There is much talk from the American Leadership about the simple rule of getting out of the economic crisis. There is much talk from American leadership about how these rules are based on everybody living by their own means. 

First of all I want to compare these rules and the prognosis of economic recovery on grounds of what happens on the media and the way it affects families across the World, on a personal basis of which my war with and to suit the Prize of vandalisms of these particular set of idiots has just begun. Since I am a Christian I will draw the basis for my prognosis from the Bible at first and this basis is the Book of Genesis at Chapter 2: where God created Man and gave him dominion over the world and everything in it and gave him power to name all the creatures and accorded him the power to describe his own companion the female who was known as Woman. In this early display of the gift of the happiness of Family Life God put Man in the Garden of Eden where he gave him everything and gave him a Command by which he should live his life, which had to do with the Principle of Choice based on a certain fruit he was never to eat and this is the Principle of Family that we all still live by as Descendants of Man who was named Adam who was the Son of God to this day. My point is first of all that in the United States for example when we talk about the payment of fair share for an economic crisis which the US Government does a lot of, not to mention how much black people in the US do after their vandalisms and robberies, it is clear that some people never seldom earn a enough money to pay anything and that as a factor of power others are keeping them in that spot, which comes to play on the fact that they will have to be the ones that pay for everything with respect to the recovery so this power can continue but where paying fair shares apply is that their attitude is being transferred to the UK to cause lots of damage that I never see Americans and more notoriously black people in America make any payments for.


So deducing from Genesis Chapter 2 it can be said that Man who was named Adam was able to describe his companion Woman who was named eve from the relationship he had gained from giving other creatures their names which would also imply that he was by giving them their names, giving them the Characters we come to know them to exhibit today. What do I mean? Family is supposed to be the final destination of all the relationships we have come across in our lives and as somebody whose office is directly concerned with the maintenance of this institution I do not find myself in a place where I can tolerate anybody's insolent democracy, especially with respect to payments of fair shares during an economic crisis which we all know the rich will find ways of evading after they are responsible for making sure the very poor will never pay anything towards the deficit because they seldom never earn anything in order to do so. Thus where does the money to pay for the deficit it is hoped will come from? Of course the middle which actually does not exist in America as a group of people and will most likely dispatch its most violent squander efficient con men and women; to guess where? The United Kingdom especially of course.

I cannot come up with one name that stands in a good enough place to throw words around about payment of a fair share for any deficits. I have been propping up stocks and shares in the UK stock market which American traders love to vandalise despite the fact they had already done enough damage with their sub Prime rubbish all over the world, since the late part of 2001 and what I am getting in return is a never ending stupid insolent programme on public places all the time to stifle my book sales for obvious reasons which will simply lead to more trouble. On this prognosis we are still very far away from any economic recovery and each Political idiot is very free to build up his perceptions with the use of tax payer funds like they have done before.