It is impossible for me to envisage how people are making sense of what they want to do to discuss American economic vandalism that tends to pay off for them so they can dominate the world at this point – it has always been clear war on terror is not as wholly a European Problem the way it is an American one i.e. The Americans fundamentally love to be hated by a religious group that may even be violent because it draw public and even global attention to their nature in order for them to make out their activities constitute freedom and democracy – so that if some people have been rich as a result of being aligned with European History and culture, Americans are as stupid as the idea every one of them wants to be a billionaire using European History and Culture as the way out of an economic downturn.

As for the story about how much I have contributed to this problem however the reality is always that these nasty Europeans have had it all covered and can deploy my public life as much as they want, become fans of my Royal Estate and Empire in order to ensure the way they run their businesses of deviance is used to replace it at market and then while they handle my public life as though that is how they were born or raised, they tell these racial lies and make these racial accusations I am supposed to answer to all the time because they come from a bigger ethnic group and should be able to dominate me in that way; I need them off my books and off the Royal Estate empire and will ensure that happens as well starting from this sense they cannot be free from the consequences of being louts since the most insecure place for me to be has continued to be my office having been I am keeping that their stuff as it were and it has never been a problem either since it will start with black people and reach a point where if I tell them not to do a thing to my person or possessions and they don’t get to do it, they will not be doing it my way and then the peace and quiet I cultivate to do my job will be deployed by their stupid women for the self improvement and academic development of their foolish children as well as their beauty sleep. Apparently being homosexuals and having all these loutish pass times has not made them immune but they roar on as it were.

They do say I don’t even pay attention to how much my books put people in danger but I wouldn’t know for my part since it’s a matter of other peoples civil and criminal disobedience and the powerful sense that other people’s lives revolve around them and their needs most of the time. So it is never their business if I don’t want organised criminals to deploy my public work or public life to their own ends but they will handle the books and have a go at the issues and problems for the sake for it claiming it is freedom. So their Politicians are insulting all the time because that is their nature hence they deploy my public life, while they are disobedient in a civil and criminal fashion and so at the moment I have a problem but before then it was important to assume that not only is my time in this world meant to be spent on racial accusations while they handle my public life to their own ends but that they are supposed to look as though they were Politically masochistic by provoking me to a point of a titanic fight that goes down in history whether or not they lose and each time they are confronted with it we face a story about how the City isn’t a place where people care when they are in need of being cared for in a condition where they abuse it. So that when they claimed I whipped myself into a hysterical state so that people can manipulate my emotions and become enemies, it is really difficult to keep hold of my temper in a condition where people want to send a message that says the City is immoral but are in need of being cared for in a condition where they abuse it at my expense.

I had set out an understanding I will begin to chase a cause of action that means they end up in conditions where each time I tell them not to do things with my person or possessions they do not get to do it and when they don’t get to do it they don’t get to do it my way and not their way – so they always have the alternative of choosing the other option of staying away from my public life.

They say I pry into their business of course which is utter rubbish – what happens is that the process of not being published on TV being an issue because people are persecuting and abusing and bullying a Christian Prince to get rich and famous has gone from telling me to make my life available to them so they can be where they want to be with their stupid existence, to building a whole atmosphere of my market so that racists can do what they like with it – so we are to find out soon if they deploy my public life and right down to personal life in that way because they were the ones that were born like that and of course I am still to locate whom exactly this person that will secure them their privileges of injustice actually is so far. It’s nothing complicated, just a simple process of being able to enjoy your life the way it is with your parents and your siblings and your wife and your kids in the condition you have a certain public face and notoriety – these idiots appear on media all the time and were not raised that way and should not be deploying it and so the need to stifle my finances because it is a career while they do it for them has become the basis on which this issue of how they will not be doing it when I don’t want them to and they will not be doing it my way as well when they don’t is developing fast – I mean it’s not that we do not see them on media everyday but still they feel they cannot do anything unless they deploy my own public life or touch it before they do anything or handle it for their own ends.

They do speak of how I have reached this point because those who should kill and or get rid of me in some way before I destroy everything about their republican sentiments have refused to do so but of course the reality is that it has always been my view that such things are a process of fools picking up tools they have no idea what it is used for or how it is used to get off and talk nonsense in public all the time so that when made to face facts and the source of all their problems comes to light start to talk nonsense about violence which is one of the biggest benefits of their laziness in the first place. For me however it’s a case of it looking as though making that culture they claim they entrust me with while like as ever the tyranny of Monarchy I have come to prevent them from making money with it which is derogatory and they know so and have already made money from it but have no plans to move on is showing signs of expiration, so that this then becomes the kind of conversations we get to have in order to secure something else. I am just making an assessment anyway, the state of affairs itself is not running into expiration; when we ask what the exact crime those they issue their accusation against have committed to deserve this revolution and republic sentiments and they face their laziness being the source of all their problems and start to issue violent threats which then expresses the facts around what the laziness was about i.e. they were saving their energy for some activity concerned with power and the need to be cared for in a condition where they abuse those who do while living in a world where people don’t care because money is more important and so on.

They do say I have in a couple of hours discredited everything world leaders have said and done about a claimed new cold war but of course we never were in the brink of a cold war everything remaining the same i.e. on the ground reality is that Russia recently changed its time zone and we all know that also would mean change in working practices which indicates a Country trying to stir its economy out of the way of capitalists and the west – so we expect their President will talk tough and if the situation in Russia is allowed to develop like the Germany one did there might be another case of Hitler and so on but having said that a President is always going to talk tough over uncharted territory and a need to protect existing interests. So all things remaining the same and American provocation being withdrawn we are not in the brink of a cold war but if American Provocation continues then we are. It’s the same old case of Americans assuming terrorism is the problem of all when we all know it is something they do to ensure religious groups are hating Americans in a violent way because freedom is not freedom unless that is happening and I have never been of the opinion war on terror is everybody’s concern either. They do speak of what I do to provoke Americans which is utter nonsense; there are Americans that recognise my leadership and I am secure about what HM thinks of my work too, so there is no problems here at home either – however there is this issue with some Americans and the sense this Office is a phantom and they live their lives through it when it is real and there is a person inside of it so we are past the respect bit as that is a function of what they recognise or maybe don’t, we are now in a place of what happens or does not. I never said all Americans hate me, there are those I work with and those are the people who recognise my leadership and I do what I do to make comfortable – it’s the others from the democrat side mostly who have the above mentioned view of me and it will never do. We do hear that these Americans I speak of are the biggest financial problem I face but of course that isn’t true as their interference is the biggest financial problem I face; what happens with the governors of the British Isles like the Jersey Islands or the Falklands – that their interference means people back up onto what they know and cannot try new things which also means I cannot sell my books and they have won a victory against oppression – the existence of nobody here constitutes a financial problem and they themselves have already made money by their derogatory abuses and we are where we are now because it is not enough and they want power too.

They do speak of how we behave as though the fact they are democrats implies that they have no connection with the Natural environment but of course that is just another derogatory and abusive accusation anyway bearing in mind the nature of their popular culture connections with the Natural environment and what they use it for as well especially in terms of other peoples personal and family life but if we broaden the realities about their involvement with Natural environment we always end up with people who are ever paranoid about others who want to destroy it until they get to destroy it themselves so that the so called invaders do not have it in the end and give it some months and find out why it happened and the truth will be that they were modern. So that if their corruptions of involvement will not lead them to a point where large old tree is felled and large old house is felled as well scenario things will never ever improve and they will continue to do these things of which when finished we always see them doing evil fashion of those who consult the devil for money all of the time as well – I mean large tree felled and large house felled is an extreme end, so large tree felled and large house of businesses empty haven for organised criminals is more realistic.

It is not the case that I am trying to make light the whole context of what is happening in the world – its only real that I find myself in a place where I speak of how serious these issues are and why it is important to be vigilant about where some things become self fulfilling prophesies such as a cold war for example i.e. Obama will make his Policies and I don’t think it should be made light because those Policies are meant to affect people and there are people that will enforce them too but having said that where I stand is that of how what I have done with his leadership and Administration is said to be completely unjustifiable whereas it isn’t, the reality being that when people want to campaign the filthiest election in US History when we all know that the advice of go on and enjoy your life within the context of the fact that rubbishing peoples leadership while you gain from it in a condition where excuses are being made for the actions of others which cannot be explained is recipe for disaster but having said that those who are involved with such things are enjoying their lives as well. So it’s a case of Mr Obama goes for his first term in office with wistful grand mothers who want the peace and quiet from my office that I have worked so hard for to maintain sanctity to do my job as something they need to make use of for their beauty sleep and the development of the grand children hence turn up to off load their nonsense on me talking nonsense all over the worlds media – so that by the second term elections after four years in the White House which is usually less important than such things as far as American politicians are concerned Mr Obama only got better and assumed there will be no problems associated with them alongside his idea that the idiots will not be using it for popular culture fame and fortune as well. I mean it’s not an emotive issue, it’s a case of sit at home and run your business only to discover that some five years of bullying has now resulted in an outcome where some people want to be evil while you write books concerning your faith which then offends them and makes them want to kill you for power, which means a certain shut up nobody wants to know insult that is supposed to be popularly profitable has become a means of a right to touch me all together and I think they are bluffing too and so is he; sharing skin colour with me is never good enough – I am Royalty they are nothing and need to stay well away from me. They do say my Royal position does not sit well with them especially the media but that is long after I must make my life available to them so they can be where they want to be or extremists will kill me and I sleep with peoples wives and will one day beg for my life for it while they will take what they want and kill me anyway – so it was only deductable that people behave like that from the BBC because the BBC is watched by useless young men in Africa who do nothing with their time except watch BBC channels which is why Mr Obama is bluffing and so are they and sharing skin colour with me is never a good enough reason to see them around my concerns. They always say I am a soft goon that thinks I am tougher than I really am but of course the reality is rather that they are these block heads that think about getting off to a fight with people and then they will soon had fallen through a hole already and once they are out of it are off again on the same fight all together endlessly which eventually develops into something of a genocide while they think they are learning how to fight so they can be dominant and so this is the story issue of people thinking that the domination issue is a global crisis – it is the assumption that when you talk about liberal and equal society we are saying they can deploy peoples public lives and that useless scum like them should be able to get around with anybody of their choice. My point is that I can talk about how I can no longer have a relationship with my parents or siblings because people are deploying my fame and public life and really do need to answer the question of whether they were born or raised that way or I can say they are bluffing and so this is what the domination issue is – does not mean people cannot talk about matters when they exist at the heart of unfolding events it means if we do not make these fools do Politics we will work for our money and use it to get involved with government office so we can iron out issues that will help them know more about us to share wealth every single day – so let them do it while we supervise until the attitude changes. I mean I am in a place where people pillage my finances and run campaigns about how those who don’t have money have no right to lead until people start to see him as an important person and the whole process becomes profitable for him in that the more of my finances he damages is the richer he gets and then that means he is leader and I am nothing and he that had nothing will have everything and he that had will have nothing – so when people see these things they should only get off and enjoy their own lives, when asked they can vote – for me the idiots can do the Politics while I supervise and it is not civil rights or activism either. It’s as when it is said that I run so fast others cannot catch on and then I end up doing other peoples own for them which isn’t true either when they do our own for us including such things as providing my Government security for me voluntarily so they can use me and then use me against the Monarchy as well if they wanted so as to have more nonsense to peddle in public; what is true is realities such as the idea others are responsible for Mr Obama’s problems of which he had started off the peak of Political achievement in the US with a case of what people don’t know about the way black people behave around power and wealth which if they did would have better informed them not to class us as inferior and for it he had taken steps to ensure that I having had my entire business empire pillaged by the idiots who peddle that alongside an idea of seniority that gives them some sort of right to anything have my actions curtailed never mind my earnings and book sales, along with everything else he has done within his power to console them for what I am done to them for it and what he had done to invigorate them as well – then finished off with the peace and sanctity of both myself as a writer and my Office as an author being the tool for the beauty sleep of his community croons and grandmothers and everything else they might want to do with it; so that Policy one from this was always going to be a nightmare and we can only imagine how many he has come up with presently. Of course they say I am the provocateur but this office is not a phantom I reiterate – it is real and there is a person in it and their insolence should inform them their complains will not suffice. I mean how many people can actually tell others they get out of bed to get involved with other peoples personal space of peoples persons to ensure people cannot say anything or do anything without complying with their needs; this is something they find respectful, something that always works when they want what they have never worked for and have made up violent excuses that will let them have it and so on; it is the kind of things that led the British to do the things they did during colonial era – resentment for those who do manual Labour and the need for people to have white collar jobs and the answer to all problems being bribery and corruption and so on etc, so it’s always a matter of making them listen to what you want done to your possessions and how that is usually an impossible task, not a case of me behaving like a white man, so there will be new ones for our time I suppose. What we know about this is that the whites always get off and dog eat dog finish the job at some point doing some racism while they are at it but they think today there is enough information to avoid that but nobody knows what information would really undo the deployment of other peoples public life which they seem to be unhappy with either. It’s been 6 years since the recession and a heightened state of things on wealth distribution and all we hear is that they have become something they would never have been and it goes round in circles right back to the fact they were not born or raised my way for example hence those of us that are fed up and blown away at the same time; noughts. We do hear them speak of what the price for what I have is and how there has got to be one and I wouldn’t know either for my part; all I know is that they could buy it if they could pay me enough to keep their grandmothers and popular culture idiots and community croons off the sanctity of my Office and personal life in order to expect to have my life which I will no longer live so that they might but of course we all know they know that as much as I would like that so they can take up responsibility for their own stupidities, it’s a matter of what we have time for and I don’t find it insulting therefore at all. It’s never really been a complicated matter – this Company is a rights trading business and if they have no plans to trade their rights they will stay away from it but if I see their civil rights we all know it is the worst enemy of this business and will be handled in that way as well and then they can show what they have to turn up here and compete with and what rights they have to trade so as to bring their insolence and shoulder robbing about and then they can climb up my public life and peddle me for a living too. So it is the same old case that they say I talk all the time and believe people should listen to me and think of me as a God but hurt myself all the time when they react differently and set out to profit from what I say as they never did ask but of course we all know I know that and that it is when they speak of culture and society and how they will never get it back that everybody knows it’s a matter of their corruptions of involvement and how we are not mates as it were. So if they do those things on media it means what it means and if they threaten me we have a problem and yes there is a certain way they do it on media which still means we have a problem anyway. It’s nothing more serious than that of nasty men that occupy a certain space in the Arts world doing what they do best about their means to and ability to violate people – so to that effect all they say and do makes you feel that way too and if they get off to it on media you may ignore them but there is a certain way they do it on media which means you don’t, the threats simply ensure that it will only end when there is physical contact and they will never see those cultures and societies again as well and can turn up here to get them if they have the fucking guts. I mean if people are as mad as I am they can spend time trying to break down why it happens and why they do those things of course but the answer will never be forth coming and even if it does come, the reality is that they will have come up with a new violation and abuse within the next hour and made up their own excuses for it that will go down well with a crowd; so I have had enough of them as well for my part and the fact I was not published on TV being mentioned is for example the best way to reason with them to start with. They are not the only ones, they are just the ones that feel that because of their media and the means through it by which they can come up with a new problem for me every second, they have become the most powerful – there are Political ones which when you do not teach them as well the whole idea money comes as a result of actions and activities linked with paid employment will completely vanish from the mindset of the world and then there are business and Industry ones too who think that personality competition with Princes will not lead to a condition where the whole world feels violated since it is full of people who think that taking somebody else’s property against their wishes is injustice and until you bend them up unnaturally too it does not improve. So they do say the reasons I do and say these things cannot really be settled either which is utter nonsense – there is always a reason and this one was mostly concerned with American economic growth at 6.0% and above while we have stalled in Europe and they are stifling my book sales trading European History and culture to get rich, making Communist economic connections due to how impossible it is for them to do anything they want to do by themselves – so we do have these idiots in Europe too then who need to answer if they are handling their own public lives here as it were – they say they have their reasons and it therefore gets a lot better then as well. It’s never really been an issue; it’s just that they understand the language of Political and financial violence as the only means to ensure when you tell them to keep off your penis and anus they do it and when they do it they do it your way – so typical prognosis would be that when they cross me and live to regret it then important women in the US will be as powerful as the Queen so that is the part I have covered on which basis I will hurt them seriously as well. I am going to set out some journalists that will run the UK civil service for the idiots we have here at home and then I will be ready for insults from female US Politicians so that their fools can make profit with their block heads somewhere else. They do say that my agenda and more so the one in which the monarchy is involved with me will lead to no good ending of which there is none; the reality is that today I might face a challenge from a culture goon who says he tried to put up a trainer and sell it on that fame of mine that is actually his own but it didn’t work and they are here to find out what is happening and tomorrow it’s the Politics ones of society ones and there are always a new strand of these individuals every single day on media and the reasons is that they come from the ethnic group that is the biggest and this is what it means to be socially powerful and socially empowered and that it is important and so I know what they like as well and will take every single one of it away from them from that society and empowerment right down to popular culture fame and fortune and if they do want me to run PR for and sell my books on that basis I will thank God for the opportunity too for my part as well – the ease with which they do it and turn out on media to tell lies to themselves that they along with their audiences on media believe is incredible and I don’t feel like the part where all my time in this world is spent on that being tabled as problem will do any good anymore so they need to leave me alone and will do so my way too. They do say its interference on my part which has no basis on reality as the truth is that I sell books and they sell Politics so I speak of my books while they speak of the things that draw people to Politics such as power and empowerment and leadership and domination and all that stuff and even I cannot tell at what stage their couch changes course and decides that every single party in the Country wants to hurt me in order to feel powerful but of course we are to find out what it is exactly they can do with that big mouth when I get out of here and build publicity for my books on that basis as well; it is a behaviour that has not changed whereby they feel like provoking people all the time and I will drive my agenda for political and financial violence to the extent where it brings me the results I need as well and then they will understand I can go out and build publicity for books that a Christian Prince has written or I can build it on this matter on the basis of the fact I am exasperated when I see them around my Empire and or I see them around my Company and or I see them around my books and it is when it turns out that way that we will find out what it is they will do and how it is I don’t know what I am doing and don’t know how to go about this matter of a Publicity around this issue as well all together. So it is the part where I avoid them no matter how much I disagree with how the very nature of selling Politics works with all that talk of power and domination and hurting people because of course they are more interested in the part where ideologies of evil are using it as a means of attacking me, especially the ones about women who feel they must have sex with me and so on and these are the kinds of realities that will be put to the test. Selling Politics does not mean that anybody needs get after other peoples finances but the evil and ideologies of evil sides is the one that interests these fools the most: the whole thing began with Tony Blair who later on tends to pretend I am responsible for safety and security of his stupid family as well because it aids him with the sense that I am a lesser party in a family that he is the head and hence predisposes me to all kinds of ill behaviour which I don’t mind if they are not complaining but they can only pass around their insults until it becomes necessary to build publicity on and sell books on this matter and then will we find out if they can back it up as well; I mean it does show they think the rest of us are so naive that we do not know that how Politics becomes important operates when those who sell it sell it and other people buy as it were – for me it’s a matter of getting to the bottom of why they feel like provoking people all the time especially me, there is no agenda and yes they do speak of serious problems resulting from my attitude which is largely a function of thinking anything will end as they plan it when they are done corrupting women and cannot stay off peoples anus and penis and before long as racists as well but of course it’s only a sign they have recovered from what I did to them before and those stupid football people along with them as well so we are to see what will come of the new threats; I mean what has brought us to this point is how I corrupt women and anus and penis abuses will then mean racism of popular culture will ensue and they will rely on the disillusion based violence that it causes to create confusion for their cause which is what they mean by my attitude resulting in serious outcomes with that big mouth – so they are not missing me yet again for the time being to start with – it’s like hearts. It’s been 14 years of being provoked by them like it was a profession and they want to be able to make capital out of doing so as well for good measure talking nonsense about agenda between me and the Monarchy and so on all over the place – if I told them I will be provoked if they moved into my right hand to live there, they would have made it a major preoccupation like they have at present so nobody knows what it is exactly they want. They do speak of this things they do because of a society that some people insist must not change while it does not do them any favours but of course we all know that at the heart of their fanaticism for Legal systems that have no moral buffers, are such ideologies they spread around as the need to hate those who are doing better than you in order to be like them – the need to find a hate figure before you attend collage – the need to find a hate figure you can bully and make celebrities rich and famous then run a business to serve them and share the money but for this matter by itself that is largely concerned with the need to pick on me in order to make me as useless as they had been in order to be renewed and to make progress and nobody knows why people need to trap others and ensure others are living out the hard bits of their useless lives for them to be renewed and to make progress anyway the twisted fools but I have had enough of them the fear that I fear with a big mouth and as long as I continue to be the preferred candidate for it especially the Americans the more of an enemy here they will end up with – so as I  mentioned, only Political and financial violence speaks the language they understand: it is not an unusual way for people to make use of a Christian – all that getting out of your bed to get into his personal space to have a good feeling about life thing, I have long waited for it too all those days I was being abused and hurt in deep ways to prepare me to be used in such ways and now that it is ready it is time to decide who is who and what is what, it is how I designed it to work out; people get to have enough the stupid useless twisted scum: I mean only the devil sees me and makes a popular statement about somebody that must be dominated first before he is allowed to complete his academic work so that others might have Political power and fulfil their dreams – I have to destroy it so when they make a new one everybody will be able to see that when it is damaged they can make a new one, except they claim new ones will be far dangerous and I say it is where I am underestimated as well. So this is the bottom line: they are being led and they now understand it is largely a matter of what others have the time for – I mean it’s not as if I am not having the time of my life, I am, and it is phenomenal. I mean they do claim I cannot really say all I have is mine but that is utter nonsense too because its largely a matter of the Media coming into full grasp of the consequences of their need to seek prerogatives of injustice against those who must be made to complain about what is done with their possessions while others get rich and famous with it until nobody wants to hear of it anymore, like the story of the 2014 Anniversary of the reunification of Germany where the issue has come up that I do not act on time over my matters until it is too late which is no actually true since the real issue is that I am more concerned with lifestyle while people live in a world where there is no hope but if the hope part is put in context I am involved right down to the pornography Industry which they say leads to outcomes where I feel comfortable with utterance of things that Royals would not dare say but I am okay with what is actually a matter of something that is adult in content although in my heart of hearts as a Christian it is not the things I would like to see but that is my heart of hearts as people are to be allowed to make their decisions, never the less of which I should make my position obvious.


Now on conclusion the reality about certain Royal enemies I am making is as simple as the fact it is for Clarence House to decide what to do with Prince Harry and not me and I for my part am not trying to accomplish anything with him, just make a case for the fact he is not meant to be out there like some Warlord which he isn’t – if I were trying to accomplish anything with HRH besides of which I wouldn’t press forward with it if the Duke of Cambridge did not approve and of course the story of how Communist governments interfere to allow trouble makers like myself feel they have choices and options is very well understood but we all know the worst case is peeling that democracy and freedom off them and selling it on since the worst that can happen is when every government in the world is using it with impunity and the only choice they have is nuclear war so they can get busy and fuck somewhere else – it is a noise making they have no means of backing up – either which way of which my agenda of political and financial violence will continue as it is the only language their western insults tend to understand. They do complain about how the Media still isn’t free of me regardless of what they have done and yes making sure I have a short lifespan has paid off for their irregular heart beat TV power obviously so they have to fix my finances and now and move on so they might be free of me and I free of them as well or they can talk nonsense about the city and its atmosphere being restored while I am relegated to the background of life and they have made money humiliating me in which case it does not make sense to have all these conversation as I do not live in a communist country and they are the ones being put to the test now along with their Politicians on how they will decide what the rest of the world can accept is another person’s possessions whenever they want; there is no such thing as Communist Countries making me feel I have choices and options. They do know how to look for trouble and that is why the system does not work for them anymore because they know they can take me i.e. they cannot go their way when they pillage my work to make popular culture fame and fortune after the money – the money itself is there to help them dominate me and become important; I am right here and do not live in a Communist Country and to their enjoyment of seeking out other peoples personal friends to make connections with so they might know which areas are free of the filth that besets them in their stupid lives while they dump them on me and my life becomes violent, I do my shopping once or twice a week, so I am that available no need talking like I live in a Communist Country all the time. The problem itself is that I don’t want them getting involved with my work but since it is so important to be the finisher of what I have done where money is concerned and they control me and my personal life then we have a case where it does not work to say I don’t want it – hence they do it and feel equality and self advancement coming until it is incompetent and I hold them down to fix the problems and they think the result is publicity that is their own which is the wrong answer – if this is not going to change we can talk about the rest above instead. So there is talk of my inability to understand why people do such things which has no basis on reality either since it has always been a case of the Christian who would never allow other use bits of his faith the way they like if they feel it will make them money and it became an abusive thing so that they can detach him from it and make use of it anyway in a fit of injustice which failed completely and it has now developed into a behaviour that can be exhibited towards my career and business empire and they cannot shut it so they say it is becoming violent as well. Of course we hear it’s a matter of racism I am putting up with – always when considered in light of those I ally myself with and the fact they face these same challenges in opulent conditions that democrat idiots have not been able to damage which makes no sense whatsoever but it has always been largely a case of idiots that do not listen to anybody wrecking their lives and thinking  other peoples leadership is open to abuse so they can rectify the damages they have done to themselves and yes they may bellow all the means in the world including racism which does nothing to prevent anybody from hurrying them on – I just have rules for handling them when they touch the Company or myself or the Business Empire because we all know the result is ever the need for equality, to make others better than I am and seek connections and it is an example of the nature of their deviance and why it is important to ensure action is strong enough; so I have finished with their Politicians fixing the damages they do here when they handle things I guess – so they do say they are making sure all of my life is about one fight after another which has nothing to do with setting out a strong enough means to respond to them anyway and it is when I start to speak of financial and political violence that we hear them complain of what I had already done but as it stands my Company is being controlled by a Book that exists as a result of my book on media, like some kind of legacy people can cash into because it really does not exist and is there like an idea that belongs to a Royal Estate that is free for all – so the question becomes whether or not that is new provocation. So considering the hurrying them on and moving them out of my life bit when they do say the icing on this cake is that it is all my fault because if I were out there so people can see me then people would not be doing my stuff – we can see they have gone through lengths to piss me off. It reminds me of the fact that having what they don’t and what I have requiring respect from them has continued to mean competition with me over who the best man is instead which has now developed into the sense getting involved with me is answer to everything in life as well; so when they do speak of what I had already done over this as it were. It’s mostly very bitter twisted fools with ideas of other peoples suffering at their hands being the answer to their problems and problems of their own too as justification for it because they blame somebody else – so usually when I get involved with women it means the women can escape them after messing their lives for them and that is why it is always a problem and the ladies do try to ensure I don’t get involved with them because it never goes away but this is a typical expression of occasions where they go to lengths to piss me off. The part about trying my hands on things that I cannot do is very well understood but it will never make sense and I find it impossible thereof as such when I hear it from MPs: if I learned my trade in a lay mans way they would still have been wrong because if I am trying my hands on things I don’t know does that mean they major in it instead? So it has more to do with those who know better taking it up which is why it is never a conversation that is worth having – I mean I wouldn’t think that spending my time as an accountant on gonad competition with a Journalist is becoming anyway since we are of completely separate professions but these are the idiots who seek more than one career at any given one time and assume others are impressed by it but why they count me among those I would never know as well. However I have made myself clear about what I think of them and will make sure they squirm again for my part when those insults have led to anything major but this is a level of discrimination for those who learn their trade in a lay mans way that is completely unprecedented and so that it might not be said I saw evil and let it be thereby approving it, I have continued to ensure they suffer intensely each time it comes up as well – not that I advocate sex change either, I am a Christian for my part.