Now the story of the Trident Nuclear deterrent has become a popular one but I would never intervene if it continued to remain a question of what happens and what does not, so now it is looking like a matter of leadership I am a happy bunny; happy to make it clear that 200 years ago people in this Country were happy to go off and fight for a British Empire, hence there is a question of what they believe has changed exactly in all those years; technology perhaps? I hear its peoples inability to understand why people overseas do bad things because you have feared for the future and tried to prevent them from doing it but it is rather simple; think of yourself as a young women who needs to be in the company of big bad violent boys with make up on your face and a need to sleep with teachers to make the grades along with a need to be rich and famous and then think of what you would be if a measure of your prestige was based on how many big bad boys you got about with and you slithered your way into government office and had access to Countries that possessed nuclear weapons with a publicly declared hatred for men who steal women’s beauty and then think of what you would feel about the British; I mean they find my Books over the internet and get on Media and International communities to attack a British official that wants to get rich and famous in a Country where they are the most beautiful girls around – as I said in the past it was resolved through building an Empire, hence today there have to be other options. So people can get rid of the nuclear deterrent at their own peril of course if they want to, I would only respond to matters if it was an issue of leadership not a story of finding out what can happen. I hear they speak of the new aircraft carriers but of course that is designed to give us a strategic strike capability and not to provide a deterrent. The story of the SNP is very well understood of course they feel Scotland is better a small country that depends on its tourism economy most of the time but it already does as part of the UK and they are unhappy with the Country because people damage their growth due to their history and those whose growth they had damaged to create the history they have damage their growth in revenge  but their dislike for a Country that is propelled by its cultural sensibilities and not its Political one continues along with their need to handle other people’s property which is how their problem was created in the first place. I am not saying there isn’t a good part about the SNP, there is; they want to rectify the bit where children in playgrounds and children on school trips and school notice boards and school runs and libraries and outdoor fun is the main aspect of being a living breathing person again and that is a good thing but it does not give them the right to get rid of Trident or break up the UK either – the welsh Nationalists are doing the exactly the same by the way and every small Nationalistic party is doing it these days.

They do say people do not need to listen to a tramp like they do listen to me, a tramp they created due to their stupidities getting involved with a Royal Prince that is sensitive to it in every way especially the blacks that are stubborn to a fault looking for trouble all the time and not particularly beautiful enough to keep your mind distracted anyway, I do love to screw with them as well to see if they have a sense of commitment at all to begin with, so that when it becomes all about their sexual needs and they are not even wealthy enough to show themselves off over such nonsense it really tends to make sense. The point is that if they are asked to sell anything i.e. move some goods from point A to point B where it no longer belongs to me but belongs to another in return for some money, they will leave the selling of things and turn up to compete with me over the deployment of my personal life while they find boyfriends within a condition where they become the best friends of their fellow bully community idiots, so the reasons they think people should not pay attention to me which has become a big problem for me in terms of book sales and a big asset for them in terms of plugging their stupidities into my market is because they think people give a damn my bank balance when I kick them for it. Otherwise it’s a matter of knowing why I am being tied down at Benefits for instance which is not to say an idiot can screw with me and run off to far away country to rob it in my face as well. So it might be okay in African Countries and in Brazil and in South America and the Middle East to do these things and finish off with company managers that have lots of girl friends and control the state of mind of whole villages because nobody listen to peoples complains when they are raking in the profit but it is not okay when the purpose of that stupid money is buying things people make by abusing me and deploying my public work to create the most privileged popular culture, it only creates an outcome where the only way to stop it is when that stupid popular culture hates my guts murderously.

It’s never true women have me over a barrel; the reality is that if a matter ends up in a Law Court for instance where it is said what happened to them was not sexual abuse they must target me for their revenge because they are perfect in their view – such talk is a matter of the assumption I lose sleep over their problems or want to listen to their tales about how perfect they are. It’s never been an issue, I mean if people don’t attention to what a person does with women’s whiles to earn another person’s income rather than work for her own, then she will find the easiest possible way out of any little problem by doing so and they do speak of me complaining about abuses while I talk in that way which makes no sense as this matter has never actually really been a problem i.e. every one of them has their own way of making the neighbourhoods hell for everybody else that lives in it and it can start from training their cat to purr at your window all day long until you give a girl what she wants to their faces turning up on your TV to assume the corruptions of involvement of the men is a good thing if it also allows them to assume they are supposed to get there to talk to through to me. So the reality talk is that they stay away from me and save the hurt as we are now heading to a point where the hurt will be followed with consequences as well – it was never going to continue forever. They say I cannot do anything without leaning on others of course and it’s a simple matter, the women have no plans to be seen anywhere else except around my Book sales, while the men continue corruptions of involvement and general assumptions they will not have to lean further to the right than they have at the moment in order to deal with me and for the children, they want to get around the shadows of industries where they can handle my possessions and get on media to threaten me; so these are idiots that will turn the civil service and even the banks as a tool that can be placed between them and you when they want to handle your property in order to make more money than you do – in terms of civil service it’s a power of the people story and in terms of the banks they would be favoured if they have more money kept there than you do hence they fundamentally have a need to be in that position – the era therefore of finding blacks that want to be like them to murder and pretend all black men are like that is over, threatening me is always a stupid idea. When it happens you consider the cost of being in that position and the resistance you will face from Industries and employers and start to assume you are dealing with some of the cleverest organisms in the world, until there is an economic crisis and the Politician that wants to pay off the debt becomes the main public enemy and you realise you are in a parallel Universe. So we are good if they don’t hurt me like they do at the moment along with their community idiots with cars that done have a panel in it that was built in the last decade and Bus drivers and so on and their women keep from threatening me or threatening me with their stupid powerful men, we are okay if I don’t find them around my Books and around my finances. They do say there is nothing kid man that women like to take advantage of to get what they want is going to do about anything; I for my part promised nothing save the possibility I could always start to explore the cost of getting into a fight with them size by size and then sit about managing that to ensure it is profitable just like they do, the hurting does not end as soon as possible – nothing else, nothing whatsoever is as important as selling the Books and the Academic work – nothing. When they are compulsively angry as well – local bullies at it and media idiots corroding off my public life with a big mouth. They do ask why they behave in such ways in some failed bid to make out it is my fault as a result but it is alright; I mean their Politicians are happy to deploy government office to rip up my finances because it will push me into local bully areas where people want to take advantage of and use me every single second then cling to doing that every day for the last decade and a half while they want to piss on me as well with local bullies on one hand and media cordoning off my public life on the other to make cheap and easy millions; so yes I do churn peoples tummy by the things I say or do, one of the two was actually the leader in the first place and handling my books to feel it and go off to buy from somebody else then encourage everybody to as well was always going to create an abnormal economic situation that means I have a forgone alternative which choices they get to make ripping up everything here and they do it with the book sales and want to do it with the Royal Estate and company as well because nothing is happening to stop them so far – but why then if they are not stupid and completely useless people that have a need to find the easy way out of every single problem at other peoples expense while they create problems for others, stupid beyond normal human beings understanding and evil beyond normal peoples imagination and then there is the party piece of community bullies that are supposed to press and attack me to squeeze secretes for them to make riches and fame with using my public life – how then can you say one thing to a single group of people for 15 years without consequences, how many of them are ending up with abnormal lifestyles as well for instance? The hurting has to stop or it will stop their way or mine – nothing else is as important as selling my Books. I hear nothing warrants the things that I have done to their societies and communities for instance but it’s a question of starting and stopping in their own time like they can give to the frugal; so are they trying to kill me, since it’s not MPs vanities anymore what is it all about? After all anything can do the killing me bit for them ranging from gangs to community idiots and even the weather and they is why they love it so much; so nothing is more important than selling my books and that is a warning so we don’t end up with an outcome where we find out what the results are going to be finished off with lots of evidence supplied to support the fact nothing else is really more important than selling my Books. I hear they want to know how to avoid my useless Books and it has always been simple; keep off that thing they like to cling to since it is obviously not their own family life, they are not Royalty and even if they were it is not their own renaissance and then they can avoid the useless Books.


I understand the story that I am one of the world’s biggest wealth inequality gurus and I have no idea how Royalty can become one anyway – I simply have a dilemma that means human life is far more important to me, not the worlds wealth distribution guru. The problem with these fools is that they need to be able to communicate and they need to be able to communicate dishonestly and that is why they like to target me in order to communicate and then it’s a story of how they spend other peoples own and keep theirs thereafter and the problems they create right down to the wars and the burning of whole neighbourhoods through riots and so on. I hear them say it’s a matter of public ownership of Politics and not the privileged few but of course we don’t see them work in parliament either, I mean we all know that every stupid little witch preferably black who cannot leave people alone because the world is an evil place and they have to be physically pragmatic about their hatred for those who came into the world evil people and then chose the religious path in order to complicate the process of going out to get rich so women can take advantage of their money on account they are very violent bullies, can only continue having her fun along with her stupid children with peoples jobs like her media friends until somebody whose jobs and interest is government and has a job in parliament has his life ruined as well and then it kicks off because of course we know they do these things on grounds they can plan it while others cannot as it were; so that is my question – Politics to be owned by the public that works in parliament as it were, so they can make their stupidities profitable and escape the consequence thereafter without problems. They speak of the part I played in the instabilities but of course that was concerned with the violence and bullying and hurting and the fact the world is an evil place while they cannot have an opinion about others without touching them or fantasising that they did endlessly – even the media ones speak of this great world wealth inequality guru because they like to hurt me and claim they are working for The Queen, so that it becomes a story of whether I do mess with their bosses and screw them all over like that health wise such that they can never ever, ever, feel good, which becomes something I want to sell to big industries that want to handle them to get rich – so what I did is never up for conversation, if they cross me they will suffer again – we are talking here about whether they work in Parliament such that Politics ought to belong to all as it were.

I really hate this process of the Politicians always trying to convince me that conservative cuts ruined the NHS for instance – it sits in the same par as their need to be better off than others even with the possessions of the targeted victims. After all when the Labour Party set out the job racketeering and the running of a whole National Health service using a wealth inequality sensibility, the other parties did vote for it, so it’s not me really that needs convincing; however the history of how the British Government raises its revenue and the importance of the working population to economy and defence stands out as the issue at the heart of the health service but since the Labour Party had corrupted it and covered it in lack of c-operation among various teams that can only be matched by the problem of mismanagement, there has always continued a sense that throwing money at the health service to build bigger buildings solves the problem when it really does not. I mean a way to shed light on it is for instance people on benefits; where you know you are given the money to clothe yourself and fund your expenses in the course of seeking a job but then also the Politicians can never ever let you focus on job seeking if they want to claim your temperaments for themselves and so even the self employment is in jeopardy at all times, all of which was created by the Labour party that is full of people trying to convince others conservative cuts ruined the NHS or we can draw from the fact that they are always keen to get on media and convince a particular group of fools of the importance of their Policies and it is a group of idiots that are always out to dominate the general population, show they have travelled the various lengths of the British Empire and are of a certain kind that is separate and above all the rest, I am only informing them of what the real facts are on the ground – simple economics and simple defence period. As for the part about the insults; if a Politician can go out there and convince an old idiot not to get on his car and turn his access to me into a process of telling me his own privileges involved a condition where I gave him a feeling of village while another in a couple of seconds thereafter seeks to finger my bum and another still in a couple of seconds after uses my physical appearance to sell things, they can do as much of their insults as they like but if not the revenge is coming and there is no point complaining about it. I know they think I will have trouble showing where I am in charge but that will mean that if I got 10 people and asked five of them to take care of matters concerning blacks and another five matters concerning whites at my office and to ensure peoples society and culture and civil rights is always under control and to take money out of those who put fear into them one way or the other, the assumption is that these ten people will never get the job done. At the moment I am preparing my surgery to ensure an Arch Prince can engage with people over their problems and help them resolve it and to that end I need to ensure Middle class businesses with a need to communicate dishonestly with those who have no business with their kind in order to spend people’s property and put their own away safely to dominate the public with all the time cannot just get off and continue to handle the general public in the realm the way they have continually assumed that they can and so a red line has to be drawn for them and the Politicians as well on the matter; now that is done we can ensure people have the confidence to go out there and prepare their lives without having to deal with others extracting the sweetest part to get rich quick and leaving them tired and breathless and poor all the time; next stop is the book sales being done and then we will find out if I cannot raise enough money to employ a department that will put blacks in line and whites in line and have a group of people who are on benefits at my disposal that I can equip to put their market friends at the stock exchange and media under control and then I will find out if I have a problem being the boss as it were. It’s not about looking down on people, it is about the fact these guys are bullies and I mean people who are poor because they have never known anything else except bullying and cannot keep their hands off others – that need to tell lies all the time, the need to get people to derive fun from it which will ensure they are in a bubble where there are no rules in which they can enjoy any pleasure of their choosing with a victim and the list will go on and on and one because they have to do everything to ensure they can isolate and bully a chosen victim, the more violent the more success it brings them apparently, so that it only works when they are able to handle a country and it will make them comfortable only for a brief while then create a problem for everybody else at the end. They do say I am scared of competition but it’s the villainy that needs to invent one and win it; so that egg and spoon race means his eggs are boiled and there is glue to his spoon too but you win anyway and it really starts to wind them up and cause them to go violent. Living a sad existence then seem to be the great story; I mean nothing is more important than selling my Books of course, not even a process of putting myself through bullying by civil rights idiots that Politicians like to make others a tool for by pillaging peoples finances but I already know they are men and women who are bullies and know nothing more practically, so this is not their own lives and the media fools that enjoy pushing me into their company because they are fans of the media have to be made to stop – the process is painful beyond imagination of course and nothing like what I should put myself through but it is just a phase, one of those things that create the sense I have no plans to settle down and be protected by the State while I am at work which is also not necessarily the case.

Hence the violent personal life savaging self improvements and money loving of the Middle Classes and their Republicans becomes an important issue; they say I and others like me have no plans to recognise that people do not wish to live under a Monarchy anymore whilst having no plans to address what my African races say about former colonies having the Monarchy imposed on them by me – I do not see what it has ever had to do with anything save the fact they are villains inventing competitions in which they cheat and win to annoy themselves and get all over the place when those that are better than they are win it and fairly anyway; so it’s a question of whether their desire not to live under a Monarchy anymore will cost me my literary Empire which product sales they have already worked so hard all over the world to bottom out and escape the hand of the law due to an excuse that exists in a need for a revolution. The Politicians that are keen to impress these idiots all the time therefore have to be reminded that they do nothing else with their time but try and show the general public they are a cut above everybody else and deserve better than everybody else are getting in terms of money from the system and cannot exist unless they are dominating the general public as well; hence the really important need for one to continue with this programme being in a position of social and political power before and after a revolution to ensure they do not confiscate my empire which has also become a tool I can wield at and against them for every damage they do to it for self improvements – in terms of the self improvements of which the abuses are important and that is why they make books around here, so that like popular culture sells mine with Music CDs, I can peddle their personal life whatever self improvement from me they developed to create one that will relieve them of their violent money loving deviance in the first place, hence I sell them thus as brokered power with the Public. It has now come to a stage where I need to take Mr Obama on directly, so as to ensure the insults of his young people grafting me is no longer left to the imagination as to whether it does damage to well being or not; They do say the problem happens to be that my actions are pervasive but they are not - firstly of which the reason is that they want to have a time and point at which it was said they were able to dominate me as well and it explains very well why they have alternative lifestyles to go with their deeply evil nature, other facts however are that my actions are taken to deal with a process where the question is if I want to sell my Books or sell other peoples products, while they have all the power and control and thereby decide which ones I get to sell of which it means I must always sell their own all the time, looking for trouble endlessly and then for my part I have to protect people as well, the part where liking my products is practically a sentence to violence with their big mouth - I have to ensure I do not let it happen lest it leads to an outcome whereby I am the Royalty that people want to kill, whose body parts people must collect as trophy if they want to get rich, we should not necessarily listen to the left and populous idiots when Human rights issues are a matter - all the deaths and wars all over the world are never really accidental; the excuse being that people who suffered slavery and slave trade which the British Monarchy supported endured worse but we all know they sold people into the white mans land and have ripped up Africa to end up here yet again and like to assume racists do what they do because only White people suffer the consequences of their action - bearing in mind your person can easily be a plaything and the more important you get is the more pleasure these civil and criminally disobedient fools with excuses and threats of violence issued at a yapping get from every single thing you have expressly told them not to do with it or do at it as it were - so the assumption that racists or maybe extremist do what they do because only people of their kind have suffered from these things is disposition they know perfectly is entirely false (I mean the only reason somebody will reassign his Gender and then become a prostitute after and exhibit himself all over the Nations sense of fame is fundamentally because he thinks his personal happiness ought to become the priority of the entire world and we see the same with their women as well, those cannot keep their filthy mouths to themselves and need a media to that effect and are never ever seen saying anything intelligent at any point whatsoever while their Politicians and diplomats think the law should not be robbing peoples of dignity to execute justice and at the same time assume I will become a soft tough too; I have never been pervasive in my life - its a simple touch and buy policy for them because it is rather impossible to say one thing to a single group of people for 15 years everyday without consequences while they chose villainous beauty and wealth dispositions from their disobedience - for them its touch and buy or touch and pay either way - so they can always not touch the Royal Estate and not touch the Books and not touch the Public life and there there will be no problems). Its the same old story about how paying attention to more important things means that people who want an opportunity to kill me tend to think everything they do to express their bullying and stupidity and the fact they want to touch me in a most violent way has become some kind of state of affairs whereas in reality they really have no way to back it up; they would like an opportunity to kill me, they would like an opportunity to beat me up severely, they would like an opportunity to fuck me and yet they had decided to move their society into my personal life on media and cause me to bump into things every step I take in my career, knowing perfectly it will put them in a position where they can murder an idealist that has either written books they claim provoked them or needs to be killed so others can be entitled to his place in the world and their Politicians need to wreck my finances to create that atmosphere for them while I am told I am perverse for making them see they will never have it in this life or the next one. I do not think that this matter is a difficult one as such: the Politicians speak of their rights okay but that does not mean that is how it applies to me -what applies to me is that they want to be me, they want to have a Royal Estate like me because I get in their faces and above all they moved their stupidities a long time ago into my personal life by simulating the whole process on media in order to move into my right hand, such that I cannot have a life with my own family and or parents anymore on account they are making use of sensibilities around the idea I was born at some point and am heading to some point as a person and this is where my tolerance for them ends - they however think they want to become big bad gangs that hate he kind of books I write and play games until they eventually kill the writer which is me and I can promise that will never ever, ever happen - so that it seems we have to mention such things all the time in order to establish reality and stop politicians building careers on insolence: they say I am perverse but we all know they do the things they do to me because they claim to hate 'scum' like me and besides which I claim I am an English Rose and they are plucking some like a Rose should be, so its a big mouth talk that has never been backed up as it were since I am not used to being plucked and or more so according to their invention and yes they do not teach it at Church either, so they might want to find where people are more appreciative of their stupidities.