So they say I buy cheap things and try to show them off as really prestigious and this forms more reasons for vandalism because of my stinginess. I have no idea anyway, one moment they say people like me have no right to exist, the next they say I buy cheap things. As far as I am aware of which what the real issue is, is the bit where they get their priorities right about what I am really bothered about so they can put it on public Television. Besides which anyway if their insults were not all over the place I would have enough money to shop in that their stupid business at this stage, which really shows it is all my fault, so I can wreck those their stupid criminal businesses to get them to seek legitimate ones in revenge.

They love their stories about how they have control of me and can push my buttons and make me do lots of things that I do not want to do. I personally cannot actually remember one occasion on which they have made it possible and so think it is largely a function of a misconception of how I think about them so I would have loved to clear it up. What I think about them is who they are i.e. people that are wicked, take for example somebody is mentally ill and has been drugged, when they see the person is makes them feel good about themselves, whatever on earth is good about somebody smelling of medicine and looking really faint and drowsy for goodness sake and then of course sometimes it can even be an accident or something and then you just have to wonder how the smell of iodine and medicine makes them feel good about themselves with respect to how they have turned out.


All that rubbish about pushing my buttons has no basis on reality the way my mind works is not all that rubbish they think people think about them when they have money to show me, which they think especially their media idiots will tell lies that change the truth upon, they are very evil set of people. Take a look at them and each time they do these things they will tell so much lies and show off so many deceits that people will begin to think where they are is where people want to be and that is always largely a function of who they mess with. I do any of the things I do because I definitely want to do them and they need to get off my book sales as explaining away their wickedness with my work does not do anything to alter the truth.

Apparently it seems I will die for doing these things and for them on account they are criminals they can do anything. In my view the way it works is that if you have no career, what you might want to do is go to the Council and get your social security and then sit back to figure it out, not vote in Politicians on the abnormalities of your own problems and your own life. They on the other hand simply think that life is such a bed of roses and their desire to have slaves and the thirst that their wickedness gives them causes them to presume that the way to get it done is to do nothing about it and then get Politicians to find somebody that can and grab it for them and it is always of course a function of who lets them steal from him and get away with doing so.


So these other goons that tell me not to say such things because when I do I rob them of the victories they were about to have know what the reasons for the situation we have ended up with today is apparently. They cannot think of another person as a human being first before they think of them as something they can abuse to extract the kind of energy to be rich with and this is what leads to the other view, the way my mind works; which is simply that when I step out of my house the first thing they see and say is hey look at that, I can punch that and hit that and stab that to have the right kind of energy available to me to take on the issues of the day with and of course you need to have a job and keep it and you need to pass exams in school in order to do so in the first place and this is the reason I wear myself out all the time so that when I do I really look like those slaves they want to have and stir in them the desire to have the slaves and especially one that happens to be me because if I did not I would be in trouble in account I am a Christian or simply because I am an introvert, so now I have homosexual cultures and societies to do whatever I like with and no body can do anything about it. I for my part now intend to go after them all the time as well because it is not exactly clear why they like to attack me and follow me around to make money at my expense. I intend to wreck that music industry and club life and stupid businesses they set up and I really need to follow them around to do it all the time as well.

I mean now I cannot say things about myself and my life and my work because of the victories they want to have. Anybody in my shoes would take steps like I have to ensure they loose on the part where they need to have a family and they loose on the part where they need to have a social life and they loose on the part where they need to have jobs because dealing with corporate corruption is very difficult work and when they say I look funny on public Television when I do it they need to back it up, so they can corporate corrupt for their part as well when I am finished.


We have been there before where they combine me with some women that reads news and take that energy to go off and do music industry with; so I cut it to pieces and savaged that stupid culture but now they have got money to play games with looking for a fight as well and so they will definitely be in no doubt they will lose their lives if they touch my wife. They have a human rights Act here in the UK to ensure I do nothing to harm their cultures otherwise I will get into trouble and of course the result of this is that I have keep the records of all they do to me and then made them public outside my writing career and within it, which means that human rights Act now stands at a place where the Law cannot do anything to defend it from me.

What I am saying therefore is that they are a collection of very evil people and none of the things they do to me has a reason, you can call it bullying if you like. This is how my mind works; I do not say these things because what they say have suddenly become important to me; every irresponsible idiot thinks this should be the case of course as it were but I say it because the things they do is always measured off from my market place they need to leave well alone together with goons that think of them as famous and or important people they can get fanatical about; they have done nothing to improve their evils and wickedness or indeed make it more powerful, I do not see any reason people should believe the things they say and get panicked by it as a result. Like the space that the other ones that people like to tell me are copying my work and extracting an income from my property all the time-which does not bother me because they are a group of fools who think they can defraud God, hence not my fight, except that they claim I say it is not my fight but am always on their case which I am not, who are either getting all over the world claiming what I own belongs to them or claiming they own me all together and when finished follow me around everywhere I go and even when it would be easier for them in other countries where no body cares (from what we have gathered all through history), they will come to the UK following me around, so they can claim that I am a cultural misdemeanor that looks after their future for them while they own all work for, which results in a state where I cannot do anything without the person that really owns it bullying me in a way that makes me stop because he is trying to claim it for himself, which also gets violent as he tries to prove his lies to be true by showing he is being provoked by the fact I keeping trying to make it work, which is not what brings about the problems, even though it should because they think that based on their boo-boy extra fat size, they are the ones in the kind of position that can take me down and become rich but the problems begin when the old story is re-enacted i.e. when they are done, tell me not to Judge them and this is where they get as much trouble as they seek.