So it is said I completely misunderstood the statement that was made about the Duchess of Cambridge by the writer Hilary Mantel, I for my part cannot make out what such a suggestion would have meant anyway; maybe finding out what she is referring to really is a process where the Princess gets to work with her own state provided security and is getting her feel of things and then it would have been a comment made out of ignorance, however it’s their choice to decide if they want the ego part where it is seen as rude and thoughtless or the humble pie part where is was made out of ignorance, not me. It’s the same story I have mentioned in my case as well where they seem to act like when I have a conversation I am doing so with them and so it will continue to get worse, this process where they handle my state provided security which I always see as a process of damaging it and then round it off and make money with it which I share with them and then it will get worse from there as well. They even suggest all that can protect me from danger has been stripped of me and therefore I am somebody they can do whatever they like with which shows why people will make comments like they made about the duchess. In my case however the problem is that I have got a feel of everything else except settling in on working with my state provided security which is a training everybody gets; the reasons for this are the insults of black people and media abuses which I intend to end really badly too so they can leave me alone properly. It’s as though they are not aware what I have done to them is all revenge i.e. their US president thinks I have no right to sell my books and make a living and I have ways of making sure that he cannot commit great crimes against me and return to have anal sex with whomsoever he does, now I can tell him to and make him do bad things and he has to keep a cool and calm temperament that people can insult and abuse as well, so that when they get to pass their insults in his direction too, that will be the end of it. For them however I am well prepared to be famous on grounds they are angry and lethal and poor and have problems etc. Yes of course I am also aware they say this personal security matter is not my own failure but that would have been so if they were prepared to discuss how I have become the most prepared thing in the world to be most famous on grounds that none white people exist; it started from their women and such nonsense as the need to be able to dominate me and so when I tell them they are just women and need to learn their place and express that by taking up that stupid left hand side the men get involved as well and start to make claims of things they have done with me in which they were the boss, with evidences to show and a big mouth all over the place – hence now it has become something else entirely. The part where people are acting in such ways as ensures the entire country suffers so that I might not be made to suffer to bring about economic progress is simply something they say due to the things I have not done to them i.e. I have allowed it get from simple teasing through many other parameters and now bullying for trophy power where they go home to cuddle their children and use government property to bully me in order to gain cultural power. I can only say it has a time limit and that when I have come to a state where I figure I have not got enough time based on the wage I can earn to save for a comfortable pension, it will be time for them to fear me as well. Otherwise for now I do not think the conservative government is doing enough either myself; I mean people say they have assets and money and we cannot just write it off but the question being on what basis they have that asset and money that people suppose cannot be written off. The fun and games and idiots that want the economy apparently and this is how they want to run the country as well. I have done nothing which suggests besieging the government offices where these attacks on me come from and that is the only difference between a condition where they shut their trap and a condition where they talk such nonsense as making me suffer to bring about economic recovery or an economic recovery created which is designed to hit me hardest; I mean I am not for most of the time aware they exist myself so they are really never that relevant and we are not talking about expenses system and bullying the general public into providing a process where idiots finish with their politics but do not retire because they think the business world needs their leftovers, hence turn up here to make my life hell as well and cannot stay off the advertisement and media. The part where they always have some quick fast supposition that is to make them money on who I am and what I do is not that much of a problem, the most outstanding is that everything I do is sexual but they are an old story and nobody has ever seen them tone down their wickedness of laying it on people; so people confuse them for normal responsible people all the time because of the way they do it e.g. I am a family man and I have a problem and I need to lay it on you, can I lay it on you? Not that you have a choice when I am more powerful anyway and so when they provoke people to a point where somebody picks up a knife and stabs them seriously they pretend it is a general problem that affects everybody, so they are confused at present and for their politicians and businesses I win again, hence everything I do is sexual. The part where I am scared of the politicians is supposed to have been handled in two ways one being when I laugh at it i.e. when people are that stupid and you have so much valuables around, you do need to be scared of them because everything they do always does a damage – the other being when I am serious about it i.e. they always work that evil where they want somebody to be successful and stripped, so that they can use the person to be whatever they want to be, so in my case they have detached me from the successes and have done the stripping and have stirred the necessary extremism and cannot get off it on public places. Their threats of course like they make up the idea I am scared of them which I guess these deeds were meant to actualise but has not really worked, is largely about telling me of extremists I need to fear because I have provoked them l usually not much I can say save a pragmatic mannerism of “you do that and finish it too – idiot.” Its rather simple; you may have to deal with cultural and social wickedness on grounds that you have an altercation with somebody but never on grounds that peoples nature is a process of working it on you; they need to leave me alone and especially realise I have the right to get to my work place without having to talk about racism etc; the part about issues that will likely kill me first before I do anything about them at any rate, must have referred to women in politics and big companies with the most disgusting behaviour imaginable who are a disgrace and a problem for women as a whole because they cannot and never do anything they need to without bugging a man and can never ever be seen doing anything on merit – lie all the time and perpetually feel like orchestrating ownership of what does not belong to them. as I always say, for the insolent pop stars it seems there is no other way to deal with villainy like royalty does unless I lose all I have and they are the ones who have it as the starting funds that will support them while they do, which is of course a fact they leave out of their insolent and presumably manipulative lies and complains that do not seem to disappear from media no matter what anybody does about them; there is naturally talk of lots to worry about over them which I do not think is the case since I rather feel it continues because I have not yet hurt them badly enough to pay for damages they do here just so they can get off to the band wagon that they always do anyway and we are not talking about payment of revenge either, so that the insolent end product might be that they always get the money anyway with a big mouth; the men as in the men or their part in it however of which is an old story, they say they have me in a condition where that thing I planned to make a living with is in such a state I have no argument which suggests that I should but of course having been they have figured out ways of wrecking people’s lives and property and knowing there is no other place to situate the blame except those whose lives they have destroyed, think the scenario is funny and my question therefore is what it means when wrecking people’s lives mean they lay the blame squarely on themselves and of course what it means as well when such activities are funny. I do not know what they want from me, they started a fight and now want a conversation; there is no conversation of that sort just as I am aware that there are things to be scared of them for regarding which they will not get ten meters near me and that is a promise, however on this matter what is important is that they need to win the fight and stop pretending they want a conversation from me. I am a black person and take really seriously those things people do to set people up for extremism of course but if I were to tell them like they will not jump on their band wagon and do popular culture and music to get rich and famous unless they had damaged my property or finances and nobody can really understand why it needs to be that way if they have not mentioned it has to do with the fact I am not superior to them and need to stop pretending I am, when in reality I am and they really do need to shut their gob since I am a royal prince and they are nobody – which if I were to mention will allow them the chance to get on with their stupid insolent lives, so I am and we do not want to hear any of it, nothing here whatsoever in the form of a conversation. Of course this is not the end of it, we are talking about the men here, there is always something else; I am only speaking of the matter of a means they have decided is in such a place as I have no argument which suggests that I need to make a living from it with a big mouth and it was the same with changing the life the Christian lives to make him live the one they do then start off their stories about how he steals their history. Hence the trick continues to remain the art of starting a fight and seeking a conversation out of it so the destruction of people’s property can be funny without any reprisals and they can be men without which they are not obviously and will never be around here. Little people doing little things to be rich and irresponsible with theft that is so small but has the effect anyway and has not been quantified by law and I will take it away as well – I am superior to them since I am a Royal Prince and they are nothing. No idea why they do it and want the conversation so they can think it is funny anyway, such a fact will never be explained but it is clear it can have something to do with the way I live which is not good for their boasts and egos or it might simply have to do with their desires and when I get out of my present state without improvements it will get so many times as worse as it is at present.


Idiots that believe recessions and livelihoods and jobs and personal lives are a plaything obviously and now they want the economy as a whole too; they say I play around with their wives and I see what they mean but it is rather baffling that they are married. I mean who knew that they are married when we all want to be rich and irresponsible too. Provided they get their girls at the beach and a certain internet sex and the parties and the clubs out of my company profit margins and finances so I do not have to see it each time I turn on the television or turn up the internet or any other media for that matter, then they will not have to worry about their wives; the question remains still if they really do believe that everybody out there thinks they are married, more so if which if somebody where to hurt them such a person will deprive others and therefore the person needs to be more responsible which makes this question so incredibly necessary. Putting in perspective the claim I respond to anything that twitches so that while I should not put myself in danger, have done things which ensure that people are convinced I will do anything if told to; I could never actually work out if it is as a result of what I have not done to them as well to establish a sense of reality since this is clearly a process where normal people relate with consumers fairly and normally has become something else to them. I had mentioned of course that there is nothing wrong with what I chose to do with myself or this company or its product contrary to popular media and social media rubbish about people trying to earn a living with things that they should avoid trying to do with themselves because it is not worth it; the truth of it is a simple matter of course of replacing respect with fear when it comes to the matter of media and social media - this is of course a statement they would like to break up and understand but clearly of which when you turn up the Internet, some contents on it are not available in your country and so you have to guess the reasons to be that the fools (always Americans) who put them there think of the idea of what is available and what is not available as content they create, in your country as some boundry they can push like their own version of human endeavour but it gets worse because all those insults and stifling my book sales and profit margins soon creates a process of scientifically explaining away what I should put up on my profile status on social networking and so it becomes the last straw, since I had mentioned before my inability to tolerate rubbish from their stupid girls about how criminals are the best men and so whilst my thought about being bullied by such girls is that none of it are a function of what I have done to deserve it but rather a function of what they feel as though they want to do to me whenever they see me or think about or hear me, the prognosis therefore was to ensure that when I take away every single thing that makes their lives a pain in my backside and they end up with intense fear of me, they will also tend to pick up problems that have existed in society as a result of people insulting and then take care of it and try to get attention for doing so because they 'suck', hence when I mentioned replacing respect with fear in connection with the men this is what I mean as well, usually their insults have no meaning but the idea of things I should not try to say or write if I cannot explain them to my parents and how I must be scared of them on grounds I work with National service providers and come across proper criminals that are very angry people and better people with a tendency for crime and they hear especially from the better people with a tendency for crime statements made about people wanting to do their stuff for them and hence think they can bandy it at everybody like they also think all those who do murder come in rugged Jeans and hence they can do whatever they like with people, is just the last straw of it and I intend to get around cutting to pieces every community that exists by which they do business (hence setting these facts out as my warnings and my ultimatum) because this is not the first occasion bearing in mind we have already spoken about many other things including snooping around industry communities to handle my work and talk rubbish about how no body knows who the hell I am as well.