I hear I have succeeded in winning over peaceful people to the side that likes wars and conflict but that was long after the programme of making the Christian possessed and destroying all things that indicates a product blessing of that point in time in his life where he came into contact with God that many people seek but have not been able to experience with which he likes to bless the lives of women, especially those that are sweet to him and so on and it was after that had given birth to a have a problem with his faith and get after his finances on a global level. So they say that it can lead to a process where people do my stuff for me of which I do wonder if that does mean that taking up arms is like picking on men that do not eat well to prevent themselves to looking like the losers they are, in which case they can blow me away if they wanted as it were. I dont mind these matters very much since it’s for me like their fundamentalisms; people always say I find nothing good to say about them but of course that is because they are very evil people rooted in very perverse cultures and love to feel that their media antics and politics is the way they avoid hurting the rest of us with that big mouth, so I cannot see anything good about it and they never shut it too. Otherwise they are not a problem for me, just a collection of idiots who decided their jobs were to be deployed fighting me on account they saw a young man with talents and personality go off to the job centre but the problem now is that they think they must call me names and insult and abuse me because I have been single for a long time when they are the ones making the process of being single for long possible and that is where the problem is because I must ensure their stupid children and their stupid selves do not mess with me unless they are at a distance and regularly we deal with this condition where they get used to what they do at a distance and continue to draw closer and closer and closer especially with media – so I do wonder if that is how they plan to do my stuff for me anyway. The issue remains the same i.e. are they okay with a single man in the neighbourhood or not and nobody really cares what the answer to that question is either. The main problem remains targeting me and confronting me with insults that are meant to ensure their problems are involved with me as a means of applying violence on me to make me deviant so they can look respectful to the rest of the world and this has spawned a need to keep me financially castrated as a result and of course the Kings and Queens of it are their Politicians, so I can only think it is a matter of opinion unless they expressly say that it is not; it is tolerable on grounds of how much contributions they personally make before the hand gestures and insults at the single Man that has been single for way too long.

These matters they say I am responsible for exacerbating, which is utter nonsense – the reality is that there is nothing I do here that is not about me, so it is never paid attention to that this is not about them; I mean I have my office and I work it along the premise of making sure social issues are sorted out and I can settle them and return to my academic work to chase my career but even the career part is difficult because one of the great benefits of their vandalism is to ensure their children who are better off than I am with my work using the education system keeps getting younger and younger, which does not bother me because I am not a teenager anymore and do not think about school and college and then jobs, I think jobs and part time college and then career which again in order to provoke me they claim is how mine should be and my level should remain and for it I want to bloody them all the time since their opinion was never required even though they did the damage. However when it really comes to it, this is the social aspect of my entire career and my office and so on and everybody can see their own where a journalist can have a personality that is 100% ego and cannot say anything in public with a stupid career that has unanswered questions written all over it especially over social and professional matters, which fails to damage my work and we are seeing that there is absolutely no way they can do anything without do so as well and yes there is always something to say about it of course which is an old matter of whether or not they are not National television and whether or not they can seek a certain power with it, forgetting that they are talking to me through my own television at home which apparently I must have purchased with their own money in their stupid opinions. So when I am nice I ask if they are comfortable with the single man in the neighbourhood who rents an apartment and goes into it to sit down and write books he earns a living from or regularly like to think they are so twisted and evil they want self improvements from those books every second and fantasise these twisted thoughts to a point where they can catch visions of him typing away to bother him every second with – obviously it is difficult to chase a job that way as we can see and we all know they can bring it up at any second of their time and also can keep it going all day long pretending I should be detached from those I am a fan of as well so I might tend to think my world revolves around them? When I am not nice I say it is a matter of looking like the guy people bully when they want to feel they are not alienated from him without a care for how much it alienates him because he does not matter and do not mind trying all the time no matter how much they complain about his revenge talking nonsense about their need for a privilege of injustice all the time and pretending they are peaceful people because they appear on broadcasting media – so it is always a matter of what people lose and the price people pay when you stop such things.

The big question is always whether or not I can say such things and continue to have a normal personal life and yes of course I can; it’s a matter of doing these things because they are evil and deviant people who are rooted in strange and wicked cultures, it’s all a matter of the fact that whatever deal they make with me now will become something I call home in 50 years and then an excuse will come in from nowhere and I will be back where I started all over again without reason, it’s all about the fact that somebody needs to listen to how none whites make them feel when they turn up in the UK, it’s all a matter of how it’s all in a day’s deviance of which they have bag logs and bag logs of it with which to ensure that they take away money so they can see fear in your face and get pleasure from it each time they tell you to leave their Country. I mean it is said my methods are selfish which isn’t true; everybody was born somewhere and grew up somewhere and is heading somewhere and those who trifle with mine will face the consequences for it and win the fight – years ago I wouldn’t dream of talking about it because I would be more concerned about whether or not people trifled with possessions that mattered but here we are as it were – they think when they are done they will go home and it is where I always think they are playing games with me as well. In the end it is said I make friends and then make enemies of which a story of how I am mated because I put minimum effort into what I do and need to find a cause I can chase and die for so I might leave behind history for others to get by with coming from those who have not given a time frame break from causing me the setbacks that would have proven they have found a way to enjoy deploying their stupidities around all I accomplish in order to damage it and talk nonsense about having sex with me is a process of grooming and it is the grooming I want to get to the bottom of as well; I mean who are they grooming?

It’s not just a case of trying to be as happy as you can be since life is short and some people want to be miserable on account of what others have got and see you as a tool for that 24/7, which you need to do lest you turn out living their stupid dreams. It’s a case of them regularly thinking that access to my possessions means handling something valuable with which to conduct little wickedness and get away with it and there isn’t a group of people any less provocative than these freedom idiots and their American friends, so yes I do get accused to setting out I do not want black people around my concerns in public but in terms of theirs their little wickedness is to do with colonialism and world order and various other injustices – so these guys know how to make you very angry, how to look for trouble every single second of their lives and it never really does to act in anyway which saves them from it and for me personally I have to detach from them and keep all my concerns away from them too but obviously it is not enough.


I do hear them of course when they speak of my conquerors disposition when I have conquered nothing; there is nothing new whatsoever about it, we all know it’s an old case question of whether their talk on media is real provocation or not; I for my part have finished with stage one of setting up my Intellectual Property Administration Business and stage two would be to get into league with Banks and Industries to ensure they are punished in the most severe manner imaginable for each and every one of these kinds of abusive stupidities and the product will be the kind of economy that will result from it. For now however I wish to inform people I want to get out there to build a public life in which I sell my books but if they want to they can make a nightmare for themselves out of it too. Here the great of story of talk from me which is never backed by action will come into singing of course but most of them know I am older than they are but have devised a process where they know where my penis and anus is and where I will be made into a punching bag for each and every single time they are trying to make progress with their stupid frustrated lives – so the old case of me the abuse father figure stuck somewhere while people take advantage of him to make fame and be important and clean all of their social filth on him for the purpose as he tries to lead kids that are more important than they are is still the strongest point they maintain on that media, before now it was about my faith, now it is about my books and generally happens for many other alternative reasons – so the warning here is that they can turn up and it will get better and better and continue to get better until it gets better for good as it were and we are not talking about their stupid parents either, when those want your earnings because their jobs exists to help them make a mess of you fighting you over your good fortunes in life that you by the way worked hard to deserve on account they are challenging systems and establishments, then it is okay but soon enough it will degenerate into a condition where you are facing their children whose mates you are in a fight as well which will make them feel important and hence their abuses and commitment to violence becomes the answer to everything. There will not be a second warning, it is a simple question of whether their activities are legitimate provocation or not and we are not talking about their irresponsible journalists and media personalities just yet either? I have never really considered it a problem it’s a case of things people do to groom me into the person they punch and hit when others drive expensive cars they have not got, have fame and riches they have not got and everything else about enjoying life they have not got which makes them frustrated, the point is that this is not what we hear them complain about because they have ample media means to decide what it is people think is going on around here. Hatred for my books of course it not a new thing, that comes along with how I manipulate peoples culture and use it to ensure I can determine what they do with themselves – after grooming me for such things bearing in mind I am their fucking mate as it were; I never tend to manipulate anything that does not turn up around my concerns and possessions of course and they are very well aware that it can only tend to turn up if they are bloody tough enough and should not be making all those stupid complains and get off the media to show what they are made of like that big mouth suggests all the time. I hear they say all I do is cringe of course and yes it is, I am not committed to violence and they are committed to violence; so the general idea is that they will hound me out of my Church business and my literary empire and punch me in the face which will create a fight that will ever, ever come to an end in this life or the next in their stupid dreams; as I did mention before it’s the reality that I am only doing the same things people do when provoked, about not being like that or committing yourself to violent deeds, so it blows me away when people complain about but set out to provoke me as a major form of activity that they exist by and there will be no second warnings about grooming me for their city idiots violence where money is supposed to be God as if we are mates, I am pretty sure it is over the book sales that I will end up doing something historical with them on this matter as well and then I can have areas I have conquered after that and they can have me as a punching bag instead of a plan on how they want to live and make it a National issue. Normally otherwise it should have been a problem The Labour Party created by giving money to idiots that know nothing but trouble making so that they can get about making sure businesses do what they want because they are customers, the Liberal democrats have about the same kind of trouble makers but the Tories have the ones that want to handle my penis and my anus and attack me all the time because they love money and are infantile and want to bath in wash with my property and not their own – so it’s a matter of MPs thinking I am in a place where I was about to handle it anyway and might as well just help them anyway hence the reason they think they should bother me with it; these idiots however do need to shut their big mouth before it does get them into real trouble. Yes I understand the part where I beat and criticise everything that moves and try to make a living from that which must be stopped of which on one hand is a need to attack a Christian and pillage his business so that he might write books that end up provoking them into killing him as we all know that big moth wags all the time and on the other it is in the same spirit we are aware my Company does Intellectual Property Administration and the realities are that people create Intellectual property and then administrate it and then create products, hence never clear why they think when they see products they handle the Intellectual Property like those companies that want to play their game need to stick to them and stay away from me before it becomes bigger than they can handle as it were and the reason for it has always been that they have a real need to be seen having a stick in hand and standing over you: the part they worked out was the one where I beat and criticise everything that moves and am now trying to make a living from it, the reality is that it is Intellectual Property Administration and that is why I beat and whip them all the time so they can keep their hands off Industries within my Brokerage. The big piece of the Puzzle is the idiots in The White House in the US of course; Obama set out his position on my earnings and their need to stifle my books and have some State figure they can mess around with to have the kind of position they want to have in history, during the election campaign for his first term in office, they have not changed that position which is why I am not selling my books like I should, they have even started bullying my publishers as well  claiming they have  duty to protect my interests and force them to sell my books for me, when those know The Monarchy here will not be happy with a process where others sell my work for me and could lead to bigger problems – hence nothing will ever make sense of that open show we put up with all the time about their confusion regarding my activities thereof; these fools run a Country and so they know what a Country is but are happy for a media idiot to handle my books as a means of showing his distaste for such things as Monarchy everyday and they even show public approval for it too, I mean they are so powerful they do not have to hold back against me as it were, nobody will ever know what their problem is since they understand I run a country as well and that there are rules in these matters as equally as nobody will ever know what their problem is with the rules: so if every fool that has an opinion on media from the US would tell their President to get off my book sales, then all will be well easily otherwise it’s a case of the Creeps and the Bloody running the White House as far as my view is concerned; so that the outcome will be measured by how many tyrants the American Government has to remove in Africa and other places in the world now that Money is God and they can hit me and when I hit them back it means nothing because they have the money and I dont but they can carry on and we will get them sooner than they think so they can spend time on their own problems. As ever it is the same old story and there will not be a second warning so that I might have something to conquer soon enough as well. For now my methods remain the same; they are committed to violence and I will draw them out and find out what they are made of and it will I am certain blow up over the book sales.  I like to attack people who need my help they say but we all know they are here to find suitable corruption that my enemies can cash in on and therefore feel they can touch me if they want because they are committed to violence and I am not.  The crisis of America they say is what I have; rubbish – I dont, it is not a crisis, it’s a simple case of Americans Mr Obama for example thinking the US has better allies to think about in the form of Germans and Dutch and French and Italians who have strong multicultural societies in the Country than the UK does, which has no meaning and I am perfectly aware I will never get alone and hence have always been content with the traditional trading routes and alliances of the UK – I mean it is not because I will never be able to compete or get on as such, I have always rather hated them; I mean an average American thinks playing with you in the sense that what your business gets he gets because he is your daddy is the fundamentally acceptably way in which something that gives another person a lot of pressure to worry about such as a livelihood should be treated and more so especially when black and completely convinced it will lead to no consequences whatsoever which even if it did, can only result in civil rights saving the day and then there are the girls who are always about state of affairs with those insults and hence they handle valuables and speak of those who steal women’s beauties which means nothing but when the daddies can ensure the boys are looking after the girls is something you will be forced to get along with and you cannot even go against them in terms of the women because they are feminists, not that I want to anyway, it’s just a reality of what I hate about them but what comes through is that they are really stupid people and do not get told that as well even though they think gangs and murders on the streets are entirely magical things when we all know human beings do not do anything unless they have a reason behind an action in the first place – then there is the way they behave in terms of profession too; somebody builds boxes and I ask him to build me one, so he wants to know what I wish to use it for regardless of my specifications and if I tell him he starts to work out how to build me a box that will be popular with consumers but if I dont there will be a fight to the death and I hate them for that a lot but the one that sits at the very top is the one about those who have no money having no right to lead those who do, which then makes no sense when they mark people out and hunt them to ensure they have no money on account others want to deploy their talents and leadership talking nonsense about those who must walk first before they run as if there is anything they can do if I run before I walk or indeed their opinions were required but it gets even better because then is the question of why they would damage and wreck the finances of those who have no obligations to lead them whatsoever if they believe that those who do not have money cannot lead those who do have it? In the end we have now reached a stage where they say they are after me because I completely destroyed their business routes to the east when the traditional way in which things work in the US does not favour them: but we all know that letting fly means popular culture empires on my royal order on account I share a skin colour with them, it means they would have been better people if Royalty did not exist in the world limiting what they can become when they deploy my possessions to make fame and fortune, so it is common sense as it were to show them their place increasingly regularly as it stands; so I have my trading routes right across Asia and the East as it were and if I do not see their products or their stupid feet anywhere near it they will be fine in the United States as it were and for the white ones it rather settles on the part where handling my possessions and turning out to talk nonsense about how nobody knows who the hell I am is not a big thing in their stupid view. I am not a sorry figure like those of them who talk nonsense about the powers of Africa do go on about it; the facts and realities about that are as simple as how I will not tolerate their nonsense about sleeping with tyrants and chewing snacks with them in order to have an opportunity to shake hands with statesmen and women and pretend diplomacy and government operates on the dance floor with disco lights and therefore set about destroying and controlling it like I have – you know just like I will it seems be pushed into implementing the process of rounding up those their male community idiots that like to threaten me with their violent commitments and love to groom me for violence that they will apply on me with a big mouth, the commitment of rounding them up like animals as it were and finding out what they are made of after that but for these idiots in any case there is an enormous sense of well being which is attached to not being seen getting around with black people; each time the mantra is ‘stay away from your mother, stay away from black people, sell your books’ then lying on my bed feels like I am lying on it and not floating on it and so this is what they have found out thus becoming convinced they have all these power over me and can chase me around and force themselves on me to get involved with me and damage my work and finances with their stupidities in order to get involved with me and rule over me whether I like it or not before I had done something to change the rights they would have had over me and their cup is getting fuller and fuller all the time for it as well not me being a sorry figure. We do hear them say it all the time of course but I have just had enough, like the old case of not being able to get on with Americans whom in actual fact I really hate because they are a group of people who are convinced it is impossible to exist in this world without exasperating others by stealing from them. I do understand them all say my books are a problem but of course there isn’t a simple problem associated with the books which was not created by them too; I mean passages of it turns up in every War zone around the world and some around very poor places where humanitarian crisis are happening and then a goon turns out on media to goad me and more so without paying attention to the difference in time zones between his country and mine for example among other things beyond his or he reasoning – so I take up their civil rights and do exactly the same as well and we are even – the more they continue to feel that these are things they can do with my possessions to have anything their hearts desire with, the more I will deploy their civil rights too as something which shows I can be in any area of society and gain from it and get away with that before anybody does anything about it because it is a worthy fun to have.


I am aware people are concerned about a lack of consequence for being abused by them in the sense that I get attacked all the time while they do so only to make a point of duty finding out I was right all along and then setting off to gain from it – it is the fall out of not being sexually used or abused by them whether or not by consent while they talk nonsense about civil rights and civil freedoms and consenting adults nonsense we hear all the time. It is entirely normal – it happens because they are an incredibly lazy collection of idiots especially the Americans and the only work that they are prepared to do for anything is the fake one i.e. handle peoples possessions and put it up somewhere as leverage and when you are certain you can get rich and famous and important from and with it, apply some fake work to that so the owner cannot recover their property or the value of it because people will have thought you earned it and then we hear after that racism and gangs is some kind of magic, since others cannot dish mob justice for them as well on account they are invincible. Their power as ever is therefore always likely to be used on those who are more important than they are all the time which is where the real problem that needs to be resolved lies. They do understand the real possibility of getting into trouble if they turn up here to tell me they want to handle my work and possessions and be sure they can make fame and fortune from it, in order to apply some fake work that will suggest they earned it; it is the reason they have settled for the media version and the Political insults of making it happen by perceptions but the lies and quest for mob justice against me by handling my possessions in public places is still just the same. I still do not know exactly what point it is that they took the leap to create that connection with me although I know I must get involved with it to make it applicable, just as I am aware if they think I am a step behind them on the matter questioning them about these kinds of behaviour can cost my life because they know they have much to gain from that. If their wish were to be granted and there were no leadership for those who had no money, they do understand they wouldn’t stand a chance of course and these are the other kinds of things we see them cover their tracks for all the time; considering all that new method of thinking in their stupid heads which involves a royal order that is not their own and nobody asked them to get involved with as it were, after which we hear them talk rubbish about people stopping them from being free and there is the idea it is fun they have with me and not legitimate provocation swirling around. However the industry ones extracting create equities from my writing without buying my books which creates an effect where I create equities and sell books which provide people a guide and the books become obsolete and more over if I try to provide security for that they will simply have found out enough about my business to do their own as well and kill it off permanently – so the need to abuse me and complain about what I do to over work them all over the world as well which equities I put up on the websites as equally that makes a lot more sense of all that time they spend picking up on every single thing I do to get off on media and talk nonsense about how they forced me to do it which they later try to find out if they can implement because I should simply exist and wait for that and yes we hear them complain about such things as stress when you detach them from their commitments too, especially the Americans and of course to that effect I say money isn’t a God very well enough yet as it were; for now they have secured what they regard as a God given right to attack me and I will put that stupid freedom in a bubble where there are no rules too. There will not be a second warning as I said earlier and of course they can only rely on building up atmospheres of abuse around me bearing in mind this whole process of taking innocence has lost its power because I simply cannot be violated on being bigger than them and now they have set their insolent eyes on being better off with my earning first and or being better off with my earnings than I am – I mean I would have so many female fans if I were going to get beaten like that anyway and they know it, are working really hard and expecting to make up what people think about what they are up to on media.