I am now said to be living in poverty and have fallen behind on all that I am meant to do but neither is correct and what I am dealing with here is meant to be a temporary arrangement. The truth of it rather being that I got a Hermitage from the Head of State which means that I am supposed to work what I have been given and not ideas I have got i.e. put together a collection of activities aimed at supporting civil service operatives that work in very professional capacity while spending time on my own private concerns which largely involve activities others engage in to get me giving up power to them; I have then ended up with 70% reputation which is so terrible that I have to live with the nauseating nonsense associated with the way my reputation destroys my financial wellbeing, beats the imagination. The claim that I have fallen behind which is not based on reality either, as I am at this stage currently at College and planning to get to University towards the end of the year, bombarded with all sorts of nonsense associated with the idea people got ahead of me in life and I had the opportunity to assess what I wanted to study so I might get ahead of them in life too, which is my liability to show that I am not but is also their liability to provide the publicity when I have shown that I am which they never carry through. The claim that this is all about a sense of wealth and privilege and power is pretty much the same story – that they cannot keep off my Book sales for the sake of their own incomes, developed by people who are paid enough money to make them rich, suggesting the way to sell products involves pleasing customers with some ruined civilisation that used to be manned by Royalty and I had a duty to pay for the oppression I have either supported or wrought in my own right, as I said, not done by poor people as it were. The output is an old story about the wealth being a matter of the fact they should always be seen supporting poor people, whom they later charge with very expensive duties and show up here to pick up state concerns that they get into a fight with, since there is no prospect that poor people do get by without their support or that they have yet provided reasons people are poor when Government has a duty to provide leadership for the three population sectors of working populous, dependants and elderly in very separate ways, have not provided reasons people are poor as though they wake up on the 18th birthday to ask their parents how bills are paid – the power bits being the one I have pointed out above, that the problems their Celebrities and popularity idiots create over my financial wellbeing is a top of the iceberg compared to what they will do with media presence once out of desperation, I had begun to respond to it, in order to make me concede power to them – the privilege bits being that wealthy people were clearly unable to tell the difference between privilege and stealing.  In the end they are mostly concerned about losing access to processes of taking advantage of my concerns to try and get rich quick and they must as there is no other way we will live in a reality where a writers living is not the same as their loutish industry, media and celebrity games, there is no other way by which this place will be quiet enough for people to just read and I am fed up with this nauseating nonsense. They claim they are not responsible for other people’s poverty but we are looking at a list of issues like when I write a Book that solves their problems and the reputation is completely wrecked, at the end of which they built me a history of insults that developed into an impetus for them to tell me what to do and an onus from the abuse of my services processes that will get me to do it – this has now become incredibly harmful and violent as they have gotten on Media to set out a certain kind of leadership where they whip my anus with the problems all day long and provide local leadership on doing so but it’s nothing compared to what will happen if I responded to those problems they have created when they have a media presence that helps them credit my response to their stupid names – so each time I say I want to get between them and their employers to tell them what to do for fun it appears I have gotten my hands around the media and celebrities issues but they soon slip off, so I am still living on the premise that there has to be a better alternative to the violent bits out there.

They are not responsible for peoples poverty when it is amusing on a global stage to take up a Book somebody wrote which has solved their problems, hung around telling lies over it to handle the person and build public image for the person to get them involved in a fight with local hoodlums, which is nothing compared to what they will do with media presence to credit the way that their victims have responded to the situation, to their own foolish names and notoriety and it does not stop until it gets a physical response – the Germans being the idiots that keep an eye on German manufacturing, to ensure nothing affects it adversely, so when they come up stuck with the British bits where people keep an eye on mid-range millionaires wrecking people’s lives to employ criminals, turn up here talking nonsense at me, about which when I get my hands on that stupid culture and society, had enough of them, it will be the last time they saw it too.

This matter does not bother me in anyway, it’s the old case about Americans thinking everybody wants to live in their Country, so parents have strange relationship with Children who work their own gimmicks in one way while they did their own in another and it keeps people out but I fail to see what it has to do with me save being insulted with ideas I had written a Book which caused nostalgia and should not have been written, so I might be surrounded by insults and demagogues so they got to carve out fortunes of their own from it and from everything else I owned. The blabbing is always good but I don’t think it will end the way they imagine if we met anyway, so am I certain they can see my patents and the statements on it, that they are not supposed to perform distant learning practices from the contents of my Books, blabbing about a low life that thinks he can handle them the entire time. It all comes to light when it is said that it’s the way I talk they find provocative especially as when I talk while none is asking me – what they mean is me handling my state provided security and my social media to run a Hermitage Trust system and its Bookshop and this sort of insults and abuses have continued in more intensive fashion in the past while they were the victims in all of it the entire time.  It is then fair to say that the theory I am unable to handle them is not based on reality where I can actually eliminate all other factors save their idiocy, which should assist me on two fronts i.e. allow me make them engage with a Bookshop in a legitimate way and also ensure that they can show up here to claim my Literary Empire is a figment of my imagination again if they are mad enough – it continues as such with the invasion of my personal space garnished by abuses and distant violation which churns my tummy and the whole time none is binding and gaging and torturing them into reading my Books as such, while they have claimed it causes nostalgia, my comments should be changed before I can run the Bookshop, then there is the other set of nonsense they perform on my income margins with respect to the business of Country ownership. All I takes to manage a literary empire is to get into an Office and write Books that help pick up markets I have created and we are going to see action taken to ensure that they may interfere with it again at their peril. I am told I let it get the better of me but I don’t; what happens is that it makes a total mess of my finances and then we see it run off to protect that stupid society and community relations as well, which access to it and means to protect it I must block or it does the same to run off and preserve everything associated with bragging and boasting to people about handling me, which access to it I must block too – we know it’s nonsense that has happened to an extent where people who have less tolerance for it than I do have beaten them up seriously and they have claimed that these violent attacks were done for me but I am not responsible for their safety and wellbeing either whether or not I tend to block it.

Generally, the way I talk irritates them with that big mouth, they know how to hurt me apparently and with it perform such nonsense and make stupid statements about what is coming to me whenever I had failed to co-operate with their needs, the media presence makes it financial rewarding, looking for more. In the end they would not work for money but if people awarded them a living wage it would not be enough, only fame and fortune will do, so I don’t want a part of it, bearing in mind what the results will be if we had to pay the price for it as a community.

They say I appear to be at war with people while reality is that old case of the daddies eliminating everything which suggests that none will lose something important to them over the business of getting into a fight with them and putting pressure on people each time people stepped out of the door, so we all know I am going to restore the state of affairs and then their Politicians will say that I am a threat to people, while they blabbed about my attitude and left me dealing with such nonsense 11 years after I dropped out of University because they wouldn’t stop following me around for the wrong reasons.

The new tale that have emerged of the behaviour issues we are handling yet again is another issue surrounding the COVID -19 Pandemic. People are going out to buy Easter Eggs, difficult to understand how Easter Eggs are a necessity all together as such but they have said that if the Children do not have Easter Eggs, then they will cry all day which will create problems for communities and yet parents know that when Children don’t have Easter eggs they cry, so if they go out shopping for necessities they buy Easter eggs in the process. It is an example of the fact that the culture and society people can have you in a situation where if you lived 100 years on the planet, you will spend it following what they have laid down as ideas for your existence in order for them to feel comfortable and we always find out what the laws of the land really are when somebody gets hurt and it ends up in a Law Court. So usually on this matter of buying Easter Eggs during a pandemic, we can see when it ends up in a Law Court, what they usually say is that it’s a question of what a reasonable person would do. On the other hand while it kicks off endlessly, we find another group of idiots stifle people’s lives to suggest these activities are perfectly alright and when I want them to lay off my case now that they have declared they hated my guts and it was established that this is not their lives, they claim it’s a no can do situation. Their answer to everything is that the authorities are things people must go against at all times but it’s never really how it works, when it feeds into my own concerns, the idea is that I am a person who does everything I am told to do, when I say I am not, then I must be trying to explain myself to them and show that I am cool with them all together but I am not. The Authorities are usually reasonable most of the time and the rules they make are in agreement with the fact it’s a matter of processes and procedures which we must follow when chasing our concerns, some jobs being more dangerous than others it should be observed, we can all go home to our families at the end of every day. The culture and society trouble makers want money all of the time but they have no wish to go along with a single procedure that has been laid down by which people pursue it, when we think we have an issue to manage, the culture and society trouble makers along with their Celebrities will create us a wholly new crisis from the current one, like clearing out the shops because people chased their bottom for instance. So we can see that the authorities are usually reasonable, save the times that Politicians had decided they wanted to take it on themselves to use the position of authorities as a tool for vindictively handling a particular person, of which it’s when such persons had started talking about how Politicians can be handled as well in terms of where the local constituencies are located etc, then the victims become the ones talking and acting dangerously. The prognosis for this sort of behaviour from Politicians have always been when they had drawn up a link between bullying me and the idea they were important people – the risks are that it provides a means through which a trouble makers may develop ideas for getting themselves into government buildings to exert their position by and then when there are too much of them, what has been happening in other parts of the world is a Military Coup which may never happen in the UK but we can always be complacent. Should it be brought up with the Politicians, they will say that you are asking for a war but you were just talking about Military coup, so the wars they speak of must indicate they know what they are talking about. So, my position has become that when I find it intolerable, I want to place labels on them that say they are bloody idiots and if challenged for it, ask if they have the guts to create Military coup. The side show to this is that I end up with all sorts of trouble when I don’t actually deserve it but it does not work that way, as this nonsense is neither part of my life or history – what happens is the constant battle with the problem broads; write a Book that may have solved their problem and like they follow me around with sex industry alongside their culture and society gits until I drop out of University, they will stifle the Book sales, draft insults that insure my work and career exists in a condition where rules do not apply, build me a history of insults and hang around on media expecting to attribute everything I do to the reputation of idiots they had built for themselves, we are then left with their need to make money and be famous from then onwards – so when they say government measure is draconian, one does feel like it’s about to explode. The question of prognosis being the same old case of what people do when they realise they had physical endowments that facilitated an ability to beat up most people in the world violently – they however always say that I mess with them and live to regret it, so I am usually left pointing out that following me around until I dropped out of University was the start, when I get my hands on that stupid culture and society of theirs, it will be the start of the end for my part in the matter too – their claim is usually one which says they seek equality and rights but it’s an old story that what they really do is completely wreck the lives of those whose work, property and knowledge they have deployed to improve their income margins, penises and penalties naturally forgetting I have got one as well.

Eventually I am told that people build public instability at my expense with ease, but they don’t; these activities are meant to be racist, on the part of the ethnic minorities they are meant to be a form of nepotism. So the racists are making sure I had ended up in certain parts of the Country and should be prevented from showing up in others, which is rather silly because I have got a Royal Hermitage to take care of and will show up where I am required to. The ethnic minorities on the other hand will be prevented from chasing my public image for Celebrity and popular culture, only for the idiots to build new communities that exist to get imagination up my bum, like I have pointed out the stage at which I get my hands on the culture and society will be the beginning of the end as well. the problem is usually that the Politicians turn up to build publicity that helps them claim I have done the wrong thing and so we find that the usual cycle is that the children are not racist, the older people are, soon the Politicians get them to communicate to me that others are in need of my work and income than I am because they are facing prospects of impending retirement and when I inquire of what will happen when I faced prospects of impending retirement as well, we find them say I might have the chance to pick on others but it will not be their children I got to pick on. So it’s usually the same story that we make it up as we go along with Politics which some people regard as an engagement that is not professional in anyway, the same way we know socialist Politicians are always caught up in a perpetual habit of financially facilitating racism and we are aware that the world wars were a product of government buildings not Industry or art. The biggest problem associated with their physical endowments being that they get their imagination up an arch princes bottom and run off a sense their temper was God’s gift to the world on getting a response from him and there is now no love lost.


They now say that I still have a lot of problems that need solving and the biggest issue arising is that the problems are affecting other people’s great careers. It is utter nonsense naturally – what happens with me is that culture and society gits must chose poverty to avoid work and once they were of retirement age, place labels on me that suggest I am one of the most profitable victims of financial corruption – this means that when I make it clear I don’t like them peddling the faith, personal life and public image, they begin a campaign of hate to suggest I am running their lives; the outcome is that they have invented a relationship of responsibilities with me, gone off to pick up smaller fights in that relationship and built a crowd to tackle me and make me pick up the bigger ones – their children are always complicit with it until when they get hurt which develops into an excuse to get their imagination up my bum and have as a result of clinging to my public image developed their own hate as well, associated with the fact they are superior and their problems are greater but are also living in an existence where there is no future in which their stupidities were famous people. The Media fools who ensure that after a Book had emerged from this, I face the greatest challenge due to a need they have for practical jokes at my expense, complained about them in the past and pointed out the media jobs they have as a dream activity but we can see that given the opportunity we will be convinced on fact that we should not share their enthusiasm for the job that has gotten to their heads. So every time I set out a livelihood and they set about making a mess of it, the prognosis is that there ought to be a viable alternative out there to beating them up as this business of years of nauseating financial complications which are entirely a matter of tolerating which practical jokes they want to play up at my expense is not an activity that normal human being engage in as such( They always say they can take me on but we know that the likelihood of a business relationship feud that got so bad we hung around somewhere shooting each other does not exist in their case but the shooting might end up happening anyway). The very first time that their need to assault my career developed into something important occurred between February and April of 2014, it was the first time that I realised every other means of wrecking the writing career for all sorts of purposes including the process of making their lives more meaningful than mine has failed and they were now engaged in the business of relying on me to tolerate all damage to my books as they worked towards such nonsense, all together however, their assault on my career has lasted the best part of 18 years, so tolerating nauseating financial complications entirely due to another person’s activity for that length of time does not make me what they claim is a happy character that should want to think about getting along with them, like they claim it does. They have said I am at war with the media for my problems but I am not, just like they say there is nothing I can do which is a myth – I am not at war with them, what happens is that they set about wrecking the academic work and finances and each time come up with interfering processes and insults, then develop a business of having parties on the result which effect is that I am trying to get through to people having parties on my career, churns my tummy and then they can get imagination up my bum which ensures every other part of the career was damaged and means I must push back as well. The idea there is nothing I can do exists in a world where it was never possible for me to pick up on the effects of those stupid parties and set myself between their employers and that silly bank account of theirs, to tell them what to do and have sex for instance, which is one of the most handy types of things to do about it that I could try but generally we can see as a whole that they are problem broads, whose activities we can trace back to school days when they were dormitory bullies who have now developed into socialites on the Media clinging to peoples income margins and pretending they don’t understand what I mean when they say they had either read what I had written and reviewed it or kept their mouth shut, hence if this is how we are making any progress, it is going to end incredibly well.

I have been told I have had an opportunity to act on such matters for years but done nothing about it until now and there must be a convenient motivation but there isn’t, it’s just schedule – when I am handling issues about ageist goons clinging to my income margins and putting labels on me that say I am profitable victim of social and financial corruption and that I fart in public places which sets the stage for how I will be physically attacked, it is what I am dealing with but apparently, it seems I am now unto the business of getting off the smell issues because that is subsiding all together. So its media jobs with jobs that get to their heads, abusive Celebrities and local gits with a need to build violent lasciviousness communities that target me all day while they tell lies about the way it affects my tummy and those who share a space with me bring it in doors to blow off the big mouth about me being physically attacked is the main issue, since there would be nothing to respond to and push up my stress levels as such if they were not telling lies about it while working the violent lasciviousness as well, so eventually we are starting to talk about how will get to keep off my Books and keep the mouth shut. They have said this is discrimination and that I don’t think they should exist at all which is utter rubbish; what happens is typically something of a bunch of idiots that pick up a baton to smash another person’s collection of casseroles for instance, while those who have money claim it is what people who fail to show regard for their privileges deserved, completely corrupting the reasons the idiots do it, so if I got off running my own publicity around it to ensure that they smashed the casseroles of the rich as well, we end up in a social situation where I am free of some insults and the story had changed. I have been told I am very disrespectful then and yes I am but it is because I have been made to choose the rocky road – when disrespectful one must be prepared to ensure something happens when people handle and massage products they don’t want to buy, then leave it for a paying customer and spend time threatening anything that shows interest in me and what I doing. Hence it’s a matter of what I am doing with it and how all these nonsense that are not worth a response are developed into something that becomes a violent threat because those who spend time working it at my expense are convinced there is never likely to be a response from me.

They do love to boast that there is little I can do but there is a world beyond this nonsense and a world beyond the world beyond this nonsense to say the least; I would like to think that they are right but with respect to my whole life’s work being factorised along the lines of peoples physical endowments to such an extent I a facing a threat, they also need to bear in mind that I know what I am dealing with as well. I mean we can see that this matter becomes this bad because I have not been responding to it, just as it is obvious that responding on day one when it began would have been just as equally as much as waste of my time, we then need make judgements according to what they are doing with it as such. I have been clear what works for everybody is that they stayed away from my Books and keep the mouth shut, as the threats of violence from a lack of response on my part has been running for over a decade now. They claim it does not mean that there is much I can do about them which is utter nonsense as the reason I am the one smelling of what I ate is that their families are not disturbed and their daily concerns are not being interfered with – it was supposed to be a reasonable disposition for them to decide when they wanted to put an end to the fun business of making a mess of my career but it has to be made into a tool for harming them to bring them to their senses. At this stage they will say the matter has been resolved but for me there was nothing to resolve here – as long as I am not being made to make sense of the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side while they look like they know me to such an extent they have been paying the bills in this place and can therefore handle me to that level, then all will be well, otherwise I got to test them as well; I mean the business of tackling me every day is one of those issues I have handled in the past i.e. they want to deploy my personal life and public image to make money and knowing I might resist, they will first wreck the career and academic work to build publicity for it then get me stabbed and shot on the streets – so this part where my whole life and career is being understood in terms of whether people can beat me up and they had added the abusive process of wrecking the lives and career of those whose work they had deployed to boost their incomes had become a new history. Their Politicians have said it’s a matter of power sharing while they have suggested people wanted the business acumen I was sharing with everybody – the reality is that nobody knows which powers politicians are sharing when they showed up to say that these gits are nice people who only need money but which has now progressed to the suggestion I am responsible for their health and safety and wellbeing because of what they saw me do with a private security industry job at some stage. As for my business acumen, the insulting and abusive process of using me instead of my Books was not created by poor people and we know that setting out a Company blueprint, to set about equity broker and writing Books for a living has become incredibly difficult on account that they existed while claiming they are the ones being beaten down by me. So we find them claim it’s a matter of war on my part and that it’s all born out of my sexual habits, which sexual habits they have no prove I have been having sex with anybody and I don’t like to discuss due to a lack of such proof all together, but would rather fancy that they talked about the fact they are problem broads instead. So, some have suggested they liked me, but I don’t understand while fitting such claims into the romance which exists between the City and academic institutions is fundamentally impossible. The Celebrities have continued to suggest they will establish relationships with my publishers and make a mess of that to put me out of business altogether and I think it will make the process of Television personalities taking up public places to pass insults at me until they got a response into a serious public matter too but generally I have already begun a process of making my own campaign out of the feedback I am getting from the trust system and the production people as well and instead of set out means that will allow me plan my life on their wallets if I should think that I had run out of time to secure myself a comfortable pension as well. So they say the matter will ruin me completely and it will not – we saw the same things during the economic crisis where the demise of Banks meant they had found out how rich people lived and it was their turn to live like that too, so the crisis progressed in a cycle of madness until we were at the brink of a global conflict, while the government had to grapple with the fact they had taken control of wealth making systems and built a crowd around it for popularity. So those who give them money for this behaviour and the insults they channel at me are not creating any wealth, they are not creating any wealth and I am stuck with a Bookshop they wreck everyday but the main problem is still that what I do with myself and my work was theirs to determine, fair to say that if I ran out of time, I would plan a pension on their stupid wallets for it – in like manner, I must think about the welfare of people they threaten due to interest in my Books as well as think of them as characters that should not allowed to damage my property and products. I do get asked if my aim is to dominate people but it isn’t – I mean in the UK speaking of domination, if the Labour Party has been in Government for a decade, we expect the Treasury to be trashed and if there is more Treasury trashing than there is social bigotry, the Conservatives will be the best leaders for the public, if there is more social bigotry than trashing of Treasury, the Liberal democrats will be the best – however we know that this is not what the public votes for and likewise claims others want to dominate them all the time is not founded on fact. This has already been responded to as we speak, with a sense that I am starting to be dragged away from Monarchy to engage with Politics and it’s all good but likely to feed into the business of wrecking my career and academic work to wait somewhere for me to respond to problems they have created for me, so they might attribute the accolade to themselves with a media presence and wreck everything around here – the output is that white people are always travelling overseas to bring in black people that will act as my parents and make me do what they want, black people are always other people’s relatives randomly as their civil rights decides and will be getting into a fight soon, Muslims are always dragging people off comforts of home on account they were real Men and will have to kill people to prove they are to other male characters that are older than they are but the Media is the one that should not robed of all access to rest and respite for the consequences of it all, so I am quite certain that their need to decide whom I associated myself with is likely to end very well.

Now they say people are having to declare they don’t want a relationship with me because I smell but I don’t understand why people think this bothers me in anyway, I might I may just end up losing some friends which will help to stop the smell issues, if they don’t want a relationship with me – otherwise they do rather love to objectify and I am a thing and they should not fear to use it because according to what they know I will remain the way I am for a very long time. Then there are their local goons who spend all the time they have, building violent lasciviousness that engages in discussing my diet and getting abusive about their frustrations at my expense, then tell lies about the reasons they cause the tummy issues which should not have happened if I did not have something to explain while they were at it and can therefore show up to get violent over it if they wanted. It does not bother me in anyway as I am never going to look after a Hermitage by getting stuck with Celebrities – we can see that it should not matter at all, should not come into the scheme of things, that I rented space from somebody who wants to spend the rest of their lives bullying me but it does for Celebrities who take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my public image over it, it matters to Celebrities who cling to my Public image to claim that I spend time trying to rub shoulders while criminals were buying show business products, so I have only ended up with the extra task of getting from a Hermit who spends time on his Church concerns and assists the Crown on some public matters, to getting rid of them if I wanted to ensure that a Trust system was being run and my Bookshop was paying the bills, not a business of getting into a relationship with them which is completely ridiculous and they can see from all these facts would add up to a clear decision on my part to live on deaths door. They do claim I have been making a big thing out of the business of those I rented space from wanting to bully me and getting around with private security Industry for all day long thereof and yes I have, since it’s not clear exactly why people get about investigating the life of a Hermit and picking up matters that are buzzing away at the background of his life to build publicity on a National and International stage by, what we know is that they would now want to get into a relationship with me but I smell and that people are forcing me on them which is utter nonsense as it would have been rather easier for me to run a Bookshop if they had refrained from activities that cause people to become confused about what I spend my time on, to such an extent that an ability to get into a relationship is theirs to control. So it feeds into claims that people are becoming more confused about what they are doing because of me as well, while I am a very young person who should be out there enjoying modern life – in terms of the latter, the assumption is that their insults and abuses is what I see when I look at myself on the mirror, the reality is rather that what I see when I look at the mirror is what they are trying to pinch, concerning the topic of which I do not want to get into a relationship with them as a result of it – in terms of the latter however, the reasons people are confused about what they are doing is that I cannot breathe due to the extent of abusive insults channelled at me all day to ensure they were able to express a thought process which suggested they were more important than I am and because of the mess it makes of the career and academic work and then the finances, is adding up to a problem that they will have to solve – a typical example at the date I wrote this is that for the last 3 months I have been constantly assaulted by a certain Emilia Clarke who wants to show she is more important than I am on the internet, ripping up everything that I do and there is a prognosis to it which is linked to how she had got herself stuck with some bad boyfriends in the past and is leaving me with the smell issues, an attrition excused attached for the behaviour; it always comes as such from unexpected sources and lingers until the damage is done. We know it usually becomes a problem according to the extent to which industrial idiots threw money at it to create the sense crowds should be joining in as the behaviour tended to make people financially better off, suggesting it would be great to teach them a lesson on what they were fooling around with economically and to ensure the lesson resonated with them as a community, to create the joys of civil rights movements for them, so I did make a big case out of the processes I might require to get rid of them, if I want to run a trust properly and ensure the Bookshop is paying the bills. They do say that most people do not realise it but I am one of those men who think there isn’t really a woman that is good enough for me and its utter rubbish; what happens is that they pick up social issues in my Hermits life and build publicity for it and I will be left wondering why I am responding to what I know has been buzzing away at the background of my very existence for as long as I have lived, so I did build publicity for those who engage in such things, the prospects of getting into a relationship with me is now greater than ever. So have I been told I never discuss it in terms of the influence of Germany but it’s an old story where we think of all the nuts and bolts that hold together the various things we use indoors and out and the fact it is manufactured in Germany more or less, while they were out to take down everything that affects Germany Manufacturing interests, they have ended up running off their abusive communities to get imagination up my bum while hanging around my public image shoving their ideas down my throat especially when religious, blabbing about everything which showed that Germany was superior to Britain when Britain was bigger and now that it is smaller, Germany will get up to all sorts. They have rather explained that British people are untidy and unprofessional most of the time which beats the imagination but then again that is better discussed in terms of whether Germans are slappers of Girls panties. It’s an old story about the way German influence feeds into female security, where I find myself somewhere people like to think of me as the guy that catches women that are hard to catch for them and the outcome over the years is that society people had come to the deduction that ‘I hate my wife and now you have set her free and will pay for it’ was the ideal public image and reputation for me but they are still doing it and the story interrupts everything I do time and again, that it is my involvement with female issues that will be my undoing, so I am bound to apply myself to thought and process and to come up with another one that will hurt them more than the previous and I am looking at the fact that their gimmicks are linked to the business of regarding themselves as mid-size gangs who have the disposition which allows them to chase money and Government office as part of gang wars – that they are the gangs with a life that others want, the ones that have the energy to work for Celebrity and popularity without looking too ugly and violent like the big gangs or looking too much of a vulnerable busy body like the small gangs and so it’s still a campaign out there, a raid on female public life for trophy incomes. They say I think I am really tough when I am not but it has nothing to do with toughness – the outcome of their gimmicks at my expense at this stage is that since I always end up considering their stupidities with a sense of fear every day, either way I stand and fight or I run away, they will lose, more so if considered in terms of the fact their families and daily concerns not being affected is the reasons others smell and they don’t, whether or not I got attacked because I wanted a checklist for the so called bad things I encourage women to do.

I am told that what I do has no direction but it does; what brings it on is that whenever I Celebrities I have a history with set out an arrangement with me that will allow them read what I have been writing, my nauseating financial complications are improved once more by a bunch of idiots with Girls who always get what they want, showing they had no respect for my personal relationships, my patents and or my patent statement. Now I mention it, they will say they plan to grab that too but what they have been complaining about is the publicity I build for the fact when people bash my work and earnings they claim it was something else happening, outcome being the same trouble makers have been bashing their own too, so I wonder how they plan to achieve it. it is said that there is something of a commotion around me for a reason and yes there is – it’s about the Royal order and how people think access to it will make me more vulnerable and inferior while they will become more superior than they had originally claimed they are, winning their battles in turn; it has now given way to a gimmick that involves villains getting off their game of bottom hurting issues being the right thing likewise the business of pitching two unequal persons against each other, to seeking my Royal Order to defeat their enemies and handle society trouble makers – being that the whole problem is born out of them pushing that superiority around and hanging about the city centre bragging about their enemies being those who show up to take back careers that had already been taken from them and how this is one thing too far to tolerate from the superior men and women in the city, I had to respond. I was certain of the way it worked to support people who serve, the recruitment processes and the weapon building, now it’s part of a communication from villains and enemies because they are superior, blabbing of how they get to handle those who show up to take back careers that were confiscated and now they say I can clear out the problem since last I wanted them to get in there and solve it but their attitude said otherwise.

They do claim I have lots of problems and require support but I don’t, what really happens is the mess they make of my career – I might have a Court of Female Journalists, what they do is invite themselves and build publicity to go with that invite then when they get into the whole thing in that way, they are not actually on my team. The big idea now is that I have proposed something impossible if I want them to keep off my Books and keep their mouths shut unless they wrote it themselves. the rest are the good old western corruption of involvement idiots who think they must always get what they want and have taken a decade of my time to build loopholes all over my concerns for them to access for the dreaded stupidities and I believe it’s also clear I am not interested in their insanity, any who wants to get through to me can do so through my social media which is just a click away; they need to get off my personal life and better still spend their need to abuse the lives and careers their improve their own somewhere else. They do claim it’s something about getting me to prove myself which is utter nonsense, we cannot be free from seeing the various forms of this nonsense and new ones that emerge every time old ones have been done away with, since they are fundamentally built on the covetousness of western corruption of involvement – there was terrorism and they had to travel to the middle east and get killed by it in order to present us difficult social questions which they can fool around with and if not so, we find them spending time making people protest and complain so much that leaders had enough of it and the list will go on endlessly, while the attack on female public life is usually just a way of dealing with what they claim is a society that expects them to do violent things that make women feel safe and the way it works is that women will have such a difficult existence but once they started thinking there has to be a way out of it, that is the disposition they must confiscate to build their own lives by and in that way secure themselves freedom, so we find that when they begin to say I am the one encouraging women to do bad things, the perversity, greed and that need to abuse careers that they have handled to improve the ones they have already got goes way beyond their need to hold down peoples finances and develop a perverse form of engagement with peoples career, then hang around somewhere complaining about injustice and making it out to be amusing when they are not selling it on to other industry idiots to complain about freedom, it actually then becomes measurable. For my part, I am now done with the insults and those who want to read Books I wrote from the way I handled culture and society trouble makers can do so and stop making a mess of my Career or will get a response tailored for them as well.

I am told I never take this mater seriously enough, but it has always been a matter to be approached with honesty and if honesty is too difficult, to be abandoned entirely. We all know what happens is that a handful of gits hang around my concerns, chase me around claiming my public image is enough to make people rich at popular culture and celebrity madness and if I am not going to budge over the idea they think I needed to become a Celebrity which processes they will be part of and or take over later, they were going to take my personality and public image from me because the community needed the support and the money anyway – it hangs around like that long before it started following me around to steal at the shops because its gimmicks had completely failed, looking for the life of women and being prepared to steal. Then what happens with it is one of men and Politicians getting off to claim these goons are so brave they were fighting a battle I was too much of a coward to deal with, hence it was okay that I be dragged out of my studies and career to face difficult matters with street trouble makers in order to prove myself; soon this developed into insults that were so pragmatic they got their imagination up my bum and my response was to set out a behaviour which showed they thought their temper was god’s gift to mankind. It does work for everybody as such that since these insults are developed around the matter of people whose bills these idiots get to pay and they have not paid a single bill in this place, they need keep away from my Books and cease all comments around my concerns – I mean I do tolerate the way they develop this abusive process of building relationships with me, then setting off to pick up some small battle and build a crowd on it that will get me to pick on the big ones later, feeding into the part where most of their insults which fed into their silly children wrecking academic work on claims I was meant to get stuck with gangs and criminals while their stupidities got to pass exams in school being built around that nonsense about the right they had to do it because their children were the ones who were brave enough to pick up the social and public issues later but my Books will be their undoing and I have issued that warning enough times too. They do say my Books are provocative and they probably are, however which we can see it’s one of the most important issues in a long line of issues associated with the fact that if they are planning to get on like everybody else as well, they will have to learn to leave me alone. So far what has happened is that I had built publicity for this nonsense, so the Politicians and Media gits who supported are now living on borrowed time, associated with the point at which these idiots gained access to popular culture, Media and celebrity lifestyle, so we might all hear how braver than I am, fighting battles I was too much of a coward to deal with they were in the first place – current results are that society trouble makers have feared for family safety and beaten some of them up seriously, so they have begun another campaign that people have been attacking them on my behalf.

So it is said that I am heading for doom inevitably but I am not; what happens is that if I have been groomed into a stage where people act towards me in a way that means my patents do not offer me peace of mind anymore let alone security, it was also easy for them to see that I am likely to end up with a state of mind that says if they got themselves into possession of a slightest thing which belongs to me or forms any part of my livelihood, it would mean that I had ended up slitting the Royal Hermitage and Business empire with them, so the part where I ignore their stupidities until I was groomed into such a position happened because I am stupid. They do say that with their disposition of Country ownership they should get to share any business they want and it takes us right back to the very beginning; none peddles the faith, personal life and public image in this place, saying so does not mean I am running their stupid life with that big mouth they have got either, so the part where there is nothing I can do to stop the market numbers rolling will be the part where it is amusing enough for them for somebody to seek out a viable alternative to beating up their stupidities, like ending up with one core problem after another because people are illegally gathering up items from your livelihood on social media which forms the stage that progresses most of their insolence.

They claim I am deluded about being able to tackle them which is utter rubbish as the way we pick up the Bible and learn to grow from stage to stage is the way they grow from stage to stage with Media, Celebrity and Industry gimmicks, the money madness they run off on my academic work and career to wreck it time and again with civil and criminal disobedience they display as insults on media to claim advertisement has been created. The difference then being that when we religious people rent venues and equipment to engage with the Public, it does not affect their personal and family finance base, getting on my nerves, talking nonsense all the time. Some people say I do well but its lacklustre and yes it is, taking it more seriously is a matter of getting physical about the stupidities that end up with that money that isn’t growing because you are not backing down and makes them more insulting with those threats of violence in public places all the time but I don’t think the process will change much from what I have done to ensure they understood they needed to keep off my Business and shoot off their big mouth somewhere else. The risk is that they run rings around the neighbourhood, employing criminals and wrecking careers, so soon enough they get together to make statements about the wealthy and the privileges of the wealthy which people who don’t have money such as myself and must be shown to have no chance at all, which is why there is such a frenzy handling my work and reinvesting my income margins as stupidly as possible every day, the risk itself being that since it has nothing to do with a Royal Office, should I get off clearing it out, they will put that foolish money up somewhere and run off publicity that says they were more important all over again, so the only way to get it done is to string up all their stupidities as it affects me and make it blow up in their faces or it was easy and worked for everybody that they needed to keep off my Books and shoot off their big business mouth somewhere else. This is where it becomes more obvious that if they do not behave in such ways, alongside their religious allies, Royals will have a field day chasing their bottoms but until brought to such a stage, one is not allowed access to the free air. They do say I am no Royal but it’s a story we are accustomed to i.e. I will likely take the facts about me into question and seek out the way I want to respond to it, typically being to groom them for the bottom chasing and not doing it myself, so when the commoners do it too, we get to find out what difference it made to them that I wasn’t born Royal. They always say that they will enlist the help of Politicians and I expect them to as well but it should be noted too that Politicians will be unlikely to assist them if they are behaving in way that makes a complete mess of National Unity. They do claim we need businesses and yes we do, none expects the government to get about procuring investments by which to help the Public make the most of their family finance and social lives but that is not what these incompetent gits are doing.