It is not important that the constant infiltration of security services in the UK by middle class idiots has led to a process where they do have access to my security; I see they show that off all over the world too and talk nonsense regularly about how I tend to act in ways that will get me into trouble along with it. I am not getting into any trouble and fat chance more so if they are used against me by a member of the royal family; the reality is that insults where people deploy your security to do their own as well are few and far between in this world and I intend to rip up every single thing I come across which contributes to a process where it is beneficial for them to do so. Their MPs especially the mad conservatives have plans always of course so they travel overseas and gather up big violent problems that they can then set out to solve at my expense due to the access they have to my personal life as such; so that when I have an opinion they dump it on my personal life and turn up on media to make more foolish noises – no idea whatsoever why they would believe such activities are to scare me, however which what is clear is then when it hurts badly enough with that MPs too insults they tend to show up on media very often; again which for them I intend to rip up everything that creates the idea is it beneficial to as well and it would not have been the first time I have mentioned that a world does not exist where they wreck my finances and make money in place of me nor does one exist where I find other ways of recovering from it as well especially on grounds they want it so badly. I do not think myself to be bluffing when I say I sometimes wish I did not have a huge responsibility of being a government operative, so I can go all out and get all over the place all the time as well and find out what will come of insults that mean people handle my security and do it for themselves as well thereof.


That there is public evidence I am a really stupid person is that which has no basis on reality in itself; I mean I know that my finances have been destroyed by the involvement of really foolish men and that it does not make me any less of a Prince than I am, I know my Royal Estate has been beseeched by the same foolish men so I cannot recover in order to have civil rights oppression and that it does not make me any less a Prince than I am; so where do they get their stories from that having time and freedom offered in bribery by these foolish men who do not attack them as well in such ways has come to mean they are more important than I am and by the way of which the bigger question is that of what such insults tend to do for them anyway besides doing more damage to me? Now we see them stand on that and talk about female leadership – bloody clowns. I am not suggesting that their money does not mean something or mean something to them but how does a person who took 30 years to earn £100,000 or more than that think of herself as more important than somebody who was given a royal dynasty of his own by a sovereign, first of his bloodline, singe, at 21 years of age, which happened some ten years ago now? When you speak of things people do because they do not know what they are doing, this is not one of those. Such incredibly foolish men having an opinion about a person’s livelihood everyday on National media is always bound to have an effect and they know that as well, so it is never clear why they love to make out some importance concerning which they have more than I do when I do not require their opinion anyway, especially for the Americans. I know they say I have such foolish opinions about peoples businesses all the time too which is another problem in itself because it is the day that Nescafe runs an advertisement which says our tea and coffee and dairy products are the bestest bees knees for families and Dads and Mums and Grandparents and that is the end of the advert that they will ever be free of it. I personally have made it clear if they want those industry connections, they can come and get it and bring their big mouth along as well. The recession is over and as for them, wrecking peoples livelihood during a recession for reasons of locating big country somewhere is all that alright but of course there is another issue about it and will manifest well enough too when wrecking peoples livelihood during an economic crisis becomes a subculture and they have to live with it like people live with them as well. It appears some people do not want to do anything else with their lives except republicanism and peddling certain men no matter what those certain men set out for peddling become in their lifetime and we will see about it as well – so far they believe the made up stories about how I have allowed concessions with their foolish cultures so they can have it will suffice but compared with the process of selling of what I say about myself through relationship businesses and the sexual aspects of my life to the Pornography industry and then using my bits and bobs to make money and ensure it is impossible to do anything without hurling a curse at me, it is hardly enough as it were. I have not made any concessions with or and for their foolish culture and their attitude will soon express that on the global stage yet again as well. I am not interested in female leadership, I am only interested in my boss and the British Royal family and anything else I own – there is nothing but insults and the stifling of my book sales for me in any of those their things and the more it happens around me, especially for black women the worse the condition of women on this planet will become too.  They do know it seems that most of those things they do along with their foolish children and with media has only the word pillaging to describe it and no idea therefore what makes them feel they have any right to earn a living in such ways. I am only setting out security for my property because they are aware talk of being more important than I am does nothing but damage to my finances and that it needs to stop promptly as well – there is a way female politics operates and I am not interested, it seems there is nothing in it for me but insults as well. So in context on the other hand is the matter of people like Nelson Mandela and his women and other white idiots on the other hand, of which they feel that it is enough to just love to get on media all the time to preserve their existence while threatening me with mortality – reality being that every human being is mortal enough alright and their International community insults are now on borrowed time too. The labour party here in the UK speaks of changes further planned by them for the welfare state which is to reward those who do more for their communities; I have no idea if they consider what the bone of contention will have become with that in any case either, all I know is that there is no regard from the fools for the fact the civil service is a place where people hold my Birth certificate and National Insurance and Passport number and that the reason for it comes in three forms i.e. keeping in touch when I get an education, when I get a job and when I save up for my pensions. So the delusion has always been that the Conservatives cannot do whatever they like with a Welfare state that is not the Labour party’s welfare state and we are not talking about how their foolishness affects me either at the civil service or indeed the fact that these effects are not coincidental, so that when I tend to do them as well they likely always tend to claim it is a cause when it isn’t. This other story of things they do for black people does not apply either and so is the stubbornness over leaving me alone and staying out of my life will lead to something more serious as well; they do nothing for black people besides he insults of women who see me walk down the streets and would like to have me beaten on grounds I have a Christian and get in the way of peoples plans to get rich – nobody knows where the idiots go to in Africa to find them and bring them to this country anyway so they can later complain about racism too. As for the part where I am being used; it is the old story about idiots that people perceive as celebrities, when they are just fools with plans for civil rights based injustices which they like to apply on me and wreck my finances everyday to make effective, concerning which I do not want to go down the route of using my office to oppress them as well, unless I really need to for the benefit of social justice all together – however as it stands the only thing they know is creeping into my finances and having a hold on it so that when they sit on the beach and make a phone call and have not found millions of currency in their Bank accounts recently then my income gets it too, to make me understand how they feel. It is never therefore clear which crimes are to be ignored; the  civil rights oppression or the destruction that gave them access to my finances in the first place or keeping up that destructive access over a period of years and talking nonsense on public media all the time or various other crimes that have come from it, which are also linked with being famous so they can tell me any attention from me will do – controversy or real and continue with the laughable delusion that they are famous as though it is a bed of roses and a walk in the park and that if it belongs to another they can have it anyway. They always say they could not have done it if they were not powerful and important but that would lead back to the same fundamental issue i.e. all they need is stupidities-incredible, a job and access to publicity and then they can be seen getting involved in all the affairs of those that are more important than they are, who do not want them to be, not withstanding their incestuous backgrounds and other perversions they like to make out is power which makes those international community insolence so intolerable but they have come to suppose is rather fun too; otherwise the reality is that people spend their time working for their income and have no time for such shenanigans.


Of course there is the respect for MPs if you do not want your finances to be affected issue; first of all they think anybody can play around with me since they can order things to happen to my finances over respect issue and can blow me with it if they want as such, then there is the other aspect which is hardly a position from which to talk when I am the one whose Royal Commission will be one if they choose to believe it; old story about ignoring their insults until they take steps to handle your livelihood and it becomes something else like all above mentioned group of idiots and their plans to be more important. They tell those tales about things the Monarchy does not have the right to do but I am the one who happens to be one of a collection of the best the country can produce whose life got better when the Queen gave him a commission, considering which idiots want me to have an opinion about it; yes I know everybody wants to be chased about by the establishment because it wants to make them do a certain job but I am being chased about not them and can accept anything I like too. As long as those insults continue with idiots telling me I walk around like I am really tough but they would like to see their foolish children have me beaten up because I use my Christianity to interfere with peoples plans to be rich, there will always be a problem with the Labour party, I mean they are doing things with my parents to gain access to me as well despite all they have already done and we shall see too. In the end of course they tell me that I intend to make a living from such things which is incredible; it is not – when I have enough trophy victories it will come round i.e. if I set out me and sons bakery for example they want to sing that for a living and handle my books as well, so I hope they understand and for their Politicians what I do to them is a cause with a big mouth. In the end of which with the welfare state they say the Politicians ought to be able to use it and then my job as a means of eloquence in order to ensure they deploy the treasury to share the wealth of the rich and like the shut up and put up insults on media way too much for their own good as well, considering their secrete access to where copies of my books are being printed as it were but we are not a Nation of thieves and there needs to be clear set out parameters for that and they need to leave me alone and get lost. That I am leaving the Country and what I do is how I did it at a Country I previously left is something I am aware has been on for some time anyway; I am not leaving the UK and of course have mentioned before that if I did leave the UK, it is likely I would move to a place like Israel because it is the only other country in this part of the world that has an unwritten constitution. However to set the matter straight it should be made clear by me that it is about the getting used to the way I am now perfectly aware people want to behave around me i.e. I know they want to use my academic work in certain really stupid ways so I must get used to it and do the academic work anyway or I will never pass like my failed attempts have shown, much the same with my job and job seeking and much the same with my books and business and of course the other side is that not doing so means being exposed to incredible spiritual evils that they practice on me with violence and cursing and insults which are above the law and gives a frightful headache as well. The part where I am being made to fight for their interests on the other hand just like the story about my being used does not apply; its the same old story of things people do not hold against them if they cannot do but the person that does it becomes their enemy eventually in a condition where they think they have the upper hand because they like to see people have so much problems they take to the streets and do civil rights, which they then take over and get rich with and cannot stay out of evil cultures as well, so that when it hurts like hell than that is an opportunity to squander my personal life and make that noise all the time to make up I have done things that I have not for them which it seems gives them some sense of temporary feeling that I have which is a civil rights oppression that needs to be crushed as well. I mean how many problems do they have recently with those media jobs that it should have become an ideal to see that somebody has such an amount of trouble and fight on his hands he takes to the streets to take on the powers that be and what kind of animal would think it a business model as well anyway? I have not made any concessions for their stupid culture, I need it to tag fame idiots with and for media and Political idiots deploy and waste the entire factor of that stupid left hand side making it famous, it cuts down on having my time wasted by idiots who constantly want to try out things they cannot do to anybody on this planet. I am aware it is said thus I am a man who has a problem keeping up with his prerogatives but I rather think I am doing very well i.e. when you speak of foolish men and corrupt witches from Africa because I am black and the idea of men who have no fear or respect for women working together and more so rummaging around every large country in the world looking for power on account of me, I think I am doing alright and intend to ensure it ends really, really, really badly too - never true of course the claim most of my behaviour towards women is a gamble, reality is that they might want to marry their witches and beat them up instead and stay off my personal life and my company, so we can see them do my stuff for me all the time too with that Middle class rubbish. I am aware the Prince of Wales has been the biggest problem I have got in any case, he has always been at it from day one, where he terribly needs everything; the 'future' King with an oversight of female leadership and a problem with anything and everything I own and I will not stand for it when he is King either. For these middle class idiots that think they have found terrible luck on the other hand or rather made one so to speak, the idea will always be out there that I write books and put them out on the market to ensure men plan their male leadership and not to sell them and for people to buy them, unless the jobs they have has yet become the biggest problem they have. These are not amazing things, we have heard HRH speak of unintended consequences for seeing that the first child and not the first male child becomes the Monarch, it is the insolent men and their idea of what things should be like in a nut shell and each and everyone of them tramp and King alike believe they should handle everybody in that way too and this is not the first occasion either because the dilemma is still impossible about it, that you need to save some of yourself when you work for the Queen and that when you do, you are saving yourself for him or for them and they cannot, cannot leave people alone. I am neither of the opinion it is a complicated of difficult issue either, its a case of how a world where what Mr A does has nothing to do with Mr B no matter how similar provided it is not illegal does not exist as far as they are concerned and yet true to the insults and that of their foolish women, they are the ones that need my stuff; the fancy language of a powerful thief of course which is an aspect of their lives they think is scary too. My responsibilities avoided of which none apply; as I know I have my own royal order and that it is a secretive order and does get to feel that way too where power is brokered and I use it to ensure the Armed Forces know what they must where I am when they serve the State where my duties are required; why American fools want it of which is never really clear or obvious, why the fact some of them want it because they are boy friends of members of the British Royal family or indeed any royal family in Europe is never obvious, so they tempt me so all the time and like to show the underside of their financial deviance by climbing onto my book sales so to speak to blackmail me into things they want with a big mouth, creating the question of which crimes from them I am meant to have tolerated or ignored etc. The Politicians by the way of whom it seems it is impossible for them to stay out of it too, they lament their own societies but my income and office is still a plaything not to mention the media bastards who want to see something happen as it were. The idea my behaviour will create a serious problem does not apply either; reality is that a collection of deviant idiots who think you have never come across deviant people before clinging to my income for  a decade to blackmail me into what they want will not create any stupid war or instability, only a serious problem I might be responsible for manufacturing for them and all who have supported them in the past or present and Americans are at the forefront of that behaviour and I have had enough of it too; I do not have a problem with media, its become near institutionalised to ask a media fool why he thinks people need to know what he is like when he is angry with the response that he is angry at me as a result - where they get after my book sales to get my attention for their self improvement all the time and the insults are incredible too, the reasons however being something else entirely always go in the direction of somebody using their stuff to do their thing for them when we have never met but is the same story anyway about my business and company and products and what they think they can do with it.