? Last I checked its only fourteen years of people carrying out disgusting acts of bullying around me in order to move into my right hand side and be at the place of power which they then explain away as a social issue and something linked with whether or not an advertisement is successful and it is something they do every day as well: I mean at this point if respecting their celebrities for them isn’t working then, putting them celebrities in their place and securing respect from them for the celebrities will be the way to go and if it does not pay off I will not be intimidated by anybody’s celebrated scum and they know that perfectly as well but continue cheap shots at being an enemy of my freedom with advertisements explained away as something gotten from moving into my right hand and having my personal life thereafter; they cannot make advertisement these days unless it is used by stupid women that claim to have an ability to do and undo with me using it to prove certain perversions with the process of moving into my right hand is working – it is not a social issue, I have had three academic pursuits botched, am in debt to the student loans company and have trouble getting a job while they do it every day, they want a piece of me and will get it eventually. I mean when you put in context of those stupid threats the number of times they pester you and wreck your finances and academic work with the aim that you get to be influenced and intimidated into interpreting your own activities, work, business empire, company and Books the way they have interpreted it and the cost of snapping out of that nonsense considered around the subsequent bragging as well, it creates so much anger but they are willing to talk nonsense all over the place about their republican nonsense being interfered with – they are prepared to take the tempting plunge obviously to find out what you can do about your leadership and possessions being used in such ways (fucking pricks). We all know they expect to handle my websites and books and have me do something about a condition where they get nervous but it is the last of what we hear them mention with that big mouth in public – we all know it is the same when they provoke me all the time and I am never happy when I see them which makes them nervous and means I must do something about that too wagging all the time.