It’s like when their teasing that goes from familiarity insults to racial bullying and does not matter if it starts from none white Communities if it is still racism anyway, goes on to say I need realise I am considered an Infidel by Terrorists: of which I wouldn’t know as a whole but we all know when people have female friends, the Muslims will infidel until it becomes a scandal and it is the scandal that actually destroys the marriage not the infidelity itself – then there is the bit where their superiority must facilitate imam putting up some wild trinkets on the streets to get rich with, meaning they must chase my anus and penis all the time without considering if I had Pork for dinner the night before etc. leaving me to wonder how many times I have to fix their Islam for them so they can practice it – then there is the Bible all together, which says it was better for he who is responsible for those who would trip up they that will follow the Truth and Holiness blindly to put a millstone around their necks and throw themselves into the river; whereby their stupidities are responsible for the person who follows every aspect of the Bible faithfully except killing infidel bit, to kill the infidel that follows every aspect of the Bible faithfully except the infidel bit, meaning that Heaven lost both and one remains in the world a Killer that will not kill their own one day as well in their view.

If I reviewed  Industrial Vandalism of Income and Disobedient Advertisement and Broadcast Media Services provision, it would have been the case of ending up in a lot of financial trouble is utter nonsense; they are running after their silly lives lest I get killed for messing with culture and somebody else takes it up for them as it stands and can move into my right hand again too if they are mad enough intending to find out what will become of it – what I have said is that it seems a worthy activity to spread some false filthy scandal that can be worked very insultingly around when I step in and out of my door with which to chase my public image for fame and fortune purposes that does mean there will likely be another story on the left on their case before it goes away like there has been one on Society leading to some complaining that goes right up to the highest levels of State Government, I am only asking especially in terms of race issues, when they suppose they wish to release me to those that actually care about me anyway, bearing in mind it’s all what they want to do with their time and there is anything in the whole world that they can actually do. The rest really enjoy seeing me deal with some difficult social issue that pays nothing and takes up all my time to make them feel comfortable and are wondering why I do the part where that their body will become the talk of town as well and get selfish around the matters of community croons chasing people’s private parts – wherefore it has become a sermon to mention the fact I am a writer. They all do the same things, left and right and centre and it’s a matter of peoples big ego wanting them a revenge when I whack them for making use of my Books without payment and its usually a matter of the number of times I tell them off before I actually do it – it has led to this argument I am not a real writer while ironically their prostitutes want to write an autobiography every year and sell it on structures I built to sell my Books only; hence the usual case of thinking that showing up on my public image to make fame and fortune is the most convenient but it isn’t since being me is not a joke; hurting bottoms and the community croons is where I get selfish too – they can rip it up if they wanted, I can always get a new one and that will hurt a lot more. As I said, its led to this outcome where I am not a real writer and I have written a Book I really need to put away and not write leads to outcomes where I serve clients and end up with an open question of how they are to spend their money on me and what I want and it’s an insult people could do with not performing, after which they endlessly show up on public places to argue with my friends about which debt I owe them and why they need have some convenience in their lives that I took away; hence its really stupid and tends to believe its own lies and tends to forget sequences of events of how its stupidities affected others and ended it up where it has and feels it is a bully and I want it to keep its mouth shut around my concerns and stay out of it too, causing me too much trouble. It’s an old case; it will show up to make a mess around all your concerns and rip up family life and career and everything to chase its  purposes and in the end, write a Book like I have and tell him to buy it and let you be and the Books become the only problem in the whole world – so they are flesh men or hard men apparently and I got my own auspice for fun and sadist happiness that brings about sales, a means to have two lives too and to rip up their own on a regular basis. They do speak of people stoking problems for me that I cannot handle of course, which is not true; nobody is stoking any problems for me that I cannot handle and it is not happening anywhere, they are bullies doing what they do best and there are people allied to me that are really skilled at hurting them even though it may mean I suffer a bit as a result of what they get up to thereof – my point is that what I write is a Book of Liabilities, written to help me release funds from a Trust system that is used by others in my interest and should it be said that an environment is not sustainable where people can read it and act on it if it affects them, without being interfered with or coming to any harm from others, I will not sell any of my Books – usually when I explain it thus, they will then tell me they will get a piece of it one way or another, which means everything I have said has been lost in translation and get replaced by a disposition whereby we will find out if that is actually what they are going to do as well. I really hate the variable stories people want to tell on the matter save the fact they are bullies and there are people that are good at hurting them for it and it does means that sometimes I suffer because of the fact I need to be protected – so I just explained it clearly on my Book of liabilities and my Trust and they say they will have some and build their own. They do say they want to see me broken as well, which is utter nonsense, the broken bit as  have said before is about those insulting open secretes that the community croons pick up on and so on and then they want people to do something about it and look into racism while they make plans to get rich and famous; I for my part do not have a great big problem with it as such, for me their case is adding up as that nemesis of being a University drop out because of them is continuing with them being a real pain – pain in Europe and Asia and the US and now India too; keep off my products usually means you deal with my problems and find out what it feels like too and we will see if what they will do is have some of my Assets and build their own Trust too. The case of not having it under control is not really the reality; I am aware it carries on and reaches a point and goes back to where it began because they are messing with me and the problem usually starts when I start to become lazy about messing with them and going right up to the end and returning to the beginning to start all over again until their whole lives are low key and mediocrity.

It is largely a matter of complaining when time is rather spent mostly on making sure that other people cannot get anywhere without there hanging over them a question of a debt that they have to pay involving bad things they must do for good people through which they put themselves in harm’s way, which then gives way to another that is generally about making sure people are jeopardised anyway endlessly. So, it is never the 'feed the Hungry' kind of behaviour towards others which tend to classify people as Dogs as such, it’s the 'hungry and angry dog fights best' sort of attitude.

They all love that story way too much; that I lack leadership abilities and tend to divide people but the reality as ever is that I would only contradict this notion if I did get off and make myself a public place vagabond on Media pretending it brings me fame but then again their jobs as leaders and Politicians have always been that of making sure that matters of basic human dignity do not degenerate into public violence and I have witness their expertise in the last decade and a half as it were, while every part of me hurts for it. Naturally it seems they cannot possibly lack leadership in their view if they are populist goons; it has always been the same old issue for as far back as we can go as it were, where reality is concerned i.e. if it isn’t broken do not fix it – when you cannot afford it do not start going off paying for it. I am a Royal Diplomat for the most part and need to be on the ground when things happen – one is only likely to stop a person from shooting another if they know where the gun is.

So it’s that old story where school days were spent on peer pressure issues at the end of which they took advantage of a few women and made themselves Politicians and Media goons and popularity celebrities, now they are apparently unable to live with the idea there is one here that they cannot take advantage of, so it therefore gets violent and as ever, the result is that my whole body aches from distant violence and nobody has ever yet given me a reason for it, while my Book sales falls flat every day and their case is adding up as well as a whole, there will be a story on it before it stops. What it really is about is an old case where they set out to ensure we all owe debts of society and culture and finance and that means we are marked out to work for our money and then work just that bit extra which then belongs to them – sometimes this bit extra comes to about 5% of all you do and you decide it’s what they want to do with their time, letting it go but in my case that bit is about 98% as they have waited so long for something like me to come along therefore their greed and thirst and other stupidities alongside wants it all and my Book sales will fall flat like that everyday so they can inform their media and stock market scum that they have prepared a market while they were the same that got off to punch financial holes on a perfectly striving global economy of the world without reason a decade earlier; just apparently one of those instances where they never listen to anything anybody says to them and are feeders unto the death with profitable disobedience to sell whenever it rewards them too – then claim I never said it when it mattered wherefore I can now appoint myself emissary of retribution but everybody knows I prevent them from doing business with poor people all the time i.e. the fact its National liability, the fact it will hand over its last penny because it knows what it is like not to have any and it be a money taken and money given occasion as such which has achieved much thereof, I have done it to a point where my own finances have bottomed out; the sheer number of times I have mentioned that poor people are poor because they love to spend money and the rich are rich because they do not love to money and both live in this way for very good reasons that they can explain very clearly to any who asks, therefore what I have been writing all along have not come from what I have been saying. Hence before the need to teach lessons its always be paying all my attention to the choppy qualifications and cash flow issues created by their Politicians and my single status, alongside dealing with any free bastard laying claims to any of my assets and Estate property but we know that more often than not we always end up with me checking myself in the mirror to see if my physical attributes are responsible for the abusive ways in which people use me on the streets and a clash between me and stupid kids that do well in school and have come into the real world with freedom and democracy and capitalism in mind – it’s all there is to their stupidities teaching lessons to their mates and complaining at the other end.

It’s all much the same as the Politicians becoming used to the habit of assessing every single new thing I do every day as a sign that can be explained away through the prism of some new beat down trouble I have found myself in; but it is not a new tale, it goes beyond society idiots being made to associate themselves with me so some violence can be met out when people can spend time on what is really important, it becomes a case of a continued process where all I have is needed for the Nation and at the end of which the competitors get the better hand once the job is done in a matter of minutes because they are obviously paying i.e. since they are not listening to what I am saying which means that I am not selling the Books at natural market conditions, the society idiots are softening me up with deals and abusive ways in which I can be controlled to help other people’s case and of course they are making use of me instead of the Books which means that others are not able to buy as well. It does come down to the conclusion whatever they wish to do should have nothing to do with me if they are not paying and to pay they are supposed to make use of the Books and not me, all a set of rubbish that has been continuing for the best part of the decade and is all going to get a lot better when they keep blabbing about a fight. I endlessly get told of the people I am in trouble with which is why it becomes so important but we are looking at fools who mostly Spanish and Danish get about popular culture to such an effect entire National Policies and particularly on foreign Policy is affected; we see these stupidities play out such that it is afraid of the Husband and Children but is convinced it lives in a world where it can do whatever it pleases with people who practice religion that teaches none violence and is very fond of pretending it is experiencing a battle with me while all it has done here in the UK is go from pretending it can protect the Royal Family from society better than I can when it is not my job, to a point of making deals where the enemy of their enemy is their friend, now it is convinced it is engaged in a battle with its equal and the stupidities are always best expressed on television advertisement which is where prove of what it is all about is usually best displayed. The Celebrities love to speak of something I have said and done and the fall out of my activities which affects them in ways they find insulting and I like to think it is the spirit they need too.


They have come to love this story so much that involves a case where everybody wants to have a go at me and are convinced I am to be held down and oppressed to make them feel so important that there are financial benefits attached to it as well – none of which are likely to materialise in realise as such since it is mostly a case of doing my Church stuff and then finding out that as a result of it I am forced to live other people’s lives by media and politicians with disastrous consequences for me; when I am being bullied and attacked because infidelity is happening, the reason if they are being nice is usually that the kind of sex they have is unusual or that an older Women is in a relationship with a younger man and needs a human shield so it wouldn’t matter since I have chosen to suffer, for the rest of them that do not fall into his category, only God knows what perversion they commit that drives them to behave towards me the way they do, all I know is that the fact somebody else has sex on their minds, I have been driven out of my academics and my finances now lies in ruins and it does mean nothing is ever important to these fools if it concerns somebody else’s welfare as such, all played out when we then see them set out to tell lies and so much of it that the whole atmosphere of media is one that says I am the one doing the wrong things every single time too. There is nothing unusual about the same old case where you have been marked out and given a certain publicity that means when you set up a business every fool shows up to set up one around you, while those who have money make use of the condition to rip up your business and build market for themselves that means they do not work for anything and just sit down to add more money to their money – I would love to just sit down and concentrate on the routines that cause me to provide a product or a service that somebody pays me for as such and that much is true but it does not mean I have no ability to work the processes of making life very difficult for the poor ones and ripping the livelihoods of the rich ones to create market for myself and yes everybody wants to have a go at me seems to be their story, so am I warning them too – the Politicians like to support this kinds of stuff and their case only gets real when all the warehouses of all the politicians in the world is losing money because then militant socialism can create world war three – as for these fools, it’s an old case where school days were spent on peer pressure stuff that is still more important than a day job as we speak, when done they want to get on the public image of those they have organised some disrespect for to become the next generations millionaire and I will cut it up for them around the world if not the Country alone all together, all I need is these stupid threats carrying on the way that they are – hence I do not think they have thought through the need to get rich from nonsense like everybody wants to have a go at me thereof – I was rather concerns mostly myself here about the whole process of the women ones showing up here to playout the fact they have explained their needs to the world and it is concerned with a process where they have a man that can do whatever they liked with, a girls are important and can sort it out if you had some respect, getting a bit more serious as it were, especially when pornography and sexual context abuses affects them, what the goons have done therefore is chose me and it is looking like attending Church and believing in a religion that fundamentally teaches none violence means you are a person they can do whatever they like with in their view; so it plays into the celebrities and journalists and television personalities and talent show hosts seemingly being unable to do anything without making reference to me – every video record, every picture, every internet appearance, every advertisement and so this is what I need to put an end to, so I can work in this Office without getting angry at everything since the warning is not heeded, that people should make use of the Books and not my person so as to ensure those who do want to buy their copy cannot because of it. Same with the Europeans who say I have no respect for world powers; the reality offered by people who have respect for country and world power is making use of British Interests and Diplomacy on account we are a Country that does not get its income from natural resources or Industry but the services and when there is a crisis do what we are seen doing as an understanding of what our problem is, hence its available, accessible and easy; I am wondering why people do it anyway and suppose they do because they are either the most insolent scum in the whole world or they are really desperate but either way they do need make use of it with a certain attitude too – personally however, what these goons are still chasing is that old case of not working on their business empires and having a dream at some point when their disobedience and the resulting depression of having to catch up on lost time gets the better of them, that my Empire will be sacrificed to save everybody else’s own because it will be fine when their empires recover in such ways and employs people and recovery therefore happens and I still stand by my supposition that the most insolent Politicians live in Europe, since it’s clear when it wants it that way, the main premise is the question of what it is you are going to do about it, talking nonsense about world power. They do say I have trouble being happy otherwise I do have everything I need but we all know I do not have trouble being a happy person, just sick of living their stupid lives. As I have mentioned before it does come down to the fact their relationship with money is a threat to me and nobody knows why they need to discipline me all the time over contributions that need be made by others to their incomes as a matter of priority anyway but it has come to that stage where they must be made to understand that writing Books does not make people flustered 24/7 or hurt every part of their body especially their anus and it can always continue until I fill in the blanks and give them a reason for it all together – they do blab also about the jobs they are doing for the entire economy and its exactly what I tried to prevent i.e. Economic crisis trend; the European ones are the bits where questions become important, such questions as how much money is changing hands when they take photos of stupid girls with Modelling careers on my public image and how much my Books are worth in return but it will likely end when I stop them taking job roles out of this Estate as well all together. It’s not a complicated case; when people make use of me and not my Books, they never ever must lazy truant useless goon buy the books or read them at all and this is the warning I am putting forward here, especially when we hear talk of how everybody wants to have a go at me as though the question of whether it will make my life easier or difficult was a complicated one. It was always media power, the frenzy that can be called upon your income if journalists are not getting it – those who will not let me ignore it like they did over my Mum are now the ones controlling their mothers as well to begin with and it’s an old story where their civil rights movements and Glastonbury does not work any other insulting way apart from ripping people’s lives and career and health in order to show up on media and change a behaviour before I complain and then lose credibility; by which time evidently academics and livelihood had disappeared. It’s all things that should be happening when people run a business with involvement of friends and relatives, it’s not that they do not get he products, it’s just that they do not have to be in the same place as the Clients; these goons however are not friends and relatives and so it eventually comes to that story where The Queen caused it by selecting an Arch Prince not from her own people but from an imported person etc. – which reality is more a matter of how they ended up with this arrangement they now have that makes them friendly with society trouble makers at Tinsel Town considering they have ended up with a man they can mess about, thus needs fulfilled the enemy of my enemy is my friend – this is what is happening. They say I complain about people making use of me instead of the products of course but I get involved with companies without buying the products but what is real is rather that I broker assets with firms and they work with me on creative property which are not cheap at Market value – so that when it does get to that stage where somebody says my Books make them uncomfortable and should not have been written it starts to get real as it is impossible to point to another group of suit wearing scum that are as destructive as they are, since there is no need for people to believe their own lies on this matter after years of doing advert and publicity on claims I have been taking money from where their families should be supporting them to make some and understand the value at a job that pays a six figure sum and it is when it does come to that stage where I decide the holdings and decide what I need to do ensure it is paying me and looked after for my purposes and that of the companies, everything lies in ruins including the academic work and they have said my Books should not have been written and I now have to start another campaign that says I am neither an academic writer nor am I a celebrity that writes novels and it continues like that endless and needless questions over your right to earn an income and the lies they tell at Politics to keep an eye on National finance too, which only purpose is to stifle your finances and fulfil a desire for power – every time I am off spending quality efforts on routines I need carry through to ensure I provide a service and get paid, their insults and presumption of ownership of everything including people will find a way to interfere and mess it up for me and then talk nonsense about wanting to profit from the fact everybody wants to have a go at me and so talking about it has again been turned into a sub culture on that stupid media needlessly, which is certainly not supposed to harm me save the Politicians who want economic recovery far more than everybody else ensure it does and delays everything around here that is finance and academics that way so the scum can tell me there is no way I might show them they are stupid people if they have better finances; even now, on saying this we will find the media has squandered it making use of me and not the Book again and it is something I am really sick of, something the fact I need to put an end to is a real thing, a real job.

Every so often we hear talk of how there is no point to religion in this world anymore since it changes all the time when people stick together and assert what they actually want; I wouldn’t know anyway, I know it’s a matter of the fact when people complain about a certain regime of things to a point, it becomes a matter of their own agency and you must let them have what they want; otherwise it’s the usual stuff i.e. the evils we practice are meant to help us get by in an evil world but soon enough its entire purpose will be to set religious people on an environment where their human rights are permissible and sit about flirting with torture all the time – it reaches that critical stage where some want to make violence profitable after years of lying and ageism and ignore people let’s talk among ourselves on their lives upon being age mates really gets to pay off in a public sense, the profitability of violence that says it is their human rights to enforce the will of those who were trying to do evil things to the nice guy who has something that should belong to another person and then you get disciplined ever so often because of what you had to do to add to their income levels and then just as you are thinking it’s what they want to do and there is need to concentrate on mine, you find that you are finished because your life is where racism talk must be done and it reaches that stage where you believe their problem to be that they are trying to secure themselves sight and experience of some proper racism before it stops.

It was always between them the un-dead so to speak and them society people that chase peoples private parts all the time, they are clearly doing what they are supposed to do and those who have ended up at the pinnacle of a process where people want money to rule them and wreck their lives (when sorting the society bits gets me into more trouble with them yap yapping) do not over my Books want to lose something important too. It’s usually big ideas about what must be done with kids that want to live like their parents all the time which is all good unless it is causing Royals that would have supported me at the Village in Europe and the rest of the world to howl and bail out, which leaves finances in tatters and means they have created the reality they need with lots of success of insults based on building all sorts of nonsense for themselves with my Public image – only so much nonsense can be tolerated from goons that are actually subordinate irrespective of their age and that other gimmick about popularity fools alongside stupid girls with handbags living off my work to make their point is usually my personal favourite in the matter. I am not the one complaining and picking on people at random to hurt somebody and soothe a feeling as though attacking an Arch Prince would be the same as doing a novice who cannot recognise evil when he sees it.

Where they claim I am good at destroying everything is an old case in which its usually big ideas on what must be done with kids that want to live like their parents all the time, while their popularity culture goons run wild and Politics generally does what it likes and the rules do not appeal until there are burning cities etc, which is all good for me unless it is causing Royals that would have supported me at the Village in Europe and the rest of the world to howl and bail out, which leaves finances in tatters and means they have created the reality they need with lots of success of insults based on building all sorts of nonsense for themselves with my Public image – only so much nonsense can be tolerated from goons that are actually subordinate irrespective of their age and that other gimmick about popularity fools alongside stupid girls with handbags living off my work to make their point is usually my personal favourite in the matter. The case where my life is being run by some right wing goons of which does not apply; its rogue landlords chasing a Royal Estate apparently, so the system the Government created recently to make them behave only resulted in a means by which they gather information about me and share it among themselves to facilitate very gross Public transport based abused while they do not want me to fall in love with older Women as an atmosphere as well. In the end they say I support the parts of government that have to do with killing people but we all know if it’s not a myth of how its horrible people that defend us from horrible people, it’s about that thing a Police Officer said to him that annoys him for the rest of his life and then you wonder what that was and it was the one where Officer says this whole case where people have no consent has gone too far; it becomes something that needs to be expressed as per it is quite possible that if the Politicians do not hold it down for them to shoot and stab, they are ever going to get to do it. When confused they say I behave as though I am deserving, when not they say it’s all just the stuff somebody else took up and used to serve me as well to collaborate with what my place really is and a big mouth on that stupid media to show for it - it’s all about being very tired indeed i.e. spend years working on it and when I set out to go public another fool show up to decide they did not see me work for it, so I can make time to turn his own around as well which considering age will need that media for it as well. They wish to ensure I am not paying for it with the good feelings that come off their own media personality public image, so they want to protect that and continue doing it never the less; they always say I am not innocent but I would have been satisfied with what I have done if it did not mean I had a financial problem because the meaning of their civil rights is to share the income, resulting in outcomes where there is always an insults associated with being disciplined which allows their community croons to play their own roles too at what goes into my head and down my throats and my chest and into my tummy and makes a bad smell (The other side of whether I have mental illness is usually the one about the idea I am the carry on and recover type which is not actually true, what it true is the things I have refused to do anything about immediately – mainly foolish women who want me to be made to behave when it comes to giving up anything I own to them and the stupid women who do it and complain about community croons whole gawping over those who have so called body type that can handle it; I have asked them to stop doing that stuff where they get them stupid women comfortable on my income and sit about choosing their girlfriends so well we become convinced they are protecting their DNA from contamination etc. but it will not stop just yet on their terms. So, if the Media is going to keep playing this game of my finances staying a wreck until they have what they want, they should be prepared for the consequences too as it does increasingly seem I cannot give them enough time to just get lost. It has always been corrupt and evil, right down to the Politicians and if they have that sense in their minds that they can work towards anything they think they should be, the result is the same thing we have here i.e. it needs two jobs and one is meant to keep people out of a job while the other provides money and it will always gather with friends and find it all amusing.).

Mostly it is eventually said that people want my Books but do not know how it works; the reality is that it is a dead end to spend time on a divided people who know only money madness and some power, which is all the illusion that comes with the live styles of the successful people that have gained it through working hard and profitably. So, when they do bother me too much with their problems I get off to write a Book for them - what is happening with the deviant leadership of the Media over the Books is that they are now asking whether it makes me weak to write Books and sell it to them and have become rather uncomfortable with the consequences over time i.e. I write Books for them so that civil rights might hardly have gotten to mean a process of knowing lots of neighbourhood criminals that can be unleashed on other people’s lives and property, especially when the society ones cannot stand the media ones and the women are out of control making the men more interested in criminal activity than the Jobs they really want to spend their time on, which allows me to get on with what matters too. They do like to speak of which one I bragged concerning an ability to control organised crime but we all know that if the organised crime products people do not have somebody to sell the products to, they will have no business and probability is that one day their big mouth will easily turn a process where weapons makers listen and understand if you tell them not to make products on your equities that organised criminals can buy but media cannot and never does, into an outcome where they are stuck between Law enforcement and the organised crime products people, then we will see what it is exactly they can do about it all. It would rather do that than comply with the rules, it will rather a case of telling others what to do concerning what it wants and whether it is being denied on account others are rather able to sort out his stupid problems, which when you do becomes an endless media story that suggests it’s all your life as it were, it will rather do that than comply with the rules, his station being that standard business practice is him and his Asian friends knowing where peoples private parts are especially the anus and now they speak of narcissist workers who probably read their insults off a dictionary with a behaviour that amounts to a habit they could so easily have stopped, clinging to my Books and showing off solutions that do not work for me in anyway, which has also created a problem – I want them to keep away from the Books.


They say I understand what is going on with Politics and why the far right is rising but we know the far right rises the same way every single time and that the people who do it work in the same pattern all over the world whether they are white. Usually a matter of Politicians having fun ripping peoples career and finances, sending them to prison over and over to make populous remarks and continue some very evil forms of corruption to see how many lives people will have when they have chosen not to go down the route of doing evil things, populate the prisons and then depopulate it and populate it again etc. if you had said anything, it will just offer them an idiots self-improvement that chips away at your health as well, so the usual way these things work is that those who do it then decide to get into the Politics and take it over and do the job that the politicians were supposed to do and by the time it’s done, what has become most important is killing people. The Politicians will say I take about it because I am being irresponsible while reality is still that if you meet him today you will be able to talk about what you know and what you can do, meet him again two weeks later and that thing he knows is done by somebody else, meet him again after and he is wondering what you are doing in the Country when you do not have the same skin colour as he has because of the Politicians; so it’s usually the same old case where it works in terms of starting an altercation with next door neighbour which is supposed to get to parliament all together being made easy by politicians who have people to chase about for stealing personalities that those who have a mandate from the public to lead should be enjoying. They always say they have got it under control with their immigration Policy but we all know what it does it encourage somebody to come in from overseas to see another that has lived in the UK but is financially worse off than those who come in through the asylum system and get looked after until they are in the Country where they get the necessary welfare and transit into jobs which is a stable existence, certainly not like that of those who will have to deal with the racism, so when the community fools who have made a mess of culture but want to blame others for the problems hence locate such a person and his good religion as the character that must replace them, while they seek a better existence and the politicians support it financially to make people into the ones that hate young people that get past them to be more successful, while the goons then go from claiming when done smoking marijuana and getting involved with others it means they have practiced their civil rights to being popular culture rich and famous; so they create the whole things and have never solved any problem with that load of shit they call their immigration Policy – what we know is that when a process of meeting somebody today and being able to discuss what you know and can do becomes the process where he wonders what you are doing in the country when you do not have the same skin colour the next time that you meet, those times when we know racism does happen from time to time but does not permeate mainstream living must have been completely overhauled by a collection of very stupid and arrogant people in parliament who have always needed to dig other people’s flesh in order to put their stupid heads straight when at school and keep it going a hate figure to do academic work during the three years at University, after which their greatest pride will be that it is impossible to prove that they are stupid people and these things will happen because it wants to see what exactly you can do for its part while for your part is the wonderment about how to stop him doing it when you know that the fact it is stupid is not to say that you ought to sit around dreaming of seeing it end up in some serious and violent trouble. They will of course say I think I have achieved much by saying these things of course but it’s just me saving people’s minds from the rise of the far right; if I wanted to be crude about it, I would say the idiots are socially and morally corrupt and I am fed up with seeing them show up around my Books and Public image to fuck about. They like to say there is nothing I can do about them and that my fame is done and over but apart from the fact do not do it means do not do it as it were; reality is still that my fame is over when their bottom is hurting on one hand and in terms of what I cannot do about them, if involvement causes drop out of academic system, it does not show they are weed smoking very stupid tourism economy people who do not have a background that can support fame; so I have written a Book and they have stifled the finances, I am now stuck between the Book and the problems I resolved to create them while there isn’t a soul including myself that is not complaining of hurting bottoms, I am just the only one that will get out of it unscathed, wondering why it is people like to hurt themselves in such ways. I mean it’s generally about being sexy and then everybody wants to use you for sex and then the job you got by being sexy you will lose etc. but if I told them what it is they are messing with getting involved with my concerns all the time, they couldn’t do the fashion for instance to save a life if their own lives did depend on it : speaking of the fashion ones who do not get deterred by mental illness when it comes to undercutting peoples financially and ripping the pinnacle of peoples career for casino banking and to make themselves feel comfortable – so it’s all blabbing at me for now before what they are already scared of becomes a lot worse; left the treasury to do the maths of its insanity, loves to build vandalism sales groups and when it has become mentally ill I end up with a problem and not a process where it is no longer cutting me off at the pinnacle of my career, so that its money might be important. It reminds that those who do not preach the gospel will see their version of gospel take over – the other physical bit is big mouth wagging.

Of course I do get told giving it away will put me in greater risk which is utter nonsense; they are the same old sad, sad cynical narcissists who have an inability to be happy persons, which causes them to seek success or anything else that may look like it only by making people fail at what really matters and this is the only thing that helps them hold themselves together - this narcissist happiness thing that does not actually bring about the sales they boast about at the markets as much as the destruction of other people’s property if people are not reacting in violent ways does. There is the other talk of the fact British service personnel working undercover have died trying to sort out the Russia problem, which seems to mean that there is a lot of vulnerability going around while reality is that we know that with their limited resources and the range of the Russian Security service, this was always a likely probability - the point I am making of course being that it was completely avoidable considering British Security structures exist to protect the main land, Police the Trans-Atlantic Trade route, carry out Humanitarian services and support Allies in NATO but each time new systems are developed to counter new challenges, we find that Russians have already made it outdated in a matter of Months to build a Counter System claiming it is an issue of National Pride: the outcome presently is that the Russian Leadership has gone from thinking the world is a Chess Board a Russian Might being used to rob smaller Countries if their fanatics are financially desperate, to a decision on whether it is to make war on its Citizens or make war on the World. I do not think it’s a problem as such, they hate my guts because I appointed myself on their case too i.e. when the economic crisis took hold back in 2007 and they decided they had found somebody they would bully to extricate lifestyle having discovered more about the lives of the super wealthy and regularly continued the same behaviour we see now but in a very dangerous context i.e. ripping my finances to open up sales frontiers and calling the racists to ask them to damage my life too, then going off to talk of other matters about how paying more taxes because they have money is unfair. So, I did appoint myself to ensure they were channelling their incomes towards the correct economic routes and that the National economy was not split up because of their insanity to deepen the crisis, which obviously would have hit me the hardest according to their plans. So, they have clearly started again the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer gimmicks, throwing oppression nonsense and calling me names whereby I was more creature than human and that is why I have set this out very clearly too.

(They love to tell me it’s my own race of people that are bullying me because it is such a game but we all know its Daddy is home idiots who really have no reason to build a popularity pipeline on your Estate like some highway people can take to fulfil their dreams but will do it anyway until you cut their own to pieces as well, bearing in mind the number of times you may have told them off, since we all know they continue still even when people have been killed for this sort of behaviour talking nonsense about how racists attack total strangers. The other story being that I am a small man which is precisely the point; since big Men and Women are unable to see that clinging to another person’s property to stifle their finances and express your shenanigans over a decade and a half is likely to cause a lot of distress – like needs and greed, you cannot shut the media up if your life depended on it. I mean we all eventually are aware the road leads to the air people breathe only if they are making war on the Media where real men and big Men, real women and big Women discipline lesser people to feel they are culturally in the right place to do things which agree with their totem; I on the other hand have been through 8 years of hell because I published books that made them uncomfortable, now it seems my Books were working to protect me all along from what the years of hell were meant to achieve i.e. a totem that shouts me down with media when it handles my work and income margins alongside their very stupid friends, so one can avoid those lesser disposition that means one seems to agree with terrorists obviously, which is completely unnecessary.)


It is never true by the way that it is the insults of the West that causes Terrorism in the Middle East – what we see is that suicide bombing was invented in Siri Lanka and that it was used by agitators who had turned to terrorism; what we see of Islamic Terrorism is that it is organised and designed to conquer and not an agitation based suicide bombing which points to the fact it is a military strategy and not something some angry civilians have done. So, the way it really happens is a case of Islam believes in Jihad and tries to control what happens in its backyard but when they are unable to control it then there is a problem. Yes of course it’s an example of what is wrong with religion but this story of what is wrong with religion is more about the lives of those who hate religion and not religion itself, all I can say is that they make their choices and when people step outside of the light there isn’t a choice about it or a middle ground, the way it is, is that they automatically step into darkness. So series of lackadaisical behaviour around the ethics of living and one day you will behave like that inside a car and will end up dead but if you are careful not to get killed by accident and have media to save yourself with every day, you are chasing a disobedience that invites murder and expecting to use religious people as human shield talking nonsense about the problem of religion all the time to steal good characters and build them up to get rich and famous with and I am sure they know they hate my guts because I am an armed man and will likely take steps to ensure the bad things do not happen to good people too – it’s been that way for the best part of the last 15 years but still around my Books and my concerns and my talk they will not keep their filthy mouths shut and around my public image they will not stop exhibiting their stupid selves.


Now they say I am a very ungrateful person but what really is happening is that people think it is a worthy past time, an acceptable activity to do aspects of my work whenever they find them and it means that everything I do to build up a sensation that is my Books which is likely to invite people to find out what the contents are is being done by somebody else that really loves me. I found that this is not an anomaly and that it is the main basis on which Celebrities and media goons follow up advertisement to ensure somebody else is working for their money while they have fun and claim it is the pleasures of existence all together, whilst it is difficult to find a neighbourhood in which Women are intolerant of Celebrity and Men are tolerant of it. Hence before we go our separate ways, I need to secure respect for my Books, which they say I will never get and it so comes down to a case about an Intellectual Property Administrator and not some goon from hard bottle to deal with – whereby I am thinking anything they do to handle my work will amount to Publicity that allows them to work for me which I can create fun into, so as to ensure the process has been exacted where others are working for me while I have fun – dragging them back to fix the problem is time consuming and not financially rewarding. I do not think the matter is a problem, just bearing in mind that the situation is one where my Books go to highest points of Media and Government where the sales are dead and buried and its very abnormal stuff, since the reasons for the wars that we see in this world are plenty, I do not wish to make my own contributions as well. They say it’s all my people making trouble first of all and then also that I am cynical about celebrities when they are a lot of help for me; utter nonsense of course, since what has happened is that friendly celebrities are always getting hurt by paparazzi that work somewhere between a relationship they have with me, so I turned the whole paparazzi between me and celebrities thing into a team and am about to get rid and replace those with paparazzi that comply with normalcy a little bit more than that. It’s not true that I like celebrities either and the confusion it is said, is that I like celebrities and I hate celebrities and nobody knows which is which whereas the reality is that Celebrities need my Books but do not buy them and want to prevent others from buying as well, need my Books but just want to see me suffer a little, need my Books and attack my finances no matter what they have because they are being cynical and hateful, so I do not like celebrities if I am not liking celebrities that are friendly to me and the media that takes up a position between this friendliness to hurt me and hurt them being handled as well is what they are complaining about at this stage like it is some right they have, indicating there is a lot of narcotics and all sorts of nonsense going on behind the scenes. Eventually it comes down to advertisement I do not want them to make and they do say I am insane since I now want to stop people making advertisement but first of all we are looking at the Marxist block shutting my Books out of neighbourhoods to build up a disposition for making stupid advertisement that cost little and make millions with my public image and as mentioned earlier, every time I explore the reasons behind this slashing of my business empire for themselves, it turns out the main motivation is to have fun in life while less powerful people do all the work – if this fail, then the whole process of Books which is the business I am involved with being attacked ad destroyed will ensue, through advertisement about the housewives that really like me but will not be caught dead reading my Books when they wish to use it to get rich; thus it looks innocent when house wife that likes me character appears on an advertisement on Television but if I do not want it done, it is never innocent or a good thing; it’s me working while others nastiness have fun for money at my expense excusing it with wealth and social inequality while it is really stealing and possibly worse. Pretty much the same case with American economic threat thing, where Casino Self-employment is expecting British Royalty that will end up stuck in Vegas to mess about with, having not had one, wants to breach my patents every day, handle my property and blab all over the world about convenient ways of getting rich at the expense of the British in Asia and Japan; usual outcome is Celebrities going from the goons that bother me with negativity because they are women and are being bothered by other peoples of my skin colour type whom they do not fancy on one hand, while the idiots that bother them ensure the air is not free for me on the other, to claim they have had the better of me, wherefore half the time they say so and the other half the time they expect me to be forgiving while they like my Books but know better how I should be used, show up to churn my tummy and dump a history they want to be far from to seek more fame and fortune.


It’s not true that I am stuck, they are screwed and done for; they do not have a future for those business empires and those trading systems and those company shares; they need my Books but have no Polite or civil way to get it in mind, so it seems I am going to tear up their shares for them too etc. It’s all simple civility; if people have more money than single mothers, they might want to stop inventing financial competition with pregnant women – if people have more money than University drop outs, they might want to stop inventing financial competition with those who have no way of defending themselves – and as for me I am asking for half of £50.00, which they can comfortably part with if they thought Books and property and public image was as valuable as mine is – it all comes down to having what you have but being civil about it, all very well punishing me by reading my property all the internet and making claims to my public image to chase my private parts and tell me to swallow my thoughts to the recesses of my tummy all the time as long as they are not making any more trouble for me for the useless ways in which they live out their existence as well. They speak of parts of the world they see as their turf all the time but we all know what happens is millionaire playboy likes his sales army and his money and his excessive lifestyle that sends the internet into meltdown but so is it becoming more obvious as equally as my bottom hurts every time I sit at my Office, that it will not keep off my personality and public image and personal life and indeed my faith for that matter, let alone if we talk about my finances – it is not going to give me a breathing space and is having too much fun for my liking with his stupidities. The same stupidities that speak of certain bits that are their turf whereas what really happens is business for wealthy people by wealthy people who put the money in overseas accounts and bankrupt regional economies, so show up here and steal my Royal property thinking absolutely everybody believes Industrial espionage is really that trendy; it’s about people having what they have with a sense of civility - keeping away from me - letting my tummy get on what it does normally (where they say everything I do is indicative of seeking conflict whereas the truth is that Politicians never allow others their own sensations of safety with regards the fact civil rights people are never happy with moral and religious people who obviously do not take part in violent activities or crime - thus only when it gets serious do we find that the Politicians listen with a sense of privilege).

They now say I am a quasi-supporter of abortion which is utter nonsense; I do not support abortion – what I have said about abortion in the past was as simple as the fact that it is unfair to ask somebody to take a leap into the unknown having a child without the other partner for some reason, if you do not have a facility to support both mother and child and still even if you do the reality is that you do not have an abortion Police to stop women committing abortion, so it’s unfair to be unempathetic about their difficult decisions for whatever reason. There are those who claim my position shows I am not a real conservative but we all know that they are noble, I am nobility and they never take responsibility for anything in their lives; so somebody cannot do abortion and that is the end of the story, no assessment of risks that the person might be mentally unstable and may have the child and kill themselves after, leaving a child without parents and probably a criminal background that runs in the lineage, one day blowing up train stations, leaving more people with criminal back grounds who have no parents, that may blow up more train stations in the future. What they are really good at however is blabbing things like how I am not nobility but we all know they hardly write it down and sign their names at the bottom – the point is that somebody will have a child at the back of the car, drive past me while the child imagines their finger up my bum because society idiots are brewing some violent gossips around me, check myself in the mirror and I do not look the part for his response to me at all; the parent will feel that I have an obligation to feel sorry for them when they have to co-operate with the Police over some criminal matter, while they will expect no consequences for their insults and the fact that its only purpose is to ensure when they wreck their lives with vice they can lean on somebody hard and violently in order to secure sensations of convenience, talking about their insanity with blame culture the whole time. It does not add up; all those times people attend church to go out into the world and deal with sexual advances that are violent all day long; then we have people like these who are also conservative and do not allow abortion which of course I do not as well for my part, to show up and create weaknesses into my work and public image and personal life that others can exploit, then sit about telling me I do not have a Royal Estate as insultingly as possible – the black complain about their civil rights the whole time they are at it, the assumption being that racists will not be taking advantage of those weaknesses they show up here to open up all the time because they are all really good at telling lies. So, it does not suffice to just say I am not nobility – those who do can write it down and sign their names if they wanted, it does not suffice to say people cannot do abortion, those who say so need to take some responsibility as well. So, they say I will not be satisfied with anything, but it is an example of people who are better human beings making use of me when they find out what it takes – what it takes to make me and maintain it, what it takes for me to be me. So on this particular matter, they always say taking on the men means I become a toy for women and play into their feminism but it works for me, the way my Estate and its personal finances operate is fundamentally tied to Women running my public image and allowing people access to me where I would not necessarily have given the access but is safe because we have an arrangement and this is the bit that applies to celebrities and dignitaries – the State Provided security was based on surveillance and now people are done playing their games with private security industries I want it back and will never stop burning their own until I have it back – what I do with it includes getting myself entangled with crime leads which security processes is deployed to look after Celebrity peers tied to me or left in my Court by other people at the Monarchy who may have picked them up as a result of mobility matters; so it’s not as simple as spy on people and become what you want to be, we can see the incredible levels of damage done around this matter alone, about which I am the one complaining of hurting bottoms and criminal mobility the last time we checked. In retrospect It has always been very simple and it would be nice when goons who appoint themselves and talk nonsense about those whose influences would have scared me into behaving differently so somebody that is more worthy might be rich and important if I were living in Africa are past it now with their insults talking nonsense about which ones I will not be selling as it is now over for them telling people what to do with a whole existence somewhere else where their mates will appreciate it better and stop making their stupid skin colour into a curse for me, get off to it. We do not know of a point at which these behaviour have not courted consequences - so it has always been clear they are not propelled to do it by the forces of social and cultural change as claimed but knowing I am likely to be vulnerable to stupid girls and Celebrities who want to address me and call to their security guards when I react to them, set out to ensure I am vulnerable and bullied, blabbing all sorts of foolish threats when I mention cults and gang and criminal issues as well.


I do get told by Government people that it’s all my fault because I expose a lot about myself which is not really the case – the truth is that they have access to nothing; what happens is that I broker equities with large Companies that leave me Publicity for my Books and keep any Broker we have had as Trust, the result is that every goon that wants to take advantage of market gaps where they have suffered inefficiency oversight which is not necessarily a bad thing, has to be done so abusively and destructively that it leaves me without income because it prevents those who want to buy my Books from doing so, the people responsible never buy my Books and never leave me with publicity to sell it as well, so it is becoming a real problem but a problem for them mostly. They always show up at the other end to tell me I have little power to do anything since they have the money to buy products from large companies but then again their behaviour means that those who would have bought the Books so I might eventually shut them out are unable to do so, while they are themselves not buying as well, which is going to be a problem on all sides, considering the black mail, black mail endlessly stuff that churns the tummy when I am unable to breathe and am not eating properly, so it does mean waiting for a time they will show up to throw a punch in order to return to me my personal space, on account there has been a bad smell.

Now they say I have made everything so mixed up and confusing and people do not know what they are doing any longer; the truth rather of which is that I get stuck at the Civil service for one reason or another because they are a bunch of bloody cowards who look for all the time, have media to play with and each time they come up against the tail backs of other people’s careers since their whole lives are developed around insulting people, what happens is that they ensure the problem affects everybody else. For my part in the matter, their media job generally means get around with scum from private security industry who will gather information on me that you can play around with, so when my bottom hurts and they have not provided a reason we edge closer to a stage where they are going to end up giving me closure for it too, starting from the point where I take steps to ensure that their goons are having to chase the life they have lest others take it from them and thus show up on the media jobs all the time - other steps would include a lot of things I have done to ensure I am not bullied by those who watch their media outlets from the third world and that especially is going to get increasingly worse, if for any reason to ensure they will not be beating up anything on Television with that big mouth; obviously the whole matter has become a conversation some perverted money loving civil rights social corruption that becomes career criminal when nobody is watching because they will not stop making sure everybody else is affected in order to publicly and culturally attain something by which to blackmail me and make me breathless to chase money by; without being pedantic for the wrong reasons, it is not difficult to observe that they are apparently making a lot of enemies and we are not talking small enemies they are confident of progressing media/ celebrity jobs by bullying either.

They love to say I am arguably the most disrespectful individual in the whole world; I personally could not tell if it was a worthy conversation for the day anyway but then I do wonder if it is something they truly believe or something they say because they have gotten used to saying it about which it is not a good joke anymore all together around here as it were. What will likely happen with it is that it builds up to a stage and then they have to complain about me as well; as we know the same things are done to women in the sense that the more women are strict about an issue is the more Men like to play with them over it, so in my case I am just the most disrespectful person as though they want me to set out a convention in which I discuss how much respect I should be getting. The threats are all very well, we all know what is going to happen again is that they will have need of entire civil service and parliament and national media to keep me down, then get the community croons beating down my health as well for them to have some cowards victory with. The point they have made out is that it’s a matter of this need I have to say something or do something that depletes peoples profits at the Markets every day, which of course is the only way they listen; I am spending money on my Books and websites as well, while their need to ensure they chase deviance and put the blame on me, then follow up my income means I am not earning and we have now seen that every other method of telling them off never really works, so I need to grab their dream and ensure it is money down the drain dream as well, otherwise it is obvious they will have so much fun doing it that what I do or say will be drowned out. Their minions on the streets say there are things I have not yet paid for, which is why people have difficulty learning where their loo is on my account but what really happens is they chase up the social corruption and spend their time ripping up mine to make money and do like to leave their mark by damaging academic pursuits as well and this is the part they really do not have to engage in, the last straw so to speak; by the way of which I have no idea why it seems okay to pass those insults they learn from the dictionary a flash boys, concerning some pleasure I had enjoyed without paying all the time anyway, while they have never really explained to anybody what they mean. So I get told if I said this years ago things would be much better, instead of ending up with a reputation for saying nasty things all the time, which I do not understand anyway – first of all which it is expected that I say it before people realise that to drop out of University and fail to tidy up and return to finish it in 10 years is something terribly wrong and as for the nasty things I say anyway, apart from the best conversation being one about my lack of respect, nobody has noticed that they fundamentally need to destroy people’s lives on account people have got weaknesses, a job and studying part time which must make them rich because you are neither fully employed nor a full time student, a working Mum who takes up a part time job to spend more time with the family, which is neither a full time Mum or a working Mum has to make them rich, to speak of some of the milder weaknesses they want to exploit and ruin people’s lives by all the time; always seen being nasty, always seen blaming others for what happens to their tummy, does not want to be cracked, blabbing disrespect. In the end they are always likely to be criminals that are also victims of crime, so one does not place too much emphasis on the costs of their financial comforts to those they abuse in order to make it happen but we can now see that each time they have the money, they begin another story concerning the respect their victims have not shown and how others oppress them and want to govern them and tell them how to exist because they are such a massive responsibility, how their civil rights are being eroded and of course one does not wish to look the part as well either.