So there is the story of influence that is needed when the conservatives win elections of course, I couldn’t get my head around the story but we all know that there is no matter of influence going on here save the insulting process of peoples foolish women telling me men like me should be doing violence and leaving my life for women to get around using influence but this is one such occasion, for they say the issue is that others have won elections which the matter needs to be settled as it were. The great old story of the fact that most of them that travel to the UK most likely gave money and other gifts to witchdoctors in various cultures in order for them to get to the UK, be successful at their visa and reach the UK for a good life, so there is that fundamental prognosis of course that the devil is powerful and wickedness pays and that is why they cannot be detached from it – so they have discovered that waiting for there to be an imperative for them to serve the devil on my account will mean I have the means to pray to God for help to break that bond they have with him so it’s a constant drip of initiative for evil and wickedness being practiced on me, so they say that if they do not turn up to rip up my finances over a period of decade and get the Politicians to help them cause delay to my recovery in order to create the sense that evil is powerful and that they do what is in their nature to do while I am supposed to do what is in my nature by doing good things to them on the other hand, they cannot exist, so it is rather really difficult for me to locate exactly how the Politicians hope to explain that away as their right, which is why the Politicians are always in trouble around my concerns at all times – they don’t even keep to the modernisation rules that says neither God worship or devil worship matters when people are trying to make money and get by, they need to get out of bed to attack me all the time and I am not complaining about being bullied by them and so will not tolerate this influence story any further. They do say they have made me suffer and that it may be sufficient to clam them which is utter nonsense; they have not made me suffer a trophy victory, the reality is that their civil and criminal disobedience is just as well, when it becomes a major issue we will enlarge victims clubs at International communities yet again as it were but apart from that it’s a story of the fact I am given my benefits to help me find jobs so I am supposed to use it to get a job from somewhere or use it to foster my own job, when I get the calculations wrong all the time it can become a problem because it is such a small amount, it’s not a matter of suffering, it’s a matter of putting myself on the line so they can put their money where their mouth is. It’s never really been a problem, there is simply nothing good about it – nothing good about the reality people want to abuse and attack and insult a Christian and handle him in every foul way socially and culturally and politically and sexually, I am not complaining for being groomed to have the society seek my blood like that as such, so I have no idea why they are complaining on my behalf except that I have been cutting them off from that stupid media and fame so they can lean further to the right to handle me and they can been complaining about the number of times that their blood and that of their stupid children and families will be used by the devil to get things done and when it is exactly that my own blood and my own body parts and private parts will be used by him as well – so we understand they are not supposed to get in my personal space and threaten me and then start selling the disposition like they do because of the consequences that are attached to that but they want to exasperate me and make me hysterical so as to handle parts of my body that people do not get to in order to pacify the devil for it while they target me still. So the story has always been that serving the devil is something they do as a matter of choice when we all know that attacking me is a matter of pleasure and we see them look like the devils army all of the time too because it has eaten them up all through their childhood as it were, their threats will not continue to be tolerated here for as long as they have assumed that it will be as it were – they need to practice it on themselves, otherwise that stupid wealth inequality story can only become one of the many casualties. What we have here therefore is a collection idiots that would like it if people thought of them as out of the ordinary and it’s been 15 years of targeting and provoking me sexually and socially and Politically every single day as it were while they expect there would be no consequences save the ones they cook up concerning the need to do me harm for destroying the parameters by which they practice their evils and it is not actually true that if they turn up here they will not die like stray dogs as it were, never mind the old story of me talking from a distance with that their big mouth suggesting they want me to come round to their place all together to see what will happen as it were. It’s the old question of whether they do not know what they are doing due to their evils taking them over hence need information thereof as a result. Apparently evil is much more complicated than that and I have no idea why they need to ask when mine will be used by the devil to get things done all the time anyway – they are the devil worshippers and they need to have it worked out, it is the reason I get in their personal space to threaten and dominate them and push them further and further into it as well, then sell it on myself all together too, so we know each other and understand each other perfectly, never a case of thinking I am infallible like they love to make out on that silly media all the time either and as for the culture and society, they will never ever see it again and they know it.

I am just fed up with the story of influence being directed at me all the time and yes they do say its people making excuses to spend my stuff but this is not the only means by which they make excuses to spend my stuff and abuse me in all ways including sexually so that they might buy their bodies from the devil and stick me at the deep end either – when they threaten me we really need to get to the bottom of what brings it on as it were. It’s not true the way I handle it means they can never be taught a lesson and hence counterproductive, the reality is that they want to be oppressed and I need to show who can get others to work and pay taxes to pay off the deficit that their Political masters created for the Country and touching me physically will definitely lead to an even bigger problem as well. It’s never true I hate them because they are anti heroes either, such claims are much the same as the story of how people are trying to impress them to make Monarchy relevant – in terms of the former 3 hours somebody has to do his job after putting a name to his face on National television but in that time we are unbearably put through all kinds of nonsense by an idiot who feels he has better been somewhere else having a pint with his mates and because they must use me to get things done, it is never done until they bottom out my sales and wake up the next day to do it again, then get about threatening me too rather than keep off the company and its market place as it were and in terms of the latter it’s a matter of their ego mostly but that said I think a man who gets so drunk because he drinks everyday and does nothing else, that he loses his sense of direction and turns up to take out his penis and piss on my curb is a better person than they are and the grown up hooligans have their days numbered when it comes to their behaviour towards my book sales. They always say it’s a matter of how much I see free stuff of course whereas everybody knows stuff is free because it pays for itself; I mean take pornography for instance – it is a livelihood that exists at the low end of either moral or immoral society but is still free, free because we are all adults and the only group of people to whom it would make sense to sell pornography to is children which does not make any sense whatsoever, in my case however it’s all people falling in love with my work, people begging me to continue with it because it is that good, I am never really a happy man when there is the slightest interference and certainly when it is a result of their stupidities as well. It’s much like the story of the fear of Africans of which there isn’t any – only that since it is impossible to look professional 24/7 in order to ensure their games does not get to affect your mind, then you have to conclude they do what they do because they want you to oppress them and so because we are all adults and the whole process of every feather ruffling leading to shocking behaviour is going to be financially violent, it always stops being so funny when third worlds emerge. It is never true I have been forced to work exceedingly hard and that it is a scar that people can exploit – what is true is that these guys lost half a pair of eyes and half a pair of ears to evil and their need to practice it the last time, so what they are saying is that I need to lose half of mine as well to it as nothing will stop them lest they go blind rather than a process where we share and have half a pair each and I am only saying I don’t need to, what they need to do is find somebody that will murder them so we can all have some peace.

They do speak of Tory Policies and how that will affect me all the time and it will never make any sense anyway; I mean the Conservatives know I am simply not going to let people mess with my Books but others need to know as well that what the Conservatives get up to is not an excuse for them to mess with it as well. I can understand what they are saying i.e. when the Tories make Policies that harm us, because we are bigger than you we will harm you as well and yet when we hear them talk about their blame culture and need to have scapegoats for their problems rather than solve them, they speak of civil rights and not the fact looking for trouble seems to run like blood in their stupid veins. It’s as I said, they lost half a pair of ears and eyes to evil and I ought to share by losing half of mine as well, lest they become deaf and blind the next time it is demanded of them which of course does not really apply as what they need to do is find somebody that will kill them so we can all have some peace around here. So it has never been a complicated matter as such – an old story of I am upper class they are lower class and I can exist in a bubble that says it has nothing to do with me all round and anything that touches me will experience shocking behaviour on my part too but then again the reality is still that I am a Christian and should not be blamed for the fact these fools like to put the worst of them out there for others to deal with as a basic nature every time they step out of their door, then assume there will be no fall out for it, except they think they have a Christian to blame for that too – so its Tory Policies hurt and you feel what we have in store and what will happen to you as well but it has been happening for the last 15 years with their big mouth anyway and by the way of which the primary prognosis for what has happened to me so far has been that even while they put the worst of them out for people to deal with day in and day out they still wreck people’s lives and take everything from them if people feel others are important and they are not, they say such people ought to be made to give up the respect that they owe others since they speak of what they don’t know having been such persons have not seem what their homes look like in order to decide and settle who is more important, so it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t and I do get very sensitive to every single bit of their insolence as a result of the adoption of such a disposition whereby they think a history of bullying me is something they will add to their repertoire and get used to, hence their need for new civil rights with the use of my personal life and they are not supposed to seek their well being from my personal life when they make clear decisions to make their neighbourhoods hell for themselves like they do at the moment and need to stop complaining – there is really nothing whatsoever that they can do, it’s been happening to me for 15 years with their big mouth so far and until there is a clear line drawn between me and them as a people it seems it will never improve too. A typical example of how these fools turn things on its head and show up in public to issue their threats at me is for instance a pet cat being trained to bother people early in the morning or late at night if they fail to give a girl what she wants – I mean it can be explained by the fact everybody is making neighbourhood hell for everybody else and people have to survive but if you isolated this by itself the reality is still that it was supposed to be a per Cat – so until their case leads to a problem between me as a person and them as a Community those insults and threats it seems will never take a turn for the better. They do say I bring it on myself by getting involved with them of course which is utter nonsense too – I mean if their Politician children lose elections the Liberal democrat and Labour Parents will turn up and tell their children to stop being sad but look to how others are doing their stuff, referring to those who won whatever conversation that was supposed to constitute and it is an evident example of the reasons I cannot leave my products at the Market place and return after to find it the way I left it.

So finally is the story of what my position in uttermost clarity concerning female inequality is, which has never really been a mystery, we all know that if you happen to need to say one thing for five times at least to your male counterparts before they had started to understand what you are saying while they know the feeling is such that it is right, then there is every indication and probability that you will prefer female leadership but then again the level of prejudice expressed and channelled at people that are like that such as myself is almost unfathomable and only seems to be progressive rather than baffling to those who have put themselves at the heart of the matter only – the fact that it can come all day from homosexuals that are at the same time complaining about their rights being abused is one of them cases that have people dumbfounded. So that the main purpose of all of it is usually in my view to draw attention away from the activities of really stupid and criminal women about whom people need to shake you out of the sense that you can ever get to the bottom of their stupidities, hijacking the whole issues in order to deploy it for their own ends as violently and selfishly as possible, then explain it away as power and assume everybody will find it amusing whenever they feel like doing so but then again the lines become clearer between women and the idiots in their part of society when women are supported in all matters, right up to things they want to do at the International communities and that is why these idiots hate my guts so much and do regularly show they feel like destroying any progress that concerns female inequality too all together which in my view does show we are heading in the correct direction and I can therefore in such circumstances develop a peace of mind that is well enough to allow me concentrate on my academics, leaving then the question of how on earth people continue to explain their story when they claim women ruin their lives.


So there is that case of why I need to be worried about what fools on media think of me because it means trouble and there is really no such thing in reality – they want to talk about human rights being devised from a different premise to that of religion all of the time but in actual fact have an obsession with the idea of getting out of bed to go out and tell people what to do at random, perfectly aware of course that there is racism in their society and it is not something people do when they are moral people either as it were but what they become most concerned about is how to get on media to make accusations and tell lies and basically prevent others from appointing themselves too. So they would say I speak like I am one of the victims but have been appointing myself as well which I have naturally but not in any extensive way hence the relevance of this warning for I do not buy my media equipment so they can get on media and have means of getting through to me to punish me for the fun of it and their women of course cannot keep their insults where people will appreciate them or where they know that people who appreciate them exist, it’s just that they can complain when I appoint myself to order them around as well with those stupid cars and stupid buses and stupid media. Hence there is that story of how I bring it on myself as a result of what I have done to their culture and society to liven up all the time which makes no sense whatsoever, since it is clear that I came into this world to exist in a corner so they can regularly think up things to do to me as far as they are concerned and when asked about it claim they are being competitive, what I have done to that stupid culture and society constitutes me being competitive as well and by far my favourite bit is their need to sit around playing the role of my parents with their civil and criminal disobedience; of which when we are being nice I have to mention that I might create disruption and distraction for organised crime all I want but if they cannot let me sell my Books it has come to futility and that they need to stop being so stupid but if not then I am supposed to ask them if it is human rights they are talking about already, so I do appoint myself too as it were because they talk too much and lie a lot. It is not my opinion that I am dealing with an unusual eventuality, the great old story is that I am a statesman that does not appear in public so that creates incentive for people to become me and then get rid of me starting with my finances, so it begs the question of what name we are supposed to give to that degree of a celebration of tyranny but I personally am clear nobody here is playing around with them anyway – so they have claimed it is civil rights and the world is going round in circles over the stupidities, while they have become more convinced I am supposed to exist and wait somewhere for things to happen to me with a big mouth. It is not true that I am regretful about what they have done to my finances, I am not – we all know that in their war mongering and useless louts existences, you must be rich before you are allowed to get anywhere near government in the first place, so my condition serves as a dividing line as it were, only the fall out meaning that since I don’t have the money I cannot make myself comfortable. It always inevitably starts out as an entrapment that their victims have got to condone if they want to run a business and soon progresses to making people see why their personal lives and faiths need to be deployed to solve problems chief of the reasons of which is that when they go bad those who have refused them out to recognise a position they have assumed which means being the first target for attacks as such and in my case it has ended with the need to handle my books and rip up the markets in order to express hatred for Monarchy with a big mouth that suggests when I go against them yet again worse things will happen which is what we are putting to the test here. I a aware there is much talk of how hard I work on keeping people distracted from my excesses which in any case makes no sense whatsoever since the real issue that needs discussing around such claims is the story of how you put it to make TV personalities and journalists that they are useless people – so I always try to use the analogy of the guy everybody in the neighbourhood knows has a publicly ascertained drinking problem because he drinks himself senseless and walks up to people’s homes to have a piss which when compared to male journalist is actually a much better person; so the bottom line being that they need to leave me alone and keep off my books and stop telling me what to do, so these idiots that follow them around to chase my anus and penis and make a case for it all over the world might go away.

On the matter of where I stand on other powers that are not the US, everybody knows what happens is that when you make organised crime cost ineffective, the operators pick their cash and get involved with legitimate business then start to make up lies and corruptions and conspiracies to target you for it all the time but it is rather so interesting that they assume I have been so abused by them that I deny this is the truth. So it goes without saying all is well provided they are doing proper jobs, paying the taxes and keeping off expensive Police lives; for me personally however testing me like this is a bad idea, with morons making advertisement with my public life and public work over plans they have to double their investment and so on; we all know their foolish women want to have sex with me and raise the issue all the time while the men claim everything I do will clearly constitute an obvious problem for them which is why no matter how beneficial they have to find a way to intrude and put me in a damned if you do and damned if you don’t position, then gain from it anyway, so it does not make sense to behave like that towards somebody who deem to exist in a condition whereby everything he does constitutes a problem of financial proportions for you and I am not in the mood at this point for their screen jerking and all those subtle but violent insults they pretend I buy my media equipment so they can deploy it to talk through to me with as it were, not least conversations about which one is the world power that is not the US. The US however where the President is happy to rip up my Book sales over 5 years so far and keep it that way while his image choreographers in Washington and the White House get around making sure he and his family are gaining from it at the same time as well – nothing in the world works that way and the contributions he makes to the well being of their stupidities are well noted and obvious as it were, paying off very well indeed – that is not to say I will tolerate their stupidities.

They do say I have trouble living with the ugly truth but turn up around it all the time but it leads us right back to what I said earlier – that if a notorious drunk that pees on people’s front yards were to be compared to them he or she is actually a much better person than they are in my opinion but clearly it does nothing to stop them from turning up around my concerns to do it early in the morning and then day in and day out after that as well. At the moment it’s a dance around the issue of morons making advertisement and being seen all over Industry, whereby they claim they have reasons for the way they behave of which the only reasons there are is that first of all violent and sexually abusive distraction now serves the only existing barrier between me and successful Book sales, while on the other hand they need to turn out dressed in suits without a bloody clue what they are doing hence make advertisement with my public life and public work every single day of which nobody knows how anybody claims other peoples public life in that way anyway – so it’s all talk and suggested warning at the moment, not yet a lock horns and standoff kind of situation yet with morons getting around Industry; they however think they have got it all worked out and will now amass incredible wealth and cause others incredible poverty, no idea why they think anything on the planet works like that anyway. As for the popularity and celebrated fools, I have no idea who told them they were famous anyway, it’s a story of we live in Beverly Hills and he talks but it does nothing for Beverley Hills Boys, so we must handle his property and live off the profit margins to make fame and fortune because we make friends with people at Industry and he likes to make claims when he has never been there and the security of our decadent lifestyle depends on detaching him from industry and stealing his earnings margins to keep him out permanently as well, liaised with their black idiots who abuse me with all the abuses that people have abused them for being money lovers; so it has become a question of being famous with my public life and public work for them as well and the story of who on earth did tell them that they were. They do speak of their culture and society but it’s an old story, I was supposed to have taken control of it to ensure that there is such a fight between me and them that people can only be famous if people stay away from them and stay away from me, so it still beats me that they actually think they are famous too all together – thus celebrities that get involved with me do only on the basis of friendship and so should it be for the ones that get involved with them too. They are not famous, it’s only a question of whether or not they can be with my public life as it were and it seems they have no plans to move on as well and will be moved on my way. The industry ones can speak of the reasons for their actions but we all know most of what they do these days is designed to make friends with the powerful members of every family so as to guarantee them rites to the main decision maker and therefore guarantee their profits but it seems that they cannot do it unless they do it at my expense and which is why violent and sexually abusive insults and distraction that are a function of being exasperated and made breathless over people handling my possessions to ensure their fantasies develop into reality to that extent and then there are those stupid threats that never ever cease with their big mouth all the time; hence the means by which the maintain it is what they claim constitutes mixed fortunes for me which has no basis on reality but offers incentive for people to continue to attack finances of Royalty to nurse hope of a trophy victory – so that people chase peoples anus and penis and body parts all the time but there is nothing about the way I live which does suggest they are fans of mine, they turn up around my concerns because of something these idiots say, something they do, especially the celebrated fools who like to think they are famous. I understand they say I have trouble paying rent and paying mortgage and treating myself and hence taking my problems out on others – it will never make sense either since there is no such problem here i.e. the number of girls who tell me they can see things if I give it to them to sell for instance and the number of them that are ending up in the sex industry, so that morons can turn up all over Industry to make money by being stupid, seek money and seek it in millions without working for a penny in their stupid lives which is now getting violent too – so it is actually a really stupid comment to make and does give me the sense they do not wish to move on and will be moved on my way too.


I understand there is a case for the fact I never actually wish to resolve the issue I have with the Labour Party and I can understand but if I don’t want that stupid party thrust in my face again like I don’t at the moment, what I am supposed to say is that the issue is a simple as the number of time for every given day that their stupid MPs give go ahead to every fool that asks them to rip up my book sales and finances; it is a matter they can resolve by themselves without me. I for my part think that what makes them such a problem in the first place is that stupid party and that if they didn’t have it there would be no problems. They do speak of how my actions will likely lead to revolution and civil unrest, which again is utter nonsense as I have not yet built a public life on this matter as it currently stands yet, so we don’t know what extent a process where I arm what I am doing and they develop their revolution on the other hand would go either way but on the matter of coming to harm, they can continue for I have been coming to harm for the last 15 years so far at least as it were. I mean if I did that all the time and the time ran into 15 years of another person’s time I would have a conscience pricked as it were – since they are not normal like the rest of us and are pure evil willing to flaunt it all the time, they can stop complaining and as for the culture and society bits: they are all the same to me – terrorists, civil rights goons, organised criminals etc. They do speak of it especially the Popular culture ones, they say nobody knew I could do these things or they would have taken steps but the purpose of sitting in some God forsaken part of the UK to give away lofty things about my work was meant to punish men for their deviance and insulting need to have sex over me, since I am a Christian and besides which do not live in a ways which suggest that it is okay to chase peoples anus and penis and body parts as sexually abusively as possible to get what you want, these are things they do and should court the company that goes with it not me having my academic work and office destroyed like that all the time; having been it has come to mean something important said or done by me which they can deploy on media and claim to be their own, it is important they don’t get to blow off their big mouth when they know they cannot back it up as well since they cannot leave people alone as it were – turning up here all the time to tell me I have temperaments that can be used to create the kind of fame and fortune lives they need and the only way to get it is lots of sexual and violent abuse that can be done in a bubble where there are no rules that apply to me in such ways as means I am deserving of some health and safety and well being with a big, then get seen in public complaining all the time along with that stupid Labour Party and Industry morons showing up endlessly; they are all the same thing – revolutionists, organised criminals, civil rights goons, men at terrorism etc.

They speak of Tories being a problem of course and Tories are not in a position to create problem for me; I mean they are conservatives but have some conservative villainy going for them, it is inevitable they will harm themselves and start to seek out those who are faring better to pick on and one needs to ensure he does not fall into that category. It’s nothing new about what makes Tories hate women, save the fact there is a chance people might brew an army of clever women who don’t like their industry morons that have a need for money they have never worked for no matter how able bodied they are and never really have a clue what they are doing at any point at any rate as such.

So we hear the talk of how punishing men is something that will not go down well but I have no idea what they expect anyway – it’s impossible to keep saying it for decades without consequences; I need to know what seems to be the thing they find particularly important in following on the abuses of their stupid children that rip up my finances so I might fancy their flash cars and latest gadgets with a process of getting their libido and mojo going with my person life – it’s always something they do in my opinion because they are feeling paternal and I am not paying with them to that extent they need to know, I know how to sell my books and complete my academic work and get the jobs I need and punishing them is an example of it. I am not facing an uphill struggle here as suggested, I mean a lot of the times it can come down to how exasperating me gets peoples Political mojo going and so I don’t find it insulting at all as it stands of which it is clearly impossible to stand in front of an employer and answer questions correctly because they have cars and their stupid cars have horns on them too – the product of their violent whisperings which always carries such a high price when they are made to stop it since the air was free in the first place as it were and that stupid society too, it is always the crucible; so for a start clearly of which bad sex is a habit as it were – I cannot do it for them apparently and it is that fact that has now constituted their power of bullying too all together, so I simply cannot breathe with them around and it appears that unless it’s a clear set out line with me on one side and them on the other we will never have improved the matter since it is so cheap and easy for them to continue in their various ways to suit their various flavours too. They do say I talk but am scared out of my pants basically which is utter nonsense; I am not, it’s just that when they cling to others and ruin people’s property and finances like that claiming the reason is that such persons have temperaments that can be extricated and deployed to build them some decadence on the left for riches and fame, they like to explain it to the Politicians as something that is a function of somebody having damaged their society or caused them to feel the intolerant self that is inside of them simply by existing, what we never hear them say is that they are bullies until they start to assume it has become normalcy for others and it’s time to push them back and the Politicians need to be on the side of the decision makers in the families like the Industry idiots and it really kicks off like it is at present.

It all appears I am a busy body looking for trouble but it is a great big matter of product appearance equity about which Industries have spent millions to develop those colours and created products to match my temperament in order to broker the equities concerned and now I am being given a sense that I cannot protect it; so what I do here and do about it will be good for me and good for the Industries because the more they are unable to trouble me is the less they get involved with my concerns and the more they buy products to appreciate how much work has gone into it as well rather than the innovations and progress being the means by which those who make products get hurt and I get bullied. So there is that question of what my problem with household decision makers really is but besides the gossips and the need to deform me all the time, there is the massive problems of the fact over 80% of every goon that turn out in public to tell a politician they know where my books are and need a go ahead to have a go which they always get are family men, household decision makers of a kind as it were –so I am sure people can get into their good books without me, it is the easy bit of this matter to do so; it’s like when I am told that what I do is really difficult wherefore it really isn’t, as it is always easier to build than to renovate – I am not one of those individuals who think I am supposed to chase more than one career at a time on account I can only have one but get my hands on another or several others to make people worse off, they are and to that end as such there really isn’t a thing on this planet that does not appear to be difficult for them, whereby the part about getting hands on other careers in order to order people about the purpose being so they can gain an ability to order people around endlessly being the bit that is entirely self appointed which is why in my case they love to claim the Monarchy lets me get away with anything, for of course I have not yet started appointing myself in a wholly overt way, so far it’s all been a matter of streamlining my own needs and not to seek power; the reality being a process of sitting in a classroom to listen to lecturer while people line their cars on the road beside the University to blow their horn and lay things on your head – of course you cannot do it and they know that but such a fact is really the power they were looking for all along – it is the cost that makes my strong point, the bit where it is counterproductive to make people give up the essence of who they are in order to avoid a process where others get hurt, the story of what respect is and what is purpose was, where I can follow it on and make them stop it no matter the cost or how unworkable it might be. So for their part I hear they say I do not recognise the authority of their Politicians which is utter nonsense because if I travelled overseas and got into trouble I would first call the British consulate and then they would get through to the Prime Minister who would save me – in like manner the government can get involved to any extent with my concerns if it does not get to destroy it; I mean whatever on earth the west wishes to do with Russian Interests anyway, maybe it can be handled so as to ensure sanctions are effective when Russia becomes a democracy but I fail to see how that is supposed to have crushed my business empire like it has – so I had all these Russian Interests and there are TV presenters and journalists all over it for me but now after the mess that has been made on it, what really happened in Ukraine cannot actually be explained by the Government and it is not an acceptable position for me to be in, so when they are done blowing things up, I will pick up matters around that area again and continue as normal.

So their European Counterparts hate the Monarchy hugging British of course, which they like to think constitutes a big problem when it does not i.e. in the UK there is always a higher authority due to the executive being the head of society, that is able to certify that something does not belong to one person or his family and or extended family or another and so in Europe where people had gotten rid of their Royal families, they do not have this advantage anymore as such and are therefore always bitter because they can play the crowd and get away with it and Industries cannot be held to account in anyway whatsoever – the only thing as such which bothers me about it is that big business never had a problem in the UK, it’s just that the Monarchy is a boost and if I say it that way they will likely claim I will one day provoke people and get into trouble.

I would never know what the media organised conversation to save scraps of bad losers at the general election would be all about for my part anyway; I mean  a Political party is an institution of the Nation that is a means by which people can get together to decide what their future will appear like, so a test of whether an organisation meets that criteria should be that of where it successes and its failures meet, such that if the result is a cataclysm, then it is not good enough to be one. As for the Labour party itself, I was under the impression they were the ones who invented spin, which allowed every criminal tendency to achieve their Political goals by any means while they get oratory skills from it, so that it is obviously an acceptable outcome that the SNP should pull them apart up North while UKIP does down South, so which leaves the Liberal Democrats, made up of goons that are very likely to chose the power option if they have a three way choice of justice and decency as the other two, they didn’t need anybody to pull them anywhere, they destroyed themselves by their own hands. It’s the grand old story of the idea I think these trouble makers are victims when I really don’t think idiots who believe they come from strong neighbourhoods and should generally be women that can take the food out of the mouths of softies like me and have always concentrated on where peoples private parts are happen to be victims – obviously they have started a provocation and it is going to carry on for years, while they have also secured the support of the Politicians because the whims they were referring to are too strong for them. It’s not a difficult matter as such – same old case of how they want to order men around and I am happy to block off their exit so they can turn up and stand around here to do it, apparently of which I have not got the time but their gang land boyfriends and kids do, so I am sure they wouldn’t do something I wouldn’t and every silly Witch can stop talking nonsense about how I why I shouldn’t mess with them because they are powerful and old enough to be my mother’s all of the time; no plans to stay out of my personal space and shut down the anus and penis insult thing means this is likely to evolve into a more stringent from of controlling this problem. Generally these are meant to have been the sort of idiots that have a certain amount of children and decide a certain number must become criminals and hence they feel they can always busy body threaten and abuse me at will towards an end. It’s the old case of four kids she has and feel her bullying has reached a point where 2 have to be raised as criminals, so she will never ever stop doing the abuses bit and relying on the violent behaviour of her stupid children and so I get told the way I handle it is counterproductive which it isn’t since we have to exhaust all options before extreme measures are used i.e. its very well playing these games but one day a Police officer will kill the stupid child and then there will be a riot – to which they will likely say I wish the Police did my dirty work for me which is utter nonsense since if I were an officer I would have a certain area of my personality that concerns intelligence due to the fact I prefer talking to a criminal than I do pointing a Taser or gun at them. It’s like the old case of how it is clear I do what I do because men are supposed to grab one side of economy while women grab the other which is utter nonsense and in no way linked with the truth, which is rather that people are always offending Industries, by assuming they do not want power and control and respect as well, so somebody needs to handle my aptitudes and provoke me until I react then record it and use it to set me out as one of those and then they will get help from the Politicians who will keep my finances damaged for between 5 and 10 years until they have found some technology that will replace my skills and services, at least as a feeling if they have failed in all other ways, just to make me behave and it is never clear as such therefore why I need to be made to behave in that way, what is clear however is that it does not bother them considering that they have got their own pensions and probably got enough bonuses to amount of the combined pensions of 3 average workers alone, so it does not bother them when your skills and qualifications and services and abilities are replaceable like they are cheap and free at point of call as it were – so this is an Intellectual Property Administration Business and morons like that are never going to like it for obvious reasons i.e. it is usually said that I do what I do because I have too much time on my hands and am also a busy body looking for attention but in actual fact noting in this world or beyond it will detach them as it were from cultural evils that are necessary for their business empires to be profitable and for the clubbing and partying lifestyles they spend the money on to be possible but when they see the business Empire of a Christian, they will risk the anonymity they enjoy so much to cling to it right up to the localised livelihood and his aptitudes, so it is not actually true I am a busy body looking for attention they have caused me to act in the way I have. Of course there is no truth attached to the claim the Political crisis in the UK is of my doing, it happens because Parliament operatives want it to due to the behaviour of the Politicians; it’s just that when people say I am at fault it suggests I am the soft touch which is why I add to their pain all the time – in terms of the Labour party specifically, when they are nice they want my personal life because they want to cover it with scandal and abuse and publicity that they can fit themselves into thereby becoming rich and famous, when they are not they will make noise about raping me to get it because they think they are really tough yobs and criminals and gangs but it is not what they want the rest of the world to think which is why every fool that turns up here to talk nonsense about it ends up dealing with alternative ways they can explain their provocation away using my work; it’s amusing when it is, until I handle their case as well right up to football people and now that they are dealing with what they cannot see there has been an improvement too. There is really only two sides to the story; one of them is that they need fame and fortune from my temperaments and it is what people like me exist for, the other is that my very existence lays a burden on people’s needs to be famous and rich because I have simply refused to deploy myself at it while I have the gift which is what their Politicians wreck my finances for – the last time they made noise like that it was about how I need to find a cause to chase up and get killed for so black people might have a future, this time they think they know what I do to stay safe from racism and will copy it so they can continue.