I do not think that the government is handling the NHS the wrong way round. What we are looking at here in a classical condition where the entire Health Service needs to be shut down, so the government can decide what to do with it. This has not actually happened so in that respect they are an alright people. what will be the true test of government and leadership as it has always been throughout history is how they will manage those matters around what has been discarded and the problems that have been created in the process while the reforms were taking place. This is what will determine things they have done which will be classed as part of the history of the people that other parties will have to respect.

Of course we all wish that the Labour Party did not get around wrecking peoples Political history but normally I don’t say things about it because it would be suggested I show one party a route to win elections against the other. However with respect to the matter of the instability that they continue to threaten and blackmail us as a Nation with, the need for security surpasses the existence of their party. This brings up the next question of how long we have to wait for the Labour Party that is the party of poor people knowing very well that whether or not people favour the views of the rich, the entire purpose of Politics is to find a balance between the two, bearing in mind that staying up late to work hard enough to create enough money to afford yourself long expensive holidays at a time does not constitute irresponsible capitalism and that there is only so much of such nonsense that people can take from idiots that want to rule others with their stupidities. The worse case is of course that they continue to do these things until they reach a point where they have no real political route and therefore change what they stand for at will, this will mean they always end up winning elections and others always end up grabbing and spending their Political history so they can win again and then the only means to winning elections will become eventually the process of beating them at their own game which is something they have continued to complain about in the past but this time those fears will come true in reality. Never has the warning been heeded of course about being the party of the poor and what it does to the people and the Political career of other people.

To this they will tell me I speak of things that will most certainly excuse the things that rich people get to do, I have no idea what they mean by this anyway since we all know that what really happens is that when they loose they sulk and the rest of us have to talk about wealth distribution but that in actual fact there is no such thing as irresponsible capitalism, except maybe the ones they know about i.e. the difference between Mr A who sells a pencil to earn a million pounds and Mr B who sells a pencil to earn a million pounds plus another extra 200,000 from locating a knish market where he can sell sharpeners along side the pencils can be as small as a one minute extra every night while others go to bed but they on the other hand always want government to get money from people for them otherwise the world will implode and not everybody has the patience to be rule and bullied and governed into a point where they are treated like a child and get to share everything including their minds, so they can have potty bums which those who are stronger find funny as well, at the end of which they get to have money so there is nothing anybody can say about it.

I have used the NHS as a point of reference for this because it is not exactly the civil service but some kind of hybrid civil service; a case of an arrangement between the government and those who provide professional vital service of health and nothing else, none of those stupid charity talk rubbish that simply create more expense and solve very little problems because people are corrupt. So of course Labour likes to claim they created it but in actual fact National health management was the brainchild of Winston Churchill’s government during the war years. All there is to the NHS is the need to have a set out contract between the NHS and the Government which sets out the exact amount of GDP that is to be spent on the health service regardless of how well the economy is doing, which has nothing to do with inflation and what is happening to workers pay. The other which I should not actually mention because of my status being administration of how this operates with existing Population; these days they tell me my potty belly while they share money and everything including my mind and make themselves better than I am doing so, is a function of my own laziness and ploughing this route of course will mean we get to find out if they located such things to say from frail voices in the air like they always do. Hence never important if what I say and how I say it is the best music ever sung to the ears of the far right; I intend to stop the insults and will stop them full stop as well.


Always so important to detach people from themselves, make them depressed and get another personality. I mean statements like finding out I have an interview for a job arranged to say I should go where people can do my stuff for me. I have told them I have had enough of them anyway and of course when they loose they sulk and the rest of us talk about wealth distribution and equality but until then it’s a case of saying such things when he does nothing to share salary with me, hence not earning enough to share, does nothing to replace what he has damaged to ensure I am depressed and then what he has damaged to ensure he gets to a place where he finds it funny and gets tax payers money for his problems, does nothing to pay the taxes I should be paying from here hence not making my own contributions to the Country, what he knows is the process of thinking my health is a plaything and gets to tell me my potty belly is a factor of my laziness about which the main problem is that I am not leaving the right wing for the right wing and one of these days they will have to shut it properly as well. No body knows why they don’t come round to get the right wing if they bloody want it to much or indeed what benefits those their insults I intend to end properly does to that house of commons where they fling it around from.

Naturally of course they tell me I speak like that but that I am left wing. I have no idea what it means anyway; I mean a working court of female journalists is left wing, owning a literary empire but only earning money from selling books in it which means I can account for my pennies no matter how much I have got is left wing. Do they ever ask what those women are attracted to anyway or they just do their stuff whenever they want? The way it works is that the more they get corrupt and the more they steal money from the financial centre, the more my equities and securities will become relevant and the more money I will make but of course when it reaches the point where the church rules the world, they should not get to blame anybody. The result of course is that when they realise that people are getting rich the more corrupt they get, they might want to think about making sure others don’t tell them what to do, for me it seems when they had stopped getting corrupt on the left I will have to work hard for my bacon. I just thought that maybe when the right wing writer and the left wing financiers exchange places it will bring home what is happening in reality at the economic front because it appears that they never take anything seriously whatsoever. I am also aware of course there are right wing goons that have my work in their possession; I always think those are the most stupid self harming gits I have ever come across. I mean the British establishment has access to these things and this is not the only problem that they have got, there is also the fact that the work is designed to ensure I get rich the more people get corrupt, so it is never clear how they intend to make money from it, all we know is that they are a group of idiots that like to say that men are cunts and so when they say things like give me that cunt and you hand it to them, it seems the only people they can please now is the left and oh I get it, they ended up in prison already; its amazing.

Then they tell me of course that I also create a large part of the problems in the sense that I go around seeking fame. This is not true; the fact is that when I book is written and copyrighted in a persons name there is a market reason for that but they always decide they know the writer and that the distance between when they were not yet writers and when they were belongs to others and so there might be laws protecting the work all over the place but they do not necessarily have to go along with it, in any case of which if they want they can always secure the owners consent or make it up. So it is what creates the question of how much exactly a book is meant to have cost and set out that prognosis about how such discourteous and insulting behavior should be punished in the most savage way imaginable. They live in a liberal society but will not live like they live in one, until it becomes the one where when people are witness to a crime and are asked to identify criminals they take off 20 years of problems for example so that it might be named racist when it is not. I mean, the only reason they would stand up somewhere to use my work without paying for and or buying them, which also means they don’t know in anyway what they are talking about and are getting involved with and using me the author because they have media for purposes I am not meant for, is because they want me to get to where they live or work etc with an expression on my face which suggests they have done those things their parents told them not to do again.


With respect to the part where I am being betrayed by politicians, every time it is raised it beats me completely. I mean I have no idea how I am and for what I am being betrayed. All I know is that these individuals have since a decade ago located me for the purpose of setting out somebody against whom they can build a gang and bully into using his Christian faith to follow causes angrily, so that they can get involved with it betray him to top up their power and riches and then of course get off to other things with the rest of his life. the process of doing so has involved robbing me of my physical and mental health in order to move into my right to have glory and after what I have done to them over the years tell me that the problem has always been that I show myself off to be invincible and that having been that is the case they have located a means of vanquishing me and that is why I will not deny them that power they will get from it and so that they want the trophy. So the only relation I have with Politicians in this country is this; somebody showing that their stupid children have a normal life and I don’t because they have vanities and I can have vanities as well if they have not noticed. One of those about which I can ensure they live in terror to solve the problem because telling them to leave me alone is never enough. I am not being betrayed by them, the suggestion of it is one of those things that determine how angry I get because it is such a worthy use of my time and good use of my resources; having my business wrecked by them so they can betray me to be powerful. Its not clear why they always feel that they can have everything or anything and of course people have to be so deluded and detached from reality to do those kinds of things. Same old story; they need to leave me alone and stay away from me.

Finally is the issue of the things black people say about what I say and do which makes no sense to me whatsoever. I mean whenever any idiot wants to be famous it appears a politician always finds them money with which they can do so. Now the real problem is that I am not the one being affected by their activities but the Politicians are, I cannot therefore understand why on earth it is considered to be my problem, bearing in mind also they are the ones getting involved with these black people whom I have never before seen in my life, let alone know their names. It does not trouble me in anyway, it is a simple case of the fact that people should always expect consequences when they turn up to do my things the other way. I am a writer and when you want involvement with a writer, you read their books and know everything about what they stand for and turn up with questions maybe not go on media to move into their personal live about which you should expect severe consequences whenever you do, not talk rubbish about those who moved their societies into his personal life and the pain they now have to put up with as well. So it seems that the main issue is that white goon goes abroad to be treated like a King by black people and turn up to figure a black person he intends to oppress with and for it. It is the most insulting and discourteous behavior you can ever imagine and makes me wonder who the hell they think they are, especially when they ask questions about my empire trust that they claim does not exist; what they cannot understand is the creation of a business and a community that emerges from it and how it ensues in a process of selling books to that community for a living, after all peoples personal lives are a plaything and this is the point where that stupid celebrity culture will get to hate my guts as well. They have no respect for anything and I should not have to explain myself when this is my property and will of course pass to my children after me; which means I have here mentioned the biggest problem with celebrity culture and the stupid men who own it, those like to brag and touch peoples property and make noise all the time which serves them too as it were. I mean girl does not wish to get a job for money, so she figures that he will not have to if an idiot gets my work for her and this is all they do with their time; so Mr A creates cars for a living and broker equities with me for example, what they want is that when they know Mr A has told them there is no free lunch, they ensure especially in those cases where people have play the field Policy with their wives, that when people have sex with them, there is a way of making sure I am being fucked and that involves getting my attention by keeping my cash flow crisis problems going with an insolent audacity they make me understand can propel them to take a persons life with a big mouth. The reason obviously I should do nothing about it then becomes the fact that girl appeared on TV; I have no idea what human being can get their heads round such nonsense but I have made myself clear about the fact they need to get a job and a proper one otherwise I will be giving them one. In any case, I have made it clear I do not consider them to be celebrities; when people build a business they want the community because they are famous and need advert jobs and those people are a threat to them because their existence and presence is intimidating. Never will you understand how it got to that when you don’t live in their lives and do not know who they are anyway whether or not they are famous.


I have always mentioned no body knows what possesses some goons to get into other peoples offices to find out whom the broker equities with, then attack those claiming they have stolen pocket money. It is not their parents problem even if those own the companies that own the planet; it is their problem and it is my problem and we will certainly settle it one way or another. They are doing very well with fame culture, media and Politics and those will hate my guts intensely for their part as well. Otherwise I just want to sell books and am having trouble figuring out if they do not understand that. It has nothing to do with those claims they make with their stupid men I go into peoples countries to take over manufacturing communities with words and I am not just going to blow it all away; their insults need to be settled in stages and they will be as we go along, every ounce.

So for the matter of how I am incapable of any violence but like to talk about it I have no idea, all I know is that I will not grow up any further and so people need to put their tongues where it belongs or I will for them. I mean when they see me they know if I don’t get a job I will be on the streets but they want to talk about who is biggest and they want to talk about who is eldest and it is that madness they want to find out when they speak of violence, exactly the way it operates that is. I mean it will always have to start from what hurts them most as it stands I.e. their poverty and then it will go from there, which is not to say you are not going to kill them anyway. It’s the process of taking everything from a person which makes them human and that is the big question i.e. whether you want to be like them. Obviously when they see you they want to attack you and do violence and stuff to get attention from civil service staff and employers but the problem really takes off when they get the money because it is the point where it really gets personal with a big mouth. Its like that stuff they say about how what I say has no effects on anything but I like to grab all attention to say it; I have no idea, I mean I can only tolerate so much of peoples white culture making millions with my property and peoples black culture making millions with my property and peoples greed games taking advantage of me by arguing with both sides to make millions with my property, I cannot stand any of that fame and fortune rubbish they think I am all over the moon for; they need to get proper jobs and by the way none of this is a function of my personality; what it is, is me carrying out my Royal commission but because they are crazy about my personal life like to make a show out of that aspect where I cannot use my office to do my academic work, except when my express opinion is required academically and with it get to claim I set the example of doing fame and fortune all the time for their purposes. The tiny little bit of my personality they like to tell people especially Americans to beware of, is my real personality i.e. the bit that knows they expect me to do my Christianity to rid them of the evils of their society when I already know that they know those things they do are wrong, socially, culturally and politically but do them anyway to take advantage of those who have ideas about how and why it should not be happening, so I always tend to do it but only violently; this is a very small measure of what my personality really is like. I mean they like it when right wing people do it, I think right wing people are no good-they make them feel like they can beat up anybody, they make them feel supreme. So since I am completely useless at it, I always make them feel like girls and women so all that violence can hurt like hell especially their games with their black friends overseas considered and the fact I have a slavery history behind me.

Of course they say I am hard on people; I wouldn’t know-its just that there is a link between hard work and success and those two go hand in hand and the problem is that their brains are not wired to recognise that more so because they have their socialist Politics. So I know if I blast their brains everyday they will be doing something one way or another but the main problem is that of the fact that they own any part of my body or my life from which anything that gets me attention or money comes from, with their cultural powers and the result which has created the crisis is that I have trouble concentrating on my academic work which of course is what will bring on the real problems because I have put up with it all my life while they just like to follow me around and intensify it as I grow older and manage better. Last I went off for the degree programme I came home with depression and 30,000 pounds in debt not to mention the fact I dropped out and even now they don’t know my name and I don’t their own and so they are off again, not to mention the other get it anyway when we ask with power and then figure out how to create pressures of what everybody’s future depends on around his market place and everything he owns to encourage theft, which when happens will ensure they always have access either way any time they want, which I have mentioned by the way that it is the only way to create money securities but it rather seems it happens because they have no money at the moment.The popular idea of course they have is that they and their children are things I should be having sex with, I think the sex part is spot on correct, where it is not is that they are rather things I should be using to create jobs for the pornogrpahic industry.