With respect to incompetence and the follow on gay and violent abuse of those that people claim can get things done, especially when it is to serve the purpose of what they claim to be their new found democracy, we hear them talk these days about new born babies and what the future for them will be like. I have no idea what they mean when they say it with reference to me, I only know that new born babies will grow into a world where there is inflation for example and currency devaluation which will mean they will have more money but it will buy less which is precisely the same thing we are experiencing normally. The point of course is that they never do what they are supposed to do; they think new born babies will do them. As for the teenage ones; all that time giving old idiots the future from the generation and wallowing in the services of their Pop stars, it was never yet clear that it will end the way that it has and so the question rages about why I never do anything to look after my own personal safety and security over it but there is nothing new about that side of things. Like they will want to get rich from not paying taxes so that when tax man gets his hands on their millions their savings will be just enough for the fines, they will see a piece of work copyrighted to a person’s name and want somebody to grab it for them to get rich with, until I set the products up at the market to sell on their income and drag them to court where their savings will be just about enough as well. They always boast they will get it if they speak to the right people so it does not surprise anybody; it is the old British boast that has never once turned out in the way they say it will: so they never do anything that are supposed to do when they are supposed to do them, they think that they will play Politics in order to get Politicians to wreck people’s lives I order to ensure they are happy dry their eyes and move on when people are forced to wait for them to catch on, then there is the part where they tell the Monarchy I am a pain as well and get told about what facts it reveals now that they have raised it, especially with respect to things like how much of a problem I am in terms of markets that British leadership writes off and specific things they have to worry about as businesses. However that they will get somebody to get it for them is one matter that will end very well too.

It’s like the Politicians and an ongoing process where all they do is set up issues with the use of state resources and national security apparatus, in order to fulfil their fantasies of seeing me do something about the issues that will be put down to their names and to ensure it works of course they are really busy with handling my products at the market place as their idiots support them with violence at me on media and the process of securing morals that will be used to acquire them reputation once they had finished with their wickedness. It seems to them there is no professional Politician in the world and that you can make it up as you go along, especially when you have somebody that will be used to fulfil fantasies of what you could do and Obama is of course the most notorious of the lot and I find it incredibly annoying, especially so for the other idiots that think of themselves as the Queens Diamond jubilee rivals to me, which is utter rubbish as they simply became a responsibility HM resumed after the diamond jubilee and not my rivals, besides which I am a black Prince and a black man as well and so the diamond jubilee was never significant to them and their black stuff and the process of carefully crafted lies with which to find Politicians prerogatives of power and move into people’s personal lives and right hand side and ravage it to get rich and famous and feed their madness with money alone. This is all our Political leaders are, a group of vandals and trouble making fantasists, it is obscene to say so but this is the stark truth, the fact behind all the problems people discuss in public places all the time and that is before they tell me I am becoming obsessed with professionalism as well, whereas in actual fact if they were professional Politicians nobody would want to find out why I would want to sell my books in the middle east and get around asking me for my plans for the new world that he wishes to confiscate; this plans for the new world in actual fact of which is born out of a process of Politicians getting involved with the business world i.e. people must lose their business and everybody unemployed so that politicians can then decide who gets to own a business in order to ensure people are doing politics before they get involved with business. Any normal person out there say it is a recession they say it is social equality and are completely crazy about moving into people’s right hand and personal lives to practice their stupid witchcraft.


A matter that comes to mind readily on this as a whole is the problems at the Housing market. These days they say people have lost the value of their homes and it begins to smack of some fools playing silly games at the financial markets. I mean we should only get feedback about people losing the value of their homes once, after investment financial market goons had dragged them into debt and given them forecasts of expensive homes that would be worth less if they were unable to make the returns they promised, which eventually they were in the end. The rest of the fall in house prices does not make any sense whatsoever and there are therefore two possibilities that could emerge from it; one of them is that an idiot is still trying to fix problems that cannot be fixed in the Housing market and thereby spending people’s money and coming up with these strange figures and fall in House prices, the other is that they are actually having revenge on those who talk too much and mention such things as the number of toilets and bathrooms and bricks and mortar and carpets and tiles and workmanship that has gone into a home such that it can never be worth less than a certain price no matter what happens, which means people will not get together to find them money so they can stay in business and hence they need to use banks to fight back with blackmail and loan starvation, to ensure people give them money and to this I myself think they have enough money too because you do not do such things unless you have money to spare to do them with and so it is time to pack up and get out of business.

Politicians should be looking into this matter but they rather think recessions can be settled and dealt with if they shake hands with people are business fairs. I mean it’s the old story about women, I mean I myself have been loved by women they can only dream of, so I am aware that she ties her hair behind her back, is really beautiful and wears a tight skirt in order to show you she is gagging for it is somebody else’s office trash and has a pretty face and nothing more than that. So I could never make out which is which and which they are really talking about when they continue to play their silly games and make out it means that they have got a lot of power.

Now they say they need their mothers these days because I am a real problem for them. I normally have no clue how to react to this matter either; I mean all I can say is that when they do damage to my property the only way to deal with it is to find funds to invest to cover any setbacks and then continue in that way until I am bankrupt but when I don’t have the luxury of that money they ought to realise they need to leave me alone or accept they will get into trouble.

The damage their games do to my academic work is incredible of course but they are rather more concerned with their mothers sorting me out. I don’t feel it is a huge problem, it’s just that each time they do it they ought to realise I will be off making their own really difficult as well and then half my academic work and time will be deployed to settle their personality issues which only value is what happens when they sit down in a bar to have a drink or go clubbing or indeed get entertained during their regular sessions with their Pop stars while theirs is a breeze. Hence I never did suggest it was over, only answering the question of how they need their mothers to sort me out; before then of course of which they should be doing whatever they like around here to extricate preferential treatments like their theft of public funds they think they have cleaned up too well and their self seeking idiots especially in the US who know where my books are and how to sacrifice it to make way for the balance of power that will control them because people of their size always have problems with violence and I suppose a big mouth too.

Not playing violent and gay to look after girls and women with my earnings and occupy thereof parts of my life where the good feeling about life is, is a no can do for them of course, so is shutting it up about yapping of being more clever than I am stories.